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Tongue out Tuesday and a fresh haircut... what a fun day! 🐶🐾
Me? Human I am up to absolutely nothing.
Okay human, let’s make a deal. I’ll be cute for twenty minutes and then you make me eggs 🍳
Now human, I can see that you’re holding a sock and I just want to reiterate that any damage to that sock was definitely caused by Dilly #sockthief
Dad, quit laughing. It is perfectly acceptable to be afraid of bridges. #scaredycat
What do you mean I have a perfectly good dog bed? 🐶
Mum I think I’ve grown 🐶
Caption this... 🐾🐾🐾
Human, if I have to keep reminding you to pet me there’s going to be trouble. Once should have been enough #diva
Beach ready #sun #sand #beach #beachdog
Exhausting work guarding stairs mum, We’ll have to have two dinners to make up for it 🐶
Game day! Who’s ready!? #gocolts 💙💙💙💙
Shhhh mum. Sunday’s are for lie ins 🤫
Human, about this bill for destroyed toys, I thought that was included with the house?
Don’t look at me like that Human, I’m practicing being a panther for when I get big enough to chase antelope.
Mum, as Dilly is refusing to pose for you you can take twice as many photos of me #diva
Human I need you to buy me a UV lamp. The sun just isn’t up to its usual standards these days ☀️
Can we make teeth out Tuesday a thing?
Human I demand you take me for a haircut right this second and stop laughing at my floof #diva
Mum, I’ve got a new concept I’d like to introduce you to. It’s called a bedtime snack. Thought we could start tonight 🐶
This is the fun afternoon activity you get to do when your dog lets out his ear piercing cries whenever you leave the house. 😳🐶 #lifeofadogparent #furbabies #schnoodle #schnoodlife #dogsofig #instamortifying #embarrassing #badbuddyboy #poorneighbors #chocolateandcoffeefixesanything #townhouseliving #🤪
Go Colts!! Who else is so excited for football!!! 💙🏈💙
Human, have you ever thought about bringing me breakfast in bed?
Never a great morning when it’s raining!! #hatetherain #raincoat ☔️
Throwing it back to when it was first discovered humans trade high fives for food 🐶
Sharing? Nah not my scene
Well you see Mum, I didn’t so much as eat the carpet as it fell into my mouth. Total accident.
You don’t mean to say you think it was US barking at the Boxer across the road? Honestly Mum, we are offended.
Don’t mind me Human, I’ll fit.
No human. This is my ball.
Stop and smell the flowers... or pose for 10 photos because my pawrents love photos of me... #crazydogmom
Human, I know you’ve just come in from work, but I’ve had a hard day barking at the garden wall and I think you should make me scrambled eggs 🍳
No Human, that definitely isn’t a dismembered bunny toy behind me.... #terrier
Mum, now that Human 3 has left home- can I have her bedroom?
It’s hard work being THIS cute 🐶
Not dropping hints or anything human but it’s 2 for Tuesday and I reckon I’d like pizza if you let me try it #hopeful
Me? Up to something? Human I am offended you’d even think of that 😉
So happy it’s the weekend!!
Human you just don’t understand, you can’t have TOO MANY tennis balls 🎾
Human, quit the silly beans and give me my rabbit
Smile nicely for a photo? Human I don’t think so 😁😁😁🐶
Human It’s been over a year. I think we need to discuss getting me a set of my own house keys 🔑🐶
what do you guys think of my new pose ???? #majestic #schnoodlife #happyplace #topbitch
No photos please I’m eating!!
Quite frankly Human I have better things to do than pose for pictures. But if you must this is definitely my best side #diva x2
Change my own bedding? Surely that’s why I keep you around human #diva
Paws up baby paws up! Happy Wednesday all! 🐶❤️
#throwback to Dilly’s gotcha day #oneyearofDilly
Do you hear anything??
No Hair Don’t Care!!!! Actually I do but I will be thankful on those hot August days!! I ❤️🏖
Filed a complaint with human 1 about the lack of treats issued during her working hours and she hired me a nanny #success #marypawpins #puppydogeyes
Is it basketball season yet? This girly loves watch sports with her pawrents! Let me know your favorite sports pups!? #sportygirl
This is how I feel about fireworks... terrified! How does everyone else feel? What can we do to feel better!?
Are you going to pet me??? #schnoodlelove
Moody Schnood...
It’s that kinda morning... #schnoodlife
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