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This long-haired Beauty used to be mostly plum - we are slowly working our way back to bright blonde backed with the #olaplextreatment ...basic blonde isn’t for her, so we are keeping her ⚡️Wild Side⚡️ alive and well with that plum that we 💜 underneath ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #temecula #temeculasalon #temeculahairstylist #temeculawinecountry #temeculamoms #murrieta #murrietasalon #murreitahairstylist #murrietamoms #temeculaliving #temeculalivin #temeculahairdresser #temeculabalayage #feelparamount #longhairstyles #multitonalblonde #purplehairdontcare #purplehairaffair #longhairinspo #longhairstyles #mermaidhairdontcare #davinescolor #temeculablonde #peanutbutterjellytime #peanutbutterjellyhair #peanutbutterandjellyhair #regramhair #hairdresserworld
💜 PURPLE HAIR 💜 #throwbackthursday on a Sunday 😁 The moment when you just hit your #hairgoals and went all in to dye your hair the first time in 36 years 😱😍 Which is your favorite? Purple or blonde? Unicorn 🦄 magic by thehairstylish #lishmagic
Seeeeee we aren’t just weird people who talk online 😜👯‍♀️ quick story time: . I saw Faith post a transformation on Facebook. And she invited me to her bootcamp. And I wished that I could have the same results as her, but I was so reluctant to try what she was doing, because I had tried EVERYTHING. And I mean everything . Low carb, Mediterranean diet, 1,500 cals a day, cleanses, nasty protein shakes etc. etc. I even tried the wraps 🙄😳 long story short, I was tired of yo yo dieting and trying these quick fixes. . So I took a chance. I bought some dvds, got some superfoods that I would blend up as my breakfast, and I gave it 30 days. And I actually saw results ! I wasn’t starving, I was able to stop drinking insane amounts of coffee, and I felt happier. . Because she said YES, she got results. Because she said YES, she wanted to pay it forward. because she said YES, I was able to say MY yes. And I’m so grateful. . So when you see me sharing things like my workouts or my progress, just know I’m not doing it to say “go me” or to spam the shit out of you. Im sharing because I know that there’s someone out there who needs to see it. Who needs to see me share MY yes so that they know what they are capable of. That’s why I share so openly about my bootcamps and about my coaching journey. To keep this to myself would be selfish. Why would I say how much my life has changed and then say “but it’s just for me not you “ #rude . I now have a group of women that I can call my tribe. Who support my goals and we can dream together. Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings us 🌈❤️🍻are you going to give yourself a chance too? 👯‍♀️💙✨
How are you spending your Saturday? Storm prep? Getting ready for some football AFC/NFC championships tomorrow? Just taking a day off? Well, unfortunately, I have to work this weekend at the hospital. But I am thankful that I got a good stretch in today (Week 1 of 6 in the books!), and have a little time to relax before returning to work. I am also thankful that the kids are spending some time with their great grandparents this weekend so Brandon and I don't have to worry about them during snow clean up. Finally, I am thankful for my very short commute to work so hopefully getting home tomorrow morning won't be a complete nightmare. So this Saturday, I am thanking God for the blessings He has given me. What about you?
[ slide 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻] . ⚰️ RIP Skullcandy Hesh 2 Headphones.... ☠️ . 🎧 I fucking FINALLY reunited with Bose over-the-ear headphones again! The last pair of Bose I owned were the ones I purchased when I was in highschool. I ended up having to make an emergency call to my ex for new headphones, since he is the one who help shape & mold my eclectic taste in music, as well as introducing me to Bose in the first place . He did not disappoint, glad we can be civil li'dat because homegirl can't live without music. DAT BASS THO. 🖤 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #blondehairdontcare #longhairdontcare #twotonehair #purplehairaffair #tallgirls #hapagirl #mixedgirl #palegirl #musicflow #musiclovers #musicislife #headphones #bose #boseheadphones #headphonesoverhumans #musicismyescape #headphonesonworldoff #ootd #boho #hippie #romper #hangingoutwithmom #motherdaughter #motherdaughtertime #qualitytime #selfie #mirrorselfie #oahugrown #hilife #thatbasstho @bose @bennyjenni @spotify
Earning a living out of taking care of myself & teaching others to do the same is something I NEVER saw myself doing. ___ When I became a coach, I had NO CLUE what i was doing. I was 40lbs overweight, new mom, and was pretty down on how my life was turning out {just being honest}. ___ Now I could’ve sat back and just been ok with everything but I decided to take a chance and even if I ONLY got more fit outta the whole opportunity well it was worth it to me cuz i was miserable in my body. ___ Now I’m obsessed with paying this thing forward! Starting Monday I’m sharing ALL THE INS AND OUTS of what we do as coaches. And I want YOU there. ___ If you’re someone looking for more accountability, extra income, time freedom, purpose then you don’t want to miss out! ___ Click the link in my bio or drop an emoji below and I’ll add you in!
I've been obsessed with rompers/jumpsuits lately. It's like an adult onsie... . (Sidenote: the only downside is having to take it off completely & being naked while using the bathroom. Literally in my most vulnerable state, completely exposed. Total design FAIL). 🙄 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #selfie #mirrorselfie #blondehairdontcare #longhairdontcare #dyedhairdontcare #purplehairaffair #twotonehair #palegirl #tallgirls #hapagirl #mixedgirl #twotonehair #tallgirls #boho #hippie #ooftd #romper #blacklikemysoul #fringepurse #chokernecklace #choker #chokeher #headphones #headphonezone #headphonesoverhumans #headphonesonworldoff #oahugrown #hilife
D.I.Y Friday👩🏾‍🔬 Get your own fierce look with a great tutorial by @CocoaCurls87 on how to create a Crochet Braids 💯😻 SENSATIONNEL CROCHET BRAIDS LULUTRESS 2X DEEP WAVE 8 #pg_69932915
Do your kids like olives? My kids go crazy for them. And apparently, putting them on the ends of your fingers is the only way to eat them 😁 So what about your kids?
What makes you feel powerful? Today's workout was beyond powerful both physically and emotionally. I left it all out there on that step. Then I had a good cry, and let it all go! I have to say, I am so thankful that God gave me this amazing body. Not to say it looks amazing, but that the way our bodies function and move and survive is literally awesome. And when I workout and see what this body is capable of it leaves me sitting in wonder. I am also thankful for the people that God put in my life to support me emotionally and spiritually. They came along right when I needed them most. All of this makes me feel powerful in the faith and power of my God. What makes you feel powerful?
I find there are two types of audiences. Which one are you? The ones who back up when the bed of nails is revealed. Quiet gasps and shaking heads. And then there are the ones who want to run up and touch it. (dont do this 😂) 📸 Photo captured by Michael Redmond of @mlrimages #ladyyounglove #performerlife #sideshow #sideshowbabe #showgirl #showlife
You know what the best part of this breakfast is? That I get to eat all of it! You see, normally, if I make eggs, the kids come upon me like vultures, and eat a good chunk of it. But today, they are at my grandparents so it is all mine. What foods do your kids always steal from your plate?
It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it GREAT! Day 4 work out done ✅
Hey guys...head over to my Facebook page and check out the live I just did! Coach Kat's No Gym Family Fitness
σհ ᗰY 🌟 ηίɡհϯ ϯίʍε 🌟stars . . . . Holy rainbow color transformations on one my favorite colorful beings @skeeterella . . . @pulpriothair Is the paint 🖌 . . . . #delawarebalayage #delawarecolorist #modernsalon #behindthechair #americansalon #haircolor #bluehair #balayageartist #purplehair #undiscoveredhairstylist #citiesbesthairartist #framar #mermaidhair #hairofinstagram #unicornhair #hairgoals #vibranthair
⚠️Accountability post!!!⚠️ This weekend I'm performing a new act for the East Coast Spirit Sessions. I'm nervous. It's completely different than anything I've created before. I'm afraid that if I don't say anything, I'll bail. So, this is me, telling you, so that HOPEFULLY, I won't chicken out 🐔🐥 Tagging a couple people to keep me on track. Photo captured by Michael Redmond of @mlrimages #ladyyounglove #ecss #ladiesnight #sideshowbabe #sideshow #accountability
Guess what today is? First day of preschool for this smart little girl! We are homeschooling. And I have to say, I think she did really well for her first day. She stayed pretty well focused even with brother wandering in to see what was going on. Mommy and Daddy are proud of her!
the one time i did my own color . using pulp riot in velvet and nemesis
This is what purple dreams are made of!! This beautiful color was created by @kgolding77 💜💜💜
What makes you feel strong? Today, it was one particular move that made me feel super strong. It was called a raised plank jack. I don't even know why. I normally hate plank jacks. But I loved this move. And I felt invincible while doing them. So what makes you feel strong?
What do you like about yourself? Most of you saw my post yesterday. Well this was right after this. This was after I completed an awesome 20 minute workout with Shaun T. I cried again during the workout, but for a different reason. My daughter was working out beside me. This time I cried because this is the way I want to be a role model for my daughter. Being healthy and taking care of my body. These were tears of joy! And I said I was going to start model positive behaviors regarding this wondrous body that God has made! So even though I am sweaty and grimy, I love how blue my eyes are right in this moment. My eyes are actually a gray blue which is even more rare than blue blue eyes. And for this I am thankful. So what do you love about yourself right in this moment? I hope you will join me in promoting positive vibes when we are taking about our bodies. Let's be exceptional role models for our children!
Words to live by (written by Me 😉). . . There's always going to be unfinished items on your To-Do list, unproductive days, a missed workout, a crappy eating day, a bad mom day, a bad wife day. . . If you're lucky enough to wake up to see another day, none of that matters. You've been given a second chance. A chance to do better than you did yesterday. So do that! Don't coast through this life, repeating your mistakes every day. . . It all begins with one positive thought, so why not begin your day with a positive thought?!? . . Repeat after me🗣️: . . My name is (insert your name here). I am confident, capable and a better person than I was yesterday. I am a good parent (or fur baby mom, or goldfish whisperer). I am a good spouse (or partner, or friend). I have the power to make today a great day, and today I've been given a second chance to do just that. I'm going to take the bull by the horns, rock the heck out of this day and make progress in every aspect of my life! . . Now yell at Alexa or Google (or whoever your digital slave is 😂), and tell her to play some Gangster Rap and DANCE IT OUT 💃(like you're Meredith Grey and Christina Yang). Guys, today is going to be an awesome day!
always love a fun transformation 💜✂️
Without rain nothing grows. It’s time to embrace the storms in your life 🤙🏼
What makes you ugly cry? So I am not posting this to make anyone feel sorry for me. I am posting this to hopefully inspire others. Read the rest of this and you will understand why. So I am starting a new program today. I haven't even done the workout yet. This actually has nothing to do with the workout. So why am I ugly crying? This program comes with episodes where you meet the cast and see what they are going through during this process. It is the behind the scenes stuff. So while I am drinking my "super power powder", I am watching these episodes. And in the very first one, one of the cast members is talking about how when she talks about herself negatively that this is what she is modeling for her daughter. Talk about being hit with a ton of bricks! I know a lot of people think I am super self confident. I am very motivated. I am always busy because I don't like sitting still. And because of this motivation, I think it comes off as confidence. But really most days...I feel like a failure at life. I feel like a failure at being a wife. I feel like a failure at being a mom. I feel like failure at being a nurse. I feel like a failure at being a coach. I feel like a failure at being a good friend. You get what I am saying.... On top of all this, I hate my body. I have stretch marks, loose skin, my pores are too big, my face is too long, and the list goes on and on. And when I criticize the way I look, my daughter sees this. When I feel like a failure at life, my daughter and son see this. What on earth am I modeling to them? Is this how I want them to feel? Is this the person that I want to be to them? No! No! No! (And the tears are flowing...) So I need to stop. I need to stop being negative about myself. I need to work on improving me. I need to be a better role model. I need this for me and for them! I need to do what Shaun T says. I need to look in the mirror and find one thing I like about myself and go with it. So that is what I am going to do every day. I hope you will join me. I am going to post every day about a thing I like about myself. Will you join me? So that is my ugly cry story. What is yours?
Yeeeey! They have arrived! 💞💞💞 @cloudninec9 Thank god! My hair was NOT on fleek today! 🤣🤣 #newhairtools #fringeessentials #purplehairaffair
Alright day 1 work out done but let’s be real the work has just begun. I’ve got all day to beat my mental battles and stay strong. ___ When I took those before pix yesterday I sat and picked apart my body, yes I’m human and I do that too. Then I realized that it’s time for me to STOP and recognize all the amazing things my body has done. For me this program is about gaining SELF WORTH! ___ Ladies this isn’t just about the physical transformation, yes of course we all want abs & perfect legs BUT if we don’t work on the internal struggles we will NEVER be happy with our bodies. ___ It’s not to late to join. I’m looking for 5 more ladies, only 5 who not only want to transform physically but who are truly looking forward to getting over a mental hurdle!
Remember a few hours ago when I said the kids had been good all day? Well...here you have a "open mouth, insert foot" moment 🤦‍♀️ Because a little boy🏃‍♂️ and little girl🏃‍♀️ started fight over a toy, and then a little boy got hit with said toy by little girl. 😑 So now Lucas has a small cut under his eye, and will probably have a black eye tomorrow morning... They have made up and are best friends again, but still... So what are your "open mouth, insert foot" moments?
What do you consider a good day? Today, I didn't leave my house which after being gone all day yesterday was nice. The Patriots won their playoff game today! The kids were good while I had my virtual training today. I got a good workout in today. And... Got my Turbo Kick certification today! Such a fun class! So watch for me offering this in the Augusta area soon. That was my good day. What does a good day look like to you?
@gardenssnake made me beautiful! 👾🔮💜🕉😈 . . . #purplehair #purplehairdontcare #purplehairaffair #purplehair 💜 #purplehairgang
Comment what brand of tooth paste you use
Friends.....its time! ___ It’s time to be unapologetically YOU, F everyone else. It’s not your job to make xyz happy. It’s your job to make YOU happy and that will have a ripple effect to those around you. ____ BE YOU! ___ If you aren’t happy with YOU then it’s time to do something about that and I’m here to help you. Tomorrow is always a new day, you ready to make a change? 👭👇🏼
Decided to see how i’d look like with purple hair🦄 😜 #purplehair #purplehaircolor #purplehairdontcare #unicornhair #unicorn 🦄 #hairpurple #purplehairgang #purplehair 💜 #purplehairaffair
She watered her own garden. She nurtured her own seeds. She blooms for herself. - RH. SIN ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #poetryporn #makeupoftheday #changingforme #growtheflame #purplehairpixie #purplehairaffair #rhsin #lifetransformation #itsamood #fridayfeels #hudabeautyfoundation #lifeincolor #arcticfoxhaircolor
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