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The life of an introvert.🤣🤣🤣Who else is with me?⬇️
If you were a dog what breed would you be and why?!?⬇️ . . I’d be a chi/pittie mix full of love but sassy when need be.🙈#oneheartcoffee
We helped mom graduate law school! ⚖️🎓 If you’ve ever thought we’ve gone missing...this is why ☝🏼
Join us for mindful movement and meditation with adoptable pups on Saturday, June 15th at 1:30pm @barbozamethod. 💕 . . We'll meet and socialize animals up for adoption while we move through a vinyasa yoga practice led by Katie Rotolo @setintentions plus coffee sampling by One Heart Coffee.☕️💪🏻 . . Each attendee will also receive a reusable tote bag from @oneheartcoffee. 25% of the profits benefit @rockandrollrescue. 🐶 . . Please bring your own mat, reusable water bottle and an open heart! There are folding chairs at the space, and feel free to bring anything else that makes you comfortable. Entry is on the first floor, and there's metered and free street parking. Please read the signs.✨ . . Link in bio to purchase tickets! #oneheartcoffee
🌸🌼🌸SEARCHING FOR A FAMILY🌸🌼🌸 Can you help Bailey complete her ultimate mission? .......Find a Family....... This beautiful girl has been searching for a while and has loved the rescue life but truly is ready for her family to find her. She is a fun loving pup who enjoys adventures, long walks, and the occasional tasty 😋 treat. Check out this wonderful video on Baileys recent adventures. 📣PLEASE SHARE!📣 #BetterWithBailey #NewHopePetRescue #DogAdventures #RescueDogsRocks #LansingMI #AdoptMe #Adoptable
[ANZEIGE | ORTSNENNUNG] Für uns heißt es heute schon hoch die Hände Wochenende. 😋 Dennoch können wir es nicht so genießen ☔ das Wetter ist immer noch so doof. Naja .. was solls. 🐶 Irgendwas lustiges wird uns schon einfallen. 🙈🐾 Hoffentlich habt Ihr ein schönes Wetter. 🌞 Habt noch einen schönen Abend. 💖 __________________________________________________ #basenjimix #mischling #fellnase #pfotenglück #strandhund #weeklyfluff #luxuspfoten #traveldogs #mixedbreeds #rescudedog #rescuedogsrocks #dogsontour #dogslife #dogslovers #traveldog #dogfluencer #outdoordog #outdoordogs #adventuredog #backcountrypaws #theruffoutdoors   #dogsthatexplore #exploringwithdogs   #naturedogs #dogsinwilderness #outdoorwithdogs #beachdog #croatia
Here’s my rant for the day because I feel extremely strongly about this. Also because I’m a voice for animals and you better believe I’m going to speak for them. No matter what! . . I’m tired of seeing comments on ig asking rescues to take every dog. Then bashing them if they can’t. Yet never donating, volunteering, networking, fostering. We all have a voice I don’t care how many followers you may or may not have. Rescues cannot do the work they do without the entire community behind them.🙏 . . Certain dogs, puppies, breeds get all the attention and shares yet others get not even one glance. Seriously?!? Yet we all love “dogs” but will help one not the other?🤔 . . This is why we work with rescues who take on the tougher cases that not only most of society but most rescues will ignore.✌🏻 . . Don’t say you’re a voice if you’re picking and choosing who to speak up for and who to ignore. It’s time to speak up for the dogs no one really speaks up for. It’s up to us as a community to make this change.✨ . . Please visit our previous post and share Bruce Wayne who only has 48HRS to live. Thank you.
Wuuuut. Is. Happening.
Tillie has been looking for a forever home since 2017 :( ✨ . . Can you help us find her family?!? She’s the one with the treats ;) swipe to see more photos and video. Please share this post. The more eyes we get on Tillie the more chance of finding her family! Here’s what her foster mama says about her.⬇️💕 . . “Tillie, her mom, and her two litter mates wandered onto a very kind woman’s property at the end of 2017. Both of her litter mates had been adopted out but Tillie, being the fearful one of the bunch, was overlooked. 🥺 She came to us when she was about 7 months old in April on 2018. Tillie looooves other dogs so she’d do best in a home with a dog or two to play with. She’s an active girl and pretty large but does great with structured walks and some outdoor time...she doesn’t need to run marathons or anything to get her energy out. 😊 She’s crate-trained, potty-trained, excellent with dogs, nervous of new people (but not against making new human friends and she’s definitely not aggressive), and does very well on a leash...so long as there aren’t butterfly shadows to chase.😝 Located in Menifee, CA and would love to have her adopted by someone local so Riverside, San Diego, or Orange counties would be great. We’d also be happy to offer *huge* discounts on boarding and continued training whenever necessary just to keep seeing her and to help make her adoption successful.”🐶 . . Contact @angelaisarguin if you’re interested! Please help us network! Tag a friend looking to adopt.
Mi hermanito me ama 🙄🐶😍👶🏻💕 #ChamiYChelo
Cuando ninguno fue... 🙄😂 #ChamiYChelo 🐶👶🏻💕
Closer look inside our May box! All products are vegan and from women run small businesses.👸🏻 . . 1)Bag of organic @oneheartcoffee coffee.(Retail Value $10.50) 2)Botanical Facial Steam a blend intended to calm and clarify your skin. (Retail Value $14) @pinupcosmeticssf 3)Lavender & Chamomile all natural face cream. (Retail Value $35) @pinupcosmeticssf 4)Rose Quartz Love Bar-Roses, honey suckles, and rose quartz have metaphysical properties of love. (Retail Value $7) @cozycoveshop 5)Rose Quartz Candle opens the heart to all kinds of love. “It helps you raise your self-esteem, restore confidence & balance emotions. It is also one of the best crystals to use for positive self-affirmations. (Retail Value $11) @meraki_goddess_ 💕 . . Our May cover model Suzee was adopted!!!!! Visit @underdogalliance to see all the dogs they have looking for homes.🐶 . . We no longer have May boxes up but head to the shop and make sure to subscribe for our June box! Link in bio.✨ . . Tag a friend below who loves dogs, coffee and self care⬇️) #oneheartcoffee www.oneheartcoffee.net
Are you scrambling because you didn’t get a Mother’s Day gift yet?!?🦋 . . Grab mom a subscription to @oneheartcoffee ! Send monthly self care reminders while helping animals! Our boxes are different because they not only have physical benefits but also mental. Link in bio to subscribe.✨ . . We’re also still having a 25% off sale on all shirts! Use code “FURMOM25,” don’t miss out! Shirts won’t be restocked.💕 . . Tony is also available for adoption @socalbulldogrescue !!! Visit them for more adoptable babies.🐶#oneheartcoffee (www.oneheartcoffee.net)
Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all the moms, 🐶 dog moms, grand-moms and angel moms in heaven. Here’s a shout out to the good ones! You are precious. We love you. #gratitude #love #mothersday #instadog #californiadogs #dogsofinstagram #doglife #dogsrule #rescuedogs #ladogs #losangelesdogs #losangeles #blackonblack #petsrule # #shelterdogsrock #dogsrock #rescuedogsrocks #ilovemydog #tonguewagging #saturdayflow #adopt #adoptdontshop
I’ll be the first to tell you self care isn’t just a “Box of Products,” and this is why we do self care differently.👸🏻 . . This is why our boxes not only include products with physical benefits but also mental. As well as why I have a group for 3/6 month prepaid subscribers where I do mindset coaching.✨ . . I was once suffering severe anxiety and depression and was ashamed to tell anyone. I suffered in silence for years. Now that I’m in a better place I want to give a voice to women that are where I was.🦋 . . Self Care Is 1)Saying no to the things taking away from your own health. (Including draining your energy.) 2)Taking breaks without guilt. 3)Knowing we’re worthy of putting our needs first. 4)Taking a break to sip a cup of coffee, daydream and cuddle your dog. 5)Use products that will lift your mood. (Like our rose quartz candle that has benefits of opening up your heart to love.) In many forms including self love. 6)Listening to music that will boost our mood. 7)Mind, body and soul.💕 . . What does self care look like for you? Drop some tips below to help others.⬇️ (Buster is adoptable @socalbulldogrescue make sure to visit their page for all their adoptable doggies!!!) #oneheartcoffee
My sweet Bear Bear. I miss him SO much. He was legit my best friend (who relates🙋🏼‍♀️?) The term “fur baby” is legit, guys. He was my baby before any humans morphed out of me. I’ve always been a dog person, big dogs to be exact. Bear was big! And SO FLUFFY! 😍 • GUYS. He followed me errrwhere - even on the lawnmower, happily riding with me. • Ever since he died I hadn’t been able to connect with another dog. Like, I didn’t even want another dog ever. We did take in my gramma’s dog when she suddenly passed away, but we ended up rehoming her to one of my friends, because we couldn’t give her the life she deserved. • I had zero desire to have a pet. But then Eric and I started kinda joking about getting a puppy for the girls for Christmas last year. We probably wouldn’t have but... 😂 • So, the girls and I are driving to Walmart, right? I was REAL salty at Eric for some reason (#marriagelife , amiright?), so I think I was intenting to just give myself retail therapy at the closest store we have in our town. • And then THERE IT WAS. WHY I thought it would be ok to stop, get out, and approach this situation is beyond me. But we do cray things when we mad. 💁🏼 • There was a sketchy minivan in the back of the parking lot...selling PUPPIEEES! 😭😍😭😍 Freaking. CUTE. • I had a quick look at them, fell in love (like butterflies in my stomach, “you will live in my house & let me snuggle forever” sort of love), and immediately hustled the girls into the store & bought #allthepuppythings . • I bought a puppy in a parking lot & guess what? She’s THE best! Maybe because her goofy personality and maneurisms remind me of Bear. Idk. I’m thankful to have experienced a dog like him! It set the bar pretty high for our new puppy, Capri, but I’m convinced she’s just what our family needed. • ❤️Are you a dog lover?! What’s your fur baby’s name?
[ANZEIGE | ORTSNENNUNG] Lichtjahre von dir entfernt könnt ich deinen Herzschlag hör'n, Lichtjahre weit von dir entfernt würd ich dich nicht verlieren. 🌸▪︎🌸▪︎🌸▪︎🌸▪︎🌸 Wir wünschen euch allen ein schönes Wochenende. 🥰 __________________________________________________ #basenjimix #mischling #fellnase #pfotenglück #strandhund #weeklyfluff #luxuspfoten #traveldogs #mixedbreeds #rescudedog #rescuedogsrocks #dogsontour #dogslife #dogslovers #traveldog #dogfluencer #outdoordog #outdoordogs #adventuredog #backcountrypaws #theruffoutdoors   #dogsthatexplore #exploringwithdogs   #naturedogs #dogsinwilderness #outdoorwithdogs #beachdog #croatia
You guys!!! Some happy news!💃Our May cover model Suzee was adopted!!!!🎉Every dog deserves a chance and a happy home to live out their days! We must continue supporting rescues like @underdogalliance who take on cases most ignore. Thank you.🙏 . . #Repost from @steffenbaldwin - We’re gonna miss you Suzee!!!!! 👋 ❤️ 😭 🐶 @underdogalliance @ocanimalcare @boisotsaskia @itssummerparker @jim_brakewood_jr_ @adamandevethedog
Still need a Mother’s Day gift?!? Grab mom a subscription to @oneheartcoffee ! #oneheartcoffee (www.oneheartcoffee.net)
@thedogistcollective #mydogist The pic is not the clearest or most recent but it is very special to me. Cuda was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age. We were struggling to manage it and she wasn't feeling well. I got on the floor with her. I started to cry and she put her leg on my shoulder- to comfort me! My husband captured the moment. I would love to see @dogmom6_ post a pic, too! #rescuedogsrocks #shortspinesyndrome #k9diabetes #adoptspecialneedsdogs @elp7279
The happiest girl enjoying the Florida weather 🌴☀️
[ANZEIGE | ORTSNENNUNG] Einfach traumhaft diese Sonnenuntergänge. 😍🌅 Schade das wir diese Zuhause nicht genießen können, da es leider total kalt ist und immer der Wind so weht wenn wir spazieren sind. Hoffentlich wird es bald wieder wärmer. 🌞 Morgen kommen Marlo & Mira wahrscheinlich mit ins Büro. 🙈🥰 Das kann ja was werden. 🐶🐾 Habt noch einen schönen Dienstag Ihr Lieben. 🍀🌹 ___________________________________________________ #basenjimix #mischling #fellnase #strandhund #urlaubmithund #hundeglück #rescuedog #mixedbreeds #rescuedogsrocks #bestwoof #weeklyfluff #luxuspfoten #traveldogs #dogsontour #dogslife #dogslovers #traveldog #dogfluencer #outdoordog #outdoordogs #adventuredog #backcountrypaws #theruffoutdoors   #dogsthatexplore #exploringwithdogs   #naturedogs #dogsinwilderness #outdoorwithdogs #beachdog #croatia
Cheli lánzame una papita ahí... 😋🐶👶🏻😂 #ChamiYChelo
Conversaciones profundas 😂🐶👶🏻💕 #ChamiYChelo
Not feeling it... #ChamiYChelo 🐶👶🏻😒😂
Aferrándome al verano 🙄🐶☀️🤩
Self Care isn't a luxury it's a priority. As women we tend to put everyone else's needs before our own. Especially when you're a mom. You tend to pour from an empty cup. At times holding in stress and overwhelm. Which can bring on anxiety, depression and sickness.✨ . . Want to help mom make sure she's taking care of her mental and physical health? Grab her a subscription to @oneheartcoffee. Giver her monthly reminders she matters and taking care of herself isn't selfish.🦋 . . 1)With each box you support animals. 2)Have a portion donated to rescue.  3)Empower women run business and yourselves.  4)Get products that not only help you physically but mentally that have healing benefits.🌹 . . As someone who once kept watering everyone else's garden at the expense of my mental and physical health I'm on a mission to Empower Other Women.👸🏻(Visit @socalbulldogrescue for all their adoptable dogs!!!) Link in bio to subscribe! #oneheartcoffee
Will you help us and @underdogalliance find Suzee our May cover model a home by sharing this video? Rescues rely on our help. So many times I see everyone asking for a rescue to pull a dog to safety. Once they do because they’re “safe,” the networking and help getting these dogs adopted stop. But the truth is every dog a rescue has in their care takes up resources like fosters and funds that can be used to help more dogs. So the more we help them share and use the power of social media and get the dogs seen by more eyes. The more possibility of finding them homes. The more dogs we can all save over all. Every small act counts! So please help us share and let’s find this sweet girl a home. @steffenbaldwin 🎥 @heavenlycreaturesphotography #oneheartcoffee
🎼 Let me take you down 'Cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields Nothing is real And nothing to get hung about Strawberry Fields forever Strawberry Fields forever Strawberry Fields forever. 🎶 #beatles #strawberryfieldsforever #instadog #californiadogs #dogsofinstagram #doglife #dogsrule #rescuedogs #ladogs #losangelesdogs #losangeles #leaning #everydayhustling #blackonblack #petsrule # #shelterdogsrock #dogsrock #rescuedogsrocks #ilovemydog #tonguewagging #saturdayflow #adopt #adoptdontshop
Happy Saturday! Who’s gettin into trouble this weekend? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Listos para salir a rustiquear con papito 👶🏻🐶🧔🏽🚲 #chamiYchelo
Buenos diasss 😴☀️🐶👶🏻 #ChamiYChelo
¡Hola Amigos!! Aquí estamos 🐶👶🏻👋🏼 #ChamiYChelo
Cruzando la frontera 🐶👶🏻😒 #ChamiYChelo
Diversión al máximo jugando con mis tias @yo_limenia y @cltpw 🥰🐶👶🏻💗💗 #ChamiYChelo
👶🏻😎🛹🐶 #ChamiYChelo
Vamos Chelitoooo 🛹 #ChamiYChelo 👶🏻🐶🧔🏽
🐶👶🏻🤪 #ChamiYChelo
Cuando los dos quieren jugar con la misma pelota 🎾 🤩🐶👶🏻💦 #ChamiYChelo
El arte de naufragar... En tierra firme... 😂👶🏻🐶💦💨 #ChamiYChelo
Upside Down 🙃🐶👶🏻🤩 #ChamiYChelo
Amor es... 🐶👶🏻🤩💕 #ChamiYChelo
Cada uno en lo suyo... 🙄😂#chamiychelo
Como perros y humanos 🐶👶🏻 #chamiychelo 🛋 💕
¡Gracias a mi familia querida por todos mis regalitos de Navidad! Aunque no pude ir al viaje recibí todos mis juguetes 🧸 🎁🎄
🐶👶🏻😂🤪😏😬🥰 #chamiYchelo
¿Adivinan quien ha sido buen@ y quien travies@? Merry Xmas you filthy animals 🎄🎁🐶👶🏻 #ChamiYChelo
Yijaaaaaaa 🐎 🤠 #ChamiYChelo
Buenossss diassss!! No es #DOGmingo pero aquí siempre amanecemos jugando en familia ❤️🐶👶🏻 #ChamiYChelo
Jugando con mi hermanito... bueno más bien el jugando conmigo 🐶🙄❤️👶🏻🤩 #ChamiYChelo
Ayer pusimos nuestro arbolito de Navidad🎄 el primero de mi hermanito 👶🏻🥰 nos faltan los adornitos pero tenemos ganas de ir llenándolo poco a poco... ¿Han visto alguno lindo con 🐶🎅🏼? 🧐 #ChamiYChelo
Que ricos días con ☀️!! Hoy lo disfrutamos al máximo 😍❤️🐶👶🏻👩🏻🧔🏽💕 #ChamiYChelo
Ahora con Mamita 🤪❤️🐶👶🏻🧔🏽👩🏻 #ChamiYChelo
Con nuestro Papito 😍🤩🥰🐶👶🏻🧔🏽 #ChamiYChelo
Mamaaaa, no queremos jugar adentro, queremos jugar afueeeeera 🙄🤪🐶👶🏻💕 #ChamiYChelo
Feriado maleconeando en familia 🧔🏽🐶👶🏻💕 #ChamiYChelo
Mamaaaaaa, ¿nos llevas al parque? 🐶💕👶🏻💙🙏🏼 #ChamiYChelo
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