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hey everyone! It’s Nic here from @nicthequick.pics signing off. I hope you’ve all had just as much fun as I’ve had today. We live in a pretty great city of Columbus, don’t we?! There’s so much talent here, and I’m just so honored to have been part of this #takeovertuesday Huge shoutout to @columbusvisuals for giving me this opportunity. I love @columbusvisuals because of all the love they give to so many photographers/artists in the community and so many different styles. It’s been a lot of fun for me today! I’m leaving you with this pic of Columbus I took near the end of summer/beginning of fall as the sunsets have been incredible. Be sure to check out my stories I’ve shared with @columbusvisuals of many inspirational photographers in the area. And don’t forget : get out there and keep practicing and taking pics and do what you love/love what you do! 📷🙌🏽Goodnight, all! -Nic @nicthequick.pics
hello again, everyone! @nicthequick.pics here for #takeovertuesday . I hope your day has been a great one! Here’s another inspiring photographer @inthemidwest . Zack started this page the beginning of this year, and I really like it. Not only are his photos so nice to look at, but they remind me that you don’t always have to go far away to find adventure. There’s so much of it right here in Ohio. So many parks, trails, and roads out there waiting to be explored. And everything changes with the weather and the seasons, so the adventures are never really the same. His love for Columbus and really Ohio in general is strong and it show in all of his photos. 🙌🏽🌲📷
living free #yatezymeetup
@nicthequick.pics here for #takeovertuesday with another shoutout! This one goes to Emily from @emogden • • • I’ve been following Em for a while now, and I like her feed for many reasons: the simplistic beauty and warm colors of her captures whether they are outdoor scenic shots or lifestyle pics. And they always have a strong autumn vibe in each of them. To put it simply- her photos are just lovely. And when I need that fall feeling anytime of the year, I can count on @emogden to come through! 🙌🏽🍂 📷
@nicthequick.pics here having so much fun with this #takeovertuesday ! • • • I travel.....a lot! But Columbus is my home, and I love it here. And when I need to get out of the city for a bit (but not travel too far) I, like so many others in the area, love to head to Hocking Hills. That’s where I took this photo of my friend Jess. Hocking Hills amazes me with its caves, waterfalls, and the feeling that you are in a completely different state. And I’ve noticed more and more the wooded areas, cool winding roads and open fields (like this one here). So many spots to get a great shot! 👍🏽📷🌾
Don’t miss this years Halloween fun! For the local trick-or-treating schedule, visit the link in our bio!
hi everyone! 👋🏽 @nicthequick.pics here again. Have you checked out @neilbog page? If you haven’t, you should! Thanks to @columbusvisuals , I discovered Neil’s photos earlier this year. And I’ve been a fan ever since. I dig his attention to detail and all the color he captures. Whether it’s beautiful plant life or just various views around Columbus, I’m always captivated. *Also, you should check out his pics from his trip out west during the summer. They are 🙌🏽! • • • • • #inspired #takeovertuesday
Get a little stillness in yer day.... ✌ #peace
This park is where I first met this pups mama which opened the door for her to become apart of our family. I am just so thankful we can hike with this bright eyed adventure pup right by our side 🌞🤗🐶 #bluehenfalls #buttermilkfalls #cuyahogavalleynationalpark #cvnp #timetoexplore #thegreatoutdoors #hikingwithdogs #hikingwithfriends #clevelandwaterfalls #cLEAFland #roamohio #ohioexplored #naturalohio #myohioadventure #myohio
Absolutely beautiful 🌿
hello, Columbus! It’s Nic here from @nicthequick.pics to takeover Tuesday with @columbusvisuals . When I was approached a while back to do a #takeovertuesday I of course agreed right away, but asked if I could do mine in October because, well, it’s my favorite month and time of year! Fall in Ohio is just amazing. I’m really looking forward to sharing some of my personal fall-favorite pics and some incredible ones from local artists who have inspired me. **This photo is a personal favorite of mine, because I remember having an unusually rough day and felt like heading home from work and “sulking in self pity” 😂. But instead, I grabbed my camera, headed out for a walk through Scioto Audubon Metro Park and just snapped away. Taking pics can be work, but for me it’s always just been fun and therapeutic. And that’s why I love what I do.....even more now than the day I started. So let’s get outside and do this! 🙌🏽📷
Fit Week is underway!!! . Tips: Bring a friend. Try it all. Have an open mind. Sign up or call ahead to reserve a spot. Thank the business owners for having you in. Tell me where you went and what you loved! @614magazine
Fall walks at sunset
Home is where my heart belongs
Let me see things exactly as they are.
PHOTO OF THE WEEK 🐴Happy Trails Are Here Again 🐎 This week’s featured photo was taken by Cynthia McWilliams of Hinkley, an avid rider and member of the Ohio Horsemen’s Council. She is an active member of the Summit County Ohio Horsemen’s Council and instrumental in bringing trail riding back to our property. Years ago when the Girl Scout Council owned and operated the property they had horse riding camps and programs. Through the efforts of the Richfield Joint Recreation District and the OHC a partnership was struck and plans began for a 4-mile trail. The trail was completed late last summer and the group continues to tweak areas for safety, and maintains the trail throughout the Season’s. Thanks, Cynthia, for this happy image of happy horses and their riders once again enjoying our scenic property! To submit your photographs for consideration, please use this link: bit.ly/RHPPhotoEvent. #richfieldheritagepreserve #crowellhilaka #richfieldohio #ohioshiddentreasure #thisplaceisworthsaving #ohiohistory #RHPPhotoOfTheWeek #RHPHorseTrails #ohiohorsemenscouncil #OhioTrailRiding #ohiogram #ohioexplored #ohioexplorer #naturalohio #roamohio #inspiredbyohio #clevelandgram #myohioadventure #onlyinohio #clegram #clenews #clevelandscene #thisiscle #ohiophotographer #reallyrightstuff #findithere
It’s a new day | 📷: @kevinbartow | #columbusvisuals | selected by @mitch_geiser
“Be Your Normal” . @erincapeacee is easily my weirdest friend since age 5. And I wouldn’t want her any other way. We often think we need to be more like “that” girl or act a certain way when, really, the truest relationships and happiness comes from@just being who we are in our soul...always acting from a place of kindness but being true to our morals, values and our own kinda normal. . @optimistickate is very different from me. Married, night owl, dances til the sunrises when I like to be in bed by 10pm BUT I love her for all@those differences and how she will lighten the mood and embrace anyone and everyone with her “optimism.” . Shoutout to them both for cooking up healthy meals at our Fall Retreat. Last one on deck is Nov 30-Dec 2. Link in bio.
Who’s ready to ride? 🚲 Toledo’s first public bike share program #ToleGO launches tomorrow! #ThisIsToledo (📷: @tolegobikeshare )
A little bit of color to start the week off right. We are still waiting on the best of the fall colors here in NE Ohio, so here is one from a few years back when Lake Erie was much lower! Have a wonderful start to your day! Prints available at: toddsechel.com Fall Sunrise - Marblehead Light - Marblehead, Ohio
Glamping is when self-care meets the great outdoors. A mani/pedi on the patio of the RV which is backed into the most magnificent forest is holistic self-care: mind, body, and spirit! #ruffsrvcenter #euclidohio #euclidoh #ruffsrvcenteroh #Cleveland #ClevelandOH #Eastlake #EastlakeOH #Willoughby #WilloughbyOH #euclidbeachpark #lakeerie #ohiogram #Euclid #ohioexplored #myohioadventure #letsroamohio #exploreohio #theohiocollective #roamohio #clegram #inspiredbyohio #onlyinohio #finditohio #rv #gorving
We just got home from the Fall Retreat. Every time I leave one I feel like it was "the best one." The women that come to these are amazing. They come solo, mom + daughter duos, work buddies, partners in crime, etc. The coaching by Julie Wilkes was AMAZING. I'll be eating the leftover cooking by Erin Cappiccie for days. Tonya Lyn brought her crafts + fun as always. Kate Watson killed it in the kitchen. Thank you all for the campfire + hot tub stories, workouts and fun. Last one available this year: November 30-December 2 Link in bio.
Pine Lane has what u need... #vo2max #buckeyetrail#peace
I found apples and he found salsa mix, so we both ended up happy.🍎🌶 . . . . . #fall #fallfun #ohio #ohioexplored #myohioadventure #roamohio #theohiocollective #onlyinohio #midwestmoments #detour #hesthecutest
I found out today that two of my photos did well at the Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks 2018 photo print contest! “Humming Brightly” won a blue ribbon in Advance: Native Ohio Animals and “Moe” won a blue ribbon in Close up Photography: Native Ohio Animals and Plants... AND...Moe won Best of Show as well! Thanks to Nita for naming Moe and encouraging me to get him in the show! #canon7DMKii #canon #canonusa #withmytamron #naturalohio #614forall #AsSeenInColumbus #usfws #igerscolumbus #metroparkfriend #roamohio #your_wild_ohio #pickeringtonpondsmetropark @cbusmetroparks @usfws @ohiodnr @your_wild_ohio #mycanonstory
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