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The treasures of this morning walk: two eggs, the first apples and some pretty flowers to put in a tiny vase 💜 How lucky are we to escape whenever we want the big city and go to the countryside 🙏🏻// Les trésors de notre promenade de matin: deux œufs, les premières pommes et quelques fleurs à mettre dans un petit vase 💜 Quelle chance de pouvoir échapper à la grande ville pour aller se mettre au vert quand cela nous tente 🙏🏻 - - - #thepineapplechef #foodphotography #foodstyling #seekthesimplicity #theauthenticfeeling #countryside #greenlife #inspiremyinstagram #inmykitchen #onmytable #holidaymemories #summermemories
“ All moments, past, present & future, always have existed, always will exist. “ • vonnegut ✨
Everyone on my feed is having babies and I felt left out, so here’s some Pinterest-worthy announcements of my own birthday, instead.
Happy second birthday to my beautiful niece Brooklyn ❤️😘
hello 🙂 . . . . . . . .
Using this rainy Sunday to reminisce on past vacay, plan new ones and reflect on life. - Past vacay : BC ✅ - New vacay : Europe 🙈 - Subject of reflection : Surrendering 👀 — Surrendering doesn’t mean giving up. It means to LET GO and ALLOW life to be. ☘️ Surrender is to TRUST that everything will work out in your best interest, always. Let go of control. Keep shining. Keep loving. 🌷 All of this is easier said than done... but hey, we ought to at least try... right ?
Last week, for the first time ever, I roasted my own chestnuts. Completely underwhelming and tasted no where near as good as they smelled. Even after we cooked them in orange, cinnamon and sugar like my Nonna used to. I don't get chestnuts. #nataliezee #healthynothard
Key to living effortlessly? Choose organic and say goodbye to the daily bombardment of marketing hype. #smarter
Finally getting around to posting some of my favorite summer pics from our trip to Michigan. Hudsie loved the beach! #hudsonbehr
Life didn’t really start to change until I invested in myself. Paying for help, guidance, coaching, classes, courses and conferences meant I had skin in the game. Money is a gauge of seriousness in some cases. It’s all well and good to talk about how you want to change your life, start the dream, be someone you’re proud of, but talking doesn’t mean action. • Talking is passive. Talking can help clarify but when real change is made, talking is paired with consistent action and seriousness. I wrapped up a 4 day writers conference today and it made me realize something: I’m taking life seriously. Not serious, as in I can’t laugh and be an idiot and make stupid jokes. But rather, I’m being serious about life in a way that says “I’m losing life every day. My clock is winding down, and each next day could be my last.” I’m living life with gravity and weight, I’m not just blowing smoke about how I’m going to better “but I don’t know how.” Or “I want this dream,” and then stall in the fear of action. I’m doing it because life is serious and it’s seriously short. So I’m taking myself and my dreams seriously by investing money in myself and my goals. Lord knows I’ve spent hundreds—thousands?!—of dollars on useless shit. Handles of booze. Nights out that I do not remember. Clothes that were made like shit and tossed out months later. Knick knacks and plastic nothing. Food I bought just to puke up. • So I guess all I’m saying today is to start taking yourself, your dreams, YOUR ONE LIFE, more seriously. Invest in yourself. Ask for help. Ask me for help. Ask your neighbor for help. Whatever. Just take action. Nothing else matters but living your life as fully and lovingly as possible. So do it.
Fun facts about me and beets: 1) I first heard about beets while I watching Doug on @Nickelodeon when I was about 7 and heard them being referred to as “nature’s candy” by Doug himself. 2) I prompety went into the kitchen and annouced to my mom (@goldenlunchlady ) that I wanted to try beets (after all, my 7-year-old self reasoned—if they were good enough for Doug Funnie then they were good enough for me right? 🤷🏻‍♀️). The next night she served them with dinner and I was surprised to find I actually really liked them them! 3) I’ve loved beets ever since but I used rarely eat them because they stain your fingers and work surfaces SO easily while you are preparing them 4) @lovebeets were a TOTAL game changer! They are prepeeled, precooked and all chopped. You literally just have to open the package and throw them in your salad-SO simple! Shoutout to @lovebeets for bringing “nature’s candy” back into my life 😍🤗
Nice cream for breakfast anyone?! When it’s simply made with frozen bananas and @coyo_is_coconuts banana chia cardamom coconut yoghurt, that sounds pretty good to me! 🍌🤩 Recipe coming soon 💫
I want to know more about the art the of simple dressing because its the key to my hectic daily out and about and staying on the horse guide to working motherhood- Our Lottie smokk is a key piece to that puzzle- for me anyway! They’re almost all gone- we’ve had an amazing summer surge in this- Moonlight is one of my favorite patterns because it’s all year round and I’ve always loved the navy and chocolate combo- simple stunning! . . . #thesimplelife #travelersnotebook #sayyestothedress #pattern #easydressing #smokks #sayyestosmokks #thehappynow #nothingisordinary #aquietstyle #beautiful #beautifulmatters #stylemepretty #seekthesimplicity #dowhatyoulove #flashesofdelight #easydressing #vacationstyle #vacationmode #summer
I just can't 😍😍😍 with this super adorable post by @bloomingbathnz Have you seen these beautiful bath blooms?! . Tag @nz_blessed_mumma Or #nzblessedmumma for a chance to feature your beautiful pictures . . . . . . . . #nzblog #bump #motherhoodunhinged #lovelysquares #igbaby #seekthesimplicity #petitejoys #flowergram #clickinmoms #childhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #nzbaby #nzmum #nzmade #childhoodunplugged #motherhood #instababy #inbeautyandchaos #our_everyday_moments
"God loves you so much he can't take his eyes off of you" Episcopal blessing 📸 @luminousfemme
#makeart2018 day 203. Flowers from the Regatta. I have the cutest bouquet of flowers left over from last night’s regatta. They are from our local farmer’s market and I am in love 💐. It’s the little things right?! They were the subject today of a quick painting.
Esattamente diciannove anni fa, dopo un giornata calda, azzurra e ventosa, scese la notte, buia e stellata. Quando vidi per la prima volta i tuoi occhi ci vidi dentro un po' di quelle stelle. E mi accorsi di essere già innamorata di te. Happy birthday my love. ✨ @ginevravanacore . . #happybirthday #mydaughter #roses #florence #finditliveit #freedomthinkers #liveauthentic #seekinspirecreate #seetoshare #seekthesimplicity #verilymoment #inspiremyinstagram #livelovelaugh #lovelysquares #travelgirldiary #choosejoy #dametraveler #goodvibes #aquietstyle #ofsimplethings #theslowdowncollective #reinventjoy #postitfortheaesthetic #takemethere #lifewelltraveled #firenze #vivodiparticolari #feliceadesso #esercizidibellezza #buoncompleannoamoremio
Do you really need all of the things you want, I would take you back there, to where the river's from, to where the garden's green with a forever love, singing you're somebody, Heaven's dreaming of... 🍃 - @roopanes 🍃
🖤Complete with @snapbacksandcatztoo 🖤
Pampering in Purple 🌸 by @taryndraws
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! . —The New Colossus (1883), poem by Emma Lazarus —I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door (2018), by Dorothy Iannone . #highline #nyc #thenewcolossus
When you go out for date night and accidentally come home with a kitten 😂💞 . Meet Luna 🐱🌙 she is the sweetest little girl. I haven't introduced her to my other kitty yet, but I'm pretty sure she knows something is up by how suspicious I've been acting 😂 so far I've just been letting them get familiar with each other's scents, but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for introducing cats; specifically kittens to adult felines. Baby Luna is safe in a separate room when other kitty is out and about roaming the house, but I'm still nervous about the first introduction in a couple weeks. Halp!! Tips, info, have any cat intro stories? Love to know! 🐱🌙
Happy Sunday dear hearts! Today my heart was so challenged and encouraged by the sermon that @curtiswlindsey preached. We are studying the book of 1 Thessalonians and today we studied how Paul was away from the Thessalonian church in body but not in heart. Curtis brought up how deep Paul’s care for people was and how his heart was for people because he knew that the only thing that we can take with us into eternity is others. I was so challenged by this and my desire to pray more for the people I love and those that God brings into my life. If you are in need of prayer please feel free to comment below or send me a direct message! You are loved, you are chosen, you are His.
GOOD VIBES || They say that mud sticks but positivity is the only way the bring about real, sustainable change! — Our network connects bloggers and influencers sharing kinder ways to live - from saving the ocean to sustainable fashion. Good vibes indeed! — If you’d like to join us, head to the site and click “JOIN” ✌🏻
Battling Zombies 🧟‍♂️
flowers at sunset
A magnificent new luxury residence situated in prestigious British Properties featuring this grand entrance marble foyer, elevator, entertainment sized formal rooms and large gourmet kitchen! Listed at $18,800,000 by Angell Hasman #blueexorcist #buenosdias #wiwt #swordartonline #decouvrirensemble #lpfanphoto #미국여행 #ourcamplife #멋스타그램 #travelbug #wilderness #hanoi #like4me #305 #perfection #hollywood #旅 #guys #seekthesimplicity #셀스타그램
Lake life is the best life. Wishing we were back in Michigan instead of hunkered down in our house (in Texas) with all the blinds shut trying to keep the AC in and the heat out. 🤣🤣
“ I believe that with all things in life, there is a constant need to let go of the idea of "trying hard", there's a heaviness in trying hard to get something, have something or be something. . As long as people comply with the idea of "trying hard" they will constantly remain in a place of heaviness. The opposite of this is the state of allowing, of setting out the intentions of what you wish, putting in the required action and not self-sabotaging yourself by "trying hard" or expecting results to unfold in a particular way. . Anything that's worth something to you in life such as love, abundance, freedom, peace is in a continuous state of flow. A state of lightness is the only way to allow yourself to go with the flow of things.” -Virgil Kalyana 📷: @frenchwords ✨❤️✨ #magic #lightness . . . . . . . . . #livejoyfully #stayinspired #liveauthentically #personalgrowth #couragemylove #justwakingup #youareworthit #bekindtoyourself #positivemindset #consciousliving #putyourselffirst #dreambig #mindfulliving #letyoursoulshine #intentionalliving #seekthesimplicity #thehappynow #lightnessofbeing #lightinspired #quotes ❤️ #quotes 🖋 #quotesforlife #rmdrake #wordporn #inspiringquotes #inspiringwomen
So far, this is one of the summeriest summers I’ve ever summered. 🌽🥗🍉
Enjoying this Sunday to make goals.. goals for this business, goals for myself, and goals for our family. And while I’m writing these goals down, I’m praying that if it’s what I want but not what God wants, that he will change my heart to line up with His.. that His desires will become mine, and these goals of mine will change overtime. That this life is more than goals we want to accomplish, but it’s about seeking the goals He has for us. . . I’ll be real with ya: one of my biggest goals is to write a book. I’m not exactly sure what that looks like, whether it’s a devotional book, hand-lettering book, an encouraging book, or a combination of them all, I am expectant and excited.. and praying for God’s will to be done through these little goals of mine. Your turn, what’s one of your biggest goals? . . . #contentcreator #creativecontent #communityovercompetition #calledtobecreative #creativesofinstagram #creativehappylife #mycreativebiz #calledtocreate #doitfortheprocess #designisinthedetails #creativelifehappylife #createcultivate #seekinspirecreate #createeveryday #dogsarethebest #aplacetolovedogs #etsyshopowner #etsyartist #fromabove #darlingmovement #thehappynow #feelfreefeed #makeyousmilestyle #embracingaslowerlife #simpleandstill #seekthepositive #theartofslowliving #seekthesimplicity
Last weekend with the fam in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ⠀
Oh my love, we’re the best of friends 💛 We’re roadtrippin’ today and I crawled in the back to give this girl some snacks in hopes of calming her tears. She immediately latched onto my arm and has refused to let me move since. It was too special for words. Sometimes you need your mom and you need her close. So grateful to be able to give her that comfort and safe place just like my sweet mama did for me. I feel and see so many similarities between my relationship with Mara and my relationship with my mom. There is a loving ache to always get closer. A tighter hug, a deeper reliance on each other and snuggles that must last for days. I always want more. All I’ve ever wanted was to have the same relationship with my daughter that I had with my mom and y’all.... it’s dreamier than I ever imagined. Motherhood is where I’m at home and I’ve never felt more myself. Thanking my lucky stars today and everyday for my little best friend and all these moments being close to her.
Hoi Max, met je Uber coole zonnebril en zomerse hoed genieten van een heerlijke relaxte lunch in de zon. Sprankelende Zomerse week gewenst , liefs ❤️Anne . . . . . The picture of this beautiful Family moment is made 📸 by the fabulous @thelyralen . . . Share your favorite coffee moments with us and use #annemaxzuid to be featured . . . . . . . . . . . . . #coffeetime #nothingisordinary #seekthesimplicity #coffeebreak #coffeegram #tastespotting #stilllife #vscocoffee #coffeeholic #coffeelife #stilllifegallery #thekitchn #coffeefliicks #theartofslowliving #theprettycities #coffeeprops #artofslowliving #chasinglight #amsterdamzuid #unforgettableexperiences #passionpassport #cerealmag #mytinyatlas #teruggooimaandag #happyfeelingsafter #proefdezomer #specialitycoffeeshop #proudofyourlocalcoffeeshop #zuidnl
Took the kids over to Dundurn Castle today and hung out in their beautiful garden. The kids got to help water the plants, and we saw so many beautiful veggies and flowers! 🌱 I would recommend an afternoon walk through their grounds to anyone looking for a quiet day outside.
Happy Sunday!
No such thing as being overdressed. FACT #realtalk #theseheelsweremadeforwalking #summerloving
Flowers brighten every room ... and even when the garden is full blooming Monsieur never gets tired to bring some special for me ... he knows how much I love gerbera 🙆‍♀️💕💑 I should raise some in the garden, but then I think it would take away his little surprises ... and my happiness when he walks in, hands full with bags, trying to hide the flowers because first when he comes home has to be a kiss for his girls 👨‍👩‍👧 . . . . #littlestoriesofmylife #fromwhereistand #flowermagic #blumenzauber #summerflowers #myunicornlife #myeverydaymagic #flashesofdelight #floralphotography #thatsdarling #petitejoys #acolorstory #simplethingsmadebeautiful #simpleandpure #itsthelittlethings #seekthesimplicity #nothingisordinary_
I wish we could go back to this weekend 💜
Well, that’s it, friends! ✨ ~ Our vacation week is over, and it’s back to work tomorrow. We ventured around New York, spent hours by the pool, got a pretty nice tan, caught up on sleep, and binged on American Horror Story. ~ All in all, I’d say it was well spent — I’m feeling refreshed, refueled, and ready to get back to work and kick some LIIFT4 ass this week! 💕
Visiting cute coffee shops is all @perspective_artist_ and I do ☕️
In one short year we will be living in the same city and I can’t wait for the memories we will make. Family is everything 💗💗💗
H A P P Y. AS. A. C L A M. 🌞🌞🌞 #darkandbitter #redheadincabo
Makeup Review: Revlon Dramatic Definition Blackest Black Mascara (around R150). ________________________________________________ I got this as a freebie with the purchase of a Revlon foundation so I thought I'd do a quick review of it on here. Firstly, I love the sleek, matte black tube with the purple cap - it makes it super easy to use (and to photograph!). The formula of this mascara is super smooth and thin (but not watery) and I find there's no clumping when it's applied to the lashes. There's also no transfer, flaking, or smudging (upon first application and throughout the day). ________________________________________________ The brush/wand has a mixture of short and long bristles that are sturdy and do not poke or irritate the eyes. The mascara does a brilliant job at separating and defining the lashes as the bristles coat every single lash with ease. It does lengthen the lashes to some extent but it doesn't add any volume or a curl. I actually love using this mascara solely for my bottom lashes (my bottom lashes are quite long and this mascara is ideal since it doesn't clump/transfer underneath my eyes). It also works well on the top lashes but, because this mascara doesn't add volume, I find that it adds too much of a natural look to my top lashes (I prefer super long and voluminous upper lashes). That being said, if you want a more natural and defined lash look, I'd definitely recommend this! Repurchase? Maybe. Havw you tried any Revlon mascara's? Comment down below! #burgundyxrevlon
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