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Wunderwaffe Pistazien! 🌱 Im Ayurveda als Heilmittel verwendet gelten Pistazien wie andere Nüsse als mild wärmend und magenfreundlich. Pistazien verleihen neben Mandeln und Trockenfrüchten sowie zahlreichen Gewürzen vielen ayurvedischen Gerichten den letzten Schliff und entführen in die kulinarische Welt von Tausendundeiner Nacht. 🌟🌙 • Danke Dir @samiraphotostories für die tolle Momentaufnahme bei unserem Kochworkshop. Ich liebe Deine Bilder ❤️
// 👋🏼
I was so pleased with my parcel from @kikki.k last week. The book is a bit different from one I'd usually pick up, but I like the thought of taking some time each day to be calm. It's also got tips on making sure you're not running on empty, which I definitely need! The pink book is a journal, which I'm going to attempt to write little bits in each day so I don't forget the funny things our boys say and do. The fact that I started mid-January says a lot for my organisation skills 😂
Good morning! Today starts with watering and it's a good thing 🌵Do you have any plants or are you a serial plant killer? I am both, had to throw a cactus recently because it was all hollow inside and I hadn't even noticed!
Ahhhh, the weekend breakfast. Think I’m gonna go for avo toast and eggs this morning, keeping it simple with a good cup of coffee on the side! How about you? ☕️
Missing tower life and that incredible sea view we woke up to last Saturday with the @landmarktrust - The antique style breakfast set up was perfection. Enjoy your tea & toast today ✨
Souvenir from our sablé baking with @tookies.gambetta ! | Such a lovely day spent with @audew_etc @lancelotjuliet @mescoupsdefood @ateliernubio and @clangart 💙 | I can’t wait to bake sablés again! Happy Saturday!
Buenos días amig@s!! Caldereta de almejas con verduras, una deliciosa receta que ya tenéis disponible en la web. Voy preparando platitos? 🍽🍽 Feliz fin de semana!!! 😘😘. . Good morning friends! Stew of clams with vegetables, a delicious recipe that you already have available on the web. I'm preparing saucers? 🍽🍽 Happy weekend!!! 😘😘 . . http://irenecocinaparati.com/caldereta-almejas-verduras/ . . #receta #recipe #marisco #weekend #tastespotting #EEEEATS #top_food_of_instagram #sosavory #foodstyling #foodaffair #hautecuisines #pastrychefscooktoo #RSLove #foodvsco #eater #instagram #foodloverheaven1 #cookcuisines #foodporn #onthetable #comidasanagourmet #eeeeeats #platsipostres #photooftheday #thekitchn #foodandwine #gastrovictim #healthyfood #vegetarian #healthylife
My semester of 5 classes was oddly light until I smacked a job and 6hrs/day of lab work on top. And having caught a severe case of writer's block, I'm presenting these semlor gifs instead of the video + recipe for the ever famous swedish cinnamon buns that I was planning on posting. That, provided that I finish doing my 10 mile long to do list, will be posted by Sunday! #happyfriday wonderful people!
Nobu, in the Bu, with my Boos. 🍤🍣
/// When do you achieve self control? When you choose NOT to enter into your favorite (and most dangerous) store. 😂🙌🏻🛍#itsthelittlethings
Anniversary gifts from the best husband ever 😭 roses and a book I've been wanting to buy for awhile. We already owned the movie and the toilet paper, but he had this adorable plan of recreating our first date where we saw P.S. I love you in the theater and when I couldn't stop crying he went to get me tissues and came back with a huge bundle of toilet paper. It was the sweetest thing ever ❤️
who’s excited for dine around?! our big sis has a beautifully curated $30 menu for you to nibble on!! “Where carnivores and vegetarians/vegans collide. Our $30, three course Dine Around menu (from tonight until February 4th) has healthy, hearty & delicious options for all tastes! Reserve on our website” . . . . #livethelittlethings #myopenkitchen #mycommontable #saveur #still_life_gallery #pgminseason #foodandwine #f52grams #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #foodstylist #verilymoment #theartofslowliving #onthetable #lifeandthyme #beautifulcuisines #provenciallife @foodblogfeed #foodblogfeed #thatauthenticfeeling #aquietstyle #gatheringslikethese #rslove #buzzfeedfood #thebakefeed @thebakefeed #theartofslowliving #simplepleasures #huffposttaste #thechalkboardeats #eattheworld #hautecuisines #beautifulmatters
Marion Acres is more than just a #pastureraised meat farm, it’s a dream and it’s a story. You can read more about how we came to be and our vision for the future through the link in our profile. 👉🏻 @marionacres | photo: @silviusjames . . . . . #provenciallife #portlandeats #onthetable #theartofslowliving #portland #oregon #pnw #pdx #portlandia #pdxnow #portlandnw #live_PNW #local #pacificnorthwest #pnwcollective #simplelife #oregonexplored #pnwonderland #eattheworld #foodandwine #bonappetit #feedfeed #lifeandthyme #foodstyling #farmtotable #butcher #farmhousestyle via @SmarthashApp
This cake is bananas. Reminiscing about @donna.hay 's One Bowl Banana Cake that I made this week. We topped it with #zahavcookbook White Chocolate Labneh, a yummy dessert topping basically made by stirring white chocolate ganache into strained yogurt. 💛😋If you're looking for an easy & delicious baking project this weekend, I give this 👍👍.
Seeing as I didn't leave the house today and also got nothing done (🙃) have a throwback to our recent weekend in The Cotswolds aka the prettiest place on earth - highly recommend a visit if you ever get the chance, it was beautiful in wintertime 🌨💖
“He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” - Victor Frankl This pretty much sums up my Why, along with my passion to create successful biz owners, Travel fills me with so much joy. The long flights, the no-sleep nights are all worth it when you look out into the sea and she smiles back with so much Love. 🌊💙 If you still need help with your Why + your Biz sign up via the key in the bio, the ocean is waiting for you. 🔑 👑 💛
/// Up close and personal. 😍 #stevemaddenshoes
New shape. The longer one I made last summer, but I've been playing around with shorter lengths for a dessert/tasting spoon. These are a bit odd, and fun to make, as the handle comes off the bottom of the bowl. I spent a good portion of the morning, though, chasing a chipmunk around the kitchen and into the bathroom, where I finally trapped him. Apparently the cat brought him in and let him go. I finally cornered him into a trash can and got him outside, where he quickly disappeared into a hole in the ground. Kinda made my day, though, to start off knowing that I actually am smarter than a chipmunk.
....ponad rok leży ten len i czeka na baldachim... to tylko prowizorka na agrafki ...ale radość F. zmobilizowała mnie do uszycia go dzisiaj... będzie baldachim- namiot ...i nowe miejsce do zabawy....♥#baldachim #instamoment #momentsofmine #click_vision #tv_stilllife #tv_living #still_life_gallery #darlingmovement #provinciallife #provenciallife #polishhome #scandinavianhomestyle #scandinavian #scandi #myhome #roominspiration #nordic #nordicdecor #nordicdesign #homesweethome #greenhome #liveauthentic #natural #len #naturalhomedecor
Everybody talks about slaying on a Monday, but we find Fridays to be very productive too. The last push before a well-deserved weekend of rest. So pour that coffee, consult your to-do list and make those magic things happen before you switch-off for the weekend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: @acozykitchen
It’s Friday!! 🙌🏼 We want to thank you so much for such amazing shares last week! It’s a new week and that means we are ready to see your beautiful pics for #myfavoritedesignstyle !! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 . The details... 💫 Post and tag an original picture with your favorite design style, Friday(new day)-Monday. 💫 Follow all the hosts for a chance to be featured on all three accounts: ⭐️Caroline, @carolinededora ⭐️Stephanie, @dinunziohome ⭐️Ivy, @livingwithivy 💫 Tag a few friend(s) to play along! . A winner will be chosen and featured on Tuesday! We can’t wait to see all the wonderful design styles! I’ve tagged a few friends to get us started! . 📷: @six_in_the_stix . . #decorhashtagfeed #mydesignstyle #mydecorvibe #diningroomdecor #decorstyle #interiordesign #homedecor #farmhousestyle #farmhousedecor #eclecticdecor #bhghome #countryliving #homeinspo #homesweethome #interiorstyle #provenciallife #simpleliving
Jeg kan knapt forstå hvilken reise de siste årene mine har vært. Fra å gruble og grue meg og skamfullt fortelle familien og ungene mine at jeg trenger hvile og å ta hensyn til min egen helse (litt sånn hver eneste dag) , til å hjelpe en hel hurv med nydelige mennesker til å gjøre det samme.. 🌺 Fra å føle at jeg var på feilt sted, i feil jobb, feil alt, til å føle at NÅ er jeg akkurat her hvor jeg skal være, uansett hva framtiden måtte bringe. Fra å føle konstant uro, til en dyp grunnleggende ro ( men kaoset herjer fremdeles på overflaten! 😉) Fra å føle at helsen var helt ute av kontroll, til å forstå at kroppen ofte bare prøver å kommunisere med deg og få deg på rett kurs. Her på Yogalaboratoriet er jeg på rett kurs. Det humper og går, og noen ganger får jeg meg selv med et smell i bakhodet... 😂 Men det er vakkert som et eventyr.. Ha en fantastisk helg alle sammen! Og du, ta vare på deg selv. Du er så mye viktigere enn du tror! 🙏🏼😉🌸🌸
Flowers and a cheeky cat from yesterday 🌹 hope everyone has had a great week. I know I’ll be hibernating after a long and tiring week this weekend...
На что кроме огня и воды можно смотреть бесконечно? Призываю всегда и везде смотреть по сторонам 🧐 ⠀ В Москве вчера был снегопад, который парализовал движение в городе. Машина едет со скоростью 30-40 км, под колёсами сплошной лёд, тормозишь, а она продолжает ехать. А на пешеходном переходе люди, надвинув капюшоны до подбородка, мчат, не поднимая головы, и не смотря по сторонам, он же на зебре.. Ты их видишь, держишь дистанцию, а машина помимо воли водителя едет, а человек идёт, как-будто у него сто жизней, или он, как минимум, человек со сверхспособностями, готовый в любую минуту остановить тысячу кг железа. ⠀ К чему это я? Я призываю вне зависимости, пассажир вы или водитель, всегда смотреть по сторонам! Иногда это ещё и, как минимум, интересно и полезно - можно увидеть что-нибудь нужное и важное ;) ⠀ В Инстаграм все проще - смотри себе по сторонам, а вдруг встретишь мега полезный аккаунт или близкого по духу человека. ⠀ Вот, я год назад забрела к Насте @mama_uragana и осталась) Надо один раз сходить и посмотреть, а лучше послушать эфир, а ещё лучше - выиграть доступ к Настиному авторскому курсу. ⠀ А ещё, я благодарна Насте не только за знания, но и за новый круг знакомств! Наша активная группа поддержки - 🔥 Зимой и летом, днем и ночью @zam_oks @zelenaya.komnata @fotokorobka @anastasia_ok30 @main_and_mine @olkagalitskaya помогут, подскажут, поддержат) Мы все такие разные, но Настя нас объединила. А вместе мы сила и отличный клуб по интересам)) ⠀ А ещё я обещала Насте, что магазин должен быть магазином, а не мой Лайфстайл, но ничего не могу с собой поделать 🤦‍♀️ #ураганный_сфс2 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀***** #provenciallife #verilymoment #slowliving #onthetable #lifeandthyme #still_life_gallery #nature #hugge
Kto późno wstaje...ten o 13 je drugie śniadanie 😂😍 #śniadanie #wodazcytryna
[5/20]. The fifth instalment from my Still Images Award course portfolio. This was a hard one to crack. I started out by styling and shooting the octopus still raw. Not only was it hard to keep the mollusc in place due to its soft and slippery skin and the lack of skeletal support which made it sink in the pot, but the colour looked so pale and uninteresting in the photo. I had to find an alternative. My first thought was to grill it on the BBQ. However, I soon reckoned this was a high-risk option given that I had never grilled an entire octopus before and didn't have a spare one. I was completely lost. Then I recalled how mom used to boil octopus before frying it, to make sure that it is tender. --- Still, it was a shot in the dark (excuse the pun!), for I had never done it myself before. Alas, it turned out to be a fabulous trick. At first the change was hardly noticeable. Ten minutes in, the octopus began to puff up and the skin slowly took a nice brown hue. The arms opened like an umbrella which meant I could make it sit motionless in the pot with little effort. It felt like a little miracle! --- The great thing about food photography is that at the end of a shot you get to eat the food. Even greater is when the food happens to be your favourite. All the hard time was finally well rewarded!
W ten piątkowy poranek zycze Wam cudownego konca tygodnia 😁Nadchodzacy weekend zapowiada sie wspaniale! LOVE ❤️
It's been a very odd 7 days for me, so I'm SO relieved that the week is finally coming to an end! 🙌 . Tonight I'm heading off to Manchester to see my music baes @Paramore and I can't wait to dance and sing with my friends and basically have the time of my life. I haven't seen Paramore since June, so I'm uber excited to see them again! ✨🕺 . . (Supposedly I'm meant to put hashtags IN the post now, so let's see if it makes any difference 🙄) #flatlay #flatlayoftheday #flatlaythenation #abmathome #flatlayforever #livecolorfully #postitfortheaesthetic #slowlived #nothingisordinary #alifeofintention #onmytable #darlingdaily #lovelysquares #flashesofdelight #provenciallife #lifeandthyme #cosyhome #happyselves #petalsandprops #livesimple #abmhappylife #forahappymoment #seeksimplicity #myquiettime #petitejoys #calmversation
ale tak na początek to trzeba usłyszeć swój wlasny glos serca... i co ono tam gada do nas zrozumieć... co by dbać o siebie... kochać... i sobie samemu na przekór nie robić... . wodę mialam twardą... chlorowaną... źle mi z taką było... no to znalazłam filt... dba o zdrowie skóry... wskazany przy alergiach i AZS...no i... woda miękka... chlor zredukowany... i jest dobrze ... i niech sie dzieje... pozdrawiam kochani piątkowo... #morning #documentyourdays #provenciallife #provinciallife #happylife #vscopoland #inspiration #passion4interior #interior #wood #instagram #instamoment #cozy #bat #bathroomdecor #bathroomstyle #goodmorning #morningstories #morningscenes #morningmood #bathroompic #home #simplylife #simple #slowlife #filtrdowody #fitaqua #fitaquapolska #flowers #bouquet
Manifesting is way more than just sitting down and wishing. You need a plan. A really really good plan. And your focus must be on that plan and not the outcome. I know that is hard!! But meet the universe halfway. Let it do it’s thing while you focus on you and watch the magic unfold… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Money #bosswoman #business #bossbabe #freedomthinkers #huffpostgram #liveauthentic #liveessential #livethelittlethings #morningslikethese #pursuepretty #throughourlenses #thenativecreative #welovethiscity #womenempoweringwomen #theeverygirl #flashesofdelight #bandofun #darlingmovement #finditliveit #passionpassport #creativityfound #provenciallife #oneofthebunch #foundforager #thedulcetlife #curatedlife #findingmdagic #spiritjunkie
It’s a new year and I hope you’ve settled in nicely. I’m still writing the odd date wrong!! We’ve been busy with extended family visiting and some road trips. And it’s meant I haven’t any formal resolutions made for 2018. Part flow, part intention. I think my preference is to be little more fluid, rather than specific goals or overarching resolutions. I’ve tried the big list of resolutions in past years and often life then hands me a huge curveball (can anybody say impromptu homeschooling?) and then life gets less productive and more stressful as I strive to make the unexpected fit my previously made goals. In direct response, I’m thinking more about figuring out fixes or managing smaller issues. Small steps that aren’t tackling huge issues and will be more resilient in the face of life’s changing pathways. Because one never knows what might be coming. For instance, just doing ten minutes of extra physical activity a day. Or eating twice as many green leafy things as anything else. Ask my self a few questions before I buy something:Have I been thinking about this thing for the past month? Do I love it? Would I buy it if it was twice the price? I’ve put a few more things together that have made life simpler for us. They are over on the blog (link in profile). Feel free to check them out!
Swedish Sol. After revisiting literally the thousands of images from our summer workshop in Gotland - I can say there is a small edit of some of my favorites and a recap now up on the blog ~ follow the link in profile ~ I’m so excited to share it all, finally! in one place with you. It was wonderful to tune into the magic of this workshop again - editing photos and remember all the sweet savory delicious delightful memories for our week in Gotland - I left feeling truly inspired by the talent and passion of those with whom I shared this little corner of the world & I can’t express how nice it was to delve back into these feelings and this light of Gotland - it has me feeling inspired all over again! . . if you are interested in joint ya for this year’s workshop make sure to sign up to our mailing list for all the early details
ある朝 娘とワッフルを作る🍓🍓🍓 * * * 撮っておけば良かった!うちの娘さん 生地を入れすぎて こぼしまくり (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) * * 料理 頑張れ(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) #ワッフル #グルテンフリースイーツ
/// Introducing the “Part Two” to the previous post! This cozy / comfy sweater from @target is PERFECT for these cold mornings and is less than $30! 💕💕💕#pinksweaterweather
channelling memories of when weather was warmer, slush wasn't a constant threat & my body could feasibly process dairy products like this fig & peach yogurt bowl. also - hello to all 2k of you! Happy to hit that number this morning - I know in the scope of the very strange instagram world that's not unheard of but I'm pretty happy about it, thanks for tuning in for food pics & pretty spaces, etc. etc.
Barber shop 💈🛋📜
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