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Birthing Free - The Forgotten Ritual - Part 1/3 This was a shamanic journey, my medicine not plants, but pain. I was ignited within, as I lit each candle in my blackened cave. The Icaros singing through me, guiding my labour, my body moving the waves of pain with its rhythm. Time disappeared, as the intensity of the energy began purging everything from my body. Every belief and every idea that I held of myself, gone. Till all that was left was something primitive, forgotten...but not lost. The wild woman.... the purging did not cease, until you made your descent, reminding me that there was no escape, no going back to the maiden self, gentle and so naive. Not capable of facing her fears without transformation, the emergence of the fierce jaguar within. As the jaguar roared I felt her slip away, a tear rolling down my face... I was forever changed. All fears must be faced. I was experiencing death, and the shift from resistance to acceptance pulled me into the underworld. Separated from my body, as she bent my understanding of reality, my mind; bending to the pain. Together we sank into the earth. Through the mothers soil, past her molten rock, until there I was; an echo in the deep, deep, dark. Nothing and everything, all at once. The centre point of a black hole. Though I was not lost, I was not scared, the perceived promise of you always calling me forward. But the ever increasing pain engulfed me for what felt like an eternity. A distant voice always repeating “you are stronger than you know”. Your soul may have come from the stars baby, but your body was born of fire. A fire that I would walk through again and again to bring you back with me. You were Forged by an ancient power that runs through us all; it is Creation itself. The golden ratio, a vortex of energy, gaining momentum as my hips spiralled themselves. The water surrounding me transformed into liquid love and became my only relief. It is true, that the darkest hour is right before the dawn, because as first light broke, I found you. With the Opening of the gate of bones, you began your descent. I felt the true meaning of expansion, in awe of my bodies wisdom....
Retreat time! Shamanic mentorship students have gathered together in WNC for this special equinox retreat.
I have a new private group on Facebook called Shamanic Soul Circle with Luisa Kolker. I’ll be offering a free mini-ceremony there via Facebook live video tomorrow at 9 am US Mountain Time. Autumn equinox signals the end of the current cycle of outward growth and prepares us energetically and spiritually for a rich, inward season of soul growth. Our willingness to journey to the roots of our being is a measure of our willingness to embrace the beauty, complexity, and mystery that is life itself. #autumnequinox #soulgrowth #shamanichealing #santafeshamanatrix #ceremony
“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” -John Muir • Whether the wild overgrowth in your mind or the natural landscape upon millennia of terrain, the way to access the wisdom you seek is always through: darkness forgotten spaces. sacred portals under twisted shapes and trusting outstretched limbs. Go there and there you will be • If you’re curious about connecting deeper with the Universe, nature, your birthright, check out the ✨Soul Medicine Journey in the Highlights✨ offering closes Monday morning. #bebrave #wildandfree #naturetherapy #meditation #sacredspace #mountain #shamanichealing #shadowwork #acim #muirwoods #johnmuir #naturalhealing #sacredselfhealing #unityconsciousness
Wild flowers for your day! Join my shamanic Journeying seminar on the full moon ! The 24th of September! We will be hanging out in zoom meetings together ! We will talk about the different ways to facilitate different states of journey for others , understanding the journey for yourself and experience a real life journey into the earth! We will be connecting on the earth consciousness grid! 25$ usd to learn how to be certified in shamanic Journeying ! One day crash course . 2-3 hours long. One on one work and group communication circles . It’s going to be SO good! So get your butt signed up if you haven’t already . Right after the autumn Equinox ! So much yay! Sending love to all of you as a - part of me !
"You Stink!" I have been trying to get a lot done! I'm not very quick until it's time. It doesn't matter if I feel like it's time. I get very annoyed very quickly when waiting. I try and keep to myself because my thoughts are loud when I'm not sitting still and breathing slowly. I'm having so much trouble talking because of miscommunications of motivations and intent. I keep stopping people because there is some data I don't get and it just feels like I'm an interruption, but it also feels relevant. I can't keep track of two universes colliding. It feels like we are on the same page but then we aren't and it's apparent that we weren't. I often think of being and feel like I am locked in a room locked in a helmet that only lets in amplified noise and light through a 250x microscope. I'm on the phone trying describe where I am by the details in the room. I think I am in a home. I start describing homelike things. (These fibers and these colors and shapes make a couch and there is a door shape, very smooth here and it's oak. Please come get me!) Other people on the phone describe that they are in the same room with me. But the details are off. We are fumbling for each other. I keep saying, "Wait! We aren't in the same room!" And they describe the room. But, they can't see the details and I can't see anything else. I say "I think we are just on the phone in our rooms in the same hotel." I keep getting told I'm foolish and that we just see things differently. I say "Then come touch what I'm touching and come find me!" That's about when they lose interest in talking to me. Then comes frustration and bad self talk. I tell myself "Well You Stink!". And just then, this little guy wandered up. Through this insanity, I smile and picture the bug saying to me "Me, too! I've been looking for you!". And it didn't even notice my old cigarette self burn scar. 🤓 That's what this community does for me. Reminds me to bring your eyes with me. And I'll bring my voice back to tell you what we saw. 😃Thanks everybody! 😁
Breath deep and dream big! Friday night breathwork! 6pm- 7.30pm Would love to see you there!
Between two #gurus and amazing men of their #mission ✌️ Christian Rätsch - the author of “Plants of Love”, “Plants of the Gods”, “The Dictionary of Sacred and Magical Plants” etc., The President of Germany’s #etnomedicine Association 🌿and Juris Batņa - the Founder of Latvian “Pirts Skola” - the Guru of our ancient plants’ and sauna healing tradition, psychologist, the man of tremendous knowledge and power 💫How lucky and honored I am 🙏😌 #dievuaugi #sacredplants #ancientknowledge #shamanichealing #traditions #culturalheritage
This is happening in about a weeks time.i feel very excited and blessed to share this work #shamanichealing #healing #spiritled #naturemovesme #journey #folkestone
The practice of surrender and stillness helps you to listen to your soul. While sinking your feet into the earth of your heart. Distractions and static only take you further away from who you are, creating a separation from the heart & Soul. Remember the language of the soul. Spiritual presence is awake now within all of us. In peace of activating and initiating your soul’s destiny in the here and now. 🕊 All is well with boundless love. : #spiritual #love #rememberingwhoyouare #becomingunstuck #soulexpression #eddiemullins #sacredspace #shamanichealing #meditation
When you open your divine spiritual presence to exploring your own relationship with God or is-NESS as a part of the universal sacred oneness, and experience the one looking through, you activate your own inner spirit on your terms. God is not controlling the experience, God is the consciousness of boundless divine love as a frequency in and through the experience. The one looking through is the one who is in charge of your destiny and that ‘ONE’ is you. God is an intelligence, creator and frequency of an infinite love life force through your experience; no more and no less. Infinite love & grace, Eddie #Spiritual #UniversalGod #infinitelove #soul #shamanicwisdom #shamanichealing #sacredgeometry #peace #sacredspace #languageoflove #destiny #God #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #divinechild
Let’s get to know each other more on Instagram! Comment below and introduce yourself as apart of this tribe ! Community connections right here right now. Make sure to leave a message for the person who comments above you, before you make your introduction, so we can communicate together as one ☝️
Every parent wants their child to grow up feeling confident in who they are, and to have a positive self-image. But did you realize that the results we get in our life are actually limited by the self-image we have of ourselves? That means that we can never outperform our self-image. In other words, the results that we see in our lives are dictated by the thoughts we have of our self. Dr. Maxwell Maltz writes a lot about this in his famous book, "Psycho-Cybernetics". He writes that people can experience "dramatic changes in personality, health, and apparently even basic abilities and talents" when they improve their self-image. Now that is an amazing statement. Think about yourself and your child - how this simple concept of helping them improve their self-image can actually change their life for the better, regardless of any challenges they may experience from autism or ADHD. The way to improve your child's self-image is to help them change their negative thoughts about themselves to more positive ones. This is the basic premise, which seems so simple, but people don't typically apply it consistently to all their limiting beliefs. How can you help your child improve their self-image? Be a detective and start to better understand what limiting beliefs your child holds about themselves and what they can accomplish. Then plant a new idea in their mind to squash that limiting belief. To learn more on how to help your child thrive, watch Golden Healings free online workshop. FREE workshop *link in bio* #goldenhealings #autism #energyhealing #holistic #energymedicine #shamanichealing #aspergers #adhd #energy #naturallyhealautism #naturallyhealadhd #sensitivechild #sensitivechildren
✨Using your own VOICE to heal✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The things we consistently talk about and the vibration we are in (how we feel) while we talk about them are how we are experiencing our life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ You can use your voice to heal yourself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✨By bringing more awareness to the words you are saying. What are you energizing with your voice. Who are you saying that you are? ✨By ACTUALLY giving yourself the space to express that energy with the INTENTION of letting it go, not to reinforce it as your reality. ✨When you feel stuck, locating where that energy is in your physical body, and allowing it to move out of your field with your own voice ✨By affirming out loud who you believe yourself to be. “I am in my full authentic power and embodying my highest self.” Then watch where the things NOT in alignment with that show up. That’s where the work is. Affirmations work only when we work with them. ✨SINGING. Singing noticeably drops us from our head into our throat via the throat chakra. It’s a path towards embodiment and more fully opening the heart. When we open our heart, all those un-loved places come forward so we can love them back into wholeness. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I fully believe in the power of our voices to heal and shift the vibration of our planet. You can find singing and voice work in ALL of the priestess lineages. Those magical women (us 🙌🏻) used the power of their voices to heal themselves and others, to create, and to connect. It. Works. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Try it with me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Where do you feel contracted? Breath into that space. Drop in.. deep. And then MOVE it out of your body with your voice. Repeat. Until you feel the energy shift. Then fill that space with words that feel aligned with your spirit. Breath Spirit into all those spaces. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Let me know what magic comes from that! ✨🙏🏼🌿 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: picture from the last @mypathfest ! I can’t wait to be back on the farm channeling spirit and holding space for us all the become more embodied with our holy voices! . . . . . #soundhealer #priestess #medicinewoman
We hold space for you to discover, transform, heal. Green Star Wellness is a safe sanctuary for real, deep and sustainable change for your body, mind and spirit. . . . #greenstarwellness #weholdspace #selfcare #selflove #discovery #transform #heal #newyorkshaman #shamanichealing #colonhydrotherapy #lymphaticdrainage #sacred #sanctuary #5thave #qflatiron
"The space or gap between the drum beats, the sacred geometry, becomes the vehicle for the spoken prayer to ride on out to the creator "... 🥁🙌🏼💫 When I drum, I channel the Spirit of my Cherokee Ancestors, connecting me with my roots, Mother Earth, and Father Sky...🌌 I am able to become a vessel, to share this healing through sound, and deliver these messages, for those who they're meant for... Each time the energy, wisdom and healing, are different... I never know what will come through.. 🙌🏼💫 This Sunday from 5:30-7 PM @sanctum.la I will be calling on these Ancestral energies, to bring in a deep Grounding, Healing, and Protection, for all who are called to be there..😊 If you feel called, I would love to share this Workshop with you.. The event info link is in my Bio..📲 Much love and light to you all!🤗💖💕
I recently felt a joyful activation. It’s been years since I have felt this joyful, playful, and goofy on my own. I used to have to rely on my husband to make me laugh and not be so serious. I have under gone several shamanic healing treatments that that have focused on healing the the little girl inside me. And I have been praying and meditating daily, listening to light language activations and isochronic tones. All this I believe has lead me to unlocking my bliss and joyful presence. Each time I am in a joyful state, I feel that magnetic attraction from the Universe. My joy becomes infectious and it pulls others into my frequency. Today’s message is to Laugh, giggle and enjoy every breathe you have and it in turn will bring more joy and bliss into your life. #theUNIVERSEhasYOURback #dailymessage #bringYOURownJOY #manifestloveandlight #raiseyourvibration #curandera #divinefeminine #positivevibes #shamanichealing #medicinewomanrising #spreadloveandlight #lightlanguage #ischronicmusic #joy #happinessisachoice #laughasmuchasyoucan #lightworker #healer #empath #twinflamehealing #oneness #soulwork #soumission #healtheworld #gaia
🌿 My brave light warriors, today I continue with my inner journeys by setting the intention to be taken to a place of healing again. A place of Light 🦋 Silly me, and I say this with love in my heart, I didn't want to come to a dark and smoky place again.. . . 🕊 . . This time, this beautiful image came to greet me. I centered myself and closed my eyes. I found myself again at an art gallery, and this image was a painting on the wall, magnificent. I walked to cross through it, but instead it opened as a door. I entered. I was in the same dark, smoky place than yesterday 😊 This time I was drawn to walk in the opposite direction, which I did. A few steps away from where I came I saw mountains in the distance and a group of Native American Elders sitting by a small fire. I was invited to sit with them. When I sat I became a little girl. I was holding a little stuffed animal in my hand. One of the Elders placed some sort of mat on my legs and then some objects I couldn't quite see. . . 🔥 . . This journey is difficult for me to organize into words. First, there was a lot going on and it was not always in a coherent, linear way. I found myself back and forth between this world and the world at the other side of the doorway. And second, I didn't feel quite focused and centered. Different images and intentions shook my focus. But my journey was strong nonetheless. I met a young and wise Native American warrior, a gorgeous man by the way, who spoke to me and showed me a SACRIFICE I have made in the past. We sometimes cannot foresee the consequences of the sacrifices we make, and I definitely didn't know that was JOY what I had sacrificed. I understood very well where it was coming from... . . 🦃 . . The word 🌼 J O Y 🌼 keeps coming back in my life these days. It seems. Insistently. This message is not something to take lightly. I intend to keep it with me... The image in the card, just by looking softly at it, told me so much as well... I will use what I learned in my daily life.. Thank you, Great Spirit for the wisdom, the abundance and the fire. . . 🐦 . . 🦋🦋🦋
Eek!! I am BEYOND EXCITED for this weekend!! 🔥🔥🔥 I am heading to magical Sedona with my friend Bobbie Jo for the #warriorgoddessretreat with @heatherashamara at the amazing #sedonamagoretreat center. Big shifts are coming I can feel it in my bones! #setintentions #firewalk #shamanichealing #believeinmagic #trusttheprocess #expectgreatthings #spiritualguidance #sisterhood #immersion #soulwork #soulpreneur
Meet the Earth Protectors: Here is who was featured today on the Green all Over Summit!! Still time to sign up for tomorrow (summit held 9.21.18-9.30.18) https://www.thepathofix.com/summits. Maritza Moreno Like most healers there is a moment in a person's life when their whole lives change and they have no choice, but to move into their destiny. Maritza is no different. After getting sick she was visited by an angel and she knew she was being called to do this work. For the past six years Maritza has been following guidance to become a master, Galactic and Light Language Channel, studying Aka Dua, Energy Medium, Theta Healing, Reiki healing and mirroring work of other healers. As she feels their energy she can mimike and duplicate what is being done which gives her the ability to do something different for each client which also includes her connection to spirit through channeling, working with plant medicine, herbs, Native American drumming and healing, working with Mother Earth, the elements and grid lines. Right now she is getting her masters in psychology to bring all of the healing work together, body, mind a spirit. @sacredmedicineteachings333 #shamanichealing #returnofthesacred #lakota #zerowaste #shaman #crystals #crystalhealing #disney #secondlife #elementalearthprotectors join us for tomorrow https://www.thepathofix.com/summits
Cypress // Sentinel of boundaries. Opener of hearts. Liminal lover. Mistress of many veils. She stands between, holding portals open, proof of the potential outcomes, protector of your soft growth and fertile decay. Equinox Medicine. Join us tomorrow for ceremony and energy healing to honor the sacred balance between spaces. You can register with $20 to the link in the bio. I will send the link for the online event by 10am Central tomorrow. Live event is at 11am. Recording is active for 24 hours. #equinoxceremony #fallequinox #betweenworlds #shamanichealing #witchwork #cypress
Chlorite phantom quartz ✨ A phantom marking is created when crystal growth is paused and then resumed at a later time. Often when the crystal pauses growth, minerals such as hematite or chlorite cover the outside of the crystal point and create a phantom marking. These markings give a glimpse into the crystal's past, a pleasant little piece of geological history sat on my fingertips 🙂 Chlorite phantom crystals are powerful physical healers that assist in achieving balance, health and realignment of our vibrational and physical aspects. They can aid in connecting us to healing guides and to the earth. Through meditation they can help us to journey within to find the source of physical ailments. They are thought to support cell function and regeneration and believed to help regulate cell growth and mutation. A powerful protection piece against radiation. This stunning piece is available to anyone feeling its pull 💚 . . #chlorite #chloritephantomquartz #phantomquartz #crystalhealing #crytalenergy #crystalsforsale #crystalsofig #naturalhealing #gemstones #minerals #shamanichealing #crystals #protectionstone #meditationaid #quartzcrystal #quartz
Autumn Equinox Sonic Calibration Tonight! : Gold Hill Kiva 7pm *** Each shift of the season carries it's own energies and forces. We take the time to pray in accordance with the Celtic Wheel of the Year and call in our Ancestors and Guides to Calibrate us within the conduit of Sound and Alchemy. *** September 21st, 2018 is the culmination of a powerful Summer, Eclipse Season, Lion's Gate Portal and so much more. Take stock of all of the work you have done in this year so far. What are you harvesting, honoring, and grateful for? Take the time to give gratitude to the great mystery of Life and the Love that you weave. *** This Sound Chamber, the Gold Hill Kiva, is a potent place for prayer and healing. Created for this very purpose, you can experience deep and profound shifts in this handmade container that has held endless prayers, ceremonies, and meditations. *** #sonicpriestess #divinesinging #soundchamber #kiva #shamanichealing #soundhealing #meditation #healing #soundbath #healingsounds #vibration #spirituality #soundmeditation #soundtherapy #bodysoulmind #chakrasystem #energyfields #expandedconsciousness #singingbowl #sacredgeometry #dnaactivation #pastlives #vibrationalmedicine #soundjourney
Hello beautiful souls! I am very excited to announce this new service that I am gonna be offering!! I am opening my very first VIP spot. This service is tailored for ✨businesses and entrepreneurs, who would love to take their business to a completely new level ✨businesses and entrepreneurs who want to change a direction in their business ✨People who would like to start their business, but not sure what type of business will be aligned with their energy It is 6 months commitment, during this time we gonna work on ✨rescribing your business book and recreating your new future ✨clearing any negative energy around your business ✨healing you as an individual and healing your business as an organisation ✨your intuitive abilities ✨clearing low integrity guides ✨business strategy, marketing, creating programs, that will be most aligned with your purpose, your vision and your mission!! I am opening just one spot in this introductory price of $5400 (payment options are available) Message me if you are interested and I can channel if this is the right program for you! #Promothursday Elitsa, Shamanic Business Healer and Mentor #businessmentor #psychicmentor #success #spiritualentrepreneur #shift #grow #shamanichealer #shamanichealing #healyourbusiness
Regrann from @otterwomanstanding - We are the seed from which all our experiences grow. We each have the power to create our lives with every thought, every choice and every breath. It is how we nurture and care for the seed that determines the outcome. Blessings. ~ Robbie, Otter Woman Standing #otterwomanstanding #practicalshamanisn #shamanichealing
We have been in the fire of summer and now we get to take harvest of what wants to be integrated, and what is ready to be composted and offered back to the Earth. . . It is a time of reflection and gathering, a time to pause and prepare. The leaves start to change, the morning air giving hints of what is to come. . . What are you ready to put down? To unburden? To let go of? . . The Earths cycles support and mirror the cycles of the soul. There is magic to be found in crunchy dying leaves and crisp cool air.
Even if you teleport to another galaxy, even if you become “enlightened,” the earth is always in you and with you. The earth is my body and my home. We are one another. #earthismybody #shamanichealing #lovetheearth #santafeshamanatrix
Unlike my father, I’ve never been a good illustrator, but somehow the Cypress tree and the Germanic ancestors I met inside it during one of yesterday’s Divination and Journeywork Sessions made its way into my morning pages today. Their insistence on this specific plant spirit as directly connected to her medicine in this lifetime was unexpected and exciting, like introducing someone to an old close friend of theirs they’d never met. What she cultivates in this relationship will serve us all. “Shamanism: Love Happens Here.”
Mircea Eliade - The Epilogue to "Shamanism": “The shamanic ‘miracles’ not only confirm and reinforce the patterns of the traditional religion, they also stimulate and feed the imagination, demolish the barriers between dream and present reality, open windows upon worlds inhabited by the gods, the deads, and the spirits. These few remarks on the cultural creations made possible or stimulated by the experiences of shamans must suffice. A thorough study of them would exceed the limits of this work. What a magnificent book remains to be written on the ecstatic ‘sources’ of epic and lyric poetry, on the prehistory of dramatic spectacles, and, in general, on the fabulous worlds discovered, explored, and described by the ancient shamans.” #shamansjourney #shamanichealing #shamanichealer #ancientwisdom #shamandrum #energymedicine #alternativehealth #spiritmedicine #soulhealth #mirceaeliade
Happy Autumn Equinox! The winds of change are blowing, autumn is on its way, time for the last of this years celebrations, harvesting all our hard work this year, enjoying a short rest before we collect and take stock for the long darkness of winter. I used to find great anxiety at this time of the year, dreading the darkness, but I have come to worship this dark time, a time of deep inner work and contemplation, a time of burrowing down with loved ones and comfort food. The dark isn’t always a bad thing, read more on my new blog, link in bio. If you have any anxieties that are bubbling up during this time, I am available for 121 healing sessions and online readings Monday -Thursday at 13:00 pm me for more info or to book an appointment x
The NEW soap stones are a success!!! Amazing Hemp Seed Soap in the shape of a stone!! 🗿 . Love yourself, love your skin Available now @olsuss . . . . . #soapstone #stones #hempseedoil #blacksoap #handmadesoaps #skinandsoul #holistichealing #shamanichealing #loveyourskin #bathroomdecor #interiordesign
Happy International Day of Peace, Friends! . Today, I invite you to do something that brings you peace. Whether that is meditation, yoga, prayer, reading a poem, listening to music, walking in nature, or something else...give yourself the gift of taking time to create and cultivate inner peace, which creates outer peace. . . Here are a few of favorite quotes for inspiration: . “When you see Spirit in everything, peace is at hand.” ~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie . “Let there be peace on Earth. Let it begin with me.” ~ Jill Jackson Miller . “We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.” ~ Dalai Lama . Wishing you a peaceful and joyous day. . . #peace #internationaldayofpeace #peacemaker #innerpeace #cultivatepeace #innerpeace #peaceonearth #peacebeginswithme #givepeaceachance #healing #healingenergy #healingtheheart #energyhealer #energyhealing #reikihealer #reiki #reikihealing #shamanism #shamanichealer #shamanichealing #shamanicsoul #shamanicsoulcenter
On the reverse side of this card- can you feel what it is? INTUITION EXERCISE 🔮 . . Focus on the card; what you see, hear, feel, taste, know. Channel the vibrations from this card to your psyche. . . There is no right or wrong on how to generate communication with inanimate objects. The sensory is already out there in the Universe, you just have to snatch it from the wave lengths! . . So take a few deep breaths. Think about the reverse side of this card and any images, words, colors, sounds etc that come to mind. . . Post below what you come up with. Take your time! The reveal will be at 2pm EST. 🔮
SNAKE MEDICINE JOURNEY: does sachamama call you? The two headed serpent is the Mother Spirit of the Forest, calling you awake through the space of initiation and introspection 🍃 She may feel like a suffocating of the Soul, physical pain and trauma or an exacerbated Spirit, ready to leave behind the stories of the past and step into a new skin 🍃 SWIPE FOR DETAILS 🍃 Join me and fellow travelers who are walking the medicine path to invite ancient wisdom into your heart and evolve with sacred practice, community and teachings that apply into your everyday world. 🍃 Harmonize with the energies of the Earth as you experience a digital journey to guide you through the South node of the medicine wheel in Andean teachings. Learn with integrated astrology, herbalism, movement medicine, shamanic healing and vision work to dream your life into a new state of being and end the year with emergence into your most evolved self • Includes 🍃6 live (+recorded classes) 🍃Ritual, Meditation + Movement Medicine 🍃guidebook + beautiful monthly .pdfs 🍃herbal allies 🍃healing recipes 🍃digital practicum 💚Bonus: spiritual book club co-requisite exclusive exercises • This is not like other “courses” it is part of a larger picture, schooling for your self creation • GET ONE MONTH FREE • Click the link @theliftedheart to learn more and enter 🐍SNAKE33🐍 at checkout to get ONE MONTH FREE • Medicina Del Alma (Soul Medicine) Digital Journeys are 3 month courses of comprehensive teachings, community and alliance with Spiritual teachings. DM me for curiosities! #shamanichealing #snakemedicine #soulhealing #soulretrieval #shamanicdrumming #shamanichealing #dreamwork #visionboard #sacredselfhealing #medicinepath #medicinewoman #lightworkers #unityconsciousness #elevate
Come and get a cleansing with my Indio. He has presented himself to me by two qualified Mediums, @gingerquinlan @soulshineboxes @lingarza1 and came to me in a dream where he only showed his entire back side, and when I woke from this dream I was filled with an awesome feeling of his strength and power. I’m not sure I could have taken in seeing his entire presence. You will be cleaned with tobacco smoke, Hawk, Raven, or Owl - and whatever else he says you may need. BODY SOUL ENERGY. Bodywork. Earth medicine. Private yoga with @practiceyogawithjoy. #shamanichealing #bodywork #spiritguides #deer #owl #raven #hawk #curandero #spiritualcleansing #sanantonio
I woke up early this morning with so many thoughts going through my head. I am leading the first Sacred Soul Circle Workshop this weekend starting tonight. It’s so exciting and it brings back a lot of memories from my shamanic training. It was in 2012 that I found out a renowned shaman was coming to our little town to do an introductory shamanic workshop. I somehow won my participation through a local raffle.;) ✨✨✨ People gathered from all over the country for this event. I remember feeling like an outcast. I wasn’t sure if I belonged and tried to make myself invisible as our shaman went around the circle with his Condor feather. He stopped in front of me of course and pressed the feather to my chest. Do you feel the power of the lineage? I can’t remember his exact words but he insinuated that I may have stumbled upon my heart path. I must admit that I did not feel anything other than embarrassed in that moment.:) I had a very vague sense of who I was. The floodgates opened after that and I wept for most of the workshop as many of my ego illusions crumbled. My teacher knew what he was doing when he called me out that night. ✨✨✨ I studied Peruvian shamanism for several years and it somehow became an essential part of my healing work. A desire grew to facilitate gatherings to help guide other seekers and now it’s become a reality. I am humbled and extremely grateful to meet my first group of amazing women tonight. Thank you @jessika_jacob_artist and Toni Benevento @awkwardharma for lending your gifts and support to the event. I couldn’t be in better company. ❤️ #soulgardencompanion . . #tarotreadings #soulgardencompanion #zioncanyon #holistichealth #spirituality #energyhealing #spiritualworkshops #victorialagerstrom #mentoring #shamanichealing #intuitivereadings   #wildsoul #healingthesoul
4 GÜNLÜK SONBAHAR EKİNOKSU ve DOLUNAY ENERJİLERİ ile KENDİMİZE YOLCULUK ÇALIŞMASI Çalışmamız katılmak isteyen herkese bütünün en yüce iyiliği için sevgiyle şifa ve katkı olması niyetiyle hediyedir. Yarın yani 23.09.2018 de Sabaha karşı saat 04:54 Ekinoks , 25.09.2018 de Türkiye saati ile 05:54'de Dolunay gerçekleşecek. Ekinoksta, gece ve gündüz eşitlenirken, Kuzey yarımkürede Sonbahar başlarken , Güney Yarım kürede İlk Bahar başlar. Ekinoks ve Dolunayın birbiri ardına olması tesadüf değil. Böylesi zamanlarda gökyüzü yanılsamalarımızı görmemiz için içimizde doğuştan varolan mükemmel dengeyi seçmemize destek olmakta. Kainattaki gece ve gündüzün eşitlenmesi gibi bizlerde kendi içimizde ki sahip olduğumuz yaşamlarımıza ve dünyaya yansıttığımız karanlık ve ışık yönlerimizi dengelemeye itiliyoruz. Çünkü Evren ve Yaratıcısı; Yeniden Doğuş Zamanı Şimdi.Dünya hazır. Sen Yeni bir Şarkı söylemek için ve Yaradılışın Yeni Spirallerini aktive etmeye hazır mısın? diye soruyor. Eğer hazırsanız ve çalışmaya katılmaya gönüllüyseniz Kendimize Yolculuk adlı bu özel çalışmamıza izin verenleri bekleriz. bu çalışmalar arınmaya yönelik olduğundan SADECE KENDİNİZ için niyet edebilirsiniz, birde 18 yaşından küçük çocuklarınız için. Erişkinlerin kendi özgür iradeleri ile izin vermesi gerekir, adına sizler izin veremezsiniz😇 Saat ve niyetleri ayrıca paylaşacağız. Nasıl olacak çalışma 1. gün Yarın (22.09.2018) den Niyet Aktivasyonu çalışması yaparak Evrene niyetimizi sunacağız, sinerji yaratarak beraberce hepimiz birbirimizi güçlendireceğiz. Herkesin frekansı bizler tarafından çalışma saatinde olması gereken en yüksek seviyeye dengelenecek. Uyanık olmanız önemli. 2. gün (23.09.2018) EKİNOKS ile Eril-Dişil ve Element Dengesi çalışması yapacağız. 3. gün (24.09.2018) de yine Niyet Aktivasyonu 4. gün (25.09.2018) de Dolunay Dönüşüm Çalışması Şimdiden katılacak herkesin ve bütünün hayrına sevgiyle ışık ve katkı olsun🙏Bireysel seans, rehberlik, danışmanlık, canlı okuma ve randevu için mesajla veya DM ile ulaşabilirsiniz.✨💞✨🐬🦄 #SevgiIşıkRuh #SIR #dolunay #ekinoks #fullmoon #equinoks #şamanikşifa #kozmikkalpbağlantısı #meleklerleşifa #altınışık #shamanichealing #cosmicflame
Love ❤️ // Thanks for 13.6k
"The more we are aware of our inner and outer world the more switches we can choose to turn on or off in our genes. Simply because we have a negative experience early in life, doesn’t mean we cannot change its effect on our life. We must first become aware of what influences are affecting us. Our conscious and subconscious messages may be sabotaging our happiness. Once we recognize the source of the discomfort and pain we can discover the remedy." . Excerpt from my upcoming book, "Changing Our Genetic Heritage: Creating a New Heritage for Ourselves and Future Generations." . . Pre-order on Amazon now! http://bit.ly/ChangeGeneticHeritage (Go to link in Bio.) . #shamanism #epigenetics #createyourreality #mindsetshift #personalgrowth #consciousness #spiritualhealing #shamanic #meditation #karma #lawofattraction #shamanicjourney #shamanichealing #spiritualguidance #spiritualjourney #quantummechanics #sciencefacts #ancestors #ancestor #ancestral #spiritualcounseling #spiritual
// Fire Ceremony// . We have created this fire ceremony in honour of change, in honour of letting go of the things in our lives that no longer serve us. . As we let go of the past we create a beautiful space to invite the new to come in, giving ourselves the room within to create & allow the new to unfold with ease & grace. . This can be anything from old traumas, thoughts that have held you in the same patten of repeating old behaviours, keeping you stuck, letting go of listening to old beliefs that have been running our lives. . What do you feel right now is holding you back from moving forward in your life right now, this ceremony will shift anything that you are needing & will allow you to move forward. . Time to open our hearts to truly & deeply connect in within ourselves. . This evening is a time to connect in with ourselves & Mother Earth it’s a time to allow the medicine of the fire to transform the energy that has been holding us back & set ourselves free & truly let go, as we close one door we allow a new door to open. . There will be food to nurture your soul. . Link is in my bio
So happy & blessed to be in Marseille for a sold-out #cacao #ceremony * * * Soaking and connecting with sacred water of life before preparing the medicine and leading the opening of the heart ritual. * * * I am humbled and filled with joy to be of service for love, people and the world 🌈🌍🌈 * * * WHAT A WONDERFUL LIFE!!!! ✨🌸✨🌺🌟🌟🌟🌺✨🌸✨ 💫💫❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💫💫 ✨✨✨⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐✨✨✨ * * * * * #stellarmedicinedance #transformation #freedom #tribe #starwisdom #stardust #starseedchildren #starchildren #cacao #cacaotribe #keithscacao #heartmedicine #yogaretreat #movement #creativity #embraceyourself #loveyourself #loveyourlife #pachamamarising #vibration #gratitude #shamanism #shamanichealing #priestess #sacredlife #beautiful
UNITE: Mexican - Siberian Shamans . Everything has a spiritual counterpart that resides in the spirit world. . . . #tarasteling #shaman #spiritualawakening #spiritual #spirituality #shamanism #shamanichealing #mexico #mayapan #enjoy #beautifuldestinations #spiritualpath #shamanic #shamanicjourney
"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi. Happy #InternationalDayofPeace from #PhoenixRisingHealing ! Share some of your favorite meditation tips with me.
♡Happy Friday♡ Be kind is another day in our world Make it your own day Make magic Make it count cause you are a beautiful soul full of love and compassion #eresen3rgy #shamanichealing #shamanicjourney #phoenixAZ #happiness #yourtheone #unconditionallove #healers #livenow #bepresent
Feeling grateful for the women in my life supporting me and sharing their knowledge, wisdom and gifts with me. I am blessed! #womenscircle #womensempowerment #womensupportingwomen #leducevents #leducalberta #camrosealberta #beaumontevents #beaumontalberta #priestess #shamanichealing #reikihealing
Inspiring Peace Within... ✨💛✨ . . . .#music .#voice #shamanic #shamanichealing #lightlanguage #activation #angelicvoice
📿 I'm here, right outside the room where I went through another Soul Retrieval 🙌 Writing down some feelings and thoughts 🗒✏💖 feeling humbled and grateful for the whole experience. Another fragment is back with me 🤲 Today I've learned that sometimes the part of the Soul that went away doesn't want to come back. I feel grateful and so happy that this part did come back. Somehow it makes me feel I'm doing well. My commitment to taking care of myself is creating a new, healthy home for my Soul 🧘‍♀️ and this home is being accepted 🌸 This is authentic joy. And it's powerful stuff because every time a fragment comes back, our core gets stronger. I cannot think of anything more powerful and humbling than the Soul becoming whole again. Blessed be 📿💖 . . . 🦔🐂🦓🦌
I see anxiety as a reaction to external and internal forces that can come from spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical sources. Our natural response can be changed if we determine what the exact trigger is, why we are responding to it as a trigger, and then reframing our mind so that our natural response is not based in fear, but rather a loving, rational space. Shop owner Caroline Rankin is a Shaman and Graduate Gemologist that specializes in healing clients with unique custom jewelry, by performing ancient Shamanic rituals and Reiki, and through Tarot Card readings. DM for more information and pricing. #anxiety #healing #love #light #peace #wisewords #shamanwisdom #YogiWisdom #newage #shaman #yogi #breathe #justbreathe #relax #letgo #letitgo #healingwisdom #healingwords #foodforthought #healthesoul #triggersmadehappy #healersofinstagram #healers #shamanichealing #reiki #reikisessions #ancienthealing
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