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I get the best views from my apartment
Angled Stare
Hey these #umbrella are nice. I love #seoul city street. They walk around in a laid back manner. Info: the woman to the left has a cool jacket 👍 . . . . .
#Repost @wolf_jl with @get_repost ・・・
Ever tried cold noodles? I never thought I’d be down for that but whilst marinating in the heat in South Korea in June I changed my mind and went out to try it and boy was I wrong😍😍 이제는 냉면 너무 좋아 . . . . . #nothingisordinary #naengmyeon #naengmyun #냉면 #dailyfoodfeed #lovefood #eatingfortheinsta #huffposttaste #infatuation #buzzfeast #feedyoursoull #heresmyfood #eater #eattheworld #foodblogfeed #seoulsecret #seoulnation #ig_korea #seoulinspirit #seoul_korea #seoulblog #canonphotos #canoneos #canonrebel #canonphotographer #focalmarked
The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. A passion project for me and the most fun to shoot! Thank you to everyone for waiting this long, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel where I've been uploading lots of new content.
Remembering winter above Seoul. 서울 겨울 기억이예요 ^^
Free things? Sure! Free concert? Sure! Free chance to see @official.april @official_kard and @aceofangels ? Never thought I’d see the day 😍 . . . . #aceofangels #에이프릴 #april #seoulsecret #seoulnation #ig_korea #kpopdancecover #kpop #canonphotos #canoneos #canonrebel #focalmarked
Happy Independence Day to the coolest country I've ever visited!
Full moon over Songdo, 송도 센트럴 파크
Framed Red
Last night we experienced our first typhoon weather. I'm so glad I wore sandals and a dress because I was up to my ankles in water. You would think it would bother me because im so finicky with the weather. But it was so refreshing having the warm water cool the air. People ran into shops and the streets emptied out before our eyes. I couldn't believe how fast the market Alley's emptied. It was filled with people and so vibrant with the many food carts. Then just as the typhoon rain had graced my shoulders, it left them dry again. The waves of people hurried back on the streets, resuming their shopping. I wish I'd known how fast that storm comes and goes, then I wouldn't have struggled trying to call for a taxi in korean. Chris was in a damper mood because he got his Kendrick Lamar Cortez soaked. Poor guy was recieving so many nods of recognition for them. It made me happy knowing he loved them. In Korea, or just in asia specifically I realize how important brand names are. It's crazy. I dont really care for brand names but I love the forward thinking fashion and design which you'll see more of. It's so beautiful here. I'm so happy to experience this with my husband/friend.
I’m not sure what’s been going on with Seoul’s cloud game lately, but I’m not complaining.
Autumn in my heart. Forever. 🍁 @seoul_official
오늘은 광복절 입니다. 탐스피자는 정상영업합니다. 🇰🇷
💡 “Don’t forget that maybe you are the lighthouse in someone’s storm.” 🌪 #pauljinkorea
Happy Liberation Day! I’m glad the light was restored to this beautiful country 🇰🇷
Boom 💥 @bradcastleberry got me pumped up today. The end of the video is inspired by him.
today is a great day! 💜 let tomorrow be even better 🎈
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