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Thank you for all the prayers and positive vibes. Our house survived the storm. One trailer was totaled by a tree, thank goodness the owner wasn't home or in his bed. The campground bathroom was crushed by multiple trees. Thank goodness I didn't park my car in my normal spot or it would have been totaled too. Happy to be home and feeling so thankful that we are all safe and sound.
We went to meet our maker and admission was free 🎟 . . . • Slab City California • The last free place on earth, lawless and wild. So are the people who dwell there. It was beautiful, breath taking, visually stimulating. An adventure to say the least.
Rainbow trout fishing in Texas! Thank you Texas Parks & Wildlife. Mommas and daddies---bring the family! While they last. #fishingisfun
For the 2nd year in a row I'm not able to visit my favorite river. Man I miss fishing!
🚌 Balancing structured learning with margin to leisurely explore while we travel, can be a challenge. In my latest blog post (👉🏻 go to www.doinglifedeliberately.com & click on “blog”), I share how I intentionally plan our homeschool schedule to keep the kids on track when we are on the road (and give you tips to help you do the same). . . 🤷🏻‍♀️What are your BIGGEST #roadschool challenges?? . . 🎬Watch our newest video, “Dear Kids: an Open Letter About Our First Year of Full Time RVing” by clicking the link in our IG profile (or here: https://youtu.be/bbvyrC_dt10). If you enjoy it, give us a “thumbs up”👍🏻 and subscribe!😊 . . #doinglifedeliberately #goeverywhere #roamtheearth #homeschoolfamily #worldschooling #fulltimervers #worldschool #roamtheplanet #exploremoretogether #fulltimerving #youtubemom #unschooling #homeschoolfamily #rvfamily #familytravel #travelfamily #dreamitanddoit #adventuretogether #familyvloggers #familytravels #gorving #learningathome
So, do you know how to do travel research using hashtags on Instagram? Where do you begin without getting sidetracked? Start with the State Travel Bureau websites. Many states have their own signature hashtag that not only do they use but travelers all over the state use. For example, Florida uses #LoveFL . They list it about halfway down their site. Michigan uses #PureMichigan on their posts. While I did not see it on their website, a quick link over to their Instagram account and it’s there. These are just two of the states I’ve used recently. You can find them at the local level as well. St. Pete/Clearwater uses #LiveAmplified and my hometown of Muskegon uses #WatchUsGo . Using visitor’s bureaus both at the state and local level is a great way to start. Click this image at the link in my bio for more! . . . . #thisismuskegon #us31life #watchusgo #watchmuskegon #puremichigan #michigrammers #michiganawesome #michiganders #thegreatlakesstate #greatlakes #michiganview #awesomemitten #thegreatlakesstate #puremittigan #midwestisbest #midwestmoment #ilovemi #momswhotravel #loveyourtimetogether #familytraveltribe #momswithcameras #realmomlife #roadschool #sayyestoadventure #travelmorewithkids
I lived in Las Vegas until I was thirteen and have no memories of visiting Hoover Dam!! So when I realized we were camped only a few miles away I made everyone rush out the door to see it! We spotted an elevator in the mountain side that Benny was very disappointed we weren't allowed on. We learned Lake Mead has dropped 150ft since 1998 due to a 7 year drought. Adelheid was very intrigued by the bathrooms on top of the dam that had small windows for seeing the canyon. Rob got lots of willies from looking down and was blown away by the hwy bridge that crossed the Colorado below (pictured behind the kids). I goofed with the Ada about her being in Nevada and I being in Arizona at the state line on the Dam and I fulfilled a childhood dream I didn't know I had😁. . . #family #neverstopexploring #childhoodunplugged #freerangekids   #outdoorkids #runwildmychild #adventurelife #adventurefamily   #playoutside #adventurekids #children_outdoors   #takethekids #hikelife   #optoutside #discoverearth #homeschool #rvliving #fulltimervlife #fulltimefamily #rvfamily #rvlife #fulltimervers   #gorving #fulltimerv   #rvamerica #homeonwheels #nomadfamily #roadschool #handsonlearning
Every Thursday night downtown Palm Springs turns into a giant street fest. Our new friends @easterlybound were heading down there last week and we decided we wanted to tag along! Through the crowds we spotted this street artist and the kids were fascinated by his impromptu artistic ability...with spray paint, no less! . Having an artist in the family @semi.artisticc , and spending time in artist study during our morning time routine, has definitely taught us to appreciate all forms of art. So this was a fun way to stop and appreciate another form of it! . If you’re ever in the Palm Springs area on a Thursday night make sure to add this to your to visit list! . Have you ever stumbled upon a street artist at work? If so, what type of art were they creating? . Another favorite of mine was a cast member at Disney World drawing with his wet broom while ‘sweeping’ the streets!
One week of winter weather has me dreaming of sunny escapes...
#GetOutside ! This is a perk of #Roadschooling and a necessity for our #ExtremeChild . We are outside as often and as long as possible each day. We can connect with #nature , connect as a #family , #learn and #explore , #dream , and make #plans for future #adventures . #TheMamaOnTheRocks #TheBurgersGoTiny #TinyHouseMama #TheQueenOfTinyHouses #Roadschool #ExtremeParenting #ExtremeChildren @awilderchild
I am a geek when it comes to travel research. Look around and I’m sure you’ll notice my love affair with travel planning. It is why I named my blog the Detail Oriented Traveler after all! One of the more fun ways I like to do travel research is through hashtags and Instagram. While it might seem a little like falling down the rabbit hole at first, I’ll walk you through my methods of finding the best ways to discover wonderland. Click the link in my bio and this image to learn more! . . . . #momswhotravel #loveyourtimetogether #familytraveltribe #momswithcameras #realmomlife #roadschool #sayyestoadventure #travelmorewithkids #LoveFL #florida_insta #pureflorida #roamflorida #explorida #sunshinestateofmind #floridaadventuregroup #flstofmind #florida_greatshots #onlyinflorida #stayandwander #floridaliving #floridalife #upsideofflorida #instagram_florida #hashtagflorida #floridaexplored #floridainside #florida_true #sunshinestate #visitflorida #flogrown
☕️“I’m always struck sitting in airports, there are people excited about starting new opportunities, traveling to their loved ones, some going to a funeral, or making a scary change in life - yet, thru it all, we see each as faces in the crowd - just need to look beyond the surface.” @DrBhrettMcCabe ⁣ ⁣ 👀 Look beyond the surface? And what will you find? ⁣ ⁣ 📖 Empathy - (noun) the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.⁣ ⁣ 💡 Here’s an idea ... there are people you Live With in your home, at your place of work, next door, at that business you frequent ... they all have stormy or calm seas just “under the surface.” ⁣ ⁣ Have you Noticed?⁣ ⁣ ☕️ “Someone in your life needs to hear they matter. They’re loved. They have a future. You can tell them.” @tobymac ⁣ ⁣ It seems that Loving others is sometimes deterred by the boundary of not knowing someone personally ... since I don’t really know their struggle, I can’t adequately meet their need.⁣ ⁣ Or maybe Loving others is not so complicated, but somehow slips through the proverbial cracks as we get comfortable with those we know ... including their problems. ⁣ ⁣ 👣 It takes effort ... mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual ... to Love Extravagantly.⁣ ⁣ ☕️ “Extravagant love often means coloring outside the lines and going beyond the norms.” @bobgoff ⁣ “☕️” @thinkwells#thirstythursday #whatfillsyourcup #whatspillsout #lessonsinempathy #notice #divineappointments #thinkwellsthoughts #loveextravagantly #beaboutit #travel #familytravel #connerchaos #connersonsafari #dadlife #vagabondingwithkids #roadschool #outdoorclassroom #9isenough #connertribe #liveyouradventure #sayyestonewadventure #wanderlust #traveler #traveloften #welivetoexplore #weworktotravel #weareaboutit #gomakearuckus #howisyourdaygoingtobe #livebravely
Book launch day is February 4th. There is great hope! #educationbydesign
Spent a little time at the Air Force Armament Museum in Okaloosa County, Florida this afternoon. They do a great job there and the giant planes are amazing! To be real, this kind of thing is typically more Craig’s jam than mine or the sisters’. He gets so much joy out of digging deeper into this history. He finds the technology advancements, missions, and all that was accomplished by our brave serviceman and women fascinating and exciting. I find it...well, sad and somber. My mind goes immediately to the heartbreak magnitude of war. Don’t get me wrong, I have reverence for all I saw today, and my gratitude is pure. But it’s less of a “fun” field trip for me, and more of a practice in history and acceptance. The sisters knew more coming out than when they went in, and I suppose that’s all we can ask. Go to this important museum if you’re ever in the area. ❤️ * * * #roadschool #fulltimervfamily #travelblogger #travelingwithkids #armyairforce #history #military #fl #emeraldcoast
We spent a perfect day in Pensacola. What a cool coastal city, rich in history, unique shops and gourmet food trucks! It’s also chock full of museums- and one ticket grants admission to all- we love being able to knock out the kids’ history lessons this way. 🙌 The kids had a blast and it was a fun stop on our way to Alabama-which, by the way, was a jaw dropping drive along the gulf coast. We are really looking forward to exploring tomorrow. If anyone has any tips or suggestions for coastal Alabama (we are staying south) we’d love to hear them!
Today raging river vs normal little creek. Not going to lie this storm is freaking us out. River has about 1 more foot before jumping the bed and flooding our lot. Huge branches have been dropping all around us and just now a huge tree fell across the entrance to the park. We are trapped. Trying to hold out moving the trailer because the area is so wildly uneven that we wouldn't be able to get set up again in this rain. 🤞🙏 that the rain dies down.
We turned our dining area into a play area for now. That means dinner in the living room. I love it, we have more space this way and no carpet to clean. Everett takes tacos very seriously, he even pinned his hair back. I love this tiny life.
Awesomeness! I’ve grown to love my cute Chinese kiddos!! 🥰❤️ What a blessing this job has been! . . #vipkid #vipkidteacher #vipkidlife #onlineteacher #esl #englishteacher #vipkidteacherswhotravel #roadschool #roadschooling #rvhomeschool #rvlifestyle #gorving #rvlife #rvfulltime #rvfamily #rvnomads
Day 1 of Big Bend started out really foggy so we could see a lot of the park as we were driving through. When we made it to Santa Elena Canyon, the fog just started to clear. It was a great hike into the canyon where it was very peaceful. It was cool being so close to Mexico. In the first picture, Mexico is on the left and the US is on the right. The canyon was amazing.
Or they are and they like it that way ...
Two weeks ago we landed in TX to tag our vehicles and update our driver’s licenses. The plan was 2 weeks and move on. Then I fell. First was urgent care for an X-ray showing a “bone chip”. Then there was the orthopedic consult to learn it was actually a triceps tear with an avulsion fracture - the triceps tendon tore from the elbow and took the tip of the elbow with it. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. The tear and fracture were repaired a week ago. Today they removed the splint and I got my new brace. I’ll sport it and follow-up with my awesome surgeon here in TX for the next 8-10 weeks and we’ll explore TX. Lots and lots of TX. We are looking forward to meeting new friends, visiting family and seeing the sites - believing the good! #jordanfamilyadventure #bumpintheroad #jordansneverquit #fulltimervfamily #fulltimetravel #believethegood #roadschool #triceptear #notaweightlifter #notafootballplayer #justclumsy #houstonmethodistorthopedicandsportsmedicine
This cute little guy turns 3 today! Easton is an articulate, energetic, animated and sweet boy. He’s the baby so he totally gets away with more than he should. But he’s just so darn cute! We are so glad to have him part of our rowdy bunch. Honestly he will probably be our last so I am enjoying every little bit of his petite body. I’m totally ok for him to stay a baby a while longer.
This dog... she doesn’t chew on the rocks... she just collects them everywhere we go and HOLDS them!!! She also pushes them around the rv with her nose and actually we found one in our bed the other day!! She also likes to sit on the couch and throw them to the floor with a loud crash!! 🙄 other than that she is content to sit with an abnormally shaped rock abnormally wedged in her mouth for abnormally long periods of time! 😳 and we’ve checked... no, they aren’t stuck... it just makes her happy! 🤪 #frankincenseandfaith #jackrusselllife #oneagleswings
Ever have a hard time getting your whole family in a picture? We are often in the middle of nowhere, sometimes without a tripod or conveniently placed rock, so I just take the pic & miss out. Usually we find a way or a friendly hiker. This time in Valley of Fire, we went with the shadow family. 😆
🚌 #Roadschooling 📚can have unique challenges. For example, how do you help your kids to make consistent progress in their studies when your travel schedule can be erratic? In today’s blog post (👉🏻 go to www.doinglifedeliberately.com), I share how I intentionally plan our school homeschool schedule to keep the kids on track- even when we are on the road & give you tips to help you do the same. . . 🤷🏻‍♀️What are your biggest #roadschool challenges?? . . 🎬Watch our newest video, “Dear Kids: an Open Letter About Our First Year of Full Time RVing” by clicking the link in our IG profile (or here: https://youtu.be/bbvyrC_dt10). If you enjoy it, give us a “thumbs up”👍🏻 and subscribe!😊 . . #doinglifedeliberately #goeverywhere #roamtheearth #homeschoolfamily #worldschooling #fulltimervers #homeschoolingmom #roamtheplanet #exploremoretogether #fulltimerving #youtubemom #unschooling #homeschoolfamily #rvfamily #familytravel #travelfamily #dreamitanddoit #adventuretogether #familyvloggers #familytravels #gorving #learningathome
Today we went to #tamparvsupershow and D loved the "baby" #airstream 😂. And one of the sales people asked us if we are @lessjunkmorejourney 😂. Totally made our day! Obviously I replied that no, we are not, but they are here at the show too! I think it's the blond toddler and my big camera with a "fuzzy mic".
I’m pretty sure that when my kids look back over their lives, some of their best memories will be from our time spent in Texas.💛 #howsooncanwegoback
Enjoying the little things like sitting is quiet, eating a #ketofriendly lunch while my kids are actually on task during their school hour😂 Moving home base and having dad in training every day has been harder on us than I thought. Every person, myself included, is in rebellion of some kind. Weeping, anger, defiance. It’s all there. I know things will get better. It always does. Adjusting to the new norm will happen... just in time for it to change again 🙄. Time is our best friend right now. #lunchtime 🍴 #firewifelife #momminainteasy
As much as we loved the old school bus doors, we needed a little more sense of safety and easier access. This door will be painted black. Our girl's think it should be white... What do you think? She's coming along, isn't she?
I am a geek when it comes to travel research. Look around and I’m sure you’ll notice my love affair with travel planning. It is why I named my blog the Detail Oriented Traveler after all! One of the more fun ways I like to do travel research is through hashtags and Instagram. While it might seem a little like falling down the rabbit hole at first, I’ll walk you through my methods of finding the best ways to discover wonderland. Click the link in my bio and this image to learn more! . . . . #momswhotravel #loveyourtimetogether #familytraveltribe #momswithcameras #realmomlife #roadschool #sayyestoadventure #travelmorewithkids #LoveFL #florida_insta #pureflorida #roamflorida #explorida #sunshinestateofmind #floridaadventuregroup #flstofmind #florida_greatshots #onlyinflorida #stayandwander #floridaliving #floridalife #upsideofflorida #instagram_florida #hashtagflorida #floridaexplored #floridainside #florida_true #sunshinestate #visitflorida #flogrown
Imagine everything this tree has seen.
Truly a place of inspiration and dreams. School field trips are the best! 😍 We believe that nothing is impossible and failure is not an option. For the young and young at heart. 😍✌🏼 For the eyes of the world now look into space to the moon and to the planets beyond, and we have vowed that we shall not see it governed by a hostile flag of conquest but by a banner of freedom and peace. ~John F. Kennedy . . . . . . #KCS #kennedyspacecenter #nasa #merrittislandwildliferefuge #capecanaveral #rockets #spacecapsule #marsrover #apollospacecapsule #neverstopexploring #vistkennedyspacecenter #visitnasa #discoverflorida #dream #explore #discover #wanders #roadadventures #glampinglife #popupcamper #popupliving #livefree #roadschool #history #pastpresentandfuture #schoolfieldtrip #travelerlife @travel_life_24.7 #exploreamerica #spacecoast #herosandlegends
Pure lost coast magic. . . The the sand and air were cool, but these girls loved every second of it! Thank you Russ for capturing this moment while I nursed Quest in the warmth of the truck ♡ . . 📷 @mobile_mainahs
Missing mommy, who isn't feeling too well, but we had a good time still. #SevenEleven #Thomas6Travels #7Eleven #rv #rving #rvlife #homeschoollife #homeschool #roadschool #goanywhere #hiking #GrapevineCanyonTrail
So glad to have Matt back from Hawaii! It was fun to see him enjoying his trip (through @giannagrace98 ‘s pics!) and exploring the island, plus spending time with his brother. I’m grateful we have no school or schedule to worry about. #unschool Matt was too busy learning about Hawaii! And he got quite the education flying for the first time, and by himself. He took many flight changes in stride & didn’t even call me for help. He said the travel was no worse than sitting in the truck for hours on a travel day. 😁 These nomadic kids are pretty adaptable! It's such a beautiful place & I'm happy he got to go. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Have you been to Hawaii? Which island? Which is your favorite? We've only seen Oahu so far, since that's where Josh is stationed.
SJ just started studying marine biology/aquatic life. As he was reading to me, he stopped and corrected the text, "it's octopi not octopuses...don't they know that? Just like cacti. It's not cactuses. Duh!" I think there's some new-fangled pluralization going on here, but SJ and I fully reject it. My favorite part of the day's study... watching Finding Nemo! #grammargirl #grammarpolice #lifecation #fetchfreedom #unschool #roadschool #lifeschool #learningforthesakeoflearning
Mid-week! Does anyone else often feel super reflective on Wednesday’s and need to rework their to-do lists (to make them actually manageable?!😜)... no, just me? . It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our various awesome printable kits! Have you seen them on the website? Do you have a favourite? Any questions? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 📷 @gracielaurelcook . . . . . . #positiveparenting #homeschoolers #homeschoolmom #teachersofthegram #creativegifts #momlife #teachers #biglifejournal #growthmindset #roadschool #roadschooling #unschool #unschooling #positiveparenting #raisingkids #montessorikids #parenthood
Jeremy has struggled to read. It’s not easy for him like it was the bigger kids. I purchased “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” back in September. It’s taken us this long to progress to lesson 15. However. Today was the biggest progress we’ve seen! We took gluten and sugar out of his diet 2 weeks ago and his overall schooling has started to FLOURISH! #specialneeds #hesamazing #hesreading #homeschool #roadschool #rvlivingwithkids #rvlivingfulltime #adventures #rvlife
Malcolm Gladwell said: "As a society we value natural, effortless accomplishment over achievement through effort. We endow our heroes with superhuman abilities that led them inevitably toward their greatness. It’s as if Midori popped out of the womb fiddling, Michael Jordan dribbling, and Picasso doodling." The hard truth is that nothing in this world is achieved without effort and hard work. The only way to success is through trying new things, making mistakes, learning, trying again, failing, getting back up, learning, trying again, failing again, and never giving up. That’s what the growth mindset is all about. And unless we’re teaching this mindset to our kids, we’re teaching them the opposite. The growth mindset approach has shown incredible results when adopted by parents and teachers as part of Carol Dweck’s research. She recommends engaging with children by praising effort instead of talent, teaching kids to see challenges as learning opportunities rather than threats, and emphasizing how abilities can be transformed. If you are constantly looking for ways to grow and improve yourself to become better in communicating with your children, check out our blog post for some usable tips and ideas that you can implement right away. 👉🏼Go to resilientkiddie.com under 👉🏼Parent Resources to find the post on 👉🏼“How To Communicate Values That Bring Success”👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 www.resilientkiddie.com /single-post/2018/07/01/How-To-Communicate-Values-That-Bring-Success ✨✨✨ #growthmindset #resilientkids #raisingresilientkids #powerofyet #roadschool #try #persistence #positiveparenting
This picture is so awesome because I was on a paddleboard in the water (top center) looking at this from a totally different point of view. As I was watching I was thinking about what the view would be from the top of the bridge. I never considered what the view would be from a balloon. So many things in life have many different views, don't think yours is the only one! #roadschool #havasuballoonfestival #hotairballoon #paddleboard #londonbridge # pointofview #perspective
Struggle and lies. This wasn’t my planned post for the day but here I am. . I don’t often wake up anymore having to do battle with the little whisper of lies in my head. Oddly enough the Lord has used my health struggles,of all things, over the past several years to teach me security in Him. To find my identity not in my health or a false sense of security in a holistic lifestyle. Not in my ability to home educate my kids and plan magical school days. Not in my relationship with my husband. Or my ability (or inability) to love on or pour into friendships or parent child relationships. Not in how well my kids turn out or how innocent they stay or how ‘successful’ they end up being. . Most days I don’t struggle with those feelings anymore. I have a mission I’m called to and I set my mind on higher things, knowing the Truth that has set me free from the lies I once struggled with. . But this morning, as I scrolled through these squares that typically bring me such encouragement in so many different areas, that little voice of inadequacy is blaring in my head. . But here’s what I know to be true, and if you’re struggling today what I want to tell you.... We are not called to be the most healthy or the most creative or the best decorator or the best planner out there. We’re called to walk in exactly what He has designed us to be and do. It’s in our inability that He is made much of. So while I fail at living a perfectly holistic life or planning the perfect, most Instagram worthy day, or being the most servant hearted mother or friend or being a good leader for my business I can find rest in knowing He has only called me to what He has called me to. Not what He has called others to. And my obedience is walking in that and being a good steward with the time, abilities and knowledge He’s given me. And when I screw that up there’s grace. Heaps and heaps of grace. . So when the lies are whispered in my head about all the ways I can feel inadequate it’s a reminder to run to The grace that has been poured out for me. And that’s where I’m going to choose to rest my mind today. And where I pray you can rest yours.
🗺Wanderlust Wednesday takes me back to a slow sunset sail on Big Beard’s Renegade ... heading into the sinking sun from Buck Island to Christiansted. ⛵️Where is your boat sailing today? ☀️😎👣“The West Indian is not exactly hostile to change, but he is not much inclined to believe in it. This comes from a piece of wisdom that his climate of eternal summer teaches him. It is that, under all the parade of human effort and noise, today is like yesterday, and tomorrow will be like today; that existence is a wheel of recurring patterns from which no one escapes ... therefore the idea is to take things easy and enjoy the passing time under the sun.” Herman Wouk, Don’t Stop The Carnival #wanderlustwednesday #igobackSTX2018 #buckisland #stcroixusvi #bigbeardsadventuretours #travel #familytravel #connerchaos #connersonsafari #dadlife #vagabondingwithkids #kidswhoexplore #roadschool #outdoorclassroom #9isenough #connertribe #liveyouradventure #sayyestonewadventure #wanderlust #traveler #traveloften #welivetoexplore #weworktotravel #weareaboutit #gomakearuckus #howisyourdaygoingtobe #livebravely #loveextravagantly #beaboutit
🚌 Our inaugural journey as a #fulltimetravel RV family was filled with “firsts.” Our first stop was St. Louis, MO. Stopping at the Arch was a great way to kick things off. The structure was so MASSIVE as we walked underneath it. It was a great illustration of the BIG things that can be accomplished by everyday, average people if we are willing to work hard. . 🤷🏻‍♀️What are favorite monuments that you have visited? . . 🎬Watch our newest video, “Dear Kids: an Open Letter About Our First Year of Full Time RVing” by clicking the link in our IG profile (or here: https://youtu.be/bbvyrC_dt10). If you enjoy it, give us a “thumbs up”👍🏻 and subscribe!😊 . . #doinglifedeliberately #goeverywhere #roamtheearth #homeschoolfamily #worldschooling #fulltimervers #rving #roamtheplanet #exploremoretogether #fulltimerving #youtubemom #unschooling #homeschoolfamily #rvfamily #familytravel #travelfamily #dreamitanddoit #adventuretogether #familyvloggers #latergram #familytravels #gorving #learningathome #roadschool
My kids love countdowns! What are you counting down to right now? We are counting down to the day we will be back in Puerto Rico with @msccruisesofficial ! 😁🛳️ Just a few weeks away!
ROAD SCHOOLING FUN🎓😁!! Our baby girl is growing up so fast and is super excited to be starting her schooling this year. We’ve been using the @readingeggs app which has been a great preparation tool. It’s for kids aged 2 – 13 and features fun games, awesome EGGxercises and even eBooks 🙌! It covers all the EGGsential early learning literacy skills like phonics and sight words. Marli has no idea it’s EGGducational, she just thinks she’s playing games :-) #winning ! …So when she’s not outside learning in natures classroom 🌱🌼🐞🍄, this is EGGxactly 🥚🐣 the type of screen time we are happy for her to have. Want to give it a try yourself? We have an EGGcellent 4 week free trial for you - see the link in our bio - it’s a cracker, we're not yolking 😁👍😂!!! #sponsored #readingeggs #learntoread #backtoschool
We usually winter in Florida and get SO bored! (That's why we're in Vegas this winter!) While the weather is perfect, and there is Disney and Universal, even those get old when you're used to changing locations and scenery. One great solution we found last year was the Safari at Animal Kingdom. It’s so cool when you're peopled out, to take a ride out into nature. And very VERY cool when giraffes just walk by you like it’s no big thing!! #disney #animalkingdom
Amazing to watch the balloons coming over London bridge. Some were touching down in the water. We're were watching from paddleboards.
I never teach my pupils,I only provide the conditions in which they can learn. - Albert Einstein// • I loved capturing this image of the 9 year old. Soaking in all the surroundings from our recent visit to Queen Copper Mine in Brisbee, AZ. Reading the names of the copper miners. Touching the tools they chipped away at the rock with. Breathing in the cool air of the underground mine in the very places they stood over 100 years ago. • I know This year of travel will provide countless conditions for learning for each of my little pupils. And while I will still be opening up the living books and reading good, rich stories with them to aid in their education, I know that each of the places we visit will tie together reading with experiencing it first hand. And, those little nuggets of knowledge will just continue to grow the heaps in their pails of learning.
I planned to get back into the school groove today but then it up and snowed 4-6 inches here in Tucson so I called it a snow day! #homeschoolperks ❄️ Yesterday, despite the temps, we got out and made a quick stop in Tombstone. It was really cold so we ate and barely looked around before it started to sleet and we made a quick dart for the van. ❄️ We then headed to Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, AZ. Can’t say we’ve ever been in an underground mine before! Such a cool experience; I’ll share more later this week! Also, side note: it’s like 25 miles from the Mexico boarder which still feels so weird being that close. ❄️ Unfortunately, Our to visit list here in the Tucson area is getting cut rather short this week due to the abnormally cold weather. But, We’re making our way to Palm Springs and San Diego over the next month so send us all the nature and history loving must see and visit spots!
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