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Concept i Came Up With for J U N G L E S O C I E T Y | Creativity in Motion
No better feeling than watching fog roll through the trees.
OPEN Austin, TX November 2018 📸@mackannecheese #onlyhue
Idk how I feel about the black and white but I’m definitely going to shoot a few more rolls before I decide.
This was my first time shooting black and white film. To me, black and white photography has never been a real attention getter, but I’ve always wanted to try a roll and see how I felt about it. It wasn’t really any different shooting because I couldn’t visualize in my mind how the end image would turn out without color, but I do like the simplicity of it.
These next couple posts aren’t going to be my normal type of post and there’s a reason. I recently have been shooting a lot of film, and not a lot of digital and there isn’t any particular reason, I just go through spurts where I like to shoot a lot of film. But I never know what to do with these photos, since I usually post landscapes, I feel like they don’t belong on my feed. But I’ve decided that really I don’t care, and I’m not going to let Instagram rule my creativity for having a consistent feed. So expect these next posts this week to be different than what you’d normally see.
// Classic views // What's your favorite spot to shoot from? Comment below! ⬇️
. . . 橋🌉
Someone stole my favorite jacket while I was in the bathroom at Starbucks an HR before my flight home. All good keep it if it makes you look as good as I do in this pic. I hope when you wear it, it makes you as happy as I am when I'm shooting. And if ever see you with it on best believe I'll shoot you too 😉😘 | 📸 @kabrutus . . #losangeles #la #murica #shooteverything #follow #lalaland #love #instagood #beautifuldestinations #architecture #artofvisuals #street #nyc #picoftheday #blue #california #landscape #visualambassadors #niceshot #streetphotography #streetshots #shoottokill #uncalculated #illgramers #sonyalpha #instapic #glass #bnw #blackandwhite #candid
Just after the rain poured here in Rome. Don’t let the weather ruin your excitement in visiting new places.
Hi! My name is Daniel. Ask me a question! PC: @shotbylevi
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