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Another flashback to Ropecraft SA 2018. Doing a bit of hair tension inspired repositioning with the beautiful @gypsyswhiskey while in my rope. Pic by Twistedview #shibaribondage #hairpulling #roughbodyplay #propermotivation
Привет, дорогие! У меня есть серьёзный повод гордиться собой🙌🏼 и я хочу этим поделиться☺️ Имея семнадцатилетний стаж курильщика за плечами, я наконец оставила эту привычку в прошлом💃🏼 Аминь🙏🏼 . Найдя правильный стимул👌🏼 и имея чёткое намерение🤜🏻, реально можно с лёгкостью бросить курить. Даже сила воли тут не самое главное☝🏼 Кто бы мог подумать😅 Единственная проблема сейчас - это нарушение сна, сплю всего по 4-5 часов в сутки, больше не спится😣 Не высыпаюсь и от этого я чувствую себя как разбитое корыто😣 Надеюсь, скоро пройдёт🙏🏼 . Есть те, кто бросал? С какими проблемами сталкивались? Или, может есть те, кто хочет бросить? Хотите, чтобы поделилась тем, как это сделала я? Пишите, плиз👇🏼 . И напоминаю, хорошие мои☺️, что сейчас проходит розыгрыш крутых призов, подробности в предыдущем посте. Не упускайте такую замечательную возможность❤️
When you work all day and the hot tub is life. PS it's hot tub selfie season while I get my body back right. #ProperMotivation #ToneUpTuesday
This is one of the biggest ones. Something we are very passionate about here at Guide to Proper. Too many people are always anticipating what could go wrong, and putting so much worrying negative energy out, that they do not give themselves the chance to enjoy what they have. STOP. Sit back, analyze your situation, and enjoy the positive aspects of your life. Life is beautiful, if you let it be beautiful. Let the people who matter, know they matter. #stayproper
Let's preface by saying confidence is a monstrous weapon to have in your arsenal. It is also one of the most dangerous if that confidence becomes unwarranted arrogance. Deliver first. Always make sure to deliver enough quality to support your self belief. Ooz confidence, then make sure to over-perform. #stayproper
It is important to always be improving in some way. Even if limitations place a ceiling in one area, improve somewhere else. The day you stop improving, is the day you begin regressing. Never regress. Never peak. #stayproper
To carry such a mentality reveals your own personal insecurities. Allowing someone else's failure(s) to dictate your happiness, is pseudo positivity fueled by negativity. That is simply never healthy. Be confident enough in what you deliver to succeed in your own right, not at the expense of someone else. #stayproper
If what u did yesterday still lookz big to u then u haven't done much today..#properMotivation #goalz #
So tonight at work our manager dared the sales floor to surpass our brand of payment goal. Surprise! They did. The reward was to pie him right in the face. Glorious moment. #AtWork #BestBuy #HittingThemGoals #PieToTheFace #WorkPlaceShenanigans #ProperMotivation #TooFunny
“I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” - Winston Churchill #morningworkout #keepgoing #victory #propermotivation #unbreakable #spokane #progress #contrapasso #vitanuova #planetfitness #weightlossjourney
Be with your equal. That person who compliments everything about you. Don't have a power struggle with one another over who controls the situation. Balance. Listen, love, respect, and support. #stayproper
Understand very early, what you do very well. If you're attempting to overload your operation with products you cannot deliver the expected quality, you are cheapening your product due to over saturation. Do a couple things very well. Master your craft. #stayproper
Freeeeeeedom! Squirrels watch out! (Moose learned to open door using rope!)
You will absolutely make a mistake doing something you do incredibly well. Why you ask? Because you are a human being, and human beings error. No matter how big this mistake may or may not be, know that you're still very good at what you do, and the only thing you can do is nail it the next time out. To add a human element into it, @derekgtp was a guest on a @mma2themaxrob podcast last night, the recording failed due to some wiring issues. Guess what is going to take place now? Record another episode, and make it even better. The important thing to remember is so simple: It happens. #stayproper
“In order to spark change you just need the proper motivation!” Wise words from my husband. I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for being supportive and loving through our journey called life! @johndangerrussell #happymonday #sparkchange #propermotivation #loveyouhubs #youaremysunshine
Always recognize your winning team. Success is rarely singular. Those that helped you get there, don't need to be hidden behind the curtain. **TAG YOUR WINNING TEAM BELOW** #stayproper
Cheers 🍻 to finishing another sweaty sufferfest on my cycleops trainer and let the Super Bowl pre-party begin! #willsweatforbeer #sufferfest #lovetosuffer #earnit #mindovermatterathlete #mindovermatter #propermotivation #cycleops #triathlete #biketrainer #trimomsarebadass #trekbikes #trek #roadid
These 3 videos prove that motivation begins with SAL- and finishes with -AMI. That’s what has helped Gizmo get out of that thing. It took him a while, though, and Greta took advantage of that. Go back 14 posts to January 18th and you’ll see what Gizmo has achieved. #motivation #propermotivation #proper #salami #getout #getmeout #ididit #bulldog #bulldogs #bulldogsofinstagram #englishbulldog #englishbulldogs #englishbulldogsofinstagram #bulldogingles #bulldoginglese #bulldoganglais #basset #bassets #bassethound #bassethounds #bassethoundsofinstagram #inspiration #style #lifestyle #lifesabeach #life
Spritz then tennis or tennis then spritz? Porque no los dos? #propermotivation #ozdaydoneright
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