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barbells goin’ UP on a friYAY 👆🏽🎉 I think @dvsabez caught me practicing my Warrior Breathing to impress the boyfriend or just slowly dying. Woke up feeling so lucky and blessed - amazing family, friends, the ability to exercise and move, a passion to help others with nutrition, and the Grace of God. In the past, I never work up feeling this way; but through gradual meaningful change I chose to create better habits. Currently, I am reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, and I’m so fascinated with how our identity can be created through small habits. The key to gradual, meaningful change: 1. Decide who you want to be. 2. Prove it to yourself via small actions or wins. ✖️ Once I decided who I wanted to be I needed to then focus on building new habits. Every action or small win was a vote for the person I had wished to become. Those habits improved the beliefs about myself and help shape my identity. Who do you want to become today? What small habit or action can you make today to become the person you want to be? . . . 📸: @dvsabez #beyoutifullybulletproof #atomichabits #registereddietitiannutritionist #valkyrieperformance #friyay #CrossFit #slothfit 🦒
Does your meal have the Fab 4?! Most of the time my clients have no idea what their meals are missing. When we go over the MyPlate method it can be really eye opening. We should be aiming for 1/4 of our plate from a carb/starch 🍞, 1/4 from protein 🍳, 1/2 from veggies 🍃, and a little bit of fat 🥑. Making a well balanced meal does not have to be complicated. Use the MyPlate method to guide you to success!
It’s World Vegan Month, and I’m celebrating this Sunday with @wisctv_channel3000 ! Catch me ✨live✨ at 7am talking about the benefits of plant-based nutrition while whipping up a delicious falafel bowl topped with @lillysfoods hummus (if you haven’t tried this brand, definitely check it out!). 👩🏼‍🍳 • You’ll learn that you don’t have to go full-on vegan to get those amazing plant-based benefits, like higher amounts of fiber, phytonutrients, antioxidant vitamins, magnesium, and folate (just to name a few!) than what we call the Standard American Diet (aka SAD ☹️). Incorporating more plant-based aspects to your nutrition also has a hugely positive effect on reducing our environmental impact. Win win! What plant-based staples are you loving? • Cheers to Friday, and I’ll see you Sunday at 7am on Channel 3000! 📸: @lillysfoods
😬 Off to speak to @dentalwellnesstrust conference on saving kids teeth. . . 😬 I am going to be speaking to Dentists about the importance of government policy on sugar reduction. It goes beyond the advice given to patients. . . 😬Timely conference since it is Sugar Awareness Week. . . 😬Did you know that nearly half of 15-year-olds in the UK have tooth decay in their permanent teeth? . . #sugar #dentalwellnesstrust #dentalhealth #oralhealth #sugarydrinks #foodpolicy #healthyeating #health #childrenhealth #dentist #eating #food #sugarawarenessweek #sugarawareness #nutritionist #milkshake #nutritionbykawther #registereddietitiannutritionist #registerednutritionist
Sugar Awareness Week . . . Day 5. . Putting things into Perspective (part 2 of 2) . . We all know that chocolate and sweets are full of sugar but sometimes putting things in to perspective makes it more easier to understand how much sugar we might be having without even realising . . . . 4 Finger Chocolate= 5 Teaspoons of Sugar . . 🤔 🤔 . . Perhaps will stick to 2 chocolate fingers at one time 🤪 . . . ♥️ ❤️ . . . #diet #dietitian #dietician #dietitianapproved #dieticianapproved #ukdietitian #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianofinstagram #dieticiansofinstagram #nutritionists #sugarawarenessweek #sugar #sugarintake #smarties #registereddietitian #registereddietician #registereddietitiannutritionist #mindfuleating #pakistanidietitian #britishasian #chocolate #kitkat
Fiber isn't sexy, but it is food for good gut bacteria, which live mostly in the lower intestine. The gut plays a big role in your total health, so eating more fibre-containing foods has many health benefits. Try to eat more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dried beans and lentils each day. Here are some fiber rich food that you should add to your diet daily @nutritionist.avanti . . . . . . . . . . . . #Avaantideshpaande #nutritionisteats #registerednutritionist #nutritionist #nutritionisthekey #sportsnutritionist #certifiednutritionist #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionistapproved #nutritionistintraining #nutritionists #sportnutritionist #nutritionistlife #nutritionista #holisticnutritionistintraining
It's time for a #FridayIntroduction ! Meet Sara Glanz, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, Dietitians On Demand's Corporate Dietitian. Not only is she the voice behind many of our webinars, she's a passionate advocate of dietitians - just like us! Comment and let Sara know your favorite webinar, or a topic you'd like to see a webinar about! <> PS: Sara's leading our next webinar, A Review of Bariatric Surgery Nutrition Recommendations and registration is open -- details in bio! . . . . #fridayintroductions #dietitiansondemand #clinicaldietitian #clinicalnutrition #consultantdietitian #weloveourRDs #RDN #rd2be #rd2b #dietitian #healthcare #hospital #registereddietitian #staffing #nutritionconsultant #rdchat #dietitiansofinstagram #rdsofinstagram #rdjob #registereddietitiannutritionist
✨WIN ✨How are you celebrating a wonderful year? As a gift to our hardworking partners, we’d love to give 1 of you the option to join us at the Dietitian’s Association of Australia’s End of Year celebration.⠀ ⠀ We’ll even provide a second ticket for you to bring a friend! To win this amazing prize simply comment who you’d bring! No trick here – it’s honestly that simple! And don't forget to hit that follow button!⠀ T&C’s do apply. For these conditions head to the link in our bio and the T&C's section of our site or https://buff.ly/2ALyhwM
#tbt to #sundayfunday in #cruzbay #stjohn trying ALL the #apps !! 📸👉🏻Baked 🌶Poppers with🍍cream cheese from @stjohnbrewers Tap Room 😋 🐚Conch Fritters from @woodysseafoodsaloonstj 🍤🦀 Spring Rolls from Banana Deck #latergram #islandRDN #islandeats #sundayfunday #beachbodypositive #beachbodybyislandRDN #registereddietitiannutritionist #usvi #virginislands #caribbean #healthyliving #islandgirl #lovecityfoodtours
Has anyone here had tuna casserole? If so do you like it? •》 I completely tried this recipe on a whim, loosely based on a recipe my dad used to make when I was little. Tuna casserole. •》 Tuna casserole when I grew up was a delicious cheap meal that put food on the table. It contained plain egg noodles, canned tuna, velveeta cheese, frozen mixed veggies and evaporated milk. My dad would call my version "fancy". •》 I used @eatbanza chickpea pasta elbow noodles, mixed cruciferous veggie salad from TJ's, chopped onions, leftover salmon, butter, cream, and parmesan cheese! It's mega protein packed, mega fiber packed and mega flavor loaded! It had all the memories of tuna casserole with a "fancy" and yummy twist! •》 #proteinpacked #dinnertonight #foodmemories
🧘🏼‍♀️Celebrating the first snow of the season with some #snowga . 🤸🏼‍♀️❄️ Thanks @snyderm77 for standing in the snow to take my pictures. ☃️ #studioBsnowga
Are you a nutrition coach or dietitian and giving ALL your coaching away for free or seriously UNDER charging yourself?😮 ⠀ I remember years ago when I was a broke and struggling personal trainer I thought that giving my bootcamp away for free for a month would help me get more clients. ⠀ I was wrong.😂 ⠀ What I realized very quickly was clients would not show up, not care, and would not work hard for the bootcamp when it was free. ⠀ I was so perplexed.🤷🏻‍♂️ ⠀ I’d say to myself: “it was FREE, why aren’t they showing up and taking action on it?” ⠀ That’s when I made a very powerful realization as a fitness professional: ⠀ 𝙒𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙬𝙚 𝙥𝙖𝙮 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙨𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙬𝙚 𝙥𝙖𝙮 𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣. ⠀ And when we pay MORE, we play BETTER.🔥 ⠀ One of the biggest mistakes I see new coaches or dietitians making is giving away their services for FREE. ⠀ Listen, I love helping people and I will ALWAYS provide free content, resources, and support. ⠀ But. ⠀ People don’t need more free content. ⠀ They need CONNECTION, ACCOUNTABILITY, and SUPPORT. ⠀ And when they PAY for that, they pay MORE ATTENTION. ⠀ So, if you are a nutrition coach or Registered Dietitian please realize it’s your DUTY to create so much value around your coaching that people are WILLING and HAPPY to invest into it. ⠀ And it’s your duty to charge them, to force them to pay attention and take massive action. ⠀ Money is energy my friend. That’s it. ⠀ If you want to work for free, create a non-profit or a charity. ⠀ But if you want a successful coaching business, it’s about exchanging VALUE and SOLUTIONS to your clients PROBLEMS for ENERGY aka money. ⠀ Double tap if YOU are a coach or RD who delivers VALUE!👊❤️ ⠀ Oh by the way, the next One Day Mastermind with @jasonphillips_in3 and myself in November 29th. 😉 ⠀ I have 12 action taking coaches and RD’s who are going to receive SO MUCH value. I can hardly wait. ⠀ Where should I do the next one in early 2019: New York or California? Let me know below!👇🏼👇🏼
Make breakfast before the morning rush with our quick and easy overnight #oats . Pour your ingredients in the jar, cover with milk, and let sit overnight in the fridge. Boom, you've got a travel-friendly #healthy #breakfast to start your day. Read the blog to find our favorite #ingredients ! 😍😍 #adventureblooms #dietitian #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionst #nutrition #wellness #recipes #eatrealfood #eatcolorful #veggiesfirst #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #instayum #food #foodblogger #vegetarianrecipes #food52 #feedfeed #foodie #buzzfeedfood #foodporn #healthyrecipes #dietitianapproved #plantpower #zerowaste https://adventureblooms.com/overnight-oats/
Hey there! 👋🏻 🌱 My name is Kait, and I’m one of the Registered Dietitian Nutritionists on staff at Nutrition Awareness! If you’re looking to learn more about food & nutrition, you’ve come to the right page! 🌱 While there are so many amazing things I could list about being a Dietitian, one of my favorite aspects of my career is getting to know clients on a personal basis to help them solve their food-related problems. The cherry on top? Seeing them get real results and transform their rocky relationship with food, health, and/or body image into a sustainable and satisfying partnership. 🌱 Considering making an appointment with a Registered Dietitian at Nutrition Awareness? Slide into our DMs with any questions and inquires, and we’ll talk about how we can help! 🌱 ALSO: Be sure to follow our page so you never miss a helpful food tip or nutrition hint on our feed! . . . #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietitianorlando #weightlosscounselor #nutrition #nutritionist #nutritionawareness #rdn #healthcoach #PCOS #orlando #winterparkorlando #winterpark #orlandodietitian
Question: Which side stands out upon first glance? Comment👇🏼 . . We love this creative visual from @kids.eat.in.color . . To learn more about Dietetics signup for our free membership (✨link in bio✨) . .
Question: What are the top 1-2 “things” that you care about? Comment👇🏼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I care about: health, relationships with my fiance/family and my business. 👍🏼 .⠀ .⠀ After you reflect on what you care about now look at your calendar and see how it lines up🧐. Are you prioritizing what you MOST care about? Make sure to download this weeks podcast episode 46 called, “Life beyond the priority matrix: 7 tips for how I manage my business.” 📱⠀ — search for “Nutrition Business” in iTunes and Spotify. .⠀ .⠀ .
I love this graphic by @annamarie.rd. When it comes to low fat/low cal versions of foods, I almost always say just buy the real thing and enjoy a little less. It’s easier said than done, I get it! 😑 #Repost @annamarie.rd ・・・ I got such an overwhelming response when I posted this the first time that I thought it was worth posting again a month later. This was one of my first graphics and I can’t believe it resonated with so many people. Intuitive eating can be this simple, but it can also be super complicated and take months or even years to get there completely. And that’s okay! Becoming an intuitive eater takes time, but it’s completely worth it! 🍪 In the diet mentality, a cookie is labeled as “bad”. When we want a cookie, biology in our brains wires us to be preoccupied with that cookie until we have it. In intuitive eating, we eat the cookie and move on! My best intuitive eating advice is this: just eat the damn cookie! 🍪 Are you already an intuitive eater or are you new to intuitive eating and still trying to figure this whole thing out? Tell me about your intuitive eating journey in the comments! 🍪 #intuitiveeating #intuitiveeater #eatthedamncookie #ditchthediet #rejectthedietmentality #haes #healthateverysize #haesrd #RD #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitianapproved
Is there anything better than eggs on sourdough?! Especially fresh sourdough! This egg toast repost was so delicious. The sourdough loaf was from @pragerbrothers at the farmers market last month (@littleitalymercato ). Reasons why fresh sourdough is so great: ✔️sourdough is a fermented food! Unfortunately, the probiotic part (Lactobacillus) doesn't survive baking temperatures, but lactic acid is created during this process. ✔️lactic acid helps your body break down phytic acid in the bread (phytic acid is an anti-nutrient, meaning it inhibits absorption of some minerals) ✔️lactic acid makes the bread easier to digest (some people who can't tolerate eating regular bread/wheat may be okay when eating sourdough) ✔️while sourdough is not technically considered a probiotic, it is a PREbiotic! Prebiotics are essentially food for the microbes in your gut to consume and flourish. ✔️last but not least, it is by far the yummiest bread in my opinion! 😋
Ok I jumped on the delicata squash train 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 😋 I made this balanced plant based, heart healthy, hormone and gut loving salad for lunches this week and it was 💯 This would be a great Thanksgiving salad too 😃 . . . On the topic of Thanksgiving, gratitude is something that can be so powerful! Start your day with something that your thankful for everyday and it can really set the tone for the rest of the day. Today I’m thankful for my healthy energetic toddler who keeps me on my toes 💙 . . . Roasted delicata squash (sliced lengthwise, deseeded, sliced in 1/4 inch slices, tossed with avocado oil, salt and pepper and baked on parchment paper for 20-25 minutes at 375) . Sautéed mushrooms, roasted beets (with @lovebeets - for my cycle), quinoa (protein and carbs), heirloom cherry tomatoes, homemade edemame hummus (fat and protein) and drizzled with @primalkitchenfoods Greek dressing. 🙌🏼😋 . . . What are you thankful today? I would love to hear! . . . #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionexpert #wholebodynourish #plantbased #recipes #cooking #healthyfood #momlife #boymom #boymama #toddlermom #fitmama #health #behealthy #howtobehealthy #getyourfruitsandveggies #foodismedicine #superfoods #bodypositive #healthyhabits #healthymind #foodisfuel #rdapproved #harvestsalad #fallfoods #f52grams #eeeeeats #eatclean #delicatasquash #thanksgiving
When is the last time you picked up the phone to talk to someone or better yet...sent someone a note or card in the mail?? (Yes -- with a stamp and all!) Try it...the impact will be ENORMOUS! 📬 We’ve all gotten so used to communicating through texts and emails that we don’t even realize how much we’re missing out on when we don’t reach out and touch each other through our voices and faces. It’s amazing how many journalists are caught by surprise when I CALL THEM to respond to their questions instead of replying with an email...and those times have turned out to produce some of my favorite interviews. 😊 MEDIA TIP for GIVING INTERVIEWS: Not only does the phone share inflections in your voice and add depth to your words but it also enables you to go off on some tangents in your conversation that can help the reporter get you know you better. Developing these solid relationships with media will bring long-term connections that bring meaning and value to both sides. . . . . #BTDmedia #mediatips #registereddietitian #tips #television #radio #webmedia #workingwiththemedia #media #RDapproved #workwithme #RD2B #RD2be #content #marketing #SEO #contentmarketing #socialmediatips #branding #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #nutrition #wellness #RDN #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietitianapproved
Not a food post - but even more important to share. This morning when I was walking in to work, I was greeted by our @donatelifeamerica flag hanging outside the hospital. This flag is hung to honor the child who is an organ donor and celebrate the child who is receiving a new organ. One child’s life is being saved today while another child’s life is lost today. As we move in to the holiday season, it’s important to remember that some families are experiencing loss while others are experiencing life. One family will go in to the holidays without a child, while another family goes in to the holidays with a second chance at life. My sweet cousin Abby had her own flag hung at this same hospital on Christmas 6 years ago when she became an organ donor and saved many children’s lives. Take a moment to think about both families today 👼
Sugar Awareness Week . . . Day 4 . . Putting things into Perspective (part 1 of 2) . . We all know that chocolate and sweets are full of sugar but sometimes putting things in to perspective makes it more easier to understand how much sugar we might be having without even realising . . . . 16 smarties = 2 Teaspoons of Sugar . . 🤔 🤔 . . Think how much smarties you have in one go .🤪 . . . ♥️ ❤️ . . . #diet #dietitian #dietician #dietitianapproved #dieticianapproved #ukdietitian #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianofinstagram #dieticiansofinstagram #nutritionists #sugarawarenessweek #sugar #sugarintake #smarties #registereddietitian #registereddietician #registereddietitiannutritionist #mindfuleating #pakistanidietitian #britishasian
NEWNESS on the blog today. Did you know the Department of Health and Human services came out with the 2nd edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans earlier this week? It’s been 10 years and a lot of new research has been done in that time. While I always take these kind of one-size-fits-all recommendations with a grain of salt, I think there are a lot of gems in this one, so I wanted to break them down for you and give you more personalized ways to use them in your life. I’ll start with this: doing just 21-22 minutes per day of ANY activity at ANY interval (5 mins here, 5 mins there) is now evidenced to have huge health benefits. Love that. Wearing a *very* cool hat like this gets you bonus points, I think. They didn’t say that specifically in the report, but I’m pretty sure. Read on at The Real Good Blog and let me know your thoughts! (Link in bio)
The list goes on! As the holidays near, there's a lot of "nutrition information" out there....use a trusted source, friends! Thanks @registereddietitianapproved for the great image!
You don't eat oooo.....but you can snack for Africa.🤣🤣🤣 Choose your snacks wisely because every calories counts! Have a great day #WDD2018 #eathealthy #fitfam #weightlossdiet #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietarywise
A lot of my #nutritionfriends don’t know this about me, but I played #softball in college at #calpoly where I was a #pitcher and #designatedhitter . I signed a #nli 12 years ago, and many girls are signing theirs today. I have so many thoughts and reflections about playing sports in college that I could talk forever about, but my biggest takeaway is to focus on your education and think about your future. That definitely was not my mindset while I was an athlete in college, and my grades took a hit because of it. After graduating (in 5 years) I had to retake a lot of my science classes to make me competitive for #dieteticinternship . Playing softball was a MAJOR part of my life. I’ve made some friends that I know I’ll have for the rest of my life and have some unforgettable memories. Would I change anything? Probably. But that was a lifetime ago. I’m working on making new memories and living my dream as a #dietitian and hopefully soon a #phdrd . My biggest advice for those girls that are signing their #nationalletterofintent today is to really think about your future AFTER softball. You might not believe me, but that’s when your life will truly begin... . . . #calpolyslo #calpolyproud #dietitian #dietitians #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianapproved #dietitianlife #dietitiansofig #rd #rdn #rds #rdsofinstagram #rdsofig #registereddietitian #registereddietitians #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitianapproved #ncaa #ncaasoftball #collegesoftball
I turned one of my nutrition class assignment from 2016 into a REAL SERVICE! At an event recently I told someone that one of my services as a nutritionist it’s called ‘Grocery Tour’ He looked at me puzzle and said, is that exactly what you do, walk around with people at the grocery store? I laughed and explained how many people don’t even know what to look for hence why they struggle with their weight, food choices or achieving a healthier lifestyle. Food aren’t all created equal, for example, you heard in the past peanut butter is considered a healthy food however if you go to the grocery store, there’re at least 8 different types of peanut butter and how do you even chose? right? . Let’s take a look 🙃 . Jiff Reduced Fat Pb $2.49 -to begin with, nut is FAT, if you buying fat free or reduced fat peanut butter, it simply means you’re buying peanut butter loaded with sugar, in this case Jiff added 3 types of sugar in this product (quiz giveaway in my stories) Nutrition: 190 calories, 12 g fat (2 g saturated), 200 mg sodium, 15 g carbs (2 g fiber, 4 g sugar) 7 g protein Ingredients: Peanuts, Corn Syrup Solids, Sugar, Pea Protein, Contains 2% or less of: Salt, Fully Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (soybean and rapeseed), Mono and Diglycerides, Molasses, Magnesium Oxide, Niacinamide, Ferric Orthophosphate, Zinc Oxide, Copper Sulfate, Folic Acid, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride . Trader Joe’s Creamy Unsalted 1.99 Nutrition: Servings per container about 14 | Serving size 2 Tbsp (32g) | Amount per serving: Calories 190 Total Fat 16g (25% DV), Saturated Fat 2.5g (11% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 0mg (0% DV), Total Carbohydrate 7g (2% DV), Dietary Fiber 3g (10% DV), Total Sugars 1g, Protein 7g. Ingredients: DRY ROASTED PEANUTS. . A much BETTER choice would be the product with less ingredients, in this case Trader Joes. Yes, it has 4g of fat more than Jiff, but that’s why peanut butter is considered healthy. Due to its healthy fats. PLUS, it’s cheaper! . Grocery shopping can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be!Hands down one of my favorite services! If you could have a nutritionist help you on something, what would that one thing (or two) be?
Is there such thing as a dreamy potato? Why yes... yes there is! •》 I love baked sweet potatoes, I love caramelized onions, bacon, kale and mushrooms too! But what really took this potato to the next level? A dollop of @alouettecheese spreadable garlic and herb cheese in leu of sour cream! •》 What are your favorite potato toppings? •》 #bakedsweetpotato #caramalizedonions #whatsonyourplate
I am SO EXCITED to be a part of this amazing group of registered dietitians @mindfuleatsnutrition @nikestep ! I am starting to see clients in our Katy, TX office as well as virtually online! Please contact me if you are interested or would like more information. Email: Holly@mindfuleatsnutrition.com Website: www.mindfuleatsnutrition.com #kaleyeah #mindfulnutrition #rdn #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist
Question: Which side stands out? Comment👇🏼 . . We love this visual from American Dietitian @mittendietitian . . For a chance to be featured tag us when you post! . .
Question: Which snack would you choose? Comment👇🏼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I love how clear this visual is! This visual helps you save money and make healthy choices 👍🏼👍🏼 .⠀ .⠀ How are you creating content that speaks to your ideal clients biggest problems? To learn more signup for our tips sheet (✨link in bio✨)⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo: @workinggirlnutrition . .
Stationary Goals courtesy of Kmart! Anyone else addicted to picking up cute notebooks and stationary with the justification of “productivity”?! 😂
HEALTHY LOADED SWEET POTATO SKINS 😋 These cuties are so good and SO filling! Got the inspiration from @pinchofyum , with a few differences in the toppings. They do take a bit of time when you include the baking of the sweet potatoes, but if you had that done ahead of time, it would be super quick! And these are not super-crispy-restaurant-style deep fried potato skins, but still so delicious! (Better, I think!) Deets below 👇🏼 ••• MEXICAN SWEET POTATO SKINS: (makes 6 halves) 1. Bake 3 medium/large sweet potatoes whole at 400F for 45-60 min until soft and a fork/knife goes in easily. 2. Let cool, then slice in half and scoop out potato into a bowl. I left a layer of sweet potato, rather than scooping it all out, in order to make the boat more study for fillings. 3. Mix sweet potato, 10 oz black beans, 4 oz can green chiles, 1/2 c cream cheese, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and cumin in a bowl. 4. Add filling back into the skins and top with fajita veggies (bell pepper and onion cooked in oil and spices), top with shredded cheese. 5. Back in the oven for 5-10 min! Broil the last 2-3 minutes. 6. Extra toppings! Guac (avo mashed with @primalkitchenfoods Chipotle lime mayo 😋), sour cream, cilantro, salsas, and @melindasfoods hot sauce!
Wanted to brighten the day 😁 The true meaning of eating the rainbow 🌈😍 I will be remaking this for my toddler 👍🏼 Eat those colors! Pc: via @sirplantsalot . . . The compounds that provide the fruit and vegetables it’s rich color is the photochemical. Each color provides health benefits. . . . ❤️ Red = Lycopene, reducing cancer risk and improving heart health 💜💙 Blue/Purple = anthocyanin which helps reduce cancer risk, stroke and heart disease. 🧡💛 Orange/Yellow = carotenoids such as betacarotene and luetin, which provides health eyes and mucous membranes 💚 Green = indols/saponins which are anti-cancer chemicals 🍌🥥🥔 White/Brown = allioin which is antiviral and antibacterial . . . #f52grams #eeeeeats #eattherainbow #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionexpert #wholebodynourish #plantbased #recipes #cooking #mealplan #momlife #boymom #boymama #toddlermom #fitmama #health #behealthy #howtobehealthy #getyourfruitsandveggies #foodismedicine #superfoods #bodypositive #healthyhabits #healthymind #foodisfuel #rdapproved #eatclean source: NutritionAustralia.org
Just your weekly cuteness overload of Evelyn Beverly 🦔 a HUGE part of being healthy encompasses being happy..and let me tell you, animals make me the happiest person in the world. How can you be stressed/mad/sad when this little face is looking at you?! ❤
Hey RDs! Need CPEUs? Or looking to brush up on some skills? Today is the last day of our Grand Opening Sale in our webinar store! Take advantage of 20% off everything, including this webinar, Perfecting Your PES statement. Link in bio!👩🏾‍💻 <> PS: Sound on for a little preview of this webinar!
#Repost I got such an overwhelming response when I posted this the first time that I thought it was worth posting again a month later. This was one of my first graphics and I can’t believe it resonated with so many people. Intuitive eating can be this simple, but it can also be super complicated and take months or even years to get there completely. And that’s okay! Becoming an intuitive eater takes time, but it’s completely worth it! 🍪 In the diet mentality, a cookie is labeled as “bad”. When we want a cookie, biology in our brains wires us to be preoccupied with that cookie until we have it. In intuitive eating, we eat the cookie and move on! My best intuitive eating advice is this: just eat the damn cookie! 🍪 Are you already an intuitive eater or are you new to intuitive eating and still trying to figure this whole thing out? Tell me about your intuitive eating journey in the comments! 🍪 #intuitiveeating #intuitiveeater #eatthedamncookie #ditchthediet #rejectthedietmentality #haes #healthateverysize #haesrd #RD #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitianapproved
Holidays are coming, people. Do you have a guest with a food allergy or dietary restriction, and you’re lost on what to make? Or are you that person (🙋🏼‍♀️) and need a little guidance on what to bring? Don’t sweat it! Let me show you around the grocery store, teach you about label reading, and help you pick out foods that you and your guest will be thankful for. You’ll leave with a shopping guide and a recipe or two to get you through the season scot free. 🥂 • Interested in booking? Fill out the request form on my website, or drop me an email!
There is no such thing as a DIABETIC DIET! Someone who has Diabetes can eat almost everything but in measured amounts. The dietary and lifestyle guidelines for people with Diabetes are as follows: . . 🍑Avoid foods that contain refined sugars such as fizzy drinks because they can make your sugar level to spike . 🍑 Reduce the portion of foods that contain complex carbohydrates such as rice, swallows e.t.c and increase the quantity of vegetables in your plate . 🍑Eat your fruits in moderation . 🍑 Reduce fat and oil intake....use healthier oils for cooking (but don't overdo) . 🍑Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight . 🍑 Have a good eating pattern; don't skip meals . PLEASE NOTE!!!! ....Dietary management for people with Diabetes is individualized . . With the help of a Registered Dietitian, you can know the exact calories and quantity of food you should eat at all times to ensure that your blood sugar is well controlled. . PHOTO CREDIT: www.canr.msu.edu #WDD #diabetesdietitian #diabetesdiet #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietarywise
It’s 🌎 kindness day today. You may have a friend who is in need of a little kindness today without realizing it, so share the ❤️ today. And if you are in need of a little ❤️ today, I hope the kindness 🚂 comes your way xo. . . What random act of kindness do you think you can do today to share the love? Comment below! . . . . . . #worldkindnessday #kindness #tribe #spreadthelove #dietitiansofinstagram #ttcafterloss #happiness #ttcsupport #dietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #charlestonsc #kindnesswins #positivevibes
#Repost @cqe_eats ・・・ Great presentation today by @Alsana_recovery Birmingham RDs Amy-Claire and Katherine on Orthorexia for @nalda_rds #eatrightbama #rdn #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist
World Diabetes Day 🌏 🌎 Awareness about Diabetes is extremely important .A message to be spread as in Type 2 Diabetes it’s about diet and lifestyle . . . Today morning , speaking on Diabetes on Voice of America . . It was a pleasure talking about the basics though I believe continuing information needs to be dispersed . . . To watch the interview on Diabetes please click on the link given in bio . . #worlddiabetesday #diabetes #diabeteseducation #dietitian #dietician #dietitianapproved #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianofinstagram #dieticiansofinstagram #dietitian #mediadietitian #britishasians #registereddietician #britishasian #registereddietitian #nutrition #nutritionist #registereddietitiannutritionist #pakistanidietitian #tvdietitian #type2diabetes #voa #voadeewa
#Repost @dietarywise · · · · World Diabetes Day 2018 I was privileged to talk about common dietary myths and facts about Diabetes on #wakeupnigeria @tvcconnect A lot of dietary myths are holding Diabetic patients captive!. Common dietary myths include; 🌶 Diabetic patients should eat only beans. . 🌶 Diabetic patients should eat only unripe plantain. . 🌶 Herbal concoctions help to cure diabetes . 🌶People with Diabetes should use honey instead of sugar!... and a whole lot more. If you or your loved one has Diabetes please see a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist for proper dietary management. #WDD2018 #diabetesdiet #diabetesdietitian #eathealthy #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietarywise #worlddiabetesday #worlddiabetesday2018
Feeling a little overwhelmed? ⠀ You know that you know your stuff when it comes to being an awesome dietitian but sometimes feel a little “wobbly” with the day to day business stuff or maybe need an ear to sound an idea or two off?⠀ ⠀ At TAD we’re here to be your personal Siri for all things business, marketing and beyond! Chat to us now about booking a fire starter session to kick you off on the right track.
World Diabetes Day 2018 I was privileged to talk about common dietary myths and facts about Diabetes on #wakeupnigeria @tvcconnect A lot of dietary myths are holding Diabetic patients captive!. Common dietary myths include; 🌶 Diabetic patients should eat only beans. . 🌶 Diabetic patients should eat only unripe plantain. . 🌶 Herbal concoctions help to cure diabetes . 🌶People with Diabetes should use honey instead of sugar!... and a whole lot more. If you or your loved one has Diabetes please see a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist for proper dietary management. . .You can send me a DM or call 08051308883 for effective dietary management. Have a great day #WDD2018 #diabetesdiet #diabetesdietitian #eathealthy #registereddietitiannutritionist #dietarywise
What life balance did you find today? •》 I'm just going to be flat out honest and admit I had a Mc Double and a Medium fry for lunch. As I scarfed this down in the minimal time I had, I scrolled through Instagram and was totally inspired by @feedthecurves post in her story today. She made this incredible looking salmon, quinoa and kale salad. Lightbulb moment! •》 My salad features roasted salmon, delicata squash, rainbow quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and the most delicious dressing! Trader Joe's has the most delicious carrot ginger miso dressing! I highly recommend it! •》 Life is about balance. Sometimes it's a McDouble and Fries and sometimes it's a nutrient dense fiber filled salad. Both were delicious, and both did their jobs today! •》 #lifeisaboutbalance #dinnergoals #saladgoals #nutritousanddelicious
Prepping for Healthy Holiday Eating 😍😋😘😋 . . Join me tomorrow at 5:45 pm @studiobarresjs OR Thursday at 5:45 pm @studiobarrecp for tips on healthy holiday eating, some holiday recipes and samples🙌🏻 . . FREE FOR ALL MEMBERS & GUESTS just RSVP with me or at the Studio Barre front desk 👍🏼 . . @nicoleolenrdn www.NicoleOlenRDN.com . . #rdn #registereddietitiannutritionist #studiobarre #healthyholiday #healthytreats #yum
Had a blast sharing what we’re currently working on at the #universityoforegon in #preventionscience !! First time at #apha and it was awesome. Probably the highlight for me was meeting #marionnestle and FANGIRLING!! Definitely something I won’t forget!! . . . . . #dietitian #dietitians #dietitiansofinstagram #dietitianapproved #dietitianlife #dietitiansofig #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitianapproved #registereddietitians #rds #rdsofinstagram #rdsofig #rdapproved #rdn #rdnsofinstagram #apha2018
Pomegranates are in season now and I love to find new ways to experience their flavor in foods and drinks. — @pomwonderful fruits are high in vitamins C and E, two important antioxidants that fight free radicals and reduce inflammation. — Enjoy the arils fresh on salads, or use the juice to make pomegranate molasses, which is wonderful on vegetables like Brussels sprouts. You can also make homemade grenadine to add color to holiday drinks this season! — #pomegranate #pomwonderful #antioxidants #wfpb #wfpbdiet #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #eathealthy #fruitsalad #vegansofig #eatclean #mocktails #rdapproved #registereddietitian #nutritarian #vegandiet #registereddietitiannutritionist #buzzfeedhealth
Raise your hand if you’ve ever dealt with the ANXIETY of OVERWHELM with your goals.🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️😫 ⠀ Overwhelm from ALL the information that you see about nutrition, fitness, entrepreneurship, building a business, etc. ⠀ Overwhelm with feeling like you have SO much to do every day to achieve your goals, but never knowing where or how to start. ⠀ ➡️Well, you aren’t alone. ⠀ I remember when I started my business I would wake up in the morning and think about ALL the things I had to do that day. ⠀ I would write out these massive “to-do” list in the morning: ⠀ ✅Write a blog post ✅Workout ✅Make YouTube videos ✅Submit articles for website ✅Go watch some webinars and learn more. ✅Oh I should probably find some clients somewhere today too.😂 ⠀ Then, the anxiety would start to creep in. ⠀ I’d think to myself, “How can I get ALL of this done?” 🤷🏻‍♂️ ⠀ So instead of working on that list I’d find myself scrolling through IG to destress. ⠀ Then I’d start listening to podcast to calm down. ⠀ Next thing I knew, it was 8pm and I had NOTHING accomplished. ⠀ The anxiety of overwhelm prevented me from ever getting started. ⠀ I was good at making fancy to do-list, but I wasn’t good at IMPLEMENTING and taking ACTION. ⠀ Can you relate to this? ⠀ After struggling with this for awhile, I learned the process of focus that I now teach to my mentor clients and I’ll share it with you here: ⠀ ➡️The night BEFORE create your to-do list for the next day. ⠀ ➡️List NO more than 3-5 goals for the day. Seriously, don’t list 10-15 items. ⠀ If you think of everything you have to do as some massive pile, you’ll never be able to dig your way out. ⠀ This forces you to focus on what’s important. ⠀ ➡️Put your HARDEST goal first, the task you REALLY don’t want to do. ⠀ As Mark Twain said if you have to eat a frog, make sure you eat it first thing in the morning. ⠀ ➡️Then after you’ve built momentum move to your other tasks. ⠀ ➡️If you WIN the day by getting all of your tasks done, put a W on the top of the list. ⠀ Daily wins over months and years = SUCCESS ⠀ How do you organize your day? Let me know below👇🏼👇🏼 ⠀ Be sure to check out the FULL VLOG on YouTube by clicking the LINK in my BIO!☝️❤️😊
We have a fantastic guest post this week from writer Carolyn Ridland, the founder of CaregiverConnection. She has provided us with some information about factors, including nutrition, impacting bone health, especially in seniors, and tips to help maintain both health! Bone strength and health is critical to an individual's mobility and posture. As time progresses, natural age progression, lifestyle choices and a host of illnesses might cause their bones to become susceptible to weakening or damage. That said, there are steps aging persons can employ to ensure their bones are a strong and healthy as possible. Check out the full blog post at: https://denversdancingdietitian.com/2018/11/maintaining-proper-bone-health-senior/ to find out more about these factors playing a role in bone health and some tips to maintain bone health!(also, for more information about Carolyn and why she started caregiver connection, please see her bio at the bottom of the blog post)! Wishing you a week of health, wellness, and strong bones! –Ricci-Lee Hotz, MS, RDN @denvers_dancing_dietitian A Taste of Health, LLC “Improving Quality of life one bite at a time” https://www.denversdancingdietitian.com #denversdancingdietitian #improvingqualityoflifeonebiteatatime #atasteofhealth #nutrition #registereddietitiannutritionist #mealprep #physicalactivity #mindfulness #mindfuleating #herecomesthesun #portionsize #familymeals #fitness #fitgirl #fitlife #healthlifestyle #bonehealth #positivemindset #moderation #maintenance #nutrientdense #denver #caregiverconnection #colorado #guestpost #prodancer #eatwellbewell #allfoodsfit #powerofpositivity #seniorwellness
Get some jicama into your diet. Chop up some #jicama and #apple 🍎 for a fresh and crispy crunch! This salad is your perfect #veggie snack, or a side salad for whatever else you're having. 😋 https://adventureblooms.com/jicama-apple-salad/ #adventureblooms #dietitian #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionst #nutrition #wellness #recipes #eatrealfood #eatcolorful #veggiesfirst #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #instayum #food #foodblogger #healthy #food52 #feedfeed #foodie #buzzfeedfood #foodporn #healthyrecipes #dietitianapproved #plantpower #vegan #vegetarian
I may primarily do clinical, but sometimes doing fun events like this for food service is worth it. #food #foodservice #dietitian #rd #rdn #nutritionist #nutrition #work #health wellness #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitian
I may primarily do clinical, but sometimes being able to participate and do fun events like this for food service is worth it. #food #foodservice #dietitian #rd #rdn #nutritionist #nutrition #work #health wellness #registereddietitiannutritionist #registereddietitian
Great presentation today by @Alsana_recovery Birmingham RDs Amy-Claire and Katherine on Orthorexia for @nalda_rds #eatrightbama #rdn #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist
Question: How often on average do you set goals (big or small?) Answers can range from- always to sometimes and never. Comment👇🏼⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Download and subscribe to my podcast “Nutrition Business” — link in stories. This week’s episode talks about how I manage my business beyond the priority matrix. This topic was requested by a current mastermind student. In the weeks episode I talk about how “I did it” and not “I will do it.” I teach this philosophy in my signature coaching program where I encourage my clients to set weekly SMART goals. The outcome: huge transformations. My clients niche down, build impact and income. I also help them scale via creating and launching digital products and service. 👍🏼 .⠀ .⠀ I myself set weekly and quarterly goals📅. I have a business coach and accountability partner who holds me accountable for reaching my goals. Do you relate? 🙌🏼 . . I’m an “I did it” woman, not an “I will do it” woman. This mindset is how I get more important things done. If you listen to this episode comment below with your biggest takeaway. If you haven’t listened make sure to subscribe, listen and review. .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photo: @photosbyjulieanne . .
SPAGHETTI SQUASH PIZZA BOATS 😋 You need to try these! Spaghetti squash is one of those magical veggies that turns into non-veggie things like pasta (looking at you, too, cauliflower). I'm def not against eating pasta, but it's nice to get a huge serving of veggies as your pasta sometimes. Top with whatever pizza toppings you usually like! This one has olives, artichoke hearts, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, and dried basil! Also added some crumbled goat cheese after this photo, and 💯 recommend 😋 ••• Full recipe, including how to cut and cook a spaghetti squash, is on the blog! Direct link in my bio 🙃
Question: Which ingredient stands out upon first glance? Comment👇🏼 . . We love this visual from @workinggirlnutrition . . . We notice the powdered peanut butter followed by chocolate chips — wait the chocolate first? It’s to hard to decide 😝 . . Make sure to tag us in your creations for a chance to be featured! . . Photo: @workinggirlnutrition . .
Quick and creamy butternut squash soup 🙌🏼 Since I missed meatless Monday 🤭 Butternut squash soup is one of my favs, sometimes I make it from scratch but I always keep a few boxes in the cupboard for a quick base. I also use it in pasta dishes 🤤 . . . Ingredients: 1 box butternut squash soup already prepared (I used the 17 oz @pacificfoods brand), 1 can coconut milk, 2 cups spinach, 1 cup chopped mushrooms, 1/2 small onion chopped, 1 tbs coconut aminos. . . . Directions: 1) throw it all in instapot for 8-10 minutes or option 2) sauté onion and mushrooms for a few minutes, add spinach and cook a couple more minutes, add to pot with the rest of the ingredients bring to boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes. That’s it! Too with hot sauce and nutritional yeast 😋 . . . The fat from the coconut milk really gives it the creamy texture and also helps to fill you up. The mushrooms acts as the meat in the dish. This was seriously so satisfying! 🙌🏼 . . . What is your favorite creamy soup?
Welcome to #GettingItLocal week of cauliflower (I am absolutely devastated that there is no cauliflower emoji for me to use this week 😭) • Cauliflower has almost all of your vitamin C requirements for the day in just 1 cup! It is also a great source of vitamin K, folate, vitamin B6, and fiber. • Cauliflower can be used in so many ways! It can be roasted, sautéed, made into its own pizza “dough” and even mashed “potatoes.” Definitely the veggie of the year, or past couple years, in my opinion. • But we’ve spent so much time and effort making cauliflower into something it’s not, that it’s time to get back to it’s true flavor and appreciate cauliflower for what it is. 😛 • What is your favorite way to use cauliflower? • • • #dietitian #rd #rdn #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #rdeats #dietetics #nutrition #nutritionist #health #healthy #food #buzzfeast #allfoodsfit #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #haes #cauliflower
Got an opinion or thought to share? Please do! 🧠 💭 . Intuitive Eating & Tracking Macros: can you do both? . As a Registered Dietitian in gyms & fitness studios in Denver and a Health Coach for an app I get all kinds of questions and comments about these two behaviors. . Note I said behavior - because nutrition science 🧬 is that, it’s a science. It’s a complicated science and involves psychology (also a science) and humans and we are pretty complicated mother fckers. So I’m polling my audience - which is mostly dietitians or people in the fitness industry- what they think about Intuitive Eating and Macro Tracking. Can someone do both? . Also I may put your response in my A Dietitians Guide To Counting Macros book 📚 🍎 . Please participate and share your thoughts and questions below!! . Happy Tuesday, Fam 🍇🥗❤️ . #mindonnutrition #intuitiveeating #macrotracking #mindfuleating #registereddietitian #dietitiansofinstagram #rdeats #rdchat #dietitiantalk #nutritionist #registereddietitian #registereddietitiannutritionist #denverdietitian #dietitianinfitness #fitnessdietitian #denverfitness #nutritionworkshops #nutritioncoaching #sportsdietitian #sportsnutritionist #foodfreedom
Whenever I travel — I’m always thinking about the next story I’ll write. ✈️ Bringing your own life experiences into your stories is a perfect way to be authentic, real, and to paint a picture with words. Whether it surrounds ethnic food or cultures or scenery or interactions with others…your recap can invite others into your world. 👜 MEDIA TIP for WRITING #TRAVEL PIECES: Just because you usually write about food doesn’t mean that you’re not qualified to write a piece about where to go, where to stay, what to do and perhaps what to eat when you get there. You can pitch these stories to travel magazines, auto clubs, or airline magazines. If you’re writer…you can be an authority on ANY subject. . . . . #BTDmedia #mediatips #registereddietitian #workingwiththemedia #media #RDapproved #workwithme #RD2B #RD2be #content #marketing #SEO #contentmarketing #socialmediatips #branding #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlife #nutrition #wellness #RDN #registereddietitiannutritionist #health #healthyliving #dietetics #dietitianapproved
Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day!!!💃💃💃 I will be going live tomorrow on #wakeupnigeria on #TVC to talk about Diet and Diabetes: separating myths from facts. . .Date: November 14 . .Time: 7 am . .Please tune in to learn more about diet and Diabetes #WDD #diabetesdietitian #diabetesdiet #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionconscious #dietarywise
"One of my favorite things about working with DOD is having an amazing support system." Katharine is just one of the many fresh testimonials on our website. Meet her and more of our dietitians, and find out why the love contract work! Tap the link in our bio. <> You can also follow Katharine on her #traveldietitian adventures @kt_thetraveling_rd ! . . . . #testimonialtuesday #dietitiansondemand #clinicaldietitian #clinicalnutrition #consultantdietitian #weloveourRDs #RDN #rd2be #rd2b #dietitian #healthcare #hospital #registereddietitian #staffing #nutritionconsultant #rdchat #dietitiansofinstagram #rdsofinstagram #rdjob #registereddietitiannutritionist
Here's a one week diet plan post #Diwali to get back on track and give your body a chance to adjust to the insulin spikes and cravings. If you're looking for salad and soup recipes. You can always find it on my YouTube channel don't forget to subscribe (link in the bio) You can also save this Post for future reference @nutritionist.avanti . . . . . . . . . . . . #Avaantideshpaande #nutritionisteats #registerednutritionist #nutritionist #nutritionisthekey #sportsnutritionist #certifiednutritionist #registereddietitiannutritionist #nutritionistapproved #nutritionistintraining #nutritionists #sportnutritionist #nutritionistlife #nutritionista #holisticnutritionistintraining
Finally got around to trying @eatbanza and they did NOT disappoint. Also, shaped noodles taste better. Fact. • • • I topped with bell peppers, onion, spinach, olive oil and @newmansownfdn sockarooni pasta sauce. So good and even better as leftovers when the chickpea noodles absorb more of the flavor 🤤 • • • #registereddietitiannutritionist #denverdietitian #easydinnerideas #banzapasta #chickpeapasta #vegetarianrecipes #eathealthyshit #imadethisaweekago #wehadtacosfordinner #iforgottotakepics
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