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Let' talk about tastes☺ Those who have known me for a long time know that I have always been and will be a fan of hard music, not Egor Kreed☺ I'm sorry,🤷♂ To be honest I really do not understand how some people can be fans of songs that are created in order to listen to a week, a month, a year... Remember such guys as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Metallica, AC / DC, Sting 🎸 🎷 🎶 🎵 They are known around the world, because they did not make commercial songs, as modern" black star " labels, and tried to convey emotions, meanings and their experiences through their songs ☺ Importantly, even at concerts, many modern artists simply work out your fee, and that's all🤑 They don't care about the emotions, the energy that their songs convey... If we talk about my tastes, I can make my top 3 groups this way: 1. System of a down 2. Three days Grace 3. Shinedown At the concert of the first two I have already gone even more than once and each time received a range of emotions☺ I'm really upset that rock today is not popular, but I think that someday it will change🤘 Поговорим о вкусах😋 "На вкус и на цвет товарищей нет" Те, кто давно со мной знакомы, знают, что я всегда был есть и буду фанатом жесткой музыки, а не Егора Крида😂 Уж, простите🤷‍♂️ И если честно я искренне не понимаю, как можно фанатеть от песен, которые создаются для того, чтобы их послушали неделю, месяц, от силы год... Помните таких товарищей, как Майкл Джексон, Уитни Хьюстон, Metallica, AC/DC, Sting🎸🎷🎶🎵 Их знает весь мир, потому что они не делали коммерческие песни, как современные "чернозвездные" лейблы, а старались через свои песни донести эмоции ,смысл и свои переживания👨‍🎤 Главное, что даже на концертах многие современные исполнители просто отрабатывают свой гонорар и всё🤑 Им все равно на эмоции, энергию, которые передают их песни... Если говорить о моих вкусах, то я могу составить мои топ-3 групп таким образом: 1. System of a down 2. Three days Grace 3. Shinedown На концерт первых двух я уже ходил даже не один раз и каждый раз получал такой спектр эмоций🙌 Мне реально очень жалко, что рок сегодня уже не популярен, но думаю, что когда-нибудь это исправится🤘 #shinedown
The mustache died an honorable death. Where you team mustache, or team no mustache? Let me know!! #shinedown #attentionattention #getup #teammustache #teamnomustache #tuesday #tuesdaymotivation #honorabledeath
#Shinedown #Brilliant 🤩 "Let me clear my throat, let me catch my breath Let my heart bleed out til there's nothing left It's my day to be brilliant It's my day to be brilliant!"
This is mine and my moms song. We always sing it at the top of our lungs. We have so many songs like this from Shinedown, but this is ours. I hope Shinedown never stops making music. #shinedownfamily #attnattnworldtour #shinedown @shinedown
⚠️Shinedown Family.. our favourite band needs our help! ⚠️ ATTENTION ATTENTION has been nominated for BEST INTERNATIONAL ALBUM by BanditRock! Help @shinedown hinedown take home the award by voting now ⚠️ Vote here: https://rockawards.bandit.se/vote #shinedown #brentsmith #ericbass #zachmyers #barrykerch #shinedownnation #shinedownfamily #banditrockawards #attentionattention
Cant wait go to both of these amazing show next year and their just three weeks apart from each other 🤟🤟🔥🔥@shinedown @paparoach @skilletmusic @fightthefury #skillet #shinedown #fightthefury #paparoach
🔸Artist : Shinedown 🔸Title : Devil 🔸Released : March 7 , 2018 🔹Album : Attention Attention 🔸Genre : Rock / Hard Rock @musicha1n #shinedown #devil #attentionattention #hardrock #rockmusic #آهنگ_خارجی #موزیک_خارجی
Take it easy😺 #лева #shinedown
The one thing I love most about Shinedown’s concerts is the absolute unity that comes with being there. Everyone is together, no matter what your views may be on anything, no matter if you disagree on anything, we are one. Everyone is there to enjoy the music. Everyone moves together, we sing together. We are together. That’s what I love the most. We are one. #shinedownfamily #attnattnworldtour @shinedown #shinedown
@shinedown // salem 2018
My conscience does not allow me to take pictures during the concert. So I’ll just write about how I love Shinedown. I live in Russia and bad speak English; There maybe a lot of mistakes in the text. I dreamed of getting to your concert for several years. This year I specifically went to another city, Nizhny Novgorod. I didn't regret it, the show was awesome. Your music makes me wake up every morning and gives me confidence that I am strong and everything will be fine. Thank you for being there, and I once heard music. I love you, Shinedown. p.s by memory I caught 2 mediators at a concert. the most valuable souvenir ♡ #ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR #Shinedown #attentionattention #shinedownnation
One can't simply say they hate @shinedown 😁 #shinedown #brentsmith #ericbass #zachmyers #barrykerch
Brent Smith from @shinedown #lukejamrozphoto #shinedown . Everyone should experience a shinedown show.
It took me way too long to post this pic, but I finally made it! This picture was taken on November 22nd, @alcatrazmilano during #Shinedown concert. I went alone and I was a bit worried, but while I was waiting for the gates to open, I met this incredibly beautiful soul, a complete stranger, who offered me company and unexpected friendship. The concert was amazing, I could spend a whole day talking about all those magical moments but what really made that experience so great and unforgettable was having Francesca and his boyfriend Daniele (who's not in the pic) with me. They were so nice to me, always checking if I was okay, and I can assure you it's not something I ever take for granted. Not even people I used to call friends were so attentive. In conclusion, my first Shinedown concert was one of the best days of my life so far. And for that I thank obviously @shinedown but mostly @fraattac . Francesca, conoscerti è stata un'esperienza meravigliosa! Grazie per quei bellissimi momenti che abbiamo avuto l'occasione di condividere e per essere stata un'ottima partner di concerto <3 #shinedown #alcatraz #milan #concert
#ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR I lost my husband to a tragic accident in 2011. Depression ensued, the kind that doctors didn’t think I would recover from. One of the most solid things I could grasp was music. I met my best friend at a show in late 2011. She’s been a huge part of my grief journey, and helped me through so much. We’ve been to hundreds of concerts since then, but this is my favorite concert picture, which was taken at a Shinedown show in 2015 in Cape Girardeau, Mo. I look at this picture and see MY PEOPLE, hands in the air, tears rolling freely, total love and acceptance, all these people helping to mend my broken soul... this is where we feel whole again, and for that WE THANK YOU!! This picture is blown up and printed on three huge panels in the center of my room, and when I’m feeling lost, and my monsters feel real, it reminds me to get up. #shinedown
If it’s possible to fall in love with music then I’m sure as hell in love with Shinedown, they have helped more than I’ll ever be able express in words and im so inspired by them it’s unreal, Thankyou so much for teaching me so many life lessons that I take forward each and everyday #Shinedown #music #attnattn #attentionattention #love #inspiration #lookingforward #dontgiveup #brentsmith #ericbass #zachmyers #barrykerch
_____Five finger/Shinedown____ ☢️ทัวร์ร่วมกันปี2016☢️ Size อก23ยาว29 Tag ALSTYLE สภาพ 10/10 ตำหนิ ❎ Price 🔴300฿🔴 #fivefingerdeathpunch #shinedown #heavymetal #hardrock #เส ื้อวง #เส ื้อวงมือสอง #เส ื้อวงร็อค #เส ื้อการ์ตูน #เส ื้อมือสอง #เส ื้อมือสองสภาพดี #เส ื้อลายกวน #เส ื้อล้อเลียน #เส ื้อusa #เส ื้อราคาถูก #เส ื้อหนัง #buzzdyshop_stock
December is hot🔥 2018-12-08. Anacondaz. A2 Green Concert. 2018-12-04. Architects. A2 Green Concert. 2018-12-03. Shinedown. A2 Green Concert. 2018-12-01. Гарик Сукачев. A2 Green Concert. @architects @rap_anacondaz @shinedown @igorsukachev #concertphotography #linnasphoto #shinedown #architects #anacondaz #гариксукачев #spb #petersburg @a2spb
"My name is screaming like the sound of your heart failing". My Name #shinedown #quote
Прошла неделя с концерта,я до сих пор под огромным впечатлением,это было просто нереально круто,не помню сколько лет назад я была на концертах в роли зрителя🙈 люблю хорошую музыку,искренне не понимаю как артисты позволяют себе петь под фанеру,а люди покупают за немаленькие деньги билеты,я конечно очень категорично отношусь к этому и к «популярной» музыке на сегодняшний день😬 Спасибо огромное SHINEDOWN за возможность слушать хорошую музыку и невероятный голос Брента Смита😍💓 это любовь с первой песни😘 #shinedown #shinedownspb
One of the best rock concerts in my life❤️🔥 Thank you very much @shinedown #shinedown #a2 #stpetersburg #russia #санктпетербург #россия
My 10 fav singles released in 2018. In no particular order . . . Mantra by Bring Me The Horizon Over It by Bullet For My Valentine Easy by Chelsea Lankes Come Out to L.A. by Don Broco Lullaby by Sigala 2012 by Anne-Marie Get Up by Shinedown Deep End by Daughtry Rescue Me by 30 Seconds To Mars Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer #bringmethehorizon #bulletforvalentine #chelsealankes #donbroco #lullaby #2012 #shinedown #daughtry #30secondstomars #5secondsofsummer #songsoftheyear
#lategram of the Shinedown concert I went to, because their supporting act Starset (one of my favorite bands ever) just got announced for #GMM and now I am counting! down! the! days! oh man, am I fucking excited for this! . . #shinedown #starset #177daystilgmm
SO incredibly PROUD of this kid! He NAILED his song tonight for his recital! He’s been working hard and it totally paid off tonight. Thank you @jeremiahniengor for being such a great instructor and roll model for Aidan these last couple years. He’s going to miss you like crazy. Swipe left to hear Aidan’s whole song, Second Chance by Shine Down. ❤️🥁🎧😍 #ShineDown #SecondChance #AidanMarcus #WinterDrumRecital #SVI #DrummerBoy #ProudMom
Little artwork I’ve been working on. Inspired by my favourite band @shinedown #shinedown @shinedownsnation. I will never be voiceless my weapon of choice is I’d rather be dangerous. Thank you for the great music guys you rock
While this wasn’t taken with my camera, but instead my iPhone camera, this is still one of my favorite pictures from one of my favorite bands. One thing I love about @shinedown is their openness to mental health through their songs, get up being one of many. As someone who lives with anxiety this song was relatable in so many ways. Not only are their songs inspiring but this show, and amazing performance, is one of the many reasons I have decided to embark on a new journey as a concert photographer. #ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR #gabrielleephotography #shinedown #contest #concertphotography
Advance happy monthsary #panget 💕 .. Music: I'll follow you by #shinedown 😊 #instadaily #monthsary
А что,я тоже хочу лайкосиков #shinedown #kazan
I did one of these earlier this year, so why not another! Here’s a few more of my favorite songs released this year! Overall, there was tons of great new music #architects #awastedhymn #paparoach #renegademusic #withintemptation #thereckoning #amaranthe #countdown #starset #starlight #owlcity #housewren #mikeshinoda #ghosts #shinedown #creatures #coheedandcambria #thegutter #alkalinetrio #littlehelp
His Monsters are Real!!! #shinedown @thebrentsmith
Autograph from 7 years ago. #shinedown
Attention Attention Shinedown 2018! VIP Meet&Greet; we got signed posters and talk with all the band members, Yeah!🤘 Love this band, @shinedown definetly will be in the rock n roll hall of fame one day🤘 cause it's that good. Opening bands press to meco and starset. And I caught a drumstick midair😉💪🏼👊🏼 There were 2 other vegans in the VIP group, so cool😀😃🤘 Oh by the way, @thebrentsmith loves to talk between songs 👌🙌😊 #rock #metal #shinedown
With every album @shinedown releases, my life seems to grow right along with each. From watching their first music videos and making sure that the first concert I see them live I make sure that I am front row center singing to every single word (over 10 years ago now, photos included). Finding out that live music is one thing I cannot live without. . . . To getting through that first real breakup that tore up how I view relationships, to finally taking a chance on another. Going to his first #shinedown concert together within the first couple months of dating. Who in turn becomes the one I marry and stands right next to me every concert he can. . . . To then finding out I would have to survive my entire pregnancy and first 10 months of our son's life with my husband away on deployment. Their music helped make those long nights seem just a little shorter as I rocked him to bed each night humming along. . . . To finding a love of photography, capturing my clients in some of the best moments of their lives and how live music can connect us all. Even meeting “strangers” at their concerts and creating lifelong friendships. . . . To finally every time Simple Man plays, my son immediately knows and comes running to slow dance with me. Letting him know each time he does this, that when he finally finds the one, that I will be dancing with him to this song at his wedding trying to hold back a million tears because life is a beautiful ride. I am so, so proud for these reasons and many more of being in the #shinedownfamily #attnattnworldtour #ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR
Started a countdown for Christmas, it's kinda special to me. Thanks for all the songs that made me escape reality for a while. Nobody will understand how much your music means to me. Nothing compares to this phenomenal band or this amazing album. - #shinedown #ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR #attentionattention #brentsmith #loveyou #getup #shinedownforever #withyoutilltheend
🎶And I haven't slept in what seems like a century And now I can barely breathe🎶 Hi everyone!!! I know it's been a long time since I've posted anything - sorry about that. Little update - I managed to get out of bed today! Had this awesome shirt arrive and it gave me the little boost I needed to leave the house. Today is a good day. Edit: I just realised after posting that my headphone cord had fallen out of my pocket. I wear these headphones when I walk up town so I don't have to engage with strangers - works wonders for ye olde self-esteem. Spotify on blast helps too 😅 #crowandthebutterfly #shinedown #grunge #goth #gothgirl #blackmilkclothing #lorazombie #bmjunkyfooddogbft #pug #pizza #artshirt #bmmattepocketskaterskirt #kreepsville666 #skullbelt #demonia #ranger #boots #banned #tartanbag #mentalhealth #seasonaldepression
#ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR #shinedown I took this the last time I went to see @shinedown in Greensboro, NC with my mom. I've been a fan of Shinedown since I was a kid and they are responsible for so many of my good memories ❤ they put on a one of a kind show for their fans, never disapointing, and giving 110% at each show. This last time I went to see them, I was super upset because I had lost my job and was kind of unsure what the next step was, but the concert gave me a breather from the stress and by the end of the show I had let my stress and my anxiety go 💕 hearing their music helps me through college and work and through life in general and I could never thank them enough for existing
This man right here. My husband and I share the same love for #shinedown and have since we met in 2006! We were best friends first, then boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged at #98rockfest2016 during your performance of Second Chance, finally (haha) married, and now have a 7 month old baby. We loving jamming out to all of your albums. I literally didn't listen to anyone else while I was pregnant. Being a part of the #shinedownfamily means the world to us. Speaking for myself, your music empowers me, lifts me up when I am down, helps me to release anger, and puts a smile on my face! So much so that I walked down the aisle to #secondchance . It was a magical moment♡ Also our 1st dance song was #iwillfollowyou . It would mean so much to us to be able to meet you! #attnattnworldtour
All of these were announced today... so we all are going right? #againstthecurrent #arianagrande #danecook #shinedown #fozzy #livemusic #comedy
I couldn't just choose one so I made a collage to combine them into 1 picture. I always listened to you guys with my dad since "45" we had every album and knew every song. My dad died by suicide May 8 2017 and a year later you guys released Attention Attention. I am forever thankful because you helped me find the strength to keep going. My dad was my best friend and I spiraled into a dark depression. So with this picture, you see me and my daughter. And if you look closely you will see the tattoo on my ankle. That in one picture keeps me going. Then to know we are a part of the same organization AFSP. I am a part of the GA chapter and have raised a little over $3,000, It just reminds me at how you remind us that we are not alone and together we can break the code of silence. You all are a God send and your music and what you stand for is inspiring. Thank you for always remaining humble and for caring so deeply. Oh and side note. Your song " what A Shame", I have some lyrics tattooed on my ribcage with my dad's handwriting. Thank you for seeing me through the darkness. #ATTNATTNWORLDTOUR #shinedown @shinedown #shinedown #shinedownfamily
«Sing so that the walls tremble!» _ @shinedown для портала @subcultru _ Один из лучших моих концертов за последнее время, когда в тебе включили мотор уже с первой песни, когда человек спускается в фотопит, чтобы пожать руку каждому фотографу, когда группа это единое целое🙌🏽 #attnattnworldtour #shinedown #shinedownnation #shinedownfamily #shinedownnation
Shinedown in Oslo tonight 🤘🙌👌 #shinedown
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