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Happy Hump Day!! Tell your friends to follow @crashdturtle and have a great day💞💓💘💕💖
Frase que anotei assistindo “Nanette”, stand-up da comediante australiana Hannah Gadsby. Estreou na Netflix em junho e desde então se tornou um dos conteúdos mais comentados nas redes sociais. É uma lição de vida que precisa ser assistida por “todas, todes e todos”. #MulheresLivres #PowerWomen #GirlsPower
#powerwomen #bnimeeting #july2018 #england #brighton ❤️💕🤗💥 #dawn &clare 👍😉 #beutiful 👠👒👗😎
Reminder: The process isn’t comfortable, but don’t forget that nothing happens before its time (and good things take time). . Put in the work to match your faith, we’re almost there 🙏🏾
✨ You want something. Go get it. It’s yours for the taking! Stop letting opinions dictate your moves✨ . . . . . #morelifeproject #morelife #wemeanbusiness #womenwithpurpose #growyourbusiness #buildyourempire #womenempowerment #lawofattraction #manifestation
Farewell to Chapter 35. It has been the most challenging yet empowering year. I’ve experienced life changes, loss of friends, and confronting my fears - all which have challenged me to boss up and make tough decisions in order to remain true to myself. I’ve managed to smile through it all, even when most days I cried (thugs tears, of course). Shout out to my support system because I could not do this alone. The next chapter starts tomorrow and I already know it’s going to be amazing! Thanks @chuckolualabi for capturing this moment 📸.
Have you ever had a door shut so hard in your face that you felt physical pain? I sure have quite a few times but there is a fire in me even when it the light is almost out it resurfaces. Maybe it's the #entreprenur drive maybe it's the hustler that never settles, maybe it is as @seanmendes would say, it isn't in my blood. I would love to encourage you today to listen to the inner voice, to the curiosity inside, to your gut. The light may dim at times but look on to your anchors, look onto what fires you up. It can be friends, family, working out, but find a support system and reground yourself. I promise it will get better and things will look on up. #herestothecreatives #mycreativebiz #creativehappylife #powerwomen #digitalmarketing #solopreneur #girlpreneur #beyourownboss #smallbusinesslove #powerwomen #heartinthehustle #designyourlife #womeninbiz #womeninbusiness #fempreneur #femaleentrepreneur #ladyboss #momboss #bossbabe #bosslady #entrepreneur #bossbabe #entrepreneur #creativeprenuer #creativepreneurs #creativepreneurship #powerwomen #sayyestosuccess #smallbusinesslife
10 days ago this power women gave birth to her third child 🤱🏼♥️ It is important to get good guidance and slowly building up your core stability. Getting back in shape is not just about strength > the goal is proper function 💪🏽 #fysiocom #pregnacy #postpartum #powerwomen
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#Your time is limited, so do not waste it on living someone else's life. Do not be trapped by dogmas. Do not let others' opinions stifle your inner voice. Most importantly, you have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. Everything else is secondary. Steve Jobs #friends #women #music #coffeetime #StrongWomen #powerwomen #world #womenpower #love #friendships
Today is the day for Jakarta Modest Fashion Week press conference with 55 media participants ✌️We are ready and Jakarta is ready for the most international fashion event in Indonesia.
It really is based on science. Being positive, choosing happiness, changes your DNA and creates new neural pathways in your brain 🧠. You will also attract more positivity. Give it a try. To check out Mindset Training, please click through. I’d love to come speak to you!
Покажу частичку моих тренировок #powerlifting это отработал тренировку и сдох🙈но мне в кайф. Готовимся к осени, дорога на Мастера;) уж очень хочется очередное звание в копилочку☺️техника почищена,но у тренера (естественно🙈) ещё есть претензии.но уже легче,уже смелее,уже понятнее💪🏻👍🏻👊🏻 #пауэрлифтинг #powerwomen #тяга #присед #жим #sbd #sbdrussia #профессияспортсмен #спорт #sport #sportwomen #sportgirl #power #lifting #
You could look at just the negative. You could focus on just the hurt, the mistakes you made, the errors of others, the pain caused (intentional or not), the negative. You could live in the expectation that life is always going to deal you a shitty hand and you’ll never be anything but the scapegoat and the one with the bad luck surrounded by people who are out to make your life more difficult for no good reason. And once you chose any of that, that’s all you’re going to get. You’ll be a victim and all you’ll ever get is the short end of the stick. It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, right? But here’s the key... the beauty in that... where you focus and give your time and attention is a CHOICE. The first rule of auto racing is that you don’t watch the wall. The first rule of hurdling is that you don’t watch the hurdles. Why? Because where you focus, you will go. If instead, you chose to focus on the good, the compliments, the well-intentioned actions, the care and concern behind the critique given by someone who wants the best for you, what you GET to do in the midst of what you /have\ to do, the positive, you become a warrior. No, the bad stuff in life will never just go away. People we love will still get sick and leave us, we’ll still get stuck in financial messes, you will always have more home projects than you have time or money, those we trusted will still betray or hurt us, that promotion will sometimes still go to someone else or that raise won’t come through. And yeah, all of that suuuuucks. But just like that NASCAR driver, we can choose to focus on that wall or acknowledge it’s there and push into the turn (do something about it!!) because at the end of the day, it’s a choice. Just remember that whatever choice you make, whatever you choose to focus on, whatever situations you choose to dwell in or grab by the horns and use your awesomeness to make better...whatever experience you repeatedly choose to have - positive or negative - that’s what you’ll have and that’s all you’ll get. The choice is yours. Victim? Or Warrior?
Healthylunch🍌🍌pancakes🤗😍 2x 🍌🍌 2x eggs (eieren) 1/2Cup oatmeal (havermout) Cinnamin (kaneel) Vanille essence I added blue berries but you can also add pure chocolat 🍫 #lunch #banana #pancakes #healthyrecipe #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #lifestylecoach #healthyfood #baking #recepten #bananapancakes #foodporn #fitmom #powerwomen
[Aula 2 já disponível] 🤗 Já pode assistir à 2ª AULA do Workshop Online Gratuito - Gestão Emocional para Mães Uma aula imperdível onde explicamos: ➡️ As 3 soluções para lidar com os desafios das mães e superá-los de forma adequada: ➖️ A falta de tempo para si ➖ Os comportamentos desafiantes dos filhos ➖ O cansaço e a falta de energia acumulados E vamos dar-lhe ainda ➡️ 2 exercícios essenciais que a ajudarão a fazer uma análise geral à sua vida e a priorizar o que de facto é mais importante para si. Por isso, se ainda não o fez, inscreva-se AQUI: https://bit.ly/2KDEIbJ e assista gratuitamente às aulas do Workshop Online - Gestão Emocional para Mães Mais de 3 centenas de mães estão a tirar partido deste workshop. Não fique de fora! Inscreva-se AQUI: https://bit.ly/2KDEIbJ #maesfelizes #maesfelizesfilhosfelizes #powerwomen #healyourlife #alexandraecarolina #alexandraecarolinapowerwomen #louisehay #workshophealyourlife
Be proud of it ❤️ #wednesdaywisdom
Hej skivstång, long time no see...🙌🏻 60kg clean and jerk🏋🏻‍♀️ . . #crossfit #crossfitgirl #crossfitsodrawattern #fit #triathlon #fit #likastarksompippi #powerwomen
Good morning!! . Super sore AF from past two days doing #LIIFT4 !! Thank God it’s a REST DAY today! 🙏🏼 . . . . . #Repost @oldladygains ・・・ Tag that bestie that calls your ass out when you go light. ♥️🖤 #oldladygains #crossfit #crossfitmasters #mastersathlete #inspire #workout #momlife #fitover40 #fitover50 #crossfitgirls #girlswholift #fitover35 #crossfitmom #motivation #inspirationalquotes #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #womenwholift #gymhumor #crossfitmom #powerwomen #powerfemale #fitfem #fitfemale #strongwomen #shesavage
Ladies have you registered yet? If you participate in politics or you don't, it still affects every area of your life so just do it. Go get your PVC. __________ I am really looking forward to this one. What a great line up of impactful women. This is gonna be good💃💃😁🤩 __________ Regrann from @wiscarng - Our Meet-a-WISCAR series is here again and it promises to be even more impactful and experiential. Join us to chart the way forward as we engage in thought-provoking conversations and hear from women already taking action @hafsatkind @toyosirise @eienigeria @womeninpoliticsng @abosedegeorgeogan @habibabalogun @zanyfran @wiscarng Let's all take the pledge to #bethechange we want to see in our communities and our nation. We are #halfthesky so let's #standandbecounted Register today! For enquiries, kindly send an email to info@wiscar.ng or call 08066452894 #makeyourvoicecount #winningwoman #powerwomen #RSVP - #regrann
And the summer holiday juggle commences! 🌈👯‍♀️💕😅 Now to hatch a plan for childcare cover, toddler appropriate activities and regular adult company to see us through to Sept...
What a priviledge to meet and hear Ferne and Dani's journeys last week end...from personal body result to building a fantastic business that now helps more than 10.000 women in UK to become body confident in a simple and healthy way! We are in a great moment now, and the desire to help more women become healthier and happier in their own skin is bigger then ever! DM for starting your own journey and finding Ferne and Dani's plans!
Gestern war ein Perfekter Tag ❤️ Freunde sind Familie, die man sich aussucht. Ich habe die besten ausgesucht!! @luciaaraujoaraujofor @valentinaschneider2 #amovocês #friendshipgoals #blessed #lovethosegirls
OLE TÚ TANIA😂😂💪💪 #womenpower
Always enjoy content from @leadersinheels. Learn the 5 tips every entrepreneur should know. Click the link in the bio to get the free guide.
She's smart. She's gorgeous. She's all shades of awesome. She's the queen of investment clubs. Today we're cheering Tomie Balogun @tomiebalogun , a prolific writer, certified financial educationist and author of the recently published book, "investment clubs". We love the way she's gradually carving a niche for herself in the financial education sector and emerging as a voice in the money industry. There's no stopping you Tommie, we love what you doing! #WCW #WomanCrushWednesday #powerwomen #businesswoman #MoneyManagement #FinancialEducation
Un mismo sol y un millón de amaneceres...🌞 #bondia #sun #instantesunicos #lifestyle #necesitouncafe #powerwomen #morningmotivation
Power women love romantic flowers 🌸🌺🏵️
Der 1. Eindruck zählt, denn im Geschäftsalltag gibt es meist keine zweite Chance. Das äußere Erscheinungsbild trägt einen entscheidenden Teil dazu bei. Überlasst es deshalb nicht dem Zufall, ob ihr einen positiven ersten Eindruck hinterlasst und holt euch wichtige Tipps von mir. Kleidung, Körpersprache und Styling tragen maßgeblich zum Erfolg bei und spielen daher im täglichen Geschäft eine entscheidende Rolle. Ich coache übrigens auch ganze Teams in Unternehmen. Mehr Infos dazu: Link in der Bio! __________ #unternehmenserfolg #business #marketing #businesswoman #businesslook #selbstbewusstsein #powerwomen #joballtag #jobstyle #photoshoot @frankrossbachphotography
Manchmal spüren wir ein inneres ziehen. Etwas, das uns in Unruhe bringt. Aber nicht im negativen Sinne. Eher wie ein innerer Ruf nach etwas Neuem.🔮 . Manchmal nehmen wir es gar nicht beim ersten Mal bewusst wahr. Es braucht seine Zeit. Die richtigen Umstände. Die richtigen Fragen. Vielleicht sogar die richtigen Leute damit wir uns bewusst darüber werden was diese innere Anspannung in uns auslöst. 💭 . Manchmal ignorieren wir es. Aus Angst. Was passieren koennte. Was die anderen denken. Dass man scheitern koennte. Dass andere uns auslachen. Dass wir in ein paar Monaten drauf kommen es ist doch nichts fuer uns. 😟 . Manchmal wird dieser Ruf so stark, dass wir ihn nicht mehr ignorieren können. Wir erkennen, dass man diesen Weg zumindest mal ausprobieren muss. Wir erkennen die Zweifel. Die Steine in unserem Weg. Doch der Ruf ist stärker und geht einfach nicht weg. Das ist der Moment in dem du los gehst. 🤠 . Manchmal muss man los gehen ohne zu wissen wohin. Etwas folgen, das sich nicht mehr ignorieren lässt. Wie die Motte zum Licht. 🦋 . Welches Bild hat sich jetzt bei dir aufgebaut? 🎆 Woran musstest du denken als du diese Zeilen gelesen hast? 🗯️ Welchen inneren Ruf hast du bis jetzt ignoriert und nun ist er so stark geworden, dass du ihn gar nicht mehr ignorieren kannst? 💖 . Schreibs in die Kommentare und du wirst sehen, du bist nicht alleine damit 👇🏼👥
#humpday 🐫 Woohoo! It’s going dooown in TWO days. Ready for us, Houston? Alura & I are ready for you.💄💋 Hit the link in my bio or go straight to diceygrenor.eventbrite.com or diceygrenorbooks.com for advance and VIP tickets. . @publevel @aluratntjenson @publicalurajensonpage @diceygrenorfanclub
It’s not all work here at Harrogate. We find time to treat ourselves to a beautiful well deserved meal at @ivyharrogate 🍾🥂 Good times with exhibition buddies @sugar_shed 🙌🏼 #exhibitionbuddies #wotamug #sugarshed #dinnergoals #theivyharrogate #theivyrestaurant #businessessupportingbusinesses #homeandgiftharrogate #womeninbusiness #powerwomen
Our main studio is located in Hampstead where bookings can be made 7 days a week, between 10am and 7pm. We recommend that we hold the free consultation here so that you can see the full range of designs and fabrics. We are happy to be flexible on the location for the subsequent fittings in terms of location. If the Hampstead location does not work for you, we can bring a limited range of our designs to your location within Greater London. . . . #Classic #Occasionwear #OfficeChic #PowerWomen #PowerDressing #Modern #Hampstead #FemaleEntrepreneur #CorporateChic #CorporateStyle #CorporateFashion #Luxury #weekendstyle #weekendfashion #hampstead #Success #DressForSuccess #DressLikeaBoss #Madetomeasure #Londontailoring #Tailoring #FemaleBoss #EntrepreneurLife #EntrepreneurLifestyle #WomanPower #distinctivelyme
Boom!!! It's here! Classic Helpmeet 2018 Lagos edition uncovered. This is going to be 🔥🔥🔥"The Woman Of The WORD and SPIRIT" __ There is an urgency in the spirit for every daughter of Zion to take her rightful position in the kingdom by being overshadow with an unusual hunger to be full of the Word and Spirit! You have to be a Woman of the WORD to RULE your WORLD. Be available for this next move of the Father's agenda for your life. __ This meeting will help you to say "NO" to a shallow life and detest it. It will help you to go deeper in God. And you can never go wrong with going deeper in God! __ It's going to be hunger pangs! It's going to be a running over experience!! It's going to be purpose driven! It's going be a refiner's fire experience! It's going to be a divine moment! Check details on the flyer and plan to attend. Register Now! __ To register quickly click 👇on this link https://bit.ly/2Np111D __ As we Join the Fire woman herself the woman of God with many hats @deboladejikurunmi with @pastorbukky with @omotolani_liz an anointed Music Minister. Don't be told! See you there! __ #ClassicHelpmeet2018 #womanofthewordandspirit #lagosedition #august11th #kingdomwomen #kingdominfluencers #purposedrivenwomen #powerwomen
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Every day I count my lucky starts and every day I’m thankful for my Sandy toes, my sun kissed skin and my salty hair but “lately I’ve been thinking about my lifetime. All the things I’ve done and how it’s been.” The past shows no resemblance to the present which makes me greatly look forward to the future. Not because I dislike the past but because it’s an incredible feeling to live a thousand lives wrapped up in one life. All the chapters we have yet to write. . . . This is a summer full of unfathomable challenges and self growth. It is the summer that will define my 30s and I’m intending on keeping a firm grip on what I hold dear and close to heart. Fight for what you believe in. Ignore what makes you unhappy. Sacrifice your time for something you are passionate about and redefine loyalty to your loved ones. . . . Take some time to reflect, be present, adapt to new circumstances but never let go of what sets you on fire. Playa Central is my favorite thing in this world. I’ve said it over and over for the last lustrum of my life. . . . To find your dreams before your thirty is a beautiful feeling. To dream bigger is a challenge worth experiencing. You can do it.
Perfect place for a nap 😀💕 Work for your dreams - but don’t forget to recharge your batteries ✨😊 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo credit: @mon_palmer . . . . . #taketimeforyou #relaxingday #dreamplace #pinklovers #girlbosses
Did you know that around 1 in 3 business owners in Vietnam is a woman, one of the highest rates in the world. Furthermore, Vietnamese women hold 17.6 per cent of board seats/high level executive positions in Vietnam (almost double the 9% in Singapore), being the number 1 in Asia and even outperforming the global average of 15%! Vietnamese women are tenacious, resilient, hard working, caring and often the main driver in their households. . . And I had the best rolemodel in my own mother, showcasing these qualities even in her years of adversities only to ensure I had (and still have) the best life possible. And through her, I gained the courage and the confidence to go my own way and take the path less traveled and push myself to become the best version of me possible. #anodetowomen 💪🏻💃🏻 . . Pictured: A mushroom farmer in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.
One of the things I am currently working on in India is the construction of this demonstration polyhouse to showcase and train (at least 10.000!!) farmers as well as other key stakeholders in India the future of greenhouse farming with innovative Dutch technology and how this can lead to higher yield and higher income! #lovemyjob
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