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A color study of the birthday girl @badgalriri ! Not as polished as I usually prefer, but I adore the color palette of the #wildthoughts music video and this seemed like the perfect time to just have some fun. . . . . #rihanna #rihannanavy #musicvideo #musician #robynrihannafenty #fenty #art #artist #digitalart #sketch #artistsoninstagram #worldofartists #artistsofinstagram #instaart #colorpalette #artistic #artistic_nation #art_spotlight #rihannafenty
#savagexrihday #contest perfect woman everything is beautiful with you @badgalriri
It's music, fashion, and cultural icon @BadGalRiRi 's birthday, and the zodiac as we know it will soon be obsolete. Because who needs an astrological calendar when we have the innumerable looks of #RiRi ? Forget your rising star and descending moon—which #Rihanna are you? 👗👠#HappyBirthdayRihanna . . . . . #thetylt #hashitout #embracedebate #badgalriri #rihannafenty #fenty #fentybeauty #rihannanavy #rihannadiamonds #navyordie #loverihanna #rihannadaily #iheartrihanna #antiworldtour #rihannafans #rihannaqueen #rih #robynfenty #rihannah #rihannastyle #rihnavy #teamrihanna #teamriri #ririarmy #popmusicqueen #rihannabirthday #rihannafashion
Happy Birthday to our princess Riri!! @badgalriri ! I’ve been obsessed with this women since day one. Fun fact, when I was 18 I actually got a Tatoo inspired by one of Rihanna’s lol!! 🙈 What’s your fav Rihanna song/s. Share them with me in the comments below! @badgalriri (volume up)
#rihanna  #robynrihannafenty  #robynfenty #rihannafenty  #fenty  #rihannanavy #rhennanhevi  #1love #happybirthdayrihanna  #birthdaygirl  #bday | some say, cut a long story short… eff that. telling stories is what i’m supposed to be doing for my living, in broadest sense of the word. today the most significant woman in my life is turning 31, which means i am a fan for 11th year in a row… basically, all my relatively “mature” life plus some forming stages, ever since at sweet 13, I decided was a good idea to have an idol to look up to (but looking at my condition back then, to my just, yes, it was). and i tell you, it’s been hell of a ride; one of a kind, a type i’d never exchange for something else if presented a chance, or changed anything about it, every breakdown, skid or damage done on the way, i’d never deny. everytime i let myself open up, to cut heart wide open and put it on my sleeve, i am addressing as if talking to you in person; each time thanking you for everything that has been done or undone those unfull eleven years, for doing your thing and helping me to do mine; for being that someone i could place that dark sea of love on without ever knowing i am capable to feel before, and by doing that, unleashing my potential. and God knows, if i ever believed in one, it’s been rocky job to do…
FENTY blooperZ. Happy Cake Day Robyn 😛🥰 | #FebruaRIH | #RihannaNavy | 2.2O |
Happy Birthday to my fave @badgalriri !!! ❤️🤗
31 years ago a legend named Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born. 🎈 #rihanna #badgalriri
#WCW 4LIFE 😍 My babyyy. @badgalriri Happy 31st Birthday RiRiiiii! 😘😘 Wishing MORE Life, Love, Blessings, Success, and Slayage. From now until eternity!! Love you Robyn. ❤🎉🎈🎂 ♓#RIHDay #HappyBirthdayRihanna #rihanna #rihannanavy #navy #aubrih .
#wcw 😍 . Superstar pop singer Rihanna — real name Robyn Rihanna Fenty — was born Feb. 20, 1988. 🍾🎂🎤 Born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and raised in Bridgetown, she was discovered by American record producer Evan Rogers in her home country in 2003. Throughout 2004, she recorded demo tapes under the direction of Rogers and signed a recording contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for its then-president, rapper and hip hopproducer Jay-Z. In 2005, Rihanna rose to fame with the release of her debut studio album Music of the Sun as well as its follow-up A Girl like Me (2006). Both albums peaked within the top ten of the US Billboard200 and respectively produced the successful singles "Pon de Replay", "SOS" and "Unfaithful". ____________________ #womencrushwednesday #popicon #happybirthday #rihanna #rihannanavy #beauty #brains #grace #BIM #svg #784 #bhw
Rihanna leaving Wally’s restaurant in LA last night✨ 📸: DailyMailUK #rihanna #rihannanavy #badgalriri #riri #fentybeauty
Metro (Canada, Edmonton) November 21, 2012 #rihanna #badgalriri #rihannanavy
Happy cake day to the BADGAL herself @badgalriri 💅✨🎉 She’s been giving us outfit inspo since the umbrella days & never fails to impress us here at the Cake Club 🧁💘
Happy Birthday to the smart, talented and beautiful Rihanna! ♥️
Happy birthday to my Idol @badgalriri ❤🙌🏼 #ANTIworldtour 🎈 I was the happiest girl ever, got the chance to go see her live on 2016 and that was one of my best days ever ! Oh and swipe if u wanna laugh a little, I was daydreaming I was in her music video and CLEARLY my moves are exactly the same :) :) 🤪😂 #badgalriri #Fenty #antiworldtour2016 #rihannaNavy #fashionIcon
Today you are turning 31 and you’re still that same Icon that came into my life years ago. I love you and admire you more and more every year. I couldn’t be more proud to stand for you even if you take years to drop an album lol. This is your day, have fun with all your loved ones. Happy birthday Robyn. Thank you for inspiring me everyday, thank you for being who you are. I love you @badgalriri ❤️. . . . #rihanna #rihannanavy #love #badgalriri #fentybeauty #savagexfenty #birthday #31
❤️🎈 ——————————————————————— #rihanna #rihannanavy #badgalriri #fentybeauty #savagexfenty #happybirthdayrihanna
Feb 20th- A superstar born ⭐️ @badgalriri
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Happy birthday to the OG of bad girl’s @badgalriri 🇧🇧💛 #rihanna #rihannanavy #badgalriri #fentybeauty No Copyright Infringement Intended. Music by @badgalriri
Let’s not forget @savagexfenty empowering us to own our bodies just as they are . . . . . . . . . . . #rihanna #savagexfenty #lingerie #rihannanavy
Pour it up, pour it up, it’s @badgalriri ’s Birthday!!!!! 🍾🥂 Happy EarthStrong to Superstar, Mega Mogul, and my alter ego, Robyn Rihanna Fenty!!!! Love that Island Gal, keep shining your light!!! ⭐️☀️👏🏾❤️🏝✊🏾
Our Barbadian queen turns 31 today,I am so happy and I wish her the best,she is the most humble person in this industry she works hard for what she has and loves us so much,she’s more than an idol to us and we know that....I know that I Stan an amazing person and for that I am so proud,Wish you the best and HAPPY BDAY ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy birthday @badgalriri we love you!!!! .◾️🔲🖤🔲◾️ from the Velcro and Pantyhose collection, Virtue in Formation I . . . . . . #badgalriri #anti #rihanna #navy #rihannanavy #queen #virtueinformation #velcroandpantyhose #art #celebrityportrait #portrait #artist #femaleartist
Happy Birthday RiRi @badgalriri
Rihanna should’ve been born on 4/20 🔥#HappyBirthdayRihanna #RihannaNavy #420
@fentybeauty is one of the most inclusive makeup lines available right now. With a diverse range of products at an accessible price point, Fenty beauty challenged existing luxury brands to do better, bitch. . . . . . . . . . . . . #rihanna #fentybeauty #makeup #mua #inclusivity #beauty #rihannanavy
Hoje, 20 de fevereiro, a cantora Rihanna está completando mais um ano de vida! A ícone está fazendo 31 anos e continua lindíssima com carinha de 25. Agora só falta lançar novo álbum para ficar perfeito (haha). Happy Birthday Queen, @badgalriri 🎉🎊🔥💜👑 #badgalriri #rihanna #happybirthdayrihanna #happybirthdayriri #rihannanavy #navy #rihannafenty
Happy birthday, @badgalriri !! 💋💕🎈 ——————————————————————— #rihanna #rihannanavy #badgalriri #fentybeauty #savagexfenty #happybirthdayrihanna
Happy birthday Robyn 💗💗💗 ...to the moon and back 🌙 @badgalriri #loveyou #happybirthdayrihanna #onelove #navyordie #rihannanavy
Happy 31st birthday to the Bajen Queen @badgalriri. And it wouldn’t be right to feature her for our black history month tribute🎂 💕: Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty Born 02/20/1988 From: St. Michael, Barbados Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. Born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and raised in Bridgetown, she was discovered by American record producer Evan Rogers in her home country in 2003 and became signed to Def Jam Recordings in 2004. Since then, Rihanna has created 8 top charting albums (with another on the way) achieved 9 Grammy Awards, 12 Billboard Music Awards, 13 American Music Awards (including the Icon Award), and 7 MTV Video Music Awards (including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award). Not to mention, has built an Billion dollar beauty and fashion empire with Fenty Beauty, SavageXFenty, and collaboration with FentyXPuma and it has been recently reported she is talks of partnering with fashion house LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moét Hennessy) to launch a luxury fashion brand under her name. We can’t wait to see what the Bad Gal has in store for 2019. _______________________________ #rihanna #badgalriri #rihannanavy #fentybeauty #savagexfenty #blackhistorymonth #blackgirlmagic
My #WCW @badgalriri #Rihanna #RIRI #BadGalRiri #RihannaNavy Happy Birthday Rih! 🎂🎈
Happy 31st Birthday to an icon. I love his woman so much. I've been following her career since the beginning and it's amazing to watch her growth. 🎈🎉👏🏿
Today it’s not a regular day, today is 11 323 days ago @monica_fenty became a mother for the first time and gave birth to Robyn Rihanna fenty. I think we all should thank her because she raised Robyn to the women she is today! Without @monica_fenty we wouldn’t have Robyn and she wouldn’t be the person she is today! Monica has always been at Robyn’s side and supported her and that made her the person she is today! Today it’s also @badgalriri 's birthday!!! your turning 31 years old today? I can't believe how fast the time has gone!!! my love for you is endlessly!! I'm so proud of you and everything you've achieved in your career. i don’t know where to start! Robyn you mean so so so much to me and i really don’t know what i would’ve done without you, you are my whole life and i’m literally nothing without you! I love you so so so much i don’t even have words, my love for you grow more and more for each day and i really can’t wait til the day i meet you and hug you!!! i will always love you and support you!! Words can't explain how much I love you. I could die for you and I would do everything for you. I have never in my whole life loved anyone as much as I love you! your music is literally my whole childhood and i have grown up listening to your music so your music means so much to me but your music is not the only reason why i love you, I love you for the person you are and your big heart! you deserve the whole world and more robyn!!!! I don’t know how to thank you for everything, but I would not be here today if it wasn’t for you, you saved me robyn, I will always be so grateful for that! i have met some amazing people and all that is because of you!! you and #rihannanavy are my second family !! i love you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t want this text to be super long, but I just want you to know that I love you so much Robyn and you are the whole world to me!! But today is your day baby and i hope from the bottom of my heart that you are doing well and i hope that you’re having an amazing day because that’s what you deserve!Happy birthday my heart, my queen, my everything! I love you so much! ❤️🎉 Pls tag @badgalriri
Feb 20th = RIHANNA DAY 🎈🎈 #rihanna #rihannanavy @badgalriri
Happy Birthday to my Queen 👸🏽 been rocking with you @badgalriri since day 1 and neva gonna stop #rihanna #rihannanavy I’m gonna meet you soon I’m putting that out there
well,,,once upon a time, i went to the fish shop~~~looked around and there were schools of them swimming around mindlessly (similar to an actual school) (and i laughed at it all))))) ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;: then i came home, ate some ice cream and my vaseline tub was like “where tf have you been b****!!!!” and i said something mean and now it’s empty hahaha
time passes quickly... I remember the first time I heard rihanna like it was yesterday.thank you for being with me all the time from my childhood.you will always remain my role model... Thank you so much for everything ilysm @badgalriri 🖤
Wishing a very happy birthday to the baddest chick in the game @badgalriri 🖤🔥🎉 (Pic edited by @stan_ru )
It's an ICON's Birthday!!! Who badder than Ri? #HappyRiRiDay #RihannaNavy #WereAnArmyBetterYetANavy #IWasRiNavyBeforeIWasBeyhive #Stan #Bae #Icon #Fashion #Music #RnB #Pop #IslandGyal #Rihanna #GirlCrush #WCW SN-- Bey doesn't count cause: 'Yonce.
#PressPLAY Happy Birthday to our #Pisces Sista 😍 #Rihanna #PrettyShadesofMelanin . . ✨(Tag a Friend)✨ . . For more follow 👉🏾@prettyshadesofmelanin 👈🏾 . . (Dm us for Paid Promotions) . . Follow Our Other Pages 💗 Backup: @prettyshadesofmelanin_
is it obvious that higher is my fave?
Happy birthday my everything. in fact there is a lot to say but l can't ... when i'm sad i listen to your songs,when I'm happy i listen to your songs..but This love is not just about the song. You are my role model since l was 7.. it is very difficult to write an article here to show you how much I love you....I know you will not read this but 👑🎊HAPPY BİRTHDAY RİRİ👑🎉 I hope this is the best age of your life... Don't forget 🎊"Get away from things that make you feel like dead, life is worth living!" 🎊@badgalriri @monica_fenty
Happy Birthday to a Queen @badgalriri #rihannanavy #ruhanna
Happy Birthday to the ICONIC @badgalriri .... To celebrate my fave here is some past work !!
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