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Gonna have a few more for y'all from the XCAVEE. This one is my favorite from the day. @jonathansiegrist making things look simple on his send of Artifact 5.14a @lasportivana @arcteryx @metoliusclimbing @maximropes
Walking up to the Xcave can be not so inspiring your first time there. One may say "ohh this cave looks like choss. Not siked" mainly cause everything you are stepping on is choss. BUTT!!! Once on the wall, your mind may change. That's what happened to this guy. β€’ β€’ The routes here are good and pretty solid. Unless you are tall like me and use weird off route feet that like to break. But that happens everywhere for me. β€’ Here's @alexhonnold pushing through the center of the cave on Artifact 5.14a. Woowie! β€’ 6 out of 5. Would recommend the climbing! It's pretty sweet ! @thenorthface @lasportivana @blackdiamond @maximropes
Had a nice visit to the Alternative Crag last week. @jonathansiegrist getting some fitness, sending Nirvana 5.13b. Neat. @arcteryx @lasportivana @maximropes @metoliusclimbing
Peeing with a view. β€’ β€’ It's true. Guys do get to pee in the coolest spots. Just ask @jonathansiegrist @arcteryx
Back into shooting mode I go! With a little climbing here and there to keep my fitness. Here's @shainasavoy sending some gnar the other day at the Alternative Crag @lasportivana @arcteryx
That west coast sunset πŸŒ…πŸŒ…
"A post about 2017 and what happened. Thanking people for a good or bad year" β€’ β€’ Jeez @ethan_pringle get out of my top 9... β€’ β€’ Cheers all
Annnnd I'm back in the desert. It twas a good holiday in my ole Kentucky home. Time to get back to rock scramblin! Photo: @ladylockoff // of me warming up on a chilly winter day.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! β€’ β€’ Last week I spent the night out in first creek taking pictures of the meteor shower. Spending the night wasn't intended just kinda fell asleep. But turned out worth it ! Kinda neat! β€’ β€’ More to come !
Getting siked to be (kinda) lazy again and sit in my harness to take some photos. But right now I'm back in Kentucky for the holidays taking a much need rest week. β€’ Here is one from the summer in Tahoe. @ryandelro on Weekend at Bernies 5.14b at the amazing zebra wall. @lasportivana
Unlike sport climbing. Bouldering has always been my strong suit. I am drawn to it cause I can train alone and do solo missions when I can't find partners. β€’ Since the summer. I have been training a lot trying to push in both sport and bouldering. Hangboarding every other day and doing a number of different strength and power endurance work outs. So now I have a love hate relationship with the moonboard and campus board. β€’ This winter I had my eyes on a sport and pebble problem. Going back and forth between each of them. With already exceeding my sport expectations early in the season I had a lot more time to put into bouldering. But became very difficult to put sessions in because of lack of pads and siked people. So every chance I had to to put time in I took it. β€’ β€’ Starting out it felt nearly impossible and way over my head. Thinking to myself what the hell am I doing. Making myself look like a total dumb ass. Not being able to pull passed one move. But by the third session I did all the moves and been time to start putting in goes. Just waiting for days and multiple times hiking out there hoping people would be on. After a couple months of work and dozens of heart breaking finishes at the end. A few days ago getting lucky with a few people being out there and kind enough to lend a few pads. I finally topped this beautiful boulder. (With only breaking one hold) β€’ β€’ Sending my hardest boulder to date Lethal Design v12. I am incredibly happy with how my training has paid off. Maybe now I'll go back behind the lens for everyone. Thank you everyone for dealing with my spraying. πŸ˜‹ β€’ β€’ Now back to Kentucky for a week to see Mom. Taking a much need break from everything!
When is the last time you experienced something that made you just stop? Something that made you feel like a certain place or thing was unreal. feel blessed to experience this feeling as often as I do. The more I see the more the little simple things seem to blow my mind . . . . . #pnw #exklusive_shot #peoplescreative #vsco #vscocam #photooftheday #f4f #lifeofadventure #ourcamplife #fpme #socality #canon_photos #reil440project #livefolk #liveauthentic #pnwecollective #following #northwestisbest #uoonyou #urbanoutfitters #pnwwonderland #greatnorthcollective #Hoptoutside #thatpnwlife #recklessimage #visualsoflife #wherewillwegonext #stayandwander #sharingalaska #searchfinddiscover
"Spray Alert" I know I haven't been posting or shooting as much lately. But for the past couple months I have really been focusing on myself and my climbing. Training hard and pushing my limits. β€’ After coming off of a strong summer in colorado I didn't really know what to expect in Vegas for the winter. Didn't know what to climb and couldn't really find anything that inspired me. Everything I looked at the voice in my head said that's to hard you'll never do that. And I was afraid of numbers. β€’ β€’ But then I said fuck it. I got on a climb that I thought looked absolutely amazing despite the grade. Pushed through and did all the moves. Thinking to myself. Well shit I can do this. Giving two working burns on day one I left feeling positive. Going back one week later feeling nervous and not super warm I gave it a go. I sent the route on my first go. And was in total shock. β€’ On that day I climbed my hardest route to date. "Herbivour Dyno-soar" 5.13d. Being so early in the season seems I need to set bigger goals. Thank you @ladylockoff for coming out to shoot me on this. I'm rarely in front of the lens. But I kinda like it
That Red Rocks night sky πŸŒ πŸŒ’
Cold days in the canyon πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β„in the shade at least... @lisa_chulich tryin hard on the Book Of Nightmares v11.
@ethan_pringle sending The Bandycoot v8 on a nice calm, cool and collective day in the desert.
When the sun sets at 430pm. You pretty much have to always be ready to climb at night. But I actually enjoy it. Being in my own little light bubble. No one to bother me.
Love the nice days of cooler weather in the canyons with solid crusher crew the other day. @thea_climbs climbs The Reflecting Pool stand v9
Great Turkey Day climbing the other day with Ethan and friends. Here's @ethan_pringle on the scary Clogging The Feed v12 in Red Rocks. Took this right before he took a nice tumble down the gully below. Scary stuff. @madrockclimbing @mountainhardwear
Those night seshes πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» been focusing a lot on my climbing lately. Pin pointing my weaknesses and training hard. Going till I can't go anymore. To say the least. It's exhausting. Big things coming soon! Stay tuned! Photo: @karissalfrye @lasportivana
Back to the desert! Stoked to be in Vegas for the winter again! Let the sport clipping and Vegas hockey watching commence!
This is my mom. She flew out west to hang out with me. So I took her into the alpine for the first time and did some climbing. What a mom. #mountainmom
A Happy Happy Birthday to this Chica! @sashadigiulian 🍻🍰 πŸŽ‰ Enjoy your time in Spain! Go Party! Here's to more adventures!
Driving around some back ass country roads. These western sunsets never cease to amaze me
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