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It warms my heart when I’m driving home from work and still see kids playing in the front yard. I miss that! So when I had this session with The Collins, I wanted them to play in the dry grass and climb in the tree because you won’t be little forever! _ My husband and I have agreed, if we have kids.. they won’t think our phone is theirs or they get to play games on our phone for hours and hours! Umm.. no. Let’s play outside, find bugs, play dress up, draw, learn an instrument... something else! 😂 _ It also makes me incredibly sad when I see a family out to dinner and all the people at the table are glued to their phones. _ Set it down, enjoy your food and the loves ones you’re with 💋 _ #californiaphotographer #californiaphotography #northerncaliforniaphotographer #sacramentophotographer #sacramentofamilyphotographer #sacramentoportrait #sacramentoportraitphotographer #folsomphotographer #folsomfamilyphotographer #tahoephotographer #tahoefamilyphotographer #renophotographer #renofamilyphotographer #bayareaphotographer #bayareafamilyphotographer #eastbayphotographer #eastbayfamilyphotographer
“You’re magic don’t ever apologize for the fire in you” 📸 so happy I got to work with the talented @wulfo_ #ccbports #photography #sacramentomodel #sacramentoportrait #forestphotoshoot #forestphotography #blueeyes #dreamy #aesthetictumblr #aesthetic
Taking pictures of kids is more fun because you can capture such eccentric emotions
The idea behind having your photograph taken isn’t one of vanity. It’s one of preservation. Not for yourself but for your family, your children, your grandchildren. When I set out as a photographer, the goal was to capture memories for others. To show a moment in time you and your families can relive. So, I encourage you to get out and #existinphotos . Exist in memories now. Not 10 lbs from now. Use a timer on your cell phone or maybe set up a camera with a timer. Capture these moments so they can be relived for later. It’s not really about capturing now for now. It’s about capturing now for later!
Here’s a throwback ❤️ @electroglow at @shellylangephotography ’s house
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