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See Dilly the trick to getting a long lie in is to pin them 😴
Unhand me immediately human.
Mum. I have learned that the humans have advent calendars. I would like mine to be chicken please 🐤
Morning Yoga with Dilly, coming to all major retailers near you just in time for Christmas 🎄
The rule I like to maintain in our family is that I sit wherever I want whenever I want and everyone else will just have to work around that ❤️
I’m sorry human are you expecting me to sleep somewhere other than in the middle of the bed
Don’t mind me human, I’m just practicing for my Christmas lunch slumber #nap
Slippers? Nah mate haven’t seen them around here.
Sorry human did you just finish making this bed? My bad 🐶
Human, now that I’m an acclaimed artist we need to discuss my bedtime
Alfiedoodles Art coming to a Hallmark store near you #Christmas (shoutout to @thomsonrachael for painting my paw)
Helping the humans with their Christmas cards #art
Dilly she’s turned on the lights, but she must be mad if she thinks I’m getting out of bed this early
Happy thanksgiving today and everyday I’m thankful for my mommy,daddy and brothers who love me with tons of hugs and cuddles 💙🐾🦃 • • #schnoodlife #thankfulpup #whatareyouthankfulfor #letseatsometurkey
Human, I am #perfect and you know it 🐶
Pass me my bow tie mum, I’m off to a ball #puppiesthatball #baller 💃🏼 🐶
Human you might have been sitting here 5 minutes ago but now I am #cheeky
Human, do I LOOK like I need a bath 🛁
Human take my picture, red is one of my better colours #diva
Don’t know why you’re fussing about muddy paws on the bed mum, have you seen it after she rolls in fake tan?
Mummy, Dilly has my toy and I want it NOW
No human I am definitely not playing with this toy just because Alfie wants it
Human if you don’t drop my toy this instant there’s going to be trouble
Mum the window cleaner called me a “wee scruffy white thing”. I demand you fire him immediately #diva
Another delivery? For me? You shouldn’t have! #poppyscotland
Will high five for biscuits 🍪
When you look this cute in your hunter jumpers Mum just has to buy you one in every size #fashionista
Dad, I don’t think Alfie gets fetch
Mum there’s an Alfred in my box #diva
#throwback to days of absolute nuggettry
What do you mean if I roll in the grass you won’t buy me another jumper?
I know it’s only October mum but if you want my letter to Santa Paws it’s all ready to go
Alfie sit up straight and the humans might feed us
Can’t stop to pose human, I have at least ten things to chew this morning
Mum, just letting you know I’ve worn this jumper three times this week. Need to up my stash immediately #fashionista
Overseeing renovations to our new summer pad #wishful thinking
Right mum, it’s half one so I’m thinking lunch and a walk. How about chicken?
No human I’m not drinking out of that bowl with paw prints on it, bring me a glass of water #diva
I know human, I’ve told him twice to get his legs out my picture but he just doesn’t listen
Smile and wave human smile and wave #countryside
It’s a ruff life being a dog on his holidays #nap
Mum, I’ve had to wear this jumper twice now and that’s just unacceptable #diva
Car rides on fall days make me a happy pup💖🍁🐶#schnoodlife #schnoodlesofinstagram #welovefall
Human if I start dropping small hints that I might be chilly will you put my fire 🔥 on? #winter
Human what have I told you about encroaching on my photos #diva
Human, being this cute is an effort and I think I’m overdue a holiday #diva
Today we established that Mum can only remember 3/4 of our birthdays. @tomdickson98 you’re the 1 btw #sass
Alf be a good dog and pass me my ball back
#throwbackthursday to living my munchkinest life
He is a pain in the touché mum, but he’s my pain in the touché #holdingpaws
Mum, am I a dog or am I a teddy bear? #lifecrisis
No Dad, we absolutely categorically were not fighting on mums new chair 🐶🐶
Human, I just want to let you know that I’ve outgrown my winter coat and I will need a new one immediately. Ideally not green, it’s so 2017 #diva
No mum, until I see chicken I will not pose nicely in my jumper #diva
Shhhh mum, unless you’ve got chicken or want to take me for a walk midday naps are not to be interrupted.
Human I have just read an article calling me a Frankenstein puppy and quite frankly I am offended. That guy didn’t cause half as much damage as I do l
Human, I hope you’re aware that I am UNAMUSED by this new app you’ve downloaded #diva
Hold up Dills, I think Mums on the phone to the hairdresser
Well human, in order to become an expert catcher like me you have to get hit in the face a lot #lifetips
Human I’m open to negotiate about ownership of this chair but it’s definitely going to have to include chicken 🐓
This weeks Medical Case Monday will go out to our very own Annabelle. Since it’s her birthday week we wanted to share a bit about her story and how she is doing. AB as we like to call her has a liver shunt and epilepsy. On their own might not be as difficult to deal with but together it’s pretty tough on us and her. Her seizures have not been improving so we are constantly trying new medicines. The major issue with this is most seizure meds are broken down in the liver so she can’t take those! This process of trying to balance out our girl and watching her feel sick and have seizures is the really tough side of pet ownership. Has anyone else struggled with similar issues? If your pet has seizures it is one of the hardest things to watch. #thehardestpart #seizures . . . . #savinganimalsisalwaysinstyle #lovewagsitstail #schnoodlife #sickpet #sickness #seizure #livershunt #livershuntpup #dogfood #dogdiet #helpanimals #sickanimals #sickpets #saveanimals #rescue #rescuelife #rescuedogsofinstagram #dogs #pets #vet #veterinarian
This is #5 What a wonderful birthday/gotcha day. So far I have celebrated with a new unicorn, a pup cup, and watching the colts game with my pawrents! #livingthelife . . . #schnoodlife #birthday #birthdaygirl #weekend #gocolts #colts #football #sunday #gameday #party #pupcup #puppichino #celebrate #unicorn #starbucks #fall #photography #rescuedogs #gotchaday #adoptdontshop #fureverhome #schnoodle #schnauzer
Mum, why does Dad have a heat seat pad to warm his touché and I don’t? #diva
Human, I would like to register a complaint about Alfie nicking my toys
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