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Hey Elm Grove! We’re toasting to YOU!!!! Meet Sara and Becca- two of the faces behind @shred415elmgrove We are beyond excited to bring #shred415 to the Milwaukee Community! This workout has inspired us and made us better people each day. We can’t wait to share our passion with you! Please sign up at elmgrove.shred415.com for studio updates. We can’t wait for you to join our #shredfamily #shredelmgrove #shredworldwide 💪 #shredfam #shredlife #morethanaworkout #passion #inspire #community #hardwork #dedication
Women bring their own style & strength to the sports we do ✨ When we share our shred stories & images with the world we are normalizing women as strong, confident, force-to-be-reckoned with Athletes. 👊⚡️ That’s why we created Tribe of Daughters- To fill the void and provide books which feature girls taking on these roles within action sports. 💥 Get a book for your strong girl by supporting our crowdfund, just hit the link in our profile. 📷 by @beingtheocean #RealSportsRadGirls
Only took this one to show off new @shredlifeclothingco threads tbh 😅
Always a good day when you get a package from @shredlifeclothingco
🦄⚡️ Sneak Peak Alert! 🦄⚡️ Did you know your skater girl could win Little Millie’s Unicorn board? 🙌✨ Purchase a raffle ticket or preorder a book and go in the draw to win a @pinkhelmetposse 🦄 skateboard along with a helmet and pads from @easternskateboardsupply ⚡️Tag a family below who you’d like to see win this Ultimate Skater Girl Starter Kit then 👆click the link in our profile, back our crowdfund, & Your In the Drawing to Win!! 💓🙌 #RealSportsRadGirls
“Millie would practice and practice on her board. She was Brave inside, Little Millie Ford. ” ⚡️ The quote above sums up perfectly the purpose behind this book series - to help kids see themselves as Brave & Strong so that they feel encouraged to try 💜. The first time @aln1230 showed me the script for Little Millie I actually teared up reading it, the message is just so sweet and powerful 💜. Preorders are open now and we know this next book will make your heart swell (and maybe even bring a tear too 😉) #RealSportsRadGirls
We have the keys and are set to start prepping for paint! Can’t wait to get this place all set up and ready to go!! 🙌🏻✊🏻🤘🏻 #bikeshop #skateshop #familybusiness #localbusiness #supportlocal #shredfamily #outdoorsports #lifecyclesforkswa #supportsmallbusiness #forkswalocals #startabusiness #communityovercompetition
Had a change of scenery for today's @shred415 class with my sister @roxypopzchicago. The terrace at @rcshops was an amazing way to soak up this lovely Chicago weather. If you've been wanting to try a Shred class, join me in the South Loop for my free community class on Saturday, May 19th at 1:30pm. Message me for details and the link to sign up!
2018/2019 SEASON PASSES ARE NOW ON SALE!!! Adult $299, Teen $249, Child $149, 7yr and under $49 ZERO black-out dates! Rider: @fletchcity https://www.donnerskiranch.com/tickets-passes/ #seasonpass #donnerskiranch #dsrparks #snowboarding #skitahoe #scranch #shredfamily
LOVE this shot and shred clip sent in from @casey_goepel & @shaebirddd with their copy of Queenie and of a little father/daughter shred time 😍💙🤗. We’ve got another very special project in the works that @casey_goepel & @shaebirddd ’s family and a few others have been helping us with and we can’t wait to share! Thanks so much y’all for being apart of @tribeofdaughters and sharing these beautiful clips with us 🌊💓
A quick flip through our 1st book, “Queenie Wahine, Little Surfer Girl”, which we launched last May. 🏄‍♀️💙 About a little girl who learns to overcome her fear of the ocean and of trying something new. The inspiration for this book is tied closely to our own family. 🌊 As little girls, we used to watch our dad Surf from the beach on the big days and on the small days he’d take all 3 of us out on his 7ft Takayama Egg and push us into waves. Now that Ash has little girls of her own, the cycle has started all over again. We even used the same board to teach the girls on! 🏄‍♀️🏄‍♀️🤗 The only difference? Well, with 5 “grown up” surfers in the fam, there’s never a shortage of “wave pushers” for the groms 😂
No words can describe my stoke right now. #shredfamily #shred #bikes @infinitecyclesbikeshop
Yeehoo!!! Thanks so much to everyone who’s submitted clips for our crowdfunding film! ⚡️🤙 It’s kind of flipping AMAZING to be apart of such an inspiring network of shred families from all around the 🌎. We are now pretty much full and can’t wait to share the final film and the launch of our crowdfund campaign for “Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard” with you all! 💜 Today’s Featured submissions are from @reddawndesigns , @opheliaskatesplymouth , @coffee_crazed_mum , @hayleyfabs , @girlsridetheworld , @martha_egg1 , @soficarranca , Phi Stokes, and Anna Landin
So freaking pumped on all of the RAD submissions we’ve been receiving! ⚡️🤙 It’s not too late to submit yours for a chance to be featured in our crowdfund campaign film! We’re looking to share any clips of girls in action sports. 🏄‍♀️🏂From hanging with the squad, paddling out to the lineup, shaka’s, hilarious wipeouts, to just plain shredding! 🎥 Submit your clips to jess@tribeofdaughters.com by April 25th ! Featured in this clip are @robertcserafin , @shaina.wertheim , @kimbessent , and Kim Cowen 💓🤗
One shot from the last #ridersinc shooting @absolutpark . Big big thx to @wolf_wieser_fotoworkx for always getting those banger shots.(: #ridersincfam #schwechilife #schwechilove #shredfamily #dirtyghettograttla
Just a quick teaser of some of the EPIC footage we’ve received from y’all so far!! ⚡️💜🤙. Yeww!! Keep on sending your clips through! Any age and any skill level! From hanging with your squad at the skatepark to snowboarding downhill to your funniest wipeout on a wave. We are looking to share Real Girls & Real Fun! 💓🏄‍♀️ Featured in the teaser are @seylahchildress @livskatergirl @surferchesney and @jennylynncarlson 🙌
When your family time looks a little something like this one 😍🌈. @bambooluv 's little shred family working on their Ollies together under a Hawaiian double rainbow 🌈👊💙
Spotlight Shredder is going out to a resilient and amazing woman today! Congratulations to @ldephill , you have been seen exemplifying our core values of togetherness and community recently, and we wanted to say thanks!!!
Mid Serious video analysis session. @flammers10 and @tillytheskater . We spent two hours getting huge air over the funbox. After a few runs we went back to view the footage and work out how we could do it better/cleaner and higher. Top tip from Tilly...Go faster. Top tip from Flammers...tuck up more. (Knees up) I shall share some vids when I get to edit them. Love this photo of us from the “Park Father” (Tilly’s dad) #chicksinbowls #kidsinbowls #skaterinpiration #shredfamily #skatedate #rollerskates #skatepark #dowhatyoulove #skateordie #bestfunever
Rider Inc. shooting @absolutpark So much fun with the crew. thx to @wolf_wieser_fotoworkx for this siick shot.((: #RidersInc #RidersIncFam #shredfamily #goodtimes #schwechilife #dirtyghettograttla #homeiswherethecrewis
Looseriders sending it on the vinkline!😁🤘 thanks to @stijnvo_photography for making this pics! 👌big respect for everybody! #looseriderslimburg #looseriderschamples #looseridersbelgium #vinkline #goodtimes # dirtjump #dirt #freeride #downhill #enduro #shredfamily #whip #airtime #onefamily 😁👌✌
had the best hike session today with my estonian dreadhead homie. @kenpollu . finally spring time.(: #sunsoutgunsout #schwechiislife #schwechilife #shredfamily #springshred #slushytimes
board mu kısalmış, kuzum mu uzamış ☺️😬🏂🏂 #snowboard #babyboarder #boyzthatride #startemyoung #burtonkids #shredfamily
preparing the spot like 😌 uhhh snow. niiice. 📸: @chri5i #schwechiislife #schwechilife #shredfamily #streetrail #dirtyghettograttla
Two years ago I got to try Rayne Libido with Carver trucks and despite not being able to pump...or even properly carve the bloody thing I totally loved the wiggly feel of that mad setup... 😍 Now I got myself a new set of C5s from @newtonsshred ...gotta do some wiggly stuff this summer @alexireton @bodymindstrengthening 😍😎😇! #longboarding #carver #wigglystuff #carverc5 #newtoys #mtngoatmedia #carvertrucks #bringalltheconestotheboys #quality #funtimesahead #shredfamily #shreddolicious #slalomboard #newskills #summertoys
How rad is this shot of 3 year old Peeta charging the drop in? Heck Yes! ⚡💜👊 Get it Girl! Big thanks to @jrkenworthy for letting us share his photo AND huge congrats to his other daughter @bellatreas_kenworthy for winning the 14 under Ams at the Girls Combi event last weekend! Yeww #familyofshredders
To be honest as great as it’s been shredding with everyone I still feel like I’m chasing you down the mountain...miss you buddy. #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #snowninjas #snowboarding #shredfamily #shredseason #wemissyou #jessesilva
How we start our mornings... plant-packed smoothie breakfast for Mommy, Daddy & Evie 👨‍👩‍👧💗 #shredfamily #shred10 #fuelgreatfeelgreat
BANFF Family taking over Panorama ! #familytrip #shredfamily #friendswhoridetogetherstaytogether
Seriously, all you girl shredders out there never cease to Amaze with how hard y'all rip! Whenever we come across photos like ☝of @vianezsk8 , we're like Heck Yes! All the Girls around the world taking over one skatepark, one lineup, one slope at a time!⚡ 💜👊 Rad image by @alphalight
Mission Accomplished 🤘🏼 🏂🏂🏂💨 🙌🏼💤💤💤 #rideonboys #gromlife #shredfamily #stevenspass
careful, world... ike is untethered and making pretty turns on his own. #shredfamily
A sketch for this week’s illustration for our next book, “Little Millie Ford and Her New Skateboard”. 💜⚡️ Each book has a little animal friend that follows the character through the story, can you spot him in this spread?
Powering into the weekend like BANG 💣👊⚡. @zoeherishen tearing up some concrete and showing some muscle 💪. GET IT GIRL!
@saltytribe.co 's little family making the most of a beautiful winter beach day and reading their copy of Queenie Wahine in her natural habitat 😍🐚🌊 Thank you for sharing these beautiful images with us @saltytribe.co !
Showing a little sister love through sister hugs 😍💓 These 2 are our reason why we embarked on this journey of @tribeofdaughters . The biggest reward has always been sharing these stories with not only our own littles but with families from all around the globe 🌎. One book at a time we hope to provide stories that your littles can not only relate to but also use as a tool for growing confidence and stepping into their own greatness ⚡👊
My first time (sliding) with Venom Cannibals Mach1. Cant wait to hit them up in slightly warmer weather! 😎😍 #longboarding #longboard #ukdh #downhillskateboarding #venombitch #venomcannibals #skoamspec #wales #toeside #mtngoatmedia #nelsonstingray #progress #improvement #funtimes #shredfamily #shreddolicious
Great weekend with the family up in the mountains. Winter in #coloRADo #shredfamily #copper #keystone #groms #snowboarding #smithoptics
miss you + see you next season! ❄️
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