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VIRTUAL LOVE PART 5 Shristy was working in Kathmandu Teaching hospital. And on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Kathmandu he was invited. He had to attend a Ted talk and attend few classes and counseling. Aashirwad and his wife Pratikshya were at airport to receive him; they were meeting after a long time. They had their talk and Pratikshya asked do you think you can talk with her face to face? I don’t know I’m nervous I have never talked with her face to face, it’s long time since we last talked in video chat. I’m just really nervous and sacred to find out what she has been doing all these years. Just calm down boy you will do fine, you will get through it said Aashirwad. They reached their house; after being freshened up Pratikshya took him to the dean office. Dean welcomed him and thanked him for being there. It’s very hard to get in touch with you thanks to Pratikshya madam for getting us in touch with you. So let’s take a tour of hospital and college said the dean. After the tour dean introduced him to the doctors and professors of college. And he was searching for face to find her in the crowd of all those doctors and professor’s but nowhere to be found. Party started but still she is not here, he started being very anxious, Aashirwad saw him from distance. He brought drinks form them and started talking about their old days to calm him a little. Dean called him; I would like to meet some of our finest doctors. His heart started pounding, she is one of the best doctors, and he turned around hello hi and shook her hand. He was looking at her beautiful eyes and that mole just above the lips was still beyond perfection. His eyes were blooming on seeing her after so many years and how much more beautiful she was looking. He was looking for that “hey I know you look on her eyes” but her eyes were blank with just a professional grin maintained. He just lost a hope of convincing her. She didn’t lend him a look except a professional smile. Pratikshya noticed all of the emotional change on him so she called him and took home. He had no idea what just happened, why didn’t she recognize him. Was she pretending not to recognize?
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Reasons why you love me?
बच्चों को भूख कम लगने के कारण #jacchaaurbaccha #lossofappetite #unhealthy #reasons #hungry #physicalactivity #milk #mealtime #zinc #infection #fever #sick #kids #baby #hindi #hindiblog
13 reasons why tape 3 side a . . . . . alex standall or justin? . . . . . #13reasonswhy #edit #hannah #clay #hannahbaker #clayjensen #13 #reasons #netflix #clannah #tape #tapes #edit #multifandom #sceneedit #13reasonswhyedit
There are too many beautiful reasons to be happy and thankful. 1. The day I met someone, I found my missing piece. 2. Enjoy my healthy breakfast. 3. My skin has improved, no more acne or pimples. 4. Preparing something to my beloved. 5. I miss someone v much. So, are you happy with yourself today? At least I am happy with myself right now. Be happy not because everything is good, but because you can see the good side of everything. . #love #morning #happysunday #sunday #happy #breakfast #thankful #reasons #lovely
Show épico do Shaaman!! #shaman #shaaman #ritual #reasons
Watercolor sunset #sunset #beautiful #night #reasons
This pain is everywhere on this earth
Comment which program you like to work with most . I personally like FL Studios & Cubase , I worked with those two most of my life . I never got to work with the others , except protocols & that program is more complicated . #Musicislife #Producerlife #StudioLife #Cubase #FlStudio #Abelton #Protools #Reasons #LogicPro #homestudio #musicproducer #maschinemk3 #nativeintruments
Canción sorpresa 7u7 Speak now!!! #taylor #Tour #MUNDIAL #Swift #TaylorSwift #reasons #13 #333 #Speak
The reasons why...
Part 4. from behind and carried him in joy; it was Aakash his first client. Their relation was more like friends than doctor patient. It seemed Aakash was very happy to see Prakash. They were meeting after a long period of time and lots of things had happened since then, Aakash got married to love of his life, Prakash is going through a lot and they had to catch-up a lot. They went in Prakash’s office; Aakash was surprised to see the room. It was exactly the same as except the few new books on the book shelf. He was going through breakup trauma and a failure career, he was on severe depression, he even tried suicide and he failed on that too. At last he went to see Prakash; he made him see through everything he was suffering from. After 4 5 months of therapy and talking seasons he was back on track. He was motivated a lot by Prakash; he taught Aakash the importance of life, love, career and every other thing. Aakash introduced his wife Sangita, the love of his life. They had their reasons when stopped seeing each other but now they were happily married with a beautiful 12 days old daughter. Aakash: she didn’t believe i told her that he knew you, and by the way she is your great fan of your writings, she has read all of your books. She is greatly influenced by your book ‘A beautiful bride’.And the character Sanu. Sangita: So here we are to meet you on our anniversary, the person who made our love successful. I’m literally very happy to see you. I love all of your books. And I maybe your biggest fan. Prakash had a faint smile in his face and thanked her, and wished them a happy anniversary. You guys owe me a story for next book; I’m all done with my failure love stories. How did you two end up together? What did you do Aakash? Aakash: it’s all you bro, you were the source of my courage. Do you remember me drunk calling you 2 pm in night? After all those things you said I went for it. I gave my love last chance and went Australia to see her. Then we talked I patched few lines you told me and we were okay. Sadikshya came in with coffee, they took coffee. They were there for another reason; they wanted Prakash to name their daughter. There was only one name
Ai đã từng chia tay vì lý do này rồi?⠀ #webtretho #vietnam #love #reasons #broke #girl #youandi #YOLO #instadaily #instapic #instaquotes
#LIBRA2 energy now thru 9/30 - #KeepingThePeace as an act of #support for another or others is the inclination, but does that also #promote #equality , #fairness , & #justice or does it #suppress those concepts? Are you walking the path of #advocate or #enabler ? #ThinkAboutIt #ChooseWisely #objectivity #logic #reasons #numerology #LifeBySoul
My whys: . . My whys watch me. They see me work hard for my goals. They see me encourage others to reach their goals. They see me A LOT because I’m there when they need me. . . My whys are my reminder each day why I started this business in the first place and why I’m never giving up. . . We get to help so many people find a healthier way of living. We get to be examples of that lifestyle. And we get to encourage others along on their journey. . . I love my whys 😍 #girlmom #momofgirls #reasons
@farmfreshadventures I saw this #dahlia today and thought of you for two #reasons 1- I know you like colorful #flowers 2- the unusual #coloring made me think of those #varigated #yarns you like to #crochet with!
“Audiciones para Minina Summer Dance 2018-2019” Segunda parte! Mi segunda consigna consiste en explicar que es lo que más me gustó del programa y porque quiero volver a hacerlo. Las razones estan más que explicadas, nunca me voy a olvidar lo vivido en MSD, lo bueno, lo difícil, lo verdadero, lo mágico que sucedió allí! Compartir tantas horas tantos días con aquellas personas como compañeros y maestros que conocí fue mi más grande experiencia! La disciplina trabajada dentro del programa, la responsabilidad, el compañerismo, el trabajo duro, la superación son cosas que quedaron grabadas muy dentro mio. Quiero volver al programa porque quiero invertir en mi misma, como ya lo dije en el video, porque también yo entre creyendo saber algo y salí del programa totalmente cambiada, con herramientas que me ayudaron muchísimo en este proceso que descubro día a día! Por eso este año quiero volver, quiero ser más fuerte, quiero crecer, quiero aprender, quiero seguir sacando todo de mi. Porque confío en mi esencia, confiare en aquellas personas que me formarán y confiare en aquellos compañeros que me acompañaran en este camino si todo sale bien.✨💛 Sin más que agregar dejo esta segunda parte de audición! Gracias :) Para Directora: María Minina Avilés @mininachica MSD: @mininadanceprograms MDP: @mininadanceprograms #mininadanceprograms #mininasummerdance #mininadance #mininasummerdanceauditions #me #dancer #saturday #night #audition #staypositive #happiness #reasons #tocomeback
ڪۡنت وحيداًإ ، ڪۡنت ضعيفاًإ ، ڪۡنت مرفوضاًإ 🌸🌺 لڪۡن هذه الأسباب هي التي جعلتني قوياًإأًً .. 💪💔 was #Lonely , I was #Weak , I was Unacceptable :( But it was These #Reasons That Made Me Strong .. 😀🌸 .
No reason, no time! . You don’t need more time, you need more reasons to lead your life with excellence. . Start pencil in the reasons behind your actions and you will see how the energy shifts and you become more effective is less time. . Mindful leaders are focused. . Mindful leaders prioritize and filter their to-do list and create their own agenda #minimalist . Mindful leaders are intentional- #reasons PERIOD. . Stop living in automatic, and start living in Automagic! Dr. G
@phevsphe KIDS DEM CRAZY FOR YOUNGVPHENOM!! #ProudOfMe #Reasons
The fact that you think me speaking on the importanace of saying sorry has anything to do with me and you,shows just how little you wrap your mind around what I'm getting at. I don't need an apology and I wouldn't accept one that was offered at this point,nor would I give one myself. That is not the point though. Look out wards beyond your ego at all the people in your life you've fucked over and continue to fuck over daily,look at all your "reasons" and destroyed relationships because you're too self absorbed to care about anyone else's pain aside from your own except when it benefits you. Look. At. Your. Life. Maybe if you stopped taking everything I say as a personal attack and use it as an opportunity to learn something about being a decent person to others then you could actually begin becoming a decent person instead of just posting about being one. Where does self love really get you when everyone around you can't fucking stand you? #excuses #reasons #decentperson #notwhoyouposttobe #mirror #seethroughthebs #everythingisalesson #growth #help #selfcare #egotisical
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