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Regrann from @truexodus - Start off your Tuesday as a #smartduck There’s a reason why God gave us dominion over the animals. It’s not because we are faster or stronger. It’s because we are smarter. - You can brute your way through the day by pure emotion bludgeoning everyone in your path. You can lash out at your co-workers or family with that anger you have at the ready, or you can be smarter and actually reflect as to WHY you are angry. You can think of yourself as an animal, relying on pure instinct alone, or you can be the duck that dives deeper below the surface of fear and embraces the dark, muddy water of who you are. What you’ll find is probably someone you don’t like. Guess what? That’s you at your core. Once you are convinced of why you’re angry or who you’re angry with, or what circumstances lead you to that anger: then, resurface with a fresh new perspective of yourself. Greater perspective of ourselves leads to not only better understanding of who we are, but how we navigate through people and conflict in our own lives. What you’ll find is a pathway you can take that doesn’t require pure emotion or angry to tread. You’ll find a smarter path in order to deal with whatever circumstances you’re going through. - In short, sincere personal reflection helps us become smarter about ourselves and wiser in how to handle life’s little difficulties. #betheduck - #regrann
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#Repost @happinesskc (@get_repost ) ・・・ Thank you so much for counting us into your video. LOVELY 😘😘😘 @_ummi_pipik_ . . . Repost from @thytzu - “Happiness” . . Hasbunallah Wani’mal Wakil Ni’mal Maula Wani’man Nasir.. - @_ummi_pipik_ - . . . . 🎥: @thytzu 📍: @happinesskc . . . . #thytzu #sharedbythytzu #vidoe #videography #cinematography #cinematographer #cinematic #dakwah #dakwahvideo #videodakwah #ummipipik #ummipipikvideo #happiness #kebahagiaan #hati #peaceofmind - #regrann
Na Kaa Karibu na Mitandao Yetu ya Kijamii Kupata Updates Zote #Usikose #EXCLUSIVE Hii #ChomboKwaHewa #SanaImezaliwaUpya - #regrann
Regrann from @dh_lifestylehub - #testimonytuesdays Holiday work. Happy client who wanted to pay more. This client saw us online and called from the other end of town at 3pm. Yesterday was a holiday but we always try and deliver to make our clients happy. We still have our ongoing promos on 3d wall panels. Call 08137073940. Let your spaces be beautified by DH. - #regrann
Regrann from @karmaspalounge - Please join us THIS SUNDAY from 12 noon to 3 pm. . We have invited some of the most respected local businesses and independent business owners in the industry to help us kick off our First Annual Wellness & Self Care Fair. . Come browse, mingle, chat, participate in live demos and experience our area’s BEST in health & wellness. . The is a FREE event, but we do ask that because of the meditation demonstrations, that you leave the children at home. . . @fortefitness_nc @oneninedrive @naturesownmarket @cryotherapy_of_the_pines @thatcherhealinghouse @integratedhempsolutions . . #karmabeautybar #karmaspalounge #southernpinesnc #pinehurstnc #aberdeennc #healthandwellnessevent #selfcarefair #guidedmeditation #reiki #massagetherapy #healthfoodandsupplements #fitnessandexercise #shamanichealing #shamanicjourney #intuitivehealing #cryotherapy #healthcoach #wellnesscoach - #regrann
Regrann from @powercouplebrasil - “Uma DR aguardada”, comentou Marlon sobre enfrentar Munik e Anderson na penúltima DR da temporada! 😱  Quem vai se despedir da competição? Vote no R7.com 😉 #PowerCoupleBrasil - #regrann
Regrann from @miss.iza - Alep : Disebalik usikan2 & menyampah antara satu sama lain.. Kitorg sebenarnya baik & kitorg saling menjawab ws masing2...jgn risau....🤣 Part iv korg bley tgk dkt ig @nana.manissst 😊 .. . @sitinordiana #sitinordiana @alifsatar #alifsatar #itsalif - #regrann
@drzahidekucuk - 2011 yılında yapılmış ve “Journal of Obstetricand Gynecology” akademik dergisinde yayımlanan bilimsel çalışmaya göre hamileliğinin son dört haftasında günde 6 tane hurma tüketen 69 kadın ve hiç hurma tüketmeyen 45 kadın olarak iki grubun doğum sancılarının karşılaştırıldığında,doğumun ilk aşamasının, hurma tüketen kadınlarda, tüketmeyenlere göre daha kısa olduğu tespit edilmiştir. (Gebelikte hurma tüketenlerde sancı çekme süresi 510 dakika & hurma yemeyenlerde 906 dakika). ” Sancı süresi hurma tüketen kadınlarda ortalama 8,5 saat sürerken tüketmeyenlerde ise ortalama 15,1 saat sürüyor!! Bu bilimsel çalışmadaki diğer tespitleri ise şunlardır; Hurma yiyen kadınlarda rahim ağzı açıklığı ortalama 3.5cm iken hurma yemeyen grupta 2 cm olduğu gözlemlendi. Hurma yiyen kadınların %96’sı suni sancıya ihtiyaç duymadan kendi kendine doğuma başladı. Hurma yemeyenlerde ise bu oran % 79’ ile sınırlı kaldı. Hurma tüketenlerin sadece %28’i suni sancı yapan pitocin gibi ilaclara ihtiyaç duyarken hurma tüketmeyenlerde bu oran %47. Erken doğum sırasında membran yırtılması (suyun gelmesi) hurma yiyen kadınlarda %17 iken hurma yemeyenlerde bu oran % 40 olduğu görülmüştür - #regrann - #regrann
Pengen payudara MONTOK DAN KENCANG secara alami tanpa efek samping?? Kami PUNYA SOLUSINYA!! Dengan minyak Kolagen & Nutrisi Payudara serta FREE METODE MERAWAT PAYUDARA Absolute Breast telah terbukti efektif membesarkan dan mengencangkan payudara. Karena mengandung banyak vitamin, diantaranya minyak kolagen , vitamin A, vitamin C dan yang sangat penting vitamin E (sangat bagus untuk kulit) dan diolah secara TRADISIONAL!!!ㅤ Manfaat & Khasiat lainnya: 👉 Membuat payudara jadi lebih berisi, besar, kencang, padat, terangkat & montok. 👉 Memutihkan & Menghaluskan kulit payudara 👉 Mengenyalkan Payudara 👉 Memperbaiki Hormonial Payudara wanita 👉 Mengandung Hormon Estrogen (Hormon Khusus untuk mengencangkan payudara) Rasakan Sensasi Punya Payudara Kencang & Padat hanya dlm 1-3minggu dengan METODE dari kami Contact Now: 📞 💁 Whatsapp : http://bit.ly/2HjQjX8 atau 0822 1833 0419 Kontak Langsung Segera ! . . . #payudara  #payudara_idaman_  #pembesarpayudara #bramenyusui  #bikini  #lingerie  #maskerwajah #bajubayi  #bajuhamil  #dress  #bajupengantin #herbaltech  #superbreast  #pelakor  #lambeturah #gosip  #caramembesarkanpayudara #maskerpayudara  #minyakbulus  #pushupbra #payudarasehat #payudaraindah #payudarakencang #payudaraindah #payudaramontok #payudarasexy #absolutebreast - #regrann
Regrann from @indonesiabertauhidofficial - Sebagai seorang Muslim, yang pantas kita jadikan idola dan panutan adalah Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, betul? . Yuk follow @majeedr1 . #majeedr #rasulullah #idola #teladan #muslim #muslimah - #regrann
Thank You GQ India for featuring my photograph that was captured at @lavaashbysaby when Chef @meghakohli taught us how to make this Dark Chocolate Old Monk Mousse #candidphotography - #repost @gqindia ・・・ Dark chocolate and Old Monk mousse? DED. 🍫🍫 # 📷: @chandnikumar02 /@thetalkstudio ________________________________________ #chocolate #rum #dessert #darkchocolate #mousse #oldmonk #thegoodlife #food #taste #sweet #dead #repost #regrann #lavaash #delhi #chandniclicks #chandnikumar #thetalkstudio #instainfluencer #influencer #caughtcandid #inthemoment #instamood #instagood
Regrann from @clubfansoficialdavidbustamante - #MareaRoja 💕 buenos días. Hoy vais a poder disfrutar de la sexta gala de #BailandoConLasEstrellas por #Tve1 a partir de las 22.45hs. Un "chachachá" interpretarán #Bustamante y #Yana , "The time of my life" de la película "Dirty Dancing". ¡No os lo perdáis! ⚠Votar por #Bustamante ⚠ ➡Envia un SMS con SALVAR BUSTAMANTE al 25152 ➡Llama al 905 81 01 02 #TitínGanador #SalvarBustamante #TeamBustaYana #Busta #LoPideElAlma #SiempreATuLado #SiempreContigo #Music #Música #Song #Singer #Smile #Happy #AsiTeQueremosVer #TeQueremos @davibusta @yanaaolina @la1tve @bailandoconlasestrellas - #regrann (foto y palabras de @clubfansoficialdavidbustamante )
Regrann from @thisshitislit87 - Good morning Vapefam. . Check out @paragonjuice. . Hounds of hell: Kentucky Bourbon with toasted coconut, roasted almond, Madagascar vanilla bean, and laced with a caramelized brown sugar. . So delicious😋 . Have a nice day everyone ✌🏻 . #paragonjuice #ejuice #delicious #checkout #cloudsfordays #vapefam #thisshitislit #viral #love #FamiliaLoyalVapers #LVfam #Loyal_Vapers #Loyal_Vapers_germany #lv #LVvapeclub . . Also check out my crew . 🇩🇪 Loyal Vapers 🇩🇪 . T.M.'s @aaron86er @vapeger @the.fogfather . Member @chelle.vape @elb.vaper @jas00p @t.werming @vape_cloudzzzz @mendax.mccloud @doc.professor_cloudz @thisshitislit87 @vaping_goth @lady.vapy @gv_vape @d.g.vapez @littlesteamclouds @vapingfroog @jarhead87_ @selfmadecustom @mindgame1986 @harti_vapes Anwärter @michavape78 @vape.havuc @dampfminister - #regrann
Regrann from @jol_tyhylgete - ‼ОБЪЯВЛЯЕТСЯ РОЗЫГРЫШ 6 БИЛЕТОВ‼НЕ ПРОПУСТИ УЧАСТВУЙ‼♥👍🏼🛍🎁🎁🎁 •3 ПОБЕДИТЕЛЯ по 2 билета💥 РОЗЫГРЫШ для наших подписчиков в Инстаграм 🤝 • УСЛОВИЯ КОНКУРСА: 🔹Подписаться на нас @jol_tyhylgete 🤝; 🔹Репост данной публикации 🔁; 🔹Поставить порядковый номер и отметить 3 друзей👱🏼‍♀👩🏻👨🏻(номера которые повторяются, не участвуют в розыгрыше, будьте внимательны🙏🏻); • Во время розыгрыша аккаунт должен быть открытым. Результаты обьявим 20 июня в 20:00! В прямом эфире на нашей странице. Победитель определяется с помощью генератора случайных чисел!🎲 Всем удачи‼♥ #розыгрышиякутск #дьолтуьулгэтэ к.т 707-566 - #regrann
Улыбнитесь ! Regrann from @rhino1818 - Video credit unknown. - #regrann
Regrann from @innisfreeofficial - 💕2018 에코힐링북 발간 기념! 이니스프리가 준비한 증정 이벤트💕 . 에코힐링북과 함께 해안도로를 달리는 202번 버스 여행을 떠난 이니! 이니가 서 있는 이 곳, 과연 어딜까요? 🙄 댓글로 정답을 말해주세요~! . 👉힌트!👈 인스타스토리에서 이니의 202버스 여행기를 볼 수 있어요~ . 정답을 맞혀주신 10분께는 이니스프리 에코힐링북과 제품들로 구성된 제주 트래블 랜덤 박스를 선물로 보내 드려요! 🎁 . 이벤트 기간 : ~6월 20일 까지 ✔ . #innisfree #EcoHeailngBook #jeju #이니스프리 #에코힐링북 #이벤트 #제주 #제주버스여행 - #regrann
Regrann from @nowbook11 - 안하면 섭섭한 지금이책 이벤트 시작합니다! _ 세상에서 가장 유명한 극작가 윌리엄 셰익스피어의 작품에서 인용된 모든 꽃, 과일, 허브, 나무, 씨앗, 풀잎을 모두 조사하고 그림으로 그린 첫 번째이자 유일한 책! _ 《보태니컬 셰익스피어》 는 세계적인 여배우 헬렌 미렌이 서문을 쓰고 셰익스피어 전문가인 게릿 퀼리가 재능이 넘치는 화가 수미에 하세가와 콜린스와 함께 만들어낸 아주 독특한 일러스트북입니다. 정말정말 아름답습니다. 😭 _ 🎉<보태니컬 셰익스피어> 리그램 이벤트🎉 _ 📍신청기간 : ~ 6월 23일 . 📍추첨 : 5명 . 📍당첨발표 : 6월 24일 . 📍미션 : SNS에 책 소감을 남겨주세요. (책 사진과 함께) . 📍선물 : 보태니컬 셰익스피어 도서+ 보태니컬 셰익스피어 에코백 . . 📌신청방법 1️⃣해당 게시물을 리그램 한다. 2️⃣댓글로 받고 싶은 이유를 남겨주세요. 3️⃣이벤트를 친구에세 소개하면 당첨 확률 up! (친구소환) _ #보태니컬셰익스피어 #셰익스피어 #윌리엄셰익스피어 #헬렌미렌 #보태니컬 #보타니컬 #그림 #식물 #꽃 #리그램이벤트 - #regrann
Regrann from @unicaredubai - Answer & Win our uniCare Gift Hamper. Answer all 5 questions and stand a chance to win! Like our page and share all the post to notify your friends. Give us a review: bit.ly/UMC_Mankhool_Review Entry for only genuine users. Spammers and fake profiles will be disqualified. 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected. Ends 24 June, 2018! - #regrann
Regrann from @jj_justmacro - Zoom in on anything that interests you👉 ◈JJ_jUSTMACRO is proud to present ◈Featured Photographopher☆☆: @kiritte ◈Selected by: @simply.ardiss ◈To be featured, please follow @JJ_justmacro & tag #jj_justmacro ◈ ◈As always please like/comment a few for every one you tag! ◈#jjjm_kiritte ◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ Please take a bit of time and check out these amazing hubs! @JJ_Seasons @JJ_HDRpics @JJ_Supereditz#macrophotography #turklikeben_macro #macro #loves_united_macro #macroworld_ #kings_macro #igbest_macros #macro_freaks #macro_perfection #bns_macro #macro_vision #tgif_macro #top_macro #macrophoto #jj_macro #macro_drama #jj_indetail #exclusive_world_macro #macro_brilliance #macro_captures - #regrann 🐝🐝🐝ringrazio vivamente @jj_justmacro @simply.ardiss e tutto il team 🐝🐝🐝
Regrann from @sembuketov - 💛 💛 💛 ————————— 📲8985.774.11.55. - #regrann
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Ok what is he doing with my song?.....is he wanking ni😩🤣 Regrann from @anthonyigwe101 - F R E E S T Y L E T H I N G S @davidjonesdavid #flyboydjtee #onyeara #onyearabydjd #djdsaysnotodrugs 🚫 - #regrann
@saemaul_fitness. 노원점은 성형 중! 더 이쁜 모습으로 찾아뵐게요. . ——————————— . <노원점 리뉴얼 확정!> 2011년 오픈하여 지난 7년간 회원님께 많은 사랑을 받은 새마을휘트니스 4호 노원점이 새롭게 리뉴얼됩니다! . ——————————— . ▶ 리뉴얼 공사 : 7월 1일(일) ▶ 리뉴얼 오픈 : 8월 1일(수) . ★ 리뉴얼 공사 전 선착순 등록하시면, 특별선물을 드립니다(운동화, 물통 등) *등록문의 : 02-952-8655 . ——————————— . 37호 분당서현점 오픈! 새마을휘트니스 http://www.saemaulfit.co.kr - #regrann
Regrann from @saykoked - Bunların aslanlığı yıkıp, yakıp, öldürmek. Bir kere de aslan gibi bir canlıyı koruyun. Bir kere de aslan gibi bir çocuk okutun. Ne bileyim bir kere de yaşatmaya odaklanın faydalı olun, beline silah takan adam oluyor. Allah'ı anan din bilimci oluyor. Faydasız yaşayanlar insan oluyor. Nasıl bir kanser kitle bunlar bilmiyorum da güçlerini nereden aldıklarını çok iyi biliyorum. Adaletsizlikten, ezik komplekslerinden. Gücü patronuna, eşine, babasına yetmeyenler acısını masumlardan çıkarıyor. Ne büyük acizlik! Bence siz hayvan olun hayvan cidden de aslan olun... Hiç bir aslan zevk için öldürmez. - #regrann
Regrann from @hollywoodreporter - #MTVAwards : @TiffanyHaddish wins Best Comedic Performance for #GirlsTrip exclaiming "She Ready!" @gettyentertainment - #regrann
Regrann from @exquisitemagazinenig - #WinWithEM #RaffleDraw Subscribe and get 10 people to subscribe to be in a raffle to win a Samsung J7 pro courtesy of Samsung!!!😳😳😍 Subscription fee: N1,000 for a year! Ten people N10k __ To subscribe: Log onto www.exquisitemag.com (Link in Bio). Alternatively, you can pay N1,000 into our Access Bank Account, send a DM for Bank Details. You don’t want to miss out!!!! #EMisin #Subscription #RaffleDraw #SamsungJ7pro #EMlikes #SamsungPhone #EMapp - #regrann
Regrann from @szenariumfestival - 57 дней до встречи в Болгарий - на берегу чёрного моря! Хочется напомнить какие коллективы в этом году приедут и будут показывать своё творчество в СОК Камчия. Заочный отборный тур прошли изначально 11 коллектива. Но в итоге участвовать будут только 8 - а именно: 1. Театр нового зрителя "Синтез", г. Санкт-Петербург (РФ) (ГРАН ПРИ 2017) 2. Театр "Шардам", г. Краснодар (РФ) 3. Театр-студия "Слово", г. Ставрополь (РФ) 4. Русский Музыкальный Театр (14+), г. Аврора (Канада) 5. Молодёжный народный театр "Игра", г. Екатеринбург (РФ) 6. Русский Музыкальный Театр (до 13), г. Аврора (Канада) 7. Творческая мастерская "Вандель", г. Санкт-Петербург (РФ) 8. Театр НИУ ВШЭ, г. Москва (РФ) Мы очень рады что уже очень скоро мы все вместе будем стоять на одной сцене! Поближе с коллективами познакомимься на следующих неделях :))) - #regrann
Regrann from @cloudworks.joe - 🚨FLASH GIVEAWAY, LOVE YA GUYS!🚨 I’m glad i got to see alot of you this weekend in Tennessee @VapersCarnivale but for those who were ‘t able to make it im long overdue for a giveaway and wish you could have been here... so here we go!❤️ . 💎PRIZES💎 **All Products Are From My Personal Collection!** 🤩1st Place: Mystery Mech Mod ⭐️2nd Place: Mystery Box Mod ✨3rd Place: Mystery RDA . ⚠️HOW TO ENTER!⚠️ ✔️Tag 2 Friends ✔️Must Follow @CloudWorks.Joe ✔️Must Follow @VapersCarnivale ✔️Unlimited Entries! 👉🏻ENDS FRIDAY JUNE 22nd!👈🏻 #YoJoe #VapeWithJoe - #regrann
Barakallaah. #regrann #regram #reshare @tmcpoldametro : Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya berhasil mengurai kepadatan arus balik dari Cikampek ke Jakarta dengan melakukan rekayasa lalu lintas yang dipimpin langsung oleh Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya. Sukses selalu abangku. Sukses selalu Polri. Semoga dimudahkan dan dilancarkan #opsketupat2018 nya. @polres_bartim @polisi_indonesia @polisirepublikindonesia @yanthi_yusuf @wahidkurn1awan
Regrann from @sandy_noftianto - Dikota inilah Diriku di lahirkan ° ° ° ° ° °📍Alun alun Kota Banjarnegara Taken by 📷 @ozijalal #lfl 💛 #lfl - #regrann
Regrann from @unicaredubai - Answer & Win our uniCare Gift Hamper. Answer all 5 questions and stand a chance to win! Like our page and share all the post to notify your friends. Give us a review: bit.ly/UMC_Mankhool_Review Entry for only genuine users. Spammers and fake profiles will be disqualified. 1 lucky winner will be randomly selected. Ends 24 June, 2018! - #regrann
JESUS... YOU LOVE ME TOO MUCH OOOO.... TOO MUCH OOO.... TOO MUCH OOOO.... EXCESS LOVE OOOOO @mercychinwo - ❤❤Regrann from @abby_chams - I am humbled that Jesus, the Son Of God, loves me, the undeserving sinner, so unconditionally. What manner of love IS this? 🎶#AbbyChams ’s piano cover - Excess Love by @mercychinwo #DaughterOfMajor1 #DaughterOfTheLioness #ExcessLove #JesusLovesMeTooMuch - #regrann - #regrann
Thank you so much for choosing my picture💟 I am honored to win this award🏆❇️✨💕 フィーチャーして頂きました‼️ありがとうございました😀 Regrann from @fever_seasons - . 🎊🎊🎊🎊FELICIDADES🎊🎊🎊🎊 🎉🎉🎉CONGRATULATIONS🎉🎉🎉 . 🌻🌻🏆🏆@satochi1515 🏆🏆🌻🌻 . . Seleccionada por/ Select by: @anna.mani . Etiqueta tus fotos con nuestro tag/ Tag your photos with : #fever_seasons_spring 👍😉 . Solo fotos originales/Only original pics 🚫 NO STOLEN PHOTOS 🚫 __________________________________ 💡 Recuerda visitar @fever_family para descubrir el resto de galerías y etiquetar tus fotos con ellas/ Remember to visit our @fever_family to discover the rest of our galleries and tag your pics with them. Found: @pollmacarney . . Galerias amigas que recomendamos 😉😉 . . @total_naturepics @fancygoth_edit ________________________________ . #fever_seasons_spring_satochl1515 - #regrann
Dear @fiestagreentea isi hadiah dari Ogi untuk ibunya adalah Baju Gamis buat di pakai Lebaran. Ikutan challengenya juga yuk @myrabbitmyrabbit @shopieahr @anisyah_salwani @analili_090190 @n.raditaa - Sambil santai menikmati kastangel dan teman-temannya, ikutan #NyengirLagiQuiz 4 yuk! 😁 Kalian akan berkesempatan memenangkan #MAPGiftVoucher senilai IDR 300k untuk 3 orang yang beruntung~ Caranya mudah, Gengs! 1. Follow instagram @fiestagreentea ✔ 2. Repost banner ini di instagram kalian dan tulis jawabannya pada caption. 💬 Pertanyaannya : Apa isi hadiah dari Ogi untuk ibunya ? 😁 3. Mention atau tag 5 orang teman. 🖐 Bingung cari jawabannya di mana? Di sini nih! 📹 : https://goo.gl/m8kgxT Mumpung lagi kumpul sama keluarga dan saudara, ajak mereka ikutan juga ya gengs! Semoga menang~ 😁 #kuis #kuisberhadiah #quiz #games #pertanyaan #nyengirlagiquiz4 #fiestagreentea #honey #maduhutan #nyengirlagi - #regrann
Regrann from @abdullin_nurbolat - 🇰🇿&🇦🇿 #nurbullin - #regrann
Regrann from @dakwah_tauhid - Gunakan Ruas Jari kamu untuk berdzikir, Kelak di akhirat akan jari itulah yang bersaksi di hadapan Allah . '" Nabi memerintahkan kaum wanita agar selalu membiasakan amalan dengan membaca takbir, taqdis, dan tahlil. Semua itu agar dihitung dengan ruas jari-jari tangannya. Karena di hari kiamat kelak, ruas-ruas jari tangan tersebut akan dimintai keterangan dan dituntut untuk berbicara." . Hadits itu diperkuat pula oleh riwayat lainnya dari At-Tarmidzi, Abu Dawud, An-Nasa'i secara sahih dari Abdullah bin Umar. . Abdullah bin Umar berkata, " aku telah melihat Rasulullah SAW menghitung-hitung bacaan tasbihnya. (Rasulullah menghitung bacaan dzikir) dengan jari tangan kanannya" . Jadi, zikir menggunakan ruas jari tangan dianjurkan karena kelak jari-jemari itulah yang akan bersaksi di hadapan Allah SWT saat hari kiamat kelak. . . #dakwahtauhid #dakwah #tauhid #dzikir #sunnah #tasbih - #regrann
Уже в июне эксклюзивно в вашем любимом @sportfit.pro в Максимусе на Баруди, 8. Лучший российский бренд рекомендованный лучшим российским Про! #FitnessFormula Вся продукция Фитнес Формула изготавливается из сырья лучших мировых производителей. Гарантированное качество - ваш гарантированный результат. Regrann from @sergeykulaev - Всего 3 аминокислоты , но как помогают в достижении цели #fitnessformula #bcaa #motivation #chikago #живая_сталь #sportlife #sergeykulaevifbbpro - #regrann
Regrann from @bbg_alilmu - VIDEO 7 : KHUSUS MEMBAHAS KESALAHAN YANG TERDAPAT DALAM SUSUNAN DO'A ISTIFTAH YANG BIASA DIBACA OLEH MASYARAKAT.... . Dari Ibnu 'Umar rodhiyallahu 'anhu : “Ketika kami shalat bersama Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam, tiba-tiba seseorang mengucapkan ALLAHU AKBAR KABIIRO WAL HAMDU LILLAHI KATSIIRO WASUBHAANALLAAHI BUKROTAN WA ASHIILAN (Maha Besar Allah, dan segala puji bagi Allah, pujian yang banyak, dan Maha Suci Allah, baik waktu pagi dan petang).” Lantas Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bertanya: “Siapakah yang mengucapkan kalimat tadi?” Seorang sahabat menjawab; “Saya wahai Rasulullah.” Beliau bersabda: “Sungguh aku sangat kagum dengan ucapan tadi, sebab pintu-pintu langit dibuka karena kalimat itu.” Kata Ibnu Umar; “Maka aku tak pernah lagi meninggalkannya semenjak aku mendengar Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam mengucapkan hal itu.” (HR. Muslim no. 943) . Dari Ali bin Abi Tholib rodhiyallahu'anhu : “Biasanya apabila Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam shalat, beliau membaca (do’a istiftah) sebagai berikut: “WAJJAHTU WAJHIYA LILLADZII FATHARAS SAMAAWAATI WAL ARDLA HANIIFAN WAMAA ANAA MINAL MUSYRIKIIN, INNA SHALAATII WA NUSUKII WA MAHYAAYA WA MAMAATII LILLAHI RABBIL ‘AALAMIIN LAA SYARIIKA LAHU WA BIDZAALIKA UMIRTU WA ANAA MINAL MUSLIMIIN ALLAHUMMA ANTAL MALIKU LAA ILAAHA ILLAA ANTA, ANTA RABBII WA ANAA ‘ABDUKA ZHALAMTU NAFSII WA’TARAFTU BI DZANBII FAGHFIL LII DZUNUUBII JAMII’AN INNAHU LAA YAGHFIRUDZ DZUNUUB ILLAA ANTA WAH DINII LIAHSANAIL AKHLAAQ LAA YAHDII LIAHSANIHAA ILLAA ANTA WASHRIF ‘ANNII SAYYI`AHAA LAA YASHRIFU ‘ANNII SAYYI`AHAA ILLAA ANTA LABBAIKA WA SA’DAIKA WAL KHAIRU KULLUHU FII YADAIK WASY SYARRU LAISA ILAIKA ANAA BIKA WA ILAIKA TABAARAKTA WA TA’AALAITA ASTAGHFIRUKA WA ATUUBU ILAIKA (HR. Muslim no. 1290) . Ustadz Abu Yahya Badrusalam Lc,  حفظه الله تعالى  adalah lulusan Fakultas HADITS dari Universitas Islam Madinah, Arab Saudi. . #sunnah #sunnahnabi #sholat #sholatnabi . . Follow: @bbg_alilmu Follow: @bbg_alilmu Follow: @bbg_alilmu - #regrann
Regrann from @delmontekorea - [EVENT] #초여름 #나들이 를 위해 델몬트가 쏩니다!👉 ⠀ 본격적인 더위가 시작되기 전! #피크닉 #캠핑 계획하시는 분들을 위해 델몬트가 준비한 특별한 선물!🙌 아래 이벤트 참여하고, 나들이 #필수템 😍 #델몬트_과일보감_혼합팩 받아가세요🍎🍇 ⠀ ✔이벤트 기간: 6/19(화) - 6/24(일) /총 5일간 ✔참여 방법: 1) 델몬트 공식 인스타그램 팔로우 2) 친구 태그하고 델몬트 과일혼합팩을 활용한 나들이 계획 댓글 남기기! ✔이벤트 경품: 과일보감 혼합팩(10개입/900g) /총 5명 ✔당첨자 발표: 6/26(화) **공유하면 당첨 확률 up!😋 ⠀ +델몬트 #꿀정보 이번 주말(6/22-6/24) '#르꼬끄 반포지점’에 방문하셔서 델몬트 과일보감 무료 샘플링 이벤트도 즐겨보세요💕 - #regrann
Regrann from @basirat_rshuaib - So you have been running your business from home for a while, and you are now considering getting a fancy store or a nice office.... wait... _______ Check that you can afford it! _______ How to check: 1. Calculate all your business expenses including tax, your salary,and a portion of your profit which you must keep as reserves (say 10% of your income) 2. Deduct the result of 1 above from your income or revenue. 3. Whatever you are left with is the maximum amount you can afford to spend towards getting a commercial space. _______ You know what happens if a little bird attempts to fly too soon... _______ If you need help understanding your numbers, send a DM. - #regrann
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- Unveiling the dastaan of complicated love, @ArjunKanungo & @MominaMustehsan releasing their brand new VYRL Original! #AayaNaTu is OUT TOMORROW - #regrann Regrann from @vyrloriginals #mominamustehsan #mominamustehsan_fp #AyaNaTu
Regrann from @balausher - Yesterday at prestige Radio station with my colleges @mrbangis00 @real_mr_cash @yxcyoungxzebetocollection @nuruddeendaza - #regrann
Thnk uu so much for sharing this pic😍😍😍Regrann from - We were so happy to have you over .maheshwari . . . . . . . . . . . - Follow us at @YumIndore for more exciting and yummy food! #Repost by @_d3shanfan #indore_igers #indorediaries #shantanumaheshwari #teadiariescafe #indore_info #yumindore #foodblogger #indorizayka #indorefoodexplorer #indoreunseen #foodporn #samsunglife #regrann #yumindore
Regrann from @gauchasdedireita - Via @babados AMEI A ATITUDE 👏👏👏❤️ #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo @gritei - #regrann
Wow best day ever talaga sister ❤❤❤😍😍😍 Regrann from @tatasans - Best day everrrr...a fun-tastic TomCar love filled day it was...thank you everyone most specially to our dearest @carlaangeline and @akosimangtomas ❤❤❤❤❤ #tomcar #carlaabellana #tomrodriguez #bubbly - #regrann
Regrann from @pangestupanji_pratama - Sempatkan untuk beli oleh² sebelum pulang wkwk WIJAYA TRANS PT. Belni Pusmila Sari Legacy SR2 Hino RK260 Adiputro 📍 Wisata Religi Makam Sunan Gunung Jati, Cirebon, Jawa Barat #forbiscom #idregrantime #regran #mybusmyadventure #wijayatrans #adiputro #karoseriadiputro #hinopowered #hino #makamsunangunungjati #cirebon #busphotographer #sukafotobis #ayonaikbis #bushunter - #regrann
Regrann from @sheila_mosbeau - @Regrann from @mosbeauofficial - Repost from @kimnicoleechano using @RepostRegramApp - 2nd bottle and feeling it 💙💙💙 Thank you so much @mosbeauofficial for making me feel fresh and alive 🤗🤗🤗 #iamatmymosbeautiful - #regrann
Crazily Hilariousl 😂😂😂 BigUps @slkomedy @Regrann from @emmaohmagod - Ok SLK this is MAAAD! Y'al should go click on the link in his bio to watch it..remember to come back and thank me. Regrann from @slkomedy - Ladies and Gentlemen.....Change: The Legend Of The Street, a comedy short film, is available via the link on my bio. STARRING @slkomedy @frankdonga_ @comediandeeone @theweddingmc @comedianmic @ezugwuchukwudi @slashazhandle Written Directed and Produced by @slkomedy Shot by Sunny Peter's Edited by @solomonnathane Tip: The movie hasn't ended until you see the Title. - #regrann - #regrann
Regrann from @nathanielblow - While meditating on what to do today, this scripture came to mind. At the tomb of Lazarus, while he laid dead, Jesus’ first prayer was that of THANKSGIVING. He gave thanks. Also before feeding the multitude, He gave thanks. Something for us to learn from here. THANKING IN ADVANCE. While thanksgiving is known more for things He has done, and for things He is doing, many do not know the prophetic aspect of thanksgiving. Thanking in advance. So today, we will thank God for all He is set to do. During the coming Hallelujah Challenge, our lives, the church, the nation and the world at large. Thank Him in advance for the answers to your requests. Call them by name and say Father, I thank you for so so and so. Note however, In thanking for your requests, remember He does things only as they are according to His will. 1 John 5:14. Eg, you can’t desire someone’s else things, and then try to give thanks in advance. That’s clearly not God’s will. Day 3. We concentrate on PRAYING FOR A HARVEST OF SOULS. This one is very important. We would be praying for salvation of souls in our families, communities and nations of the world. Matt 6:33. Shalom. - #regrann
@Regrann from @time_to_give_uka - 🎉Разыгрываем сертификат на 5000 тг. на покупку детской одежды в инста-магазине @detki_style_uka. ⠀ 👚👗👕👖Здесь представлена стильная, современная и качественная одежда для детей по доступным ценам! ⠀ Доставка прямо до Вашего дома (по городу), с возможностью примерить всё - это очень удобно для мамочек, у которых нет времени ходить по магазинам. Подберите любой понравившийся товар в нашем мобильном магазине в удобное для вас время. А оставшееся время лучше уделите своим детям, которым так необходимы НАШЕ внимание и забота! ⠀ ❗️Условия участия в розыгрыше: ⠀ ✔️ Поставить лайк этому посту ⠀ ✔️Подписаться на @time_to_give_uka и спонсора розыгрыша @detki_style_uka ⠀ ✔️Подписаться на всех спонсоров в разделе Подписки ⠀ ✔️Поставить лайк 3 последним постам на странице @detki_style_uka ⠀ ✔️Сделать репост или скрин этой публикации к себе на страницу с подписью "Хочу подарок от @time_to_give_uka " ⠀ ✔️Написать под этой публикацией ГОТОВО ⠀ ✔️Прочитать внимательно общие правила нашего ГИВа #правила_time_to_give_uka и выполнять все условия ⠀ ❗️Розыгрыш проведем 20 июня в любой момент. ⠀ 🏆Победителя выберем рандомно в прямом эфире и объявим в сторис. ⠀ Желаем всем удачи! ⠀ П.С. Не забываем принять участие в предыдущих активных розыгрышах👉 Завтра запустим следующий розыгрыш. Следите за новостями! ⠀ #конкурсыука #подаркиука #оскемен #детскаяодеждаука - #regrann
@Regrann from @ugly_by_nature - Repost @gmo_gus - The health benefits of #Moringa 🌿are endless. There are countless scientific studies that have been done proving the medicinal potency of moringa from its ability to fight cancer, diabetes and inflammation to its ability to give you glowing skin. _ The remedying benefits of moringa leaves include: _ 🌿Moringa can reduce inflammation in your body _ 🌿Moringa may protect against poisoning _ 🌿Moringa can help prevent and remedy cancer _ 🌿Moringa can lower your blood glucose levels _ 🌿Moringa can fight diabetes _ 🌿Moringa is high in antioxidants _ 🌿Moringa can help maintain your good cholesterol _ 🌿Moringa can reduce arsenic toxicity in your body _ 🌿Moringa can help stabilize and improve your moods _ 🌿Moringa can better your digestion _ 🌿Moringa can help balance your hormones _ 🌿Moringa can improve your symptoms of asthma _ 🌿Moringa can help revitalize your skin _ 🌿Moringa can help purify water - #regrann
#Repost @loveyourfwends (@get_repost ) ・・・ 3 long years without a home or best friend. Repost @summerlov79 #Repost @sar_e_bear • • • • • Regrann from @nydogsthatneedhomes - MEET ROMEO Romeo is such a fun and active boy yet so sweet and affectionate. If you are looking an exercise partner he's your boy, he will play ball with you for hours! He enjoys going for long walks and he loves spending time with you. Such a happy and excitable boy, Romeo will keep you entertained for hours. He is about 9 years young, 60lbs, vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped, and heartworm negative. Intake date June 4, 2015 (3 years ago!) Come visit him at Brookhaven Animal Shelter 300 Horseblock Road Brookhaven, NY 11719 (631) 451-6950 - #regrann @fortheheartofanimals @loveyourfwends @bestfriendsanimalsociety @elmanimaladvocasy #adoptdogsofinstagram #adoptme #lovedogs #ilovemydog #dogmom #dogs #adoptdontshop #loveanimals #loveme #saveanimals #dogsofinstagram #newyork #bestfriend #pup #rescuedog #hopeful #romeo #findromeoahome
Regrann from @captain.ms.dhoni - 2ND IN A ROW FOR MIGHTY MAHENDRA as he whacked another Trent Boult delivery into the stands! 😎 . His 18TH BIGGIE of the tournament! 💪💪 - #regrann
Beuatiful couple 😍😍😍 . . Regrann from @a_u0507 - 😘💕 - #regrann
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