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#Repost @nurturefamilychiropractic • • • • • "This little Ball of Squish was delivered one week ago. What an absolute blessing and HONOR to be asked to adjust little Lennon within her first week of life. She is now fully cleared and connected. Being a part of many pregnancies and asked to care for these little lives after they have just entered the world is very humbling. Congratulations! to this little lady's momma! She birthed like a ROCK STAR and of course congratulations to dad!!! Thank you for putting your trust in my care for your little one. #nurturefamilychiropractic #chiropractor #mypregnancy #familycare #babies #adjustingbabies #lovemypatients #care #specialtychiropractor #trust #newborn #milestones #websterchiropractor #pregnancystories #pregnancyhelp #pediatricchiropractor #losangeles #beverlyhills #simivalley #happybaby #doulas #midwives
Is this true for everyone? When I gave birth to my first baby, after two days of labor, a full ten centimeters dilation, epidural and stopping of epidural and finally CS, it wasn’t love of my life experience at all. I was super drained, tired, I just wanted the baby to be fine and for the next two days I was recovering. Did you fall inlove at first sight or you needed some days to get a a firm grip of the new reality? #naijabridesmaids #naijamumscorner #pregnancydiaries #lagos #labour #pregnancy #pregnancystories #uniquepregnancystories #9jamums
What’s that smell that you particularly detested during your pregnancy? 🤰 . For me, it was the smell of eggs in all forms - arrghh. And the smell of Enchanteur powder chai!🤦‍♀️ That powder could make me expel all my stomach contents plus my entire digestive system 😂😂🤦‍♀️ . What’s yours? Share with us, let’s relieve the day’s stress 😊 . . . . . . . #ShopLittleAngels #pregnancyproblems #pregnancysymptoms #pregnancypetpeeve #petpeeve #mommymoments #motherhood #pregnancystories #pregnancydiaries #naijamoms
"This little Ball of Squish was delivered one week ago. What an absolute blessing and HONOR to be asked to adjust little Lennon within her first week of life. She is now fully cleared and connected. Being a part of many pregnancies and asked to care for these little lives after they have just entered the world is very humbling. Congratulations! to this little lady's momma! She birthed like a ROCK STAR and of course congratulations to dad!!! Thank you for putting your trust in my care for your little one. #nurturefamilychiropractic #chiropractor #mypregnancy #familycare #babies #adjustingbabies #lovemypatients #care #specialtychiropractor #trust #newborn #milestones #websterchiropractor #pregnancystories #pregnancyhelp #pediatricchiropractor #losangeles #beverlyhills #simivalley #happybaby #doulas #midwives
I have always, always wanted to have a baby. When Petee and I first started talking about having a kid in our future, I noted that I wanted a baby girl with his eyes. • When I was 2 weeks pregnant (aka, when I didn't know I was pregnant) we went on a road trip to South Dakota. In that long 15 hour drive we decided to spout off baby names. You know, for fun. The first name that came to mind was "Rosie." It was a name neither of us had considered before, but we both loved it instantly. No competition. • • Through out my pregnancy I was often asked what I'd think she'd look like. I always said very certainly, "she'll have red hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and her name will be Rosie." My certainty was usually met with a melting smile and a, "well, you never know! That is a very specific combination." • • Even my midwives doubted me when I told them she was going to be born early. They would remind me that most first pregnancies go over 40 weeks. So much so that the day I went into labor at 38 weeks my midwife cleared me to work that week saying she isn't coming any time too soon. • • I am saying all this to remind myself that this sweet girl is mine. I grew her. I knew her before she was born. There's just something so magical about a mother's love. • • #motherslove #motherhood #momblog #momdiaries #momblogger #babynames #momsofistagram #pregnancystories #mothersintuition #momswhowrite #redheadbaby #instadaily #instagood #lovestory #motherdaughterbond #magical #serendipity #coincidence #spirituallove #shechoseme #igrewthat #locallygrown
TBT some of our leggings fans. If I can’t wear leggings, I’m not going! Our seamless bamboo leggings are extra soft and now only R450 online (A$45 on yummymaternity.com.au) Remember these days mamas? ❤️ @bakedonline @helloharper_blog @_jennamcarthur @justamamma #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #modernmaternity #modernmama #beyondthe9 #maternity #pregnancy #maternitystyle #maternityfashion
Χθες φωτογράφισα το πρώτο νεογέννητο του 2019. 🎉✨Και μετα ειχα μια συνάντηση με κατι τηγανητές πατάτες 🍟 . . . Σημερα διαβαζω γλωσσα κ μαθηματικά. Την τριτη γραφω τεστ! Πρει φορ μι 😥 Εχω να μαθω κ ορθογραφια . . . #sophiellis #gr3ative #momphotographer #ilovemyjob #mamasofgreece #greekmoms #goodys #colacola #polaroid #polaroidoriginals #blackandwhitepolaroid #flatlayphotography #flatlaytoday #quietthechaos #newbornphotography #pregnancystories #newborn #momlife #lifelovefamily #motheroftwogirls #aboutyesterday #printyourphotos #babyphotographerinathens #babyphotographer
It’s okay to choose me. There is no shame in #antidepressants . A healthy mom makes a healthy baby. - - - There is so much controversy over taking medication for #mentalhealth , and that only compounds during pregnancy. I began with fear and guilt that the choice I was making to be on medicine would have lifelong effects on my child. That scared me enough to get off my medicine at first (with the help of a doctor!) - - - I really tried to cope without it but as I learned more about what puts stress on my unborn baby, I realized my emotions being a wreck posed a bigger threat than the medication I had stopped. • Stress is dangerous, even causes miscarriage • Depression leads to low weight / preterm delivery • Babies experiences the chemicals of anxiety On the other hand, the particular medication I am using (not all medication is the same, speak with your doctor) only poses two threats. • Potential first trimester heart defects • Mild withdrawal after birth When I decided to get back on meds I was past my first tri and little babe had strong heartbeat. Withdrawal was the only barrier. With a little education my fears were quieted. • Mild withdrawal = irritability / bad sleep a few days Being a newborn usually means that too! - - - For me it was a no brainer to choose a mentally healthy pregnancy and reduce more serious risks for me and my child. I couldn’t have made this choice without being open to my doctors and support system. #talkaboutmentalhealth - - - Please do your research and educate yourself to make the best choice for your family. My husband and I chose #anxietymeds for me, our marriage, and the health of our unborn baby. - - - #motherhood #mamatobe #momblogger #maternalmentalhealth #healthybabies #boymom #momlife #ppd #depression #anxiety #letterboard #pregnancy #pregnancystories #thirdtrimester #29weeks #babies #babyfever #steadymommin
Hormones are raging this morning. I am literally mad because there us TOO much foam in my coffee 🙄 and no, I don't want to make another one. I am insane in the membrane. Not nearly as bad as my pregnancy with Mae (or lucy) but Maes is a lot fresher in my memory. Ask my poor husband about that. We all figured the baby was another girl...Pete said I got the "crazy" look in my eye. Apparently, I had that crazy look last time 😂 ( A LOT) With this pregnancy, hormones have been a lot more tame, for lack of a better word. So, I had it in the back of my head that maybe it was a boy. My morning sickness was worse than ever before, and all the wives tales say, that means girl. So, at the ultrasound, I think everyone was surprised when we found out it was a boy! When I say much more tame, I am like 1000 % less crazy. Seriously, our relationship barely made it through the pregnancy with Mae. I knew I was being absolutely ridiculous but, I felt like I couldn't control my emotions at all. Luckily, we made it through 😂😂 I am much more my normal self this time. Just much bigger...and a lot more tired. Its so funny to me that pregnancies can be so night and day. You're still growing a human being! Tell me your pregnancy stories! I love reading different peoples perspectives on the subject! Also, your different birth stories, I have been reading so many of those lately, as well. Especially home birth and natural birth stories (for my upcoming homebirth!l) #homebirth #pregnancytales #talesofpregnancy #30weekspregnany #coffeelover #morningcoffeethoughts #momlife #momblogger #momblog #naturalbirth #birthstories #pregnancystories #crazypregnantlady
>>> when your taking a picture of “the hair” but then realize it was a really cute moment of mom holding her baby bump. 💞 . . . Isn’t she the sweetest. Where’s all my baby mommas at?? Whats one memory your fond of while being pregnant? I would LOVE to hear your stories. . Mine: playing “footsie” as i called it, with Conner. I would tap my belly and he would kick (or punch 🤣) back. I miss the movements. . . . #pregnancy #mamatobe #momminainteasy #sorellenc #fayettevillenc #fayettevillehairstylist #fortbraggnc #happyhairsara #behindthechair #eissinc #oligopro #oligoprousa #modernsalon #bestofbalayage #balayageaf #pregnancystories #raefordnc #btcfirstfeature #behindthechair
Måste få berätta om idag: en kund på jobbet frågade om jag skulle ha barn till sommaren 😂 och den andra om jag fått komma på ultraljud än 🙈 jag tycker jag är gigantisk, i alla andras ögon är jag fortfarande petite 🤷🏼‍♀️ är ju bara 8 veckor tills färdigbakat!😍👶 #pregnancy #pregnant #pregnancystories #gravid #graviditet #babybump #mysigt #livetpålandet #koppslagårdarna #bf2019 #bfmars2019
Relief vs Joy People will look at this photo and think the emotion would be joy but for us it will always be relief! I don’t know how other mummies felt when they finally got to take their most amazing creation home but it certainly wasn’t the over-ridding emotion of joy I was expecting. After getting preeclampsia in the final stages of pregnancy and having to stay in hospital during the busiest time of the year for labour wards-September (people obviously find Christmas very romantic or have lots to drink-you come to your own conclusion). What I heard and saw honestly could only be described as world war three and hearing at least 15 people in labour and knowing it will be me soon was very overwhelming. So after days of waiting and getting poorlier/closer to a possible fit, one failed induction and finally a selective emergency c section (yes apparently that’s a thing) this photo was just the feeling of relief. It is crazy how quickly you can become institutionalised and I was actually quite nervous to be back out in the real world! At one point I honestly didn’t think either me or Ralphie would leave unscathed- I know it sounds dramatic but being surrounded by the extremes of pregnancy you begin to doubt. Don’t get me wrong their was constant feelings of joy and still is everyday since we’ve had Ralphie but for me this photo will always be relief! Thank god for modern medicine and our amazing NHS! Lauren was already an amazing Mumma and was so supportive through the whole process however those chairs really aren’t reclining! How did you feel? Joy vs Relief? #birthstories #takingbabyhome #relief #twomummies #twomummiesandtheboy #saveournhs #ournhsisamazing #firstdayoftherestofourlives #ourliveswillneverbethesame #preeclampsiasurvivor #modernmedicine #pregnancystories #mummyandmumma #joyvsrelief
Maternal Fetal Medicine Monday . Having a #highriskpregnancy is often times working with a #team to build the best #puzzle for you and baby. . Each element that is being specifically designed for you is to create the #bigpicture so you and #baby can be healthy . Do you feel like your high risk #pregnancyjourney has a lot of #pieces and it's gets frustrating? Hang in there #mom there is always #highriskhope . I want to hear your #pregnancystories . #theamazingadventuresofpregnancy #prenatalcare #mfm #maternalfetalmedicine #maternalfetalmedicinemonday #obnurse #momtobe #dadtobe #pregnancydiary
Want to know something? ⠀ ⠀ When I was pregnant with Caden, I crushed candy canes. ⠀ ⠀ I’m not talking about a couple here and there. ⠀ ⠀ I’m talking straight up boxes of candy canes. ⠀ ⠀ I felt so guilty I had to confess to my obgyn. ⠀ ⠀ He laughed at me, told me I was ok .... soooo you’re saying I can have more? ⠀ ⠀ He was not. Ha! ⠀ ⠀ I was so obsessed! There’s a reason I gained 42 lbs with him! ⠀ ⠀ Candy canes and ice cream was my go to! ⠀ ⠀ Tell me a funny Prego story, I know you got one! ⠀ ⠀ #momlife #pregnancymemories #pregnancystories #pregoproblems #mom
Something people don’t tell you when you’re pregnant is how difficult breastfeeding may be. I have a few friends who are pregnant and thought this was worth sharing. Everyone prepares you for how hard pregnancy 🤰& delivery may be and what could go wrong. Or how overwhelmed you may feel the first few weeks/month of motherhood - which is all normal! But no one and I mean NO ONE ever told me how hard and painful breastfeeding 🤱🏻 would be. They tell you how beautiful and natural it is, so I assumed it was going to be easy for me. But it wasn’t, for either of my kids. It was like toe curling painful. I cried when the girls were hungry cuz I didn’t want to feed them it hurt so bad. I would take turns putting boobs ‘out of commission’ so at least one could heal. My supply was thrown off, I felt like I wasn’t good enough as a mother. It was a really defeating feeling. But then one day it stopped hurting (maybe 3 weeks?) and i continued to feed for another year. I’m not telling you this to scare you out of breastfeeding. I loved it and would do it over. Seeing their little hands and faces so close to you, falling asleep in your arms, their little sounds. Ugh so cute! But I want to share my experience with you so you know that if it’s tough, and not perfect, and if it isn’t easy for you either IT’S OK. It means nothing as you as a person or mother. What helped me was talking about it. To hear from others that it was hard for them too but to also hear that it got better. So if it is for you too, push on through and know that you can do it and it will get better.
Jumping on the #bestnine2018 bandwagon...and indeed the biggest and most important highlights of my 2018 revolved around my pregnancy, #quekywattobaby and our new family, #thequekwatsons , oh and #malaysiabaru ! Can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring! 🥰
Το 2019 βλεπω πολλα άλμπουμ να εκτυπωνονται. . . . Μπορει να είναι και το δικο σου. Στειλε μου τις φωτογραφίες σου να το φταξουμε μαζι . . . #sophiellis #sophielliscreates #canon #canonphotography #album #photobook #treerings #momphotographer #pregnancystories #endiaferousafotografisi #familysession #baptisi #δωροβαφτισης #ψηφιακοαλμπουμ #εκτυπωση #οικογενεια #lifelovefamily #memories #christmaspresents #creating #art #photoalboum
A: For starters, as soon as I am pregnant, my blood sugar drops really low, & stays that way throughout my ENTIRE pregnancy, therefore as long as I am awake, I feel faint... Regardless of how much sugar I ingest....My last pregnancy also started out as a twin pregnancy, the other baby died, leaving behind a "band" as the Dr's called it... Therefore, I had to have an ultrasound every month to make sure that my son didn't get tangled in it, & injure himself (strangle himself, wrap a limb around it, which could cut off the circulation to the limb etc). . LUCKILY for him, my son stayed head down, & didn't move from that position at all. UNFORTUNATELY for me, he put so much pressure on my pelvic bone, along with the hormones that relax the joints for delivery, that I developed SPD or PGP... Basically, my pelvis became unstable & I couldn't walk...& was in excruciating pain from 20 weeks onward. The instability of my pelvis, compromised my lower back, which created a herniated disc, & triggered my sciatica... to add to the jambalaya of hardship. . So, to make a long story short, I was bed ridden, in pain all day every day, stressed to the max, faint, had another child to still tend to, & a "partner" that was completely unsupportive, & damn right useless. . But you see, God doesn't give you what you can't handle. My body couldn't handle twins, so he took one away. He also took one away, because he knew I'd be raising this child on my own (my son's father moved out of my house 3 weeks before I gave birth, & pretty much disappeared for 2 yrs... that's a whole different story). But can you imagine if I had twins?! I would have been raising them on my OWN, while readjusting to walking again... It took a year for me to walk properly, & for the SPD pain to go away. . It was definitely a DEFINING chapter in my life, & has really shaped who I am today...man oh man the things women go through to bring life into this world... . On the bright side, I had a quick, easy delivery, & my son came like clockwork on his due date xo . #AskKimmyKimKim #AskKim .
Εγω όταν μου εύχονται να κανω τριτο μωρο!!! . . . Σοβαρα τωρα Οταν γεννατε εσεις χαίρομαι διπλα εγω! 📸🤰📸🤰📸🤰📸🤰📸🤰 . . . #ενδιαφερουσαφωτογραφιση by #sophiellis #endiaferousafotografisi #pregnancystories #gr3ative #greekmoms #greekmamas #beautifulgirl #beautifulmama #εγκυμοσυνη #μητερα #μανουλα #νεογεννητο #φωτογραφισηεγκυμοσυνης #momphotographer #greekphotographers #hachtagged #quietthechaos #makeportraits #ig_maternity
Yes I was conservative i just wanted to protect and let you grow well but I couldn’t hide the fact that how much I loved having you both inside me,being more pregnant with every increase in the size of my clothes and capturing it with selfies... 😉 So back then there was Mummy & Tummy stories which started growing as days passed, I became fat like really fat with a big belly but for the first time in life I was loving myself more with every pound I gained..just for the fact I knew that you both are growing fine inside me and mommy is giving you the right nutrients required... thanks to your daddy and dadi though for overfilling me with food all the time 💕I felt you more and more with every kick you both gave me,with every move you made we bonded more connected more 😘💕❤️ Kisses from your daddy to my forehead before he use to leave for work became tummy kisses first 😍 and that’s how days passed and we waited for you ! 👼🏼👼🏼#twinsmom #momofinstagram #confessionsofamother #lovemygirls #identicaltwins #pregnancystories
Merry Christmas 🎄 Eve Eve! I have so much to be grateful for this season. We’re in Nebraska with @crishjubie ’s family and I can’t help but reminisce. It was two years ago in this house that I woke up, snuggled up to my new husband and said, “Crishy, I think we need to have a baby.” And I had no idea how much that baby would change our lives for the better. What a wonderful life. #jemmajoliej
Currently home on bed rest after having an aching pain shoot down the back of my leg and across the base of my pelvic bone at work. This tiny darling is putting a wee bit of strain on Mummy, but its something I can bare and endure to see her sweet little face come April. ♡ #pregnancystories #pregnancy #babybump #pregnancyphotoshoot #pregnant_world #mothers #mothersunite #unitedinmotherhood #pregnant #22weekspregnant
Winter is here. Though there isn't any snow, we are thankful and grateful for weather we do have. We are also happy that we will always and forever have little bit of Winter with us ❤ • • • Just thinking back to when I was pregnant and my husband and I were trying to pick out a name for our little girl. Let me tell you... I'm normally an organized person and love to plan everything in advance. During my pregnancy it was difficult to do what I normally do without second guessing myself. Morning sickness really got the best of me. Six months of being sick got me soo scattered brained. My husband said of the 9 years we have been together that I was the most calmed and chill person during that period. 😂 Seriously though, pregnancy really beat me up and my growing baby that was in my womb was also beating me up on the inside. • • • For those who know us personally, would know that we love the snow and winter. But it wasn't why we name our little girl Winter. We were in the process of planning our gender reveal party and we were thinking of a theme. As we were thinking we were sitting in the living room watching Game of Thrones and that phrase "Winter is coming", caught on. Like if we have a Game of Throne theme reveal and we name her Winter; then we can say Winter is coming....😅 We thought it was funny and my mother in law thought it was too cute. I wanted to name her Winnie but some may ask if it is short for Winifred and we weren't too keen on that. So my husband and mother in law loved Winter and I was still loving the name Winnie so we compromised and named her Winter and I still get to call her Winnie as a nickname. Who knew picking a name would be so hard... let's hope she likes her name when she grows up. • • #momblog #mom #momlife #momprobs #names #babynames #momcommunity #momclub #motherhood #parenthood #genderreveal #baby #babygirl #winter #blog #blogger #lifestyleblog #momblog #friday #moms #struggle #pregnancy #pregnancystories #cute #cozy #cuddles #babies #photooftheday #mood #friday #bear
Me: "Sadie, will you please bring me a water bottle and a Rehydrate?" Sadie: "Yes Ma'am. What flavor do you want?" Me: "Grape, please." Sadie: "Ooooooh...the baby is going to LOVE that." #lol #pregnancystories #electrolytesfortwo
"Something unexpected happened —the baby came 2 weeks early!" . Watch Amanda's Journey of Hope EPISODE 4 entire episode on our website @birthhavennj #linkinbio
Katanya kehamilan itu nular loh.. ini buktinya istri hamil eghh suami ikutan (buncit) 😂🤣 . . . #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #pregnancystories #dihamilintemensendiri #jungenitalovestory #momanddadtobe
Technically this is the kids 3rd New Year ☺️ If I remember correctly, I was about 5 weeks pregnant when I told my parents I was pregnant. I was going to surprise them by getting them 2 pacifiers, thinking that they would understand that I’m pregnant with twins ☺️ Little did I know, my parents thought I was making fun of their age 😂 when I asked my mom to read the card, where it said “grandma and grandpa happy new year” and it was signed with two smiley faces. They still didn’t get it 🙄😂 after all of my efforts I ended up just saying “Mom, Dad, I’m pregnant with twins!!!” They still thought I was messing with them lol so I showed them the sonogram 😬 Happy Holidays to all of you. I hope you are making fun memories of your own #funmoments #memories #newyears #momofboys #pregnancy #twinpregnancy #pregnancystories #pregnantwithtwins #pregnancyannouncement #parents #grandparents
cue 3 : when I first laid my eyes on you First ultrasound experience was the most exciting experience for every parents to be. 3rd Aug 2013 & 5th June 2017 was around 8th week mark when I had the first sonogram during both my pregnancies ..got butterflies in my stomach when they called me in and was all positioned .My OBGYN set the monitor Screen towards me and said "there's your baby" Congratulations 🥰 they were like tiny bean shaped embryo. I couldn't took my eyes off from the screen while hearing her heartbeats Everything fine she said .The moment was full of emotion s and relief .later she zoomed in the images and gave the copy .that black &white sonography picture s of our girls filled colors in our life . I used to eagerly wait for my next appointment days to come . Just to see or hear her . Sharing very first picture s of both my girls 🎀🎀 Happy Sunday #instafam do participate and share some wonderful memories of Parenthood will love to read #momsrememberdecember #shinyhappymoms @thehappymomsclub
Enjoy the touching moments that make the bond between you and baba unbreakable 💓 We know it's hard sometimes to take the time to enjoy the simple, quiet times you have with baba, but those are the times you will cherish, other things can wait. . . 📷@kelly.d.allen #thepodcollection #feelgoodaboutyou #preciousmoments #enjoythelittlethings #mumandbabybond #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #redefiningmaternitywear #maternity #pregnancy #maternitystyle #maternityfashion #preduringandbeyond #sleekstyle #madeforcomfort #beyondthe9 #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
Everytime I look at her, I am thankful for everything I went through during my pregnancy to make my love for her so unique, so treasured, & so deeply binded. ♡ ¤Read with caution. Raw Realness about my pregnancy¤ . Haylen came about from a new years fling. I found out & bawled for fucking DAYS. I begged the universe for answers. I told my family through tears streaming down my face. ♡ The following months I accepted my fate. I begged & prayed for this baby, to be a girl.I didnt want to be able to compare my children. I paid for a early gender test, when I got the call, I started bawling with releif. 🎀 my baby is a girl! ♡ I bawled at my baby shower, still not fully ready to be a single mom of two, but I already had her name set. Haylen, everyone hated it! of course, everyone hated my sons name too, Ryker. ♡ I scheduled a csection after reconsidering a VBac. When she came out into the world, their was silence. Nurses running around in panic, no baby crying, nothing, it was silent. In an instant, I started to think "I've killed her. I hated her, & because of it I've killed her" Then a tiny little cry rang through the OR. I cried. ♡ My doctor leaned down to me "You made the decision to have a csection, & you might of just saved her life. The cord was wrapped around her neck, but shes doing great!" When they put her close to me, her cries went silent, while she stared at my face for what seemed like hours. I fell madly in love with her. ♡ We got back to our room, & I remember the very first second I was alone with her. I cried, apologizing to this sweet innocent face, that I was so sorry. ♡ She almost wasnt here. But she is. & I'm so very thankfull. She is fierce, stubborn, sassy & a pain in my ass. ♡ She is me. My Mini. & I fucking love her to peices. 💋 I regret ever having a bad thought about her, because I'm so very blessed. I got picked to love her, & I so madly do. . Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go squeeze her.😭 . . . . #pregnancystories #blessed #myminime #thankgodforbabies #thankful #honestmotherhood #mamahood #momminainteasy #modernmoms #reallifestories #shecallsmemama #choasisbliss
Pregnancy ... this was a sesión a made to my wife Would you like me to make a sesion for you like this? Or Tag a friend who will like to #pregnancy #photoshoot #mamatobe #babyiscoming
Cue 2 : Breaking News I was always anxious while sharing my pregnancy news with my hubby dear , family and friends . It was 3rd July 2013 when I found out that am expecting my elder one . my husband came home after work.I was just smiling at him .he smiled too there's wasn't any word & he guessed that the good news has arrived 🥰. During my second pregnancy things were different it took a lots of preparation to break this big news to our 3yrs old little girl I wasn't sure how shez going to react .it was 19 May 2017 we on our Disneyland trip where we told her shez going to be"Big Sister "and another baby will be joining our family soon . She first gave the happy expression later we explained her that the tiny baby is in momma s tummy now ..she then started checking my tummy and was looking through the belly button to see the baby😂😄 and the very next day she spilled the bean at her preschool 😁 that's the sweetest talk we had with our little one so far 🥰 What's your most fun moment s during pregnancy ? #momsrememberdecember #shinyhappymoms
The season 2 finale is now live! We chatted with the brilliant @russkaplan and @sara.wordsworth (one half of the writing team behind the groundbreaking Broadway musical @intransitbway - the first a cappella musical ever to appear on Broadway). Listen for stories of third trimester nudes, a possible Anthrax scare, and what’s to come for these talented artists! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Link in bio! . . . . . #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #podcastlife #podcastinglife #podcasters #podcastersofinstagram #comedy #comedypodcast #storytelling #storytellingpodcast #oddjobs #oddjobsthepodcast #work #jobs #survivaljobs #intransit #musicaltheatre #broadway #theatre #musical #theater #theaterpodcast #circleinthesquare #funnystories #anthrax #pregnancystories #intransitbway
WHERE did you go into labor? Tell us in the comments! #laborstories #laboranddelivery #pregnancystories . . . 📷: @headygrimm via @kalinorton
TWINS!!!!! 💗💙 . . What a shock that was! I’d already had 3 singleton pregnancies so when I was a little on the ‘big’ side at just 6 weeks I just put it down to it being my 4th pregnancy! Because of us loosing our first daughter to a rare genetic condition I had testing carried out early on in pregnancy with my 2 pregnancies after her, so I informed the hospital that I was a little bigger & asked if we should just have a dating scan to check how many weeks I was as testing has to be carried out at a specific time. During the scan they told us ‘there’s 2’!!! My reaction was ‘what? But we already have 2’!! (Boys at home!) Immediately everything became really complicated,the test I was prepared to have to confirm whether or not my ‘baby’ (now babies) was affected by the same fatal genetic condition as our first daughter was even more of a risk, the pregnancy was deemed risky just because it was a twin pregnancy & all of a sudden our whole world was changing & as amazing as it was is was also bloody scary! Soon enough the horrendous morning sickness (morning/noon/night) kicked in, I was exhausted & I opted out of the testing due to the risks being way too high! I’ll continue our story tomorrow. #housewifereallife #mummyblogger #twins #twinpregnancy #twinmom #pregnancystories
Meet Preeti.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Motherhood is a beautiful miracle, but sometimes there are hiccups along the way. Preeti openly shares her honest maternal moments.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ “36 week’s pregnant. I could barely walk because of pelvic pain, a pinched sciatic nerve and random leg cramps. Also had gestational diabetes so my diet was nearly keto (great unless you are pregnant). Oddly though I loved being pregnant and thought it was fun.”⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ What did you love or dislike about being pregnant? ⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Photography @bindisandbottles@fancyfigphoto ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ #motherhood #realmotherhood #pregnancy #pregnancystories #pregnancydiary #henna #momlife
A women’s feet and heart increase in size during pregnancy. . A University of Iowa study published in the March issue of the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation showed that during pregnancy the arch of the foot flattens out, increasing the woman's shoe size. . Researchers studied the feet of 49 pregnant women and took static and dynamic arch measurements during the first trimester and five months after their babies were born. For 60 to 70 percent of the women in the study, their feet became longer and wider. On average, the arch height and rigidity decreased significantly, which caused the foot to lengthen between 2 and 10 mm (or 0.08 to 0.4 inches). . . . . #cellsure #pregnancy #pregnancyfacts #pregnant #pregnantfeet #pregnantmom #pregnantproblems #pregnancystories #newmoms #pregnant_stemcell #pregnantwoman
December. This is your month son. we cant wait to meet u little man. . . Semenjak ayah dan mamih tau kalau km telah hadir di dalam rahim mamih. Semenjak itu juga kamu selalu kami sebut didalam doa dan harapan kami kepada ALLAH SWT. sehat selalu ya nak, ayo kita berjuang bersama. Kita pas bisa. anak soleh yang dari awal hamil smpe detik ini ga pernah sama sekali nyulitin mamih dan ayahnya. dan siapa blg hamil itu merepotkan? justru sgt menyenangkan. Aku menikmatinya sekali. selalu berpikir positif itu memang membawa dampak yang baik. selalu berpikir positif bawa persalinan nanti jg menyenangkan. Percaya pada diri sendiri dan si baby.. amin ya robal alamin. . . . #myfirstbaby #mypregnant #mypregnancy #pregnancystories #waitingbaby #mybaby
In October 2017, Olga fell pregnant. At the age of 42, she knew she wanted to be a mom, so she was not using birth control methods. She had no symptoms to begin with, but the sudden absence of her period tipped her off. In December (after a couple months), she saw a midwife. The midwife confirmed that her uterus was enlarged, and that she was likely pregnant, but encouraged her to test, and referred her to an OBGYN. At that point, she had some bleeding- be it different than her typical cycle- but at the same time, her pregnancy hormones surged. She was so physically ill, that she was losing weight. Being a small built woman to begin with, that exercised daily, the growing belly was quite noticeable despite the weight loss. As you may have guessed, her tests were negative and for the following 4 months, she got the run-around. She saw multiple doctors, and had multiple tests run. Every possible scenario was concluded but pregnancy... fibroids, menopause, belly fat, ovarian cysts, etc. She was tested for several cancers, tumors, intestinal concerns, menopause, etc. Everything kept coming back that she was healthy and that nothing was amiss. But, why the growing belly? And the pregnancy symptoms? The change in her cycle? No explanations. She was told countless times she was not pregnant due to the negative tests. She was even offered a hysteroscopy to “see what’s in her uterus”. She declined. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS) #herstory #crypticpregnancyawareness #crypticpregnancy #hormonalimbalance #godisbigger #pregnancystories #pregnantwithnegativetests #strengthandcourage
My cryptic pregnancy journey began last October 2017. I am currently 62 weeks; almost a year and a half pregnant. This will be my first time writing my story. I don't think I was ready to tell the world yet due to the fear of being judged. Here goes. My husband and I are newlyweds and we were planning to have children of our own together. We were actively trying, but also being "free with it" ... like if we became pregnant great, and if not, great too- since we both each have a child from previous marriages. During the summer of 2017, I suffered a miscarriage at 12 weeks. We were devastated, however we pulled through it. 🌈 Cut to 8 weeks post miscarriage, I noticed that my period returned- but this time very watery and light, only lasting a couple days. Right away I knew I was pregnant because I just felt it. All the symptoms / signs were there. I decided to wait the two week mark before I tested, and when I did the results were negative. I couldn't believe it... negative?? Then why do I have all the symptoms of being pregnant? Sore breasts, pain in lower back, belly bulge, nausea, exhaustion, etc... I just didn't understand it. I decided to just wait another month- maybe it would show up positive. But as I'm sure you have guessed, it never did show positive. That's when I decided to do my research to find out about what in the world was going on with me!! I found out through my research that apparently there is something called cryptic/hidden pregnancy and that although uncommon, can still happen. Once I saw that I fell perfectly into the criteria of causes for being cryptically pregnant, a wave of emotions ran through me... the possibly of carrying a child for years and not just that, but with zero medical help or support was overwhelming. After months of testing, getting ultrasounds, taking blood, looking for tumors, seeking answers for possibilities of what could be wrong with me, I knew that I was most likely having a cryptic/hidden pregnancy, and I had to start accepting it for the sake of the precious child growing inside me. That was when I joined the Facebook support groups for cryptic pregnancy. They helped me SO much. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)
#Repost @thepodcollection with @get_repost ・・・ Did you know the Uterus can expand to more than 500 times its original size during pregnancy... Pretty amazing that this is Baby's first home, and is the perfect environment to grow another human being – from the release of the egg at ovulation, to the fertilisation and implantation, to the growth of the placenta and the multiplying of cells until your baby is fully formed. Its important to celebrate our bodies 📷 courtesy of @duvet_days #celebrateyourbody #pregnancy #uterus #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
In her words ✨ I have one son, his name is Nathan, and he we will be eight this coming February. My pregnancy with him was ROUGH. I vomited from six weeks all the way through active labor, struggled to gain weight, and had to get IV meds/fluids six months in a row. There were other factors that played a role, but being so sick through my pregnancy and the ensuing hormonal crash after giving birth were two of the major reasons I chose to have a tubal ligation in early October 2012. And even though the surgeon knew I’d asked about reversing the procedure in the future should I change my mind about having more children and she assured me it should be possible to reverse the tubal, she ended up removing my Fallopian tubes ENTIRELY. Late last November, I started vomiting, like clockwork, every AM. And my cycle had taken a hike. For 45 days. As December progressed, my breasts started growing and were getting ridiculously sore too (beyond the normal PMS sore I’d endure for a couple of days each month right before my cycle). Through late December, January, February, and March, there were repeated negative HPTs, negative urine and blood tests at the women’s center at the hospital where I gave birth to my son, and two negative ultrasounds... and one inconclusive. Doctors suggested that it was solely middle age and redistributing weight/fat, or else a slowing digestive system and backed up bowels as reasons for my growing abdomen. However, in early May of this year, a doctor confirmed an “abdominal mass” upon palpating my stomach and ordered a follow-up MRI. When the MRI showed my being completely healthy (healthy bowels and nothing backed up, no masses, no fluid, no cysts, no tumors), but not pregnant, she referred me to a psychiatrist, and said it was a phantom pregnancy. My psychiatrist is the one MD who *does* believe me it’s a pregnancy, but his hands are tied to help me get medical attention. I have been feeling the first flutters since the beginning of March, and the movements have gotten progressively stronger. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS) 🧡 #herstory #crypticpregnancyawareness #hormonalimbalance #godisbigger #miracles #pregnancystories #pregnantwithnegativetests
Did you know the Uterus can expand to more than 500 times its original size during pregnancy... Pretty amazing that this is Baby's first home, and is the perfect environment to grow another human being – from the release of the egg at ovulation, to the fertilisation and implantation, to the growth of the placenta and the multiplying of cells until your baby is fully formed. Its important to celebrate our bodies 📷 courtesy of @duvet_days #thepodcollection #celebrateyourbody #pregnancy #uterus #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
Abbie had gestational diabetes and shares her experience of being induced as her son was measuring big during pregnancy. Abbie tells us in her own words about her experience of being induced, epidurals and giving birth. "I went booked in to be induced on Friday 22nd September as I had gestational diabetes and my son was measuring big - they thought I would have a 10 pounder! "When I arrived at Hinchingbrooke hospital I was told I may have to go home and come back tomorrow as they were too busy - but they said to wait around and see. They kept delaying it then changing their mind but eventually I was induced late in the afternoon. Overnight I was in incredible pain from the induction and was so worried about the actual labour if this was how bad being induced was! "On the Saturday morning I was still in horrendous pain so I started doing laps of the hospital in the hope it would help bring labour on - but half way round the induction string thing fell out and I was devastated as I was convinced it wouldn’t have worked and I would have to start again. Luckily that evening they examined me and I was dilated and could move across to labour ward to have my waters broken. "I ended up going across to the labour ward at 6am on Sunday 24th and within the hour had a midwife break my waters. I was told to walk around the hospital for an hour in the hope my cervix would open ready to give birth. Undortunately after the hour I was still at 3 cm so my midwife advised I had an epidural as they would be using the drip to induce labour further. Continued in comments
In her words✨ I was pregnant for 3 years. I went through a cryptic pregnancy and it was a rough road. People thought I was faking, thought I was crazy or thought I was carrying a tumor. Most people in my city and in my family believed me, but there were a few family members that had their doubts. I went from dr to dr, from hospital to hospital, from city to city trying to get help. Trying to get positive test results. In Aug 2016, I got a positive HPT out of nowhere. I started throwing up and having hot flashes at work, so I went to the hospital and they told me I had a positive pregnancy test. I was shocked because all of my results were always negative for two years. I got pregnant in 2014 & I had my baby in 2017. I always knew I was pregnant because I always had the symptoms from the beginning, and I was feeling my baby move and kick everyday. Even before everything turned positive, I still felt every kick and I was still big and showing. Cryptic pregnancies are REAL & it can happen to anybody. It will make you feel like you’re crazy sometimes, and it will also mess with your mind... but it's up to you to not let the devil get to you. What doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger. We can get through anything as long as we have faith and believe in God. I wish everyone who is experiencing this the best. 💗 #crypticpregnancy #crypticpregnancyawareness #herstory #godisbigger #pregnancystories #theresmorethanmeetstheeye #staystrong #thereishope #miracleshappen
Melissa is currently experiencing her 4th Cryptic Pregnancy. Yes, you heard that correctly. All 4 of these gorgeous girls (one set of twins) were cryptic babies. Melissa had negative urine and blood tests with all pregnancies. She was fortunate to eventually be confirmed via ultrasound with her first 3 pregnancies (all of these sweet girls), and deliver within the average 40 week time-frame. So, these pregnancies were HCG deficient, but not IUGR. All deliveries were fast & furious (precipitous labor). She’s currently pregnant with a lengthy and unconfirmed Cryptic Pregnancy. Her faith is fierce, and she knows in God’s time, she will deliver her next miracle. Blind faith is such a huge part of the journey. And realizing that there’s more to our bodies than we’ve been told. It’s truly amazing! 🌈 #herstory #crypticpregnancy #beinspired #crypticpregnancyawareness #hormonalimbalance #godisbigger #miracles #pregnancystories
It's worth every second, @amyschumer ! I was super sick through my first trimester and a bit beyond. I used to close the door to my office and throw up in baggies during the work day. I threw up on the side of a subway car (and freaked out a bunch of NYC subway riders who were waiting on the platform) and it was terrible! But I can tell you that when they plopped my newborn son on my chest and yelled it's a boy, that was by far the best moment of my life. You've got this! #pregnancystories #amyschumer #amyschumerwillbeabadassmama #lovemykid
In her words✨Our son, Despin was born on Oct 6, 2015. I felt pregnant in January and took so many home pregnancy tests. They were all negative. I gave up... until intense cravings made me take another in late February. Based on period dates, I was 12 weeks pregnant when the first test showed positive. My doctor gave me a due date, then changed it twice. She confused me, and didn’t give any explanation. She told me she was “just kidding” about my first due date. My HCG levels were very low. The ultrasound showed him at only 6 weeks along. We moved to North Carolina at 7 months pregnant and the doctors here disputed my due date again. It went from October 10 to November 2, back to October again. Everyone was confused. They “lost” my records. They induced me on October 5th with a 26 hour labor. They told me my baby had to be induced so he didn’t get “too big”, only to discover he was not ready to be born. He still had growing left to do. His lungs were premature. They told me I shouldn’t have had my baby. I was terrified. They panicked, not wanting to be sued, and sent him to another hospital... and refused to transfer me with him. I believe the pregnancy was a cryptic pregnancy that turned normal at 12 weeks based on the confusion, slow growth, and low HCG. Had I refused induction, and let him be born when he was ready, perhaps the NICU time, the following Postpartum Depression, and the PTSD I still suffer from could have been avoided. He’s a healthy & happy 3 year old, and I’m now experiencing a full Cryptic Pregnancy that has not turned normal. I’m 48 weeks along. Despin loves feeling his baby sibling kick him, and we’re excited to welcome her when she’s ready to be born. 💛 #herstory #crypticpregnancy #crypticpregnancyawareness #pregnancystories #doctorsarentalwaysright #pregnantwithnegativetests #iugrbaby #miracles #godisbigger #hormonalimbalance #faith
We lost our first baby due to missed miscarriage in 2008. (I was 11 weeks when I discovered it, but the fetus stopped living at 7 weeks.) The D&C cost me my fertility. I was diagnosed with Asherman’s Syndrome in 2009 after my period never returned & I was in such terrible physical pain. After several procedures, a surgery to remove the severe scarring throughout my uterus & tubes, and hormone replacement therapy with a fertility specialist, we were told our chances for another pregnancy were very slim (since my uterine lining was so very compromised). We were gearing up to adopt as a means to have a family when we turned up pregnant (I was 35). According to the doctors, countless things could have and should have gone wrong (including pregnancy loss, incompetent cervix and placenta accreta), but our precious girl pictured here is a reminder that doctors aren’t always right. Because she was frank breech and we were so high risk, she was born by planned c-section at 39.5 weeks. Which meant she was it for us, because of the chance for re-scarring; and we were and are 100% grateful and content. She was more than we dreamed of. Against the odds, she’s here, and we are so blessed. We have always felt that our family was complete, and were certainly not prepared for what I’m experiencing now. 🌈 #rainbowbaby #infertility #mystory #frankbreech #ashermanssyndrome #onlychild #godisbigger #beinspired #motherhoodisagift #doctorsarentalwaysright #pregnancystories #myangel
In her words✨ When I got pregnant with my first cryptic pregnancy (my second baby) I was still nursing around eight times a day and under some stress. I actually had a spiritual/energetic pregnancy experience a month or so before I got pregnant where I was feeling very "juicy" and full in my body; I was very hungry all the time and really felt like something was happening. When I became physically pregnant, I knew the difference because I had the same pulling sensation in the womb that I had with my first baby when I became pregnant with her (who was not a CP), but she was a natural birth. I never went to the birth center in the three months the baby was cryptic. I had all negative home pregnancy tests, and my monthly cycle, but after a short time of confusion I concluded intuitively as well as with what I was feeling physically that I was in fact pregnant. I had been seeing a kinesiologist since I was a little girl, and through her kinesiology testing she also concluded that I was physically pregnant. With the wise words of a home birth midwife friend, I decided to calm down and wait it out at home. I felt the familiar swelling sensation in the womb as well as early fetal movements in the first two months or so. By around three months, I was vomiting violently and dealing with general morning sickness. At around four months, I decided to go get a blood test and it came out positive. When I got an ultrasound, the picture was really very fuzzy and they said I was 9 weeks... but, I continued to feel deep inside that I had been correct about my own body. When I told my midwife friend about this she said that the baby was probably just smaller than average at that stage and that's why the ultrasound estimated less weeks. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS) #herstory #crypticpregnancyawareness #pregnancystories #womenaresacred #followyourintuition @crypticpregnancyintuitiverites
Every woman deserves an amazing pregnancy journey and safe delivery. Therefore, it is important to take care and eat the right foods Below are some key tips: 1).Engage in mild exercises like walking. 2).Never skip breakfast 3).Eat fibre rich food and lots of fruits and vegetables 4).Take your vitamins as prescribed 5). Avoid raw meat and unpasteurized cheese 7). Take healthy snacks 8)Avoid alcohol, stop smoking and limit caffeine 9). Get prenatal care 10). Always stay hydrated with lots of water. Photo credit: www.momcare tips.com #pregnancyjourney #healthybaby #pregnacare #pregnant #fibrerichfood #veggies #rest #sleep #healthypregnancy #healthylife #healthylifestyle #healthpromotion #publichealth #water #nigeria #pregnancycare #pregnantnaija #pregnantandcute #pregnancystories
Thats me....... heavily pregnant and ready for my first Research Seminar in 2015. Together with my batchmate Sharan @one_tablespoon , we presented a Research Paper in an All India Media Seminar at the University of Pune. Baby A (Arianna) was born just two days after this presentation. I was short of breath while speaking but I practised how not to let that affect my final presentation. I didn’t know I would go into labour two weeks early so I was my usual active self and made sure I didn’t miss out on presenting research that we had worked hard on for an entire semester. Looking back on that day, if I would have chosen to stay home during the last month of my pregnancy, miss out on University and everything I love doing in life, I would have missed out on who I am... This life tests you at different phases in your life and it is upto you to circumnavigate those situations and come out stronger. We all have the power within us to push ourselves and seek what we love doing the best! I especially say this for women because we can procreate...if we have the power to make a human form out of our bodies, we have the power to do anything. . . #momthoughts #momblogger #indianmoms #pregnancystories #universitylife #believeinyourself #dowhatyoulove #babybump #girlboss #pregnancytips #studentlife #babyblog
Here's our first story where Sarah shares how at her 20 week scan her daughter was diagnosed with a condition which meant organs were developing outside her abdomen. "At our 20 week scan at the Rosie Maternity our 4th child, our daughter Arrabella, was diagnosed as having an Exomphalos where part of her organs were developing outside of her abdomen .  As you can imagine, it was an extremely anxious time for us and I found myself looking on the internet dwelling on worst case scenarios and feeling too afraid to voice my fears to my husband and family and close friends. "‘It will all be fine’ became my mantra and the months that followed became an endless run of scan appointments and meetings with consultants/ obstetricians/ radiographers and midwives. "Looking back at that time I now know that this experience had a major impact on my emotional and mental well being both while it was happening and after. "The reassurance and confident care I received from the Rosie team supported me through the single most difficult thing I've ever had to endure and experience. "Being a director of a successful business working full time (and some!) and a mum of three I was used to managing stress and being in control. This, however, was a whole new ball game. I had to relinquish myself and my unborn child to the care and expertise of the medical teams at the Rosie. "It was hard at times not to feel panicked by the extra attention that had to be focused on me and my unborn child. I had experienced three previous  pregnancies with relatively little contact or intervention from the hospital / midwifery teams (my previous ‘care plans’  consisted of one paragraph ‘to be left alone as much as possible’ so this was a completely different experience for me Continued in comments
Birthing tissue consists of the placenta, amniotic sac, and umbilical cord. The cord, the amniotic sac (consisting of amnion and chorion layers) and the placenta are generally discarded after the baby is born. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ At CellSure, we have developed a method to use those tissues to treat a number of conditions both for the baby, the baby’s family, and for unrelated people as well. We would happy to answer any questions about our process and about the option to store your birthing tissue or to donate it to help others. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #cellsure #motherhood #parenthood #futuremom #expectingmom #stemcelldonation #newborn #familyhealth #pregnancy #cordblooddonation #stemcellresearch #stemcells #cordblood #pregnancystories #birthingtissue
While we anticipate the 3 days massive instagram sales starting on thursday 22nd nov 2018 through to saturday 24th ..let me recount an experience .... It was the first time i heard the term "'tomatoe red'", which was the color of our head tie (gele) for the uniform (aso ebi ) some 13 years ago, you know how cravings does pregnant women, that travelling kilometers for a plate of party jollof rice will be like nothing , so i was at this high end wedding reception of my cousin at VGC , cant remember anything the preacher said or even going for the service at all... by the way, happy anniversary to them may God continue to uphold their union. My target was item 7 and as if my fellow table users read it all over me, they all agreed that only me take the big cake that we were all meant to share.... Did i tell you that i was heavily pregnant and that every table of about only 6 people each, were surprisingly to share a fully decorated cake...instead of the regular....that you will get to eat the holy communion bread size, theirs was different and up to now, havent seen or heard about that kind of effizy... So i can say pregnancy is not all about the horror that we hear joor, so instead of hanging your boots, try again and you will get big discounts when you come to shop from us...you just need to recount this story... What i did with the big cake, will be known in few days time.. Stay tuned .. @nidati_affairs send my love to them..
Monday Movement Get your bOOBs out Mama and lets move together to celebrate, normalise and open discussions on Breastfeeding #thepodcollection #breastfeeding #feelgoodaboutyou #normalisebreastfeeding #nursingfriendly #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #modernmama #maternityphotography
Selasa, 21 Juli 2017. Kontrol pertama ke Dokter kandungan.. Waktu itu Mamah ditemanin sama Papa kamu Nak. Alhamdulillah saat di USG sudah terlihat kantung rumah kamu yang masih sangat kecil dengan perkiraan berumur 4-5 minggu.. Mamah sama Papah senang sekali Nak. Karena dari hari Senin Mamah udah bolos kerja, jadi sekalian minta surat ijin dari dokter dan dikasih ijin sampai dengan 5 hari karena memang mamah tidak enak badan waktu itu.. jadi Mamah bisa istrahat bareng kamu dirumah.. #dibestory #throwback #ceritakehamilan #pregnancystories
So proud of @heradiani for her graphic memoir "38 and pregnant" - finally someone telling it how it is! Pregnancy is not all roses and peaches and beautiful babymoon pictures. The grit and grime of pregnancy (and motherhood) are stories that need to be shared more widely... Also love how witty it is! Such an enjoyable read. Fantastic illustration by @adhityaps , too. . . Also love the NEW @aksarakemang - thank you mama kos @adindasim for showing us around ❤️ and for keeping this little cultural and social hub alive and kickin' . . #booklaunch #graphicmemoir #pregnancystories #newaksara
Loving this Look Pair the Classic Shirt with Black Jeans and a Touch of Animal Print and et voila outfit sorted Mama. Please keep sending pics in, we love to see how you ladies are styling our pieces. #thepodcollection #wearingirish #feelgoodaboutyou #podthatbump #shareyourstyle #pregnancystories #bumpandbeyond #redefiningmaternitywear #maternity #pregnancy #maternitystyle #maternityfashion #preduringandbeyond #sleekstyle #madeforcomfort #beyondthe9 #designedforwomenbywomen #modernmama #modernmaternity
EXACTLY MY THOUGHTS. . . Today I was at the school for an ECFE class with Otto.... I had to go to the library to drop off some books and on my way back by myself these two men were chatting in the hallway and as I walked by one of the guys stopped and looked and me and loudly says, “I’m going to say that she’s about one to two weeks out! Am I right?!” My face was like 😳😳😳. Sometimes people say the weirdest things to you when you are pregnant. I mean, I guess it wasn’t that weird... but still. A random stranger shouting out to you and another person in the hallway of a school is always a little weird, right?! 😂
Senin Tanggal 20 November 2017 tepatnya setelah adzan subuh. Pada saat itu mamah baru tau kehadiran kamu nak.. senang luar biasa setelah 2 tahun menunggu.. 2 hari sebelumnya (sabtu, 18 november 2017) seharusnya tanggal jatuh tempo periode, seperti biasa ada rasa nyeri diperut bagian bawah sebelum datang bulan. Tapi ternyata masih belum juga datang. Hari itu minum perasan air jeruk nipis tanpa gula.. ntah kenapa tidak ada rasa asam sama sekali (belum curiga kalau hamil). Dini hari sekitar jam 2 pagi (minggu, 19 november 2017), badan terasa gak enak seperti sakit meriang dan gak bisa tidur sampai pagi.. saat adzan subuh terasa ingin bab.. dan ternyata (maaf) fasesnya encer dan disertai mual muntah (tapi tidak ada yang keluar) saat ini hanya berfikir kalau sedang sakit. Sampai sore hari badan masih gak enak dan akhirnya ijin ke atasan untuk tidak masuk kantor dulu hari senin. Malam harinya baru cerita ke papah kalau sudah telat datang bulan dan papah minta untuk tespek. Mamah yang udah sampe bosen liat garis 1 di tespek sebenernya males untuk tespek dan akan tespek di awal bulan aja kalau masih telat (krn mamah udh biasa telat datang bulan) Sampai hari senin (20 November 2017) adzan subuh bangun dan kebetulan pingin pipis, jadilah saat itu mamah putuskan untuk sekalian tespek. Dan saat liat garis 1 nongol sudah biasa.. kirain udh sampe batas garis kedua ternyata gak butuh waktu lama untuk nunggu garis kedua muncul.. terang benderang gak pake samar!!! (Karna sesungguhnya udh beberapa kali tespek garis 2 tapi samar banget dan tetep datang bulan walopun telat) Alhasil mama teriak panggil papah buat nunjukin hasil tespek sampe eyang pun kaget.. Saat itu senang luar biasa.. sampe tespek lagi 2x dengan merk tespek yang berbeda. dan hasilnya tetep terang benderang!!!.. gak pake samar dan gak pake lama garis kedua muncul. Alhamdulillah... Luar biasa senangnya mama saat itu.. Akhirnya langsung ngabarin Dokter ttg hasil tespek ini dan di acc hari selasa tgl 21 November 2017 untuk kontrol ke RS #dibestory #throwback #pregnancytest #tespek #ceritakehamilan #pregnancystories
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