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True encouragement is not fake flattery, but acknowledging the intentions and potential inside an individual... 💛 . . #ResilientLittleHearts
So thankful I have nieces that adore reading. ❤️📚 when they’re around I get to enjoy listening and watching memories being made. Sometimes it’s fun to be a participant instead of always being the teacher. Truck and ride along on our December book list from #readaloudrevival . I adore how quality these books are and how little effort I had to put in to find them. Thanks @readaloudrevival for providing such amazing (and free) resources! Also your books Teaching from rest, and The read aloud family are life givers! #wildandfree #wadsworthhs #readaloudfamily
This book was sent to me in exchange for my honest review. . New York City ABC- A Larry Gets Lost Book by @skewesart , published by @sasquatchbooks . . What a fun way to learn the alphabet while exploring some of the most popular places in New York City! This would be such a great book to take with you if you went on vacation there and you could try to find these places with your child(ren). How fun!. . “They like looking for letters as they walk down the street.” “C is for Central Park.” “I is for ice cream.” “M is for the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Mets.” “R is for Rockefeller Center.” “Z is for zoo!” . . #larrygetslost #picturebooks #homeschool #unschooling #preschoolteacher #newyork #newyorkcity #thebigapple #teachersfollowteachers #teachers #raisingreaders #readaloudrevival #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booksofinstagram #boys #girls #imagination #creative
We finished Prince Caspian today and are having a movie night with chocolate chip cookies! ❤️❤️ #readaloudrevival #thereadaloudfamily #readaloudfamily #homeschoolingwithtoddlers #cslewis #princecaspian #homeschooling #homeschool #homeschoolmom
I can’t get over this little hand going for the biggest cookie on the plate. ! 😂❤️ Needless to say, she was super disappointed after I reminded her that lunch must be eaten first. . . If you’re having trouble fitting #poetryteatime into your week, try it during lunch or breakfast. Just add some treats and a few poetry books (or in our case today, Christmas read alouds) and there you have it! . . Also, who else is obsessed with Tasha Tudor and Jan Brett? 😍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #homeschooling #homeschoolfamily #bravewriterlifestyle #learningathome #earlylearning #homeschooling #playfullearning #creativechildhood #hyggehomeschool #charlottemason #montessori #living_homeschool #homeschoolcommunity #charlottemasonhomeschool #charlottemasoneducation #montessoriathome #homeschoollife #childhoodunplugged #intentionalhomeschooling #living_homeschool #homeschoolcollective #homeschoolinspiration #thisishomeschool #ourhomeschooljourney #simplicityparenting #wovenchildhood #teatime #readaloudrevival
We begun The Velveteen Rabbit tonight. You can swipe to see a beautiful quote from it. We read the The Velveteen Rabbit several years ago and I’m thrilled to be introducing it to my kids again. It certainly gives you all the feels. #christmas #thevelveteenrabbit #kidlit #readaloudrevival #readaloud #readaloudfamily #toystory #holiday #momlife #christmasbooks #bookblog #booklover #bedtimestories #bookquotes
Decidedly chillier here today so you’ll find us wrapped up warm reading this old favourite. Big girl has been leaving some pretty big hints that she’d like to give ice skating a go- we may need to put it on the Christmas holiday list. Do they make giant penguin pushers for adults?! . . . #littlebookworm #beautifulbooks #readaloudrevival #readersareleaders #angelinaballerina #winterstories #booksforkids #kidsbooks #booksforallseasons #picturebooks
This sweet little girl reminded me why I love cloth diapers today. Gave her a bath. Smelled so sweet. Went to go get milk. She pooped in car seat. Major blow out. Up her back and put her legs. Yeap. And got it on me while changing her. Luckily I’m a veteran mom and had extra clothes for us both. But not for the five year old who got sick right as we pulled into the parking lot. Yeap. Fun day today. Pass the chocolates.
Day 12: THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. Danny thought I should have done this later, but I thought it was perfect for day twelve! This song has held a special place in my heart ever since @settevendemio and I choreographed a dorky dance to it when we were working at Dunkin’ Donuts. We read this last night and Rosemary has requested it several times since. The art is so playful and there are shiny accents in each page. A new classic I’d say! #nivdertagholidaybookaday2018 #kereadsandreads #holidaybookaday #holidaybooks #bookadvent
“A forest of Christmas trees stretching over the hills. That’s where our story begins.” A little forlorn fir tree, robbed of the chance to grow and thrive as a seedling, is transported with fellow trees to the city to be put up for sale. Not surprisingly, no one gives this little fir tree a second glance. On the brink of being discarded, the fir tree ends up being adopted by a boy and both their warmth and presence bring the community together in a memorable way. A few days later, dried and brittle, while the little tree sits and waits to be tossed out with the other Christmas trees, a street sweeper comes along. His clever deed gives the little fir tree a new life. Don’t miss this heartwarming and affecting Christmas tale. . The Christmas Eve Tree was written by Delia Huddy, illustrated by Emily Sutton and published by Candlewick Press (@candlewickpress ).
📖 Maple & Willow's Christmas Tree by Lori Nichols, 2016. These sweet sisters are getting ready for Christmas, which is hard work, but they don't mind. They pick out the perfect Christmas tree and bring it home. But Maple is allergic, so out the tree goes. Willow isn't very happy about losing the tree, but then she surprises her sister with something special that they can both enjoy.
🙅🏻‍♀️Not really a fan of giving my 18 month old a piece of chocolate a day for the month of December so we are celebrating our Christmas Countdown with books instead! — 🙌🏼This stack from Usborne Books + More cost me under $25 (just paid tax and shipping). I think free books might just be my love language #slpmom — ☝🏼Just for the record, my toddler is super freaking cute when I do give him a piece of chocolate. He holds up his finger and says “one, more?” every time. — #mynameismama #momsoftoddlers #motherhoodandme #lifeasmama #toddlermomlife #slplife #slpsofinstagram #kidslit #readaloudrevival #childrensbooks #raisingreaders #kidswhoread #usbornebooks
It’s no secret I hated school growing up, probably because I hated to read, probably because I was diagnosed with a learning disability in.... college 🤨🤣 So now I’m like a kid in a candy store searching for the great authors, classic books, oldies AND goodies. Apparently I missed out on some Tomie books so thank you thriftbooks sale I ordered TEN 🤭 Plus I’m doing the book challenge with @annebogel so might as well include my boys in the challenge!! . 🎒📚What’s your favorite book? Who is your favorite author?! Do share!! Any I’m missing out on? #readingisfun #stackofbooks #tomiedepaola #legendofpointsettia #christmastime #newdiscovery #homeschoolmom #homeschooling #readaloudrevival #readingislife #mmdchallenge #bookstagram
Writing to our pen pals :)
Respect all and you will earn all the respect back!
Patiently waiting for the fruit of her labor!
We have finally been able to wrap this book up and let me tell you what a treat it is to complete a book together as a family! Everytime, it's a sense of wonder and accomplishment. Discussing our different points of views, our favorite characters, and what part jumped out most. It was not something I had the luxury of growing up. I always dreamed of having a mother that read to her children, doing all the voices, flickering the light on and off for effect, asking questions about what the story was doing to us on the inside. Well, I get to be that mama. Praise be to God for these babies He entrusted to me. . . . . . . #homeschooling #wildandfree #wildandfreechildren #wildandfreekids #wildandfree #letthekids #letthembelittle #homeschoolingbyheart #charlottemasonmethod
We are getting close to Christmas!! Need some book suggestions for the preteens you know? Here are some of my favorites! Several of these series I’ve been giving to my nephews (ages 10 and 9) as birthday and Christmas gifts. (Plus all of these YA series are interesting to adults as well.) . . The Chronicles of Narnia can’t be recommended enough! I love these books myself, and I love introducing others to these books. (The Horse and His Boy is my favorite Narnia book...but if you haven’t read the series, don’t start with that one! Make sure you start with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.) . . 100 Cupboards by N. D. Wilson. This is a fun fantasy book (although probably not for sensitive readers as it is a bit creepy). It’s a great story about a boy named Henry who travels between worlds though the cupboards hidden in his bedroom. He learns about courage and valor...even when it’s difficult. . . The Knights of Arrethtrae series by Chuck Black. I love these books! A Christian allegory with a Medieval feel. Lots of bravery, fighting for good, doing what’s right in the face of certain death, and fantastical creatures. One of my favorite parts of this series is that one of the six books is about a female knight named Lady Carliss. I enjoyed reading about a woman who fought when needed in order to serve the Prince. The first book in this series is called Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione. . . The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. Another fun fantasy series that again highlights familial love, responsibility and duty, courage and valor. I’ve only read the first two books, but they are quite the adventure story. . . What are some other books/series you’d recommend for preteen or early teen readers?
Teaching my kids how to speak ‘sytrayan’ since 2008! #theculturedkid #languagesforlittlekids
This is by far my favorite new tradition and one we will definitely continue! I love this time with the kids even though some days they are running around like crazy while I’m trying to read, but other days they cuddle up with me on the sofa and I cherish those moments! ❤️ we read Apple Tree Christmas last night and it was so cute and will be a redo next year for sure! 📖Do you do advent books?📖 #christcenteredchristmas #magicofchristmas #advent #24daysofchristmas #readaloud #readaloudrevival #readaloudfamily #christmasschool #homeschoolers #familytime #homeschool #homeschoolcommunity #homeschoolmom #wildandfreemama #wildandfreechildren #childhoodunplugged #charlottemason #motherhoodrising #homeschoolcollective
We were so excited to receive an advanced copy of M. J. Thomas’s newest The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls book! This one is book number five ~ The Shepherd’s Stone, and it looks *amazing*!! We get to meet David and experience his battle with Goliath in this one! 📚 This series is so wonderful and full of adventures... I value books like these that transport us back to important times in Bible history. Our family definitely recommends it!🤓❤️ . This book has now been released! Check out @themikejthomas for more details 😉 . .
I guess this applies equally to my other “selves” ... 🤔
Cade And I loved reading How Santa Got His Job. Santa had quiet the resume before becoming Santa!! Great read this season. 🎅💖
✨TAG TO WIN✨ The first batch of Greece letters are going out today. I want everyone to receive them around the same time this month to share in the holiday magic! . . 📷: Tag us in a photo once you receive your December letter for a chance to win a surprise personalized treasure from Louise in January! ✨
We've been fans of Opal Wheeler's books since the beginning of our homeschool journey. This summer, I was so thrilled to find an original 1943 copy (in excellent condition) of her Sing for Christmas book for just $3. It includes classic Christmas carols, illustrated, with the story behind many of the songs. It's a great resource for music study at Christmas time.
I thought y’all might enjoy some more pictures of the kinds of goodies @literaseeds includes in their box! My favorite part are the beautifully designed cards encouraging us to read with our kids. 📚💕 Learn more about Literaseeds at my affiliate link in profile or http://literaseeds.com?ref=2 #bookbox #booksforkdis #readaloud #readaloudrevival #kidlit
🎶 it’s beginning to look a lot like... I’m going to Texas in February! 😍 #wildandfreefrisco
We got several stacks of Christmas books from the library to tide us over until January. We are reading many for the first time! Christmas Is... by Gail Gibbons is going on the favorites list! What are your favorite Christmas books? #bookstagram #readaloudrevival #readaloud #gailgibbons #christmas #christmasbooks #raisingreaders #advent #holidayhousebooks #picturebooks #childrensbooks #loveourlibrary
Just a sweet girl coloring in a coloring book of one of her favorite books.
📖 Book Club book 📖 After reading @readaloudrevival we created a book club at home. We are encouraging a reading family rhythm and our source of education and fun through books. . The children tell us about their favourite books, we have lots of bookshelves to choose from and I can guarantee someone will be with a book at hand. . A favourite is this all year round poetry book “I am the seed that grew the tree”. We even have a pot of bookmarks to choose ✨ . . . . . #familybooks #bookclub #readaloudfamily #readaloudrevival #homeschoolers #bookish #iamtheseedthatgrewthetree #poetry #booknook #bookmarks #lovebooks #bookstagram #homeeducation #bookworm #beautifulbooks #poetryteatime #lightbulbmoment #winterreads #read
📖 No Water No Bread by Luis Amavisca, 2017. The words and story are simple, but the message is incredibly powerful. Groups are divided by barbed wire - one side has food, one side has water, one side has nothing. None of the adults will share with their neighbors, but the children ask "why are our parents like this?" as they share through the fence.
Repost from @herheartshomeschool I told my son to hold up our current read-aloud, and to cover his face, but he got sidetracked while looking at an illustration and it basically made the cutest photo. 😄 @themikejthomas sent us an advance copy of his fifth book in The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series and my sons are gobbling it up! The stories follow a brother and sister as they discover ancient scrolls and journey back in time through Biblical history! So fun! This one in particular is about David and Goliath - and it just released today! Most definitely adding the other 4 books to our wishlist! 📚❤️ • • • • #books #readalouds #booklovers #raisingreaders #readtothem #readaloudrevival #readaloudfamily #bookstagram #books #childrensbooks #stockingstuffers #happyhannas #christmasjammies #timetoread #learningtoread #booksforkids #homeschoolkids #homeschoolblog #homeschoolmama
If you want to win your teen, you need to give them time to talk to you. - Sally Clarkson We had a summer of four teenagers this year. Get ready for late nights and lots of conversation! 😴😍 Teens are the best!😎🙌💕 (And if you'd like a copy of the eBook, feel free to click the link in my profile and subscribe) ☝️📘
The Bad Seed by Jory John is the perfect addition to your #SELbooknook . I’m using it as a stand alone SEL book with one group and as a mentor text for the novel Holes by Louis Sachar with another group.✨By pairing this read aloud with Holes, I am seamlessly infusing SEL into my curriculum. The kids are exploring deeper social emotional themes that will help them navigate their world as they get older, while making literary connections and fine tuning their comprehension skills.✨The themes in this book include: You don’t have to be a product of yourcircumstances.✨You have the ability to choose how you respond to people and situations. ✨You have the power and the responsibility to make positive changes within you!! ✨What favorites do you have in your SEL BookNook?❤️ . . . . . #teachers #teachersfollowteachers #teachersofinstagram #teachersofig #teachersofinsta #teacherspayteachers #teachersoftpt #igteachers #lifelonglearner #thursdaymotivation #teacherlife #weareteachers #socialemotionallearning #morningmotivation #picturebooks #picturebooksofinstagram #happyclassrooms #happystudents #readaloud #readingnook #readingrocks #learningisfun #elementaryteacher #readaloudrevival #morningmessage #growthmindset #lifeskills
Question Time: Which book will you forever associate with your children's babyhood? . . "Peepo" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg will always bring us straight back to bedtime, reading in the rocking chair, with our babies. The gentle, rhyming text always calmed us all at the end of the day. I loved that I could lean my head back and "read" it with my eyes closed. As the girls grew they became more and more interested in the detailed pictures and the peekaboo cut outs on each page. I love that it has words like "knickers" and "pushchair". This treasure has been tucked away with a few other keepsakes for quite some time but when Miss 8 saw it she said "Mommy, we can't pass that on...I'm going to read that to my babies!". I love that books can bring you back to an exact point in time, just like songs. . . #boardbook #babybook #janetandallanahlberg #childrensbook #bookreviews #kidlitpicks_rhymingreads @kidlitpicks @puffinbooksusa
An absolute favorite winter read ♥️♥️ . What’s in the photo: ◽️Mitten printout from @simplylearning (Letter M Unit) ◽️Animal Track cards from @growingbrave ◽️Woodland Animal Footprint Stones (linked in profile) ◽️Forest Animal Cards from @the_little_oak_learning
This is one of my favorite favorite children’s Christmas books! It follows along as the rumor of Christ’s birth spreads through creation. It is so precious! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I reviewed 10 Christmas books, and a few honorable mentions, on my blog! I hope your season is shaping up to be truly merry & bright! ✨🎄 • • • • #booklist #readaloud #christmasbooks #christmasbooklist #childrensbooks #blog #blogger #readaloud #picturebooks #momoflittles #readaloudrevival #readtoyourkids #timetoread #homeschoolblog #momlife #stayathomemom #raisingmen #momofboys #Advent #christmastime #thegivingmanger #thereasonfortheseason #raisingreaders #christmasbookstagram #christmasbooksforkids
My guys are really enjoying “The Berlin Candy Bomber” by Gail S. Halvorsen. It’s a beautiful read this time of year, and packed full of history. It’s taking longer than expected to read because when your a fun-schooler, and read about airplanes, you get lost researching them and time flys! Reading to my children has always been a favorite part of our day, for me, and as they grow that time becomes more precious and valued. The excitement of reading to them hasn’t disappeared with age, but has grown, adding discussion and richness with books we can all thoroughly enjoy and learn and grow together with. 🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭🍫🍬🍭 #funschool #funschooling #unschool #homeschool #homeschoolmom #readaloudrevival #family #education #reafing #history #livingbooks #outofthebox
Is there anything better than that first snowfall of the year? FIRST SNOW uses flowing rhymes and sweet illustrations to capture the joy of playing in the snow. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Readers will follow along as a group of diverse children run to peek out the window to catch their first glimpse of snow, then bundle up to play outside with friends sledding, building snowmen, and catching snowflakes on their tongues. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This adorable new book is a perfect winter read aloud for young children! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What’s your favorite winter activity? I love skiing, but my absolute favorite thing to do when it is cold outside is curl up in front of a fire with my little ones and read a good book! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Don’t miss FIRST SNOW by Nancy Viau @nancyviau1 ; pictures by Talitha Shipman @talithashipmanillustration ; published by Albert Whitman & Company @albertwhitman , 2018 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Note: A copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Who is a fan of audio books?? I honestly never listened to them much as an adult because I love to hold and turn the pages of a book. But, we do a lot of traveling and I’ve started playing them in the car for the kids and it’s been a huge hit! It helps cut down on any screen time Jackson might want (read expect) while we are driving. We’re heading north this weekend and I just downloaded this version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, Read by Meryl Streep. It’s on sale right now if you’d like to add it to your audio book library! #readaloudrevival #audiobooks #lessscreentime
Olivia helps with Christmas - Ian Falconer || 4yo is a big fan of Olivia the precocious pig. It took a while but the books have grown on me, too. I've been able to find quite a few of the books in English and Dutch at book markets. . . . . #oliviahelpswithchristmas #oliverjeffers #christmasbookadvent #ianfalconer #readaloudrevival #prentenboek #lekkerlezen #childrenschristmasbooks #readbookseverywhere #kinderboeken
This lovely @officialericcarle book is the second we’ve read this season. The beautiful, interactive illustrations and simple storyline definitely captured my Bug’s attention. Though he did keep calling the farmer Santa and was a little confused when he didn’t get in a sleigh at the end of the story. 😂#bookbug #bookstagram #bookish #kidsbookstagram #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #childrenslit #kidslit #kidsbooks #readabook #bookcommunity #readfrombirth #readtoyourkids #readallday #readallthebooks #readaloudrevival #readtokids #booklove #readinglove #areadaday #raisingareader #picturebook #librarybook
This is something I don’t see everyday - an apple that actually proves it grew on a tree! In this day and age our connection to nature can be a little warped - especially in the eyes of our children. ⁣ ⁣ Below are some examples of how to make the experience of finding a leafed apple a vocabulary and oral language booster….. ⁣ 🍎Show your child the apple and discuss the leaf you have discovered ⁣ 🍎Does your child know that apples grow on trees?⁣ 🍎Does your child know why the leaf is stuck to the stalk?⁣ 🍎Is the concept of a farm and its produce familiar to your child? ⁣ 🍎How do the apples get to the farm to the grocery store? ⁣ 🍎Discuss the parts of the apple; stalk, flesh, skin, seeds & core⁣ 🍎 Have a look in your fruit bowl and compare the leafed apple with apples that don’t have a leaf, pose reasons why the apples are different ⁣ 🍎Discuss the different coloured apples you see at the grocery store and describe their differences ⁣ ⁣ Follow these conversations with books that explore food and where it comes from. One of my favourites is the ABC kids book titled; The ABC Kids Book of Food @harpercollinsaustralia There is an entire series and I will be posting about how these books can assist emergent literacy in the new year. ⁣ ⁣ #fruit #childrensbooks #readaloudrevival #readtoyourkids #education #educationmatters #abckids #harpercollinsaustralia#fruitoftheday #prek #homeschooling #teachers   #vocabulary #readingtime #booksbooksbooks #kidsbooks #kidsreading #readingmatters #kidlit #mums #moms #momhack #dad #fathers #grandparents
📖 Sterling, Best Dog Ever by Aidan Cassie, 2018. Sterling will do, or be, anything if he thinks it'll help him be loved by his new family. He starts as a fork, then he thinks the family doesn't need forks because they eat a meal without utensils, so he tries to be other things. Finally he realizes that all he needs to be is himself and the family will still love him.
No such thing as too many books! Drop an ❤️ emoji if you agree. Well it’s not a matter of opinion; research backs this up! Based on a survey of 44,097 children aged 8-18 in the UK, the recently released National Literacy Trust’s Book ownership, literacy engagement and mental wellbeing reported the more books a child owns, the more likely they are to do well at school and be happy with their lives. 📚 Children who have 60 or more books at home are 5.5 times more likely to read above the level expected for their age than their peers who have fewer than 10 books 📚 Children who read above the level expected for their age have twice as many books as those who read below the expected level 📚 Children who have a book of their own at home have higher levels of mental wellbeing than those who don’t have any books #literacytip #booksmakegreatgifts
And there it is. 😍 A new-to-me My Book House set in all its rainbow glory, ready to fill morning times, tea times, and my daughters’ independent reading times with beauty and rich ideas for years to come. 🤗📚🏠 . . This blog post by @hspambarnhill explains why My Book House is unique and ideas for using the books in your homeschool: https://pambarnhill.com/my-book-house-for-homeschool/ (link in profile)📚 . . I am discovering these treasures right alongside my children. You?? How do use the series? 💛 . . You know you are a homeschool mama when... you ask for a My Book House set off Etsy for your own birthday so that you can read them aloud to your children! 🙋🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🏫 My Mom gifted the books to me last month, a book lover herself, so she was happy to buy without question — except to satisfy her curiosity because she hadn’t heard of these when homeschooling me.📚 . . #mybookhouse #livingbooks #readaloudrevival #yourmorningbasket #hsplanyouryear #charlottemasoneducation #classicaleducation #poetryteatime
Saint Lucy's "eyeballs", anyone? 👁👁 We usually celebrate the Feast of Saint Lucy (which falls on Dec 13, today! ☀️) with a simple read-aloud from one of our saint books but since we have leftover marshmallows in the refrigerator (given by one of the kids' grandmothers 🤣 I'm not telling which one! 😉) plus chocolate chips left over from the kids' "S'mores for a Cause" fundraiser last weekend, I was inspired by Saint Lucy's martyrdom story (swipe 👉🏻 to read it), and invited the kids to make Saint Lucy's "eyeballs." Something easy and low-prep (and doesn't involve glitter 🤣nor requires Mama to help them out because I've got my hands full with their baby brother).... but I pray that it will make #LiturgicalLiving more fun and memorable for them!🙏🏻 . For my fellow Catholic parents (and even non-parents who have kids in their lives!), let's do our best to #livetheliturgy wherever we are, but especially in our homes with the people who matter the most.❤️ . . . A blessed Feast of Saint Lucy to all! 🎉 . . . . . . . . . #TrulyRichandBlessed #lazyliturgical #TRBFaith #LiturgicalLiving #TRBRelationships #advent2018 #keepchristinchristmas #readaloudrevival #adventbooks #catholic #catholicfamily #intentionalparenting #adventtraditions #familytraditions #familygoals #inspiredliving #faithittillyoumakeit #faithblogger #catholicblogger #tapfluencer #catholicmom #advent #saintlucy #saintlucysday
This is a lovely little counting book with cute illustrations that I picked up from the op-shop a few weeks ago. . . . . #christmas #christmasbooks #picturebooks #childrensbooks #readaloudrevival #countmychristmaskisses
I love the slowing down at Christmas. Activities start to dwindle, commitments take a break, and we have an opportunity to be at rest and soak in the season. It wasn’t always this way. I would be frazzled and frantic, looking for the next thing to do. However, the more I’ve taken on in life, the crazier this season of life is, the more I’ve started to treasure the slow moments and have become intentional in taking rest and enjoying my kids. This months read aloud is “Jotham’s Journey”. We did the Easter version of this series and I’m so excited to dig in to this one with my minions! . . . #lifelonglearner #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolers #homeschoolmom #homeschoolkids #homeeducation #homeeducator #classicalconversations #classicaleducation #myccday #cckids #ccmom #cctutor #christmashomeschool #farmhousechristmas #cottagestyle #cottagestylechristmas #wildandfreechildren #wildandfreekids #charlottemason #charlottasonirl #poetryteatime #readaloudrevival #readaloud #readaloudfamily #seasonofrest #ministryofmotherhood #teachingfromrest #perfectlyimperfecthomeschool
📚We haven't checked out any Patricia Polacco books in a while so the other day while at the library I added 4 to our pile to check out. 📚An A From Miss Keller is one about a childhood teacher of Patricia Polocco's. This teacher encouraged her in writing and of course there was a side story of another important adult in her life at that time. Such a great story! 📚Of the other teacher books we've read The Art of Miss Chew, Thank you Mr Faulkner, and Junkyard Wonders... one of my faves! 📚I love all of Patricia Polocco's books! Even when they make me tear up and cry. My daughter said "oh this is the author where you always cry when you read her books" when she saw I put a few in the checkout pile. She knows me so well. 😅 Another one we read tonight was Chicken Sunday. Love how the children wanted to do something nice for Miss Eula and how that all played out. 📚And I must mention my all time favorite is An Orange for Frankie which is a perfect read for this time of year. So beautifully written. And I love her style of illustrations too. 📚Do you have a favorite Patricia Polocco book? #patriciapolacco #picturebooks #homeschoollife #readaloud #readaloudrevival #familytime
A COOKED UP FAIRY TALE. Written by Penny Parker Klostermann. Illustrated by Ben Mantle. When chef William takes fairy tale ingredients and turns them into delicious dishes, will the characters still receive their happy ending? @pennyparkerklostermann @benmmantle #picturebooksaremyjam #picturebooklove #picturebooks #picturebook #kidsbooks #kidlit #childrensbooks #booksforkids #readtome #readingtime #readaloudrevival #readingmatters #readaloud #literacy #librarybook #librarybooks #fairytale
Now that #bbwkl2018 is halfway through, don't forget to drop by (or conveniently browse through photos of children books available by PS of your choice, like I do😁) and get your read aloud material stocked up, they do have nice collection for the bubs😉 Read aloud with your children is important, but don't forget that the material read is also important. Baby and toddler absorb most of the things exposed to them - so if you want to instil virtues, moral and ethics, as well as creed and belief - reading stories related to such concept is highly beneficial. Check our list of books too for some inspirational titles😉❤ #readaloudwithsophiaslittlelibrary #bbwkl #readaloudrevival #malaysiamembaca#Repost @read_aloud_15 with @get_repost ・・・ Read Baby, Every Day reinforces the American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations to begin daily reading with children at birth, to promote bonding, language, attention, and other aspects of development. #readaloud15
All strength and courage is built upon a foundation of love and acceptance. . . Emotional safety & empathy within close relationships often get overlooked in their deep importance. . . If you are providing this for any ONE individual, you are significantly impacting their world... 💛 . . #ResilientLittleHearts
Annaleigh read this book last night, told Aiden he needed to read and Audrey wants to make sure she’s not left out! So Aiden is reading it to her #familyreading #readaloudrevival #readaloudfamily #bigbrother #littlesister #readtome #NOW #storytime #readtoallthetoddlers #bigfamily #familylife #luckymama
✖️🎉GIVEAWAY🎉✖️ It’s Pete the Cat's Grooviest Time of the Year! Focusing on the important message of giving, empathy, and community involvement, Pete the Cat will encourage all groovy families to join in the spirit of giving this holiday season. We’re spending now until Christmas thinking about how we can give back to our community in ways both big and small. On that note, we’re giving away a copy of PETE THE CAT’S 12 GROOVY DAYS OF CHRISTMAS. To enter, comment with a way you’re giving back this holiday season, and use #GivingisGroovy ! * * * * #giveaway #bookstagram #kidsbookstagram #readaloudrevival #books #kidsbooks #bibiliophile #booklover #shelfie #christmas
Day 11: THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CATS. Rosemary was THRILLED with this one. We read it at bedtime last night. I picked it because Rosemary loves cats and my Mom loved cats. Me? I mean I like them but I wouldn’t say love. I really like other people’s cats, but have no desire to have one of my own. Same goes for dogs by the way. But anytime I see a cat book it makes me think of my Mom so I get it. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and the language is good for singing! #nivdertagholidaybookaday2018 #kereadsandreads #holidaybookaday #holidaybooks #bookadvent
reading beatrix potter’s tales before bedtime 📚 🐁🐇. this is how we usually end our day: dimmed lights, a good book and sometimes an 🍎 for dessert. why not? 😊 . lendo contos de beatrix potter antes de dormir 📚🐁🐇. é assim que geralmente concluímos o dia: luzes baixas, um bom livro e às vezes uma 🍎 de sobremesa, por que não? 😊 . para quem não conhece, potter é a ilustradora e criadora do personagem “peter rabbit”, ela escreveu centenas de outros contos que são encantadores ♥️. as leituras são curtinhas e ricas em linguagem culta do inglês britânico. bom para quem também ensina inglês em casa e deseja enriquecer o vocabulário das crianças 😉 . seguimos conectando e plantando sementinhas 🌱 de apreciação pela leitura. coincidentemente escolhemos a leitura de uma autora que também foi educada em casa por toda a sua vida, que incrível ter em mãos o resultado da criatividade de beatrix e poder dar ao levi a mesma chance de ter uma imaginação livre e espaço pra criar ☺️ . #educacaodomiciliar #educaçãodomiciliar #homeschool #beatrixpotter #readoutloud #leituraemvozalta
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