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Here's some #inspiration for you. 🌻 Don't forget true #beauty is more than skin deep. It's more than #body shape, #fitness level, or success on the surface. 💪 Build your #character as much as your #muscles . Use your #strength to help others. 💃 Let's think about doing them good more than we think about trying to look good. . . . #futuremover #beautygoals #seektruebeauty #truebeauty #beautyinspo #lookinggood #helpothers #beyourself #buildcharacter #bebeautiful@irenie.anne
Hello Lovely People!!! How are you all today??? I hope that you are all going well!!! For today’s reading I’m feeling called to use Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn… Let’s see what they have for us today… WALKING IN BEAUTY… How stunning is the picture on this card??? I feel like this is saying to us to stop and take a pause for a moment… Look around and find the beauty within all that is around us… I also feel like this is calling for us to look introspectively and look at the beauty within too… I also feel this is asking us to take notice of all that is around us… Noticing signs, but not looking overly hard for them… Seeing beyond to find what truly is… I’m very drawn to the archway on the card and the rays of light… I feel that we may be at a junction or gateway or crossroads… What once was can no longer be… We have reached a pinnacle or pivotal point and there is no going back from here… But we must choose whether this is right for us or whether we want to proceed… We have been led to this point and all that we have done and been through hasn’t been for nothing… Nothing is ever wasted on this voyage… It is our job to step up and take hat is being offered to us at this time… God/Source/Uni-verse/Spirit is showing us the way to move forward… It is our job to decide more of the same or stepping on the unknown path… Blazing the trail forward or walking that path less travelled… It is our jobs to have the Faith and Courage to step off the well-trodden path and be open to all that comes… Yes, it will be scary… Yes, there will be fewer on this path… Yes, you will go against the grain… BUT, you are strong enough and more than capable to handle what is thrown your way… What doesn’t kill you will only make your stronger, if you allow it to.... Take Care Dear Ones, With Love and Hugs, Peace. #SeekTrueBeauty #LookingBeyond #FindingOut
One of those moments where living in SoCal is rad :) #mtbaldy #hikeday
Just found out I finally get to share the stage with this adorable human! Friday night in Pasadena 🙌🏻 @arielleestoria 's words have inspired and encouraged me so many times 😭 Everyone follow her💖
Finally finished a photo book of Trent's and my first four years! Here is a shot of our Washington adventures last summer ☺️ Even though my husband hates all social media (which is why I don't post very much of him - his wishes), he is definitely the better photographer! Not gonna lie, I get tired of the silliness on social as well, but it's a "necessary evil" as an artist in today's world, so I just try to keep it real. #SoMuchBlue #Washington
Seven years ago today I was by my mom's side as she passed away. I love her and still miss her. Beautiful things remind me of her because she was a beautiful person. #lifeisagift #cherishyourmom #seektruebeauty
Feelin' it 🎶
There's a difference between perfect and beautiful. Don't spend another second thinking you're supposed to be flawless or have a put-together life. Instead, dare to believe we've been placed in the middle of a mess because Someone trusts us to create beauty within it. 🌤
"The beauty from the outside never penetrates within, but the beauty from within permeates the body" - Ven. Fulton John Sheen #seektruebeauty
So today I tried on a dress and it didn't fit because it was too small. For a brief second my face got wide-eyed. Later as I drove to an appointment I thanked the Lord for my body and all it can do because there was a time when it couldn't do much of anything. It's been through some physical hell and back and now I can solidly be thankful it houses my soul. Today I hope you'll say with me what I've been saying on repeat. *I want to live a heart shaped life.* ❤️
💐 "You 're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry and be sure to smell flowers along the way" -Walter Hagen #dontworrybehappy #seektruebeauty #flowerpower
🌸Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet. -Jeremy Bentham #seektruebeauty
Georgia O'Keeffe (1887–1986), Red Canna, 1925-1928. Oil on canvas mounted on masonite, 36 x 30 inches. I am mesmerized by the #ArtfulBeauty and #BeautifulArt of the #GeorgiaOKeeffe #RedCanna #painting . #Beauty is everywhere and in everyone. Have the #courage to #UnfoldThyself and #EmbraceOthers in order to #SeekTrueBeauty because #MediocrityIsNotAnOption
#shereadstruth #favor #seektruebeauty #devotionals in life we focus on the world's definition if beauty, but instead we should focus on true beauty! Proverbs 31:30 "charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised"
B E A U T I F U L S O U L S | tag one | #regram #kokohbikini #beautifulsoul #seektruebeauty