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💙 Today is World Diabetes Day 💙 • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Did you know that banking stem cells could help diabetes? Stem cells can be used for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Studies show stem cell treatment can be used for both, Type 1 and Type 2. The long-term goal is to prolong life, reduce symptoms, prevent diabetes-related complications such as blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and amputation of limbs. • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To learn more about CellSure, visit www.cellsure.com #worlddiabetesday #diabetes #type1diabetes #type2diabetes #lifeofadiabetic #t1d #t2d #diabetic #cellsure #motherhood #parenthood #futuremom #expectingmom #pregnancy #cordblooddonation #stemcellresearch #stemcells #pregnancystories
That rip you from your deep sleep, in the dead of night kind of feeling, shooting all through your calf muscle. 😵⠀ ⠀ Cheese, Louise! 🧀 ⠀ ⠀ That had to be one of the most painful experiences I had while pregnant with my second son. Pretty close to the excruciation of childbirth (almost!).😫⠀ ⠀ After one fateful night (of many during pregnancy), I was hobbling on my left leg the next day until 2pm. It was so painful and had lingered well into daylight hours. Let me just say, an 8 month pregnant woman hobbling around on one leg is not a cheerful sight. 😟⠀ ⠀ "What am I doing walking like this?" I said to myself by 2pm. "Why don't I just grab an oil?"⠀ ⠀ Oh, yeah! Duh! (Baby brain moment).🤯⠀ ⠀ So I grabbed the PanAway from my Starter Kit. ⠀ ⠀ Hello sweet relief in a jiffy! PanAway was certainly my pregnancy hero and is an all-round keeper in the natural wellness toolkit—as you can see by my very worn bottle right here! 😆
“During my pregnancy, my doctors started to seem a little concerned about my weight. My pre-pregnancy health issues (PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Thyroid Disease, severe ferritin deficiency) were spiraling out of control. My body was swelling. I gained over 75 pounds. I was so uncomfortable and miserable. I couldn't wait to give birth and finally start feeling like myself. At about 2 weeks postpartum, I knew something was off. Suddenly I was have having thoughts I had never had before. I wanted to die. I would lay awake at night and sob, feeling like my entire life was over. I told my husband that this wasn’t the life I wanted — that I wished I had moved to Guatemala back when I was single, like I had planned to do before we’d met. On top of the PPD, my health was a disaster. At 4 months postpartum, I looked and weighed the exact same as I had at 39 weeks pregnant. I still had a big, round, hard, pregnant-looking belly. All that had changed since the day I had given birth, was that now I had a baby outside of my body — and inside — I was terribly depressed. I've done everything to get my health back in check, but pregnancy seems to have destroyed my health. I've tried IV treatments, vitamins, medications, special diets, superfoods — all just to be disappointed. I decided to wean my son from breastfeeding so that I could try a new medication, that was supposedly the one that would fix me. But like all things before, it hasn't. I'm still overweight. Still not having proper liver function. Still feeling like shit. . The only thing that has changed for the better, is, I'm feeling less depressed! Maybe it’s the hormone changes from stopping breastfeeding. I still have moments of feeling like the world is crushing me, but I would say my bad days are fewer and farther between. My story can't be wrapped up in a cute little bow. I'm still in the middle of it all.” ~ Mahala #nsfmg #realmomssayingrealthings • {📷 via @richardquartley of Norma Jean.} • Health problems during and/or after pregnancy? Share your stories here. Or give love ❤️ to Mahala. . #notsafeformomgroup #tellitlikeitis #postpartumhealth #postpartumbody #diastisisrecti #maternalhealth #pregnancystories
Jadi ceritanya saat itu telat dateng karna antri mau cek lab yang mana harus puasa dulu. Maklumlah bumil 8 bulan waktu itu ada keluhan2. Pas dateng eh udah selesai aja foto bareng dekan dan jajarannya, kadep dan kps. Ini adalah hasil foto ulangan yang ada sayanya. Alhasil waktu ambil foto cetak ga ada foto ini, agak sedih juga sih. Eh barusan nemu foto ini, lumayanlah kita upload saja foto perpisahan yang ini buat kenang-kenangan 😂#dokterspesialis #fkui #rscm #pregnancystories #februari2018
Alhamdulillaaahh...rejeki mah ga kemana2...bobok anteng di rumah, lalu ada putu ayu mendarat dengan indah....😍😍😍 . Maturnuwun ya mbak @renya_rystiana ...tabarakallah....😘😘 . . #pregomom #pregnancystories #putuayu #jajananklasik #jajanjadoel #enakbanget #cemilan
New study finds the ideal length between giving birth and getting pregnant again. ____________________________ “The study found 12-to-18 months was the ideal length of time between giving birth and becoming pregnant again. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The study, of nearly 150,000 births in Canada, by University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health is published in JAMA Internal Medicine.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ http://ow.ly/bhL750jA7kY ____________________________ - - . . . . #pregnancy #pregnancystories #motherhood #mother #happymom #tellitmoms #myson #mothersofinstagram #mydaughter #love #family #maternity #pregnant # #preggo #pregnantandperfect #stylishbump #fitpregnancy #girlswholift #girlspower #pregnancyyoga #yogateacher #yogaeveryday #healthypregnancy #loveothers #loveyourself #orbishealth
Pregnancy series part 5: Third trimester is difficult to another level. You can’t sleep on your back, you can’t walk fast, you need to hold someone’s hand to walk, you are dying with heart burn if you are eating a spoon extra 😅, you need to pee after almost every 30 mins it looks like your bladder is about to rapture you might not like your body structure ( BTW i lovedddd it 😍 ) So many hormonal issues going on during your whole pregnancy 🤰.this is a very long journey in which a female needs support from her husband & family aswell. Who can resist to those strong kicks, sometimes hiccups and your baby even starts boxing inside you 😂. Just remember “ Ye waqt bhe guzar jaey ga” so enjoy your pregnancy and make dua for your n your baby’s health 😍 __________________ O yea i just forgot to tell you that i was having strong kinda craving for ice lollies, crushed ice & icecrems 😂 thanks @mac_donalds_official bht khae hy 😆 What are your cravings? #pregnancystories #beingamom #firsttimemommy #mommytobe #mom2018 #babyboy #bossbaby #alyanjan #pakistanibloggers #pakistani #pakistaniingermany #expatmum #expatmom #expatmomdiaries #pakistan #lahorediaries #lahore #faisalabad #rahimyarkhan #dubai #dubaimommyblogger #mommybloggers #pakmum #mummybloggers
BAKING. I haven't baked since I became a mum. Don't know why. Never felt like I had the time. So, here's my banana bread 🍌. I didn't have all the ingredients I needed but, I improvised. Isn't that what life's about? P.S. yes, that's chocolate. It's a must these days 🍩🍫 #momslife #bananabread #pregnancystories #chocolate #lifestories
#tbt So grateful my action Jaxon waited to come into this world full term!!! We both survived an early stage heart attack at 6 months pregnant AND a horrific labor and delivery!! Scary shit, but I would do it all again!!! 👶🏼😆 #holybabybump #actionjaxon #nicubaby #memories #timeflies #pregnancystories #deliveryfromhell #emergencycsection #momlife #parenthood #seemslikeyesterday
You are the best gift 🎁 God is Good! All the Time! #sixweeks #pregnancystories #pregnancyannouncement
I always know when the last trimester in my pregnancies is coming to an end, because I begin wanting to eat healthy again. This has been my new favourite — brown rice, tuna, beetroot and cucumber 👌🏼 . Before being pregnant with my oldest, I ate really well, experimented with @jamieeasonmiddleton healthy recipes, and exercised regularly. But during each of my pregnancies, my body always wanted terrible food in the 2nd trimester. 1st trimester was always wonton soup, fruit smoothies, orange juice, fruit salads; then 2nd tri — not healthy — ... Big Macs 🍔 (first baby); Chocolate 🍫 (all my babies) though, I’ve always been a sweet tooth)), Iced chocolates (2nd baby), Promite sandwiches with chicken potato chips (all my babies) that’s an old Kiwi kid’s classic school lunch favourite)), butter chicken (3rd baby) ... and then 3rd trimester, back to healthier options — vegetable tempura sushi, rice cakes with cottage cheese, ham, cucumber, cranberry sauce, salads, lean meats etc. . . I’ve learned not to make myself wrong for my eating choices during pregnancy. I move with how my body feels and make adjustments as needed. I will always admire mums who exercise regularly and eat so well during their pregnancies. But I’ve learned to be me, and while I’ll always admire women and their healthy habits during pregnancy, I keep being imperfectly perfect me! 💗 . . As an aside, despite the food choices and decline of exercise with each baby, I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to have had normal deliveries with no complications for either myself or my babies; I’ve always given birth on my back (it’s felt the most natural for me) and have never had back complications from them either; and apart from my first birth, I have always been able to go home the same day I’ve given birth — I prefer it that way too, if the doctor gives the all clear. With my first, I went home the next day. . Every woman’s body is different, so let’s embrace those differences and fuel our bodies with what we feel it needs. . . What foods do you fuel your body with regularly? — regardless of whether you’ve been pregnant or not.
PART I Yap gue nikah udah 5 tahun dan ditahun ke 6 alhamdulillah dikasih kepercayaan sama Allah SWT buat menjadi orang tua dari baby Ky (kay). Pernah putus asa ? Pernahlah gue juga manusia yang ga tahan sama omongan orang. Apalagi ada yang bilang nikah itu harus punya anak ! NYERI HATE ! ditahun pertama dan kedua belum punya anak itu rasanya BERAT ! Ditambah suami anak semata wayang, siapa yang akan mewarisi kerajaan gombal gambil nanti ?! (LEBAY) nangis tuh tiap malem ke suami, dan dia cuma bilang sabar ya gausa dengerin omongan orang. Dan itu terjadi gak sekali duakali tapi sering.INGET YA SERING ! Lanjut tahun kedua dimana gw mulai agak stabil, agak lho yha ! Dimana omongan orang bikin gue tambah kuat. Dan mulai cuek disaat orang-orang tanya kapan punya anak ? Belom punya anak? gue beserta suami selalu dengan bijak menjawab DOAKAN SAJA ! dan mereka pun menjawab pasti didoain -selesai- . Mereka cuma butuh jawaban aja setelah lo jawab ? Udah kelar. >>>> #pregnancystories
Wah bulan november 🤗,cerita sedikit ya setahun yg lalu. 1 Sept aku resign utk menyelesaikan skripsi 25 Okt aku testpack Positif dan niat mau ngasi surprise buat kado suami tgl 26 okt tapi aku belum percaya diri itu akurat krn testpack yg kubeli harga 2rb n garisnya pink tidak merah pekat.bbrp diforum kehamilan bs jadi itu ga akurat,hrus usg dokter dl.jadi belum kasitau suami, akupun cuek masih asal makan ini itu yg setgh matang, soda, durian dll yg menurut org pantang dihamil muda. 1 Nov aku menerima pengumuman ujian seminar yg harus diambil ke kampus, aku naik angkot dr kampus ke kantor oriflame tuk join lagi ( mau bisnis ) yg ga full timing kyk kantoran. Iseng penasaran pengen tau hasil testpack aku coba masuk praktek dr kandungan dekat kantor oriflame dgn menenteng 20 buah katalog n berkas2 skripsiku.u know what berat nya itu?? Aku dftr jam 4.30 dokter dtg jam 6.aku lapar kuliat ada AW disamping praktek.aku makan donk, emang sih blkgn ini aku lahap makan nya.tau kan soda rootbeer itu kencang banget ya,aku ga ngeh klo itu berbahaya buat janin krn aku pun mrsa emang belum hamil. Ok, pas periksa didokter sudah positif n janin udah bergerak,tdk hanya kantong saja. Aku terdiam , trus dokter bolak balik nanya keluhan aku cuma geleng2 krn emang ga ada tanda2 yg kurasakan kyk mual, pusing,capek, ngantuk kyk bawaan hamil muda lain nya. tiba2 dokter nyeletuk, jgn makan yg stgh matang ya kyk sate, yg panas kyk durian,lalapan sayur mentah,soda,micin dll. What ??semingu terakhir malah makan itu dok pikirku dlm hati.aku pulang riang gembira n fix skripsi ku tertunda lagi 3 bulan tuk jaga babyQ 😃, kan meleset lagi dari rencana cepat wisuda😂, rencana Tuhan jauh lebih indah.. Sebab rancangan-Ku bukanlah rancanganmu, dan jalanmu bukanlah jalan-Ku, demikianlah firman TUHAN.(Yes 55 : 8) Sharing is caring 💞 #catatanmommyfael #sweetnovember #pregnancystories
Halloween will forever be etched into my head as the day that everything changed. A year ago today I texted my best friend this photo. I couldn’t really speak and so much was going through my head. It was amazingly terrifying. I couldn’t wait to tell Matt the news. I thought about how I was going to tell him, how to “set it up” but he gave me the perfect moment and came home that night and spontaneously danced with me in the living room with no music on. I asked if he wanted some news to really dance about. #Gratitude is all I can feel for the his excitement and prospects about becoming a dad. I like to tell people that I wasn’t a very good pregnant woman - or at least I didn’t feel like one. Thankfully, @symes6 had contagious joy for both of us. . You can’t imagine how much life is going to change when that second little line pops up. The late nights, the struggles of learning how to know what she needs, being her everything. It’s not all sunshine and roses as any parent really knows. And she will test every strand of patience I have. But I love her. She’s made our family a little more grateful - a little more brighter. I’m thankful Matt puts up with my grumps by the end of the evening. Seriously he should just call me Oscar 😅💁🏼‍♀️ . #iloveourfamily #ourlittleadventure #ellingtonmurieladelaidesymes #ourlittlebear #poppyseed2018 #andthentherewerethree #elligtonofbeckwith #pregnancystories #mumlife #shewasfourweeksold #pregnancytest #howdidyoutellyourpartner ?
Repost from @thefertiletruth : This #Halloween let’s get to debunking the scary myth that your body can’t #conceive naturally. Because it CAN. Amy, a long time patient (name changed to protect the patient) just assumed that her body couldn’t conceive naturally because the first time she conceived it was with the use of #acupuncture but in conjunction with #IVF . Although she was only 28 years old at the time, her desire for IVF was driven mostly by her husband’s low sperm count and her desire to conceive quickly. So when she wanted to have another child she always just assumed it would have to be with the frozen embryos that had been waiting for her. But after a few months of #acupuncture , a Chinese herbal prescription and a much needed vacation, Amy and her husband conceived naturally! Now comfortably in her 2nd trimester, Amy is still amazed and in disbelief that her body was able to get pregnant without IVF! #thefertiletruth #pregnancystories #chinesemedicine
This #Halloween let’s get to debunking the scary myth that your body can’t #conceive naturally. Because it CAN. Amy, a long time patient (name changed to protect the patient) just assumed that her body couldn’t conceive naturally because the first time she conceived it was with the use of #acupuncture but in conjunction with #IVF . Although she was only 28 years old at the time, her desire for IVF was driven mostly by her husband’s low sperm count and her desire to conceive quickly. So when she wanted to have another child she always just assumed it would have to be with the frozen embryos that had been waiting for her. But after a few months of #acupuncture , a Chinese herbal prescription and a much needed vacation, Amy and her husband conceived naturally! Now comfortably in her 2nd trimester, Amy is still amazed and in disbelief that her body was able to get pregnant without IVF! #thefertiletruth #pregnancystories #chinesemedicine
My waters have broken 😢 - Bearing my soul in this latest blog... - “On Saturday evening, the 27th October, my waters broke. The terror I felt was indescribable. “Not now, you’re not meant to come now, I’m only 31wks, this isn’t right, you can’t come, you’re not ready, this can’t be happening, no, no, no”. I stood frozen, my legs crossed, clutching myself with both hands as the warm fluid poured out of me, down my legs, soaking my jeans and stopping my breath. I was going into labour. I’d been lying on my best friend’s sofa for about 2hrs and had got up to go to the toilet, she was in the kitchen making the kids dinner. I felt nothing, there was no warning, just a cascade of water. Within a minute we were out of the house, into the car and on our way to the hospital. It was a bit of a blur; Kath’s fast actions were incredible and I just remember knowing I wasn’t cold but my legs were shaking uncontrollably. I suppose I was in shock. There was nothing I could do, I couldn’t help my baby, again. First the DVT, then my incompetent cervix and now this. Kath got me to hospital safely and quickly. The doctors were able to stop the labour, despite my partly dilated cervix and things, for now, are stable.” - To read the rest of the blog, link in bio. - #watersbroken #watersbroke
Halloowweeennn!!🎃 Who doesn't like to tell their horror story at this time of the year?👻 How many horror stories about labour and birth do you hear especially when you are pregnant?🤔 Everyone wants to tell you their experience and their story! If you are lucky you get a treat 🍫and you hear a good experience about birth, but if you get the trick you will hear a story that you might be fearing for the rest of your pregnancy!😱 So how do we learn about what is "normal" and what is not? How do we know what to expect during pregnancy, labour and birth? How can we deal with those fears? ✨Hypnobirthing is an amazing tool which gives you the possibility to make inform choices, to learn about what it can or can not happen, to help and support you during pregnancy and birth! First thing to learn today regarding all the scary story! Tell your friends :"I would like to hear your birth story but can you please wait until after the birth of my baby?"🐣 #rheapregnacy #halloween #horrorstory #fears #pumpkins #pumpkindelivery #scarystories #education #informchoices #pregnancy #pregnancystories #normal #notnormal #labour #births #hypnobirthing #hypnobirthingteacher #hypnobirthingclass #friendstory #learning #trickortreat #goodexperience #badexperience #support #help #baby #yourpregnancy #yourchoice
Part 2. We have heard of “the father who loves to read his toddler bedtime stories but isn't quite clear when bedtime is”... I read this the other day - “lots of moms take over, or are so critical of their husband that dad just learns to stop offering doing things“. - Well, it is so easy to criticize or believe that we are always Mrs. Right (not a joke 😂), that dads get tired when they “can’t do anything right by our standards”. We want equal partners in parenting but sometimes we expect they will think like us, which is totally a mistake. If we want more male involvement in parenting we should learn to respect their decisions and styles, is about growing together and helping each other, not about a race or proofing who is right and who is wrong. I love seeing Dave grow as a dad but it has been very hard for me to learn to trust and respect his ways. We are learning so much together in this crazy but fun time of our lives, because is not anymore about me, but about us. . . . . . . . . #pregnancystories #pregnancyannouncement #babyannouncement #babyboy #parenting #baby #respect #love #parenthood #differences #dad #mom #baby #lifelessons #fall #pumpkin #pumpkins #happyboy #cutebaby #maternity #bostonparents
Part 1. There have been some challenges in the different parenting styles between Dave and me (and I’m sure some other people can relate too, because believe it or no we are not all the same 😉🙃 and is great!). I am learning to trust him and respect his decisions. Let me go to the beginning. After the “shock” when I realized I was pregnant I began to feel more enthusiastic about it, specially after crying and full of fear and mixed feelings I called mom and saw her response full of happiness and excitement 😏. I decided not to tell Dave until I was finally living with him (I was a month away from coming to Boston to do the last elective rotation of my residence). But when I finally told him his reaction amazed me, it was rather simple and calm, without much excitement. That was the moment I realized the reactions were going to be very different. -And.that’s.OK- Later on as Oggy began to kick around the 20th week, the belly growing, the ultrasounds and finally when he was born Dave was totally over the moon with his little boy! What a change! My boys! 😍 . . . . . . . . #pregnancystories #pregnancyannouncement #babyannouncement #babyboy #parenting #baby #respect #love #parenthood #differences #latergram #lifelessons #daddyandbaby #daddyslittleboy #babyannouncement #maternity
Ever wondered what you child feels in the womb? Watch this video to learn 😊and comment which is the coolest 😎 . For me, I like that baby feels my emotions 😁 . . . Meanwhile, we appreciate you all for your patronage today. DM or WhatsApp us to make your orders too . . . . . #birthstories #pregnancystories #babyblues #pregnancy #naijamom #babystore #lagos
Flashback to 34 weeks pregnant You know how each week in class we check in with how we are? By the power of vintage technology, here’s my contribution at 34 weeks ready for tonight’s class. We are all the same...! . . . Pregnancy Yoga Classes Tuesday 6.15-7.45pm at Matspace Framlingham or Saturday 9-10.30am at Mama Wellness Studio Ransomes Europark. **Felixstowe Classes coming from January 2019 ** . Hit me up to book your bum on the mat . #suffolkyoga #framlingham #felixstowe #woodbridge #kesgrave #pregnancyyoga #suffolkpregnancy #pregnancyyogateacher #pregnant #howareyoutoday #amateurmoviemaker #pregnancystories #suffolkcoast #alliswell #pregnancydiary #littlefrogyoga #matspaceframlingham
Your very first moving felt like the tiny wings of a little butterfly 🦋 It was the day after your daddy’s birthday. Then started to feel your tiny kicks about 3 weeks later, which felt like bubbles. It was a weird and beautiful feeling in the same way and yes it took a time until I could really started to enjoy it because it was just so unreal to realize. ___________________________________________________________ #movementoflife #miraclebaby #babykicks #babymoving #decemberbaby #babymovements #babybelly #pregnancyquote #mommytobe #mybiggestblessing #pregnancystories #mypregnancydiary #babylove #mybabydiary #happiness #wonderoflife
When I was 30 weeks pregnant.. 🧡 way too late in updating my pregnancy diary.. 📝 taken already 3 weeks ago when arrived that beautiful lace dress for the maternity session, which we had last Sunday. 🍂😍☀️ __________________________________________________ #LEANAlove #30weeks #8monthspregnant #littlebabygirl #miraclebaby #rainbowbaby #babybelly #mommytobe #autumn #lacedress #lacedetails #decemberbaby #pregnancystories #mypregnancydiary #babylove #mybabydiary #miracleshappen #mywaytoyou #baby2018 #wonderoflife #duedatedecember #photodiary
bây giờ đã đến đoạn mẹ không còn đeo vừa nhẫn cưới phải tháo ra cất và Shiba thì đã đủ sức đạp rung bụng mẹ rồi. mẹ mong Shiba sẽ khoẻ thiệt khoẻ, ở trong bụng mẹ đủ tháng đủ ngày rồi ra nha con. mong con sẽ là một em bé khoẻ mạnh yêu đời 🤗 p.s. và xin lỗi con lâu lâu mẹ vẫn lén lút cafe một chút 🙈 #coffee #saigon #random #pregnancystories
#throwback #38weekspregnant . . Ini USG trakhir Tadinya ini mmg jadwalnya periksa, perasaan masih biasa2 aja, kan HPL masih 2minggu lagi Eh, Tau taunya di periksa udah bukaan 2 😦 namax baru pengalaman pertama langsung dag dig dug ser aja 😅 . #happyparents #proudtobemommy #pregnancyjourney #pregnancystories
Mari njajan yg seger2 😋😋.....rujak manis langganan sejak jaman SMA nih.....buah2nya ga pernah failed, bumbunya juga gula jawa aslik...😍😍😍 . Mangkalnya Pak Jhon ini di samping Happy Puppy jl. Dr Soetomo, ujung jalan Untung Suropati . . So....what's your craving today? 😁😁 . #pregomom #pregnancystories #rujak #buah #rujakmanis #suroboyo #rujakmanispakjhon
Όλοι αγάπουν το καλοκαίρι! Me not so much! . . . Αν έπρεπε να διαλέξω θα διάλεγα το φθινόπωρο! Hands down! . . Και όταν δεν είναι φθινόπωρο το δημιουργώ μόνη μου! Slide with me . . . #sophiellis #sophielliscreates #endiaferousafotografisi #ενδιαφερουσαφωτογραφιση #εγκυμοσύνη #φωτογραφισηεγκυμοσυνης #μωράκι #μανούλα #greenhouse #greekmomsrock #mamasofgreece #φθινόπωρο #momphotographer #βάφτιση #gr3ative ##pregnancystories #pregnancyphotos #pregnantandperfect #fallingleaves #autumncolors #intothewoods #forest #trees #naturelover #motherhoodstories #mama_gr
Mommy to @ava_n_kairo wrote in saying “I was 19 when I had my #daughter with no clue as to what to expect. Her #pregnancy and #birth was extremely hard and traumatic. She was born at 3 lbs 15 oz due to #preeclampsia and after she was born I went into #heartfailure . Due to all of those complications I spent the first 4 days of her life away from her and I feel we missed a crucial mom and baby #bondingtime . So when I look at pics like this one I get super emotional because of the joy I feel when I can now bond with both of my #children ” • • Motherhood is not easy! Let’s give this #strongmom some #support !! Comment below with your birthing stories! 💙 DM us your story to join #TheMommyGang #motherhood #teenmom #birthing #highriskpregnancy #pregnancystories #tips #baby #birthingplan #mothers
Όταν είσαι μητέρα, δεν είσαι ποτέ πραγματικά μόνη στις σκέψεις σου. Μια μητέρα πρέπει να σκέφτεται πάντα δύο φορές. Μια για τον εαυτό της και μια για το παιδί της. . . ~ Sophia Loren . . Μη σου πω και παραπάνω από δύο φορές Σοφακι μου 😜 . . . #endiaferousafotografisi by #sophiellis #ενδιαφερουσαφωτογραφιση #φωτογράφισηεγκυμοσυνης #mamasofgreece #cute_pregnancy #dv_sweet #igersgreece #ig_maternity #stylethebump #hatchtagged #pregnancystories #pregnantandperfect #beautifulmama #motherhoodphotography #gr3ative #pregnantmodel #maternitysession #thatsdarling #pregnancyphotos #momphotographer #ilovemyjob #έγκυος #βάφτιση #greekmomsrock
“CellSure made it so easy to donate! The nurses were all so thrilled that I was donating the after birth for research. It was an easy way to make a difference! If I ever had another child I would do it again in a heartbeat. So glad the after birth didn’t go to waste!”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙞𝙚 𝙁𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚, 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙏𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙚 𝘿𝙤𝙣𝙤𝙧 If you’re interested in donating, visit the link in our bio to get started. #stemcells #stemcelldonor #cordblood #cordblooddonation #pregnancy #expectingmom #futuremom #cordbloodbanking #stemcellresearch #parenthood #pregnancystories
YES. In fact, I know a woman personally that experienced a Cryptic Pregnancy until about 16-18 weeks pregnant. Her precious baby was born last November. Her daughter that’s my daughter’s age was their youngest of 3. They were shocked because they had been done having babies for a while, and were not expecting this surprise. She had no symptoms, did not show until late (and even then her bump was quite small), and she still bled monthly. She’s one of the lucky ones. Her hormones ended up balancing themselves out, and she was able to get confirmed via ultrasound just before 20 weeks. 💫 This actually happens a lot. I’ve also read countless stories of women claiming to have negative tests until 14-20 weeks pregnant. 💫 Interestingly, a dear friend of mine got pregnant with twins at the age of 44 through IVF. She battled Asherman’s Syndrome with me, and was told by specialists she would NEVER carry a baby. Her hcg was very low in the beginning and not doubling like it should, but because the doctors actually *put* the babies there— she had no issues with care. She did not have any symptoms the entire pregnancy and she bled monthly for 16 weeks. She has a very petite frame, but her twin belly was not actually that big (in comparison to most). After hearing my story, she believes her pregnancy started out cryptic, but then balanced out. Her fraternal twins are healthy & gorgeous 6 year olds now. 💫 #crypticpregnancy #awareness #pregnancystories #naturebalance #crypticpregnancyawareness #mystory #herstory #ourstory #advocate #educate #hormonalimbalance
Monday Morning Motivation Ladies... Pregnancy is a wild ride - so many changes to contend with, it can all be quite overwhelming, but whenever you feel discouraged its time to remember You are the centre of the universe to the the tiny human you are making from scratch Be proud of yourself @herviewfromhome 📷 @liranko via #thepodcollection #mondaymotivation #beproud #pregnancy #feelgoodaboutyou #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
Double date, satnite kemaren sebelum kontrol rutin ke dokter kandungan. Tp yg foto2 mah bumil-bumilnya aja 😁. Ga nyangka bisa hamilnya barengan gini sm adek kosan jaman kuliah dulu. Saingan perut besar haha. Bedanya diriku hamil anak pertama, adek kosan kesayangan ini hamil anak yg kedua. Seneng bisa sharing soal kehamilan 🤗. Sehat selalu bumil cantik @adindamegapuspa sm dedeknya Ashanda di perut. Colek aunty @yoan.anindya jg ah 😘 . . #latepost #babybumps #doubledate #bumilceria #hamilbareng #bestfriendgoals #pregnancyoutfit #pregnancystories
My kind of weekend 😍😍😍... Bumil mah bebaaaass...bukan begitu pak bojo? 😁😁😁 . . *tapi tetep cari krupuk* . . #pregomom #pregnancystories #weekend #icecream #haagendazs #melemu #chillinonweekend #esgrim #panicatthedisco
Prvi put nasminkana i pristojno obucena nakon porodjaja. Slika je iz februara ove godine. Porodila sam se 11. Januara. Moram priznati da mi je drugi porodjaj prosao savrseno.Dobila sam epidural, niti jedan bol nisam osetila. Kad je poceo nekakav pritisak medju nogama, pocela sam da guram. Uz asistiranje babice kroz 4 napona rodila se Sara. Porodjaj za pozeleti. Posle porodjaja u sobu sam usla samostalno hodajuci i sela na ivicu kreveta. Toliko sam bila super. Zene u sobi nisu mogle da veruju da sam se porodila pre samo sat vremena. Rekle su: “ti kao da si dosetala u hotel” . I stvarno je bilo tako. Mogu samo da budem na tome zahvalna i molim se da i treci put bude tako. . Bog, univerzum, zivot, sudbina- nazovite to kako hocete, ali TO nesto me je nagradilo za svu bol i muku pretrpljenu na prvom porodjaju. Nagradilo me je sto i pored zivotne ugrozenosti sam imala hrabrosti da vrlo brzo na svet donesem jos jedan zivot. . A ja kazem to nije hrabrost. To je zivot. Izvuces zivu glavu i budes zahvalan, pocnes da cenis sebe i svoje bliznje i sam zivot malo drugacije. Ne sednes da jadikujes nad svojom sudbinom. Jer da nije nje, tog neceg svevisnjeg, mogla sam danas biti na nekom drugom svetu, zar ne? Sergej ne bi imao mamu, Velja ne bi imao cerku. . Ali evo me. I interesantno, stvarno sam tada, nakon prvog porodjaja bila heroj. I znate sta sam u to vreme govorila? . -Ako je nekom ovo moralo da se desi, dobro je da sam to bila ja, jer sam dovoljno jaka da prezivim. Neko drugi mozda ne bi. I znate sta jos? I dalje mislim tako. I opet bih se, kad bih mogla da biram, poturila. Jer sam mogla. I mogu. . . . #lifestory #pregnancystories #mylife #lifechangingexperience
Gimana sih pertama kali tau kalau di perut kita lagi ada penghuninya? Hihi suka dapet pertanyaaan semacam itu dari temen-temen. . Katanya sih beda-beda yaa setiap orang. Aku sih dulu rasanya mirip kaya mau menstruasi. Kram perut, sakit, tapi rasanya lain. Trus badan drop gitu kaya orang sakit... mual muntah nya, ehm malah baru nongol setelah tahu kalau lagi hamil. Hihi. . Kalau ada yang lagi luang, boleh mampir baca ceritanya di blog aku ciwulsky.blogspot.com ya. Atau klik link di bio aku. Ada beberapa tips (ceileh) juga. Semoga manfaat... . Ps: Kehamilanku kini sudah menginjak minggu ke 36, yang berarti insyaa Allah ngga lama lagi kami akan bertemu dengan dia yang kami tunggu-tunggu. Mohon doanya yaa , semoga Allah beri kesehatan, kekuatan, mudahkan dan lancarkan segala prosesnya. Aamiin... . #pregnancystories #maternityshoot #34weekspregnant #IbuCiwulHamil
#tbt to the time I found out I was 9 weeks pregnant at an annual doctor’s appointment. I will always remember that day an all the emotions that I experienced. I had no symptoms & was always told it was be difficult to have children due to a pre-existing condition. Everything happens for a reason & now I can’t imagine my life without her. My baby girl 🎀 #love #baby #pregnancystories #firstborn #miraclebaby #babygirl
New blog online! Engaged & Mommy to be! Really? 👶🏻💍🤷🏼‍♀️ . . So that’s the big announcement! The reason I feel so happy and the reason I was quite sick. . And how did my life change so suddenly? And what have the past months really been like? . . Check it out in the blog! Link in bio! . . #linkinbio #justalittletasteoflife #engaged #babyontheway 👶 #mommytobe2019 #april2019baby #gratefulforeverything #blessed 🙏 #baby #mixedcultures #bridetobe2019 #happytothecore #love #bloggingmommy #pregnancystories #blogging #bestfriends #writersofinstagram #blogginglife #❤️ #👶🏼
Throwback Thursday Tbt to Paris holidays!! I can't have such pics now, cos the time has changed, my physique has changed, my life has changed. Why? Because now I have a baby.. Many of you must have got back to your pre pregnancy weight, but its not in my case. I gained full 20 kgs during pregnancy, most of which is because of swelling in the body. I gained 7 kgs in 7 days in my 8th month!!! 😑😑 I had intense swelling all over my body including hands, leg and foot. I couldn't wear any footwear in the last month and used to go to hospital wearing just socks. All this was just due to my Blood Pressure level swinging see saw in the last 3 months. 😣 Had a horrible time in the last trimester. Now, I could not wear the clothes I love but it's all worth it!!! 😊😊 How was your last trimester?? #pregnancy #pregnancystories #birthstory #lasttrimester #paris #throwbackthursday #throwback #bestmemories #beautifulmom #preggers #mommydiaries #mommytips #mom #momblogger #indianmommyblogger #ig_motherhood @ig.motherhood #birth #caesarean #belly #ig_instagram #igmomsquadlike #ig_photo #igfashion @myntra #fashionistamom #dress #momsofinstagram #igmoms #glorryinmommy
"I did this when my daughter was born and I will definitely do it again! It was so rewarding and easy. What an amazing thing to do." ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ - 𝘼𝙢𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙖 𝙎𝙢𝙞𝙩𝙝, 𝘾𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙏𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙪𝙚 𝘿𝙤𝙣𝙤𝙧 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You can donate for free like Amanda did, just visit the link in our bio to get started. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cordblooddonation #stemcelldonor #cordblood #cellsure #pregnancy #expectingmom #stemcellresearch #futuremom #parenthood #pregnancystories
15 years ago We was newlyweds.... We talked of having kids but said we would wait 5 years to have them • 5 years came and we was ready. 3 years past and still no baby. I was frustrated and thought it would never happen. We to see a fertility doctor and had some test done to rule out some things. Everything came back okay. So we had a surgical consult set for me and my husband to come in and discuss what was next • 3 days before my appointment I felt kind of strange & light headed and decided to take a pregnancy test... sure enough it was positive I was almost 8 WEEKS pregnant and didn’t even know that I was • I called in and told the nurse and she laughed and said I’m so happy for you! She said sometimes this happens and we love to hear this. You just have to relax and I guess that’s what happened • So baby #2 came a lot faster then the first. I found out I was pregnant again when Briylee was 5 months old Having 2 little ones under 14 months old was so hard and some days I never thought I would make it. But I did!!! I wouldn’t trade them for the world • #motherhood #pregnancystories #fertilityissues #twokidsintwoyears #howdidimakeit #iwouldnttradeitfortheworld #proudmom #2girls #sothankful #blessed #almostirishtwins ##momlifeisthebestlife
This pic with the stars flanking all around me at the launch event of Bio oil coffee table book 😜. Haha!! @sakpataudi and @nehadhupia shared their #unstretchedjourney of motherhood as they talk about it in this coffee book by #BioOil . Btw they both are great idols for their own stages in Motherhood. Soha is a young mom who is so heads-on-shoulders and has bounced back to a really fit shape. I couldn’t stop awing at her muscles. And guess what she swears by yoga. No wonder I liked her 😊. Neha on the other hand is a chilled out happy-mom-to-be who during the event would go gaga seeing a diaper also 😍. They share this beautiful energy together which was so loving and genuine that I was so glad to meet them. . . Both their stories took me back to my pretty days when I needed lots of care and love and I'm so thankful to my family and my office colleagues for supporting me during my #unstretchedjourney . It was a home away from home for me🤗! . What is your story? Do share 😊. . . #mymotherhoodjourney #PregnancyStories #NykaaXBioOil @mynykaa
Made the mistake of saying to my pregnant colleague "I'm so tired and have a sore back today"... Won't be doing that again! It made me think back to when I was carrying my babies and when people used to say to me "you're so hormonal" or "you just need to calm down" and my personal favourite, "you're not the only woman to ever have been pregnant before you know". What were the most frustrating comments you had when you were pregnant? . . #Nurture #NurtureChannel #moderndayparenting #frustratingcomments #judgement #nobigdeal #pregnant #pregnancystory #pregnancystories #thingsnottosay #hormonalandproud #sensitivemums #empathyneeded
mình bị còi nè mấy bạn. thiếu mấy lạng và đường tăng trưởng dưới mức trung bình luôn 🤷🏻‍♂️ mẹ mình qua nay mới thấy vội vã ăn uống, bữa giờ nhởn nhơ quá giờ chạy đua cho mình bằng mức chuẩn không biết kịp không 🐶 mà thôi mình đi ngủ đây cho mau lớn... #pregnancystories #foodporn
I’ve made a lot of hard choices in my life, we all have right? I’ve made some scary ones, with unknown outcomes, but trusting in His plan and being lead with my heart. Many of those choices encompass my children. During my second pregnancy, with the twins, I was diagnosed with Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. One Specialist suggested a surgery to lose one and possibly save the other. Another Specialist suggested to induce labor at 24 weeks and then I wouldn’t “have to deal” with the outcome. I followed my heart and did everything I could to keep them both healthy and strong, but after losing Lilyan at 26 weeks, I still chose to carry them both to 36 weeks when my water broke in my living room. Joslyn was the greatest gift I’ve ever endured so many challenges for. Choosing to get pregnant again after a pregnancy like that, was a scary choice. When you’ve had an imperfect pregnancy, choosing to do it again brings back many fears. Weighing the odds and challenges, we chose to try again. It was not as easy to get pregnant, but once I was, I loved every second of it, even the birth and recovery. It was so glorious and almost redeeming. Connelly brings so much light and love to our world! If I hadn’t experienced the “perfect” (and it wasn’t, considering I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and hashimotos; went into early labor and had an epidural) pregnancy and delivery with Kyler- feeling a real and true love for the first time ever in a worldly manner, would I have made all of the same decisions? Probably, but knowing that kind of love sure helps you fight for it over and over again. Fostering BabyK was a grueling and painful decision. It wasn’t all easy and enjoyable, it was some of the hardest work I’ve done in my life during those 10 days we had the privilege of caring for her. The love I felt for her and will always carry with me, is worth the pain caused by the situation. Love is always bigger and worth it! #facesoffertility #ttts #fosteringwiththekarns #fostercare #motherhood #pregnancystories #rainbowbaby #twins #boymom #fostermom #heartwork #hardwork #lifechoices #adulting #weremember #childloss
We get so many emails regarding recommendations for essential maternity clothing .. any expecting mums please Check out this amazing Irish label @thepodcollection ... Emma and Hazels maternity collection is bang on trend ... chic staple pieces essential for your maternity wardrobe ❤️ love this dress can be dressed up or down... fab 😍 #Repost @thepodcollection with @get_repost ・・・ This is the dress you need when you're looking for something you can wear to work and also out on Friday night, because lets face it, if you are pregnant on your first there is still a chance this will happen. If you're pregnant with your second, well then its just a great dress! 🤣 #mumreality #firstpregnancy #thepodcollection #baethelabel #autumnlayers #AW18 #feelgoodaboutyou #podthatbump #shareyourstyle #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #redefiningmaternitywear #maternity #pregnancy #maternitystyle #maternityfashion #preduringandbeyond #sleekstyle #madeforcomfort #beyondthe9 #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
This is the dress you need when you're looking for something you can wear to work and also out on Friday night, because lets face it, if you are pregnant on your first there is still a chance this will happen. If you're pregnant with your second, well then its just a great dress! 🤣 #mumreality #firstpregnancy #thepodcollection #baethelabel #autumnlayers #AW18 #feelgoodaboutyou #podthatbump #shareyourstyle #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #redefiningmaternitywear #maternity #pregnancy #maternitystyle #maternityfashion #preduringandbeyond #sleekstyle #madeforcomfort #beyondthe9 #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
According to the American Pregnancy Association, more than 50% of women get morning sickness while pregnant. . I was SHOCKED that I didn’t get it with either pregnancy. If i get nervous/ anxious or you just look at me funny I puke so I thought whenever I get pregnant it was going to be horrible....I guess I lucked out. . . What about you? Did you get morning sickness? Did you actually get it in the morning? All day? Any hyperemesis gravidarum warriors? Any tips to share about what helped? . . Comment below and tag a pregnant friend 😘. Follow me, let’s be friends! . . #returningtobirth #birthblog #pregnancy #pregnancystories #morningsickness #maternity #birthbloggers #laboroflove #momblog #momlifebelike
Craving for chocolate!...tapi masih disetrap ga bole masuk dapur...hihihihi No worries lah....tinggal order ke @tirza_dian kesayangan...dan voilaaaa.....brownies endes surendesnya mendarat di kasur bumil 😍😍😍😍 . Syuuukaaakkkk......ga sabar nunggu pisau, lgs cuil aja laaaahhh....nikmaaattt . Mamaciihhh ya beeeeebbbbbbb😘😘😘😘 . #pregomom #pregnancystories #craving #chocolate #brownies #chocolover #cravingforchocolate
I didn’t know that the pregnancy could be sometimes far from “romantic” and instead rather hard, for me specially the beginning of it. (Yes, the end could be also very uncomfortable, but the first 3 months were hard in a different way). So many things are happening in those first weeks. All the organogenesis is happening at a really crazy fast rate and basically all the energy of your body is in a full time job with the development of a new life! (Which is amazing! That from 2 cells a beautiful baby is formed!), so it makes sense that you feel completely drain, tired, and sleepy, but the hardest for me was the aversion to pretty much everything that was food (making it really hard to keep a healthy diet as the body needs all the nutrients to keep doing the work...) If you know me you know I love food, I love the variety and the different cuisines, from Italian (of course) to Indian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Arabic etc etc etc. And there I was, feeling nauseous all.the.time. I think that helped me to understand a little bit better people dealing everyday with the effects of medications and different diseases where nausea is constantly present. So other things that I learned with pregnancy were: compassion and gratitude that the nausea didn’t last forever 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Photo 2: Oggy’s “too much broccoli pizza” and yes, he loves it 😜🙈🍕 🥦 . . . . . . . #pregnancystories #nomorenausea #nauseaisnotfun #health #baby #miracleoflife #babyboy #pregnancy #food #cuisine #morningsickness #morningsicknessrelief #momlife #momstories #nutrients #pizza #babyfoodrecipes #babyfood #babyfoodideas #bekind #bekindalways #gratitude #compassion
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