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You can be socially adept or socially inept and I definitely am the latter. When shit bothers me...I mean like really bothers me I have to atleast address it, even if its just in a joking manner, and then I move on. Whether it's people I actually know or people who follow me on IG 6 days out of the week "you're the best" "you're so sexy" but on Monday fall silent. These are the same people who ask for advice, ask to collaborate, ask to meet me. That bothers me. I appreciate every like, comment and shoutout that I get. Hell even every unfollow...its like oops damn maybe I shouldn't of did that lol...this is prolly another oops moment but fuck it. Thanks everyone for getting me to 20k followers. Im going to get my shit together I promise. Let's toast to 20k more 🍻 (hopefully thats money in my bank account but followers are good too lol) #GoodVibes #only #fit #fitness #flex #mcm #hunk #hot #sexy #sextae
Fortnite or Her 🤭 Obviously Fortnite tf 🤨
Sexyy jawnn🤪