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Ρωτάς γιατί σε αγαπάω όμως δεν είναι μυστικό και απορείς που δε μιλάω μα είν’ απλό πολύ απλό. Σ’ αγαπάω γιατί σ’ αγαπάω η απάντηση είναι απλή στη μικρή σου παλάμη χωράω στην αγάπη δεν έχει γιατί. Μη με ρωτάς γιατί είναι κρίμα και την καρδούλα σου χαλάς το σ’ αγαπώ είναι ένα βήμα και πού σε πάει μη ρωτάς. Γιάννης Πάριος
“Penghargaan ini saya persembahkan untuk ayah saya” @moulysurya Sutradara terbaik #FFI2018 dalam film Terbaik #marlinasipembunuhdalamempatbabak
Every travel mood; Get up, chase for your goals, and exploreeee. Cause you'd never knew what hidden gems you'd find along the way 💎
Another's Grind.
Maineki-neko.....lucky cat...
smokey and it’s not friday.
I've grown so much in the last few months and recently I felt like I just needed a break. . I wanted peace and calm from the growth storm and so I resisted action. . I talked about growth, . But I wasn't doing it. . My friends and I were led through an exercise on values the other day, and of the 6 that govern my decision making, growth, adventure and courage made the cut. . So it shouldn't have surprised me that when I put the brakes on growing that I got really disconnected from my self. . For a few days here in New Zealand I was so disconnected that I couldn't even really appreciate the beauty around me. . Like it was nice and all, but until yesterday I wasn't connected enough to the world around me to feel appreciation for the textures, the colors, and the energetic peace of my surrounding environment. . I convinced myself that stopping the growth was a way to feel peace. . When really the secret I was missing was the non growing part was WAY LESS peaceful than the growing. . After taking action I felt instantly lighter. Brighter. Magnetic once again 🤩 . . .
@trashhand favorite spot?
Time to take a break from people's beautiful faces for a bit The next three posts were inspired by @mangostreetlab newer video by the way
Follow your shadow.
Velodrome Station - Latest work for LRT Jakarta @lrtjkt
Coffee and snaps with this man - Andrew Moran is a baritone with @operaaustralia. We toured together performing Madame Butterfly around the country earlier this year so was a good opportunity to catch up ————————————— www.danlopezimages.com —————————————
... @Saeed_bdr_ Day 51 We are doing a project in which we make an artwork for one hundred days in a row. You are more than welcome if you also want to join us in this project and create your own one hundred days of experiment. The only thing you need to do, is to make sure you make an artwork for one hundred days in a row. Find out more about us in the story highlights. You can contact us via this email address: One.Hundred.Days.Of.Loneliness@gmail.com Or tag: #onehundreddaysofloneliness
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Photo by: @pm.paolini ~~~~~ Just IMAGINE
Kalo masuk, kedalam Kalo keluar, ... ? . . Inframe: @ha_zifah
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- Perception is Reality —— p.s Taking a shot here without herds of people in the background was near impossible
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