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Sunday Recipe Time‼️ . Recipe of Restaurant style Dal Tadka. Ingredients : 1cup Chana Dal (split Bengal Gram), 1cup Toor Dal (split Pigeon Peas), Garlic (chopped), Ginger (chopped), Green Chilli (chopped), Tomatoes (chopped), Onion (chopped), Salt, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Black Salt, Amchoor (Dried Mango) Powder, Garam Masala, Red Chilli (Whole), Cumin Seeds, Kasuri Methi, Coriander leaves, Ghee and Water. Method : Boil 1cup Chana Dal, 1 cup Toor Dal, 1/2 cup Tomatoes (chopped), 1 Tbs Ginger, Garlic and Green Chillies (all chopped), 1tbs Turmeric Powder and Salt to taste. Cook for 2-3 whistles. For tempering, heat 2 tbs of Ghee and add 1 tbs Cumin seeds, 1/2 cup Onion (chopped), 1 tbs Garlic, Ginger and Green Chillies (chopped). Sauté well. Add 2 Red Chilli (whole) and add 1 tbs Red Chilli Powder, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, 1/2 tbs Black Salt, Amchoor Powder and mix well. Now add the boiled Dal to it. Cook for 5 mins. Garnish with Kasuri Methi and Coriander leaves. Serve hot♨️ . Follow @noodle_n_pie for more such recipes. Stay tuned. #sundaylunch #recipetime #recipes #foods #foodphotography #foodblogger #foodstylist #foodstagram #foodporn #delhifood #nomnom #eeeeeats #delhifoodblogging #spicy #tasty #foodbloggingdelhi #bloggersofdelhi #delhibloggers #noodle_n_pie #instafollow #instalike #like4likes #followme #delhigram #delhidiaries #indianfood #instayum #instafoodie #indianfoodbloggers #bloggersofinstagram
Its fun to explore your kitchen, take something, cook something and create something that has never been cooked and tasted before. I used @zorabianchicken sausages and stirred up a delicious and easy #ZorabianChicken #SausageRice . Another dish and recipe up on my blog http://www.cookwithsweetannu.com/2019/02/a-very-easy-Zorabian-chicken-sausage-recipe.html #Cookwithsweetannu #recipeshare #Recipetime #ricerecipes
Here comes another healthy cake recipe - Coffee cake with dark chocolate drizzle!😍 Recipe below👇 . • For the cake you need: - ½ cup low fat milk - 2 tbsp instant coffee - 2 cups whole wheat flour - ¾ tsp baking powder - ¾ tsp baking soda - ¾ tsp salt - 1 tbsp coconut oil - 1 large egg - 1 tbsp vanilla extract - ½ cup apple molasses - ½ cup yogurt • For the drizzle: - 3 tbsp cocoa powder - 1 ½ tsp apple molasses - 7 tbsp low fat milk . • Instructions👇 . - Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, coat the baking pan with cooking spray - Mix the milk, & coffee, set aside - Wisk dry ingredients together - Wisk the egg with coconut oil, and vanilla, then stir in the apple molasses and yogurt - Alternate between adding the flour mix, and the milk and coffee mix - Spread the batter and bake at 180 degrees for 35-45 mins To prepare the drizzle stir together all the ingredients and add to the top of the cooled cake #HitafsDietClinic #RecipeOfTheDay
Now a days i crave sweets all the time. Either its the weather or my hormones talking. If you are like me, heres a recipe for 2 mins microwave cake. #happycooking Ingredients: Egg 1 (room temperature) Butter melted 2 tbsp Luke warm milk 1 and half tbsp Vanilla essence 1/2 tsp All purpose flour 2tbsp Baking powder 1/4 tsp Powdered sugar 3 tbsp Salt 1 pinch Cocoa powder 1 tbsp Chocolate chips (optional) Ice cream (optional) Chocolate syrup (optional) Method: In a mug add egg, butter, milk, vanilla essence, flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and cocoa powder. Give it a good mix. Add chocolate chips (optional) mix well. Place your mug in the middle of microwave and microwave for 1 and half or 2 mins. (depending on your microwave power). Serve with ice cream or chocolate syrup. #chocolatecake #2minscooking #easycooking #sweettooth #ahousewifetalks #foodmaniac #recipetime #chocolatelover
#ategnapestemargójára 👌👌👌 Nálunk #protein pizzázásé volt a főszerep🔝🤩, amit a tegnapi napon szivecske formákban alkottam meg, hogy ezzel lepjem meg a férjecskémet❣️ Mi Valentin-nap alkalmából elmentünk egy keményet edzeni, ezzel is támogatva egymás egészségét, valamint hobby szenvedélyét💪💪💪 És ezzel bizonyítva azt, hogy egy igazi szerelmes pár nem csak a parfümözött estéken esik még nagyobb szerelembe...🤩🤩🤩😅👏👆 #imádlak #kisádám #bárcsaklenneinstád 🙏😅🔝 . . #szerelmeseknapja #mindennaplegyenünnep #pizzamania #egészségespizza #túróalapúpizza #fittcookhajni #hajnivagyok
* Ghar Ka Khana * ••• Friday Special : Is There Anything More comfortable then Boiled rice and Orange chicken Manchurian ❤ aah No only this thing can make my Friday Happy ❤ #truefoodie 😁✌ ••• Yes you read it right A perfect * Orange chicken Manchurian * recipe which is simple and equally delicious 😉 ••• Recipe : Swipe ⏩ Swipe ⏩ Swipe ! P.s : Sharing this recipe abhi se ta k you guys can try this yummy recipe for your friday's Lunch Or Dinner 🙋 ••• Friday Hai bai kch to Special bnta hai 😉 #recipes #foodrecipes #recipetime #foodblogger #foodie #multanibloggers #multan #boiledrice #orange #orangechicken #manchurian #yum #gharkakhana
#RecipeTime #ThrowBack to the time when I made Cheese Balls in #Ramazan for iftari by using @knorrflavour . They turned out SO good that I thought to share the recipe with my #instafam 💕 - Spicy Crispy Fried Chicken Cheese Balls (makes 24) Ingredients : Boneless Chicken : 250 gms Boiled and mashed potatoes: 4-5 (depending on the size) Soya sauce: 2 tbsps Vinegar: 1 1/2 tbsps Hot sauce : 1/2 tsp Salt: to taste Eggs (for coating) : 2-3 Flour (for coating) : 2 cups Bread Crumbs (for coating) : as required Kiri Cheese cubes : (1 cube cut into 4 pieces) - so you'll need around 6 cubes. Knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Sachet : 1 packet Method : Marinate the chicken pieces with HALF of the knorr Crispy Fried Chicken Sachet, soya sauce, vinegar, hot sauce and salt. Keep aside for half an hour, then cook on stove until tender. Let it cool, shred into pieces. Mix the shredded chicken well with the mashed potatoes. Take an amount of this mixture in ur hand, spread it well on ur palm, add a cube of kiri cheese cube in the centre and roll it up to make a ball. Repeat the process with the remaining mixture. Mix flour with the other HALF of the knorr sachet. Roll out the balls in the flour mixture, then beaten eggs, then breadcrums. Fry until medium brown and you’re done ❤️ Super easy, ain’t it? 😍 • • • #knorr #cheeseballs #recipes #easyrecipes #recipe #instablog #instadaily #food #foodie #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #pakistan #pakistani #pakistanibloggers #blogitinstyle #yummy #karachiites #karachi #instarecipe #instarecipes #instarecipe_book #instarecipeshare #knorrpowder
Spaghetti and Beanballs! This was also my first time using a chia egg and it was a lot simpler than I imagined. This dish was so much fun to make! I don't have a strict recipe for you since I just went for it after skimming a few recipes. 🍝Main ingredient: pinto beans. I put 7ish cups of cooked beans through a ricer on the largest setting. 🍝The flax egg: grind flax seeds. 3 tbsp whole flax seeds becomes 6 tbsp ground flax seeds. This combined with 12 tbsp water will be the egg! 🍝The bread crumbs: I toasted some of the bread I made and put it through the blender to get the crumbs. I think I counted 4 cups. 🍝The seasoning: Salt, pepper, red chili flakes, and Poultry seasoning (thyme, sage, marjoram, rosemary, black pepper and nutmeg). Backstory: found the poultry seasoning on clearance and the mix of spices looked so interesting I had to try it! 🍝Mix everything together and roll into balls. I was able to make 36! 🍝Bake at 375F for 30 mins 🍝Make sauce and noodles! 🍝I added the beanballs to the sauce to add a bit more flavor since they were not bursting with flavor. Although, these bean balls stay in tact, they do get quite soft and cut through easily if you swipe it with a spoon. 🍝Serve and enjoy! Final thoughts: very good for a first pass! I would like to try and develop this so the bean ball stays more firm. I would also like to add more ingredients so there's more textures. . . . . . #thecookingpan #recipetime #veganrecipes #veganmeatballs #beanball #spaghettiandbeanballs #freshbasil #tomatosauce #spaghetti
#RecipeTime -BURMESE RICE- So I got a few messages asking about the recipe of Burmese Rice which I posted the other day Its a total of 9 layers 1. RICE You need to cook rice by adding the seasonings; salt, chilli powder, chilli flakes, garlic powder, chicken cube or chicken powder and top them with chopped spring onion and peas. 2. SPAGHETTI Just boil spaghetti and keep aside. 3. CHICKEN Marinate boneless chicken cubes with salt, ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, chilli flakes, turmeric, cumin, tandoori masala, chaat masala and coriander powder. In a pan fry tomatoes and onions in oil, add the marinated chicken and cook till done. 4. SOUR POTATOES Boil potatoes and cut them into cubes. In a pan fry cumin and curry leaves, add the potatoes and add chaat masala, tamarind (soaked in water and filtered) , salt, chilli flakes and three spices. 5. CHOPPED ONIONS 6. CHOPPED CABAGE 7. ROASTED CHILLI FLAKES 8. FRIED GARLIC Chop garlic and fry them in oil (feels like you’re having chips) 😁 9. TAMARIND SAUCE soak tamarind in water, filter it and blend it with a tomato ,chaat masala, chilli flakes, chilli garlic ketchup and coriander and mint leaves. When presenting put all the layers in the plate respectively and you’re done! 😍 Easy, isn’t it? Yet super yummy! 😋 Let me know if you try it 😬 • • • #recipes #easyrecipes #recipe #burmeserice #instablog #instadaily #food #foodie #lifestyleblogger #lifestyle #memon #pakistan #pakistani #pakistanibloggers #blogitinstyle #yummy #karachiites #karachi #instarecipe #instarecipes #instarecipe_book #instarecipeshare
One of my family’s favorite and the most popular hi-tea snack at my place is always “Paradise Squares”. Its a buttery shortbread crust goodness smothered with raspberry preserves and topped with a coconut 🥥, almonds and raisins sponge layer. 😋😋😋👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻A little hint of citrus in it is bound to impress even those who don’t like raisins!! Here’s the most requested recipe of all times☺️ “Paradise Jam Squares” by My Wandering Palate: For Shortbread Layer 3/4 cup cold unsalted butter cut in chunks 1/3 cup fine raw cane sugar 1 cup ( leveled) all purpose flour 1 cup ground blanched almonds/almond flour Grated zest of 1 big lemon Filling 4 heaped tbsps of Raspberry Jam Top Raisin Sponge Layer 1/2 cup or 4oz unsalted butter (@room temp) 3/4 cup of fine raw cane sugar 4 Large eggs(@ room temp) 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract 1&1/2 cups desiccated coconut( unsweetened) 3/4 cup ground blanched almonds/almond flour 1tsp baking powder 3/4 cup raisins Method Grease and line a 9/13 baking dish with parchment paper. Put all ingredients of shortbread layer in a food processor. Grind it until crumb like mixture turns into a ball like sticky dough. Scrape it all out and press it down to make a leveled layer of dough in the prepared dish. Cover it with plastic and refrigerate for an hour. Meanwhile preheat oven at 325 degrees F. Take out dish from fridge, remove plastic and prick shortbread layer with fork all over. Now bake it in oven till shortbread layer starts to turn golden color. Take it out of oven and spread raspberry jam over it. Then in a clean bowl, blend sponge layer ingredients, starting with simply mixing unsalted butter and sugar with hand blender till light and fluffy. Beat in vanilla and eggs one at a time. Then mix in coconut, almond flour, baking powder and raisins till its all mixed well. Pour this sponge batter over the jam layer and spread out evenly. Bake it for 25-30 minutes at 325 degrees F till sponge seems set, is golden from top and skewer inserted comes out clean. Cool it completely and then cut it in squares or slices. Dust with powdered sugar and enjoy! Say a little prayer for @mywanderingpalate6
#recipetime !!!!! 🍅🍅 Moroccan #Fish #Pie This #recipe works well with fish steaks like Kingfish or Wahoo. Spicy, different and a delight, makes 1 large meal for 2-3 people. 2-3 large fish steaks 400-500g 2 cups of Tomato Passata 1-2 capsicums 2-3 tomatoes (optional) Fish rub 2 garlic cloves, 3 tsp ground cumin 2 Tbsp smoked paprika 1-3 tsp chilli flakes 3 Tbsp tomato paste Juice from 1 lemon Grilled bacon (optional) Juice from 1 lemon 1 cup of polenta (cook by pouring over 2 cups of boiling water Boil for 2-5 minutes, stir continuously, Squeeze over fresh lemon juice before serving) 1. Mix together the rub ingredients and rub over the fish, leave to marinate in the fridge for at least 30 minutes 2. Preheat oven to 180C, pour over the Passata and bake for 45 minutes until cooked through and lightly browned on top 3. Serve immediately with polenta or potato mash to the side . . #recipeshare #freshfoodnz #nzfood #nzfoodies #nzfood #yum #dinner #delish #foodphotography #healthy #healthynz #healthyfood
Have you ever browned butter? 🤔 We were able to try it for the first time with this new recipe on the blog...Brown Sugar Cookies! 🍪🍪🍪 Recipe link in bio! https://www.smalltownlivingusa.com/recipe/brown-sugar-cookies/
Sharing my very own recipe of karri pakora. If you have a better recipe do share with us ❤ ingredients: yogurt 1kg (use sour yogurt or keep it out over night so that it turns sour) Besan (gram flour) 1/2 cup (use measuring cup or small standard tea cup) onion 1 large ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp each red chilies powder 1 tsp salt 2tsp leveled or to taste garam masala powder 1/2 tsp. haldi 1/2 tsp method: fry onions until golden brown add ginger garlic paste and fry for a min add salt, red chillie powder, haldi and garam masala powder and mix. in a blender add besan and yogurt and blend them properly. add this mixture into onion masala add 3 jugs of water in besan+yogurt mixture and let it cook. (note: karri takes good 2 to 3 hours on high flame. keep checking until water reduces to gravy consistency and oil comes out on top) pakoras: besan 1 cup + 2 oninons + 3 green chilies without seeds + hara dhania 3 tbsp + salt to taste + red chillie powder 1 tsp. add water to make the mixture. (note: fry pakoras on low flame so that they are cooked properly) put pakoras in karri. tarka: fry one onion and add on top of karri. in same oil fry 6 to 7 whole red chillies + 1 tbsp zeera + 2 to 3 long + 4 to 5 black pepper + darchini stick. put this oil and whole masala over karri. sprinkle green chilles and some garam masala powder in the end. . . . . . . . . #ahousewifetalks #mommyblogger #housewifelife #housechores #housewifelife #housewifeswag #karripakoras #mommybloggersofinstagram #lahoreblogger #karachiblogger #islamabadblogger #foodblogger #foodiesofinstagram #foodgasm #mouthgasm #recipetime #foodismedicine
Let's make A Batch of These #GlutenFree and #Vegan Blondies! https://buff.ly/2WXp39N #RecipeTime #baking #veganblondies
I love Felafel! After a stint of being vegan..... my weakness was cheese, cause I love that too.... I went back to eating meat. A few nights a week tho, Paulie and I pull out the vegan treats and these felafel really hit the spot. Once you make them, you can keep them handy in the fridge for brekki, lunch or dinner! The recipe is on our blog today.... so go vegan it up and enjoy! www.greenwoodfarm.com.au/blog-1 🌯 #vegan #felafel #recipetime #delish #healthy #cookingschool #springbrooknationalpark #builditgrowitcookit #chef #providore #quickandeasy
Best-dressed brownies: Gooiest ever brownies https://buff.ly/2WTxO4E #RecipeTime #BrowniesRecipe #baking #chocolate
Bizcocho con auyama o calabaza Les cuento que quedó más que delicioso, con una textura esponjosa única y es especial en esos momentos en casa donde queremos comer algo dulce que sea fácil y rápido de preparar. . 💖Ingredientes: 2 tazas de harina leudante. 2 tazas de azúcar. 6 huevos. 1/4 taza de aceite. 1 taza de auyama cocida. 1 Pizca de sal 1 cda. De esencia de mantecado (opcional) . 💖Preparación: Precalentar el horno a 350F o 180C. Separar las claras de las yemas, en un bol batir las claras con la pizca de sal a punto de nieve, agregar el azúcar poco a poco sin dejar de batir, luego incorporar las yemas una a una batiendo constantemente, agregar la auyama licuada con el aceite y la esencia, de último agregar la harina (previamente tamizado) de forma envolvente con una espátula. Colocar la mezcla en un molde enmantequillado y enharinado o con papel de horno y cocinar por 40 minutos aproximadamente. #horneando #baker #bakerylove #tortas #recipe #recipetime #recetafacil #bizcocho #bizcochuelo #auyama #sweet #sweetlove #calabaza #pumpkin #punpkincake #recetas #horneando #horneandoando #horneandoconpatty #biscuit #biscuits #pumkinbiscuits
"And in the morning I'm makin, VEGAN WAFFLES" --- RECIPE: . .2 cups plain flour .1/4 cup sugar .2 tsp baking powder .1 tsp vanilla extract .1 cup plant milk (I used soy) .1/2 cup aquafaba (chickpea water) .1/4 cup vegetable oil .Blend the dry ingredients together. .Heat the aquafaba until reduced by half, you should have 1/4 a cup. .Add the milk, oil, vanilla extract to the aquafaba. .Slowly incorporate with the dry ingredients. .Once you have a batter, make sure your waffle iron or machine is hot. .Cook for 2-3 minutes depending on your machine. ENJOY 😍 . #wafflerecipe #veganwaffle #homemade #veganrecipe #aquafaba #nowaffleemoji #sundaybaking #recipetime #chickpeas #vegan #foodie #instagood #recipes #wafflesunday #nutrition #dessert #breakfastwaffle #shrek #donkey
Sunday Recipe Time🔔 Yummy Matar Paneer😋 Ingredient : Paneer (cubes), Peas, Oil, Cumin Seeds, Green Chilli Paste, Ginger Garlic Paste, Onion Paste, Tomato Puree, Coriander Powder, Garam Masala, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Salt and Water. Method : Heat 2 tbs Oil in a Wok and add 1 tbs Cumin Seeds, 1 tbs Green Chilli Paste, 1 tbs of Ginger Garlic Paste and 1 cup Onion Paste and mix well. Once golden brown, add 1 tbs Coriander Powder, 1 tbs Turmeric Powder, 1 tbs Red Chilli Powder and Salt (as per your taste) and mix well. Once these spices are roasted well, add 1 cup Tomato Puree in it and cook for 5 mins. Add 2 cup Peas to it and fry for 3-4 mins. Now, add 2 cups Water and allow it to boil. Add Paneer Cubes, once boiled and add 1 tbs of Garam Masala and simmer for 3-4 mins. Serve Hot with Rice ♨️ . Follow @noodle_n_pie for more such recipes. Stay tuned! #sunday #sundaylunch #recipetime #recipes #foods #foodphotography #foodblogger #foodstylist #foodstagram #foodporn #delhifood #drooling #delhifoodblogging #indianfood #foodbloggingdelhi #instayum #instafoodie #bloggersofdelhi #delhibloggers #noodle_n_pie #instafollow #instalike #like4likes #followme #delhigram #delhidiaries #indianfood #bloggersofdelhi #bloggersofinstagram #indianfoodbloggers
Food is such an important factor in your fitness journey. Get it wrong and you could struggle to see the changes you want but get it right and it will all start to drop into place. • I don’t tend to advocate completely removing a food group from your diet unless you have allergies or it exacerbates a condition you have. Instead I’m a firm believer in moderation. • That said it’s great to try and hit those healthy wholesome meals as often as you can. • Head on over to my website to grab the recipe for my Mung bean and Sweet potato curry - www.laurab-fitnessmentor.com (link in bio). • I’d love to know what you think of it when you give it a try.
First time cooking Brussel sprouts, and they didn’t turn out terrible. We only had one casualty (the side of my palm, hit the pan handle pulling it out of the oven. @melgeorgeg , see some things don’t change 🤣. They may not have been as yummy as @travelingtinsleys or what I had in my head, but I did it. I can only improve. #brusselsprouts #learningtocook #ilovegreens #vegetables #dinnertime #getinmybelly #recipetime
Do you love gooey caramel? Cookies? Chocolate? If so, these gooey caramel cookie bars are for you! Doesn’t this look like a good treat to make for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day?! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Recipe link in bio! https://www.smalltownlivingusa.com/recipe/gooey-caramel-cookie-bars/
❤RED VELVET CUPCAKES❤ Valentine is around the corner and i can't wait to share my love for you people😊So i'm sharing this easiest yet yummiest recipe of Red valvet cupcake as token on my love💫 . ➡INGREDIENTS: 🔹1 cup+4 tbsp flour 🔹1 egg 🔹10 tbsp+2 tsp sugar 🔹1 tbsp cocoa powder 🔹1/2 tsp baking powder 🔹1/2 tsp baking soda 🔹4 tbsp butter milk(add 1/2 tsp of vinegar in 1/2 cup milk) 🔹1 pinch salt 🔹1/2 tsp vanilla essence 🔹5 tbsp butter 🔹1 tsp red food color(i mixed yellow and pink powder color) . ➡METHOD: 🔹Beat butter and gradually add sugar. 🔹add egg now,then add vanilla essence. 🔹then Add butter milk. 🔹Now in another bowl add flour,cocoa powder,baking powder and baking soda and mix them well 🔹now add dry ingredients in a egg batter and beat everything well. 🔹preheat your oven on 150° for 15 minutes 🔹batter will be very sticky so grease your cup cakes pan and put mixture wuth help of spoon. 🔹now put cup cakes in oven for 25 minutes on 140°. 🔹if you wanna add frosting then beat 3 tbsp whipping cream and here are your yummiest red valvet cake. ❤ENJOY❤ So on this valentine's day you don't need to order expensive cup cakes for your loved ones,just try this recipe and thank me later🙈 . . . . . . #lailafood #lailablogging #lailaskitchen #foodeatingvideo #foodgasm #foodholic #foodphotoshoot #instafoodphotos #instahungry #foodporn #recipesforbegginers #recipehut #recipetime #dietfood #sweettooth #sweetcravings #instafollowfood #followformorerecipes
Oh yeah...it's happening! Who wants the recipe? #recipetime #healthymeals #kitchen #cookinghealthy #healthyeating
Take 2: Venezuelan sticky buns feat. World greatest comi Chef Gabriel. #nephew #Miami #recipetime #venezuela
🔴LASAGNA🔴 My beautiful followers always asked me to share lasagna recipe and to be honest i have never made lasagna 🙈so this time i thought to give it try and believe me it turned out so amazing❤ . ➡INGREDIENTS: 🔹8 sheets lasagna 🔹1 kg mince (chicken,beef,mutton) 🔹1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 🔹1 small onion 🔹5 tomatoes(boil and peel them) 🔹1 tbsp oregano 🔹1 tbsp crushed red chili 🔹1 tbsp black pepper 🔹1 tbsp white pepper 🔹1 tsp salt 🔹2 capsicums 🔹1 cup mushrooms(optional) ➡RECIPE OF WHITE SAUCE IS ALREADY GIVEN IN PASTA RECIPE. 🔹2 glass white sauce 🔹1 cup cheese(mozzarella and chadder) . ➡METHOD: 🔹boil lasagna sheets for 2 mins amd set aside and brush them with oil. 🔹now in a pan heat up oil and fry oniom till it turn golden brown, now add ginger garlic paste and sautê.then add mince and cook well. 🔹now add all spices with tomatoes and cook for 5 min and cover it. 🔹then add mushrooms and capsicums and cook for more 5 min and turn off flame. 🔹now greese your pyrex sheet with thick layer of white sauce and add layer of mince,then add layer of white sauce,then add cheese and lasagna sheets. 🔹Then again add layer of mince,white sauce,cheese and lasagna.Repeat 3 layers and at then end top lasagna with lots of cheese and capsicums. 🔹cover lasagna with foil sheet. 🔹now preheat oven for 15 min ar 150° and bake it for 30 min on 120° and after 30 min remove foil and broil lasagna for 10 min on 180°. 🔹serve piping hot lasagna 😍 . . . . . . #lailafood #lailablogging #lailaskitchen #bloggerslife #bloggerstyle #newreviews #reviewtimewithlaila #recipetime #recipehut #foodgasm #foodporn #foodholic #foodhub #instafoodphotos #instaeating #instafoodgram #followformorerecipes #followforphotography #folloforrecipes
📢GIVEAWAY ALERT📢 Hey dear beautiful followers,You people have been always so generous and kind towards me so its time to return you some love😍I'm so excited to announced that i have collaborated with @chaijunction or a wonderful giveaway. You can win voucher worth 1000 rps from @chaijunction All you have to do is tags minimum 2 friends and ask them to follow and these account. @lailas.kitchenn @chaijunction @cj.bahria @foodmafia.pk . This giveaway is effort based and peson who bring more followers will be the winner. . 🔹Add this post in your stories 😊 . You can tag more than 2 people and multiple entries are allowed 😊 So tag your friends now and have wonderful time at @chaijunction with your friends❤ . Hey you can get 10% off on every order from @chaijunction till 13th February 😊 . . . . #lailafood #lailablogging #foodeatingvideo #foodgasm #foodporn #foodholic #foodielover #foodietime #recipetime #foodphotoshoot #instafoodphotos #instafoodvideos #instaeating #hunrygirl #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #FOLLOWERsdiaries #followformorerecipes #recipesforbegginers #recipehut
Romanesco reblechon rarebit. Or if that’s too much of a mouthful, then simply Deathstar rarebit. Love romanesco, Mother Nature’s way of showing us who’s boss. This is super easy, roasted for a bit then spread with rarebit mix (egg yolk, mustard, reblechon), peppered to infinity then bunged under the grill. Yum. #fromabove #heresmyfood #hautecuisines #healthyish #vegetarianrecipes #glutenfreerecipes #vzcomade #foodfluffer #theeverygirlcooks #eater #eeeeeats #bonapp #fooddiary #greatbritishfood #rarebit #foodphoto #recipetime #foodwriting #likeapainting #her_dark_materials #foodblogfeed #goodfoods #tablesituatoon #epicurious #chooseorganic #sustainablefarming
Sunday Recipe Time🔔 . Recipe of Cheesy Bread Pizza . Ingredients - 1 Onion, Tomato and Capsicum, 4 Tbs Pizza Pasta Sauce, Salt, Red Chilli Powder, Black Pepper Powder, White Bread, Cheese Slice and Oregano Seasoning. Method - Add chopped Onion, Tomato and Capsicum in a bowl and add 1 Tbs of Salt, Red Chilli Powder and Black Pepper Powder. Mix well. Add 2 Tbs of Pizza Pasta Sauce to it and mix well. Now take 4 slices of Bread. Spread, firstly Pizza Pasta Sauce and then the Vegetables Mix over the Bread. Add Cheese Slices and microwave it on Medium High Temperature for 5-6 minutes. Sprinkle Oregano Seasoning and serve hot ♨️ . Follow @noodle_n_pie for more such Recipes. Stay tuned! #sunday #recipetime #recipes #foods #foodphotography #foodblogger #foodstylist #foodstagram #foodporn #delhifood #nomnom #eeeeeats #delhifoodblogging #cheesy #indianfoodbloggers #indianfood #indiabloggers #delhigram #delhidiaries #foodbloggingdelhi #bloggersofdelhi #delhibloggers #noodle_n_pie #instafollow #instalike #like4likes #followme
Piept de pui la grătar + crochete de piure + sos tzatziki de casa. Dacă aveți piure de 1-2 zile, îl puteți forma că pe niște burgeri și rumeniți intr-o tigaie fără sau cu 5ml de ulei de măsline. Încerc să mai dau gust vechilor rețete. #recipetime #recipe #fitnessnation #lunch #FitnessRomania #getbacktowork #gettingabs #getthingsdone
Pochi ingredienti per un dolce soffice, goloso ma sanissimo e vegano. 4 vasetti di farina di integrale 1 vasetto di latte di soia 1 vasetto di zucchero di canna 1/2 limone grattuggiato 1 vasetto di yogurt di soia bianco 1 vasetto di olio di semi 1 bustina di lievto Infornate il tutto a 180 gradi per 30 minuti ed il gioco è fatto. A chi ancora pensa che io faccia la fame e che sia una dieta, voglio dedicare questa torta. #mangiamegliononmeno #healthycake #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #nonèunadietamaunostiledivita #healthylifestyle #vegan #vegancake #instahealthyfood #healthyisgood #healthyandtasty #healthyandtastycake #recipes #recipetime #healthytips
•Grain free Granola• It’s been a minute since I’ve made a big batch of grain free granola so I decided today was the day to make a batch up. Pretty sure I have the cutest helper too. I’ll be posting a walk through on my story so stay tuned! Also need to figure it what I’m going to make for lunch and my first meal of the day. #coderedlifestyle #coderedrebel #codered #rebelrecipes #recipetime #grainfreegranola #smellssogood #weightlossjourney #grainfree
Cake facile et rapide pour le goûté 😋 كيك فردي ساهل بمكونات بسيطة فيه 6 حبات بالضبط 😋 وصفة @asmae_sweets شكرا بزاف على هذه الوصفة أكثر من رائعة 😋🤗 Nakhdo Wahad saladier andiro fih bida +3 m3ala9 sanida +ndarboham mayzan+nzido 3liham sachet dyal sucre vanillé +racha melhaja +nas kas fih khalit elhalib wazit +ndifoh chwaya bachwaya+kas farine +nas sachet dyal khamirat elhalwa +onkhalto ribalati hata yandamjo elmokawinat mazyan on3am3o biham 9awalib cupcake + nzayno lawjah bira9ayi9 lawz wala bhobaybat chaklat oyamkalikam tahtafdo biham hakak safi ondakhloham faran msakhan ma9bal 3la 180° limodat 15 d9i9a bessaha weraha 🤗 #cupcakes #teamgourmandise #patisseri #كوبكيك #homemadepatissier #recipetime #sharetime #sharrrfood #healthytime #cupcakestyles
🔴MACRONI FRUIT SALAD🔴 You all love Mix fruit salads i know because i love too 🙈 so i thought so share this easiest recipe with you peeps❤ ➡INGREDIENTS: 🔹1 pack cream @olpers_cream 🔹1 cocktails tin(you can add any fruit of your choice 🔹2 cups boiled macroni or any pasta 🔹2 tbsp crushed sugar 🔹1 pinch salt 🔹1/2 cup mayonnaise 🔹1/2 cup crushed raisin and almonds . ➡METHOD: 🔹add mayonnaise,cream,sugar and salt in a bowl and give it good mix 🔹now add macroni and cocktail tin and again mix them well. 🔹then add crushed dry fruits of your choice and serve it as appetizer ❤ 🔹you can add any fruit of your choice,do not buy cocktail tin if you don't want.make it simple for your self❤ . . 📌PS.This red cabbage is my favorite now a days for garnishing😅 . FOLLOW @lailas.kitchenn FOR MORE. . . . . . #lailafood #lailablogging #kitchenlife #kitchengirl #foodeatingvideo #isloofoodie #fooddiaries #foodhub #foodphotoshoot #foodporn #foodgasm #foodielover #instafoodphotos #instafoodgram #eatingforinsta #hungrygirl #instarecipes #recipetime #beginnerartist #recipesforbegginers #foodart #fooddiet #dietrecipes
Review time!! Review from Lailas kitchen #Repost @lailas.kitchenn ・・・ 📢REVIEW TIME📢 Few days ago @engineerskitchen_ek sent me these burgers and literally i was craving for some good and cheesy burgers and yeap i got them 🙌 . ➡WHAT I RECEIVED? I received *DUAL CORE* and *TRIPPLER* ✨ . ➡QUALITY OF FOOD? 📌Dual core was too cheesy and contained 2 chicken patties.Yummiest mustard Sauce was equally blend with cheese.Unique thing is that there were chunks of grilled pineapple and i actually liked the different taste🙈but that pineapple is totally optional.it was for 450 rps . 📌if you like light burgers with light spices then Trippler is perfect for you.There was single patty with @engineerskitchen_ek signature sauce and signature chicken patty.taste was so amazing yet unique. It was for 320 rps. . . ➡delivery service was quite efficient and quick so i totally recommend this to you people🙌 . . ➡QUALITY 9/10 ➡PRICE 8/10 ➡DELIVERY SERVICE 10/10 . . . FOLLOW @lailas.kitchenn FOR MORE . . . . . . #latestrecipe #lailasrecipes #recipetime #reviewtimewithlaila #lailafoodstories #instafoodphotos #instareviews #tastyfood #tastyinsta #foodholic #foodporn #foodbloggers #blogginglover #instafollow #followformorerecipes #followforreviews
We have a recipe for you for meal prep this week! They are EASY and QUICK…and delicious! This recipe is so easy its scary, enjoy! # EGG WHITE CRUST LESS QUICHE Preheat oven to 375 In a glass pie dish layer, combine: 2 cups frozen spinach 1 large egg white carton A few slices of turkey bacon Sprinkle with shredded cheese or skip it! Bake for 30 min!
Need some inspiration for Super Bowl food or a new recipe for an easy weeknight meal? Check out our FAVORITE chili recipe! 🌶🌶 Recipe link in bio! https://www.smalltownlivingusa.com/recipe/oh-so-good-chili/
I had many requests last week for the Buffalo Chicken Tenders so I decided to type it up and share it here!! Brian and I love this one!! My favorite brand of chicken is Katie’s best! . I N G R E D I E N T S -1 pound boneless skinless chicken breast -½ cup whole wheat flour -1 egg -1 tsp. butter -¾ cup franks red hot -1 tsp garlic powder -½ tsp cayenne pepper -½ tsp salt D I R E C T I O N S 1 preheat oven to 400 degrees 2 whisk egg on one plate 3 mix flour, garlic powder, cayenne pepper and salt on another plate 4 dip chicken into egg to coat 5 dip the chicken in flour mixture to coat 6 put chicken pieces on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray 7 bake 10 minutes and then flip chicken and bake another 10 minutes (or until done) 8 stir melted butter & hot sauce together. Dip baked chicken until fully coated, bake an additional 3 minutes -> enjoy with bolt house ranch
What tastes fried, looks fried, feels fried, but has half the fat? (This is not a trick question!) The air fryer is the new miracle kitchen tool that's bringing you crispy snacks without the oil, and people (including us!) are seriously in love! . . . #airfryer #airfryerrecipe #healthysnacks #airfried #recipeswap #recipetime #recipes #healthyeating
Lunch Time ! Check out my story for step by step recipe !! #yum #setgoalshitgoalsbegoals #workinprogress #recipetime #knowmywayaroundthekitchen
Sunday's Recipe Time 🔔 . Recipe of yummy Litti Chokha Ingredients : Wheat Flour, salt, Refined Oil, Water, Sattu, Ajwain seeds, Kalonji seeds, Garlic (chopped), Ginger (chopped), Green Chilli (chopped), Onion (chopped), Lemon juice, Mustard Oil, Roasted Brinjal and Tomatoes, Boiled potatoes and Ghee. Method : Take 2 bowl of Wheat flour, add a tbs of Salt and Refined Oil. Mix well, make a dough and keep aside. Take 2 cups of Sattu, add 2 tbs of salt, Ajwain, Kalonji, Garlic, Ginger and Green Chilli. Add 4 tbs of Onion and 2 tbs of lemon juice and Mustard Oil. Add 2 tbs of water and mix well. For Chokha: Take 1 Roasted Brinjal, 2 Roasted Tomatoes and 2 Boiled Potatoes. Peel them and mix well. Add 3 tbs Onion, 2 tbs Green Chilli, Salt and Lemon Juice. Mix well. Your Chokha is ready. Now to make Litties, take a small dough and add 2 tbs of Sattu Mix, roll it into a ball and roast it over a pan. Once ready, dip it in Ghee and serve hot along with Chokha ♨️. . Wanna see the final plating, so follow @noodle_n_pie. And for more such recipes, stay tuned! #sundaylunch #recipetime #recipes #foods #foodphotography #foodblogger #foodstylist #foodstagram #foodporn #delhifood #nomnom #eeeeeats #delhibloggers #indiabloggers #bihari #dish #delhifoodblogging #india #indianfoodblog #noodle_n_pie #indianfood #foodbloggingdelhi #delhigram #delhidiaries #indianfoodbloggers #instafollow #instalike #like4likes #followme
📢REVIEW TIME📢 Few days ago @engineerskitchen_ek sent me these burgers and literally i was craving for some good and cheesy burgers and yeap i got them 🙌 . ➡WHAT I RECEIVED? I received *DUAL CORE* and *TRIPPLER* ✨ . ➡QUALITY OF FOOD? 📌Dual core was too cheesy and contained 2 chicken patties.Yummiest mustard Sauce was equally blend with cheese.Unique thing is that there were chunks of grilled pineapple and i actually liked the different taste🙈but that pineapple is totally optional.it was for 450 rps . 📌if you like light burgers with light spices then Trippler is perfect for you.There was single patty with @engineerskitchen_ek signature sauce and signature chicken patty.taste was so amazing yet unique. It was for 320 rps. . . ➡delivery service was quite efficient and quick so i totally recommend this to you people🙌 . . ➡QUALITY 9/10 ➡PRICE 8/10 ➡DELIVERY SERVICE 10/10 . . . FOLLOW @lailas.kitchenn FOR MORE . . . . . . #latestrecipe #lailasrecipes #recipetime #reviewtimewithlaila #lailafoodstories #instafoodphotos #instareviews #tastyfood #tastyinsta #foodholic #foodporn #foodbloggers #blogginglover #instafollow #followformorerecipes #followforreviews
Dit weer vraagt om wat kleur. Om precies te zijn wat kleur in het eten, dus ik ben vandaag voor de kleur groen gegaan. . 🥦Groen eten wordt gelinkt met gezond voedsel. Het is echter wel zo dat groene groentes en kruiden gelinkt worden met een bittere of zure smaak. Dit zou een reden kunnen zijn dat niet iedereen even enthousiast wordt van groene groentes. Maar van dit recept ga je zeker wel enthousiast worden😉 #GiveItATry . . Erwten pasta met spinazie pesto ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ingrediënten (4 á 5 porties). - Spinazie pesto (home made)⬇️; 100 gr spinazie. 30 gr ongebrande, ongezouten Cashewnoten. 20 gr pijnboompitten. Sap van een halve citroen. 2 handjes grof geraspte parmezaanse kaas. Schuitje amandelmelk. Peper en zout. . - 300 gr erwten pasta; - 100 gram bevroren sojabonen (2 minuten koken); - 1 gele paprika (stukjes gehakt); - 300 gram gekruid kippengehakt; . Bereiding: Begin met de spinazie pesto: Gebruik een keukenmachine om de cashewnoten grof te malen. Voeg vervolgens de rest van de ingrediënten toen en meng tot een "pesto". Mocht de pesto te droog zijn, voeg dan nog wat amandelmelk toe. Voeg peper en zout naar eigen smaak toe. . Bak vervolgens het kippengehakt en de paprika op. Kook de pasta, giet deze af en zet de pan met de pasta nog even terug op het vuur. Voeg de soja bonen en de spinazie pesto aan de pasta toe en schep het geheel goed door elkaar. . Time to enjoy. Smakelijk😁
RECIPE ❤️ I posted these extra fruity muffins on my story earlier and I had soooo many messages asking for the recipe so here you are!!! (Swipe) these muffins have lots of natural energy without the added sugars or fats and are super delicious (i have just done a taste test and both my mum and I highly approve). Great as part of breakfast or a snack for when you need that extra energy boost, also they would be delicious warmed up while it’s winter time. I hope you enjoy! Love to you all ❤️ #blogger #healthyrecipes #baking #muffintime #healthylifestyle #recipes #easyrecipes #tasty #foodisfuel #delicious #fruity #fitness #fitnessgirl #fitnessblogger #recipetesting #recipetime #runfuel #edwarrior #anawho #balance #healthyliving #healthandwellness #friday #runner #runnersofinstagram #ukrunchat #nutrition #yummy #nom
Hello beautiful people❤ Yesterday I've posted tutorial of this recipe so today i'm posting detailed recipe🙈lots of you want to bake but they do not have electric oven so i am here to sort out your this problem 💖Sharing yummiest ever vanilla cupcakes recipe with you people so here you go . ➡INGREDIENTS: 🔹1 cup flour 🔹1/2 cup sugar 🔹1/2 cup oil 🔹1 tsp baking powder 🔹2 eggs 🔹1/4 tsp vanilla essence 🔹1/4 cup milk . ➡METHOD: 🔹add egg in a bowl and put sugar gradually and beat them,add oil and beat again(do not over mix) 🔹now add flour and baking powder and mix all ingredients with spatula. 🔹now greese the pan and pour batter in mould. 🔹gently tap mould and place it in preheated pateela for 30 min on low flame. . 📌you can serve them with your favorite topping❤ . . . Follow @lailas.kitchenn for more. . . . . . . #lailafood #lailafoodstories #lailasrecipes #foodeatingvideo #foodielover #foodholic #foodporn #foodhub #foodphotoshoot #islamabadfoodgram #isloofoodie #islamabadblogger #recipetime #recipesforbegginers #recipeshut #tastyfood #tastycuisine #foodmania #foodforlife #foodclick #instafoodphotos #instafoodie #instafoodperu #fooddiaries #foodiemoodie #foodgasm #foodoftheday
Check out this amazing Date cheesecake recipe with you! Do try it and let us know the reviews in the comments below! . . . #datefruit #FalconDates #recipetime #Datenaturalsweetner #Healthy #Lit #Fit #datefruitbenefits #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #cheesecake #yummy #delicious #instafood #instalifestyle #Instagram #instamood #moodforgoodfood
Looking for an easy recipe for dinner for the whole family?? Or a great option for an easy meal prep? Look no further! This is so versatile and you can use lots of different ingredients to switch it up - but it will always be a ONE PAN MEAL! One Pan Chicken and Balsamic Veggies Ingredients ● 1 1⁄4 lbs. boneless skinless chicken breast (or you can use chicken thighs for more flavor) ● 1 head of broccoli, chopped into pieces (about 4 cups) ● 3 medium carrots, peeled and cut into skinny sticks (about 1 1⁄2 cups)** ● 2 cups button mushrooms, halved if large ● 1 small red onion, diced ● 1/2 cup cherry or grape tomatoes ● 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar ● 1/4 cup avocado or olive oil ● 4 garlic cloves, finely minced ● 3-4 tbsp. fresh basil, finely chopped ● 1 tsp. fresh thyme (1/2 tsp. dried) ● 1⁄2 tsp sea salt ● 1⁄4 tsp pepper Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 400°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 2. Combine balsamic vinegar, oil, garlic, basil, thyme, salt and pepper. Whisk to make sauce. 3. Place chicken in ziplock bag with about 1/3 cup of the balsamic sauce. Toss and move chicken breast around to coat. Set in fridge (may marinate for longer period of time if you wish). 4. Meanwhile, chop veggies. **for more tender carrots, cut into skinny sticks. If you like carrots with a little crunch, cut them to the size as shown in photos. 5. Place veggies, EXCEPT for tomatoes, on the sheet pan. Pour remaining balsamic sauce over veggies and toss veggies to coat. Make sure all pieces are coated. 6. Remove chicken from zip-lock bag, move veggies around to make spaces for the chicken. Place chicken on pan. 7. Transfer pan to the oven and bake for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, remove from oven and add tomatoes and toss veggies. Place back into the oven. 8. Bake for an additional 5-10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through (no pink!). This will depend on the thickness of the chicken. For example, tenders or small chicken breasts (as shown in photos) will need to bake for 5-7 additional minutes.
Prânzul! - O lipie din făină integrală - piept de pui - ardei roșu - ridichi Simplu, rapid și chiar gustos! #lunch #recipetime #FitnessRomania #fitnessnation #recipe #getbacktowork #getthingsdone #getshredded
#MuffinTime #RecipeTime Afgelopen zaterdag de lekkere Amandel- Bosbessen mugcake gemaakt van @healthyfoodlove.nl. Ik vond ze zo lekker dat ik dacht hier moet ik wat mee, want het benuttigen van deze lekkernij kan ik niet alleen beperken tot het ontbijt 😉. Het idee was om de hoeveelheid van het recept x4 te doen en dan in een muffintray af te bakken. Tijdens het uitvoeren van dit idee, kwam ik er achter dat ik niet genoeg amandelmeel had. Ik was te lui om naar de winkel te gaan dus heb ik het meel aangevuld met vanille eiwitpoeder van @orangefit.nl. En met succes. Nu denken jullie misschien, goed verhaal Kate, geef ons gewoon het recept, dus bij deze 😉. . Ingrediënten: 180 gr Amandelmeel; 20 gr Vanille eitwitpoeder; 3 tl (wijnsteen) Bakpoeder; 2 tl Speculaaskruiden; 1 tl Kaneel (eigen toevoeging); 4 Gedroogde dadels (in kleine stukjes gesneden); 4 M ei Of 3 L ei: 100 gr Bosbessen. . Mix alle droge ingrediënten met elkaar. Voeg de eieren toe en meng het geheel tot een stevig beslag. Voeg als laatste de dadels en bosbessen toe. . Verdeel het beslag evenredig over de muffinstray zodat je 10 muffins krijgt. Bak ze af in een voorverwarmde oven van 180 graden, in +/- 25 minuten. . Voedingswaarde per muffin: Calorieën: 192 Vet: 12 gram Koolhydraten: 9 gram Waarvan suikers: 6 gram Eiwit: 9 gram Natrium: 1 gram . Enjoy🤗.
Here are 4 great strategies to put together some healthy, quick meals! # 1) HOW THE MEAL IS PREPARED The way a meal is cooked determines how many calories, how much added fat, and the number of nutrients that survive. This simple factor will make or break your weight loss goal. When eating out, steer clear of foods like this: Fried and battered, Processed and packaged, heavy cream sauce, Sauteed in lots of oil or butter. INSTEAD, Choose foods that are prepared like this: Grilled, Baked, Broiled, Steamed, poached. # 2) PROTEIN! The bulk of your calories should be coming from a quality source of protein. (fish, meat, poultry, plant based protein, all natural protein powder, eggs) # 3) EAT FIBER! Fiber is a huge part of eating healthy and being lean. Fibrous foods will fill you up while delivering vitamins and nutrient in low-calorie packages. Fill at least two thirds of your plate with fibrous vegetables. Try these forms of fiber: Raw or cooked vegetables, fuit, legumes, other beans. # 4) PAY ATTENTION TO CARBS Try to eat most of your starches pre and post workout. These can be complex, unprocessed as possible. Definitely do not avoid them, but focus on them the most pre and post workout. Examples include sweet potatoes, brown rice, white rice, quinoa, gluten free bread, oats, steel cut oats, whole grain pasta or plant based pasta.
Finally got some time to sit down and write the recipe for this super yummy #OrangeChicken I made a few days back. Sweet and spicy, flavoursome and orangy. Check out the easy recipe. http://www.cookwithsweetannu.com/2019/01/healthy-orangetangerine-chicken-recipe.html #Cookwithsweetannu #Sharerecipe #easyrecipe #Recipetime #Starter #Homemade #easycooking #foodstagram #foodshare #foodblogger
Sunday's Recipe Time🔔 . Today's Special : Pav Bhaji😍 . Part 2... Ingredients - 1cup Peas, 1cup Beans (chopped), 1cup Carrots (chopped), 2 cups Cauliflower (chopped), 2 cups Cabbage (chopped), 4 Boiled Potatoes (mashed), 1cup Capsicum (chopped), 1 Tomato (chopped), 1 Onion (chopped), 2 tbs Ginger Garlic Green Chilli Paste, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Pav Bhaji Masala, Salt, Butter and Oil. . Method - Boil Peas, Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower and Cabbage and keep it aside. Heat oil and add Onion, Ginger Garlic Green Chilli Paste and Capsicum, stir well. Add 1tbs. Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, and 2 tbs. Red Chilli Powder. Add chopped Tomatoes and mix well. Add Salt as per your taste and 2 tbs Pav Bhaji Masala. Mix well, add boiled Vegetables and mashed boiled Potatoes, Simmer for 5 mins., add Butter. Garnish with Coriander and serve hot!! And its ready♨️ . Wanna see final plating?? . Comment 👇 . Follow @noodle_n_pie for more updates! Stay Tuned!! . #pavbhaji #recipe #sundaylunch #foodblogger #food #foodstylist #foodie #foodlover #streetfoodlover #indianrecipe #foodporn #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodstagram #recipes #foods #recipetime #noodle_n_pie #delhifood #delhifoodblogging #foodbloggingdelhi #bloggersofdelhi #delhibloggers #instalike #instafollow #like4likes #followme
Sunday's Recipe Time🔔 . Today's Special : Pav Bhaji😍 . Part 1... Ingredients - 1cup Peas, 1cup Beans (chopped), 1cup Carrots (chopped), 2 cups Cauliflower (chopped), 2 cups Cabbage (chopped), 4 Boiled Potatoes (mashed), 1cup Capsicum (chopped), 1 Tomato (chopped), 1 Onion (chopped), 2 tbs Ginger Garlic Green Chilli Paste, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Red Chilli Powder, Pav Bhaji Masala, Salt, Butter and Oil. . Method - Boil Peas, Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower and Cabbage and keep it aside. Heat oil and add Onion, Ginger Garlic Green Chilli Paste and Capsicum, stir well. Add 1tbs. Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, and 2 tbs. Red Chilli Powder. Add chopped Tomatoes and mix well. Add Salt as per your taste and 2 tbs Pav Bhaji Masala. Mix well, add boiled Vegetables and mashed boiled Potatoes, Simmer for 5 mins., add Butter. Garnish with Coriander and serve hot!! And its ready♨️ . Wanna see final plating?? . Comment 👇 . Follow @noodle_n_pie for more updates! Stay Tuned!! . #pavbhaji #recipe #sundaylunch #foodblogger #food #foodstylist #foodie #foodlover #streetfoodlover #indianrecipe #foodporn #foodphotography #foodgasm #foodstagram #recipes #foods #recipetime #noodle_n_pie #delhifood #delhifoodblogging #foodbloggingdelhi #bloggersofdelhi #delhibloggers #instalike #instafollow #like4likes #followme
It’s Saturday morning which means Callie gets to choose what she would like to eat. • She voted for pancakes again. I’ve done a different recipe this week. • This made 9 pancakes the size of the ones in the picture. • 💥2 eggs 💥100g cottage cheese 💥50g rolled oats 💥1.5 tsp cinnamon 💥2 tsp vanilla essence • Pop it all in a blender and whiz till smooth Lightly oil a pan, cook over a medium heat. Once the pancake looks like it has “set” flip and cook the other side. • I usually serve with fruit but you could serve with bacon and eggs. • And before you ask no you can’t tatse the cottage cheese.
NUESTRA RECETA SECRETA para hacer las mejores empanadas de pavo😍 la pueden encontrar en @revistaabcliving 🔝 #cooking #chef #recipetime
Our latest edition of Ace This Recipe is live. You need this killer combo of @dotspretzels and our Pimento Cheese Bake. . Copy and paste this link . . https://youtu.be/tD5iGYBpch4 . . #acehardware #bbqprovisions #chefjasonmorse #sponsored #smokesperson #helpfulhardwarechef #pimentocheese #recipetime #soepic #epiceats #coloradochef #rockymountainacehardware #myfabsquad #traegergrills
VEGANUARY DAY 17 😍🌳🍎🍓🍹 . I thought I'd give you all of the POSITIVES so far (because omg there have been a lot of negs if you've been following my ranty stories 🙈) . 🌳 Smoothies are for life, not just for summer. LOVE smoothies, green juice and have a wonderfully expanded repertoire, plus basically may as well now have shares in @boost_juice 🌳 My skin has improved SO much. I put this down to the exclusion of dairy and think I may be permanently excluding you from my life. Sad (but glowing) times 🌟 🌳 I feel I can relate much better to vegan and plant based clients 🤓 🌳 I do love animals, but I still want to eat you.. Sorry @weareveganuary . Watch out for more updates, rants and some more positives when #Veganuary comes to a close on the 31st! . Now, off to hug a tree, dance in the rain and and save the whales 🐳
I know it's been a while since we've posted but we have been busy this week! This is one of many things we have accomplished! Wolf Ovens Installed! Deep fryers installed! Refrigerators on! God is good! @subzeroandwolf @theputmanfamily #subzerowolf #trevarrowinc #cookingtime #dreamkitchen #letscook #recipetime #putmans #meettheputmans
Baked eggs in avocado recipe! . This is so so easy to make! And you can make it anyway you like. 1. Take an avocado, and take out its seed. 2. Scoop out a big portion of it, so that an egg can fit in. 3. Pop open an egg in each of the avocado halves. 4. Garnish using any seasonings you like. (Paprika, oregano, chilly flakes, salt, pepper, etc) 5. Bake till the eggs are of appropriate consistency. 6. Season it with herbs. Enjoy! Note - this is a very healthy dish, and might not be loved equally by everyone 😂. But yes, I love it. . You can buy avocados at Poonam bazaar, PC. Or at Lokmat square. . @parthbajaj @platedbyparth #f52grams #foodvideo #foodies #tasty #tastyfood #beautifulcusines #nagpuritadka #nagpur #avocado #healthyfood ##healthyrecipe #recipevideo #videos #video #viralvideo #parthbajaj #foodiesofig #bakedeggs #bakedavocado #recipetime #quickrecipe #snack #foodtalkindia
A delicious salad for your next get together! Colorful and inspired by winter flavors from the warm, roasted delicata squash 3C baby spinach 1 pear, chopped 1/2C crispy chickpeas (roast in oven for 25 min with salt and pepper) 1/2 seedless cucumber, chopped 1C beets, roasted Dressing # 1/4C olive oil 2T lemon juice 1T Dijon mustard 1-2T maple syrup Salt and pepper to taste # — Mix all ingredients in a big serving bowl and top with dressing!
📌CHICKEN CHEESY MALAE BOTI📌 Hey people how are you all and hows your winters going?well your kitcuen girl is back witj amazing recipe💖 I know you all have tasted cheesy malae boti at different restaurants and prices are damn higher so i thought to share recipe of Chicken cheesy malae boti so you can make them at your homes💞 . ➡INGREDIENTS FOR MARINATION: 🔹1/2 kg boneless chicken boti 🔹1/2 cup yogurt 🔹1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 🔹1 tsp black pepper 🔹1 tbsp cumin powder 🔹1 tbsp coriander powder 🔹4 green chillies(paste) 🔹1 tbsp vinegar 🔹1 tsp red chili powder 🔹1/2 tsp salt 🔵marinate Chicken with all above ingredients for minimum 1 hour. . ➡INGREDIENTS FOR WHITE SAUCE: 🔹2 tbsp butter 🔹2 tbsp flour 🔹1 glass milk 🔹1 tsp white pepper 🔹1 tsp black pepper 🔹1/2 tsp salt 🔹1 tbsp mix herbs(optional) 🔹1 cup chadder and mozzarella cheese 🔵add butter in pan and then put flour and fry till it change color,now add milk gradually and keep the flame low.. 🔵add salt,black white pepper with mix herbs and cook it for 2 min.Turn off the flame when sauce get thickens. . ➡METHOD: 🔹add 1/3 cup of oil in a pan and add marinated Chicken.Now fry them for 5 minutes on medium flame.when it change color and cooked completely then turn off flame. 🔹after that take out excessive oil from pan and add white sauce on chicken and put cheese and fresh coriander.Now sprinkle crushed chili and cover it with lid for 5 minutes on low flame. 🔹when cheese start melting then dish out and serve with naan💖 . . 🔵Insh Allah i'll post video on youtube channel very soon and dont forget to show love ☺ . FOLLOW @lailas.kitchenn FOR MORE. . . . . #lailafood #lailafoodstories #lailasrecipes #lailaskitchen #foodholic #foodporn #foodphotoshoot #foodielover #foodieforlife #newreviews #recipetime #recipesforbegginers #reviewtimewithlaila #recipehut #isloofoodblogger #isloofoodie #islamabadfoodgram #isbfooddiaries #foodbloggerlife #instafood #instafoodies #instarecipes #dietrecipes
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