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So my November books are Far To Go by Alison Pick and The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work by Shawn Anchor, both were highly recommended to me! #books #bookchallenge #fartogo #alisonpick #thehappinessadvantage #shawnanchor #readingchallenge #novemberbooks #📚 #📖
Posting this on both my Instas because I think it's so important and I'm excited😁 Seven days ago I bought a Mindfulness magazine on a whim to gain some knowledge on living a more mindful, present and happy life. The beginning of this magazine had such an impact on me, I decided the next morning to get rid of Facebook from my phone in an attempt to be a more productive and present human being in society. I also decided to stay off Instagram, for the most part, and focus on the life in front of me rather than the false sense of closeness a quick ‘like’ or ‘view’ may give. Butttt, I’m BACK, because I need to share this with everyone! I became eager to learn and gain more knowledge about self-improvement and living a more meaningful life, and so bought myself the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. This book is absolutely AMAZING!! The Happiness Advantage is about the idea that success does not lead to happiness (‘I’ll be happy when I lose 5 pounds,’ ‘when I get a new job,’ etc.) because we will always want further success and have more goals, as if happiness were some distant prize to be obtained later in life, but instead, describes that HAPPINESS LEADS TO SUCCESS. When we are happier, more positive, and have a better mindset, we will be more successful in every aspect of our lives. We’ll be willing to do more and WANT to do more, we’ll have more energy, we’ll see more of our surroundings and really SEE them, we’ll flourish in life. This book gives us the tools to CHANGE OUR BRAINS and change our way of thinking. I wish that everyone would read this book, and if you’re terrible at reading like myself, get the Audio CD and listen! This is life changing! If you don’t feel any different after listening to this book, then the worst thing that’s happened is that you spent 7.5 hours listening to an audio book about being happy and successful. And yes, I am sweaty in this photo because apparently when I’m so excited about life, I don’t realize I just spent three hours murdering my legs and butt in the gym, until I absolutely have to leave, shower, and get to work. Until next time Insta!🤗✌
What do you want to change? Your health, your career, even your thought pattern. Change can be a very good thing. #changeforthebetter #takecontrol #shawnanchor #yleo #DropsofCabinLife
Self Care Challenge Day 4: Watch a Ted Talk. I watched @shawnachor talk about the happiness advantage. He is very witty & I love how he explains how stress can be viewed positively not just as a bad thing. " The more you believe in your own ability to succeed, the more likely it is that you will." How true is that??!! 😊 Anyone have any Ted talks they would recommend? #shawnanchor , #tedtalk , #selfcarechallenge , #breathingspaceyogastudiofredericton
At times I've been angry and frustrated and I have even complained more than once about the package - my package. Who wants the package you didn't plan for? • You can complain or you can plan to not complain anymore and change your emphasis. Shawn Achor says this in his book, The Happiness Advantage, " . . . we see what we look for, and we miss the rest." What are you looking for? • Are you looking at your package or are you looking to see what your package can become? Do not miss seeing the future God has for you by staring at the now. The "now" may be preparing you for your future. •
Here are three ways I have found you can change your emphasis, thus your life: • Decide to do at least one thing on an ongoing basis that inspires you. • Do not let the scarcity of time, money, clean dishes or encouragement stop you. There is always a version of your dream that you can practice and pursue now. • Keep showing up to do number one and number two even when it's hard or your heart and soul will shrivel up into hopelessness. • Join me over on the blog to read more www.faithcaffeine.com or see the link in my profile. • #neverstop #faithcaffeine #practiceaversionofyourdream #practicewhatinspiresyou #weseewhatwelookfor #emphasischange #doonething #thehappinessadvantage #shawnanchor #practiceyourdreams #keepgoing #scarcitydoesnotrule #donotcomplain #useyourgift #useyourgifts #godhasgoodplansforyou #future #practiceandpursue #believeanddo
Train your brains and live happy! #wednesdaywisdom #shawnanchor #ikeephappy
So lucky I got to see Shawn Anchor today. He's the author of 'The happiness advantage.' Fascinating! #shawnanchor #oprahwinfrey #newyorktimes #happiness
Happy Saturday! Staying up-to-date with current ACSM guidelines and with a dose of recreational reading. Do something that makes you happy. 😊 #itsgoseason #live #laugh #love #humble #hustle #hard #focus #goals #action #lifelonglearning #EIM #acsm #acsmguidelines10ed #exrx #exerciseprescription #happinessadvantage #shawnanchor
Loving this book #happinessadvantage #beforehappiness so inspirational! Although I can't read alone, @leothecatahoula thinks he should bring me toys. #mindset #shawnanchor
A MUST read! One of the top 10 books I've EVER read. "Thanks to cutting-edge science, we now know that happiness ...and optimism actually fuel performance and achievement." Thank you to my son for the great birthday present! #choosehappiness #harvard #research #shawnanchor #success #read #geek #knowledgeispower #fitmind #fitlife #love #lovemylife #inspire #motivate
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