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Pedophilia, or paedophilia, is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. The 'prepubescent child' is Loren a 16 Year-old Model. The Pedophile is Ray Diaz a 29 or 32 year old man who like to flurt with 16 year-olds. #pedo #meme #dank #420 #chill #raydiaz #lorengrey #chill #why ? #this #is #not #wanted
"Story of our life🙄" /@raydiaz @iamraydiaz #raydiaz #iamraydiaz
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❤CHAPTER 11❤ You guys start all of your stretches and your sit-ups and pushups... Then you have to go outside to run... But you have asthma so you have to use your inhaler first 😒😔 Emilio's POV: I don't know why but I've had this feeling ever since I saw y/n, I've never had this feeling before but in a way it's a good feeling but in another way... It's also a bad feeling... 😔 Ivan's POV: I honestly don't know what's up with Emilio today, just in the car he was super happy but now he's not... 😔 Star's POV: When I used to talk to y/n on Instagram she... Was different 😳 I don't know what's up... It kinda seems like she's super nervous all the time too... Unless she's always like that but I don't think she's always SUPER nervous... Maybe nervous a little but not as much as she is today... 😳 Your POV: I'm super sad now... Emi likes someone at my school he probably likes the popular girl names Grace... 😳😳😳😭 Anyway you guys then start going outside to run and walk out to the field and stand in the track and wait until Ms. Willis tells everyone to start running... And you have to run two laps around the field today... Ms. Willis: ok, everyone ready? 1, 2, 3, go! 🚦🏃🏃🏃 Everyone started running but you are at the end because of your stupid asthma... You've always hated having asthma but this year running almost every day your asthma is getting way better and you are actually very happy 😄😃😁 but you start running thinking about Emilio again and start to get sad and not even paying attention to your asthma... You start to have an asthma attack and can't breathe... Your friend Kiara comes up to you and knows exactly knows what's happening... She runs over to Ms. Willis and tells her that you need your inhaler so she runs to your binder to go get it because... ⬇ 🚫MORE IN COMMENTS🚫 _-_-_-_-_ I hope you guys liked it 😊Get this to 100 likes and 25 comments for Chapter 12 😊 #emiliomartinez #ivanmartinez #raydiaz #domsperspective #starhcity #chapter11 #chapters #fanfiction #fanfic #fanfics #fanfic4martinez #martinezfanfic #martinezfanfiction #chapter @emiliovmartinez @ivanmartinez @iamraydiaz @raydiaz @domsperspective @itskingbeasley @starhcity @anesuofficial
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