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Thankful that I got to be with AWESOME FRIENDS, and eat Cheetos and play beer pong. But for real 😳 My insides are SCREAMING!!! Like HAY GIRL HAYYYYY you wanna hook us back up with some broccoli or something!? 😂 💪 I’m on it! Taking this 8 hour car ride to look over my meal plan, BRAND NEW 8 week workout calendar AND welcome two new ladies to our Fit Chick Studio VIP Accountability App today! 🙌🙌🙌 That will be 80 of us kicking BOOTAYYY and getting our 30ish min workouts in at least 4 times a week and getting that SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE in because: We know what’s up! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️Starting tomorrow I’m committing 100%. You have a few hours left to start with us! And I have all day to hook you up with details sister! So don’t watch me these next 8 weeks - do it WITH me!!
⚾️♥️☀️ There is something so sweet watching these kids get SO excited to watch their daddy’s play! Cheering and yelling 👏🏼I loved it #coloradogram #family #partyoffour #raisegoodhumans
This hit me all in the feels. I say it all the time, im so thankful for my little strong willed boy..no matter how many gray hairs he will give me. #peacefulparenting #gentleparenting #respect #respectisearned #trainemup #positiveparenting #raisegoodhumans #parenting
Such a fun evening at Cruze Farm celebrating Miss Ellie’s Birthday ❤️ #familyfun #cruzefarm #letthembelittle #raisegoodhumans
This kid is gonna change the world some day. . Happy birthday to my oldest super star. My world. . . #myworld #son #dad #kid #dadswagger #happybirthday #eight #myworld #boys #young #man #family #men #pride #joy #raisegoodhumans #betheexample #bethechange #legacy
💞I’m all about women supporting other women. When I found @themomculture online I instantly fell in love with what her brand stands for 💞. It’s about the crazy ups and down of motherhood. How we are all bonded as moms and how it’s ok to not be a perfect mom, and just “wing it” 😂. I met Sarah Komers at target and was totally fan-girling ever since. Since then, she’s been nothing but genuine and nice every time I’ve come to her shop. She inspires me and so many others! Love ya mama! Such a fun morning! Loved watching your dreams become a reality 🦄💞🎉😊😘! #TheMomCulture #MotherHoodWingingIt #RaiseGoodHumans #RaisingTinyHumansIsExhausting
Shop small and support local businesses!! So much fun at @themomculture pop-up today!! Got some awesome goodies😍 #themomculture #shopsmall #shoplocal #temecula #socal #goodtimes #momlife #motherhood #ownyourmotherhood #raisegoodhumans #mamabear #basicmom #sleepymom
@themomculture Pop Up Shop! One Hustlin’ Momma right here rockin’ her business! Excited for her amazing turnout! #motherhoodwingingit #raisegoodhumans #basicmom #ownyourmotherhood #momlife #temecula
Claire is blessing me with her sweet smiling face today 🤗, but I wanted to say thank you all, SO MUCH, for your kind words and support on my last post. . Social media is such an amazing tool for connecting and I’m so thankful for the friends it’s brought me and the far away friends it keeps me connected with. 🙏🏻 I LOVE walking our life journeys together. I can’t imagine how lonely it’d be to navigate all of this alone. Love you, friends! ❤️
He makes everyone laugh. He is nonstop playful. Giddy. FULL of life. He is always happy, running around giggling, getting into so much mischief. He's the most loveable child on Earth. His teachers pull me aside and tell me he's their favorite. Everyone loves Pryor, friends and strangers alike. It makes my heart so freaking happy! But damn, with all of that comes one firecracker of a human. We butt heads all day long and he tests us in every way possible. He barely listens, is impossible to slow down, and is easily frustrated. He stays pretty distracted and is extremely dependent. When people ask how we are doing with two babes, the answer is "eh, about the same"-- Pryor is the one making us work for it, Monroe hangs out, relaxing and smiling all day long 😂 so yeah, it takes longer to leave the house and there are more diapers than we can handle now, but the source of chaos remains within the two year old. My sweet sweet Pryor boy. You make me need wrinkle cream and a wine subscription. And a long tropical vacation. But despite being the most challenging toddler to ever toddler, I love you SO INSANELY MUCH. 📷 Shot by my super talented twin flame: @kalinorton for the newest & cutest baby boutique, @localhoneybaby -- check it out!!
Summer season is hammock season. Throw back to when she was 2 and although was hot, she still would be wearing her winter boots 😉 😆 it’s so funny how kids get attached to a certain style and just want to wear that all day everyday! My son’s obsession... yellow rain boots!!
Several of the CMB kiddos and their mamas had a great time volunteering this morning at @m25m_org We highly recommend this as a great way to start teaching your kids about helping others. Check out our stories for more! PS... we are grateful to our friends at P&G Discovery Center who made it possible for us to show up this morning bearing gifts! #raisegoodhumans #giveback #momsaroundcincy
I made her!!!!!!!! My baby traveling the world, sharing love and giving more of herself to strangers than many give to their friends. This is what it looks like to #bestill #thejourney #mybabygirl #shiningfromtheinside #raisegoodhumans #australia #sharekindness
Do you see that care free, easy going attitude?? That’s him, all day everyday!!! Oh my is he adorable!! 💙 I’m his mama, of course I think he is but really, that flow tho! 🤗 If I could musicalize this photo, reggae would be my pick 🎶 🎼 🎵 #lucaglez
• SNEAK PEAK • When your mom asks “Who did it?” 😆This “Succa for Mom” tee completes our kids cacti 🌵collection and will be available ➕TOMORROW➕
Madness & M A G I C covered in skin ✨ . Dear you, . Love yourself, you are enough. Love your body, but more importantly be kind to others. Lift others up rather than tear them down and work hard to find beauty in the imperfections in life! . 📷: @melissakellyphoto #iamhumantoo #endcyberbullying #loveyourbody #loveyourtree #loveyourself #bekindalways #postpartumbody #sistertosister #melissakellyphoto
Thanks Facebook memories... one year ago today, only about 3 weeks after being made known of your expected arrival, Kris and I rushed to the adoption agency to see if we could even have home study done before your due date. The attorney said if it wasn’t sign sealed delivered then it would be a sticky situation & you may go to foster care til it was done. But i ALWAYS under estimate my God!! Dang it... He’s been so faithful and giving and He went ahead and did it again. That homestudy ( #adoptivemama You get this!) was done in something like 12 days! Doctors check up for all 6 of us, letters of recommendations, taxes/income statements, home visits, background and fingerprinting!!! All complete with 2 weds to spare. Man, when He has a plan... it just works out!! And look at you now sweet stuff... a year ago just recently learning of you to now, can’t imagining life without you and getting ready to celebrate your one year in about a month.
“Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is.” #reaganmichael #7moreweeks #babychadwick #raisegoodhumans @themomculture 📸 @kymarie_photo
Seven months of pure bliss. This past month you’ve made remarkable strides and we could not be more proud of you. You have started crawling, pulling yourself up to stand, and taking multiple assisted steps at a time! You also surprised us today and sat up all by yourself!!! Look out world, Dakota is mobile! You’ll be off and running in no time, so it looks like we need to start baby proofing the house ASAP! You’ve started with solids and although you’re not a fan of anything yet, you’re improving tremendously with chewing and you are a pro at picking things up. You can say mama, dada, and baba; but you prefer to say mama the most! (Totally bragging) You are all about mama these days, you are glued to my hip 24/7 and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t smitten with it! I’m totally eating it up while I can, because I have a inkling that you’re going to be a total daddy’s girl! Your favorite past time is chewing on everything...tags, water bottles, and tables are your current obsessions. You love the kitties, your binkys, playing with pillows, your walker and pulling our hair. You seem to have a love/hate relationship with your car seat and the pool. You don’t like the sun or sleeping on your own, but we love snuggling you, so we don’t mind at all! Watching your curiosity blossom while you take in the world around you is literally a dream come true. You are so silly, bubbly, sweet, and cuddly...I still can’t believe we made you! You make everyday so much brighter and we are so excited to see what the future has in store for you! We love you fiercely, Dakota! . . , . . . . #DakotaBryn #365dayproject #photography #nikon #50mm #nikond750 #nikor #lightroom #candidchildhood #raisegoodhumans #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #familytime #my_magical_moments #cameramama #momsofig #documentyourdays #myformerbump #aheadofthecurve #makingmemories #dearestviewfinder #our_everyday_moments #milestone #babymilestones
Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind. #christmasinjuly #stateofmind #bekind #raisegoodhumans #fridaythe13th #dodgeball is Christmas right?!
J•O•Y☀️ they bring me pure joy, like heart exploding because you love them so much & can’t believe they are yours kind of joy! And....sweet love my patience has been low, age 3 is bringing some legit defiance and boundary testing. Motherhood is quite the whirlwind of emotions. Hey mama’s 👋🏼 and dads..you’re doing the hardest & most important job day in and day out 👊🏼 raising tiny humans is exhausting and worth every second! #motherhood #tinyhumans #joy #raisegoodhumans #raisekindhumans #worldchangers
I know exactly what's in my essential oils. Do you? Those little numbers right there mean a whole lot and were totally the tipping point for me when I was deciding where I should get my oils. Plugging the numbers on the bottom of every doTERRA bottle into the website sourcetoyou dot com will pull up all the details and chemical components to the specific batch from which your bottle was made. From the source to you, pure goodness. #fridayfacts
To say we are thankful for @thegoodandthebeautiful curriculum is an understatement! It’s very rare for us to find curriculum that all the kids enjoy! Can’t wait to start the History, Science, and typing after VBS next week! . . #texashomeschoolers #curriculum #curriculumchoice #epa #ebnerprepacademy #raisegoodhumans #homeschoolmom #homeschoolfamily #goodandbeautiful #lissandcrew
"At the heart of disconnection is that we fail to see ourselves in another human being." . My kids make me dream of seeing every child thrive 💕 Bliss just climbed for the first time!!!! . Let's dream bigger for our babies. #TinyRockClimber #RecCenter #BetterTogether
A little maternity photo sneak peek! #raisegoodhumans @themomculture #babiesingardens #lovemybabydaddy #babychadwick #7moreweeks 📸: the lovely @kymarie_photo as usual ❤️❤️❤️
SEND SNOWBALLS. It's so freaking melty and my toddler hates sprinklers. Louisiana summers are HOT. The equivalent to northern winters in a way. We stay inside and desperately try to find stuff for our children to do. Eating outside is a hard no-- because of bugs and buckets of sweat that will be produced. We have to start our cars minutes before getting in-- to prevent 5th degree burns or suffocation. All festivals come to a halt and the playgrounds are reserved for the bravest of the brave. Our electric bills are through the roof and we can't open our windows. This is our down season. We all hunker down until the weather breaks sometime in October. Or a hurricane sweeps us away. If you need me I'll be in the fridge ✌️
I'm about to dive into the last of packing and cleaning, and then we're OFF ✈ . I can't skip sharing this post though. I can't NOT share how at this time 8 years ago, I was about to go on a different adventure 🙏 This boy made me a mother on July 14, 2010. Every moment with him heals my soul. . We come into this world innocent and full of joy. At some point, we lose one or both parts of our selves. This boy hasn't. And I don't believe he ever will 💕 He is the kindest person I've ever met. Sincere. Empathetic. His realest self all day every day. I treasure our late night snuggles and long talks. I love his view of the world. I catch him singing songs about Jesus every single day; he is the first to hug Wild when she's losing herself in this world. He encourages everyone he meets. And his newest words that Grace me almost daily are, "I believe in you mom." . When I became his mama, I didn't even know how much I wanted to be a mom! I hadn't thought about it. Over the last eight years, I have fallen madly in love with this gift ✨ Our children refine us - and I will embrace everything this one's got to teach me!!! I love you so much my miracle Mild. Thank you for picking me sweet boy.
Becoming a mother far away from my family has served me positively. I am not saying It would be negative if I lived in the same city and all of my family does but I’ve learned to take advantage of the positives of experiencing motherhood on my own. Nobody was judging the decisions I was making, nobody was here to tell me if I was doing the right or wrong, I never felt to need to try to imitate a friend or a sister in law or cousin in their parenting style, I didn’t know different, I just followed my instinct and did what I thought was right for us. I was free, I am free! Free of caring about other people’s opinion, free to do what I know is best for my children and family and also free to make mistakes and fix them without feeling like shit in the process. Do I miss my mom and friends and family?? 100% everyday but I wouldn’t change a thing. This is the life we chose to live and I am grateful for it every single day.
🌿 we are born to be wild // to grow like flowers // created together in time and space // flowing from one place to another // in love and harmony // XO #raisegoodhumans #wildandfree #naturally
My little firecracker is not a baby anymore. She is conscious of her body, she has control of the way she presents herself and the way she looks and the way she talks. I’ve found that she now can change her way of speaking depending on who she is with and try to remind her and teach her that she doesn’t have to change in order to be accepted by a certain person or a group of people. This is something that only I can perceive, maybe her dad could too if he sat and observed very carefully, it’s only something that someone that knows her 100% would notice and it’s not something bad, But can’t help to ask, Why do we all do this at one point of our lives? Why do we try to imitate and fit in? Why aren’t we taught and often encouraged and reminded to just be ourselves? If We follow a guideline of respect towards ourselves and others, with manners, values, kindness and love, everything else is like sprinkles on a cupcake, like icing on a cake! We would all be so unique and true to ourselves and maybe would be easier to discover what we truly are good at instead of getting lost in trying to be like others. It’s cool to get inspired by others but I try to teach her to add to her beautiful natural spark instead of taking away and replacing for something that she is not. Camila my love, I write with hopes that one day, whenever you are older and have access to my instagram, you can read all of this. I pray I live long enough to be here and guide you in person but if I don’t (i just knocked on wood), know that I’ve left a piece of me for you and your brother. Love, mamá. #camilaglez
after the kids ate dinner, mike randomly suggested that we head down to the beach since it was so nice out {& apparently this mama looked like she needed some fresh air, a few minutes off & a beer 🤣}...raising tiny humans has been beyond e x h a u s t i n g this week, but tonight was just what we all needed for a little mid-week reboot ✨ // #thankshubby #beatrixlynn #daddysgirl #raisingtinyhumansisexhausting #raisegoodhumans #vitaminsea
YES. ✨
Toddlers really are the most observant little creatures. She only has to see me do something once, and then does her best to mimic it. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her diaper rash cream wasn’t deodorant, and it probably didn’t hurt that day to put a little under there anyway. Maybe the @eliandalibaby Tush Swiper attachment threw her off 🤷🏼‍♀️ It was a good reminder that our children see and hear a lot more than we realize. The things we mumble under our breath. Our knee jerk reactions to situations. Even just the tone of voice or body language we use. They pick up on every detail. To raise good humans, you have to be a good human. I think what I love most about this age is her innocence. Her purity. She knows no prejudice. She treats everyone the same. (Unless you’re dressed up in a costume, then she’s simply terrified of you. Sorry Santa.) Because those feelings of hatred are learned, no one is born with them. I cherish the opportunity I have each and every day to teach her kindness, compassion, acceptance, tolerance, patience, and love. Being her mom makes me a better person, because I realize that I have an audience. I have a beautiful little soul to nurture. And as much as she learns from me, I learn from her, too. I see the world, and all of the people in it, a little differently. I know it’s a long shot with the scary world we live in today, but I want the world she grows up in to be better. And it starts with me. So thank you little lady for reminding me that you don’t miss a thing, including the simple act of putting on deodorant. • When she’s old enough I plan to start kindness projects with her. Please leave your suggestions 🙏🏻 • #wingingmotherhood #myhonestmotherhood #mysweetmotherhood #raisegoodhumans #bekind #raisinggoodhumans #raisingdaughters #spreadkindness #kindnessmatters #celebrate_motherhood #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodrising #motherhoodunhinged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodthroughig #momentsinmotherhood #mom_hub #motherhoodsimplified #thisismotherhood #our_everyday_moments #ourcandidlife #parenthood_unveiled #parenthood_moments #momblog #momblogger
And just like that, the week is over. But, it’s not a goodbye, it’s a see ya later! It sucks leaving family after having such a great time together, but it’s that much more exciting when you finally get together again. You learn to really value the time spent and cherish the memories you make. Aunt Joan, Amanda, and Elpido met up with us for lunch on our way out of town...and to give us both a pair of our shoes we managed to forget at two separate places 😂 Dakota did great in the car, which makes future road trips less scary! Lol! Can’t wait to edit and share the rest of our photos from our trip! . . . . . . . #DakotaBryn #365dayproject #photography #nikon #50mm #nikond750 #nikor #lightroom #candidchildhood #raisegoodhumans #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #familytime #my_magical_moments #cameramama #momsofig #documentyourdays #myformerbump #aheadofthecurve #makingmemories #dearestviewfinder #our_everyday_moments
Sticker Man!
What matters most to me is can I raise my daughters to be kind and caring humans.
To everyone too lazy to throw their shit away at the beach: my 5 year old cleaned up after you #RaiseGoodHumans
What are YOU doing?!!!! It is LAST CALL for our July Fit Chick Studio and of you aren’t in this you’re going to regret it!! 👊 HANDS DOWN! {keep reading, you know you want to} We are doing 8 weeks - helllooooo let’s rock the crap out of our CONFIDENCE this Labor Day weekend! Can you commit to 👇👇👇 Meal plans that include superfood smoothies and a cheat day? 🍷 🌮 4 unique workouts a week with 3 REST DAYS?! 🏋️‍♀️ And checking in to an AWESOME group of friggin FUN PEOPLE for accountability?!!! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Ummmmm I think YES! And if you are still reading and just want a change In your life and actually MAKE SOME MOVES let’s do it. There happens to be 30 day money back guarantee that I stand behind 1,000%! So STOP being a baby and making excuses and let’s be fit buds...because what else are you doing 🤷‍♀️💕💕💕 DROP an emoji, like this post, send me a message - either way - but let’s do it!
When kids are raised around horse shows, they are always willing to help! The Luce Family raised two wonderful girls. Pictured here is 7 year old Elle, who came to visit me and wanted to help clean tack ❤️ #raisegoodhumans #bestgirls
Two years ago I made the decision to cut my work to 4 days, and invest that extra day with my kids. I do not regret this decision. #lifewithoutregrets #raisegoodhumans #nodaddyissues
It’s true. Ive never regretted any chance I’ve had to be kind. Am I the best at remembering to be kind? Not always but it’s definitely something I work hard to be better at. There’s so much negativity all around us at all times, so why not spread a little more kindness?! If we all try a little bit harder to be a little more kind just think about much better off we would all be?! 💓💓 I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday. Don’t forget to do something kind today! 😊 #behappy #spreadlove #love #compassion #human #mom #momlife #betheexample #raisegoodhumans #toddlerlife #toddlermom #momhood #spreadkindness #beachbodyondemand #fitmom #fitmum #friendship #strengthtraining #summer #summer2018 #sandiego
With all my being and the good Lords guidance, my hope and daily prayer is to #raisegoodhumans . . @themomculture has been such a blessing in daily reminders that we are all in this together. #motherhood . . A space for moms to relate, and not judge one another, in life in general as well as the struggles we go through, the hardships, the bumps and bruises of how we are in #motherhoodwingingit . . Join the #momculture and find a support that you didn't know you needed. Be raw. Be real. Be strong. Be fierce. And at the end of the day #ownyourownmotherhood and be proud of it! . . #themomculture #raisingtinyhumansisexhausting #raisingladies #raisinggentlemen #bethechange #weareone #mama #mom #mother #mommy #mombshell #momlife #momtee #momssupportingmoms #unitedinmotherhood
It would be wrong not to capture this mile stone, and yet somehow I almost did. You are so excited to be learning to read. I have to hold you back to only one lesson per day. I’m told we will hit a wall and it will get harder, but I’m glad today isn’t that day. It has been so hard to choose what is best for you, but let’s take it slow together shall we? Thanks everyone for your support on my stressed out post a couple days ago. I got so many recommendations and kind words. Y’all are incredible and loving humans!
Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do but someone you raise.⛰
This #thankfulthursday I’d like to spotlight @operationsplash … a non-profit, volunteer organization that maintains Long Island waterways, removing debris from our bays and ocean daily … as well as educating the public and encouraging environmentally sound decision-making. It has been absolutely incredible to see the amount of debris collected 😱🤯😭And awareness begins at home. Talk to your family including little ones about how we can protect and care for our environment. I am teaching my boys that “we do not litter” “we leave the beach the way we found it ... meaning we clean up after ourselves” AND sometimes we leave the beach better ... cleaning up and removing (when safe) debris that we may come across. . While building a sandcastle last week, we came across part of a balloon and ribbon entangled with some seaweed. After seeing the POUNDS of debris being removed from our waterways … I couldn’t in good conscience chance that this debris might find itself back out at sea with the tide … so I cleaned it up. Every little bit counts! #operationsplash #seathechange #oceanconservation #saveourseas #moreoceanlessplastic #longislandmoms #discoverlongisland #exploreliny
Give me all the coffee + Jesus 🙏☕☀ . Ready to record for my friend Wendy aka @imperfect_mom_ up-and-coming podcast and then chat fundraising for AZA!!!!!! We had some TOUGH moments yesterday. I went into "zero acceptance" mode by the evening. Zero acceptance is what I call it when I start listing problems instead of possibilities 💕 There is so much ROOM for growth in parenting. And it's not all on them, our little's 💁 Every day I'm given another chance to grow into a better me. It's up to me to take that on and run with it!! . Happy Thursday, beautiful friends. Run with the opportunities life gives you today to GROW 🍃 xox J. #RealMotherhood
There is a beach in the city, Chestermere Lake. It is incredible feeling to be know that this beach is just a 32 minute drive from my home. This summer, I plan on putting on a bathing suit and for a few hours feel that we are on vacation. My kids and their friend played for 2 hours and were the happiest building sand castles and collecting snails and weeds 😆 covered in sand and not minding they were, this is definitely a high light and a must do “staycation” activity for all the #yyccommunity and the #airdrielife
Today was our last day in Upstate NY. We spent most of the day catching up on sleep. Just before sunset we went for an evening hike up at Pratt’s Falls, then came back to spend some time with Ali, Andy, and the girls before we head out in the morning. It’s been such a busy, but fun trip! . . . . . . . #DakotaBryn #365dayproject #photography #nikon #50mm #nikond750 #nikor #lightroom #candidchildhood #raisegoodhumans #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #familytime #my_magical_moments #cameramama #momsofig #documentyourdays #myformerbump #aheadofthecurve #makingmemories #dearestviewfinder #our_everyday_moments
7 years ago today I couldn't walk. Celebrating this day by teaching about healthy fats tonight 🍃 We are WORTHY of well!! . Click the link in my bio + you'll get my favorite coconut milk ice cream recipe (hint: it's around post numero THREE tonight🍦) XOX #KetoEveryDay
📷|| @the_goodie_life sharing in our Raise Good Humans tee ✌🏻❤️ ・・・ The tee says it all, and that’s what I try to do on a daily basis! Do I always feel like I am? No... —— Today has been full of mini tantrums mixed in with my little one just being flat out mean to me. 😤 In between these 2.5 year old fits I try to cherish the smiles, hugs, “I love you so much mommy” and the “I’m so sorry” when she sees she has visibly upset me. —— I hear 3 can be worse than 2, so here’s to getting through the next year and knowing I’m doing everything I can to raise a good baby girl! —— Tee from @themomculture ! —— #motherhood #raisegoodhumans #girlmom #toddlerlife #terrifictwos
Be a Pineapple 🍍 Stand Tall Ware a crown 👑 And be sweet on the inside 💛...... Never let anyone dull your shine. Choose to be around those who lift you up and make you shine brighter! #beapineapple #thislittlelightofmine #sweet #mygirl #wcw . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #standtall #shinebrighter #womancrushwednesday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdayvibes #ofotd #girlmom #momoffour #raisestrongwomen #raisegoodhumans #igkids #motivationalquotes #love #igphoto #photooftheday #girlboss
Baking oatmeal raisin cookies with Great Grandma Sandy today. #raisegoodhumans
Didn’t get around to posting yesterday because we were having a great time out on the lake at Amanda’s house...by the time we got back we were wiped. Dakota slept through her first boat ride, but the rest of us had fun swimming and hanging out. It is absolutely gorgeous out here. . . . . . . . #DakotaBryn #365dayproject #photography #nikon #50mm #nikond750 #nikor #lightroom #candidchildhood #raisegoodhumans #ig_motherhood #motherhoodrising #familytime #my_magical_moments #cameramama #momsofig #documentyourdays #myformerbump #aheadofthecurve #makingmemories #dearestviewfinder #our_everyday_moments
Every summer I can’t help but think back to the year I was introduced to “Anne of Green Gables”. As I read my windows were open and I could hear the distant clacking of dad mowing hay in the side pasture. The air hung heavy with the smell of fresh cut grass and buzzed with cicada. That summer I dreamed of my own house of dreams and the “unborn faces that would peer from the windows”(LMM). It’s so beautiful to think that right now I am living the tomorrows I longed to have, and the memories I will love in my future!
Always choose love 💕 . Even with your tiny sleepwalker-sleeptalker and climber extraordinaire at midnight 🙈 Yes, I found her on the counter in the middle of the night. And yes, I didn't sleep well after that. And yes, I could be grumpy today 💁 but with a cup of fabulous fat-burning coffee in hand (and plans to write today!) I will choose love. Happy Wednesday beautiful friends!! . 👉 "In this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us." (and this is how we KNOW real love) 1 John 4:10 #AllWeNeedIsLove
Anddd repeat. Your (and my!) daily reminder ✨❤️ Happy Wednesday friends.
🤣 • • • #parentingfail #raisegoodhumans
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