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which one selena or Hailey???? i like selena😍😍😘😘 WHAT DO PEOPLE SAY 'YOU'LL NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST LOVE' THESE TWO ARE THE PERFECT DUO TO SHOW THAT THIS IS ACTUALLY TRUE. THEY FOUND EACH OTHER AGAIN EVERY YEAR!!!! #selena #gomez #justin #bieber #justinhailey #justinselena #justinbieberhearts #justinbieber #bliebers #family #purpose #purposetour #jbfever #jb #love #romance #haileybaldwin #justinhailey
Manga: Natsu no Zenjitsu — ℹ: Sequels - Mizu to Gin and Mizu no Iro Gin no Tsuki ( 18+ ) — Author : Yoshida Motoi Chapters : 35.2 Status : Completed Genres : Romance, Adult, Drama, School Life, Seinen, Slice of Life — Synopsis: Tetsuo Aoki is a 4th year oil painter at a fine arts school. While working in an art supplies store, he meets an older woman named Akira Aizawa, who is the manager of an art gallery. Akira becomes interested in Tetsuo and she begins to pursue him when she catches him painting on the riverside. After such, their relationship begins to develop romantically. Will it develop smoothly? Or will there be unforeseen events? — before i start this rants/review, i would like to say that i skip some parts because of the explicit contents. okay, honestly, this manga made me speechless, mad, sad and bittersweet feelings. i feel so bad for akira, she doesnt deserves him and she should find someone better than tetsuo. now, tet-fcking-suo. i am so mad when i know that he falls in love with someone else when he is still in a 'relationship' with akira. to be honest, he only go to see akira when he needs someone to sleep with and at the end of it, his heart is for someone else. i cant blame him because he is a human being but you cant help but being angry about it 😂😭 this manga's ending didnt show that akira and and hanami (the other girl) to end up together so please read the sequels! i just cant ship hanami and tetsuo together, i am sorry and the author's artstyle is kinda messy for the sequels as well. overall, i salute the author for realistic ending and i would totally recommend this to those who loves to hurt themselves and doesnt mind realistic ending. i would rate this 7/10 💜💜 — #manga #mangacouple #romancemanga #mangarecommendation #natsunozenjitsu #mangaraw #romance #shoujo