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A : “itu kamu benerin bajunya biar fotonya bagus” B : “iya iya beb iya”
Rise and shine 🍃🍃
The ghost that you've been chasing coming closer ✌️
Selamat pagi ✌️
Tanjakan terbaik sampe mual liat nya 😅 btw pipinya tumpah tumpah beb 😂
Waktu zaman kuliah baru beres kelas malem nongkrong di Kabel (kantin belakang) , pasti pesen nya jus bunda , kalo engga chicken katsu yg 11rb an , terus foto ini diambil candid tea , ngakak so hard garagara saya tikait kena tihang dan tikosewad 😂😂
Stayin’ alive
Selamat pagi,pagi,pagi warbyazah #buatygtautauaja
Powerpuff 💥✊🏾 @tlondonagency
sit back and enjoy the ride 🤙🏾 @tlondonagency
Melanin goals @i_d 🙌🏾 @tlondonagency
Outfit inspo: Big Bird’s mistress ≫≫
Ya udah atuh iya beb #buatygtautauaja
Can't hold us down ✊🏾
New Year..... New shoots 📸 for @i_d @tlondonagency
We as humans go through many stages of different kinds of pain and suffering in our lives. What makes us so unique is our tenacity to fight back, learn from our mistakes or misfortunes and get back up. We forget how strong we really are, here’s to reminding ourselves how much strength we carry. Meet @kayla_tamzyn AKA “Bunny” and this is part of her story. “At the age of 11 years old on the 5th of December 2008 i was diagnosed with cancer, It was a fairly traumatic experience for a 11 year old purely because this was all new to me as well as my mother. through it all she was calm and cool which gave me a sense of ease. in total i had 4 operations 1 Bone marrow extraction and 1 Bone marrow autograph, I stayed in isolation for 4 weeks during my bone marrow autograph due to the fact that my immune system was so low for example. The average white blood cell count of a healthy person is 17.000 when you are sick it gets lower but must never be less than 4.000 when i was booked into isolation mine was 0.300 which means a simple everyday bug would be potentially life threatening. along with all that i developed a fever of 46.7 Celsius 116.06 Fahrenheit because of my fever being so high my skin started peel. I essentially got a new layer of skin. then a very very bad throat infection followed. through everything my mother was there. no matter what. the first year she slept in the hospital with me, I don’t know how she did it, we stayed in Bellville and my hospital was in Constanita she worked in Parow for 3 years that was her route she traveled. towards the end of my journey I remember looking at her while we were in the hospital park and thought "my mom is so strong" and that she still is today.” #inspiration #humans #portrait #portraits_ig #portraitpage #portrait_perfection #pursuitofportrairs #human .edge #featurepalette #bleachmyfilm #portraitmood #featurepalette #rsa_portraits #makeportraits #profile_vision #top_portraits #life_portraits #postthepeople #quietthechaos #2instagood #way2ill #justgoshoot
He por si aun no se dieron cuenta estoy enamorado de encuadrar fotos con la ayuda de la naturaleza
they never learn
they never learn
beyond the point
of no return ( @honor_es #honor7x )
Las calles son nuestras, aunque el tiempo diga lo contrario
Sans ae 🍃
Yang peting A6 ✌️✌️
El amor mas toxico que conozco es entre mis rodillas y el encuadre. Esto es lo que les contaba hoy en el video, gracias Botánico por todo lo que nos das.
Medpageh 🍃🍃
Si jagur ini emang terbaiks , banyak ceritanya 😅 #buatyangtautauaja
С Новым Годом!!!🤶🏻🎊🎄💋🎅🏼
Setelah seharian kekebulan papanasan 😅 #antilogorlogorclub
🌈. Shout out to @peytonsuzanne_ for being an amazing photographer and always keeping it real 🤘🏼
Indahnya pemandangan , banyak.......
Когда мама заставляет фотографироваться ⛄️🤶🏻
Medpageh , bawa lakem aja 🌞
Виступ 2🍩
Виступ 1💕
Riding yuk....
Senyumin aja shay 😁
С любимым братиком на Рождество дома!!✨🎊🌲🤶🏼🎅🏽❄️⛄️❄️🌌🌃🌠
Selamat malam minggu , mandiri ☺️
Мое новое любимое увлечение👍🏻😜🌟🎾🥇
Satu kurang kalo dua kebanyakan....... *mie instan*
Las flores crecen nuevamente y el clima siempre vuelve a cambiar mirando al futuro con desafió yo tengo que estar  Portrait
Была очень рада выступать в самом красивом месте в Одессе на сцене Оперного театра 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
Medpageeehhhh , bandung serab 🌞😎
Скоро самый классный праздник🎉🎊🎄🎁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Nada como rellenar el encuadre  #Portrait
Right behind a camping spot close to Nelson Bay was a massive sand-dune which looked liked being in the middle of the desert. On top there was a beautiful sunset and wind which just seemed too good to be true. We enjoyed that surreal place as it was one of many unique places we could experience on our journey up the Australian East-Coast. Im glad I brought my camera over there as I first was a bit skeptic about all the fine sand flying around and sometimes I get tired of always carrying my camera around, worrying about the electronic and sometimes not being able to enjoy a moment as easy as I wish I could. But on the same time I wish I could always capture everything I see right on time. - - - - #theoutbound #thevisualvogue #agameoftones
A month has passed since we left Sydney and switched our cozy room in Glebe with the beautiful girls for a Campervan and a lot of rain. But after the rain came sunshine and even our roomies can't ever be replaced we had a good time, saw lots of stuff and met some amazing people. Now, after 4 hours of sitting in an uncomfortable plane we landed in Bali and Australia is officially over.. Though I'm a bit sad I'm excited for what to come and I'm thankful for this adventure. La vida loca - like good old Ricky Martin would call it. ❤ - - - - #sydney #bluemountains #waterfall #tittysout
I’m the troublemaker in the neighborhood
This is not a fairytale
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