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“Time makes us sentimental. Perhaps, in the end, it is because of time that we suffer. ” ― André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name This photo is giving me Call Me By Your Name vibes and I absolutly love it. I adore the book and movie so much😩 #travel #travelling #travelphotography #travels #city #cityphotography #explore #prettycitytravel #adventure #photography #travelgram #instatravel #travellover #theprettyplaces #Croatia #mediterranean #wonderlustcroatia #croatia_photography #crostagram #bookstagram
Nagano Prefecture ❤Japan Congrats @rkrkrk Use #map_of_ourplanet
Feeling the african vibes with my new scarf ✨
Is there a cooler place to cool down after a day at the beach?! I loveddd this swanky restaurant at @gracebayclub which is even better when illuminated with chandeliers at night. It’s the perfect place to use your $100 resort credit received when booking with BPK 🥂
The best thing about memories... is making them 💗
I just love walking around in the new city and searching for that perfect lunch spot. We stopped in Chiayi for just a few hours, while waiting for our high speed train to take us to Kaohsiung and in these few hours we wanted to find some lovely place to eat. I think we hit the jackpot with @nonamelab_ 😄
Dinner by the fire 🔥
My true love 💗 a típica foto de uma taurina né .. 😂
One of my favourite things about Iceland is finding little gems like this, in the middle of nowhere in nature ⛰🏡⛰
Crazy nights...
Today I really wanted to put some words together to help spark a little inspiration for those of you who have been sitting in the shadows lately, feeling dull and cooped up. I wanted you to know that you are just as worthy of stepping into the light and shining bright as anyone else is. . But some days I just can’t get all the right words into all the right sentences - and that’s ok, life has it’s ebbs and flows. So I was incredibly grateful to stumble across an account today, where, like a sparkly little gem, I found the exact words I was trying to put together, and so here they are: . “For every kind soul you meet with a story to tell, may you know that you are worthy of being seen that way as well. . You are allowed to show up fully in this life (even before you know what tomorrow looks like).” @morganharpernichols . Going with the theme of shade and light, tell me whether you prefer exploring the interiors or exteriors of beautiful buildings?
Coffee break 💕
Cuando estuve por Sri Lanka! #sriLanka Mentira 🤥 🙈😂 este es uno de los jardines botánicos de Massachusetts. Se llama @towerhillbg tienen que visitarlo... les encarará. . This was from my last trip to Sri Lanka...I’m laying 🤥🙈😂 this is Tower Hill Botanical Garden @towerhillbg an amazing place to visit just a short ride from Beautiful Rhode Island. You need to visit, a flower and nature lover paradise 🌸😍 . . . . #citizenfemme #womentravel #beautymatters #wonderfuldestinations #beautymatters #botanicalpickmeup #the_daily_traveller #traveltales #travellocal #towerhillbotanicgarden #dametravelers #traveltagged #girlswhowander #girlstravel #2018travelbossbabes #femmetraveler #wherethewildthingsare #riyets #iamtb #darlingplaces #travelbeautifully #prettycitytravel #mustgo #visitmassachusetts #newenglandlife #pinktrotters #lifewelllived #willtravelforpink
Is there any better way to get over your case of the Mondays than enjoying coffee (aka freddo espresso 🙃) while feeling like you’re on top of the world?! All of this can be achieved at @canavesoia while enjoying your room service breakfast on terraces much like this one - of course complimentary when booking with BPK. & seriously ... views like these would make any Monday your favorite day of the week!
I'm a lucky girl to have these guys in my life.
Feeling like denim days are just around the corner... @gap #visithampstead
Rather than ticking off as many sights as quick as possible, I prefer to travel slow. 📸🏵Like hiking for hours in pleasant anticipation until you finally reach the castle that you've dreamt to visit forever: Burg Eltz. 🍇 Set along the #moselsteig hiking trail, the fortress is the quintessence of a fairytale. 🍀 Hiking also gives you the freedom to stay as long as you feel. No shuttle schedule or guide will hurry you to leave. 🌿 What is your favorite way to explore a new region? 🌻 #vscogermany #germany_insta #germany_fotos #bestgermanypics #topgermanyphoto #germanytrip #meindeutschland #germanytour #unlimitedgermany #burgeltz #moseltal #moselriver #adventurebeautifully #girlstraveltale #prettycitytravel #darlingplaces #europe_vacations #traveltagged #thewanderingtourist #beautifulplaces #passionpassport #dametraveler #hikinggirls #hikingviews #hikerbabes #hikingworldwide #travelgermany #prettylittletrips #girlsabroad
Meditated in the prettiest place I’ve ever visited. Good god, I wish I could spend all my time here.
Daily sunset scenes 💙♥ This weekend I went to see sunflowers!🌻 It was so amazing on the first day of the Kiyose Himawari Omatsuri きょうせ ひまわり おまつり (sunflower festival) in Tokyo. I will share heaps of photos throughout this week. So turn on post notifications if you wana be the first see the sunflowers of Japan! 🌻🌻 I love sharing my daily life stories with you through my photos. So here's a little fact- Usually, after I travel, I buy my groceries on the way home! After my trip to the sunflower field I stumbled across this stunning sunset while waiting for my train. Isn't it eye-catching? 🌇🌇 Are you a sunrise or a sunset person?? 🌇🌇 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sunsetsandsunrises #japansunset #japannature #japanrail #japangram #myjapan #explorejapan #dametraveler #damestravel #travellikeagirl #girlaroundtheglobe #girlsdreamtravel #girlswithgypsysouls #femmetraveler #girltraveler #travellingladies #shewhowanders #globewandress #roamingwomen #girlsthatwander #sheisnotlost #darlingplaces #girlvsglobe #girlsmeetglobe #pinktrotters #prettycitytravel
I unintentionally wore the perfect outfit to look like a pirate on this ship ⛵
I wear a lot of dark colors and neutrals in Paris but in Italy, these warm colors are giving me life. I wonder if we spend enough time in a place, do we start to ressemble it? . Today vacation is officially over and I’m having a hard time with the idea of not swimming every day! I’m trying to keep in mind that the ephemeral is what makes each voyage beautiful, lending it something incompatible with the normal of the day to day, but readjustment is proving a challenge. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem so if you’re same boat, chin up! Let’s not get back to work just yet—enjoy this Sunday and readjust nice and slow! 🖤
For the last post of my (@deareverest ) #seemyparistakeover I‘ll leave you all with some words not my own. The sheer quantity of quotes about Paris (Pinterest 🙊) speaks to its capacity to move people. Yet, one of the things that has made this city such an icon is the people who have chosen to visit or live here, immortalizing it through art: Isadora Duncan, Georges Sand, Gertrude Stein, Josephine Baker, Ernest Hemingway, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Oscar Wilde, Ginsberg, Kerouac... the list goes on. Paris itself could be a chapter in the history of ideas—surrealism meets fashion meets revolution meets the Salon—it all happened here, on these streets. . As Rebecca Solnit explains in Wanderlust: “More than any other city, [Paris] has entered the paintings and the novels of those under its sway, so that representation and reality reflect each other like a pair of facing mirrors, and walking Paris is often described as reading, as though the city itself were a huge anthology of tales. It exerts a magnetic attraction over its citizens and its visitors, for it has always been the capital of refugees and exiles as well as of France.” And so we are drawn here, perhaps physically or perhaps just in desire, because this place means or has meant something to us. I see something truly beautiful in that, the tentacles of this city stretching all over the world, into the hearts of people who’ve been here, some who never have, some who will, and some who won’t, yet all united in a nebulous love for these streets and what they represent. . Thank you all so much for taking the time to look at my photos and read my captions this week, it has been truly wonderful to be here sharing with you! Feel free to follow along in my Parisian adventures on @deareverest and otherwise, “we’ll always have #seemyparis .” 😜 Happy Sunday!!
sometimes you need to get away from all the hustle and bustle🏕 rob & i booked a night at @getawayhouse and absolutely loved it. we stayed at this adorable wooden cabin, hid our phones in a lockbox, cooked hot dogs & s’mores by the fire, hiked and even went to a nano brewery. can we go back now???
Africa honestly has the prettiest sunsets.
In this morning’s post I told you about my favorite Paris place to wander, but I didn’t tell you how it all started. When I came to Paris in June of 2015 I I didn’t know the city like I do now but I would take walking study breaks to explore. This has become sort of a tradition for me, trying always to take the long way home, wandering around, camera in hand and book in my bag, just so see what I can find. Sometimes I stop to read, sometime I just walk and think and watch the people. As someone who deals with anxiety my thesis can make it hard to unwind so these walks have become a sort of free therapy, and despite the busy streets, a pathway to a sort of meditative calm. Truly, no matter how many I take, Paris never ceases to surprise me. The other day, for example, on a road I thought I knew well, I came across an open door and wandered in to find this sweet little spot, a florist tucked away in the 11th. These kinds of discoveries are one of the true charms of this city—its small and winding streets hold all kinds of secrets, from hidden courtyards, friendly strangers, little gardens, beautiful views, to the perfect cup of espresso. . What have you discovered here (or anywhere) by accident? This is day 6 and post 2/2 of my (@deareverest ) #seemyparistakeover 🖤 #seemyparis
Had a WHALE of a time whale watching at sunset.
I believe in pink 💗
The storybook like streets of old town Riga 📚✨
U used to call me on my 📞
Probably the place in Paris I wander the most these days is Montmartre. I like to imagine how it used to be, cheap rents, filled with artists—all those tiny “chambre de bonne” apartments, their sloping roofs overflowing with creativity and inspiration. I love the stairs here and the views, because I love this city’s rooftops. It’s the chimneys that get me, each one leading to an apartment, a person, another soul who might tomorrow be looking down at the same view I am. Sometimes I wonder how many photos have been taken of this Iron Lady, how many more will be taken? But really, it doesn’t matter to me. Every time I round the bend of this road and look through the gates at this view, I snap the same photo as everyone else. It changes every time—different leaves make different trees, a different day makes a different sky, with a different walk behind me and a different sentiment driving me. Some things never get old; they don’t have to change, because we do. Happy Saturday to all you beautiful wanderers! This is day 6 (post 1 of 2) of my (@deareverest ) #seemyparistakeover and I’m so enjoying being here. 💞 #seemyparis
Unexpected friendships are the best ones 💕💗
When I first visited Paris I followed the advice of friends on what to see and also had a goal of trying all ten things on @davidlebovitz list of the best things to eat. His recommendation of falafel from L’As du falafel and the pasteis at Comme à Lisbonne brought me to the Marais which became my first haunt. This church near Saint Paul may pale for some in comparison with Notre Dame or Sacré Coeur, but for me it really represents the beginning of my love for this city. Every time I look at this photo I am transported back to how I felt during those first early morning wanders with the sun lighting up the buildings and few people on the streets. . Day 5 @deareverest #seemyparistakeover #seemyparis
Rio is so gorgeous 💗
Wer hätte gedacht, dass es in Bayreuth eine Gasse gibt, über der Tibetische Gebetsfahnen wehen? Zu finden in der von-Römer-Straße, in der sich auch gleich noch ein paar wunderbare Kneipen befinden. Did you expect an alley in Bayreuth with Tibetan prayer flags? Search for the von Roemer Street. 📸: @hrrbhn #travelcultured #IAmATraveller #prettycitytravel #CaptureYourCreativity #SayYesToTheWorld #PrettyCityTravel #ShareGermany #14cities #weltderwilhelmine #markgrafenkultur #bayreuth #bayern #bavaria #beieren #tibetischegebetsfahnen #instatravel #letsgosomewhere #meettheworld #bestcitybreaks #culturetrip #wonderful_places #kings_villages #germanytourism #visitgermany #tlpicks #duitsland #gasse #alley
Today I had poutine and pumpkin pie for dessert.
All I see is magic ✨
About a year ago I (@deareverest ) bought a camera, really at a time when it wasn’t terribly financially practical for me to do so (oh hi, grad student life 👋) so it was a bit of a laborious decision. However, I had just gotten invited to be part of the team @ourparisstories and was really excited to be taking portraits for the first time. The first day I went out with my camera I rode the funicular towards Sacré Cœur and snapped this shot through the window on the way up. I was amazed at the detail and the way my new camera captured my vision so perfectly. Now, I’ve gotten another new camera and I’m learning how to use it on manual—and once again my relationship with what I see and shoot has evolved exponentially. I love seeing how my way of seeing this city evolves along with my skill as a photographer. It’s so exciting to keep learning and progressing—being aware of how little I know keeps me conscient of how much potential exists for improvement. 🙌 📷 Day 4 @deareverest #seemyparistakeover #seemyparis
No todo es blanco o negro. No todo lo que se ve bonito por fuera, lo es por dentro. No hay solo una forma de apreciar una flor 🌸 Piensa fuera de la norma establecida por nuestra sociedad, encuentra el balance en este mundo loco en que vivimos. . . . . . Not everything is black or white. Not everything that looks pretty on the outside, is also pretty in the inside. There’s not a specific way to appreciate a flower 🌸 Think outside the box and find that balance! . . . . . . . . . . . #theweekoninstagram #citizenfemme #visitrhodeisland #instaflowerlovers #flowersmakesmehappy #tv_soft #flowers_super_pics #riyets #ig_flower #bestflowershot #flower_igers #flowerphotos #prettycitytravel #citizenfemme #girlstravel #differentperspective #ig_flowers_world #florecitas #florecitasweekly #beautyishername #thesimplelife #inspiredbynature_ #drops_perfection #happiness 😍 #simplicité #iamtb #girly 🎀 #
Spread love everywhere u go 💞
This is just a friendly reminder that if you’ve been dreaming of doing something then now is the perfect time to take the leap and start! . It’s so easy to make excuses, and some that I hear often are - I don’t have the right equipment, enough money, enough time... . But guess what?! You never will. It will never be the perfect time to start. So if you don’t do it now, it will probably never happen. . So maybe you want to be a travel blogger but you don’t have a DSLR - use your phone, you don’t have fancy editing software - use the free version of Lightroom Mobile, you can’t afford to travel - be a tourist in your own town or country to start with and make other material sacrifices so you can go on more trips. . Where there is a will there is a way and if you can make it work now imagine how great you will be when you do have the camera, software and opportunities to travel! . I’ve actually been using a broken camera for about a year now, Jase and I don’t go out and spend money a lot when we aren’t traveling, we don’t have a car and we aren’t saving as much as we used to be able to. But we both know one day (soon) it will all pay off, and in the meantime we are enjoying the ride. . You’ve got to learn to enjoy the process not just look forward to the outcome. Because let’s be honest, we spend most of our lives in the processes not in the outcomes, so that’s where we need to learn to be happy. Otherwise your happiness will be very small blips on a very big radar! . Has anyone else tried to take a leaping photo before? If you have you’ll know how incredibly silly you look when you’re doing it (it doesn’t help that Jase laughs at me the whole time), and how many hilarious out takes you end up with! 😂
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