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Social experiment today in Coventry was such an eye opener, video coming soon. Swipe to watch today’s best penny drop moment, we had afew of these 🤣
SWIPE FOR EN ➡ Un témoignage de plus de ma répartie cinglante. Partage les commentaires sexistes des inconnus relous! . Another evidence of my witty repartee. Share sexist comments from annoying strangers! . . . . . . . . . . . #bd #sketch #comic #humour #funny #likeyourdick #sexism #sexisme #harcelement #harassment #streetharassment #harcelementderue #tasjoui #lol #skirt #jupe #bandedessinee #dessin #drawing
Most of us have seen “that” symbol going around this week - an unofficial emoji signalling homophobia, although some don’t see the harm in it a large number of people are spamming LGBTQ accounts with it & in addition to that I’ve also seen various other extremely offensive symbols being posted along with it! It makes me so angry & disappointed to see so many people exploit something as innocent as an emoji & target accounts that are based on love & community! 🏳️‍🌈 ~ I mentioned on my stories about blocking the symbol from the comments section, I 100% recommend blocking any symbols or words that are appearing on your page that you don’t like, it makes all the difference! I’m positive I would’ve received hundreds of that stupid symbol had I not blocked it (which I had no idea until this week that you could do) I’d love to know how many people have tried & failed since 😂🌈 ~ Another issue I mentioned is that I have never received so many pervy comments on peoples posts as I have this week, usually this page gets about 1 comment like that for every 50 pictures posted (if that) compared with other people/accounts I see it’s a fairly low number, so many couples have to deal with that & much worse everyday! So because of the influx this week I have also blocked a number of phrases from the comments section and unsurprisingly they are all different variations of “lesbians dm me” sure it’s not attacking anyone but I can’t stand seeing it, lesbian couples are not posted for sexual attention & no comments like that will fly on this page! ❌ ~ Regardless of who the couple is I feel protective over anyone that’s on this page, someone sent me a DM once saying they like to show their son all the couples & families that are like his on here & comments like that stay with me.. so no perverts or homophobes will ruin that! Thanks for all the support on EC! 😘💃🏻♥️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 ~ #lgbt #gay #lesbian #lgbtq #bisexual #loveislove #nohate #noh8 #transrights #nohomophobia #gaymen #gaygirls #lgbtrights #instagay #queer #pride #gayisok #lgbtcommunity #sexism #gayrights #lgbtpride #gaylove #lesbianlove #lgbtpage #homophobia #lgbtaccount #equality #lovenothate #lgbtfamily #realtalk
EntitleMENt x Symone Jannelle Shout out to my girl @_porshathepoet for her Lyrical Healing Open Mic Night (21+). Every Thursday it’s gonna be some new. The rest of the poem will be uploaded on YouTube soon! #poetry #poet #undiscovered #discover #explorepage #famous #buttonpoetry #speaknow #artist #charlottenc #lyricalhealing #sexism #sexist #iamawoman (shout out to moms for the video recording❤️)
What woman teacher would get this attention for putting up a pony tale or braid...? See the difference in emotional labour and how society again and again take womens free labour for granted? Tip from follower. - This acount is about: #thenonpaidworkforwomen #emotionallabour #mensresponsibility #revolution #manbabies #sexism
@brut.india "Un jour, un producteur m’a dit que je devrais me faire botoxer mes rides du sourire". L’actrice Kalki Koechlin (@Kalkikanmani ) dénonce le sexisme décomplexé dans le milieu Bollywood et comment cela change progressivement depuis le début du mouvement #metoo en Inde. #womenempowerment #india #inde #femmes #women #sexisme #sexism #brutoriginal #brutraconte
I hate how universities measure students’ intelligence by their GPA’s and SAT scores. @calstatela @calstatela @calstatela wants to declare impaction and increase the eligibility index on our students. But y’all don’t know the shit we go through. I had to go through sexual abuse, domestic violence, discrimination, and racism while being in the public school system. Shit, I even went through sexual harassment in the workplace as a graduate student. SO I’M SORRY I’m not the best student on paper. I’m sorry you don’t understand what it’s like to come from poverty. I’m sorry I took longer to graduate, but don’t you dare think I’m incompetent. Don’t you dare think I’m less capable than than my counterparts. My GPA shouldn’t be reflective of how smart I am. The shit we go through on top of schoolwork, WE ARE RESILIENT and my community deserves an education at your school. Repost: @latinarebels
Sitting like a lady. 🖕 - This acount is about: #thenonpaidworkforwomen #emotionallabour #mensresponsibility #revolution #manbabies #sexism #feminism #equality - Rules/info in highlights
Dear diary, Last night I finished an article even though I wanted to get it done the day before. Ups. Then I should have just gone to bed but I went on social media & got really angry because @lidlde advertised donuts and bagels with the German equivalent of the utterly sexist saying “any hole is a goal“. Then I read through the comment section and got even more angry. When will people understand that feminism, empathy and human decency aren’t a bad thing? That making jokes that degrade women to objects should not be a thing at all leave alone an advertising tool? That offending others will, yes ffs, might as well leave them very offended? I will write in you again when my faith in humanity is restored a tiny bit. Until further notice I’ll probably only speak to dogs and toy sharks. Love Tina
Started at the gym today. Did a boxing session and ended it with a sauna and steam room. Funny story, the guy who’s training me is vegan and we were talking about veganism and activism in the sauna, a woman joined in and said how she admired what we did and she loves animals etc, one bloke interrupted and was like “I just don’t understand why you vegans have to shove your beliefs down our throats, we don’t try and make you eat meat do we, live and let live is what I say”🙈 I said “live and let live? You just contradicted yourself, you are taking a life. The reason we are active is because there is a victim who has no voice, any belief that has victims should be spoken out against” we went on to talk about social conditioning, dogs, cats, the lot. I was BOILING!!!! But I couldn’t leave because the conversation was too good. Another 2 men joined in abit but everyone ended up agreeing with veganism, and the guy who hated me actually patted me on the leg as he walked out and said you’re doing a great job thanks for the talk 💃🏼 TALK LOUDLY ABOUT VEGANISM AND ANIMAL RIGHTS EVERYWHERE, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT SEEDS YOU ARE PLANTING 🌱
Happy birthday, #AudreLorde 🥳! Audre Lorde was a pioneer of #intersectionality and wrote from her various identities. She was a mother, a lesbian, a black woman, a university teacher, an activist, a poet and a #civilrights activist, whom contributed tremendously towards contemporary feminist theory. Audre Lorde dedicated both her life and her creative talent to confronting and addressing injustices of #racism , #sexism , #classism , #homophobia , and #heteroxism . 👊⠀ #BlackHistoryMonth #BlackFeminism
Aaaand that is gaslighting - This acount is about: #thenonpaidworkforwomen #emotionallabour #mensresponsibility #revolution #manbabies #sexism
Take yourself out on a date – don’t be ashamed to masturbate 🥰 . #keepitsassy #sanskaarisass
Most of us have followed and/or participated in the Me Too movement over the last couple of years. And 👑 Tarana J. Burke is the woman behind the movement 💪🏽 . 💥 After working with survivors of sexual violence, Burke founded the Me Too movement and began using the phrase to raise awareness on how pervasive sexual abuse and assault is. 💥 when the phrase “Me Too” moved into the online world in 2017, Burke joined in and worked to make the movement about empowerment through empathy, include marginalized voices and aftercare 💥 in 2017, along with several activists, she was named Time Magazine’s Peron of the Year 💥 today she continues to travel around America to spread her message on healing, community and empathy for a future free from sexual violence and organizes workshops that focus on helping victims 💪🏽 . We are grateful for you, your power and your empathy @taranajaneen 🌻👑 . #metoo #sanskaarisass #queenoftheweek
Double standards are so annoying. Rape is rape. Gender doesn’t matter. If you force someone to have sex with you against their will, that is sexual assault/ rape. If a woman assaults a guy, it shouldn’t be sugar coated. - Erik
So this guy added me from one of the Facebook business groups I’m in and told me he had a crush on me 🤣. Check what else he said in these screenshots (swipe). ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What do you think? Should I change my profile pic to this one instead? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I mean it’s the least “fake” recent pic I have 🤣🤣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #hatersgonnahate 💋 ⁣⁣ #thisgirlcan ⁣⁣ #genderequality ⁣⁣ #feministaf ⁣⁣ #womensequality ⁣⁣ #bossbabes ⁣⁣ #wahmlife ⁣⁣ #workfromhomemama ⁣⁣ #femalefounders ⁣⁣ #successfulwomen ⁣⁣ #femaleentrepreneurs ⁣⁣ #fuckgenderroles
Jakiś czas temu Pixar wystartował z projektem SparkShorts, który ma promować niezależne animacje tworzone przez pracujących dla studia artystów. Pierwszym filmem powstałym w ramach tego projektu jest "Purl" - krociutka animacja o włóczce, która trafia do całkowicie zmaskulinizowanej firmy. Link znajdziecie w bio i w komentarzu :) Za scenariusz odpowiada Kristen Lester, a doświadczenia ukazane w animacji są w dużej mierze jej osobistymi doświadczeniami. Film wyprodukowała producentka Gillian Libbert-Duncan. #Repost from @pixar with @regram.app ... Purl will leave you in stitches. Get a first look at #SparkShorts on YouTube.com/DisneyPixar, with more coming to Disney+ later in 2019.
God I love her ❤️ we are amazing! - This acount is about: #thenonpaidworkforwomen #emotionallabour #mensresponsibility #revolution #manbabies #sexism
I so get where she is coming from 😂 its sad and ironic! - This acount is about: #thenonpaidworkforwomen #emotionallabour #mensresponsibility #revolution #manbabies #sexism
Respect them ALL
When the demons are the same people you’re most attracted to so you become one to fight the system.
People actually yell at me all the time for being provocative. I literally have such a hard Time finding bras to fit, let alone shirts. Literally everyone thinks I’m trying to show off all of the time. Does anyone else have the same problem? ~B • •Follow us! •We do shoutouts on our story! •Comment Anonymous on our Sarahah •Turn On Post Notifications •Contact is of you need help or advice •Use our Tag! #ThelgbtFeminist •Next giveaway at 2000 •Tag us when sharing our posts! • • • #feminist #feminism #love #lgbt #equality #girlpower #woc #human #lgbtq #blacklivesmatter #sexism #pride #womensrights #lesbian #radicalselflove #boundries #blm #2019 #boobs #intersectionalfeminism #recovery #genderequality #asianfeminist #fucktrump #prochoice #civilrights #bodypositive #rosemarychallenge #activism
📷 @boypositivitea This is so important. Something that bothers me is when I see some feminist or male issues account post the phrase: “men can be raped ‘too’ “. Why is it so hard to understand that consent is required from everyone and that anyone, male or female, can be perpetrators or survivors. I’m tired of the media painting men as harassers and women as angels. We need to stop giving issues a gender and raise awareness. - Erik