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Dat neck be cray for real 😂
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Dont take your gears off of buying bad stuff, think how you can use everything for better. . If you don't have a single penny to not use for anything but making a better future, useless stuff like sweets are out of question.. . Think of how you can win instead of trying to avoid loss.
Oh hell yes @daniel_euan_henderson ❤️❤️ #Repost @daniel_euan_henderson with @get_repost ・・・ Girls go through a lot , periods , cramps , childbirth , pregnancy scares , men sexualising them menopause , the least we can do is let them do their makeup when and if they want , cuddle them and buy them food 👌🏽😂😂... tag someone below! Or tag a makeup artist you love! #9gag #scottish #rant #video #comedy #girls #makeup #rubywoo #macrubywoo #rubywoo 💄 #makeupartist #makeupvideos #makeupvideoss follow me @daniel_euan_henderson for more I am the original creator of these videos
TALK TO YOURSELF (and don't be a dick) @planetell
I can feel myself closing off to my significant other again and I hate that I'm doing it because they did so much to help me. But I just....dont want to burden them. I dont want to drag them down into the abyss that I reside. They're just so wonderful and pure and loving and I don't have the heart to make them shoulder my pain. I'm just a piece of shit that should have died 3 times by now. The only reason why I haven't killed myself is because I promised them I wouldn't do it. But some days I don't have the strength to resist those urges, those nagging thoughts chew at the back of my skull and eat away my essence. People think I'm getting better, that I sound happier now; I'm not. I'm just getting better at lying.
Hello Vendors and entrepreneurs... Every one who has to deal with customers on a regular basis. This is for us! Are customers always Right?? I remember as a young girl,at my mom's shop, she would always tell her workers and her kids that "customers are always right " no matter how LEFT their behavior or attitudes could be. So long as they don't try to physically, sexually or emotionally abuse anyone. But lately, the way customers often abuse that "client Privileges" is becoming quite alarming. They will put hot fire under your ass because they need their items delivered on time. Which most of the time, they will not even be available to receive. They will say POD. When u eventually agree... They won't be there for delivery! Causing dispatch riders stress and headache. They will bargain and bargain. Ask all the questions and after all said and done,the next thing you'll hear is "I'll get back to you" So are what point should a customer be called to order??? Without coming off as being rude and impolite? What are your thoughts on this?? #adaajumbaise #talkyourownfriday #vendorsday #rant #2018isendingsoon
What even causes a moldy body? I'm sorry. #apricotscrub might help? #apricotseeds #apricots #cancerkiller #phuckcancer #eatinghealthy careful tho!⚠🚨they contain #cyanideandhappiness just playing, but they do contain cyanide you'd have to eat something like 65 apricots plus the seeds to die. I eat like 10 #driedapricots a day. No seeds. I like to use apricot oil as a carrier oil also, for #essentialoils . I guess I love apricots. Lol. #Rant #vitaminb17 #b17
SOUND ALL THE WAY UP. So this just happened...my roommate was not pleased with my choice of shower music last night. And you get a bit of my rant after too. #bagpipes #shower #rant #irishnationalanthem
So I fucked up and punched the sidewalk so hard my hand bled and now all I want is to see more blood. I want to relapse self harm so fucking bad. It’s been like 6months now... I know it would disappoint everyone I love but honestly I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to not care. 🤷🏻‍♀️ my fiance will find out though and that will be a whole new hell. *sigh* decisions decisions
Its been 2 days since I’ve lost my favorite knife !!! Paramilitary 3 with multicam scales. Super pissed because I don’t ever loose my things. Looked everywhere and re traced my steps even! Its killing me so now instead of adding to my collection I have to spend $140 and replace it 😡🤬🤬 #rant #wtf #lost #myluck #paramilitary3 #multicam #g10 #fml #anericangunner #ilostit #damnbro
All this slay mama's on IG that u will DM they will not reply u.. But when dey want to win a contest u will be the first one dey weTag to vote dem @officialbananass #MadBananass #RantBananass #iDeyCome _________________________________________ Tag 5 friends to join u and laugh 😁 😁 _________________________________________ @tundeednut @funny_african_pics @worldstar @krakstv @gossipmillnaija @swicktv @aycomedian @therock @brodashaggi @basketmouth @officialbovi @donjazzy @lasisielenu @yabaleftonline @isokoboy12 _________________________________________ #fun #funnymemes #funny #like #likes #tundeednut #like4likes #like4follow #likeforfollow #instalaugh #viral #nochill #worldstar #instalike #instagram #life #lifestyle #memes #memesdaily #sexy #sexypic #rant #rants #ranting #therock
My last post about #ClothingHacks faced some serious criticism! . Not that I have any problem facing criticism, I believe that if one wants to be praised then he/she must have it in them to face backlash as well. . But what bugged me was the fact that most of those who criticised my post, NEVER commented on or appreciated my good, from the HEART content! . I think it’s human nature, we are ALWAYS quick to leave a snide comment as compared to an appreciating one. We are ALWAYS quick to judge instead of empathizing with someone else’s situation. . It really breaks my heart to see how filled we are with envious emotions. We are ALWAYS looking for ways to start arguments or ruin someone else’s day! I know after this, I’m going to receive comments that I should learn to take criticism in a positive way & to THAT, I would say “There is ALWAYS a way to convey your critical analysis in a constructive way, without being offensive & without ruining someone’s day” . I am always up for taking criticism. Do you know what’s the biggest asset of a blogger? It’s her engagement. If you’re not willing to leave a comment on my post that you liked, why find time & leave your feedback on something that you didn’t? You could’ve just scrolled away with this one too! But you chose otherwise.. . We MUST learn to be more of a positive influence on those we build connections with. If you cannot appreciate for all the good I do here, I wonder how come you criticise me if I make a mistake. I am a human after all. I also have a heart & it hurts too! . #Rant #NegativityNotNeeded #LeaveFeedback #islamabadblogger #pakistanibloggers #bloggersofinstagram #bloggersofpakistan #blogginglife #backandwhite #JummahMubarak
I got a new Joby gorillapod and not for the best reason 🤣 Check out the video here: https://youtu.be/olEtNxHPZ-M #jobygorillapod #rant #vlogger #vlog #gorillapod #youtube #youtubechannel #youtuber
Well Mr Sun, I guess I'm not the only one to finally show up after missing class for two weeks. But seriously what the fuck how can the sun disappear for two fucking weeks it's so depressing I'm taking Vitamin D tablets is it that hard to put the 'light' in the measly 6 hours of daylight we get. #rant #stockholm #sweden #lappis #sunrise
Ok so this is a rant please be mindful that I'm upset and need to get this off of my chest. There will be swearing. For fuck sake I'm tired of people trying to justify using bits and other abusive things on horses. I accidentally came across a video titled something along the lines of 'bits cause damage to my horses mouth' and I was like wow what did she do to her horse. So I clicked and oh fucking boy it wasn't what I expected. She tried to argue that bits are fine because her horse doesn't have damage from a bit. THATS NOT A LOGICAL ARGUMENT!!!! pain doesn't equal damage!!!!!! You can hurt your toe or leg by bumping into something and have it hurt but not leave lasting damage! That's not how it fucking works!!! I swear to God I'm getting so annoyed with people trying to justify using bits and other abusive tack with stupid fucking argument that can be easily countered with a logical reason that makes sence. STOP BEING IGNORANT AND STUBBORN! STOP ABUSING ANIMALS THAT YOU SO CALL CARE ABOUT AND LOVE. IF YOUR REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR ANIMAL YOU WOULD GO INTO DETAIL AND RESEARCH TO SEE IF YOU MAY BE CAUSING PAIN NOT JUST SAY "WELL MY HORSE DOESN'T HAVE DAMAGE SO ITS FINE" READ YOUR HORSES BODY LANGUAGE!! #animalabuse #horseabuse #bitless #horses #rant #antihorseabuse
DANIEL WINNING THE INTERNET AND STEALING GIRLS HEARTS AGAIN!!! the face he makes when he says russian red 😂😂😂😂😂 As a woman who goes through this on a regular basis and as a makeup artist... Fuck i bow down to this man! Give him a follow And gentleman... take notes!!! @Regran_ed from @daniel_euan_henderson - Girls go through a lot , periods , cramps , childbirth , pregnancy scares , men sexualising them menopause , the least we can do is let them do their makeup when and if they want , cuddle them and buy them food 👌🏽😂😂... tag someone below! Or tag a makeup artist you love! #9gag #scottish #rant #video #comedy #girls #makeup #rubywoo #macrubywoo #rubywoo 💄 #makeupartist #makeupvideos #makeupvideoss follow me @daniel_euan_henderson for more I am the original creator of these videosscissorstick - #regrann
Very soon I’m going to blog about being a broke ass individual and the difference that makes to the healing process. More of a rant than in inspirational piece 🤷🏻‍♀️ Learning free/natural methods because even eating healthy is ridiculously unaffordable. Prove me wrong. #mentalhealth #poor #broke #rant #healing #circumstance #provemewrong #selfcare #lowcost
Go get your flu shot people!! 💉 😷 🤒 🤧 💉
And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire,🔥 And that not even she can hold herself back , because her passion burned brighter than her fears! 💪 . . Find your fire! Screw what ANYONE THINKS OF YOU! love you, embrace you! Embrace your beautiful body, don’t let society tell you what is ‘beautiful’!!! You already are, the imperfect you is perfect, YOU ARE AMAZING! Women need to support women, people need to support people, we need to create continuous ripple effects to spread love! Honestly, our world is always challenged with so many issues, don’t let the unrealistic perceptions of life take control of your thoughts! It doesn’t matter! This post, Instagram, social media, your make up products, the magazines, the thought that you have to be something that you’re not! Be YOU, LOVE YOU, EMBRACE YOU!!! . Find what makes you HAPPY! What fuels your passion? What makes you laugh? What about self-care? What matters in life is NOT MATERIALISTIC! It is the joy you feel with loved ones, or experiencing something new, or being in nature or all of the many things that are amazing in this world. . We are in an era of change, it’s time to spread love and be real.. . . . . . . . . . #spreadlove #power #womenempowerment #women #womensupportwomen #womeninspiringwomen #beautiful_world #happiness #beauty #life #rant #beyourself #beyou #selflove #spreadlove #onelove #fierce #fiercewomen #powerfulwomen #powerful #embraceyourself #embraceyourface #bedifferent #picoftheday #friday
*Rant* Sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I want to become a hermit in the woods. I just wish that life was simpler. That there were no phones or not as many inventions to make our lives "easier". I would say that society shoves more responsibilities and tasks into that "free time" that we "saved" doing something that is now done *for* you with an app or gadget. What if I want to single-task? What if I want fewer responsibilities so that I can put full effort into those things, instead of little effort into many things? I'm tired of how easy it is to talk to friends and family through technology that it becomes a rare occasion, instead of a priority. Isn't this all a little backwards? We're blessed with so much, that there's this guilt of not taking advantage of it, but there's also so many things competing for our time and attention. To end this on a positive note, it's a victory if we're present for a moment today. It's a victory if we stop and admire something. It's a victory if we choose to forgo some "necessities" for "self-care of the soul". It's a victory if you accept yourself despite not getting done everything on your to-do list. Anyways. Just trying to be transparent in the hopes that someone else feels understood, and then uplifted. #sharegoodness #rant #bepresent #lookup
That's why when we are kids they ask us to do homework. In Camila's recent interview where she talks about Toucan is totally bogus and rubbish, Facts don't match her words. She says that NBTS is about him but it is about breakup or something and it was written way back even before they met. So yeah management please do your homework gracefully 👊 Even tho we know it is PR but please just for our entertainment present it in a nice way so that we can also say "Yeah that's a true relationship or some shit". . . . . . . . . . . . #rant #meme #mattmila #tyren #tyrenfake #tytenupdates #mattmila #mattmilaisnotreal #pr #lauren #mattmila #mattmilaisnotreal #camilacabello #tydollasign #matthewhusseyrocks #matthewhusseyretreat #matthewhusseydeservesbetterparty #matthewhussey #laurenjauregui #syco #bloop #fuckall
We all go through things in life, but this is that “thing”. It’s where I’m forced to stop, breathe for a minute and enjoy my life for what it is and accept my outcomes, hopefully I learn from this as well. I enjoy everyday given and live it as it was my last. I get excited when individuals ask me at 6:30 in the morning “why are you so happy?” Or “why are you always so joyful”. When did looking past the darkness become so bad? I’m the only one who controls my true happiness. Wishing everyone the best Thursday night ❤️#thatthing #rant
All the other Pokémon look great alright but this one, this mother fucker right here strikes fear into me it feels like I’m going to receive a ransom letter any day saying Mr.Mime kidnapped my family #pokemon #meme #rant
We all fall prey into impulse buying. Ultimately we end up having at least one piece of clothing that we dread to wear but we won't let it go.🙇🤕 Read more on the blog on www.thefashionlure.com Link in the bio 👉 @thefashionlure @thefashionlure #fashionjournal #fashionblogger #fashiontalk #fashion #fashionrant #rant #clothing #garment #letstalkfashion #style #blog #wardrobe
I had a shoe-emergency!! My trusty black platforms died on me, mid-strut, down Elizabeth in Brisbane! After walking 3 blocks barefoot, I found a wonderful new pair on sale. Let the festivities continue!! #shoedisaster #shoeemergency #redhair #redhairdontcare #rant #badluck #newshoes #rnbfridayslive
naturally, I’m a little inclined to shy away from being in front of the camera since I’m so eager to be behind the scenes. when i see myself through someone else’s lenses, my immediate reaction isn’t captivation. i know i’m not someone you see on the street that just wows you. i’ve always been the friend of the beautiful friend that everyone wanted to know. not really embracing the skin that i’m in. this past year has been a tough one for me, being pregnant with aria and all. i never felt that pregnancy glow, couldn’t have cared less to have a picture taken and only did it for the sake of aria looking back and seeing herself inside of me. it’s a work in progress to trying to feel beautiful, especially when you don’t always feel so beautiful on the inside. confidence comes from within but what’s the point of having a pretty face if you have an ugly heart? #notreallysurewhatimtryingtogetat #rant ?? #fakeittillyoumakeit #confidenceiskeyithink #ohwell #mom #momlife
I was scrolling through my TL and saw this and it hit me hard. Honesty does save EVERYONE’S time. Being honest with others and especially honest with YOURSELF. Hold yourself accountable to your truths. Admit your wrongs and never lie. Lies turn into these big balls of MESS that you still end up having to clean up. When you’re honest, there’s no “story” to keep up with, no guilt to feel and no pressure. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Anyway sorry for the rant lol moral of the story... ALWAYS be honest and ACCEPT honesty when given! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️#blessed #honesty #honest #love #trust #family #confidence #determination #notimeforbullshit #notime #no #lies #keep #it #real #100 #💯 #Thursday #rant #tbt #friday #insomnia
Oh, Another day on the assembly line Everybody better march in time Cause the factory dont care why You've been saying coulda shoulda woulda (Heavily inspired by at; idzydraws on instagram) #vent #rant #art #traditionalart #traditional #colored #coloredpencils #black #green #white #blood #bone #gore #slicedup #slice #coyote
Rant ahead AND there is a good chance that I'm going to piss you off today 😁 #keepingitreal . Instagram is a funny place. It's teeming with agenda driven wannabe 'influencers'... mostly overconfident, under-qualified peeps, and EVERYONE's selling something! And we're all buying. Because who doesn't want to buy hope, sunshine and happiness 😊 we all want some of that dope in our lives. But you know, like they say, everything that shines isn't gold! So buy, buy all you want to, to your heart's content, but ONLY from people who are actually going to make a difference in your life. People who are qualified. People who've been practising their craft with sincerity. People who're not after a quick buck and stardom. Not every Tom, Dick and Harry can give you buns of steel, or washboard abs, or tailor made nutrition, or the right yoga flow for your back pain, or the fix to your mental health problems. Just because they've followed a particular path and seen results, doesn't mean that that path will work for you too. A novice wont know the difference and hand over the same plan to you. But a pro? She'll give you what you need! . So choose wisely. Look for logic, look for science, look for knowledge, do your due diligence and don't mistake their confidence for expertise - it comes from success in their lives, it doesn't guarantee your's!!! . ** this rant was instigated by posts that I saw on my timeline that peddled jokes for serious workout and nutrition advice 😣 and I saw others falling for them!!! . Day 2 of #NovemberNiyamas and today we explore #Santosha which literally means satisfaction or contentment. It is one of the 5 #Niyamas of the Yoga Sutras of #Patanjali . I don't fully understand Santosha in yogic terms, but I'm sure it'll be very close to something that I'm feeling right now, after the rant 😁 . I'm offering #ardhachandrachapasana or the #halfmoonbowpose or the #sugarcanepose for today's standing balance pose. It was a difficult day to practice this as I couldn't steady my mind enough to achieve a happy balance... After the 15th attempt and my legs being jelly, I humbly bowed out 🙏 today was not my day!! . . CONTINUED IN COMMENTS⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇
***READ CAPTION***: I don’t think I have ever been hurt as much as you hurt me. When you truly fall for someone, you fall for every part of them and no matter what will always love those parts. I thought you felt the same way, you lied and lied and lied time and time again to my face saying things were fine but you were doing everything you said you werent. Finding out today November 15, 2018 that you didn’t care anymore, didn’t want to try to fix this and just leave me has been one of the worse days of my life. I can never forgive you for putting me through all this pain when all I did for you was love you and care for you, I would’ve done anything for you. But it’s your loss, because I will be ok. I was be strong and get over this but this is just a tiny bump in the road. There were be many many bumps and hurting times, but I am strong and I will find someone who I deserve, who won’t hurt me or lie to me or make my life a living hell. So I thank you for showing me what I don’t deserve. #broken #brokenheart #relationships #lost #love #sad #poetry #rant #vent #done
Sappy rant ahead, you’ve been warned— This week I was pushed to my limit physically. Working 60 hour work weeks taking care of two toddlers, balancing the worship team, my worship internship, my prison ministry project, a class I’m taking at Aletheia as well as my online bible college classes....plus the whole lupus thing—I totally hit my breaking point. I had to get honest with myself first that I just can’t do this much. I was actually losing sleep over the stress of all of it, waking up exhausted and in pain and angry that my body wouldn’t do what I was asking it to do. I had to get honest with my employers that with my disability there are some times I can’t do all the physical requirements of my job. I had to tell pastor Steve that I had to drop out of Life and Doctrine class. I had to ask god what it is I need to focus on—where he needs me right now. He made it clear that worship should be at the center here, and nannying—as much as I adore these kids—it’s not my identity. I heard God tell me “you’re my child.” Being a child of god—really understanding that as my true identity in Christ, has changed absolutely everything. But the thing is it’s super easy to lose track of that with all the noise and demands of a fallen world, and a culture that tells us we can work our way to happiness if we just WORK more and do more and buy more. ✨Grateful tonight that god has given me the courage to speak up, the conviction to get honest, and the ability to R E S T in Him. #rest #rant #worship #grace #jesus #revival
STOP TRACING! 😤😂 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 This ain't in the store but if you want one fr, DM me for the price. The last photo is not mine. We all started somewhere. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 I made this to be funny but I've also grown Hella tired of people complaining about tracing. For the record, I DO TRACE. Look through my YouTube 🤷🏿‍♂️. For time sake and to get the general form of a piece before I apply the knowledge I do have. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 Now, tracing is not a substitute actually acquiring new micro skills: anatomy, composition, etc. One thing I've learned is that you can tell an artist's confidence in their line work by the lines they make. People who trace and don't up their skills, their work will reflect their stagnation. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 Stop watching others and grow your skills. Even the pros you look up to trace. Especially in the gaming industry. Stop trying to impress other artists and IMPRESS YOUR DAMN SELF as well as your customer. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 There's no right or wrong way to do art. Just create and continue learning new micro skills daily. 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞 Also buy some art so I can get me some 🍕😂 #syrupsandwichstudios . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #thursday #tracing #merch #ego #lol #clothingbrand #dbz #rant #opinion #rundmc #typography #graphicdesign #craft #perspective #creative #positiveenergy  #positivevibes  #houston #texas #hongkong #seattle #vegas #loveandlight
update time. i told dom i like him on saturday and i guess now he’s either getting more into me OR he’s less. he hugs me often when it’s just our friends around but doesn’t like pda. and then when he leaves i usually say ily and he says it back and he’s been muffling it so idk what to do #vent #rant
@thedodo is just out here supporting trans people and no ones talking about it so I’m going too. Best videos, best morals 💦💕☁️💕💦 #nonegativity #positivevibes #letgo #mentalhealth #lgbt #lgbtq #pridemonth #mentalhealth #abuse #mentalillness #rant #negative #negativity #stress #stressfree #mentalillness #mentalhealthmonth #anxiety #anxious #transgender -🌃 (@appearingthreatening )
Yes I know I'm a wolf And I've been raised to kill But the thought of fresh meat It is making me ill So I'm telling you that you'll Be safe with me. #vent #wolf #sad #depressing #depressed #lowkey #rant #traditionalart #art #pencil #pen #colored #coloredpencils #vanillemoonyarts
Heading into Mars’ first holiday season...I’m looking forward to the excitement of the season, but I’m admittedly hesitant. Seeing beautiful family Christmas photos - I now feel guilty I didn’t book. Seeing babies in Christmas PJs - I now lose sleep trying to find something “cute” in her size (that’s Canadian, ethical, not a million $) Oh, you have your perfect tree up!? 😍 - We will probably get a Charlie Brown tree and won’t have space for it so we’ll squeeze ‘er in! Honestly, I’m having a hard time seeing this all come together. 😰 I love the holidays - the food, the gatherings, and those warm and fuzzy feelings are my absolute favourite. But this year I feel the pressure. Pressure to line up 10 perfect traditions we’ll do forever and ever, to look cute - wait, *matching while doing it and to document it - beautifully.🤯 . It’s funny because I love our tiddly Christmas trees, I love our last minute plans and I love that sometimes our best holi-days are when we do nothing at all. I also love perfect Christmas trees and home cooked meals and itineraries...😍🤷🏻‍♀️ There are days I always have my phone out, and others where I forget that it’s in a random pocket of a diaper bag, under a coat, under a grocery bag that’s full of stuff that should have been put in the fridge hours ago. . I’m pretty sure I speak for a lot of people that love HAVING the memories - but hate HAVING to document the “memories”. Classic love/hate 😎 . I hope we get some good photos along the way, I hope we can settle on a few gifts for Mars that we can feel good about giving, I hope we do something that really sticks for tradition’s sake. . This holiday season I’m aiming for balance and happiness. Have that beautiful Christmas house thanks to our tiddly tree. Maybe I’ll forget to buy or craft that stunning ‘Etsy advent calendar’ and grab one from Shoppers instead, because I already ordered a Baby’s First Christmas ornament and there’s a high probability it will be the only ornament on the tree. 😬 . Also. I can’t guarantee any fancy meals or desserts or crafts. But maybe I’ll have the time, energy, napping baby and drive to do all three. I don’t know. 💫 If you read all that 👏🏼😘
confusing stars for satellites i dream of your arms around me, in empty hallways lit by nightlights like dreams, imagine that your breath would be like raindrops, maybe, and I'll be the river into which they fall, and I'd catch you, lightly, i promise we won't make a sound, like mice on christmas eve, tiptoe across holly staircases, tiptoe on lakes, dance and watch the moonlight shadow our reflections, dance around my dreams, in them, and find that i would fax you a smile, a rainbow, a sunny day, even my heart— and yes, it's yours, but only if you hold me. –Anurag movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Keep bigger keep growing feel the pump when your muscle burn ,excuses not included in my vocabulary ,it’s not easy to walk for long ,but keep walking alone ,stay strong keep going ,the hardest work give you the great destination 🔥 #weightlifting #powerlifting #legday #hacksquat #beatmode #gains #workoutmotivation #life #rant #goals #bestversionofyourself #hardestworkerintheroom #duespaid #iam1stphorm #100to0 #disabled #cerebralpalsy #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgram #fitnessblogger #fitnessblog #fitnessjourney #fitnessboy #skinnyfit #traintoperform #shredded
You have to accept that all your excuses are lies they are lies all of them think about the things that you tell yourself the lies you used to rationalize taking the easy road and leaving discipline behind think about them you don’t have time that’s a lie you don’t have support that’s a lie you have the equipment or the gear lies you don’t you don’t know the best who cares that’s a lie or you’re too old or you’re too young of course you’re too old or too young lie and there’s your too busy sure you are that’s high and you’re too tired or you’re too sore or you’re just plain not feeling it lies lies lies and the list goes on and on and on then it doesn’t stop if you don’t make it stop so recognize recognize the excuses are not valid #weightlifting #powerlifting #legday #hacksquat #beatmode #gains #workoutmotivation #life #rant #goals #bestversionofyourself #hardestworkerintheroom #duespaid #iam1stphorm #100to0 #disabled #cerebralpalsy #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgram #fitnessblogger #fitnessblog #fitnessjourney #fitnessboy #skinnyfit #traintoperform #shredded
Rant~probably every LGBTQ+ person has felt this I am so sick of not being able to be apart of a high school relationship I am gay I like boys I am a boy who likes boys. I hate the fact that I can’t experience that “first love” and “first heartbreak” like straight people can because I’m to worried that I’ll be picked on why can’t we be like everyone else and have this shitty high school relationship (I think high school relationships are fine. Yea they aren’t supposed to work out) I’m pissed even if there is another gay person in the school they have extremely high standards to the point where I have to go into an eating disorder to get their fucking attention being rude and gay isn’t a fucking personality trait. #gay #gayteen #lgbt #rant
We have a exchange student from Spain and my classmates, they all ask him stupid questions that are pretty ignorant. Can’t expect much from people who live in rural areas 😩😩 #rant #kpop #reactionmemes
Small Business Rant: We are not a chain, we are not a pre cooked cafe or fast deep fried food. We are a restaurant, with fresh quality produce. Since the days of booking a table are nearly gone, but expectancy of availability is high. As a small business we solely rely on local support and word of recommendation. We can not roster staff, on the off chance we MAY have a high fluctuation of people. How are we to know?! You will be served with a smile, you will get your food nice and warm. Being rude and impatient does not help the cause, coming in on a regular basis just even for coffee does. 6 cups of coffee an hour is what it takes to pay for an adult staff member for an hour during the week. If your meal is taking that little bit longer, its because we are not a club that has 10 cooks and out of a packet mash. Its with 2-3 chefs, cooked with fresh daily produce. So to the man today demanding attention straight away when clearly seeing im under the pump. For me to apologize about the delay, to reply its not his problem. I apologized that he feels that way. For him to get up and leave. FINE! cause it is your problem! SUPPORT YOUR SMALL LOCAL instead of the club/chain! Stop being rude to customer servers!
🚨RANT WARNING🚨 I couldn't entirely enjoy the BTS Burn The Stage Movie because the reason I didn't wanna go ended up happening (aside from my mom assuming I wanted to go and got me a ticket) EVERYTIME SOMETHING "SPECIAL" HAPPENED PEOPLE KEPT WOOING AND SCREAMING. THEY SCREAMED WHEN YEONTAN SHOWED UP. I like dogs but really. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE QUIET IN THE MOVIE THEATER. PLUS YOU'VE PROBABLY ALREADY SEEN THEIR MAJOR EVENTS SO SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I was so annoyed cause I'm over here trying to enjoy the movie in quiet air but no annoying ass crazy koreaboo fans have to go ruin that. #rant #bts #btsmemes #btsarmy #bt21 #bt21memes #btsloveyourself #btsburnthestage #btsburnthestagethemovie #korea
This edit is so beautiful that I want to cry 😭 I really want a friend ship like theirs, being fun and doing things without the commitment, yet knowing that they will always be there for you. I haven't found anyone and I don't think I ever will. Not just a fwb kinda thing, but the real thing, too. - Cr: sterolineblake ( I put a filter to match my feed, so it isn't the original coloring ). - #sad #sadaesthetic #depressed #depression #nostalgic #sadness #sadgirl #rant #aesthetic #darkness #suffering #skinny #ugly #death #rage #demon #90saesthetic #suicide #suicidalthoughts #loneliness #lonely #alone #pain #shameless #iangallagheredit #omgpage #cutting #mandymilkovichedit #shamelessedit
Lesson of the day, unfortunately my close friend learned how scummy people can really be. You think you can trust someone yet they turn around and use your conversations against you🙄 why some women gotta be little a*sh@les idk😒 #quotes #truth #doubletap #instarant #karma #rant #lessonoftheday
Happy Thursday my Ig Pretties. Actually not so happy. I thought taking the bus would be better than the trains, since they were jacked up. But as you’ll see by these videos 🤳🏼, I was wrong. What a disappointment, after being on the bus for 3hrs then the bus went out of service & had to walk about 2 miles 😨. Not exactly the way I expected to get my cardio today. So these are my rants! #hustle #grind #hustleandgrind #imahustler #mta #rant #snow #cardio #nysc #fitness #fitspo #fitlatina #tryingtogethome #talkingtostrangers #flippingout #caminandollegamosmasrapido #fefitalagrande 🤔🤦🏻‍♀️😨🤳🏼🤦🏻‍♀️😨🤳🏼🤦🏻‍♀️🚍🤦🏻‍♀️😭
Good morning, Peacock! I’m a bit like this peacock without his feathers... not into nor have ever done an insta-ass photo, but probably it will highlight my point... ahhh the irony of life. 🤣 How many hours of self posing do you think it takes to crack the perfect insta-ass pose? Do you think it comes naturally? Does it fuck, it’s a full on profession equivalent to a university degree. Do you know these butt-influencers have a whole team of people following them around, a GoPro and a high class editing suite to get their perfect pose? They spend all day practicing how to get their belly to look like abs on the phone, then another day or two editing it to “perfection”, then the next few days or weeks comparing their popularity to the next biggest bum poser. Never mind the energy and money invested into plastic surgery. 🦋 Would you enjoy a peacock with fake feathers? Do you think that level of constructed dollism deserves your attention? Do you think those people are fun to hang out with? It’s a huge business and you are paying with your attention and creating an inorganic world for your daughters, and sons for that matter. They call themselves “influencers” - what exactly are they influencing with their bland “life’s a beach” posts? 💩 Fuck that shit! Be real! Enjoy your own body! Enjoy real bodies, real people, real intimacy, real stories. Be organic! Breathe the air, love and make love and don’t waste your precious life on being insta-famous, or following the fakeness for that matter. It’s an illusion! 🧞‍♀️ Rant over, surf’s up! And don’t get me wrong - I am the biggest butt lover there is.. of all shapes and sizes - real ones with real stories. Have a beautiful day people, I love you 😘💖💫🌴🏄🏻‍♀️ . #instaass #instabullshit #rant #peacockswithfakefeathers #surfbums #fakeness #bereal #realbodies #realpeople #realintimacy #srilanka #hiriketiya #influencers #influencersindeed #loveyourownass #beorganic
I miss this sweet angel, Jah, you’re forever in our hearts and we won’t let anyone shit on your name or legacy. Please if anyone ever needs to talk my dms are open. I understand your pain and I’m here. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
. . M A N Y F A C E S . . . Many of us are strangers to one another, we wear different masks, morph into several different versions of ourselves just to survive the day. Within the most vulnerable moments we show a selective few of our true colours. Hold dear to those very quality few that truly love you. . . . #somber #rant #poetry #colours #colourful #makeup #morphe #katvondbeauty #yesmyeyebrowsarereal #nyxcosmetics #pnw #mextures #pnwgirl #wavyhair #vscopnw #vsco #traveldiaries #journey #lifeisbeautiful #pacificnorthwest #eyebrows #graphicdesign #design #digitalart #80s #80saesthetic #kristinaelaynedesign #kristinaelayne #mextures
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