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💕🌈 Dear Mia, On Saturday you amazed me! I watched from the sidelines in awe of all your amazingness. We got a lot of attention at the park over the weekend, sometimes for whatever reason that happens, some days we get more looks and questions than others. I’m guessing this is something that will happen to you forever and I want you to know it’s ok. You love the playground though, you can spot one a mile off! You just want to play like every other kid and so you should. The thing is you aren’t like any other kid at the park, you have a visible difference that to you, us and Andie is so normal now but to everyone else it’s interesting to see. A kind Mum spoke to me and told me how well you did, she was so lovely and wished us well on your big adventure. An inquisitive little girl (year 6) politely asked if I could explain what happened to your leg, I told her and she explained that her Mum said it’s always better to politely ask than to stare and make people uncomfortable. 🙌 She rocked! We have always spoken so openly with you and in front of you about any challenges you may face, how your leg works, why you have a little leg etc. We want to prepare you for what you might face when we aren’t there to step in. So when a beautiful and yet again inquisitive little boy sat watching you swing joyfully, his head tilted to the side, with a confused look on his face, I watched you... I watched you giggle as you swayed side to side, your blonde curls blowing in the wind, you smiled at him and he started firing questions at you. You kept swinging but now you were talking to him, pointing to your leg, chatting away. He nodded and smiled. I smiled at you and asked if you were ok. You were totally fine because you had all the answers and in a way that he understood. You hopped off the equipment and showed him the straps on your leg and how it worked. I couldn’t hear everything you two were talking about but he seemed satisfied by your answers and you ran off playing. You handled it like a champ, I was SO PROUD! Mia you are a superstar! 💫 Keep this confidence MiMi, keep teaching the world that different is truly beautiful 💕💕
Zašto ljudi žive u prošlosti? Ono što je već bilo-na to ne možemo više da utičemo,ali ono što je sada-možemo. Živi sada, a ne juče. Nasmej se i idi napred jer ti si tvorac svog života😊 . . #ottobock #prostheticleg #geniumx3 #smile #motivation #life #strength #strong #quotes #photography #nature #park #skirt #strong #amputee #amputeelife
お初な場所での講演! 和やかな雰囲気でとても優雅に気持ちになれた時間でした😊 場所は名古屋の老舗中の老舗! 大正時代からやっている料亭つたも😊😊😊 懐石料理も美味しいしこれぞ日本食🇯🇵 素材の味を活かす薄味! 好きな味付けでぺろり😊 こんなご馳走食べらるなら何回でも喋ります🤣🤣🤣 食べるのに夢中で写真を何も撮れなかったけど、イワナや川魚を #蔦茂 のオーナーさんが自ら清流に釣りに行って来た新鮮な魚! もー美味しい😍 美味しい物を食べるのって本当に幸せ🐟 今回は交流会でお会いした方からお誘い頂き、中部地区で経営をしている方々の前でお話をさせて頂きました。 内容は障害者とは? 私が何故世界を目指したのか? そんな内容です😊 とても素敵な時間は過ぎるも早くあっと言う間に終わってしまいました!!! お声をかけて頂いた小笠原様、平木様! きっかけを作って頂いた山本様! 出席をして頂いた方々本当にありがとうございました😊😊😊 これからも宜しくお願い致します😄😄😄 蔦茂の皆様も美味しい食事をありがとうございました🍽😊🍽 #つたも #料亭 #料亭蔦茂 #名古屋 #懐石料理 #講演 #障害者 #義足 #prostheticleg #義足スノーボード #義足でスノーボード #鈴木隆太 #交流会 #会食 #食事会 #日本食 #japanesefood #olmdigital #teampositive #lifeisgood #positiveryuta
My brother sent pics of his new prosthetic. Since he’s a science teacher , it’s a good match 👌🏽👍🏽😊 #prostheticleg #myheromybrother
I was given the go ahead to try my leg without physio. Another step closer to my walking goal. I had so many different goals before my accident but now I simply have one #fornow and that is to be able to walk on my prosthetic. Right now it is scary as I learn to balance as well as painful getting used to it. Patience is so important and one lesson I am definitely learning. I'm so grateful for how far I've come in such a short time frame and am excited to start living my new life with my leg. Life could be so much worse, for this I am grateful. #prosthesis #prostheticleg #footlessandfancyfree #whatwouldidowithoutfamilyandfriends #strengthfromwithin #patience #icandothis prosthesislady #belowthekneeamputee
This weekend I was reminded of a vital lesson I was taught: if you want something done do it yourself - Which I forget in a few aspects of my life; usually when I hear this quote it pertains to doing errands or chores; but sometimes it means financially or in friendship - Through finances if the person keeps putting it off the payment whether $2 or $2000 it’s more likely they are NOT helping you or they are NOT paying you back; which gets me mad if I let you use money for coffee or whatever I want my money the next day or when I see you I shouldn’t have to file a missing person report (lol) - I also feel this quote is good for friendship bec you shouldn’t feel guilty hanging out with someone like the opposite person shouldn’t feel guilty for hanging out with me; if you gave”better” plans or can’t did to fiancés even a coffee let me know I shouldn’t have to ask you to call or not I could lay at home n @netflix ☺️ima big girl I can handkerchief it :)
Take 5. Adaptive Stand up Tennis. Practice today.#adaptivetennis #adaptiveathlete #tennis #prostheticleg #prosthetics
Sitting in my “Archie Bunker chair”. #chillin #lazyday #lazyass #amputee #prostheticleg #leggings
"Lo que es la inocencia de los niños. Mi hija mayor(3 años y medio) por primera vez me pregunta el de porque yo no tengo pies, normalmente cualquier niño que me realiza la pregunta siempre le digo de que soy medio 🤖, ella se me quedo viendo y me respondió que yo no soy un robot, que yo soy su familia! De verdad me quedé sin palabra y con el corazón chiquito" - @joserocaubv 😌😌 #Amputee #amputeelife #venezuela #Ottobock #rushlife #venezuela #familia #lifewithoutlegs #prostheticleg #protesis #protesica #weekend
Truly an inspiration to many, many people across the world. If you want to achieve your goals, then ask yourself this: How bad do I want this? There are no excuses. Anything is possible 🎖. ➖ Follow 👉 @fitmoveinspire 👈. ➖ 💫$17 discounted Fat Decimator ($20 OFF) link in bio💫. ➖ @bionic_body . ➖
A heavy metal socket Saturday!! 🤘🤘 Our first Metallica socket, we can’t wait for the patient to get this one 😁🤩. #metallica #masterofpuppets #heavymetal #rockstar #rock #prostheticleg #prosthetics #legs #custom #handmade #craftsman #blackedout #blackout #amputee #abovekneeamputee @metallica
Check out the 3rd Place National Paraclimber, Rebecca and her new Evolv climbing foot! Go Rebecca! #prostheticinnovations #prosthetics #evolv #prosthetic #amputee #amplife #prostheticleg #adaptive #paraclimber #akamputee #adaptiveathlete #prolimb #rockclimbing #prolimb #believeachieve
Još jedan intervju! Kupite novine Lepa&Srećna i recite mi šta mislite 😊 Hvala @lepaisrecna.rs za ovaj divni intervju. 😊❤️ . . #Interview #newspaper #article #motivation #ottobock #geniumx3 #prostheticleg #strength #happy
Чувствую, как с каждой новой поездкой что-то меняется во мне. Увеличивается зона комфорта и появляются силы для новых открытий😊 ⠀ Каждый раз приезжая в новое место это как маленькую жизнь прожить. Столько разных событий и эмоций! И хочется уместить в этот отрезок времени как можно больше всего. Как можно больше почувствовать, услышать, увидеть. ⠀ Допью сейчас кофе и сново в самолет✈️ это такое счастье встретить рассвет в одном месте, а закат за тысячи километров совсем в другой стране 🌅😍 ⠀ #amputee #model #amputeegirl #amp #travel #travelingram #traveller #disability #prostheticleg #prosthetics #ottobock #amputeemodel #amputeelife #love #happiness #followmenow #likeforlike #liketime #likeme #likeforlikeback #likebackalways
Jiujitsu will never let you down ... . . from @renzograciebjj - Jiu-Jitsu. Pure Jiu-Jitsu. Please watch this clip to witness a display of pure Jiu-Jitsu. The kid not only had the spirit of a warrior but also was able to adapt himself on flight so that he could impose his technique. Perhaps one day I will meet both kids and learn from them. 🇧🇷🥋Jiu-Jitsu na veia. Veja este vídeo para uma demonstração de Jiu-Jitsu legítimo. O garoto não só tem o espírito de guerreiro mas também foi capaz de se adaptar às circunstâncias e com isso usar sua técnica. Espero conhecer estes dois garotos um dia e aprender um pouco com eles. - #bjj #jiujitsu #handicap #prostheticleg #amazing #streetfight #fight
TAP WORLD TOUR USA OPEN 2017 in TEXAS!! SAVE THE DATE!! December 7 - 9, 2018. 嬉しいお知らせが入りました。 今年のUSA OPENの開催日程が決まりました。 12月7日から9日まで、開催地はヒューストンです。 大会参加の詳細は9月10日まで発表となります。 TAP TOURとUSTA TEXAS支部が主催です。 日本からの参加希望者はまずはJASTA代表・柴谷までご一報下さい。 どうぞ宜しくお願い致します。 #adaptivetennis #adaptiveathlete #tennis #prostheticleg #prosthetics
30 days post above knee amputation and they have us walking. It’s amazing!!! #amputee #prostheticleg #prosthetics #dementia #ilovemydad #abovekneeamputee #dementiasucks
So if you’ve been watching my IG story I’ve been out with my son and you guys must think oh she must be buying pizza 🍕 cheeseburger 🍔 and chicken 🍗 tenders... oh I WISH and dare to DREAM!! - I pack Christian’s n I food with Christian having various snacks n food 👨‍🍳 while I’ll have ChICkeN Brussels broccoli 🥦 and other OmJ amazing 😉 food that #iifym - I’m allll about the #gym so I’ll hit it prior to going out bec #priorities and it helps me get my protein intake with @1stphorm if you watched my story today I drank one of my #1stphorm protein shakes while on the hayride #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #0to100
This was the moment that I found out for myself that above knee amputees can run up walls. I’ve seen a lot of one-leggers accomplishing these obstacles without a prosthetic on and that’s cool, but I found this moment to be incredibly empowering in my first attempt up. Even more so than I would have if I had to have 20 people help me up without my leg on. When I first faced down this wall, I definitely felt pressure and worry about failing. Then, I realized that I would only learn from it, win or lose. What did I learn? You can use your prosthetic as a freaking catapult! And it’s AWESOME!!! #amputeeathlete #adaptiveathlete #iamadaptive #lifewithoutlimitations #amputeeswholift #getrugged #ocr #amputeestrong #amputeelife #amputee #whatsyourexcuse #ossur #dreamsreimagined #fillauerallproallstars #obstaclecourse #iwin #adaptive #prostheticleg #exercisesciencemajor #endurancetraining #balancetraining #strengthtraining #personaltrainerlife #adaptivesports #ruggedmaniac #exerciseismedicine #dontsettle #overcome #obstacletraining
When you bring a level of intensity into your workouts as if you are fighting for your life, you will see a whole new level of progress. A whole new level of sore comes with it! If you think for one second that badguys aren’t out there hitting the gym, making strategies to get one over on you and being committed to THEIR goals then your crazy and your blind. All of you emergency services out there and our military around the globe, open your mind to the realization that you gotta out monster the monsters if you want to make it home everyday! To all my blue family, be safe, hold the line every single day, always be good backup and train your asses off! Train like your life depends on it, IT DOES! #grind #amputeestrong #amputeeswholift #aleafoffaith #kratom #pain #amputeelife #noexcuses #ossur #ossurcorp #prostheticleg #bionic #amputee #whatsyourexcuse #copslivesmatter #policelivesmatter #webleedblue #wegotyoursix #backtheblue #bluelifefamily #bluelinestrong #bluelinefamily #protein #eggwhites #eggwhitesint @thinbluelinefamily @bluelinebeasts @teamblueliners @blue_lives_matter_too @police_of_america_ @barbellsandbadges @thinbluelineusa @thinbluelineink @crowe_bocop www.eggwhitesint.com Order by phone and mention me by name for eggwhite discounts 💪 bluebloodmonster15 - 15% off @ www.barbellsandbadges.com
Walking into this weekend feelin good, feelin great. How bout you? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #adventureamputeecamp #feelingoodfeelingreat #outkast #numberonecrew #feelinfine #wegotthis #herewego #lakeday #lakefontana #amputee #prostheticleg #prosthetics #noshameinourgame #weekendhasbegun #friday
Holmes Prosthetic Center family #prosthetistsoffice #prostheticleg #prostheticarm
Who’s ready for Baby Rosa takes her first steps with her new leg Friday?! 😁💪 #thatmightbetoolongforahashtag #imasuperhero #prostheticleg #tripawdlife . . You guys you guys, today is new leg Friday and guess what I did?? 😁 I fell down!! 🎉 Yasss! 😄 Okay that probably doesn’t make sense, so let me explain. 🤓 Today we were working on my new leg 2.0, which is staying on me much better than new leg 1.0 (phew! 😅). I got to try walking around with it on to see if I could shake it off (I thought the goal was for me to keep it on 🤔 but whatever you say smart people!). So with the help of some frozen yogurt motivation (thank you @thebearandtherat ) I got to take quite a few steps with my new leg!!! 😍 Then they took my new leg off so they could readjust it and when I went to walk, I forgot my new leg wasn’t there and I face planted on the floor. 😳😂 And that’s amazing!!! 🎉 That means that having my new leg even for a few minutes was enough for me to already rely on it for walking!! 💙💙💙 I’m a perfect candidate!! 😇 Momager may or may not have cried a few happy tears (she definitely did ☺️). Plus my team (yep I have a team and I kissed them all 😘) learned a lot about my chicken wing and how to get my new leg to stay on...so they’re scrapping it all and building me a new new leg!! 😁 Okay so technically all these new legs are just test legs and not my real leg, but each one is a step closer to my new REAL leg!!! 😍 (see what I did there?? A step?? Ha! Reida’s helping me be more punny 😂). It’s been a pretty fantastic day. ☺️💙 . . 🌟 Discount Codes! 🌟 Use REIDA10 for 10% off @bluedogdesigns 🌺 Use REIDA10 for 10% off @thegoldenduoco 🐳 . . Be sure to say hi to #oursweetgoldenpups ! 🐶🐾 @golden_lily_girl @nola_the_golden @baci_and_banter @annabelle_nashville_beau @storm_thegolden @peytonthegolden_notmanning @2goldenboysandfitz @golden.retriever.ruby @theocornelisgolden
Here are some photos from Vicki and Bailey’s hilarious horseback adventure through the @Starbucks drive thru. You can check out the full story on our Facebook and YouTube pages.
Vicki is the sister of our @OptimusProsthetics #Columbus Clinical Manager, Tim Riedlinger. She stopped in recently to have her @Ottobockus_ca C-Leg microprocessor knee programmed for when she goes trail riding in the future. . Brothers being brothers, Tim dared her to go through the @Starbucks drive thru while riding her handsome horse, Bailey. For making their day, the employees at #Starbucks gave Vicki her drink for free! You can also check the video out on our Facebook and YouTube pages.
When the nhs give you two left feet - literally they made Amelia’s prosthetic and they made a left leg and not a right. Well we have got to keep it and the prosthetist is coming to correct it some time next week 😂😂#pffd #prostheticleg #prosthetics #limbdifference #limbdifferenceawareness #fibularhemimelia
Prosthetic legs comes in different shapes and sizes. While no prosthesis is as good as a natural limb, we pride ourselves at providing the best prosthetic devices fitted to each individual’s needs. . . . #Benporthopaedics #amputee #lifewithoutlimbs #prostheticlimb #prostheticleg #prosthetics #amputeelife #pretoriaorthotist #pretoriaprosthetist
We’re elated that the All-Terrain Knee was able to help restore Martin’s mobility. Great job by @swisslimbs and @avsi_foundation ! 🙌🏻 • Original post from @avsiuganda. “Martin is mobile again! ‘I feel comfortable, light and with no pain during movement. When I walk, people rarely identify me as an amputee. Thanks to AVSI Foundation and Swiss Limbs. Today, I am mobile’ - Martin Otimango, Kitgum District. • Martin works for a company that provides security services in Kitgum District. He has an artificial limb on his right leg but he is able to walk and ride his bicycle without difficulty.”
#fridayfeels in full effect with @kaylabolnick Congratulations! "I have been so lucky to receive an email stating I was one of the recipients for a grant this year. I’m very excited to receive a grant to help me compete in triathlons." -Kayla
Another unsung integral part of the new-prosthesis project? The wheelie stool, which I’ll pick second to hopping and above all other mobility devices. • • [image: me sitting on a wheeled stool next to the assessment room’s walker, manual wheelchair, and crutches. I’m showing off my Cane and Compass tshirt] #prosthesis #prostheticleg #orientationandmobility #summerfridays @caneandcompass
#tbt to the first time I went swimming! Momma says my nubbin paddle is 1000 times cuter than normal doggy paddle! . . (thanks for the help grandma @viridianfinds !)
Flash back to my first week with my prosthetic leg! I was still getting used to the weight, but now I am a pro! @bionicpets
Hi Instagram! My name is Miracle! I was adopted from @furbabyrescue07 . I was rescued after being left unwanted in Compton because of my deformed leg. After being passed over for months because of my deformity, the rescue found a sponsor to pay for a surgery to remove my leg, but then my momma adopted me, and loved my leg just as it is! (She loved it SO much, that she affectionately calls it "nubbin"❤️) She raised money for a prosthetic leg that I use when needed. I love to run around, play tug-o-war, cuddle, and hug with my nubbin! My momma thanks me for being her little Miracle everyday 🐾❤️
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