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Good morning, 🤣🤣🤣 (credit: @cancer_pisces_leo ) . The November 12-18th forecast has been posted in the blog! Http://thosewordsineversaid.com/personal-blog/ . Also, I am taking reading appointments. 💟 Reach out to me! Link in bio for options and pricing- https://thosewordsineversaid.com/readings-and-prices/ . #astrology #mindset #tarot #spiritualgrowth #infp #intuition #emotionalhealing #selfforgiveness #innerchildwork #readings #love #selflove #shadowwork #introvert #zodiac #awakening #innerwisdom #astrologynerd #empath #forecast #evolutionaryastrology #hsp #empathy #horoscope #realitycheckastro #boundaries #blog #astrologersofinstagram #planets #gratefulheart
Emerging into light After nearly 11 days of dealing with an 'un-wellness' , opening the windows and greeting the world. The instant before sunset, Muscat lies quietly below, I can see the sea from here. My wings we're clipped but my spirit takes flight . .. #transformation #spirituality #energies #quantumhealing #qhht #yoga #destress #consciousness #regression #transformation #dirainternational #divinespirit #butterflytattoo #butterfly_hdr #eckharttollequotes 🙏 #yesyoucan #shadowroot #shadowhuntersedit #shadowwork #quoteooftheday #photooftheday #blackandwhite #beherenow
At this time of year it’s easy to get caught up in all the things we didn’t say, do, or accomplish.🤯 . It’s like we use the “season” as a reason to bludgeon ourselves with what didn’t happen & let the fact that there’s only “x” number of days left in the year countdown like a ticking-time-bomb to our spiritual, emotional, mental, & physical demise. . What in the actual fuck!?🤷🏼‍♀️ . If this sounds like you, let me be the 1st to say you need to chill-out, Barb. . You don’t have to eat your feelings of regret this Thanksgiving. You don’t have to avoid asking for clothes this Christmas in shame. You don’t have to countdown 2019 crying in your champagne. . The season doesn’t have to be a reason to dwell in what is “unfulfilled”, outstanding on your “to do list” or wasn’t prioritized for the last 319 days. ✅ . It’s a twinkling opportunity to see what get’s in your way; the excuses, fear, & backing-out on your word. . It’s 319 days of mindset; proof of where your mouth said YES but your commitments showed NO. . It’s a clear as day mirror reflecting where you showed-up for you & where you didn’t. . True. Owning our behaviors isn’t easy, but there’s nothing more powerful & freeing than level setting with ourself. Seeing what lingers is an opportunity to discover WHY we didn’t do “it”, what compromised our intention, or where we stop.💯 . This holiday season, instead of counting down the days to the New Year with regret, sadness, & shame, see that there is a BLATANT opportunity to be with yourself in a brand new, honest, & accountable way. . See that the New Year is just another day. 💥 . See the opportunity here to commit to making yourself a priority, & carpe the fucking diem.🔥 . See that the time is NOW to love yourself more than you love your bullshit & GET TO WORK!💋 . If you’re ready to start NOW, message me to schedule your 1:1 consultation. 🖤🕯
Look at that snow... again! 🐺 Thankful for my many lessons. #time #healing #shadowwork
✨shift shame✨ Now we already talked about shifting shame trough an exercise called „monsters of your childhood“. How was that? What did you find? Now let’s have a look on an other way of shifting shame by staying in the present moment, Unconditionally☝️🧐 Our brains need to build up new pathways that show us that we won’t land again in a shameful or negative situation. How can you do that? First understand that every! I repeat EVERY situation that is triggering you to a judging thought, or triggers you in any way, is a call to see something in yourself. Other way you won’t feel anything, but, neutral emotions. Every judgement you think or feel, regardless if you judge the outside or something in you is like a barrier. Now remember shame is similar to fear, it will keep you away from trying, experiencing, living new things. Also will keep you away from special people, or themes... etc. And judgement is the assistant. Because something in you once decided you don’t feel good with that, or in that situation, or with those kind of people.... so you don’t want to repeat that situation. The judgement evolves to prejudices. Anyways in doing so, you also will not evolve, or change points of view or most important, will have a positiv back loop to you brain, that will show you how much things have changed, you have changed, or how strong your prejudices are. That’s the point where you have to be brave, so you can open up for a NEW experience. By letting the past in the past, and not assume you know what will happen, because of the past, you can manage to stay in the present. And most likely you will create a new situation. But for that it’s important to see the past is over, and the future not yet here. And all you see in front of you is an echo of what you have been thinking, feeling, talking until now. Then you have all your power in the present and can shift to an other total new you. When this happens you generate positive back loops to your brain. This will give you more self esteem and confidence, that you’re doin well. Go on Have faith You are limitless. But you have to see that. Then you can experience it! Explore Expand With much love 🙏🏻✨
Here's the thing: 🌠Control is an illusion...and it causes a ton of stress 🎁 Clueless is the gift of stupid...you don't have to know all of the answers AND you couldn't possibly know them all. 💞 Curiosity opens the doors to everything. Ask questions, doubt is OK, this is the door to discovery. 🌼 Have fun with this...let this concept swirl in you. . . . #dailyquote #positivevibes #selflove #mindbodyspirit #selfworth #insideout #makeyourday #raiseyourvibration #makeithappen #liveyourpurpose #yourvision #timetofocus #dreambigger #neversettle #progressnotperfection #thefordinstitute #lindayeazel #lifecoach #sayyestoyou #higherconsciousness #shadowwork
The fastest way to reveal your light is through shadow work #reframingrealityacademy
Need guidance . . Do you need guidance in making life altering decisions for situations that can change your life? Do you want to know if you are making the right business decisions?  Are you concerned with your relationship and where it may be headed? Do you want to know if you should go ahead with this love spell or not? Do you need confirmation to move forward with what you have been thinking about lately? Go to www.euniquedivination.com to schedule your reading today!! . . . . . . . www.euniquedivination.com . . . . . . . . #personalpower #urbanmystikTV  #occult #conjure #metaphysics #Tarotreadersofinstagram  #spirituality #candles #sociallyawkward #chakra #introvert #entrepreneur #euniquedivination #covenofthesacredflame #shadowwork #bruja #halloween #astrology #darkenergy #fixedcandles #urbanmystik #wierdo #lgbt #kombucha #xxxtentacion #hoodoo #starwars #spiritualgangster #trending
👁♐️👁FOLLOW @boundariesarebeautiful 👈👈👈🔯🔯🔯 #mercuryretrograde #venusretrograde ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 🌎 🧠 🌎 "Everything you do right now ripples outward and affects everyone. ••• Your posture can shine your heart or transmit anxiety. ••• Your breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. ••• Your glance can awaken joy. ••• Your words can inspire freedom. ••• Your every act can open hearts and minds." ✨ #DavidDeida ⭕️ 🔳🔳🔳 🌍EXPLORE YOUR EGO // MENTAL SELF AWARENESS IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT:: 🔥http://boundariesarebeautiful.com/ego ➖➖➖🎯 🌍WHO ARE YOU REALLY? ARE YOU BEING CONTROLLED THE LIAR IN YOUR HEAD? 🔥 http://boundariesarebeautiful.com/voiceofknowledge ➖➖➖🎯 🌍BECOME A MENTAL ALCHEMIST! LOOK AT YOURSELF AS A MULTIDIMENSIONAL MIRACLE WHO FEELS AND THEN THINKS. CHOOSE YOUR THOUGHTS. CHOOSE YOUR TRUTH. REWIRE YOUR OWN BRAIN:: 🔥 http://boundariesarebeautiful.com/mentalalchemy 🔻🔻🔻 @suitestpee @selfcareissacred @boundariesarebeautiful ⤴️⤴️⤴️ #selfcareissacred #healingjourney #mindful #mentalhealthrecovery #beherenow
#Repost @iamnataliemiles with @get_repost ・・・ URBAN SPIRITUAL DICTIONARY: We talk about shadow a lot in the spiritual community. About facing your shadow. Doing the work with your shadow. Shadow healing etc. But what is it all about. Facing your shadow is looking at: The emotions you lock away The triggers that you ignore The jealousy and comparison to others The fear The sadness The anger The rage The secrets you don’t want to share The mask you put on in the world . . We all have a shadow. We’re not just “love and light” We have both within us. The shadow is our biggest teacher and we accept, acknowledge and are willing to learn from our shadow it can set us free, bring in abundance, healthier relationships, healthier body, happier mind. It’s learning to pour love onto our shadow. Is there an end game? A result to say you’ve healed your shadow. No. It’s an ongoing process. As we learn. Grow. Evolve. We’re spirit beings who have chosen a human existence to learn. And the shadow is part of that learning and healing. . . . . . #urbanspiritualdictionary #thespiritupgrade #upgrade #spiritual #spirit #spiritualgrowth #spiritualjourney #spiritjunkie #spiritualawakening #lightworker #energy #higherconsciousness #empowerment #highvibes #psychic #psychicmedium #psychicreading #spiritualguidance #intuition #intuitive #higherself #higherconsciousness #awakening #soulpurpose #alignment #shadowwork #shadow #spiritualgangster
The Sun begins its transit Scorpio ♏️{sidereal} today, presenting ideal conditions for deep spiritual practice. The constellation of Scorpio channels the ‘gathering’ energy of Mars which can be intense, forceful, obsessive and introverted, but also intelligent, perceptive and philosophic. How this effects us personally is reflected in our natal charts, but regardless, for the next month the Sun (our will to live our souls purpose) dances with the great energy of Mars (our power to carry out that purpose). In Tarot, Death represents Scorpio as a place of deep transformation, where something must come to an end to make room for the birth of something new. Usually this is an attachment which we put time and energy into: relationships, projects, work, social status, material gain, etc. The key word here is ‘attachment’, for it is the strength of our attachments that create the suffering when it is gone, and prevents us from seeing beyond that specific thing, and who we are in relation to that thing. But transformation can be really exciting and liberating! When we have reached a point where we can no longer evolve in our existing situation, one way or another we are prompted to shed our skin and awaken to new light. ✨✨✨🔥✨✨✨🔥✨✨✨ Occult and spiritual studies, Bhakti Yoga and Anuloma Viloma Pranayama can be beneficial during this time.
The topics of balance and polarities have been popping up a lot in my meditations and readings. : : Balance holds the universe together. We may be shifting away from a duality mindset, but there will still be duality in the universe. Instead, it is our perception of duality that is shifting, not the concept of duality itself. : : Embrace both ends of the spectrum, as both have lessons to teach. : : #shadowwork #fairygodmother #empath #duality
she just wants to be heard for her voice to be accepted. she just wants to be loved for her feelings to be validated. she just wants to be nurtured for her soul to be embraced. she just wants to be her and know that that’s okay. ~ the being within
Whilst it's pleasant to look back fondly and enjoy reliving and pondering our memories . It's neither healthy nor productive to our future if they're the only positive aspect in our life and we're using the past as a retreat from the present. Do we feel that our life is static , in limbo without sight of oppertunities opening up offering a chance to move forward . No , the future seems ' murky ' and just a little to far away to be seen clearly . So rather than attempting to clear away this mist we're allowing it to shroud us , shield us from the present . We're taking refuge in what life was , has been , had been , could have been . Our mind is full of options we missed , changes we resisted which may or may not have been successful had we acted on them. Regrets are brought out and closely examined , occupying us , keeping us busy for just a bit longer . Time never stands still , it moves constantly ever onward and through fear of letting go of the past we resist moving with it. The past is safe because it already happened and consists only of what if's and it's too late for those . Thus they require nothing from us except our thoughts , no need for action. But for how long can we postpone the future ? The past has gone and life won't wait . Now is the time to release these memories , open their ' gilded cage ' and let them out into the Universe . Allow them to be what they really are . Part of our soul's journey. The next part is waiting and the space is needed. Gilded Regrets ....Dark Mirror Oracle. Happy Friday and a wonderful Weekend everyone, love , light , peace and many blessings to you all as always. #darkmirrororacle #letmemoriesgo #shadowwork #dontremaininthepast #forwardmovement #thepastisgone #looktothefuture #clearingspace #acceptthepastandmoveon #cardreadersofinstagram #divinersofinstagram #divinerscommunity #intuitivecardreader #pagansofinstagram #happyfriday #happyweekend #igersderbyshire #lovelightpeaceandblessingstoall
I call upon the sea Teach me The everlasting ebb & flow The pull backward, drawing in Only to move forward again in the next breath The pause between motion The fierceness & quiet power Water finds a way Effortlessly carving paths Moving among things and into places you wouldn’t expect Drawing in anything unrooted Washing it away 🌊 beautiful image via @karimiliya
Unfuck Your Friday Spread. Is there a spread like this, but for my life? Because I could use that! . (Link to the creator in the second image.) . 1. What bullshit do I need to let fucking go of: The Star. I’m moving away from my old understanding of myself and my capabilities. It’s been a difficult couple of years, and although I can’t go back to the person that I used to be before then, I can move forward into someone with more confidence and dreams that go beyond mere survival. . 2. What good shit should I focus on today: The Emperor. Date night! It’s been a long week, and my partner has been an absolute rock through it all. I don’t usually associate them with this card, but my heart starting thudding away when I drew it, and I think they deserve a little appreciation for their support. . 3. What can I do to make this day kick ass: 8 of Blooms/Cups. Let go of the anxiety I feel around my job, and focus on the things that bring me joy and fulfilment. Walk to work through the wood. Enjoy spending time with my tarot. Do some writing. Finish the background research for a project of mine. . 4. How can I treat myself today? Spend time with my family and the people I love. (Also, I will not lie: today is also payday, and I may have purchased something from my wish list. Hello, Antique Anatomy Tarot, I can’t wait to meet you!) . 5. Unconventional advice to unfuck today and make it better: The Hierophant. I’ve found that my thoughts have been in a bit of a rut, and I’ve started a course on shadow work. I hope that, in time, it will lead me to further positive transformation (going back to The Star). . What are your plans to unfuck your Friday? How do you like to prepare for the weekend? . .
Tourmalinated Quartz with lilac Spirit quartz and Black Onyx 🖤
Selfreflection.. . So, I reserve my own intimacies I bundle them up in packages My rawward longing far too visceral Did I just fall in love with love? #suptakurmasana #sleflove #bjorkmusic #tortoisepose #nakedyoga #selfreflection #selfdiscovery #transformation #lightworker #mybodyisatemple #shadowwork #lovemypath #lovemylife #gratefulhart #humbleyourself #nude #bjorklyrics
🖤ʜᴇᴀʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴍᴀs, ʜᴇᴀʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Who is this that you carry along with you, Mamas? Who or what lurks there behind you/inside you? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We must not fear the shadows of ourselves. We cannot contain them anyway; they creep out into every aspect of our lives, especially our parenting. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The next few posts will invite you to look within and face that darkness a bit, particularly in regards to how it affects your mothering. You can do as much or as little with this as you’d like and at your own pace, and you’re welcome to simply observe if nothing else. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But it’s US who must begin the work NOW. If we don’t, we gift our darkness to our Wildlings. So let’s work together to heal. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #healthemamashealtheworld ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In support and solidarity, xx Lee 💛 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ artist: unknown (tag please!) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #heal #shadowwork #healthemamas #healtheworld #dothework #facethedarkness #asabovesobelow #wearelight #wecarrydarkness #trauma #childhood #itsourduty #itsourrighttoheal #healing #thewildmamas #wildmamatribe
Es un clásico meter toda nuestra sombra y todos nuestros defectos en una bolsa de basura negra y lanzarla fuera, y decir que viene de fuera. Aún así no hay que olvidar que No todo lo que nos pasa lo atraemos nosotros. Somos seres (sociales) vibracionales creando una realidad común. Pero por otro lado somos creadores independientes, de manera que una vez uno toma la conciencia de su propio Dios interno puede empezar a crear su propia realidad sin dejar que la co-crecaión común influya en su nueva y mejorada (o empeorada) realidad. El primer paso es tomar conciencia. Imagen creada por @holistic.breather .
The ego is a funny creature. . Its number one, full-time job is to keep us safe. . But it's pretty dysfunctional at doing so. . Like the overbearing parent who keeps their child wrapped in cotton wool, not letting them experience any kind of risk, telling them stories and lies about other kids in order to keep them limited. . My ego resisted for years. In fact, it still does. But now I can feel when it resists. And I know it's time to ignore it. . The biggest reason I've experienced that people fail to become mindful, fail to create a meditative practice is the ego. . It says "this is stupid" and "you're wasting your time". Mine says it to me regularly. Almost every morning, in fact. . But I ignore the voice of the ego and trust the process. And the amount of abundance, opportunity, joy, peace and love that's opening up to me every day makes it worth every ounce of that trust. . #HigherConsciousness #InnerWork #ShadowWork #BeYourBestSelf #LiveLikeYouMeanIt #Mindfulness #IntentionalLiving #Addiction #Recovery #BestPartOfYourLife #Habits
An important part of the mastery involved in running a business is your ability to balance purpose with connection. It’s so easy to get into workaholic mode and neglect family and loved ones. You have messages to write and reply to, visions to create, emails to send, and all the things to do on your master list. It is so easy to lose track of time when you’re working on something, especially when you have a deadline. So: • Schedule quality time with loved ones without distraction (i.e. mobile) • Use meditation techniques to resolve the mind to redirect the energy to your purpose! • Stick to a finishing work at a certain time, and stick to it! • Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but balance this with reciprocity • Set healthy boundaries for yourself and others to promote healthy relationships and communication • Stop being a ‘yes’ girl where actually, you want to say no! All these pointers will help start creating a healthy and authentic support community, whether with friends and family, where you support each other to grow into your full Mastery and Purpose! If you missed out this time round, stay-tuned for the Mastery & Purpose online course, launching early 2019. click link in todays story to be notified!
~✨CEREMONIAL CACAO LIGHT✨~ I’m drinking the light version of ceremonial cacao more as the first thing in the morning after I’ve been fasting all Night☕️💕🍂 I will not do it as much anymore as the last weeks, ‘cause it doesn’t feel necesarry anymore. But why drink it in the morning in the first place, you might ask? 1. It tastes good and I love a nice cup of hot chocolate/ cacao 🤷🏻‍♀️🙈😍 2. It helps me as a hsp, empath and spiritual catalyst to open up and tune into my heart in a way, where the process of change feels faster and deeper, so my overall day feel a little lighter in some way. This can happen without the cacao - very important to know. But in the beginning I didn’t understand why some people drank it almost daily. I thought it was too much and actually judged them ... but then I tried a light version one morning and did a little ceremony for my self. It has helped me eversince during this period where I’m shredding the biggest and deepest layers, which have been hintering me in feeling myself and finding out who I am. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I have found that the days where I had the cacao (even without the ceremonies) that I have felt lighter overall and easier got to the roots. The last couple of weeks have been with so much change and stress and I have felt like things were falling apart inside of me - which they are, I’m shredding deep layers and they need to crack open before I can shred them off, ouch! - and this has helped this process. Continue in the comments 👇 #selfcare #loveyourself #ceremonialcacao #spiritualawekening #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #empath #healing #shadowwork #innerchildwork #letthyfoodbethymedicine #intuitivehealer #myspiritualpath #meditation #authenticity #lightworker #modernwitch #priestess
Making shapes - The pearl is in the oyster. And the oyster is at the bottom of the sea - dive deep - Kabir #makingshapes #movement #shadowwork #heartchakra #expansion #bendingintolife #cleaning #connection #stability
My muse,Mukhtara! Mukhtara has been working as a househelp for me for the last 5 years. My daughter noticed her unconventional looks a few months back and when I started Rooh,I knew,she was going to be my model. In this picture, Mukhtara wears a white cotton kurta with shadow work,which has lemon yellow border around the neck,sleeves and at the bottom,paired with white lose pyjama and a net chikankari dupatta. Flowers in the hair, traditional earings, golden Kohlapuri chappals and lose hair gives this entire look a very classy feel. These kurtas are available with five different coloured borders. . . . #tradionalembroidery #indianhandicrafts #chikankariwork #lucknowchikankari #lucknowiandaaz #styling #classicbeauty #unconventionalbeauty #indiandresses #whitekurta #shadowwork #artisan #awadhart #needleworkers #ilovelucknow #bringachange #breakthemyths #breakstereotypes
🌙 Mhmmmmmmmm. Repost @samantha.king.holmes 💖
🌓 THE FIRST THOUGHT God thought: what is it like to not be the Supreme Energy, the Unmoved Mover, the Whole One, to be Gaia? And in that instance of First Thought, creation or what the scientist call the Big Bang unfolded. First Thought was the imagining of God-energy as individualized dream aspects that we call multiverses and us. First Thought was the moment of the matrix-birthing, of time and space continuum as constructs and different vibrations of framework system. First Thought was this framework, where we all forgot that we are God and that we are one thing. First Thought was and is infinitely happening and so the grand truth is we are just God's thoughts. First Thought is us today in this matrix framework where we are feel and believe quite intensely that this projected dream of God is reality and that the imaginings within God's dream our lives. First Thought is by design. To experiment, explore and evolve the potentiality of God energy, that which is perfection and that which in the intrinsic essence actually has no need for evolution, and so by design, it is for grand adventure and fun. When we understand First Thought, we understand the interconnected of us to the multiverses and each other. We can move to remembering that it is just imaginings and that we are ever God, an unshakeable, unfaltering, ever-present, ever-loving one ancient intelligence and pure love. May we ever move ourselves to this freeing perception of reality. We are First Thought. We are the Whole One, always!
Accepting My Thoughts. That’s the goal for day 15 of #TheNovemberTarot #BeingMeChallenge by @lionharts. 🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ VI of Pentacles: I accept that my abundance is a product of symbiosis. I give to those I love what I’m able, when I’m able, because I want to. They’re just as generous with me. I’m not too greedy to go without for the sake of another. I’m not too proud to accept help or generosity when offered it. We work best as teams, as communities of support. I value my circle. My circle is my life. 🖤 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #wildunknowntarot #tarot #tarotreading #tarotcommunity #tarottribe #tarotreadersofinstagram #taroteverydamnday #dailytarot #gay #instagay #queertarot #queertarotreadersofinstagram #witch #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #quartz #moonstone #amphibolequartz #honeycalcite #celestite #goldenhealerquartz #symbiotic #lightworker #shadowwork #spiritual #awakening #thursdaythoughts #tarotgram
#Mercury retrograde is upon us...Be #mindful stay #grounded , set #boundaries and protect your #peace#shadowwork
Opening night of "The White Road" was yesterday. Excited for the rest of the run! #actor #thewhiteroad #london #londontheatre #neilgaiman #devised #creative #shadows #shadowwork #fightchoreography #fights #performance #adventure
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