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living in winter, i am your summer🦋 #taylorswift
taylor’s looks this era >>>>>> #taylorswift
sister is serving us quality looks at the moment and i’m living for every second
Taylor at the voice France : sister this outfit SLAYS
her performances are 100 rn and I’m so proud of her
lmao a mood
🦋 #TheVoice
📰💲13,000,000.00 to anyone who can MATHEMATICALLY prove me wrong! FELLA with THE HELLA GOOD HAIR! 1st thing 1st, LIFE IS A GAME MEANT FOR EVERYONE TO PLAY & LOVE is THE GRAND PRIZE! So while most people will call me a HATER, I'm just THE ULTIMATE #swiftie who can read Taylor Swift like a magazine! Blank Space 🐍 Love's a game wanna play, eh?🍎 @joe.alwyn is N🚫T The King of @taylorswift 's heart as stated in THE reputation volume 0NE magazine TELL ALL INTRO❗ U not hip to the fact that there was a picture of JOe & Taylor on a picaresque balcony in summer air from JUNE 2017? U need to re-read your rep vol 1 TELL ALL INTRO: 2017 and if you DIDN'T see A PICTURE of it, it couldn't have happened right? putatio in reputation is UNDERLINED on the ALBUM COVER:MEANING : reckoning/calculating : MEANING Taylor Swift DOESN'T make mistakes! U need to rewatch the #ReadyforitMV where her 89 is in RED UNDERLINE next to the 91. She nEVEr opens that door behind her into JOE's future, rather she walks away from him in a complete opposite direction where @ :23 (🤟) seconds RED breaks them handcuffs off of her wrists. Hint: New Romantics:"THE BEST PEOPLE IN LIFE ARE FREE!" Think of it as ENCHANTED forcing laughter, faking smiles. Begin Again: first time PAST IS PAST. Dancing with our hands tied : IF I COULD DANCE WITH YOU:AGAIN! She chooses RED! They know nothing about.😉 That reputation volume 2 magazine CAMO Jacket 84 Golden Tattoo. 84 GOLDEN TATTOO the only golden tattoo to ever make a mark "ON HER" & NOT a WALL❗ You are in LOVE : You understand now why we lost our minds & fought the WARS (CAMO JACKET) & why she spent her whole life trying to put it into words.➖CIA 07/23/84 👋 RED 🐎 : WAR 🤟MTMBOF ❤💙💛 #taylurking #taylornation #time100 #reputationtour #taylorswift #swifties #ts7secretsessions #ts7theories #MEmusicvideo #taylorswiftfanpage #billboards2019 #TaylorSwiftTONIGHT #CatsMovie #ts7iscoming #reproom #ellen #TaylorSwift1Week #reptourpittsburgh #reptourNetflix #thevoice #reptour @taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour #JeSuisCalmeNRJ #nrj #thevoicefrance #burningquestions @taylornation #TheGNshow #TS7 @iheartradio @billboards -RED✔ -ROMEO✔ -CIA👋
This song will never gets old.❤ - ( visit @thcseswifties for more!)
I see the Jonas brothers again in 101 day!! #taylorswift
Comment some good non taylor songs to listen to 💌
Istg whoever did tha-
“Skyscraper with blonde hair standing out in the audience just looking beat” this is forever how I’ll refer to Taylor 💗💫 ✨I still can’t believe Todrick liked my story. Chapstick is so good, you gotta be a supporting sister✨
so many deserving people got noticed/got to meet taylor today and im so so happy, my heart is so fulll🥰🥰🥰🥰 congrats to my loves!! @seleniftie @reputatay @thelasttay13 #taylorswift
She’s back to wearing pink again 👀👀👀
love of my life noises
Taylor performing on the voice France!!! Also, thought I’d make this apparent: tomorrow is 5.26 (5+2+6=13) and she’s been performing the last scene of the ME! MV! She’s coming and I’m not ready • • • @nadineolmo @tsofficialmerch @todrick @melanienyema @taylorswift @taylornation @tsofficialmerch #taylurking #taylorswift #tsedit #wallpaper #shawnmendes #reptourlouisville #reputationtour #reproom #repuationstadiumtour #bodypositiveswifties @camila_cabello @charli_xcx @shawnmendes @arianagrande @joe.alwyn
she did so much while I was asleep I literally can’t keep up wtf she looks so freaking good 😭
that DRESS and HIGH NOTE thoo😍
in the future, people are going to search “young taylor swift” and these pictures will show up.
Taylor waving to everyone🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️😭😭😭😭😭 Why is she so adorable?! @taylorswift @taylornation
I want to hug her so badly! #taylorswift
I just bought Alex Drawers and a glass top for my dresser from IKEA! I’m thinking of putting my heart confetti from my TS7 merch underneath the glass. It’s going to look so cute! #taylorswift
A year ago today, we met the incredible @taylorswift. Time has flown by so fast. Will forever be thankful for this moment. 💗 #reptour #reptourdenver #reputation #reproom #taylorswift
This is the Diet Coke picture that Taylor wouldn’t sign.
when we still dont know the album name....
I would just like to say that I’m so happy for all of you that have met Taylor!
- The Voice France 05.25
Taylor sang Shake it Off with the participants of The Voice France! #taylorswift
Taylor today in Paris! #taylorswift
Taylor leaving a radio station in Paris today #taylorswift
Taylors appearance at The Voice France! #taylorswift #thevoice
Look who I found yesterday!! #taylorswift
Please, explain me how a person can be THAT STUNNING??? OMFG, I'M DEAD 😭😭😭
shes being consistent af with her outfits lately 🥰🥰
“i’m fluent in eating french food” is literally all of us taylor, i eat whatever food like nothing😂
Taylor just confirmed that the album name is going to be in French!!!! #taylorswift
HAHAH we care that much about her😂😩
i’m so happy for the international fans omggg🤩 y’all deserve ittt!!
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