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FINALLY THE CURE! 🙌🏾😅 (Reposted cause @instagram playing with the quality) My NEW #profilterfoundation shade is 345! Pro Filt’r instant Retouch Concealer 255 Contour Concealer shade: 420 Pro Filt’r Banana Powder Fenty Fairy Bomb shimmer powder “Rosè on Ice” Hair @iseehairbeauty
Mood asf😋 Follow @robbadgyal for more!
The making of work 😂 Follow @robbadgyal for more
Diamonds are nothing when I’m shining with ya #fentybeauty
A queen!
Rih looks a little....pregnant 👀
Wild wild wild
Rihanna fucking at this performance, I don’t care what anybody say
I’m the shit
You stay on my mind
Sorry for being inactive lately
We like to party
You gon’ lose your wife
I feel alive
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