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Golden girls 💛✨
Stella, Sean & Sara on the cover of Paper Magazine!
Sara Sampaio & Stella Maxwell for Paper Magazine!
Sara Sampaio & Sean O’Pry for Paper Magazine!
Sara Sampaio and Stella Maxwell with Sean O’Pry for Paper Magazine!
@romeestrijd Runway VS and HighFashion
vs’s angels are beautifully breathtaking👼🏼⭐️✨ #victoriassecret
✩ angel candice at an appearance for vs, in 2010 (i think). 〔 i don’t even have to say how gorgeous she looks 〕
Her street style really never disappoints 🔥 // ❤️ @romeestrijd
Look at this woman🔥🔥 Would you like her as a new Angel? Well, I do! She is using #VS #jordanrand
romee strijd is stunning✨⭐️ @romeestrijd #romeestrijd
Elsa & Stella✨
Angel 👼🏻
Love for lavender 💜
Taylor Hill opening the #vsfs2018 ❤️🖤✨ @taylor_hill
Day mask and night by kiehl’s 💋 #romeestrijd
Pinterest ha revelado cuáles serán los destinos de moda para viajar en 2019 ¡y nosotros te los revelamos! (LINK EN BIO) #glamtrends #travelguide #romeestrijd
Throw back with Tyra & Adri😍
Margot Robbie
christmas is so soon and i’m so excited!! ❤️ / @romeestrijd #romeestrijd #romeeners
Adriana Lima
the blue and champagne are so pretty together ugh
Jas Tookes opening Floral Angels. ✨🌸 @JasTookes #JasmineTookes
I’m that kind of person that people are afraid to talk with cause I seem very cold and like don’t miss with me !! Yaaah It’s not my fault if I don’t smile often but I swear that I’m very kind sweet funny cool person !! PLEASE JUST TALK TO ME !! I’M NOT GOING TO BIT U !!
kenny at the ldn fashion awards 😛💫 @KendallJenner #KendallJenner
mads via instagram story 😍😍😍😍 @madisonbeer #madisonbeer
// ✨🐆
Wings for an angel💗 Angel Romee at her fittings with her “Mountain Romance” in 2016 @romeestrijd #romeeners #victoriassecret #angel #romeestrijd #vsfashionshow2016 #mountainromance
ROUND 2 🔥 Which look do you like the most? CANDICE SWANEPOEL or ROMEE STRIJD 🖤 @angelcandices @romeestrijd #candiceswanepoel #romeestrijd #victoriassecret #vsfs2018 #celestialangels
The time is now. ❄️
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