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Jimbaran, 2018
Young Mem is looking for his first streetwear collab.. Who wants to sign him? @supremenewyork x @vans I got you 😂
MANAJEMEN (Mantan Bisa Jadi Temen ) #behahahaha 😊
I’m ready now
When Chance The Rapper said “but you can’t buy back time, that’s just not how it works” I felt that #nightshot #nightshooters #windowview
This is your reminder that healing doesn’t happen overnight. Like all good things, healing takes time. Not only does healing require and demand time, it requires our patience. Healing demands us to be compassionate with ourselves. Healing needs us to walk through every single path we are given so that we can learn, grow, and evolve how we need to. When it comes to healing, we need to remember that although our bones may ache, we are in the process of creating something much stronger. We need to remember the things that broke us and we need to remember that we are still whole with or without them. We need to remember that adjustments take time and we need to remember that transitions are hard. We need to stop being so hard on ourselves to cure our pain overnight. We need to stop trying to fast forward our lives so that we can skip over the pain and we need to start learning how to live through it instead. It takes time to remember who we are and who we aren’t. It takes time to pave our way to better days. It takes time to create a new belief system, one that can actually benefit us through our grief. It takes time to learn that pain is merely a teacher, and everything we go through is simply a learning opportunity. So remember: healing is not an end result, it’s not your final destination. We don’t magically come to a place where we feel better and all pain is lost. There is no such thing as ending up in a place where we are fully healed. Healing happens on the journey that we embark on with ourselves to feel better. That’s when healing happens. We do not heal overnight, we heal through the night. Over and over again. Night after night. Words: @leena.sanders Photo: @audriestorme
No dejes que muera hoy el sol, no dejes que salga sin tu amor.
Being pregnant is supposed to be the happiest time in your life ... From @agipalaydrus & @teukurajaakbar
Throwbacks⚡️Life is filled with opportunities at every corner, never stop paying attention. 📷: @bo.to
Jackie in Austin. Polaroid 667
Come let’s watch the rain as it’s falling down
Blame it on love
Cold season appropriate.
Being happy is a very personal thing and it really has nothing to do with anyone else 🌼
“that’s what” -she
Wearing a shirt, I promise. I just have no boobs so it sagged down and it’s nude colored.. sorry not sorry
waiting to re up, breaking the weed up
We put it out to the universe and it finally happened! A real bride wearing a black dress 🖤🖤🖤🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼. She is a modern style darling with an epic bouquet from @solabeeflowers . Image by @oliviastrohmphoto 〰️ Beautiful hair and makeup by Alyssa ♠️ . . . . . . . #quietthechaos #radlovestories #authenticlovemag #belovedstories #blackweddingdress #modernwedding #coopershallweddings #portlandstyle #pnwcouple #bridestyle
Picture day at school, so naturally we do photos at home too. #aliciagrey
Felt like a peasant walking through the second biggest cathedral in the world
* I'm the board, the lightening, the thunder Kinda girl who's gonna make you wonder Who you are and who you've been #halo - Amazing project we did with the most talented team 🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Mua: @fg.makeupstudio @siemprefernanda Model: @priscillast_
Oh you know, just some casual pictures @target 📸😆(1/3)
Blue sky
Tropical vibes 🌎🌅🌴 . . . . . . . . @wonderfuldestinations_ @hello_worldpics
Quién florece en soledad, no se marchita en compañía. - @zabgandrade
Hey everyone! This is another post I hate to make but it’s something that needs to happen. I’ve had 5 cancellations just this week, some with fair notice but most with not so much. I didn’t want to have to do this for everyday sessions but from today on I will be requiring a $100 non refundable deposit required to put you in my books. I will absolutely work with you if you have reasonable cause to cancel, but I can no longer accommodate clients that are not seeing their sessions as a bigger priority. I’m losing so much time and money that I just cannot afford to lose. It’s unfair to me, and it’s unfair to the multiple clients I have to turn down because I don’t have openings during their desired time frames. Thank you everyone for understanding. 💕
Kendal aka young prodigy aka most gorgeous human ever
Me declaro un seguidor Acérrimo del Cine Sur Coreano, desde que vi la Primera Película "Memories of a Murder, The Man from nowhere, I saw the devil etc..." quede fascinado, y en homanaje a los grandes directores de aquel continente es que hago esta fotografía! Dejo algunos de mis Directores favoritos... . -Kim Ji-woom -Lee Jeong-Beom -Bong Joon-ho -Na Hong-Jin -Won Shin-yeon . . . Como prometi ayer les comparto algunos tips de fotografía creativa. 1.-Usa siempre diferentes angulos de vision,  y planos que hagan de tu fotografía algo diferente, si estas haciendo lo mismo hace ya un tiempo, siempre es bueno cambiar, eso ayuda a tu desarrollo mental. 2.-trabaja siempre la fotografía por partes en Photoshop, eso te ayudara a tener mas control en toda la foto, hay veces en que la luz no estaba tal como la querías y vas a necesitar hacer algunos cambios. 3.-se constante en tu estilo y busca tu sello, pero no te cierres a mas estilos fotográficos, siempre se aprenden nuevas cosas mirando a otros diferentes a ti. 4.-busca una Historia dentro de cada foto, la gente agradecera la dedicación en cada una de tus obras, tómate tu tiempo y no subas algo si no estas bien seguro. 5.-invierte dinero en Tutoriales, si puedes pagar. hazlo, vas a tener un punto de vista después de eso, la plataforma de youtube esta llena de videos, ojo con los Rusos, yo aprendí con ellos... . . . Use #ElitePhotoChile 👌😏 . . . #thefotografosinfluencers #contestcaromicc #alltheoceanblues #cinematographer #chilegrammers #chilean_moods #colorgrading #portrait_shots #colorcorrection #betaphchile #portraitpage #portrait #fabulusshoot #yeyophotos #carlosalberca #bravogreatphoto #visualambassadors #nextvisualportraits #yourvisiongallery #photohunted #porsuitofportraits #awesome_vision #ftwotw #quietthechaos #immaginory #agameoftones #lovingportraits #highlightscl #cinema
《E S P I R I T U》Esta es una de esas fotos que venía rondando en mi cabeza hace ya 3 años, y no había podido llevarla a cabo, pero hoy ya no solo esta en mi mente, si no que ahora puedo compartirla con ustedes, lo bello de la fotografía😊😏 . . . Pd: Gracias a Aldair, por la confianza, y mis ayudantes de hoy; Gisselle y Alexis! . . . Follow #ElitePhotoChile . . #thefotografosinfluencers #contestcaromicc #alltheoceanblues #cinematographer #chilegrammers #chilean_moods #colorgrading #portrait_shots #colorcorrection #pr0ject_soul #portraitpage #portrait #fabulusshoot #yeyophotos #carlosalberca #bravogreatphoto #visualambassadors #nextvisualportraits #yourvisiongallery #photohunted #porsuitofportraits #awesome_vision #ftwotw #quietthechaos #immaginory #agameoftones #lovingportraits #highlightscl #igtones
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