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Tea and greens in the former royal hunting lodge, seated deep in the forests of the British countryside. Lunch in #brockenhurst #newforest #teatime #lunchtime at #newparkmanor #superfoods and #supertea . #clichefoodphoto but within a lounge boasting #royalhistory .
Ziua Principelui Carol / Prince Carol's birthday (1/2) . 🇷🇴 „Bicaz, miercuri, 16 octombrie 1918, Azi e ziua lui Carol. A 25-a aniversare! O, şi câtă credinţă şi speranţă îmi pusesem în el. Carol arăta foarte bolnav. Nervii îmi erau încordaţi, gata să se frângă, fiindcă se învolburează toate sentimentele în mine când îl văd pe băiatul acesta nefericit, încăpăţânat şi cu capul plin de amăgiri: iubire, milă, indignare, disperare. Îl văd cum se scufundă, cum îşi distruge viaţa pentru o fată despre care ştim că nu merită nimic, e cu totul altfel decât şi-o închipuie el, în orbirea lui. Îl văd pe primul meu născut, moştenitorul tronului, succesorul nostru, cel care a fost speranţa de căpătâi a ţării, cum îşi zvârle cât colo datoria, casa, familia, viitorul, întreaga viaţă de fapt, pentru o aventurieră mică, nedemnă şi vulgară, care nu prezintă nicio garanţie că ar fi o tovarăşă de încredere în viaţa lui de rătăcitor, de izgonit, dacă asta va alege în cele din urmă.” . 🇬🇧 “Bicaz, Wednesday, October 16th, 1918, Today is Carol’s birthday. The 25th anniversary! Oh and how much faith and hope I had in him! Carol looks very ill. My nerves were tense, ready to break, because all sorts of feelings are whirling up inside me when I see this unhappy boy, stubborn and with his head filled with illusions: I feel love and pity and indignation and despair! I see how he’s sinking, how he’s ruining his life for a girl we all know is not worth it, a girl who’s completely different than what he imagines her to be in his blindness. I see my first born, the heir to the throne, our successor, the one who was the first and foremost hope of this country, I see him throwing aside his duty, his house, his family, his future, his whole life in fact, for a little adventurer, shameless and vulgar, who does not give any guarantee that she could be a trusted companion in their life as wonderers, as banished, if that’s what he will choose to be in the end.”
Currently trying to figure out what that thing in the background is 🧐 What do you think? _______________ Random #historyfactoftheday : This day in 1813 marked the beginning of the largest battle in Europe prior to WWI. The “Battle of Nations” or “Battle of Leipzig” resulted in a disastrous defeat of the forces under Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French. He was defeated by the coalition forces of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. Their victory forced him to return to France were he abdicated and was ultimately exiled to Elba in May 1814. __________________ #otd #onthisday #onthisdayinhistory #historyfacts #photography #napoleonbonaparte #battleofleipzig #battleofnations #royalhistory #london #uk #citylife #shoreditchstyle #shoreditchstreetart #bricklanestreetart #londonstreetstyle #autumn #historyfactsdaily
•Part 2• Preparing for her execution, Marie Antoinette had to change clothes in front of her guards. She put on a plain white dress, white being the color worn by widowed queens of France, with a black petticoat, and a white cap adorned with black ribbon. Her hair was shorn, her hands bound painfully behind her back and she was put on a rope leash. At 11am she left the La Conciergerie in an open cart drawn by two large white horses. Unlike her husband, who had been taken to his execution in a carriage, she had to sit in an open cart for the hour it took to convey her from the Conciergerie via the rue Saint-Honoré thoroughfare to reach the guillotine erected in the Place de la Révolution. She maintained her composure, despite the insults of the jeering crowd. A constitutional priest was assigned to her to hear her final confession. He sat by her in the cart, but she ignored him all the way to the scaffold. Marie Antoinette was guillotined at 12:15 p.m. Her last words are recorded as, "Pardonnez-moi, monsieur. Je ne l’ai pas fait exprès." or "Pardon me, sir, I did not do it on purpose.", after accidentally stepping on her executioner's shoe. After the queen’s head fell it was shown to the crowd, who cried: “Vive la République!” Both Marie Antoinette's and Louis XVI's bodies were exhumed on January 18, 1815, during the Bourbon Restoration, when the comte de Provence ascended the newly reestablished throne as Louis XVIII, King of France and of Navarre. Christian burial of the royal remains took place three days later, on January 21, in the necropolis of French kings at the Basilica of St Denis. ♡ RIP dear Marie Antoinette ♡
Otd, October 16, 1793, at 12:15pm, Queen Marie Antoinette was executed for treason at the Place de la Révolution, in Paris. This was just 9 months after her husband King Louis XVI’s execution. On October 14, Marie Antoinette’s lengthy trial began with a 15 hour session and a 24 hour session over 15-16 October. After 10 weeks in the Conciergerie, the queen’s incarceration was coming to an end. The verdict of the jury was affirmative. It was 4.30am when she heard her sentence: death by guillotine. She didn’t utter a single word. The three main charges against her were: depletion of the national treasury, conspiracy against the internal and external security of the State, and high treason because of her intelligence activities in the interest of the enemy; the latter charge alone was enough to condemn her to death. At worst, she and her lawyers had expected life imprisonment. Obviously, Marie’s trial was basically just a set up; they wanted her to be the scapegoat for the French Revolution, so they made up charges, ridiculous ones, just to make her look guilty. After guards returned Marie Antoinette to her cell, she asked Warden Bault for a pen and paper. He complied and she wrote a letter to Elisabeth, the late king’s sister: “I write to you, my sister, for the last time. I have been condemned, not to an ignominious death – that only awaits criminals – but to go and rejoin your brother. Innocent as he, I hope to show the same firmness as he did in his last moments. I grieve bitterly at leaving my poor children; you know that I existed but for them and you – you who have by your friendship sacrificed all to be with us.” When the queen finished the letter, she reportedly kissed each page repeatedly, folded it without sealing it, and gave it to Warden Bault. The gendarme standing guard outside the cell must have observed this because, when Bault left the queen, the guard confiscated the letter and it was taken to Fouquier-Tinville. Elisabeth would never receive the queen’s last testament. Continued on next post...
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor with a pug 😍 it seems that everyone likes pictures of them, so I’ll keep posting more ❤️ #edwardviii #wallissimpson #dukeofwindsor #duchessofwindsor #royalhistory #britishhistory #monarchy #unitedkingdom #windsor
#OnThisDay in 1793 Queen Marie Antoinette of France met her death by guillotine during the French Revolution. Born in Austria in 1755, Archduchess Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna von Hapsburg married the future King Louis XVI at the age of fourteen. Marie Antoinette became Queen of France on May 10th 1774 and reigned until the start of the French Revolution in 1789. After being imprisoned, her husband executed and her beloved children ripped from her arms, Marie Antoinette was condemned to death by the French Revolutionary Tribunal. The Queen showed great dignity in her final moments, showing faith in God and forgiveness to her enemies. May her life be remembered on this day. #MarieAntoinette #Queen #Hapsburg #Bourbon #Royal #Monarchy #France #Catholic #Martyr #History #FrenchRevolution #18thcentury #Versailles #Paris #FrenchHistory #RoyalHistory #onthisday #October16th
On 16 October 1793, the last queen of France was executed at the Place de la Revolution in Paris. Marie Antoinette was thirty-seven years old and had been tried and condemned by the Revolutionary Tribunal two days earlier. After her execution, her remains were placed in an unmarked grave at the Madeleine cemetery. In 1815, her remains and those of her husband were interred at the Basilica of Saint Denis. #marieantoinette #frenchrevolution #frenchhistory #france #history #kirstendunst #royals #royalhistory
The #Duke & #DuchessOfSussex are expecting their first baby. The new member will arrive in the Spring of 2019. The good news was shared on social media as the #royalcouple landed in Sydney to begin their #royaltouraustralia . Many congratulations to #meghanmarkle & #princeharry as #royalbaby is on the way 💛
Otd, October 15, 1839, Queen Victoria proposed to the love of her life, Prince Albert, at Windsor Castle. This was three years after their first meeting and just five days after Albert arrived at Windsor. Victoria and Albert would remain married until Albert’s death in 1861, something Victoria would never recover from. Later that day, Albert wrote to Victoria saying, “How is it that I have deserved so much love, so much affection? I cannot get used to the reality of all that I see and hear, and have to believe that Heaven has sent me an angel whose brightness shall illuminate my life.” Here is Queen Victoria’s diary entry for this day, the day she proposed to her dearest Albert: “Saw my dear Cousins return safely from hunting. Wrote letters, & saw Esterhazy. — At about ½ p. 12, I sent for Albert, who came to the Closet, where I was alone, & after a few minutes I said, I thought he must be aware why I wished him & his brother to come here, & that it would make me too happy if he would consent to what I wanted (that he should marry me). We embraced each other over & over again & he was so kind & so affectionate. To feel I am loved by such an angel as Albert, is too great a happiness to describe, & I really felt it was the happiest & brightest moment in my life, which made up for all I had suffered & endured. I cannot say how I adore him & I shall strive to make him feel as little as possible the great sacrifice he is making. I told him I realized it was a sacrifice, which he would not allow. I then spoke of the great necessity of keeping our engagement a secret, excepting to his father, Uncle Leopold & Stockmar, to whom he said he would send a courier next day, also explaining that the marriage would have to be as early as the beginning of February. I asked Albert to fetch Ernest, which he did, & the latter congratulated us both warmly, & seemed very pleased, I feel the happiest of human beings. Ernest then said to me how perfect his brother was, & we talked so comfortably & happily together, till past 1, when I sent them off, & Ld Melbourne came to me...” Continued in comments⬇️
. 🇷🇴 „Bicaz, marți, 15 octombrie 1918, (...) După prânz, am mers cu automobilul la Ruginești, ca să le vizitez pe băbuţele mele şi pe ceilalţi prieteni de acolo. Bătrânele au fost o comedie, nu ne-au dezamăgit deloc. Se petrecuseră două evenimente importante: fusese tăiat porcul şi reapăruse soţul fiicei uneia dintre ele, despre care credeau că murise, dar care fusese prizonier în Germania. S-au petrecut scene formidabil de comice.” . În timp ce prima poză o înfățișează pe Regina Maria împreună cu niște bătrâne în anii 1920, cea de-a doua poză îi înfățișează pe Colonelul Boyle și Principesa Ileana împreună cu cele trei bătrânele de la Ruginești depre care Regina Maria a scris adesea, și cu atâta drag, în vara și toamna anului 1918. . 🇬🇧 “Bicaz, Tuesday, October 15th, 1918, (…) In the afternoon, I went by car to Ruginești to visit my old women and my other friends from there. The three old women were a comedy, they didn’t disappoint at all! Two important things had happened since my last visit: they cut a pig and the husband of a daughter of one of them returned, they thought he had died, but he was taken prisoner in Germany. Formidably funny scenes happened.” . While the first pictures shows Queen Marie with some old women in the 1920s, the second picture shows Colonel Boyle and Princess Ileana together with the three old women from Ruginești about which Queen Marie wrote so much and so fondly during the summer and autumn of 1918. . #year2 #day342 #otoamnăgrea #ilymm #reginamaria #queenmarieofromania #marieofromania . #regeleferdinand #familiaregalaaromaniei #romanianroyalfamily #romaniaregala #royalhistory #monarchy #europeanroyalty #instaroyals #historygram #historylovers #historian #istorie #istoriaromaniei #centenar #mareaunire #europeanhistory #womenofhistory #historicalwomen #romania #promovezromania #romaniafrumoasa #romaniamagica #romania100
On this day, in 1839, Queen Victoria proposed to Prince Albert, five days after they had met for just the second time. In her journal that day she wrote: “At about 1/2 p.12, I sent for Albert... He came to the Closet where I was alone, and after a few minutes I said to him, that I thought he must be aware why I wished him to come here- and that it would make me too happy if he would consent to what I wished (to marry me); we embraced each other over and over again, and he was so kind, so affectionate... I really felt it was the happiest brightest moment in my life.” The couple married on the 10th of February 1840 and the marriage was one of the strongest known in history. After having nine children, Albert sadly died in 1861, causing Victoria to plummet into a state of mourning for the rest of her life. #queenvictoria #queenvictoriafacts #historyfacts #victorians #princealbert #princessvicky #princebertie #princessalice #princealfred #princesshelena #princesslouise #princearthur #princeleopold #princessbeatrice #germanhistory #britishmonarchy #royalty #royalhistory #duchessofkent #victorianera #photography #osbournehouse #kensingtonpalace #buckinghampalace #edwardvii #victoriaprincessroyal
#ROYALBABY WHY PRINCE HARRY AND MEGHAN'S CHILDREN MAY NOT BE CALLED PRINCE OR PRINCESS. . . Whether it's a girl or a boy, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex undoubtedly will have a royally adorable child this coming spring. But whether that baby officially get to be called a Prince or a Princess is uncertain at this point because of a century-old rule related to royal hierarchy; except the Queen steps in. “Actually, they’re not entitled to be 'Princes' and 'Princesses' unless the Queen steps in and gives them that title officially,” Camilla Tominey, associate editor of the Daily Telegraph, said on monday. That means, it’s possible that the new royal baby may be born with a title that doesn’t reflect Prince Harry’s, nor the family name and heritage. “If it is a boy, it might be the Earl of Dumbarton, which sounds a bit weird because it’s obviously not the same as Windsor or Wales for Prince Harry, but that’s because he’s far down the succession line now after the Cambridge children were born,” Tominey said. The Cambridge children, of course, are the three youngsters belonging to Harry’s brother, Prince William, who is also known as the Duke of Cambridge. William is the second in line to the British throne, after his father, Prince Charles. After William, his children are the next in line of succession: Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, who was born in April. "If Harry has a girl, she may just be called “a Lady,” Tominey said. . . William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, faced a similar situation when they were expecting their first child. That prompted Queen Elizabeth to override a decree issued in 1917 by her grandfather, King George V that limited the titles that members of the royal family could hold. In essence, only the eldest male descendant in the direct male line of the sovereign could be called a prince. But the Elizabeth revised the rule in December 2012 so that all of William's children would carry the title of Prince or Princess. CREDIT: Kensington Palace. #royalhistory #royalrules #princeharry #meghanmarkle #dukeofsussex #duchessofsussex #nonyenaijaonline #tatafomistress #naijasbestreporter #wedeyrepresent
Yo ,no he vivido mucho Pero el, se siente mejor que nunca . Dejame ayudarte a lograr tus metas, darte las mejor maneras para lograrlo, atraves de nuestras experiencia personal❤💑🤳 #herbalifenutrition #herbalife #lifestyle #mylife #lifestyle #bestfriends #ever #forever #vacations #2018 #funtimes #happysoul #befree #behappy #me #mygirl #royalhistory #mygirl #beachmodel #fitness #love #peace #dreams #model #lifestyle #eyes #smile #caracter #lady #lovewins #loveislove #body   #doubletrouble
Princess Eugenie’s emerald & diamond bridal jewels have the DAG jewelry team swooning! 👑 The Greville Emerald Kokoshnik Tiara had not been seen for 76 years...until Princess Eugenie dusted it off for her big day! The stunning tiara is set with brilliant and rose-cut diamonds pavé set in platinum with a 93.70 carat central cabochon emerald flanked by six smaller emeralds on either side. The tiara was made in 1919 by Boucheron in the popular Russian kokoshnik style and purchased by society hostess Mrs. Margaret Greville in 1921, who upon her death in 1942 bequeathed her jewelry collection to Queen Elizabeth (later the Queen Mother). Princess Eugenie is the first person to wear the tiara since it entered the royal collection. 👑 The bride’s diamond and emerald drop earrings were a gift from the groom, Mr. Jack Brooksbank. As her “something new”, the earrings perfectly complemented her “something borrowed” tiara. 🎉 Congratulations to the new royal couple!
Buenos Dias con alegria Para las personas que les falta un poquito de motivacion. Somos Lisandra y Andres (25 y 50 años) Comenzamos esta nutricion hace 3 meses SIN imaginar el cambio que le daria a nuestras vidas No voy a decir mas nada, las fotos hablan por si solas 🤗🤗 Happy Monday!! #herbalifenutrition #herbalife #lifestyle #mylife #lifestyle #bestfriends #ever #forever #vacations #2018 #funtimes #happysoul #befree #behappy #me #mygirl #royalhistory #mygirl #beachmodel #fitness #love #peace #dreams #model #lifestyle #eyes #smile #caracter #lady #lovewins #loveislove #body   #doubletrouble
King Zygmunt “Sigismund” III Wazy Column/Monument was originally built in 1643-1644 from his son’s Wladyslaw IV Wazy foundation and created by Augustyn Locci and Constantino Tencalli. The original column had several renovations but was completely destroyed by the Germans during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. You can still visit the old column by The Royal Castle in Warsaw in the Old Town. However, the one standing there now is a remake of the original project. Fascinating site and I highly recommend everyone to visit this column in Warsaw🇵🇱 #travel #travelling #poland #polska #warsaw #royalhistory #polishhistory #canadiangirl #travelblog #travelblogger #travelphotography #architecture #photooftheday #instadaily
The little principality of Liechtenstein boasts excellent skiing, an incredibly high GDP, and a couple of stellar tiaras. Hereditary Princess Sophie generally wears this classic diamond fringe tiara, which arrived in the family vaults thanks to Princess Elisabeth Amalie, who was born a Habsburg archduchess. Her brother, sadly, was the unfortunate Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Elisabeth Amalie ended up with a much calmer life in the Alps, and her descendants are still enjoying her diamond fringe tiara today. Learn more about the Liechtenstein princely tiara collection today at The Court Jeweller! {Link in bio!} . . . IMAGE: Michel Porro/Getty Images . . . . . #instaroyals #royals #royal #royalty #princelyfamily #liechtenstein #royaljewels #royaljewelry #royaljewellery #habsburg #archduchess #hereditaryprincesssophie #princesssophie #tiara #tiaras #diamonds #royaltiara #royaltiaras #royalhistory #jewels #jewelry #jewellery #jewelgram
The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) photographed with his wife in 1960. #royalhistory #monarchy #britishhistory #dukeofwindsor #unitedkingdom #cecilbeaton #wallissimpson
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