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To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) And a time to every purpose, under heaven . . . . . . May our Earth Day, Easter, and Passover celebrations bring a renewed commitment to love and protect our home and each other. . . [Easter Sunday 2019 on Laurel Avenue] . . #earthday #easter #passover #takoma #takomapark #maryland #washingtondc #dclife #dctography #exposeddc #washmagphoto #dcfocused #washingtondaily #bythings #dc_eyes #eyesondc #dcchasers #theotherdc #shotoniphone #urbanexplorer #mcl_streets #roamthedistrict #dcfray #popville #walkwithlocals #igdc #streetdreamsmag #streetscene #ecclesiastes #thebyrds
Life isn't totally serious when you're a boss. . . . Model: @latoya_mah
Breaking up your feed of family Easter photos with some #hotnoodz from last night 🍜
the power of flowers... these 🍇 made me brave enough to wander georgetown for an hour even though i knew i’d be sneezing the entire time 🤧😒 #wisteriahysteria #shotoniphonex #accidentallywesanderson
Walking 7 miles a day is becoming a favorite habit of mine.
We are, in fact, very sweaty (but there were free tacos at the end of that spin class, so who’s complaining?).
Embrace the April showers, and join us in the @ivyroomdc for a spring menu that has been carefully cultivated by our bar team, featuring your favorite district-made spirits (that’s us). Sit down, and let us make you something delicious. . . . #spring #aprilshowers #womenowned #crowdfunded #communitybased #roamthedistrict #washmagphoto #yelpeatsdc #roamthedistrict #dclife #thedistrict #exploredmv #myDCcool #whyiloveDC #dcexposed #dcfocused #bythings #madeindc #202creates #eatthecapital #igdc #dccreative #edibledcdrinks #imbibegram #dccbg #drinklocal #drinkdc
Picnic time at the Jefferson.
Mid-week pick-me-up at @redbearbrewing ! 🍻 #PressHouseDC 📷: @meaghanwmarketing
I've always been a fan of the color blue. When I saw this wall and the way the light was hitting, I just had to work with it. Luckily, I had a couple willing models there to help me show it off. Here is the fabulous Lucy and the ice cream wall at @swsodapopshop . 🍦 🥤 🍨 Oh and happy anniversary to Lucy and her man! Here's to many more years! 🍾🥂 . . . Model: @lucysalanderq
I went for a walk in the woods and met a dog named Sunshine - it was his birthday, and his elderly owner and I spent 20 minutes just talking about the wonder that is dogs. Tiny moments under blooming spring branches really can make a Tuesday lovely.
Until next time ~ #cherryblossomdc
I've been kind of obsessed with catching the twinkle in people's eyes lately. I finally got Tazbah to show hers after a successful round of dad jokes! . . . . Model : @tazgaussoin #TazbahTuesdays
Warmer weather is on its way! . . . Model: @rosie_labelleza
Monday morning views 🌸
Still drooling over the new kitchens we previewed at @messhalldc ’s #NKOTB last weekend! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••The talented @kissanddrink of forthcoming #petworth cocktail oasis @dosmamisdc presented a ‘Mint Jewel Up’ 🐎 🌱 🥃 feat. #districtmadebourbon and ‘Buenas Ondas’ feat. #districtmadevodka , rose & strawberry ginger. Be there when doors open late this spring! 🍓 🌹 🍹 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••King of ‘Que Joe Neuman presented the perfect pairing of a pimento cheese & smoked pork ‘Happy Cracker’ and a fat-washed #districtmadebourbon & @3starsbrewing boilermaker 🐖🍻🥃 @sloppymamas Arlington location will open late spring 2019!
Capitol Blossoms 🌸 Thanks to the lovely @lakalista for pointing out this vantage point for me ❤️
Live with intensity. . . . Model: @latoya_mah
breakfast at tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles... 🌸🥂 #igdc #cherryblossom #shotoniphone
Walked 13 miles all around DC with these two yesterday, and now I can’t move my legs.
Spring swing! . . . Model: @icedevil105
Note: I did not call my mother after eating this pastrami, egg, cheese, and spicy honey bagel (and not-pictured latkes), because I immediately collapsed into a food coma.
@citycenterdc isn't the only spot to catch the pink lanterns for cherry blossom season. @thewharfdc has a pretty impressive display as well. I almost like it better! Sorry City Center...
Need tickets to the next show? . . . Model: @rosie_labelleza . . . Location: @pearlstreetlive
Congresswoman Pelosi was actually the one who insisted on this photo, which is pretty cool. What was even cooler was getting to spend the day with lots of genuinely dedicated and interesting congresswomen, congressmen, and their families and staff, while successfully reaching our goal of putting together over 1,000 care packages to be shipped overseas to deployed service members. All in a day’s work.
"Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be" ~ K.C. . . . Model @latoya_mah
Bikes for blocks. I believe I counted 5 blocks last night. We were probably a thousand, maybe more strong. Inaugural ride with DC Bike Party. ____________________________________________ #keepexploring  #exploredc #urbanexploration #walkwithlocals   #sony #sonya6000 #igdc #walkwithlocals #washingtondc #agameoftones #communitycollective #igdaily   #acreativedc #fotodc #onlyindc #dcfocused #justgoshoot #createexplore #roamthedistrict #dcvisual #dcvisualcollective #dcviews #dcbikeparty #bikeparty #criticalmass
We fought the light for the chance to make it. . . . Model: @lucysalanderq
"The glint in her eyes gives a spark of life and the wonder of what's going on behind that impish smile." ~ C.S. . . . Model: @icedevil105 🥶👹 . . . Don't forget to check out her other social media profiles like her cosplay profile when you visit. Link is in her bio!
It was quiet without all the crowds.
Thanks to @clau_sdel and @xb.pix for inviting me along this morning! I almost bailed because of work assignments.
This morning was absolutely stunning! The cherry blossoms are almost gone, but you can still find a few if you look closely.
I'm gonna have to keep the stage light shots going here for a bit. This one gets a black and white to go with it. Not sure which I like better. 🤷‍♂️ . . . Models left to right: @rosie_labelleza & @latoya_mah . . . . Equipment: @nikonusa D5600 @sigmaphoto 24-70mm f/2.8 art series @thewharfdc alley and skylight
Had an absolutely incredible dinner on @katieparla ‘s book tour at @officinadc last night! As someone who lived on the border of Campania for 5 years, who worked for an Italian ethnic organization for 3 years, and whose family roots grow deep in the Puglia countryside, this cookbook is everything I love. It’s a testament to - if we’re being honest - the best regions of Italy that have the most delicious food and most vibrant local cultures, which are so often overlooked for flashier cities in the north. A big thanks to Katie Parla for generally just being a badass in the food industry, and for working so hard to highlight recipes and stories from Italy’s south. And thanks to my Dad - the man who gave me my love of pasta - for driving 4 hours to share this meal and plenty of Italy stories with me ❤️
Heading to a 1940s era off-Broadway show? Check out this ethereal capture. . . . Model: @vickyvickyluo
Feeling like summer ✖️✖️
Ghost of you.
I’ve been enjoying playing around more with Lightroom edits, but also realize that it’s so so easy to end up with a picture that’s completely different from the original. The camera can’t capture everything exactly which is why post-processing is so nice, but I do want to make sure that my edits stay fairly true to what I saw (spoiler: I have a feeling a lot of the amazing photos we see on this platform have been heavily edited). So here’s both my edited and pre-edited pics for this Transformation Tuesday. Oh and I’ll gladly take Lightroom tips! • • • #exposeddc #acreativedc #dctography #seemycity #mydccool #whyilovedc #fotodc #dcchasers #exploredmv #roamthedistrict #luckytoliveindc #onlyindc #exploredc #dcmoments #walkwithlocals #theprettycities #city_explore #stayandwander #cherryblossomdc #agameoftones #colorsplurge #springindc #blossomtime #flowersgram #tidalbasin #moodforfloral #thisisspring #peakbloom #landscape_capture
Tazbah may be in another state right now, but it doesn't mean she doesn't get a post from our shoot on Sunday! @thewharfdc was still hopping with their #cherryblossomfestival2019 display best shot from ground level while being stepped on! . . . Model: @tazgaussoin
🌸 Stepping our way into Tuesday!
Reflections of the dawn.
Tidal basin puddles in blue.
My newfound love is visiting the Tidal Basin after it rains! Nothing beats the random puddles for reflections.
We only have a short time before the cherry blossoms are gone, but we don't have to forget the beautiful backdrops they provide. . . . Thanks to @g.abylynn for being our model on Saturday! I hope you finally got warm after being out there so long.
“When you were gonna be my forever, and I was gonna be your wife...” 😚🌸☺️
Washington is a city of Southern efficiency and Northern charm. -JFK
Let's keep that cherry blossom high going as long as possible!
A boy and his dog.
I've been shooting quite a bit lately and trying to nail down editing instead of using presets. Because of yesterday's shoot at the Tidal Basin, I was afforded the chance to create my own airy preset. I used it on a lot of the portraits and it turned out better than expected. . Here is @deemasaad in my new new airy preset with name TBD. Thanks to Deema for allowing me to capture your image!
Our advice? Get out and about - you never know what you could see and taste 🥃 🚲🍹
There are hundreds of naturally framed opportunities on the basin.
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