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Fall and winter combined 😎
Unbroken // 📷: @paused.the.world
It’s lit
It’s a @breakfastsupply photo shoot, what a surprise. But hey it’s always fun with friends like @li.annie_ 🥇
“Can we stop at the beach?”
Business Headshot Part 2 of 3.
Model @antho__hz
Confidence is key. A key is only as good as the lock it opens. I have confidence that my family and friends liek who I am. If my confidence allowd me to open them up more to me, I'd say that lock is holding something precious. Stay confident! Trust me someone will love you and want to unlock more about you! * * * * #adventure #photooftheday #mexico #friends #confidence #positivevibes #me #young #strong #brave #tough #riseandgrind #openmyworld #quietthechaos #growth #beyou #moment #capture #model #joy #beautiful #artsy #instalike #likeforlikes #followforfollowback
Vídeo realizado para @danielmunoztattoo // impecable en todas sus obras 👌🏼👊🏼
Rod the bod! We’ve been friends for almost a DECADE and I can honestly call it a privilege. You were my lifting partner when I got back from Iraq, we both have the same affinity for a good shopping trip, and let’s just say we tend to keep it a little more than real with those who’ve gotten a little edgy with us (DM me for those stories haha). You’re the type of guy I know who always has my back and while you’re as tough as nails, I know that incredible, sensitive side that shows such a wonderful passion for others. I’m looking forward to witnessing your journey as both a loving father and husband. Oh, and THANKS for exploring the forest with me on your wedding day. Love ya bro. And don’t forget to “GET LIKE ROB.” (Inside U of A Baseball reference And Gracia, I promise there are more pictures coming haha. Thanks for choosing me as your photographer!
It always seems impossible until it's done. // @thessentialist_
it’s like I’m whole again
double denim day? check
Saudades desse ensaio, temos que fazer outro em @biancazuqui ❤️
When I hold you like a flower, I hold you like an hourglass Hold you like you're the only thing I yearn
Iris & Hiago
i can’t believe fall was that short
Create an illusion to melt ya brain
“Steven, if you don’t get cooler, I am gonna find a different photographer.”⠀ ⠀ Perri, next time we shoot, I need you to tell me that so I have the proper motivation to get cooler. ⠀ 💃 - @perri_olson ⠀ 🎬 - @stevenleemedia ⠀ [captain dark vibes :: critical crew💥]
Petite journee au chaud du poele à bois, avec 0 maquillage, une doudou, un bon film et dla bonne bouffe qui m’attend pendant qui neige dehors. Ca me rend tellement heureuse 🥰❄️
THE QUEST II ▪️model @fortuna.mp3
That blue (Self portrait - front)
That blue (Self portrait - left)
That one (Self portrait)
That shadow (Self portrait)
That shadow (Self portrait)
Blushing plaster
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