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After a few days of FUN it’s time to go back to the peace ✌🏻 of a routine. Morning coffee and kiddo giggles, quiet time and home sweat sessions. Getting away from it can make some feel too far to start again. That’s where we need a little grit and grace. Thankfully with Jesus, the grace is new every morning. ✨
Seeing you YC boys made my day. Thanks for helping P-dise in our time of need. You boys are truly amazing friends. 💙 #leo #thinblueline #ycpd #ppd #campfire
**Postnatal Psychosis** During Perinatal Depression and Anxiety week, we also want to take a moment to shed light on another condition in the postnatal period: postnatal psychosis. It’s rare, but serious, affecting around 1 or 2 mothers in every 1,000. It’s very important to seek treatment for postpartum psychosis, as it can place the mother at risk of harming herself, her baby and/or other children – due to the impacts of the condition on her thinking and behaviours. Some of the early signs of postpartum psychosis include: - finding it hard to sleep - feeling full of energy or restless and irritable -feeling invincible – strong, powerful and unbeatable - having strange and irrational beliefs such as that someone is trying to harm the baby. These symptoms often begin to emerge from within 2 days of giving birth to two weeks after birth. In some cases the symptoms can develop later (up to twelve weeks after the baby’s birth). Over time, this range of symptoms may then be followed by a combination of manic, psychotic and/or depressive symptoms, which can affect a mum’s energy, thinking, behaviour and mood. If you are noticing these symptoms and they seem out of character for you or your partner, please talk to your health professionals. Help is available. COPE team member Ariane experienced postnatal psychosis after her son was born. Here, she tells her story through words and dance, in a piece called “When the Bough Breaks.” To watch the full piece, visit the link in our profile. We’d love 1000 people to see it, to represent the 1 in 1000 mamas affected. So take a look and tag a friend 💕 #PNDA #PND #pndaawarenessweek #postnatalpsychosis #dayslikethese #motherhood #postnataldepression #perinatalanxiety #maternalmentalhealth #depression #anxiety #psychosis #postpartumpsychosis #PPD #puerperalpsychosis #whentheboughbreaks #bepndaware #PANDAweek
“That More Peaceful Person started with one calm reaction in the midst of chaos” Life isn’t always peaceful, but looking for calmer waters is worth the journey ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #PPD #postpartumdepression #momblog #anxietymommy #postpartum #babies #healing #alternativehealing #makingbabies #family #gettingbetter #mamaismyfavouritename #newblogpost #rachelmacystafford
I was really pleased with the results of my 21 day reset cleanse ☺️ I took my weight and measurements yesterday and was ⬇️ 16.6 lbs + ⬇️ 13.4” 🙌🏻 I feel re-energized and excited to continue focusing on my nutrition while adding back my morning workouts and some more variety and balance into my meal plan! I’m working to feel as strong and healthy as I did earlier this year before I started to slack a bit on my routine. • The past couple of months were really challenging for me. Tyler and I separated back in July and I had to adjust to a lot of changes all at once. I indulged over the summer with lots of eating out and drinking and was not getting enough sleep, which turned into drinking coffee all day and still feeling worn down. Stress got the best of me and I let myself go. 😭🤷‍♀️ Life happens folks!!! BUT with that said, I knew once Fall 🍁 rolled around and my 👖 were WAY too tight I had to make a choice to refocus on my health before I derailed all the progress I worked so hard to achieve over the last 2 years. That’s when I decided to jump onboard with some girlfriends who wanted to do this cleanse together. We all needed an extra boost to get back on track and it was a fun way to challenge our mind and bodies while cheering each other on 👯 • Transformation Tuesday is a great reminder that living a healthy lifestyle is a continuous journey that ebbs and flows. Self care is often one of the first things we let go when life gets hard. 🤦‍♀️ I’ve learned that I have so much more to offer my family, friends, coworkers and my beautiful baby girl when I nurture my physical and mental health. This is a reminder to ❤️ yourself + to support those around you. We are stronger together and we always have the choice to make the comeback greater than our setbacks. ✌️ . . . . . #transformationtuesday #thisisajourneynotadestination #weightlossjourney #postpartumfitness #fitmama #toddlermom #ppd #thyroiddisorder #depressionsucks #divorcedparents #coparentingishard #singlemom #down100lbs #balancedlifestyle #cleaneating #wearestrongertogether #girlgang #accountability #goals #pnwmom #perfectlyimperfect #everydaycounts #comeback
PPS - Postpartale Depressionen. Ein Begriff, der für mich immer nur ein Begriff war, der auf andere Mütter gemünzt werden konnte, nicht aber auf mich. Nach meiner zweiten Geburt weiß ich aber, dass auch ich zu der Gruppe gehört habe. Ich schreibe das hier, weil es jede Mutter treffen kann. • 2,5 Jahre lang hab ich mich selbst nicht leiden können. 2,5 Jahre lang fiel es mir unheimlich schwer, positiv zu denken. Es hat mich angestrengt, einem schwierigen Tag etwas positives abzugewinnen. So war ich vorher nicht. So hat mein Mann mich nicht kennen gelernt. So kannte ich mich nicht und so mochte ich mich selbst nicht. 2,5 Jahre lang hab ich mich von einem Tag in den nächsten geschleppt; hab versucht fröhlich zu sein; zu sein, wie ich es "früher mal war". Und es kostete mich so viel Kraft und Energie, die einfach nicht da waren. Mein Mann hatte es ganz bestimmt nicht einfach mit mir und meinen Stimmungen, aber er hielt zu mir! Wir wussten beide nicht, dass meine Wesensveränderung einen gesundheitlichen Grund hatte, bis unser zweites Kind zur Welt kam. Plötzlich sind die Knoten in mir geplatzt. Auf einmal war ein verschütteter Kaffee eben nur das und nicht gleich ein "verdammt beschissener Tag, wie immer". Und ein schlechter Start in einen Urlaub mit Zeltanhänger war eine neue Erfahrung, die einen weiter bringt und kein komplett vergeudeter Urlaub mit unbegründeten Schuldzuweisungen an meinen Mann und das ganze Leben. • Ich schreibe hier, weil ich darauf aufmerksam machen will. Vielleicht gibt es jemanden in eurem Bekanntenkreis oder sogar euch selbst mit ähnlichen Symptomen. Ich wünschte, ich hätte es früher erkannt und behandeln lassen können. Mein Mann bekommt sicher das ein oder andere graue Haar früher wegen mir und meine Familie auch. Und trotzdem waren sie immer für mich da. Danke! • #ppd #postpartumdepression #wearethemotheringfront #nofilterneeded #derfotografistbesseralsjederfilter
After almost 5mo. I decided to put my big girl panties and momma panties on and left to the store with my little guy. Just us two 💛 He gave me no trouble. #momthings #newmom #ppd #mamaandson #spooniemom #fibromom
I didn’t need to hear how important motherhood was. I didn’t need to hear I was meant for it. I didn’t need to hear it was my greatest role. I didn’t need to hear any of that because I didn’t relate. If those things were true I was certainly broken, failing, and all wrong in my newfound position of motherhood, as a woman, as a person. So I distanced myself. Motherhood wasn’t for me. I was meant for other things. But the more I tried to distance myself the more I felt a pull back. Back to the transformative power of a role that was always meant to change you, and never meant to have you return to the way you were before. Back to the refining experience that creates something within you that can only be born from living and breathing no longer only for yourself. And so slowly I’ve made my way back. I’ve made peace with redefining the role to be what it is for me. I’ve accepted that the thing I wanted to distance myself unreachably far from, is the very thing I have been called to cling to, in my own way, not just for me, but for all the women out there like me. To the ones feeling broken, wrong, and lost. To the ones feeling angry, hopeless, and unknown to themselves. To the ones who don’t think they can, or don’t think they want to. I get you, and you’re not wrong. You are incredible, independent of anything, including your motherhood. If you are feeling powerless I challenge you to turn to places you feel the weakest and most disconnected and look there for your power.
Today I get to wish my very best friend, and #HubbyMcHotPants , a Happy Birthday!!! This man is absolutely amazing at the normal hubby stuff, but there are a few things that have truly changed my world! He's responsible for leading me to a place where my relationship with God was magnificently strengthened. He's stood by me through 2 bouts of #PPD , through years of anxiety and panic attacks, and trials with different medicines. He's supported and encouraged me to pursue my dreams even when I felt like giving up. He always gently nudges me to grow and become a better version of me. He taught me how to see things from a whole new perspective. He taught me how to focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. He calms me! He affirms me! Yes, sometimes he drives me crazy as I know I do him as well, but in my eyes, he's one incredible man, friend, husband, and father!! There's so much more I could say, but....do for now, and let's be honest, he'll probably never see this 🤣🤣🤣🙄🤦🏽‍♀️Prayers for many more blessed years, @aaronlgiles !! Love you #bonches ! * * #luchy #happybirthday #manofmydreams #nextjendoodles #crayoligraphy #gellyrollpens #fineliners #handlettering #moderncalligraphy #moderncalligrapher #handletteringpractice #handletteringdaily #handletteringcommunity #letteringart #brushlettering
Yep. Every night when Anastasia and I are snuggling... I tell her how sorry I am for not being a good mama. Same thing for Sebastian... Post partum anxiety is a horrible monster. Sebastian is 6 months old and I'm still not feeling normal. It suuuuuuucks... 💎 But, you know what has helped me? My meds (there's nothing wrong with needing prescription help) and my oils. I could go on and on about how amazing they are... but nothing I say will convince you until you try them yourself. . . . #ppd #ppa #essentialoils #yleo #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #rschallenge2018 #ilovemybabies #selfcareisthebestcare
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Depression & anxiety can do a real good job at convincing us we are worthless. It's so important we remember we are worthy of love, of care, of help and support. You are important, you are loved and you matter no matter how much depression tries to convince you otherwise xxx . . . . . . . . . . . #pnd #ppd #postnatalanxiety #postnataldepression #postpartumdepression #depression #anxiety #headstogether #oktosay #mentalhealth #strongwomen #mums #mumsofinstagram #mummyblogger #essexmums #essexblogger #mama #worthit #pblogger #mentalhealthblogger #instaquote #motherhoodunplugged #affirmations #mum #dad #mummy #newmum
That's it. I quit. I'm done. I can't. I won't. * Those were my words once I stopped being sorry for my self. That's the moment when I decided it was time to be my own hero and take control of my life. * A few months ago I would have been on my couch feeling miserable about my body and my mental health. Today, I look back and I'm hugging myself for being strong and holding my self up to my self. Yes, I stood up, and I said “I'M DONE”. I started to change my life for the better. I did a 7-day training routine, I changed my nutrition and I dedicated my free time to my kid and my personal development. * Today marks 40 days of the moment I said yes to my third training program. Plus....It's day 74 of being fully committed to my health, my body and my promise. What promise? * I WILL NOT QUIT, I WILL NOT FAIL. I WILL CONQUER, I WILL SUCCEED, I WILL PREVAIL. * I knew what I wanted out of life, but now I can honestly say that I'm on my way there. * * I won't fail my self ever again!!! * * * * * #fitmom #healthylifestyle #sahm #boymom #cleaneating #militarywife #stayathomemom #athomeworkout #momlife #momboss #postpartum #ppd #guthealth #sugarlevel #fitfamily #momstrong #wod #dogmom #bostonterrier #artlover #art #strongwomen #strongmom #motivation #inspiration #boymomsrock
Successful first day of Train the Trainer! #redkenobsessed #nyc #redken5thave #ppd @redken
Y’all, I adore my diffusers but there are some places they just can’t go... For instance, inside our trash cans or in your drawers of clothes, what about inside the linen closet. Well I have a simple oil hack to solve that issue! . I’ve seen this done with cotton balls, but I didn’t have any so I improvised and I’m so happy I gave it a shot. Those little felt pads that you stick on furniture so it doesn’t scratch your floor double as sticky backed oil diffusers! Who would have thunk? . Anyway, I’ve been sticking these things everywhere and they are working great. You just add your oils of choice, peel off the back, and stick them where they are needed. They have been lasting me about a week each time with just a few drops of oil. Totally loving Purify and Citrus Bliss for my trash cans, bye-bye baby diaper funk 🙌🏻 . Have you ever tried this, or maybe something similar? . If you don’t have a membership, ask us how you can receive $50 in free oils. If you have any other questions, comment below or send us a DM. . . #doterra #essentialoilsisters #sisters #essentialoils #postpartum #ppd #dosomethingforyourself #sourcetoyou #knowyouroils #investinyourself #quality #yleo #yl #eos #free #freefifty #diffuserhack #oilhack #hackmylife #diffusingoils #essentialoildiffuser
Day 13 of #30daysofthanks : Grateful for anyone who has left a review on Amazon ✨ Sincerely. . . This is a collection of some of the quotes from your reviews. Actually, this is a picture of the framed collection of reviews that goes with me to my events, sitting on the table, next to the stack of books, quietly saying so many nice and wonderful things, letting other potential readers know a little more about what to expect if they pick up such a shockingly titled book. . . Do you read reviews? For me, I’m a big review reader before I buy practically anything. I take them to heart. They sway my decision making. So if you’ve read my book and took the time to leave your thoughts, I basically am in love with you. . . This book doesn’t have a publicity machine driving it forward. It’s me. And it’s you. It’s mostly you. YOU, my dear reader, are the most effective way for this book to reach a larger audience. If you have read it, shared it, told someone about it, left a review, bought a copy for a friend, supported it any way, I am blown away and forever grateful ✨ . . #reviews #amazonreviews #dearreader #babiesaretheworst #memoir #motherhood #ppd #postpartum #postpartumdepression #notalone #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #maternalhealth #maternalmentalhealthawareness #authorsofinstagram #booksofinstagram #kindle #momlife #babies #toddlers #mamas #findyourtribe #mamasformamas
Una line de ahorita grabada por mi bro @danieltlapalcoyoa 🎥👊🏼😎 @sick_footwear_oficial #lemonskateboarding #sickarnal #sk8andfun #ppd #sk8life
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Transformation Tuesday In the top photos I remember being so proud of how far I had come just 4 months post partum. I was excited to start a new program that would challenge me and fit my crazy working mom lifestyle. I would have told you then that if this body is what I've got after having 4 kids then I was OK with that. I was starting a new program more for my mental health than a bikini body. These pictures were taken just 4 months apart. I am currently 8 months post partum after having my 4th full term baby and I am in better shape than I've ever been. I did it from my home. 4 days a week. Let me tell you, having 4 kids and working 4 days a week outside the home and having a husband who works 3rd shift gives me ALL the excuses to not take the little extra time I deserve. Schedules are tough. Someone needs me for something most hours of the day. Most of the time my needs come last. So yea, it's easy to say I don't have the time. But 40 minutes 4 days a week from my living room.....there are no excuses. And look where it got me..... Are you ready to put you first? I'm not even asking for you to commit to every day. Just 4 days a week! Let's get in the best shape ever together! #summerbodiesaremadeinthewinter . . . . . . . . . . #fitmomof4 #angelmom #cheermom #threenagers #sportsmom #workingmom #petnurse #alternativemedicine #oilylife #vetmed #postpartumlife #ppd #ppa #ptsd #mentalhealthawareness #stopthestigma #momswholift #strongmom #ilikeme #winthemoment #doyou #beyou #bringbacksummer #ineedsunshine
As you read this please keep everyone impacted by the California wildfires in your prayers. ✨ ・・・ || still evacuated • this morning I had a break down • it’s incredible how hard it is to break old habits • (my habit of years of depression and feeling like a victim) • I made a note of all the negative feelings I am having during this transition and texted it to my sisters • upon reading it I realized my habits • when I am in a place of insecurity or transition, I tend to not take care of myself • i drink coffee instead of green juice, eat crap (that’s easily accessible) instead of healthy meals which are almost impossible for me right now without a kitchen and 2 babies under 2 displaced • my breath is shallow and my posture is curled inward • I’m dehydrated • haven’t had any of my supplements/vitamins for #postpartum • my back aches my neck aches my body aches and I’m exhausted feeling homeless and orphaned • all I want to do is call my mom and cry • I haven’t wanted to complain because my house is still standing and we are staying with friends and are all safe!!🙏🏻🙌🏻 We just can’t get home because of road closure and high risk wind (potential for sparks to ignite more fires) so I allowed myself to break down...bawl with my baby and then went for a walk (endorphins) with the sun on my face (vitamin D) drank a huge glass of water (hydration) and practiced my breathing (oxygen to the brain) • If I don’t practice the good habits, the bad habits inevitably take over like a gravity blanket • everything is relative and I’m allowed to feel lost and tired but I will not stay there || Repost @angigreene #practicewhatyoupreach #gratitude #momlife #ppd #thisismotherhood #postpartumsupport #momsupportmoms #thismamawines
“I’m ready to learn through love” . I started reading The Universe Has Your Back again and doing the exercises as I go through it. Today during my mediation I was called to not only take back my life but to help others take back theirs. To turn my mess into a message for all. 👭 . Who’s down for a private group revolving all around taking back our lives using this book + more ?!? 📲👇🏼 . . . . #universeiscalling #universehasyourback #universeiscalling #takebackyourlife #purplehairaffair #loveyourself #selflove #depressionfighter #depressionsurvivor #ppd #postpartumdepression #livelife #sleevetattoos #momswithtattoos #badassery
Even with kid 3 - even though I knew what was happening- just a few weeks postpartum I remember my body feeling so FOREIGN - and there was this anxiety swirling about EVERYTHING to come - the new baby - motherhood with 3- and of course that body 🙃 . We know motherhood changes you forever- your heart- mind- and body will never be the same - but ladies that’s not a bad thing 😘 . With each #postpartumjourney my heart grew, I found more confidence and I found more strength 🖤 . And yeah ::the body:: that everyone is always trying to “get back” post baby - girl it didn’t “go” anywhere 🤚 it was right there the whole time doing ahhhmazing things for me and that babe - it deserves some LOVE and RESPECT - it’s the only one I get ya know 😘 . #10monthspostpartum and I lost the 45lbs I gained during this pregnancy - I’m fitting in my pants and feeling more like myself each week - that doesn’t mean I’m skipping workouts or eating any different than I was when I started . This isn’t a diet - this isn’t a fad - this is choosing to live my life with intention - to put my health at the top of my priorities not an afterthought 3 weeks before a vacation to get bikini ready 🙄 . Doesn’t matter if you’re 2 months or 12 years postpartum, there’s a spot for you in my virtual fit camp, question is are you ready to shift your priorities 😘😘😘 . Apply to the fit camp with the link in my profile 💌
Hi, my name is Azaylea & if you make yourself anything to eat or drink... don’t worry I’ll eat it for you 😋 even though I just dumped all my food on the floor. My mom can never tell me no because I’m so cute 🤦🏻‍♀️
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Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I am so excited! I grew up in a home where we all sat down to dinner together no matter what. Well...except my mom, she was always up getting something for someone. Sound familiar? 🙄😉 • • Now, I love to cook and feed people good food. It makes me happy. So Thanksgiving is kind of my happy place. I want to pass that joy onto my children as well. • • Whenever I am cooking I try to welcome my children into the kitchen to help me. Even though it can be quite cumbersome at times. I hope they learn to love making real food and trying new things. And maybe, just maybe...they may learn to wash a few dishes when they are done. No? Asking too much? Well I tried....🤷🏻‍♀️ I would love to know what things you do with/for your family that you hope to pass on to your children or friends or others you share life with. Comment below! . . . . . #postpartum #love #picoftheday #motivation #happy #lifestyle #ppd #blessed #smile #beautiful #motherhood #postpartumanxiety #momoflittles #lovemylittles #findingjoy #sharethelove #lovegoodfood #momsofinstagram
Friends! It's my 2 year bonnet-versary 🎉🎈🎉 Two years ago I made this wool and Sherpa lined bonnet out of an old skirt and baby blanket for my daughter. She was six months old and had finally started sleeping on her own in the crib and napping for more than 30 minutes. I had a traumatic birth experience, a difficult recovery and a colicky baby who really didn't care for sleep which all contributed to my #ppd . I was having a hard time with my new role, change in identity and the exhaustion that comes with being a new mom. As silly and mundane as it sounds making this bonnet was a lifeline. It was the first time I felt excited about something - a thread connecting me to my former self. It was a small way I could express my creativity which I now know is a vital component to my mental health. We all have our stories and reasons why we create and mine is ultimately quite selfish. It makes me feel good. It helps me connect with others. It helped me become a better mother. So thank you to all who have and continue to support this little passion project of mine. It all started with this one little bonnet but has grown to be so much more ❤️❤️❤️ Ps. Can you even with my cute little bug? 😍
Esta noche a las 21.00 horas el presidente del #PPD Heraldo Muñoz en amena conversación con Iván Guerrero en #CadenaNacional de @canalviax. Puedes verlo en Claro TV 151, Movistar 124, GTD Manquehue 36 o en www.viax.cl
Reunited with my #redken and #PPD family for another great training. So many wins on day 1 🤓🎉🎉🤗 #redkenbrandambassador #redkeneducation #redkenlovesyou #PPDeducation #lorealusa #lifeofanRE #learnearnlivebetter #artistssupportingartists
Opening up about something I have been hesitant to post about on here. If you know me I am an open book about life’s storms. But I just hadn’t felt like I had been called to share it yet. But today I felt the Lord nudge my heart to open up. PPD. It’s something I never thought I would have to face. Something NO ONE wants after bringing home their miracle they prayed and prayed for, am I right? I kept waiting for the baby blues to lift and I realize they never did. I love my life, I love my babies, I am so blessed, yet somedays I was/am just not ok. . . It has been a battle even coming to terms with PPD. How can I be battling this, and now, in the best season of my life (and I 💯 still think it is the best season ever- best + hardest season ever. ) I had to battle with the “why God” for a little bit. Because I have been freed from depression prior. ((Cliff-notes of my testimony 👉 I had depression for years + took depression meds FOR YEARS that numbed me out. When I got saved, God also removed that from my life! Like completely! I no longer needed the meds and no longer had to battle! And I DO believe God truly healed me!)) My body is all out of wack going from fertility meds to back to back babies to postpartum. 🙃. Anyways, this was confusing for me and I will confess the enemy used it to get in my head for a moment with thoughts from hell like you thought you were really healed? BUT GOD. He is faithful and His word is true! It’s been a hard + beautiful season of Him reminding me what is true ☝️ and taking off more veils from my eyes so that I can walk deeper and closer to him. . . What I am learning on a deeper level: 1. I walk by faith not feeling. And it’s not my own faith, it’s HIS faith because He is always faithful. He is so good even on my hardest day. 2. I don’t have to always be OK but I do still get to chose joy because my joy comes from the Lord and His promises. 3. My babies are 💯 worth this season, and I would endure it for them if I had too. 4. PPD is not my fault and does not make me less then. This does not define me at all- it is just a season/storm that I will walk through. 5. God will use this season to produce fruit. CONT. IN COMMENTS
Thank you so much, @dr.davidpuder , for inviting me on your Psychiatry and Psychotherapy podcast to discuss my favorite subjects: motherhood and attachment, and the realities and treatments of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, including my own lived experience with PMADs. What a gift to have these conversations. I so appreciate Dr. Puder’s genuine and earnest attention to these issues. Link in bio.
Hace tiempo que no sopla igual el viento. @elmaracstx3 @daplayerstown @brightdiamondsmx . . . . #ppd #raperos #raper #gangsta #🤟🏻 #daplayerstown #socios #tattoo #style
Please please please do not be scared to talk to someone about PPD. It will not make you less of a mother you’re not crazy. You have a support system we as women are here for you #ppd #postpartumdepression #momblogger #mommyblogger #baby #newmom #newborn #health #mentalhealth #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger
Having a history with depression, I knew that i was more likely to get PPD. While pregnant in 2008, I prepared myself in case I saw signs of depression with me and asked those around me to do the same. The unfortunate thing about depression is it can make you believe irrational things like 'I shouldn't be feeling this way, I am going through one of the happiest times if my life." or "no one else is struggling, I must be weak" I did not expect to experience in the way that I did. For me my depression took away that stereotypical 'bond' between mother and child. The nurture. I took care of first born but it felt more like a chore then an experience. The lack of sleep and often lack of help caused me to be very irritable and made returning to work and normal life impossible. The transition into my new world, new poor body image, and erratic hormones caused me to cry nonstop, hate myself and give up on basic things like eating and hygiene. My boyfriend and my mother helped me get help which included Prozac and counseling. Around 8 months post partum I finally felt improved and bonded with my baby. 6 years later,With my second child, I thought i would know what to look for and seek treatment immediately. It was an entirely different experience. I had postpartum Anxiety. I had difficulty leaving the house with my child because of germs and i was afraid of getting in a car accident (At that time my husband was involved in 3 different crashes) It was amazing the difference in experience, I was able to be treated right away by my OB/GYN at the 6 week checkup She extended my maternity leave and was given Celexa. I was also easily able to find a counselor that specialized with Post partum disorders. I mostly recovered by the 3rd month postpartum. #postpartumhealth #postpartumdepression #ppd #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthmatters #postpartum #mama #maternalmentalillnesses #maternalmentalhealth #mentalhealth #postpartumanxiety
#VulnerablePost After 3 back to back pregnancies, I've really struggled to get my confidence back. It makes it even tougher being a stay at home momma; it's easy to stay in my jammies all day and forget to fix my hair, because getting the kids fed, changed and dressed already drains me! I don't even know what my style is (unless you count a spit up stained top & pajama pants to be trendy 😂) so I set a goal for myself to build up my self esteem again, figure out who I really am and try to embrace the chaos of my life, rather than hiding behind it. @shoppinkblush has the cutest, comfiest maternity and post-partum clothes. I honestly scrolled through their online website for almost an HOUR trying to pick one item, I just couldn't decide because everything is so cute. The fabric is true to size, incredibly comfortable and I truly felt beautiful in this top. For the first time in a really long time ❤ . . . . . . . #honestmotherhood #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunplugged #3under3 #family #dailyootd #inspiration #confidence #postpartum #PPD #style #fashion #ootd #presets #PinkBlush #fashionblogger #fashionista #maternity #motherhood #maternitystyle #motherhoodmoments #csectionrecovery
Repost from @sounprofessionalshow --On this episode of So Unprofessional we start off talking Funk Master Flex taking shots at Drake at Hot 97 studios. Then we discuss James “Whitey” Bulger Jr. an Irish-American crime boss, gangster & FBI informant being slain in a West Virginia federal prison this week. NYPD boss Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, the second in-command was accused of stuffing her panties in a co-worker’s mouth. Also a Clemson University frat party floor collapse at an apartment clubhouse injuring 30. This week’s special guest L.Revere a Philadelphia Urban Wear Designer in which her brand was once featured in Vogue Magazine joins the show to discuss how she started. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B back at it? Then lastly we discuss 50 Cent trolling Ja Rule by purchasing 200 tickets to his show so the seats stay empty. #sounprofessional #lrevere #staytalkingish #philly #phillyfashion #fam #supportblackbusiness #whiteybulger #gangstarat #alpo #nyc #phillysupportphilly #police #nypd #ppd
One of the best parts of my job is getting to spoil my girls! ❤️ . I love sending out sign up packages and monthly bootcamp prizes. 😊 As well as when my girls advance in their own business. 🙊 . I also love that this job is about community, friendship, and BUILDING EACH OTHER UP! ❤️
Make sure to check us out Gus and Barxdale on they're new web series @sounprofessionalshow -- On this episode of So Unprofessional we start off talking Funk Master Flex taking shots at Drake at Hot 97 studios. Then we discuss James “Whitey” Bulger Jr. an Irish-American crime boss, gangster & FBI informant being slain in a West Virginia federal prison this week. NYPD boss Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra, the second in-command was accused of stuffing her panties in a co-worker’s mouth. Also a Clemson University frat party floor collapse at an apartment clubhouse injuring 30. This week’s special guest L.Revere a Philadelphia Urban Wear Designer in which her brand was once featured in Vogue Magazine joins the show to discuss how she started. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B back at it? Then lastly we discuss 50 Cent trolling Ja Rule by purchasing 200 tickets to his show so the seats stay empty. #sounprofessional #lrevere #staytalkingish #philly #phillyfashion #fam #supportblackbusiness #whiteybulger #gangstarat #alpo #nyc #phillysupportphilly #police #nypd #ppd
WHAT IF? What if you joined my five day challenge event online and decided not to stop there? What if you committed to my virtual bootcamp for three weeks? What if you sacrificed only ONE episode of your favourite binge Netflix show, or 30 minutes of hitting the Snooze button, with your own in-home personal trainer -- on the "Sweat-flix" -- one 20 minute workout -- and worked your way up to 30 days...60...90? One year? What if you could have your trainer in your pocket and pack your equipment in your suitcase? What if you didn't know that YOU were invited to be a part of our virtual gym too? #fomo #fitnessonthego #mommylifts #healthyaf #transformationtuesday #pmddwarrior #mentalhealthadvocate #mentallyequipped #lifestyleguide #beforeandafters #progression #diastasisrecti #anxiousmom #momwithadd #premenstrualdysphoricdisorder #postpartumfitnessjourney #ppd #womenwhowritepoetry #womenwhoempowerwomen #toddlermomma
This. Was. Me. This was me at a weight I was comfortable with and I felt confident in my skin. I worked out 5 days a week and I had all the time in the world to focus on myself and I took advantage of it. Flash forward 4 years with a little guy to tend to, a crazy work week, and a husband who works a demanding schedule at his fire department, it’s very hard to find me time or even get close to a gym. It’s not easy, but I know its possible to get back to a place where I can feel comfortable and confident again. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that is no lie. I am beautiful at any size, but I want to get back to that place where I look at myself and am proud and happy with what I see. This is the journey back to a happy, healthy me. #ppd #ppdwarrior #boymom #fitness #journeytowellness #fattofitmom #fitmom #goals
Did You Know? Postpartum depression isn’t talked about enough. Everyone thinks they’re going to push out a baby and go back to life as usual and that’s not always the case. And postpartum depression can sneak up on you. Just because you feel ok at your six week postpartum check with your doctor doesn’t mean that what you’re feeling at eight weeks postpartum is normal. Say Something. And if you are the person that a new mom comes to and says “I think I have postpartum depression” help her. And don’t stop helping her until she’s on the other side . #postpartumdepressionng #postpartumjourney #postpartumdepression is real #postpartum #postnatal #postpartumhelp #postnatalhelp #postpartumexperience #birth #postpartumlife #ppdawareness #ppd #baby #babygirl #babyboy #pregnancy #africanmother #feelsomethingsaysomething #motherhood #mommylife #mom #Nigerianmum #mama #mamadimama #naija #naijabrand #naijabrandchick #naijamum #saysomething
#WeAreTheMotheringFront A community of mothers lifting each other up, supporting one another and growing together. I am an EMPOWERED mother.💪 I’m a real big believer that our thoughts create our reality and that directly creates our life experiences. A mentor once told me ‘you’re not responsible for the first thought that comes in to your head, but you are responsible for what you do with it.’ This was life-changing for me, in both my motherhood journey and in life. I try to only entertain empowering thoughts, because I know that in order to take a stand for YOU, I must first take a stand for ME. We’ve all hear the quote ‘we rise by lifting others’ and I have found this to be true every time, especially in the mama community. Who are some mamas who have lifted you up, and empowered YOU? Show them some love by tagging them in the comments below. 😍 I am an EMPOWERED mother! What kind of mother are you??Make sure you head over to @littlepeachlondon and read about her motherhood journey too!
My Postpartum Depression Story: I've decided to share my experience with PPD with my friends , family and the world. I'm done hiding it from others, saying that I'm doing well, when most days I'm not. My story is a little bit different from most cases, do to the nature of not being diganosed for so long. I didn't become fully aware that I had post partum depression until Aubrey turned 12 months old. I took aubrey too her 1 year checkup , the doctor I had was filling in for our normal doc. She asked tons of questions about Aubrey and then turned to me and said how about You? How are You feeling? She went over a checklist of PPD symptoms. I broke down crying. I said yes to almost all of them. I finally had someone who could tell by my face and emotions that I WASNT OKAY. She suggested I seek counselling and start an anti depressant. Almost 9 months later, I am still struggling with PPD. I was unable to medicate myself and receive counselling due to lack of insurance and mostly couldnt bring myself to do it. I was sick. I didn't know how to help myself. I recently met with a pediatrician to discuss Aubreys behaviour around me. She has been acting out, I'm unable to take her to public places and her tantrums were out of this world. He asked tons of questions, we spent an hour talking (amazing). He came to the conclusion that Aubreys behaviour is associated to my PPD. I was SHOCKED. The guilt was huge. BUT he made me realize that I do need help and the only way for Aubreys behaviour to change is if I get the help I need. I am looking into cognitive behaviour therapy and Transcranial Magentic therapy. All to say , PPD is REAL , it affects millions of moms around the world. I wish I got the help I needed sooner, but I am finally ready to move past this and be a better mother to my daughter. Please reach out if you have any questions about PPD or if you need help yourself. We moms have to stick together 💕 #PPD #Support #moms #theraphy #Help #MentalHealth
PODCAST APPEARANCES ⁣ I was incredibly fortunate to be a guest on two podcasts recently. @jordanpthomson Journal Theory Podcast and @indiemamalife Plant-Based Energy Podcast. ⁣ ⁣ Both of these inspiring women have newer podcasts and I highly recommend them both to any mom out there! ⁣ ⁣ The following is a summary of each podcast episode. Please click the link in my bio to listen to them on iTunes. Both can also be listened to via Spotify. ⁣ ⁣ JOURNAL THEORY PODCAST⁣ When the Mind becomes Harder to Conquer than the Body - Postpartum Depression & Spina Bifida⁣ ⁣ Lauren is a health & wellness coaching specializing in women and mothers who are living life with a disability. Growing up with Spina Bifida, Lauren had spent a significant amount of time in and out of the operating room. ⠀⁣ ⠀⁣ At nearly 20 years old a surgery on her spine left her partially paralyzed. After coursing through this new challenge, she met her husband and began to create a family. Two children later, Lauren is helping others overcome their own debilitations.⠀⁣ ⠀⁣ Surgeries, wheelchairs and the pain were undoubtedly a challenge, but nothing was harder and more challenging than dealing with Postpartum Depression after her second child. It was the lowest point in her life which ultimately lead to self-harm.⠀⁣ ⠀⁣ When medication was not enough, a stroll through Barnes & Noble gave her the first tool she needed to begin to heal herself.⁣ ⁣ PLANT-BASED ENERGY PODCAST⁣ 2 Tips to Tackle Mom Guilt. A Chat with Fellow Mom, Lauren Dyer.⁣ ⁣ Lauren is a beautiful mama who has a passion to help mamas with disabilities ditch mom guilt. ⁣ ⁣ In today’s episode we give you 2 tips to ditch mom guilt, talk about postpartum and mom life with a disability.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣#Journaltheory #momguilt #spinabifida #postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #podcast #ppd #plantbasedenergy #spinabifidaawareness #author #momlife #momstrong #wheelchair #disability #virtualassistant #mamalife #mommyhood #mommylife #journal #journalprompts #Meditation #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayvibes #meditateonthis #meditative #mommylove #boymom #girlmom #momboss #mombosslife
A different kind of #TransformationTuesday . Where will I be 3 weeks from today?? : I started a new program yesterday, I love it already and I can't wait to see the results! : It'll be hard with having Thanksgiving right in the middle of this program. But this is a lifestyle change not just a diet. Life is crazy. There are going to be ups and downs, holiday's and parties with all the food temptions, and busy days where I just won't be able to get my workout in. But I am ready for change, ready to be happy and comfortable with the way I look and feel. : Choose today to make a change!
On Sunday, my husband and I pulled out all of our Christmas decorations. And in honor of kicking off the holiday season, I made a batch of sugar cookies. This is Harper‘s first holiday season where she is more aware and definitely more mobile, so I wanted to involve her in this process. If you have ever tried anything like this with a 20-month-old toddler, you know that you’re doing it for the memories and not for your toddler’s ability to serve as a sous chef. 😂 During the sugar cookie making process, I noticed I gave Harper a variety of responses to her many requests. When she showed an interest in rolling out the dough, I gave her a yes. When she continually tried to eat the raw cookie dough, I gave her a not yet. When she wanted to use the cookie-cutter, I gave her a yes (with my assistance and guidance). When she expressed an interest in opening the oven, I gave her a solid no. During these moments with my daughter, I couldn’t help but think of how God responds to us. Sometimes God gives us a clear yes. Sometimes there are things we have to wait on, and he gives us a not yet. Sometimes he gives us a plain old no. Maybe you have asked for healing, for guidance, or for a new or different situation, and you have received one of these responses. Maybe it wasn’t the response you wanted, but remember... We are the child and He is the Father. He sees the big picture. He is not a gumball machine God. We don’t insert our prayer, and receive the perfect little answer. And honestly, we may not even find out in this lifetime why God decided to respond in that way. I like to think that the act of prayer is an exercise in our faith... a continual practice of our obedience. It’s more about the process than the outcome. Let us continue on boldly in our prayer even in the face of a response we didn’t want. We are building and strengthening our faith in those moments.
Being a first time mom has been the hardest thing I've ever done, especially when you add on postpartum depression. But it is SO important to remind yourself that you aren't always going to have it all together all the time and that's okay. Have patience with yourself and give yourself the same compassion you would give others. #itsallgonnabeokay #ppd #postpartumdepression
What are some things you miss about your pre-baby life? Mine is pooping in peace 😂 * * * #postpartumcoach #ppd #ppa #postpartumawarness #motherhood #pregnancy #momlife #boymom #momofboys #ptsd #motherhoodunplugged #momblog #yogateacher #fitmoms #badassmama
In as much it is great for a mother to pursue her dreams, it is also important to take good care of yourself while at it. You have just one life to live, so enjoy it! Take good care of yourself by following these tips below . - Learn to prioritize You don’t have to be busy all the time. Take one day at a time. Face the most important tasks for the day and handle them. . - Go for a massage A massage may just be all you need to feel better and be more productive. It relaxes your body and keep you away from stress. . - Find fun activities that could be a good workout For example: If you like swimming, just go for it. It is a way of keeping fit and you enjoy doing it. So look for one thing you enjoy and try to do it often. . - Learn to say no You should not feel bad for saying no to some certain requests from family, friends and even your kids. It is okay to say no sometimes and not over work yourself. . - Keep a journal Writing is a great way to relax and it is like a therapy that can make you feel better. It can really help you to control any emotions you may be feeling and therefore help you preempt a burnout. You can either write down how you're feeling, or you can take a few minutes to note everything that has made you feel happy or grateful that day. Mothers, do you practice any self-care tips? If yes, let’s know below.. . . #Motherhood #PostpartumAfrica #Postpartumsupport #woman #PPD #Mentalhealth #Lagosmums #Lagoshousewives #Naijamums #Askdamz #Phmums #Newmums #Wivesandmothers #Pregnancyandbeyond #Postpartumblues #Portpartumdepression #Africanmothers #Nigerianwomen #mummycorner #Postpartumanxiety #Healthymums #Abujamums #Postpartumbody #Nigerianmums #Portharcourtmums #successfulwomeninportharcourt
Once again on the crime scene. #truespirit #bamiha #EPMba #johnniewalker
Colore senza #ammoniaca e #ppd con #olio di #cotone e #cheratina #nouances personalizzate per ogni #cliente
this post will actually have nothing to do with this photo, but it was the most recent pretty pic I had on my camera roll + I felt like writing so it’s what you get 🙃 . I shared on my stories that I’ve had a hard time struggling with some anxiety today. I feel like especially at certain points of pregnancy, it hits me harder than other times, and I have a really hard time shaking it. I feel like crying for no reason, I feel extremely overwhelmed + an insane amount of pressure in my chest, and almost always I can’t figure out what’s causing it (which makes all of those feelings 100x worse, especially since I’m such a type A personality and always feel like I need to have control). Maybe it’s hormones, maybe not, but regardless, it happens. And I do my best to hide it and keep it to myself, because who really needs to be burdened with my problems, especially when I’m needed by so many people (mostly by little people I call my children haha). . I don’t really have a good reason for writing this aside from the fact that I felt like I needed to let it out this time. And to share that if you struggle with this, or with anything, you aren’t alone. This platform is 99% highlight reels of people’s lives, and we never really get to see inside the hard stuff. But sometimes the hard stuff is what makes us strong and it’s what makes us vulnerable and sometimes we need each other to lean on to realize we are more alike than not ❤️
I wouldn’t trade being a mommy for the world 🌎 but I still LOVE a good excuse to get dolled up, drink champagne and spend time with my girlfriends! 🍾👯 Last night was a blast! Now back to the work grind and looking forward to seeing my sweet baby girl tonight. She travelled to Eugene, OR over the long weekend with her daddy and I cant wait to snuggle her up 💕 . . . . . #girlsnightout #latergram #champagne #wefancy #momlife #toddlermom #postpartumfitness #ppd #balancedlifestyle #selfcare #coparentingishard #mothersanddaughters #workingmama
46 days in. meds have been cut in HALF! more energy. more happiness. less medication. hellooooo, amazingness!!! I’ve heard over and over how time is going to pass anyway, so you might as well make it count. I’m finally living that and it feels oh-so-good. a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, you’ll wish you already started — let’s start today, together, on getting your health + wellness goals moving forward. comment below or message me to see how I can support you. I know that saying yes can be the hardest part, but you’ll be so so glad you did 💖💪🏻 . you got this + I got you!
Radhames #MachoCamacho vuelve a la carga con su actitud de comesolo "poderoso"... _ #MomentosAntinoti _ Para ver el programa completo haz clic en el link de nuestra bio. _ #Antinoti #dominicanos #republicadominicana #informacion #informativo #dominican #dominicans #dr #rd #noticias #noticiasdominicanas #dominicannews #PendejoPuebloDominicano #PPD
| I’m baaaaaaack, I think | I haven’t been myself lately. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather or maybe I’m just really homesick, but the past 2 weeks have been the worst I’ve had in a LONG time. I expect to have off days, but I didn’t expect it to last this long. I’ve been sluggish, uninspired and just sad af. I signed off social media for a bit and that helped. I also ate a lot of carbs. And chocolate. But I mainly just tried to declutter my brain and focus on what keeps me going. I’m not 100% yet but I’m sure I’ll get there. Little setbacks are okay. It’s okay. I’ll be okay. I sound really dramatic 😂 but seriously though, after the extreme ppd I had just last year, I’m traumatized and I can’t ever go back to that. . . . #momtogs #momlife #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #mommyandme #myhonestmotherhood #candidchildhood #blogger #ootd #ig_photooftheday #blog #wellnessblog #honestlymothering #windycitybloggers #chicagomoms #lifestyleblogger #mommyblogger #fitlife #toddlermom #ppd #nycblogger #mentalhealth #motherhoodjourney #ig_motherhood #mysweetmotherhood #stopdropandmom #motherhoodthroughinstagram #iger #igerschicago #ig_photooftheday
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