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Just in case you needed a reason .. 🧘🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♀️
One of my fav spots to fall in love with summer nights and to just turn everything off... 💛 #meetmewheretheskytouchesthesea - - - - - #sunset #ocean #rock #quietthemind #inthemoment #summernights #sunset_pics #oceanview #sun #wave #waves #beach #nightsky #sea #clouds #water #nature #sky #beauty #reflection #shore
“Restful Blend has a #powerfuleffect 💪 on the 🧠 and 💜 It is a uniquely calming blend that invites individuals to relinquish feelings of stress, anxiousness and being overwhelmed. Restful blend can support those who struggle with an overactive mind and inability to unwind. From feelings of responsibility to feelings of worry - Restful Blend assists in quieting the mind and inviting calm.” - #EmotionsandOils #invitethecalm #quietthemind #worryless #stressless #restbetter #livebetter #mysleepysauce #restwelllivewell #wellnesslifestyle 💥💕👋💓😴✅❣️😘🤗 Link in bio. 👌 PM and/or comment for more info 😀
Couldn’t stop smiling working on the blog and some new things I’m cooking up. Working on some #surprises #exclusively for my #instagram #followers and a very special surprise/giveaway for my #blog #subscribers . Exciting times! #checklinkinbio #writer #blogger #empowering #motivation #cosmicenergy #higherconsciousness #ohm #meditation #yogi #quietthemind #prayer #spirituAl #healing #empath #energyhealing #energyreading
Good morning!
#balasana #childpose One of my favorite yoga postures. It is devotional to yourself, your practice, and the space in which you practice. It centers and calms me in just one breathe. It alleviates back and neck pain, and gently opens hips, thighs and ankles. If namaste had a posture it would be this. I bow to you- the sea, the sand, the waves, and all the love that fills this beautiful island 🙏🏼❤️ #bermuda #gratitude #summer #travel #explore #yoga #practice #quietthemind #meditation #namaste #kidsarealright #chloexhalle
So, I used to have a very regular meditation practice but it's fallen by the wayside over the past few months.I suppose I've never felt like I've needed it very much recently! This morning however, I was thinking maybe this is the perfect time to start up again because when I DO need it in the future it can be more effective. What do you think people? Do you prioritise your meditation regardless of how your feeling? #mindfulness #mindfullife #meditation #quietthemind #timeout #spiritualpractice #yogagirls #trustyourbreath #monkeymind #getsomeheadspace
• • • Lately I’ve been under a lot of stress and it’s impacted me both mentally and physically. I’ve needed to step back a little bit and really pay attention to my surroundings. I can’t express how important it is to protect your heart and your energy. Everything from your thoughts, the people you surround yourself with, the music you listen to, the things you watch on tv, the things you share on social media, it all directly affects your mental state and your piece of mind. I’ve been trying to focus on a healthy mind so that I can put the effort I need into what’s important which at this point in time all that matters to me is taking the steps I need to take to grow as a mother, to grow in my faith and overall as a person. Taking care of my mind and body are on the forefront of that because as I’ve always said you can’t pour from an empty cup! Much of my life has been a fight, a fight against myself, against depression, against my past. Today and everyday forward I’m going to do my best to worry less and be more present, to focus on the here and now because that’s the only thing I have any control over. Happy Monday! • • • #mondaymotivation #faith #selflove #fitnessjourney #postworkout #depression #mentalhealthawareness #mindbodyspirit #presentmindedness #worrylesslivemore #fitfam #khgirls #energy #qui #quietthemind #warrior
We are thrilled to be holding our first local meditation class of the year in Northcote tomorrow. Is your place of work in need of some de-stressing? Do you need help with wellness support for staff? Let us teach your team the importance of working smarter to improve overall well-being and performance. We teach simple meditation techniques that can be applied in minutes that are practical for everyday life. If you would like more information on how we can support you, your workplace or if you would like to attend a small meditation group then please contact us for further details. . . #atriba #holistichealth #meditation #mindfulness #wellbeing #mentalhealth #worksmarter #breathe #relax #wellness #quietthemind #mindsetconditioning #health #classes #smallgroups #work #corporate #professionals #darebincouncil #northcote #simpletechniques #contactus
A wall of #yawns . I admit I look like the centre one in the first row of faces when I don’t get enough sleep. I sometimes even growl through one too 🦁 . Yeah a yawn is my body telling me to perk up and stay awake so I #ownit . Same way when I open my yoga practice with a good #om 😍 . Maybe it’s a wall of oms instead?
Radiate the energy of serenity and peace and quit hoping for a better past #mindfulmonday . . . Root yourself in present and be courageous to practice your inner peace ,💛 🔸 Monday Mindful Yoga 6 pm - All level are welcome #serenity #soulglow #mindfulness #yogaeveryday
Ohhhh M O N D A Y nothing a little yoga can't fix 🌻 Just a little reminder: Not everyday is a good day, live anyway. Not everyone tells the truth, trust anyway. Not everyone will love you back, love anyway. Not every game will be fair, play anyway. Start your week with good energy! Join me on the mats tonight! YIN 5:30-6:45pm HATHA 7-8pm Peninsula Yoga on Gnostic (3 Chambers Pl, Woy Woy, Gnostic Corner)
Today I shared in incredible meditation experience with my daughter in a salt cave!! The energy was so amazing we both walked out with this beautiful sense of calm and connection. It is so important for each one of us to take time out of our day to quiet our mind and let our body know how grateful we are. Your body is a gift to be nurtured and taken care of from the inside out. #savoryoursoul #savoryourbody #savoryourmind
There are many reasons why I meditate. It calms my body easily. It connects me to my larger, more expansive energy, it heals my body and mind, and it shows me the wounds I hold within that need to be healed and released. But probably, one of my favourite parts of meditation, is the safe refuge from the facade of the outside world. 🌎 . . When you work on expanding your energy and clearing your mind a new awareness and perspective can begin to take place which reveals our society and culture to be the carefully manipulated construction it actually is. . . Social media, gossip, petty arguments, hate, constructed rules and laws, job titles, unhealthy belief systems and old outdated ways of living permeate our society. We feed off of attention. Most run around wearing masks, hiding their true selves, posting on social media highlight reels of their lives. None of this is reality. We live in a culture that places so much emphasis on being the best, impressing others, or striving to live up to some man made standard which was defined by people who know nothing about you. 👀 Wake up. 💡 . . Come back to your breathing. This can quickly, and humbly remind you, that you are a soul with a body. An energy. You are not your money, your clothes, your job, your status, your friends, your past, your social media posts or your reputation. You are energy. So when the pressures of society and fake worldly expectations become to much, know that you can always come back, to yourself. ✨🧘🏼‍♀️
It’s funny how after so many instances that I still try to hold on so tight to things I believe are the best for me. In the end I don’t know what’s best for me. What is best for me is to go with the flow and stop attaching to things that aren’t working out the way I want them to. Lol
As I finish up my art for the evening, I ran through a few postures to loosen my neck and help stretch my spine. This nice twist, groin stretch and heart opening with #utthita #malasana , or extended squat did the trick. It’s so common to see people going to the EXTREME with the #yoga images they share, but to #quietthemind and come into the #presentmoment all I need is a few basic postures, #consistent #breath and #flow . 🎋 #namaste #rebirth #rebuild #rebel
Yep, I’m back in wine country again! Even though I’m here a fair amount, it actually has very little to do with the wine (although that’s a nice bonus!). It’s because it brings me the ability to slow down, to go inward, and to spend time in the moments between things. Those moments of stillness are ripe for reflection. • • With a blanket spread on a vineyard lawn, friends by my side, and all the time in the world, the conversation flows as easily as if it were a tap we had turned on. And just as easily we sit in silence, wondering at the awe of what surrounds us.
Quiet the mind and the souls will speak 🌙 #meditation #quietthemind #tuneoutyourmind
It’s amazing what a little bit of quiet can do 〰️ Pretty soon after shutting down my laptop and turning my phone on airplane mode I had some very clear downloads - what I call the messages I get from self or spirit or intuition 🌀Some were more straightforward (THIS is how much you can charge for that, stop eating that food, ideas for blog posts and videos, etc) and some were more out there (including a 5 page message from a past partner’s soul... believe me I was pretty surprised myself) 👁 None of these would have come through so clearly or so quickly without quiet ⚡️ Finding and staying quiet isn’t always easy - there were definitely moments during the weekend where I wanted to talk to a friend, check Instagram or work on my laptop 🌳There were moments when nature didn’t feel as peaceful (buzzing flies and creepy spiders don’t show up in photos usually 😉), where my mind felt anywhere but calm. But this experience (as with all of my social media detoxes) reinforced the power of just being with self 🧘🏼‍♀️ Sitting in the discomfort and the feelings that come with quiet also allows us to open up to endless creativity, connectivity and real peace 🙏🏼✨ Will be sharing more about the weekend on my blog soon, until then this post is a reminder to you but mostly to my self to simply be quiet more 💗
Self-Work Sundays 🙏 Working on oneself IS always worthwhile 🕉 . The body becomes what the foods are.... . THE SPIRIT BECOMES WHAT THE THOUGHTS ARE... . #mindbodyconnection #mind_body #checkyourself #checkyourthoughts #balance #thinkgoodthoughts #chooseyourthoughts #seethegood #awareness #selfawareness #betheobserver #higherconsciousness #harmonize #innerpeace #quietthemind #meditate #insidejob #intention #align #mind #body #spirit #addlovealways 💞
we all have to reap what we sow, there's no way of avoiding that. when you harm others, you're really only harming yourself. it's simple, if you want good things to happen in your life, you have to be good🙃 ... #ss #dbz #dbzart #dragonballz #nostalgic #ifyouknowyouknow #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #stopdropandyoga #forearmstand #pinchamayurasana #balanceiskey #blessed #intentions #sacred #spaces #quietthemind #feedthesoul #thirdeyeawakening #practicenotperfection #vegan #veganaf #vegangirls #veganstrong #loveismyreligion
Sometimes the productive weekends feel like the best spent weekends, at least that’s how I feel at the moment. I made sterling progress on my Bureau renovation, repotted spider plant babies in some beautiful old terracotta pots, spent lots of time out in the sun, got a bit of letter writing done - even some time in front of my laptop, and a little coffee break too! Time well spent. . . . #botanicalcreativity #smallmomentsofcalm #asecondofwhimsey #aslowmoment #heitermoments #mybloominglens #bloomingtable #quietthemind #inspiredbynature #wildflowercafe #nestandflourish #whpflowerpower #wildforflowers #livingauthentic #livethemagic #littlebitsof_life #botanicalpickmeup #undertheflowerspell #underthefloralspell #mywildflowerstory #fromabove #alittlebeautyeveryday #ofwhimsicalmoments #recordingreallife #moodforfloral #capturingcolour #rusticgamestrong
Turn you phone off, go some place quiet, close your eyes and just listen to the world at least once a day. #quietplace #quietthemind #medatation #alanwatts
Satt•va ~ what does it mean, anyway? People ask this question often. The answer is you need to come to find out 🙃 though I’ll share some core knowledge in the next few posts . . . The sattva yoga practice was born out of one question, one seat, and one mantra. The question is ‘who am I’, the seat is meditation, and the mantra is AUM... a practice developed through direct experience. . . . . Continue your inner journey with me tomorrow @oneyogavictoria (239 Menzies St) at 3pm and again on Friday at 1.15pm. . . . . Both classes are a 60 minute all levels side-body focus 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . . #findyourlight #bodybreathmind #whoareyou #meditation #aum #sidebody #sattva #yyjyoga
Sunrise yoga this morning. The stillness on this lagoon is a beautiful reminder of the stillness that we all possess within. It's easy to feel separated from our stillness when we are affected by what happens in our daily lives. But no matter what, it is there. We just have to listen to the whisper that speaks the Truth. #mindful #mindfulbaseball #mindfulness #mindfullness #newperspective #awareness #mindfulawareness #selfaware #selfawareness #breathwork #quietthemind #relax #bepresent #improveyourfocus #breathewithpurpose #deepbreath #breathwithintention #acceptance #itiswhatitis #observethemind #breatheonpurpose #practiceanywhere #getcreativewithit #observehabits #observeyourthinking #payattentiontoyourmind
Whistling and walking this AM💥💥💥💥💥You are LOVED😎
Walking by himself 19 days after surgery 🎉 THANK YOU for your POSITIVE support during all of this❤️ You are LOVED:)
You don't need anyone to tell you how to go through the process. It's different for everyone! People claiming to "know the way" only seek to control your mind and use your fear to feed their ego #listentoyourheart #intention #falseteachers #egotrap #youknowtheway #bestill #meditate #quietthemind #liveyourlife
Today I'm going to share with you the exact process that I use to create content for all of my podcasts, Facebook lives and youtube videos. This is a fun topic because it is something I use all the time in my own business! This process has made my life 10 times easier because it has provided me with a repeatable process for creating videos! jamie I can’t wait for you to learn exactly how I do this so that you can start using this formula in you business. Once you see how simple it is you will never look at creating content the same again because it can be this easy! In this episode of the OMG Show, I will share how to determine your method or high level categories, how to break them down into sub-topics and then how I turn each subtopic into a facebook live or podcast via my rule of 3. So tune in to this episode hear exactly how I do this so that you can too! Comment below with how you are going to start doing this in your business! #podcastlife
Here’s your daily reminder that anything’s possible with a little practice🙏💜🌻🌿Happy Sunday everyone ✨☀️ #meditativestate #backbendlove #bliss #quietthemind #exhale #livingandloving #lowlunge #yogalessons #heartopener #anythingspossible
“The beauty of practicing meditation is that it allows you to “let go” of every day worries and literally “live in the moment.” - psychcentral.com . . Anyone who knows me well knows that I love taking baths. I take a bath once per day and I have been doing this for as long as I can remember! I use Epsom salts of all kinds, essential oils, soothing music, and sometimes bath bombs 🙊🛁 . . Having a bath, or a bathing ritual, pairs very well with any meditation practice as it can help to simulate a meditative state within the mind and body. The water relaxes the body, and the scents and feelings of being in the bath help to anchor ones focus and attention, allowing stress and worries to easily dissolve into this beautiful relaxing environment. 🌸🛁 . . Being in the bath helps one to focus on the present moment free from distraction and worry. Like meditation, it is a special time set aside for ones self to just “be” in the moment and enjoy it. Taking this a step further one can also sit in meditation while in the bath, and it will be very easy to reach a meditative state of mind. 🧘🏼‍♀️🌷✨
#learningtoswim in the ocean of life. #upsanddowns #successandfailure #goodandbad All relative. All part of the waves of this amazing ocean. Life is not a checklist. Life is a practice. Like swimming. Everything in life takes practice. A habit quite a few people fall into is believing that “one day” it’ll all come together. What does that even mean, “one day”? You’re not going to “be patient one day.” You’re going to be patient NOW. You’re not going to “start doing things differently one day.” You’re going to start doing things differently NOW. Every day is that one day. Every experience is a practice. Let's swim and enjoy the waves now!😉
The quieter you become, the more you can hear.
✨30/30 DAY MEDITATION CHALLENGE STREAK COMPLETE! ✨🙌🏼🌎🌱🧘🏼‍♀️ TOP 3 THINGS I’VE LEARNED: 1. I don’t HAVE to think every thought- good or bad, I can just watch it pass by. 🤔🚥 💭 2. When an emotion comes up, I ask why I feel it, FEEL IT, then I overcome it- not suppress it. 💥👉🏼☀️ 3. Practicing being “here”, allowed me to be “here” throughout my day & all areas in my life. 🌎👤👣 ✨I’m just getting started.✨ #30daymeditationchallenge #30daychallenge #mindfullife
HIS & HERS MEDITATION CHAIRS✨ ^ For a long time meditation was something very... shall we say ... intimidating to me. . ^ Maybe I was afraid of my own power, maybe I was addicted to the frantic rush of adrenaline that seemed to propel me through the day; zipping from one task to the next. . ^ Maybe the ‘why’ doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that I finally had ‘enough’ of the lifestyle I was living and decided that the only answer to peace and happiness MUST exist inside of me because Lord knows I’d looked everywhere else. . ^ This journey landed me in an ‘Effortless Meditation’ (similar to ‘Transcendental Meditation’) class about 2 years ago where I learned the nuts and bolts of quieting my mind. . ^ The single decision to attend this seminar helped me develop the efficacy to explore additional self care/ improvement outlets, including meditations passed down through the Modern Mystery School, which has collectively transformed me from someone who was chaotic and hurried to someone who is much more present in each moment. . ^ I’m still growing every day but loving the path I’m on and enjoying life ten fold. I’m not as consistent as I’d like to be with my meditation, but preparing my physical space for meditation practice (like this new his-hers meditation nook in our bedroom) helps me stay motivated to keep steady on my path. . ^ If you are contemplating meditation (as I did for years) don’t wait. Take a course, read a book, close your eyes, listen to your breath, diffuse your frankincense oil, chime your singing bowl, stare at a candle flame, just get quiet— your future self thanks you!
Good morning!
Happy Sunday 💕🦄🌌 Do Sundays make you feel happy & relaxed or anxious thinking about Monday morning? What do you WANT Sundays to feel like? • • • •
Sunday thought listen #quietthemind #intuition #GOD #sunday
Repost @blythestarlight . Will a trio of sleep mask, good book and healing crystal help you power down tonight?
“In a growth mindset, challenges are exciting not threatening. Instead of thinking I am going to reveal my weaknesses, say here’s my chance to GROW.” 🌿 #growthmindset
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ... or to really good coffee 😛
Especially when under a palm tree sipping coconuts 🌴
Of all of the roads she travelled, the journey back to herself was the most magnificent - SD. 🍃
Robe life is the high life ✌️
I started my first business when I was 17 years old. 🤗🤗 It was the 8th anniversary yesterday and it's still going strong 🖤🖤🖤 They say "most businesses fail within the first 5 years". "Fail". This includes the huge amount of people who change their minds or voluntarily stop running their business. So what do you need to be more likely to succeed? 👉Find a niche, combine it with your passion, have realistic expectations, and master your mindset. Back in 2010, I found a niche (the need for a physical place to buy/sell quality pre-loved clothes), I structured the business to work around life commitments (I ran the market through college, through study, through work, through pregnancy and motherhood), and I built procedures and processes to enable the business to basically run itself (a website and online bookings changed my life!) I have learned so much in 8 years. Most of it through experience. If you are waiting, waiting to get started... If you are afraid to "fail"... Know this: 🖤 if you have found something people need 🖤 and you have the passion to stick with it 👉 You will learn on the job. 👉 There are no mistakes, only lessons. 👉 The biggest failure is not to try at all. 👉 and There is no try, only do. So start doing. Put those ideas into action. Make the call, put the word out. Get yourself out there. Take a chance on your dreams. What if success is just out of reach, and all you need to do is take a step towards it? Would you keep waiting? Or take the step? Take a step towards your dreams. Today. . . . . #innerself #innerpeace #metaphysics #affirmation #spiritualgangster #spiritualcoach  #speakitintoexistence #inflow #positiveenergy #askandyoushallrecieve #thoughtsarethings #changeyourthoughts #changeyourlife #gypsysoul #chooseyourthoughts #humandesign #inlovewithlife #bizbabe #chooseyourpath #listentoyourbody #quietthemind
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