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A new era. Wouldn’t you agree? #SCTOstudio #weed 🌱
It's been difficult to come up with any Sask winter appreciation pics because -47°C isn't very easy to appreciate. However it warmed up this week to almost 10° and we got some awesome fog and hoar frost this morning!
good times 🌴
know what you want to do, hold the thought firmly, and do everyday what should be done, and every sunset will see you that much nearer the goals.
🏔 V I E W 🌲
It's Monday! Get out there and make the week count!
#0122 🌹 是你為我的世界塗上色彩 亦為我的旅程找到了意義
Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it! 😚👰 Photo 📷 by @anatoli_oskin_photographer Model 💄 @laravogel_ DM To Purchase A Promo Option 🌟 ⚡⚡⚡ #portraitsvision ⚡⚡⚡
✨ in your d r e a m s ✨
겨울이 가면 봄은 다시 와 알잖아
The lift , the stair or a drink?
Local kids telling us what’s up in their little town. 🚲🥓 #wigwammotel #arizona . . Dropping two today cause why not? Right? Imma start posting more photographs that usually or maybe I wouldn’t. Photographs that I know in Instagram maybe won’t be bangers but photographs that touch my heart. Maybe I’ll lose some of your following but that’s all right, gotta put work that I really feel in touch with out there. So bye to the future unfollowers ✌🏻and maybe hi to the new ones and thank you to the ones that remain. - with this new format I feel some photographs can be appreciated better. I don’t know maybe not - but hope you like it. Hope you had a great Sunday, peeps. Much love!
A day without sun and blue skies 🌨
🇬🇧 • BIRDS RIGHT. Visiting Stonehenge was one of the things I dreamt about since I first knew about the Stone Circle as a kid. There is such a mistery around this place and I can't find the exact words to describe the feeling you get while standing there looking at this world heritage. I just stayed there quiet and let my mind wonder 4,500 years ago to try and imagine how these prehistoric people managed to build this marvel to endure their extinction and last all these years. It is amazing to me also that to this day experts can't still decide for sure why or how these stones were placed there. The most accepted theory talks about a temple aligned with the sun and that's the one I like to believe too. • • • 🇪🇸 • DERECHO DE AVES. Visitar Stonehenge es una de las cosas con las que soñaba desde que aprendí sobre el Círculo de Piedra siendo niño. Este lugar tiene un misterio muy grande a su alrededor y no puedo encontrar las palabras exactas para describir el sentimiento que se tiene al estar parado allí observando este patrimonio mundial. Simplemente estuve allí en silencio y dejé que mi mente discurriera 4.500 años atrás intentando descifrar como un pueblo prehistórico fue capaz de construir esta maravilla para que sobreviviera su extinción y durara todos estos años. Me resulta asombroso también que hasta el día de hoy los expertos aún no puedan decidir con seguridad porqué o cómo estos monolitos fueron puestos aquí. La teoría mas aceptada habla de un templo alineado con los movimientos del sol y esa es la que me gustaría creer también. • • • #uk #stonehenge #houseoftones #vicivisuals #vibesofvisuals #theweekoninstagram #hallazgosemanal #way2ill #hypebeast #huntgram #artofvisuals #heatercentral #createcommune #moodygrams #agameoftones #roamtheplanet #hypnoticfilm #theprecinct #bleachmyfilm #leagueoflenses #rtephotography #fatalframes #ig_color #shotzdelight #theimaged #visualambassadors #acreativevisual #killersworldwide #feedbacknation #ig_europa
Ma gli antichi egizi credevano che si potesse creare un profumo assolutamente al di fuori del comune, aggiungendo solo una nota in più, una sorta di essenza decisiva, che avrebbe risonato e dominato su tutte le altre. Un'antica leggenda narra che fu rinvenuta un'anfora dentro l'antica tomba di un faraone, dicono che quando venne aperta si sprigionò una fragranza che dopo tutti quegli anni era rimasta intatta, un profumo di una soave bellezza, ma così potente che anche solo per un fugace momento qualunque persona lo annusasse pensava di trovarsi in paradiso. • • • #vsco #vscocam #vscoitaly #vscoitalia #vscogood #vscoism #canon #canon_photos #livelevel #welltravelled #shotday #shotawards #liveauthentic #igeritalia #vintage #photo #photography #vintage #attimi #attimidivita #polaroid #vscodaily #italy #egypt #jesolo #mostra #artgallery #video #clip #aesthetic
All the curves all the curves all the curves on the road. @elinsaciavle has a blast in them, @seojups well, she sings made up songs out loud so she can get through them 😬 #ontheroad #motocycleadventure #advriders
High where the sun burns your eyes.
my life is a festival
. We have to be very strong If we want to do something very wrong #pentax645
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