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Yesterday morning was so rotten, I threw both kids in the car and drove the 145 miles to visit Grandma at the beach house. There was NO way I was waiting for the hubby's workday to end. The usual 2.5 hour trip turned into 5 hours with 9 stops and nonstop crying, but we made it! Salty sea & warm breezes, heal our battered hearts 🙏 These Grimms need a reset. Mamas with family around to help out when you need a minute, THANK THEM TODAY. Momming alone is the hardest. It completely changes your parenting experience. Imagine if you had NO ONE to call, not even for an hour mental break. A date night. To catch up on the 3 broken hours of sleep you got last night. To let you run to a doc appointment... It most definitely takes a village. But what if the village doesn't exist? In our case, you sign up for MDO twice a week and drive 5 hours to find one in a pinch. 😜
Simple summer scenes looking magical💫What will you miss most about summer? What are some of your favorite kid friendly things to do as the weather cools down? 📷@ourlittleaugustine thank you for sharing your beautiful view 🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #kickingmotherhoodintheass #punkykids #raisingthefuture #youcansitwithus #candidchildhood #mom_hub #friendswhoarefamily #mamamagic #motherhood #mama #parentingwin #gentleparenting #theresroomforeveryone #mamacommunity #raisegoodhumans #attachmentparenting #motherhoodrising #connectingmoms #documentyourdays #monochromemagic #monochrome #letthembewild
Finally trained this early-rising barista how to make my coffee and life has taken a definite upswing.☕️
Dream big for the last 99 days of the year!
Cheers to sweet day dreams!
Annnnnd more cuteness 🤩
Happy Friday, indeed! There is nothing like lounging around, playing, and dancing away the day. AND there was a Friends marathon on today! Man, time really does fly when you’re having fun!
Look at these cute #RIDEguys ! We talk a lot about our daughters watching us but don’t forget...our sons are watching too! Nico came by today and got to see his Daddy in action lifting others up and pushing them towards a stronger self! (And then he helped Daddy clean...#RIDEstaff in training?!) Come take class with Bret Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 9:30AM! He will be sure to make you S W E A T! 💙
Boys will be boys is one of my least favorite phrases in the English language. I hate that it is used to excuse bad behavior and I hate mostly that is it used to perpetuate rape culture. Regardless of your political views or your feelings on the confirmation, I think we can all agree that we should be raising the next generation of men (and women) to be respectful of all people. So next time you hear someone excuse terrible behavior using the phrase “boys will be boys” I urge you to think about the message that that statement is sending to the younger generation. Let’s raise the next generation to be respectful and generous. To pursue loving, consenting relationships. To understand that sex and pleasure are wonderful and are best shared to two consenting and invested parties. Let’s raise this generation to be better than those that came before. . . . . #endrapeculture #boyswillberespectful #ibelieveher #metoo #timesup #handlettering #lettering #raisestrongwomen #raisegoodhumans
We are living through some real shit and cannot allow each other to sleep walk through it. Let’s stop ignoring “the other” there is no other. Stop that right now and speak up. Some of our voices are valued more than others and it’s fucked up. . But don’t let that stop you. Please don’t accept that and roll over. If you don’t get me than you’re likely one of those who is valued above the rest. . Please, let’s get real and look our privilege right in the eye and acknowledge it. . . I am looking at mine as a white person in America. Which means I am doing just fine in more ways than one. I’m also a Woman in America which means; I’m scared for my rights, feel unsafe walking alone with or without my baby, am often dismissed, have been sexually assaulted, sexually harassed by hundreds of men and every male boss I’ve ever had except one – #peterlevy . Am a feminist but GASP, DON’T HATE ALL MEN. Am expected to be pleasing, smile often, “why aren’t you smiling? You should smile more.” Don’t forget to “be more feminine” translation wear super uncomfortable, revealing clothing to get or keep a man interested, then “throw him a bone” no matter where I am emotionally– which translates to have sex whenever, however or wherever he wants – who cares what I want, right? It’s all just horseplay anyway. Keep my house clean, raise my baby the way everyone thinks I should, and on and on we go. . . . It’s time to ask uncomfortable questions. What do you do with your privilege? How do you hold yourself accountable? Responsible? How do you show up for people who have less than or nothing to give you? . #whatdoyoudowithyourpower #raisegoodhumans
I couldn’t even wait until I got home to open these! So excited to wear them!! Huge thank you and shout out (is that still a thing?) to @themomculture for these awesome shirts with an amazing message! #raisegoodhumans #goodhumaninprogress
My hair gets better by the day. When a women has a good hair day, her confidence is lifted. Trust me, it’s a fact 💁🏻‍♀️ . . . #monat #happyhair #mymonatjourney #raisegoodhumans #bossbabe #entrepreneur #cincymom #mompreneur #sahm #hair #opportunity #livingmybestlife #confidence #shampoo #hairstyles #thankyoumonat #goodhairdays #healthyhair
Oh boy, I think I’m gonna be in trouble when this one gets older! Already looking at girls 🙈😍
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you for the inspiration, @mommyweek 💕 #momlife #raisegoodhumans #bekind #bekindtoyourself #thekidsarewatching #startwithyou #startlovingyou
Next time your child cries, I encourage you to try something deeply meaningful. Sweep that little one into your arms and say, “It’s okay to cry. You’re safe.” 💛 We must try to erase the tape that so commonly plays in our heads that sounds something like, “Shhhhh don’t cry, you’re ok” or “Don’t cry, you’re not hurt” or even, “Shh don’t cry, you can ___ later”. 💛 Stifling crying, or the feelings of sadness, disappointment, hurt, overwhelm, or fear, only teaches children that some feelings are bad. It teaches them that they shouldn’t feel certain ways, or that they shouldn’t BE certain ways. It reinforces the idea that to be good, to be lovable, to be “big” and “brave”, they ought not feel certain things. The thing is that humans don’t work that way. We can’t just choose not to feel things to make everything better. We feel better when we know deeply that all our feelings are valid and acceptable and only then can we learn ways to cope and manage our huge spectrum of feelings that make us human.
Jake has officially earned his membership into the National Honor Society! #proudmom #athlete #athletemom #blessedmother #raisegoodhumans
Im a firm believer in kindness, our 🌎 would be an incredible place if we decided to spread more kindness and help one another!! #bekindtooneanother #killwithkindness #kindkiddos #raisegoodhumans #bekind #vegasvinyl #vinyldesign #keepitkind
THIS! 🙌🏻
Yesterday, Kayden grabbed a “wishing” flower and told me he wished for peace. “What does peace mean?” - I asked him. He paused for a moment... “Peace means... Love on earth” I couldn’t think of a more perfect answer, my boy 🌏🙏🏼✨♥️ #makepeacedayeveryday #bethechange #raisegoodhumans #onelove -
💞Be still my heart 💞 This little boy of mine is just so sweet I can’t even stand it! Happy Friday friends! #lularoe #boymom #mywhy #raisegoodhumans #lularoedebbie #lularoeshirley #louisvuitton #floral #lularoepatternmixing @lularoe
mixing up magic err immune support for friends is my favorite ❤️ and I mighttt be slathering this all over myself for doTERRA’s convention day ✌🏼. ps there are some crazy amazing new oils that will be joining these powerhouses. #oilmatterstravel #doterradream2018 #thedailyessentialco
My mom and I had the best time last night celebrating @shopebstyle ’s 10 year anniversary party! I scooped up this pretty @gentlefawn top and these amazing @articlesofsociety jeans. I tell all my friends to check out EB for denim- the lines she carries are such a step up from mall options! True story: I asked Beth to pull a pair for me that she thought I would like, and I wasn’t even sure of my size. She pulled this pair out for me on the first try! Girl’s got an eye for fit + style. Check out my stories to see my full try-on!👖 Friday Five is live on the blog! The video I shared will teach you how to tie your shoes correctly and will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.
Dear Hazel, Your sweet laugh and silly faces make me so happy. Let’s hang out again soon. Love, Auntie Elena . . . . . #auntiedate #littlehawkling #letthembelittle #raisegoodhumans #auntielife
René & I have caught some flack over this in the last four years we’ve been parents and I can only say this: We are not just raising a little boy. We are raising someone’s future {loyal} friend; someone’s future { respectful} boyfriend, future {non-pushy} prom date, {loving} husband, someone’s {dedicated} Father. And we don’t take that lightly. René and I talk a lot about the differences in Jack as a child versus how we were as children-at how confident, kind, free-spirited, imaginative and HAPPY he is; all things that we weren’t really ALLOWED to be as children. Jackson is still just a tiny little seedling that we planted in soil that was rich with love, understanding and respect-and if nurturing children while they grow and treating them with love and human decency is going to create a problem; the only one I can think of is that we will create a world of kind, well-adjusted adults that don’t spend their whole lives looking for unconditional love. Adults that don’t have to figure out *how* to love themselves; because they already know how. Because their PARENTS taught them that love and respect aren’t something they had to “earn”-it’s GIVEN. FREELY. Just watch what they’re going to do with all that “free love” in this broken world of ours. I, for one, can’t wait to see. ❤️ #notsorry #unapologetic #raisegoodhumans
Loving my new stuff from @thebebrand ! This sweatshirt could not be more true 😂 and what do you think of the flat billed hat? Can I pull it off?? I always makes fun of James for his, but now we can be twins! 👯‍♀️
Thankful for these friendships
Motherhood is hard. And it’s hard enough without being judged by all the perfect Patty’s for HOW you mother your kids. Here’s the thing: I never wanted a natural birth. I wanted every drop of that epidural. I also had a scheduled c-section. I supplemented my breast milk with formula. I used disposable diapers. I let my kids cry it out. I never let them co-sleep. They have all of their vaccinations. They faced forward in a car seat before they were 2. My daughters ears were pierced at 3 months old. My son is circumcised. My first kid went over 2 years before she ever had anything to drink besides water or milk. My second kid eats whatever he wants. He eats off the floor. They eat fast food. And they get some screen too. And guess what?? IT’S OKAY!!! My choices are for me and my children. It doesn’t make them 100% right, and it doesn’t make them right for you. There is more than one way to raise a child and we’re all just doing the best that we can without losing our minds. So how about we just stick together as Mamas, stop being so judgmental and just focus on raising good humans. ❤️ #momlife #motherhood #parenting #firstkid #secondkid #momshaming #support #raisegoodhumans #parenthood #momminainteasy
🎀🤗🎀🤗 We've been holding onto this secret for FAR too long! #itsagirl 💕 . I'm not gonna lie, I still cannot believe how truly blessed we are. This baby was so wished for, the fact that it's a girl is just the icing on the cake! . After almost 3 years of all things boy...bring on ALL the pink, sparkly, Disney princess things! Here's hoping if she doesn't have an interest in those things, she at least humors her Mama and tolerates them! 😂 Jokes aside, the responsibility of raising a strong, confident woman is something I feel honored to be a part of.💕 . . . . . #genderreveal #girlpower #whoruntheworld #sugarandspice #littlesister #babyfever #27weekspregnant #raisegoodhumans #brotherlylove #thelettergrams #thebump #motherhoodthroughletterboards #letterboard #momlife #targetfinds #pink #thinkpink
Griffin, the sweetest 4 year old out there, picked out a Lego keychain for each of the 4. They really match their owners 😍 cinderella for niamh, a brunette ballerina for Jane, a honey bee for Pippa, and Chewbacca for Griff 😍 #raisegoodhumans #pippaandryderandgriffinandniamhandjane #love @ablair14 @bobblair13 @jblair322
I sure never thought this would be me! . Working out never even crossed my mind while I was pregnant with Henry or for pretty much an entire year after that to be honest! . I was so afraid that exercise could potentially decrease my breastmilk supply that I didn’t even try!! . 💥New moms... don’t believe everything you read on the internet! You CAN take care of your own body AND provide for your baby!! . I am so glad I haven’t thrown in the towel and called it quits! I know because I have continued to move my body during pregnancy I will be better prepared this time to take care of myself, my new baby and my sweet Henry!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . #healthymama #inspirepregnancy #activepregnancy #healthypregnancy
Are your kiddos stuck like glue on cereal for breakfast? Mix things up with a protein-packed, nutrient dense breakfast alternative! Organic whole wheat bagel + almond butter + granola + banana + local honey = a new A.M. favorite! - - - #breakfastideas #breakfast #kidfood #pediatrician #parenthood #millennialparenting #raisegoodhumans #eatrealfood #spacecoast #brevardcounty #foodkidslove #momlife #viera
When you start back to working out and your 2 year old jumps right in and does the moves with you! If that doesn’t motivate me to keep going and be a positive influence in his life I’m not sure what will! (& talk about pushing me to work harder when he picks up weights only 5 lbs lighter than you 🤷‍♀️🤪)
5 years ago this month I got E. Coli food poisoning and was hospitalized for *N I N E* days (one of those days being my birthday 😑🎈😫👎🏼) . ....crazy enough.... Last week our town water supply tested positive for Coliform bacteria & E. Coli so we had to boil our water even for brushing teeth, washing hands etc. You guys... getting E. Coli is NOT FUN 😩 so I wanted to share some tips! 📝👇🏼 . . —-in general —- cook all *ground* meat thoroughly and stay aware of vegetable & fruit recalls — they think I probably got mine from those containers of spinach or mixed lettuce, but it could have been the water since our water supply was positive for coliform bacteria when I returned from the hospital soooo... I’ll never really know. . . We bought this ~$20 test kit from Lowe’s to see if our water was contaminated and it definitely was. . 🚰 All water had to be boiled before use so we boiled a few big pots but also grabbed tons of bottled water. . . 🤚🏼Hand sanitizer is KEY! We put them all over the house and I actually still washed my hands with soap and water sometimes but always sanitized them after. . . 👚🥣 Don’t forget about the laundry and dishwasher - if they have sanitize settings, use them! . Consider signing up for town alert 🚨 emails - check your towns website . . 🚿When the boil order is lifted, you’ll need to flush all your pipes - let the cold water run at least 2 mins first, then hot water must run at least 15 mins for standard size tanks, 30 mins for larger homes. 💦 Also make sure to flush filtered water from refrigerator and empty ice maker tray after a 24 hour cycle. . . Save this post for future reference & tag anyone who might need these tips! 😘
Lessons my son has taught me. 1. Be nice to people even when they poke you with needles. 2. Go after the things you want. I don’t want him to grow up watching me chicken out, so I’m not. I’m going for it. 3. Be unapologetically yourself. The people that love you most love the purest version of you. I have stopped caring what people think of me, I’m starting yoga teacher training tomorrow, and I’m learning that even on your worst days in your most painful moments you can still smile and laugh and be nice to the people hurting you. Who knew that in 8 months a baby could teach me this much?
// F A I L ⁣ ⁣ I spilt my coffee ⁣ I went the wrong way to work ⁣ I murdered these potatoes ⁣ ⁣ Thursday has been a mixed bag⁣ ⁣ FYI: this is also the face I pull if I think your being an arse ⁣ ⁣ Anyone else had a doozy of a day? ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #honestparenting #candidmotherhood #under10k #ukmums #familylifestyle #raisegoodhumans #goodface #motherhoodinstyle #microblogging #morethanmum #cantcook #getinthepicture #mothertoaboy #mumsofinsta #parentblogger #mumswithcameras #myreality#ukparentblogger #raisingthefuture #thursdayfeels #mblogger #pbloggersuk #parentinglife #mothersofinstagram#parentsbelike #Ukmum #motherhoodunited #myopinion#uniteinparenthood
I hope that when she gets older her love for me doesn’t fade. I hope she knows that even when I discipline her or tell her no it’s out of love. I hope that when she falls in love for the first time she shares her feelings with me. I hope that she’s as strong,confident, and ambitious as I’ll raise her to be. I hope that throughout her life her smile will be as bright as it is now. I hope she will come to me when times get hard for solid advice and not to those that don’t want to see her win. I hope our love for her will always be enough that she never feels to look elsewhere. I hope that she’s never afraid to walk away from relationships that don’t serve her. I hope that she never dims her light to make someone else feel better about themselves. . . . Children are literally blank slates that come into the world with no expectations. We were meant to nurture,guide,raise and protect them. Our children are true investments and if we’re not doing our job 100% how can we expect them to grow up and be well rounded beings. I know there’s no blue print to parenting but, if this job mattered more to people we’d have less broken people struggling through life. Creating a cycle of broken people raising children that grow up to be broken adults. #effortiseverything #raisegoodhumans #behopeful #parentwithloveandunderstanding #nomorebrokenhumans
Oh how I love this guy. I told him I was feeling blah today, and needed a laugh. He sent me a text about how he peed on the side of the road this morning on his bike ride, and a homeless man walked by 😂 then he sent me this picture. “Keeping his dad bod in tip top shape!” . . Ladies, find yourself a man that makes you laugh everyday! I sure hope Emmett is funny! . . #myhusbandisfunnierthanyours #funnyandhot #laugheveryday #nosleepformommy #firsttimeboymom #boymomofone #momcommunity #inspiremothers #raisingcubs #stopdropandmom #targetmom #motherhoodcorner #raisegoodhumans #summerlinmom #vegasmama #motherhoodunplugged #simplymamahood #mymamahood #motherhoodunhinged #honestlymothering #unitedmomsnetwork #momentsinmotherhood #candidmotherhood #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingmom #mommyguilt
I can do this... Yesterday, Riley got out his new electric scooter to figure out how to ride it. He had his helmet and knee pads and elbow pads and wrist pads on, but he was FREAKING OUT. Like, full on panicking!! He kept saying he couldn’t do it and he was too scared and that he’d just put it away and play with it another day. He said he was just too afraid to fall. It absolutely broke my mama heart because I could see my insecurities and my own self doubt in him in that moment. I finally got him try again, but I told him to say to himself over and over, “I can do this!” (He said he sounded silly but I said I didn’t care 😂) I made him hold his head up, with his eyes looking ahead, told him to trust himself and yell that he could do it and then, he just did it. He was so proud of himself and honestly, it made me cry!! (I was also partially crying because, holy shit, I have a 10 year old!!!) I want my kids to know that they can do hard things, but I can’t just tell them that, I have to show them, by doing hard things myself. I’ll probably fall a few hundred times and they’ll be watching, but they’ll also be watching when I get back up and try again. 🖤
Mommy & me style thanks to the gorgeous 📷|| @aimee_rachelle_ rocking our peachy RAISE GOOD HUMANS and Good Humans In Progress tees ✌🏻 ・・・ #raisegoodhumans ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Motherhood is not always glamorous. It can be lonely, it can be overwhelming, and it IS exhausting. With every turn I question myself “am I doing this right?!” But, the truth is, there is NO “right” way. My daughter is loved unconditionally. She is taught right from wrong. She is shown kindness and gentleness. She is taught that LOVE WINS. These are the things that matter. This is what makes motherhood so beautiful. R A I S E G O O D H U M A N S 👚 @themomculture
She didn’t just walk on the wild side. She lived there, dancing in its streets and setting fire to its sky 🦄🍂🌚💥 #angelbaby #sassygirl #raisegoodhumans #wildchild #tinydancer
Make the world a better place, RAISE GOOD HUMANS❣️
#raisegoodhumans Motherhood is not always glamorous. It can be lonely, it can be overwhelming, and it IS exhausting. With every turn I question myself “am I doing this right?!” But, the truth is, there is NO “right” way. My daughter is loved unconditionally. She is taught right from wrong. She is shown kindness and gentleness. She is taught that LOVE WINS. These are the things that matter. This is what makes motherhood so beautiful. R A I S E G O O D H U M A N S 👚 @themomculture
Good morning all!! A daily reminder to stay positive today and take each day at a time. Today we are taking the boys around San Francisco and are going to ride the cable cars with them. One of my favorite memories as a child was our vacation to SF. I remember riding the cable cars and visiting the “windy road”. I even remember getting a tiny coffee cup at a gift shop which led me down my road of coffee obsession 😆 I’ll be on the hunt for one today
Enjoying and embracing the active recovery days of Pilates and Yoga. . . You don’t need a lot of space to do these workouts, and that’s what I love. Literally in the corner of the spare bedroom 😂👌🏻
Actual footage of me breaking yesterday’s Yom Kippur fast. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 Fasting with two little ones around is a whole different ballgame! Allll the meal prep and subsequent meal rejection, paired with the early morning wakeup made it extra challenging. Dieting is no different- it requires a different level of discipline when you’ve got kids around! Do you know how hard it is for me to not lick the peanut butter knife when I make a PBJ or to not mindlessly pour handfuls of Goldfish into my mouth when I’m driving? It’s a daily struggle but the results are worth it. 💪🏼👙😘
“everything is made out of magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, badgers and foxes and squirrels and people. so, it must be all around us. in this garden-in all the places.” -the secret garden
OVERWHELMED with Joy!! Today, Leah became the 1st person in her class to earn "Citizen of the Month" as she has been recognized for her character and her "Responsibility" trait. This week Kaius has been excelling with saying COMPLETE sentences. This morning instead of saying "bus" he said "There is a bus!" The boy is SHARP just like Leah. I thank God that He has equipped Adrian and I with knowledge, love, guidance and patience to raise our kids the way He designed us to. As I am the more disciplined parent when it comes to education....Adrian is DEF the more disciplined parent when it comes to building character, responsibility and just being a good human. I dont want to brag about my family...I just simply want to Praise HIM for trusting us to be their parents, sacrificing His Son so we could experience this life and showing us Grace and Mercy EVERYDAY! ❤🙏 #TheAdkins #RaiseGoodHumans
“Your greatest contribution to the Universe may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” 💙 Dear World, I’m trying my best to raise a good man. I’m trying my hardest to let him see failure as a winning opportunity for growth. To view kindness as the deal-maker. To find ways to give. To value health and see the ways it fits into daily life. To understand adults make mistakes too. I’m getting him ready for you, World. And I hope you’ll always allow him room to have the courage to dream big & work hard. But when the world doesn’t quite get him (and there will always be people who don’t) you better be sure he can always call for his mama. I push harder to show him how. Let’s show them the good in each other. 😘#raisegoodhumans
In a world where Liv is quickly learning that kids, aka girls, can be mean, I’m thankful for a teacher who sees the importance in "filling each other’s buckets". #fourthgrade #cfg #raisegoodhumans #cool +cool=supercool ♥️
This one really rings for me. Remember #brockallenturner ? Ya, I'm #'ing him... I want his deed to follow him. I wish that piece of shit was scared about his future before he raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. By Republican rationale, he could be president in 25 years! How AWESOME would that be!! Thanks for sharing cousin Sandy...your and Steve's posts are always on point. #Rejectkavanaugh #dumptrump #vote #slipperyslope #giveyourheadsashakepeople #raisegoodhumans
I have decided that after this month, I am going to stop pumping. It’s been stressing me out that I’m not producing as much as I was before, even though I’ve tried multiple things to remedy it, I think I’m just ready to be done. I really wanted to continue until Emmett was 12 months old, but it’s been wearing on me. I’ve decided to continue to nurse him at night before bed, and at nap time on my weekends, but the pumping is going to stop. As hard as it will be to stop, I’m also ready to have my body back. . . What is the best way to stop? I don’t want to feel engorged or uncomfortable, and I read it’s best to do it slowly. So any tips or tricks, send them my way!
Back to the gym ✔️. Trying to Raise Good Humans✔️. Radiant Defense on✔️✔️. Seriously though... I AM BEYOND OBSESSED!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ If you know me, you know pretty much every single day I’m sporting yoga pants + with no makeup on - well now I found the perfect fit to still make me feel a little bit glammed up, but still feeling super natural! ✨ it perfects + protects ✨ it doesn’t clog pores ✨ it doesn’t crack or crease ✨ it has an SPF of 30 ✨ feels like you’re wearing nothing at all ✨ it gives your skin a drink. ✨ it has a glow guard that keeps you dewy all day (yet shine free, yes only RF can master that) ✨ defends against environmental aggressors ✨ helps dry, irritated skin ✨ INSANE skin perfecting ability ✨ 97% said it improved their skin tone IMMEDIATELY ✨ perfect for all skin tones ✨ breakup with makeup. This is ALL you need!!!! Once again you WANT this!! ❤️❤️
When your child discovers your bag full of nail polish... you obey her wishes and paint every finger- and toenail a different color! 🌈 Btw... when she asks if only girls use nail polish our answer is usually girls use it more often but boys and men use it too and that’s perfectly fine. I never want our children to think that boys or girls are only limited to certain things in life. Plus if they ever come across a little boy that proudly wears nail polish it should never occur to them to make fun of him! 💪🙏 . . Alisara hat meinen Beutel mit Nagellack entdeckt und wollte jeden einzelnen Nagel in einer anderen Farbe angemalt bekommen 🌈 Übrigens fragt sie nun öfters mal, wie hier zb, ob nur Mädchen Nagellack benutzen. Meine Antwort lautet dann dass man zwar öfters Mädchen damit sieht aber dass Jungs auch gerne Nagellack benutzen können und das ganz normal ist. Denn ich möchte nicht, dass meine Kinder denken als Mädchen oder Junge darf man nur bestimmte Sachen tun und mögen. Und wenn sie mal irgendwo einem kleinen Jungen begegnen, der zufällig Nagellack trägt soll das als ganz normal gelten und kein Grund zum Hänseln sein! 💪🙏 . . #alisara #colorsoftherainbow #nailpolish #nagellack #diversityandinclusion #d &i #itstartsathome #livebyexample #moretolerance #lessignorance #acceptothers #wearealldifferent #genderequality #tampabaymom #over40mom #ü40mama #expatliving #expatmom #workingmomlife #workingmom #raisegoodhumans
Teaching these babies the fundamentals of life - books, music & fighting patriarchal power ✊🖤 thank you for sharing your babe in our tee @newman_beings 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . #kickingmotherhoodintheass #punkybabies #raisingthefuture #feminismisforeverybody #feministkilljoy #mom_hub #friendswhoarefamily #mamamagic #motherhood #mama #parentingwin #gentleparenting #theresroomforeveryone #mamacommunity #raisegoodhumans #attachmentparenting #motherhoodrising
Thank you Kelsey H. For the sweetest review of our ‘RAISE GOOD HUMANS’ V-Neck ivory tee!!!!! ✌🏼 Do you have a favorite Mom Culture item? Reviews are finally back on our site and we’d love to hear from YOU!!!! #raisegoodhumans
Today I cried on the phone, explaining to a friend how utterly exhausted and at the end of my rope I am with my two year old. . I am a mom of FOUR. Two boys and two girls. I feel like I’ve seen a lot, parented a lot and have a good amount of knowledge and experience and yet - here I am, utterly humbled by this sweet little soul. . She is not my foe, we are on the same team. I am not here to “break her”. And as much as I wonder, she will not “break me”. She is growing and learning and testing and understanding SO MUCH, and at the same time, understanding so little. It’s all new and a little frustrating for her. . I will not be afraid of my toddler. I will not give into the temptation to control my toddler, but instead, will seek to control myself. I will run to Christ and be the adult. I will grow in my patience, I will face my own demons and insecurities, I will breathe into THIS moment. I will choose to overwhelm her with love and security. . Wholehearted parenting is not for the weak or faint of heart. . . . . . . . #peacefulparenting #freerangekids #inspire #raisegoodhumans #bethechange #lifewithlittles #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodthroughinstagram #joyfulmotherhood #homeschool #homeschoolmom #learnthroughplay #classicaleducation #lifelonglearners
// R O C K⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Every person who I have connected with on these squares has had an impact on my life.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ These squares got me out of an echo chamber and into a world where I wanted to learn, educate and help myself.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Thank you.⁣ Thanks for being exactly who you are and falling into my life.⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ Whether we've met in real life or don't get the opportunity to get past the DM's, just know that you (yes you) Rock!⁣ Tap the pic for just a handful of fab people 👍🏻 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⁣ #honestparenting #candidmotherhood #under5k #ukmums #familylifestyle #raisegoodhumans #pmuk #motherhoodinstyle #microblogging #morethanmum #nofiltertoday #yourockmyworld #mothertoaboy #mumsofinsta #parentblogger #mumswithcameras #myreality#ukparentblogger #raisingthefuture #childseyes #mblogger #pbloggersuk #parentinglife #mothersofinstagram#parentsbelike #Ukmum #motherhoodunited #myopinion#uniteinparenthood
My eldest...he and I share the same sense of humor #raisegoodhumans 🙌🏼
Happy Wednesday! There is nothing that can’t be fixed with cookies.... and when my local @timhortons told me that donations from their smile cookies were going to @sickkidshospital it was a no brainer for me! As many of you know, Sick Kids is the #1 cause near and dear to my heart. So enjoy today, and enjoy a cookie with me! Cheers ❤️❤️ . . . #timhortons #sickkidshospital #smilecookie #smilecookies #smilecookieweek #dogood #begood #giveback #sweettooth #raisegoodhumans #bethankful #begrateful #philanthropy #donate #activism #charity #change #changes #changetheworld #community #love #life #socialgood #wednesdayvibes #wisdomwednesday #leorakimjams
It’s Day 10/21! It was leg day, and my hamstrings were hurting! James threatened to throw a bucket of cold water on me if I didn’t get out of bed, since I told him I would be getting up when he was. Thanks for holding me accountable baby! . . I’m also excited to be busting out my leggings to workout in! . . Emmett is still sleeping, so I’m going to try and cross a few things off my to do list! #happyhumpday
I ♥️ DAD TOO!!!
Although our team is spread far and wide, they never fail to share the #momrealness ✨ .... like trying to get your mom in a selfie when there is over a full foot height difference between you 😂 #momculture #raisegoodhumans #selfie #newyork #traveling #lifestyle #thestruggleisreal #team #farandwide #september #vaca
Hug your loved ones tight and tell them you love them. Life is a precious gift, sometimes too short, and often taken for granted.
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