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At Riverstone, small class sizes unleash imagination. Mr. Nelson is showing our kindergarten class the process of recycling waste paper to make new paper. We are saving trees while imagining what we can create with our fresh sheets of paper. Oh, the possibilities! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
This morning Grade 5 visited the @idahostatearchives facilitated by RIS parent and National History Day in Idaho director Johanna Bringhurst. The class explored the archives through a series of fun hands-on experiences including analyzing primary source documents, accessing information from historic newspapers and interpreting maps among other activities. Thank you having us today, @idahostatearchives ! #fieldtrip #sweetmicrofilm #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Our 8th graders, packed and ready for their yurt & snowshoe adventure to begin with alumni trip leaders Jack Johnson ‘17 & Naomi Clayton ‘17. Have fun, stay warm and see you all on Friday! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #outdoorprogram
Oh, happy day! Another snowy lunch recess! ❄️⛄️ #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Grade 11 took a field trip to James Castle House today for Theory of Knowledge. “Our guiding questions for the trip were, ‘How can art contribute to a sense of self?’ and ‘How can art enlarge what it is possible for us to think?’ We also had some great conversations about how and when we ascribe value to art.” -Gretchen Arguedas, Theory of Knowledge instructor #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #theoryofknowledge #internationalbaccalaureate #ibworldschool #nais
To kickoff the MS/HS Assembly Program, Riverstone junior and dorm resident, Aya A. gave a presentation on how the Riverstone Outdoor Education Program inspired her to participate in a backpacking trip in her home country of Syria last summer. Thank you Aya for sharing your amazing story! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
In December we circulated a Young Alum survey to help us evaluate and improve the Riverstone experience. As of earlier today, only 14% of the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016, & 2017 had taken our 5-minute survey. That's simply not enough. Here are examples of how some faculty members responded to the news... it was honestly difficult to watch. Come on, make them happy! 👉The link is in the bio! 👈 #justfiveminutes #wepromise #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #alumni #justdoit ✔️
Outdoor Education Coordinator Derek Wright talked to Grade 2 classes about the importance of winter layering. This student really took this advice to heart! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #nais
Share your insights to help us create the best Riverstone experiences possible for future Otters. Take our first ever Young Alum survey - the average completion time is 6 minutes, find the link in bio.👆👆GO OTTERS!! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #riverstonealumni
Happy New Year to our entire Otter community, near and far! (📸 of Irene C., one of our very curious and joyful Pre-K students.) 💙💙 We look forward to welcoming back all of our students and faculty again next week! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
What a great time at the RIS Alumni Holiday Taco Party! Thanks everyone for coming 😃 and have a wonderful holiday! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Elementary School Caroling with Mr. Hamilton on our last day before Winter Break. Have a safe, warm and happy holiday, and see you again on January 8! ❄️ #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
A snippet of Grade 5’s play “The Aesthetics of Life” as part of their Unit of Inquiry “How We Express Ourselves”. Please visit our YouTube channel for their (mostly) original play. 😆 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #montypythonandtheholygrail
As part of our current Unity of Inquiry, Dr. Dan Noonan, cardiologist (and RIS parent) came to visit Kindergarten to talk about his role in the community, and our responsibilities for our own heart health. He brought in a pig’s heart to give the students a more authentic, hands-on experience. #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #nais #pyp #howweorganizeourselves
What ever would our faculty do without the incredible PA and Merci lunch volunteers, who treat us to amazing dishes from around the world each month (though we’d take crackers and crowns any day of the year)! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #nais
On Saturday, 6th & 7th grade #OtterBots 🤖competed for the first time against 14 other teams in Eagle, ID as part of an “Into Orbit” robotics competition. The team presented their mini satellite invention, completed robot challenges, learned a lot and had a great time. Go team!! #robotics #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #nais
Yesterday, RIS parent/community leader Rebecca Piva officially became an American citizen! The final step in the process was completed during her naturalization ceremony at the INS, doubling as a civics lesson for Ms. Barnhardt’s Grade 5 class. Congratulations, Rebecca!! 🇬🇧🇺🇸🎊🎉 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #nais #internationalunderstanding
“Grade 3 students wrote their own menus to learn Spanish words related to food, then prepared an Ecuadorian rice dish to serve for lunch. Students remember more when they’re applying the new vocabulary, and especially when it’s fun.” -Ms. Waggoner, Spanish teacher #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
The 2018 Variety Show has come and gone, with many of us finding “Thunder” stuck on loop in our heads over the weekend. Job well done!⚡️👍 Visit our Facebook page for Part One of video performance snippets of our #talentedkids at #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #nais
The 2018 Variety Show has come and gone, with many of us finding “Thunder” stuck on loop in our heads over the weekend. Job well done!⚡️👍 Visit our Facebook page for Part One of video performance snippets of our #talentedkids at #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #nais
We’re proud of our ⛹️‍♀️Otters⛹️‍♂️ both on and off the court. Thanks @idahosports ! (Watch with sound on! 🔊) #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
🏀Riverstone’s HS Girls Basketball teams🏀 visited 4th grade students to talk about what it’s like to be a successful student-athlete. And what team visit would be complete without a human tunnel to launch us into the weekend?! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #nais
Yesterday’s Elementary School Winter Concert was as adorable as it was musical, as grades Preschool-5 performed songs of holiday celebration from around the world. Thank you Beth Benton, Elementary Music Director, for making this performance happen each year! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
We are in for a treat on Friday evening at the RIS 18th Annual Variety Show! #northafrica #worldmusic #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
It’s starting to feel a lot like winter! ❄️ #letitsnow #wecanbuildasnowman #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
The Ladies who Book Fair 📚 Thank you to our amazing volunteers. (Tag yourselves!) #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #scholasticbookfair #nais
Eight of our Middle School Students visited the Electrical Engineering satellite lab to learn about mini satellites and how they are help data collection and communication. #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Check out the bulletin board outside Ms. Bruno’s classroom! Grade 8 recently finished reading 🔥“Fahrenheit 451”🔥and created their own dystopian-themed synopses and novel cover designs. A professional book publisher also came to talk to the class about the real world of pitches, blurbs and the art of selling books. #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
In Spanish class 8th graders have been super excited about writing to their pen pals. This connection began at the end of last school year through Anthony and Nana Horton who live in San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico. Though this is a great writing assignment, each student has really enjoyed learning about their new friend and love to share their own stories with them. It also helps reinforce international understanding and to learn about their new friends' culture first hand. My students are always excited to hear from their pen pals and wonder how we could make snail mail faster! Thank you Familia Horton for setting this up! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
On this pre-Turkey day, Ms. Swarts’ Grade 10 English class is thinking outside the box and solving puzzles in an “escape room” scenario. #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
THAT’S A WRAP, FOLKS! Annual Fund reached 92% participation between trustees, faculty and families AND we raised over $200,000! Thank to everyone who worked, contributed and volunteered to make this year’s Fall Drive a great success. ... Pictured: Grade 10 students Owen M, Gavin G, Faye S., Annika P. ... #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Oh - that's what that smell is! John Pederson's Grade 8 Biology class Gd 8 biology class removed eggshells using vinegar in order to do experiments to assess the permeability of cell membranes using a shell-less egg. #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
We’re 75% of the way to our goal with just a few days left of #AnnualFund2018 ! - Let our Transition Head of School, Todd Horn Ed.D, explain why it’s important to give to our Annual Fund. Watch the entire video on our YouTube channel. (link in bio) - #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Parents, students, faculty, and staff all took time this weekend to participate in @rakeupboise ! - An annual community event that helps disabled and elderly Boise residents clean up their yards in the late fall. 🍁 - Riverstone students are always so excited and have a lot of fun during Rake Up Boise and this year was no exception. They actually ended up doing more yards than they had planned - they didn't want to end the day! - #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
This morning, we took some time as a community to recognize the Veterans all over the world and in our Riverstone family. - We had special guests from The Terraces of Boise join us, as well. Grade 4 and 5 performed "The Brave" and our first graders have been learning about commitment and wrote letters to our Veterans about their commitment to our country. - Our students and staff had the opportunity to thank each and every one of our Veteran guests after the assembly. - To all Veterans near and far, here and no longer with us, thank you for your service. 🇺🇸 #VeteransDay #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #OneRiverstone #RiverstoneIntlSchool
Rachel’s recruiting trip continues! 🌍 ✈️ She spent time with @ivyleague_edu and @at_smart_study yesterday. Thank you for your hospitality and allowing Rachel to tell you about our great school! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
It’s the faculty and staff’s favorite day of the month- merci lunch! We’re so, so extremely grateful for our PA volunteers that put this on for us every single month. thank you! - PS: the Fall Harvest theme is perfect for the weather today! 🍁 🎃 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Gerardo Pacheco, new US citizen and Riverstone teacher, has voted - for the first time! 🇺🇸 🗳 Way to go, Gerardo! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Are you or someone you know interested in joining the Riverstone community? - Join us Tuesday, Nov 13th for our Elementary School Open House! - Come experience Riverstone firsthand and see how Riverstone can inspire your child’s academic and personal journey. #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Pre-K and Elementary art teacher Jay Nelson were working on some really cool Auction Art pieces this morning. 🎨 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Sra. Ramirez’s Spanish class and Ms. Corbin’s art class came together to work on a Día de los muertos unit with 10th grade students. In Spanish, the students worked on creating an altar for someone special that has passed away. In Art class, they created an alebrije, a Mexican fantasy creature. Students got to display their art work during the Día de los muertos event @jumpboise on Nov 1st - so cool! 💀🌸 #diadelosmuertos #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
She’s at it again! Our Director of Marketing and Admissions, Rachel, had a good turnout on Day 1 of Saudi Aramco Boarding School Fair! 98 schools represented from 8 countries including Riverstone! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
The Cat in the Hat wants to remind you that it’s a great time to give to the Annual Fund... he sure looks familiar 🤔 - Have you made a donation yet? Check the link in our bio to do so now! - #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #annualfund2018
If you’re walking around campus today and see Roy Ledesma a few times, it’s not a trick! We have North End Roy, the Real Roy, Aloha Friday Roy, Math Teacher Mr. Ledesma, and Coach Ledesma. 🤣🤣🤣 #HappyHalloween #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Hey! Don’t tell me we don’t know how to party! #bingo #fridaynight #players #riverstoneintlschool
What a great time at the Riverstone Family Bingo Night tonight - a terrific time had by all. Shout out to the Riverstone PA for a great event! Thank you!#riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Our school counselor, Andrea Kuenzli, led the first wellness assembly for our Elementary School this week. The kids created a kindness tree, with each leaf representing something kind that they can do every day at school to make Riverstone and even kinder place. 💜 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Our Riverstone Swimmers swam at Districts on Tuesday... and CRUSHED IT. Our team of three finished 2nd overall (only behind @bishopkellyknights team of 65!) and all three swimmers qualified for State in at least ONE event! 🏊‍♂️ We have TWO district champions 🏆 in 4A: Aiden in 200IM and Gavin in the 100 Breast. Oh, did we mention Gavin took FIRST IN THE ENTIRE MEET in the 100 Breast?! 🏊‍♂️We are so, so proud of our Otter Swimmers! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone #gootters
These first graders are preparing to make their own auction art piece, but getting some inspiration from this print from a few years ago. @evermoreprints_boise donated this wonderful print to Jay Nelson’s art class. This year’s art is going to be “more amazing” according to these first graders. 🖼 🎨 thank you, Evermore Prints! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Riverstone House students took a trip to the @thefarmsteadcornmaze this weekend to enjoy some autumn festivities including a corn maze, pumpkin patch, pumpkin canon, games, and more! 🎃 🍁 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #farmsteadfun
Annual Fund is here! This month-long event helps us fund everything from teacher salaries and professional development to our amazing outdoor program. Brochures are being mailed out, so keep an eye on your mailbox 📫 Meet Caitlin, our Director of Development. She can be reached at giving@riverstoneschool.org for any questions 🙏 We’re so grateful for our past, current, and future donors! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool #annualfund2018
#MorningOfService is underway! We have advisory groups on campus cleaning up, local parks, and the @idahobotanicalgarden ! keep up the great work, students! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
We hope you got your hands on some of these fall goodies at the PA Fall Bake Sale! 😋🍁 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
We absolutely loved having Hoops Green from the @harlemglobetrotters at Riverstone talk to our Elementary students about the ABCs of Bullying! 🏀 excited to see the Harlem Globetrotters in town Nov 5th! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
tuesday got nothing on you, otters. #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
The pumpkin patch is HERE! 🎃 go grab a pumpkin, have your students decorate gourds and pumpkins, and so much more! Head to the Elementary School atrium before and after school, Monday - Wednesday to take part! 🍁 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
We love when our families are involved in the fun! Here’s a very special 1st Grade grandparent geologist, teaching our 1st graders all about rocks ⛰ #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
MERCI to our PA! We still can’t stop thinking about lunch yesterday... such a delicious Oktoberfest feast! 🇩🇪 #riverstoneintlschool #OneRiverstone
I mean, Kevin Berner did a great job on his artwork for the Elementary School social event at @skate.treasurevalley on Friday. 💁‍♀️ Who’s ready to roll?! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Wow. Senior Kana T took this photo of the Milky Way during her Fall Outdoor trip last week... just wow! ⭐️ 💫 🚀 #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Preschool and Pre-K are off on their Riverstone rafting trip! #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
7th grade is ROCKING their Weiser bike trip! pedal on, Otters! 🚲 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Chilly morning in Yellowstone, but a beautiful morning for photos. 📷 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Campus got even quieter this morning! 6 Sawtooth Hiking trips and 2 Galena yurt trips packed up and took off with our High School students and staff! ⛺️ 🛶 ⛰ #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Gretchen, Roy, Jane, and Robyn are visiting @whitmancollege on the College Trip & ran into Riverstone alum Ethan T (‘17) and Natalie P (‘16) for lunch! #oneriverstone #riverstoneintlschool
Our students are out in the wild! Started with the Fall College Trip, then the 7th graders took off on their Fall Bike Trip to Weiser, and our goofy 6th graders headed out to Yellowstone! It sure is quiet around here today... 😶 #riverstoneintlschool #oneriverstone
Grade 8 headed out this morning - early - for their fall outdoor trip! #riverstoneintlschool
Riverstone’s own Josh Udesen has some of his amazing art down at Art in the Park! Go check him out this weekend. #riverstoneintlschool #Repost @tightlinestudio ・・・ Boise people, it is Art In The Park time. Come on down today and tomorrow 10 - 8 & 10 - 5 on Sunday. Booth 29 on the north side of the rose garden.
Our fall outdoor trips are underway! Mr. Lindsay’s 5th graders rafted the Main Fork of the Payette River yesterday. 🛶 #riverstoneintlschool
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