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Life has turned into a quiet performance. Not for the others but for the self. Gotta be better than yesterday, have to improve the skill set, need to learn more and keep reaching next level. This self enhancing loop never ends. But if you’re not performing in the cinema of self mastery, you’re missing out on best form of spiritual entertainment.
Ema for days at the #kandamyojin #shrine with @eyexplor wandering and photographing temples of #tokyo . The prayers are decorated with personal images sometimes drawn by supplicants. 📷⛩ #templephotography #mikeandpetedotokyo  🇯🇵
Cracking some brews after chopping wood for our two fires
I’ve been to a lot of coastlines, but nothing beats the Oregon Coast.
A man and his dog
A huge appeal of getting out into nature is to get away from it all. To put as much distance as possible between you and the busy streets, the phone notifications, and tbh...other people 😂 But here’s the funny thing 👇 — When I’m out in places like this, I end up meeting the BEST people. Whether they came to camp, hike, or photograph a sunset - their definition of a good time is the same as mine 👉 mountain air, killer views, and wild places. - #explorebc #explorecanada #sonyalpha
I don’t have a full frame camera, a sharp lens, or a great tripod. The list goes on. I could argue that if I had a better lens, those trees in the background could have been significantly sharper, however I am a firm believer that it is up to the artist to adapt to what they have to create something “good”. I guess it’s the glorious life of being a college student ¯\_(ツ)_/¯... we are so focused on getting the next big product that we don’t enjoy what we have at present. Luckily, I’m learning to love this camera and all 18MP, 1080 resolution it was to offer. But for real, if only you all could see this place, this road let alone, with your own eyes. We couldn’t have picked a better morning to spectate the light dance with the mountains and trees.
Summertime thunderstorms.
Unfortunately I work for a living, butttt any second I can get outside I damn sure will.
Back to our regularly scheduled program of calm nature stuff 😚
Being an adult means there’s no one to tell you when play time is over. Or maybe that’s just us.
Driving these roads literally makes me feel like I’m in a car commercial. With golden leaves blowing up in clouds behind every vehicle, I could see it all in slow motion. So cinematic! . . . . . #colorado #coloradotography #coloradolive #visitcolorado #colorado_creative #windingroad #aspen #aspencolorado #bealpha #liveadventurously #natureaddict #seeyououtthere #huckberry #milesfromordinary #campvibes #travelstoke #roam247 #pmgridchallenge #fallvibes
just over a week ago, I packed all my camping and camera gear into my truck and drove 4 hours south to the Tetons to camp in sub-freezing temperatures and meet up with a few photographers I had never met before to adventure and take photos. this past weekend I did the exact same thing, only this time I drove 5 hours north to Glacier National Park. . both times, it was worth every second. . once again, I’ve found myself utterly blown away by this strange thing called life. good people and amazing places are everywhere, and the experiences that can be had by combing the two are truly incredible. . here’s one of those people in one of those places having one of those experiences.
What’s on the fun agenda this evening friends? •|•|• @zackatak71 with a slayer ⚔️📸 Love this edit 👌🏽 Should be gorgeous this evening! •|•|• Lost in Humboldt.... •|•|• #humboldtbasecamp #theradwoodcoast #northerncalifornia #photooftheday #photo #northcoast #norcal #naturephotography #nature #light #landscape #jumping #jump #humboldtcounty #goodtimes #fun #california #humboldt #roam247 #wanderlust
I wanna wish the HAPPIEST of birthday’s to this beautiful babe right here! Happy Birthday @sholle21 see ya in a few days! 😘
Soloppgang på Lidaveten! 🌄 📸: @skvello via @benjaminaavitsland #mittsunnmøre #lidaveten
New project out today! @jimmy_chin and @kitdski team up with @djiglobal in Western Greenland. Always a pleasure working with @dirkcollins @brianszymanski and the @roam team. Link in my bio 📷 @brittmumma @thenorthface #avaninuna #mavicpro2 #roam #roam247 #greenland #shortfilm #legends #seethebiggerpicture #shreditor
Train today survive tomorrow
Gotta love when the sun starts to get low and you can see some mountain layers
I'm just chasing bolts
Expectation vs Reality • Lake Marion is apparently a wonderful place to see the stunning mountains of Fiorldland National Park, at least according to @_remismith amazing photo of it - I wouldn’t know though. The was so much fog when I went that we couldn’t see a thing. • But that’s sort of the theme for me right now! Work sent me to LA for the week... I can see the beach, but I can’t actually get to it because we’re so busy. Gotta manage those expectation vs reality 🙃 • • #wildernessculture #AmongTheWild #worldtravelbook #staywild #master_gallery #outdoortones #earthoutdoors #roamtheplanet #ourplanetdaily #roam247 #wondermore #folkscenery #outside_project
Crispy reflections on a freezing cold morning easily made the 4am start time worth it. You can hardly pay me to wake up between 6 and 7, but for some reason, waking up before any sunlight tricks me into an easy wake up. It’s kind of exhilarating waking up around 4, plus it usually means there’s a good day planned out.
Hiked up to a 413 M high mountain to get a view like this - Faroe Islands Photo: Olaf Olsen www.Instagram.com/OlafOlsenPhotography www.facebook.com/olafolsenphotography
I don’t talk about logistics a lot but #totallyrad adventures require a lot of planning and coordination, and none of that would be possible without @clairebootsma always keeping us in check. . . . #totallyradfriendgang #alpinelakeswilderness #backcountry #planahead #beprepared #alwaysready #weekendwarriors #leavenworth #explorewashington #roamtheplanet #roam247
road trips totally rocks my world! 🗺👊🏻 I had an exciting road trip through southern England visiting Stonehenge and lots of other amazing places..and for the first time ever drove on wrong (=left) side of the road🙈🚘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #exploretheworld #visitengland #travel #traveler #wanderlust #travelblogger #travelphotography #stonehenge #touristic #travelpics #passionpassport #globetrotter #adventure #roadtrip #instatravel #travelgram #beautifuldestinations #historicplaces #travellingthroughtheworld #travelholic #travelstories #backpacking #backpacker #roamtheplanet #roam247
Foggy morning 😏🍁🌲
@luc.schweizer When we arrived at the camping spot the night before, the Matterhorn was completely covered in fog. So we where very happy when we could watch how the sun lights up the peak.
After years and years of glaciation, we’re left with this masterpiece. I can’t seem to get enough of this park, out of everywhere I’ve visited in the US, this honestly might be my favorite. Back in Colorado for now, but we’ll see what’s next! 😉#PlacesWorthProtecting
There’s a beauty in simplicity.
Fun fact: the American Bison just recently became America’s national mammal, where the eagle is still our national animal (but not a mammal).🤓🐃
The (crowded) view from the Lincoln Woods suspension bridge.
Humpback Whales 🐋 . Follow: 👉@special.planet 👈👈 for more Amazing 📸 #special .planet . 📸 @adammartinphotography All rights and credits reserved to their respective owner . . . . #ocean #moorea #frenchpolynesia #tahiti #southpacific #whales #humpbackwhale #humpbackwhales #cetacean #wildlife #nature #ocean #underwaterphotography #roam247 #stopicelandwhaling #underwaterphotographer #uwphotography
Taking a break from the mountains to give some necessary attention to our other love. Friend of The Goodland @max_hinton capturing an awesome one of @russellbierke getting low at Cloudbreak. Make sure to give Max a follow and some love for his perspective and passion on the beauty of the ocean 17.8577 S // 177.2017 E #findyourgoodland
Chasing Caribou
If it was not a shelter, it would be my home.
When we arrived at the camping spot the night before, the Matterhorn was completely covered in fog. So we where very happy when we could watch how the sun lights up the peak.
Early morning hike before sunrise, I love these moments when there are no harsh shadows and a day full of new places and impressions lies ahead.. . The last days were my first ones with my new cam from @olympuskameras. Still have to figure out all the options in the menu, not so easy to find what I'm looking for - hi Google 😅 But overall I'm very happy with my first results of cam & lens (and no I'm not getting paid for saying this). . Thus the next time my feed will explode in fall colours as I wandered the beautiful @engadinmountains in @graubuenden the last days and took a looot of photos. So in love with this area, I'll definitely will head there more often from now on 😍🙌🏼 . #feelthealps #swissmountaingirls #smggraubuenden #olympusxplorers
Looking at bit ☂️
With a stroke of luck, i managed to catch a lil boat with some steamy morning fog on the lake. Mammoth, you sure are a dream.
Autumn is my favourite 📸 season!
Calmness before the storm ✨ #roamthefaroeislands
Tropic thunder!🏝🌅
When fall and winter collide... Last year I saw other people's photos of snow mixed with Autumn leaves. Since then this is something I was really looking forward to get some shots of. Growing up in southern New Mexico I never really got to witness these two things together. Sometimes we were actually lucky to see snow at all.
I’m scared. All the time. Of failing, of making mistakes, or not doing my best. The ONLY thing standing between you and getting what you want out of life, is your courage to jump in and do it anyway! That’s all from me 🤷🏼‍♀️
Current mood. Nothing like taking your protege and long time climbing partner up his first desert tower. #climbing #rockclimbing #moab
A bad day in the mountains is better than a good day anywhere else❄️ 46.6242° N, 8.0414° E
BIG NEWS! Are you looking to take your photo game to the next level this Fall? I just released my Fall Vibes Lightroom preset on sale for only $5! Check out my story to see some before and afters and see how it can help bring out those beautiful Fall colors wherever you live. I’ve been using it on all my recent photos and really diggin’ the warm, moody tones it brings out. Shoot me a DM to purchase it. I appreciate all your support! 🤘🏼 . . . . . #colorado #coloradotography #coloradolive #visitcolorado #colorado_creative #windingroad #maroonbells #aspen #aspencolorado #bealpha #liveadventurously #natureaddict #seeyououtthere #huckberry #milesfromordinary #campvibes #travelstoke #roam247 #pmgridchallenge #fallvibes
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