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Angkor Wat at sunrise is truly a sight to behold and one that’s definitely getting up early for. Determined to get a good viewpoint, my mum and I rose at 3.30am and caught a tuk tuk to the gates where we grabbed a quick breakfast before heading to the lake overlooking the magnificent temple complex. As the sun started to rise, the sky was painted in pink and purple hues - lilac, mauve, lavender, amethyst, rose, salmon, coral and fuschia - the turrets reflecting in the water below. We stood there for four hours, snapping photos and marvelling at the archeological wonder, which was built in the 12th century by King Suryavarman II. A truly magical morning ✨ Have you visited the temples of Angkor? Which was your favourite? . . . #girlwiththeworldtattoo #travelblogger #travelgrams #travellinggram #travel_captures #angkorwat #angkorwatsunrise #chasingsunrise #siemreap #cambodia #visitcambodia #cambodiagram #ig_cambodia #discoverearth #nakedplanet #bestdestinations #postcardplaces #lovethisglobe #travelawesome #lonelyplanettraveller #allaboutadventures #lpfanphoto #travellingthroughtheworld #speechlessplaces #lpfanphoto #gltlove #neverstopexploring #openmyworld #sidewalkerdaily #passionpassport
Elephants have been my favorite animal. As a toddler, I had a larger-than-life Eli stuff animal that was 3x larger than I was that accompanied me everywhere that I could drag it along. These majestic beasts mesmerized me as I watched program after program about their habits on the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. I obsessed over the largest land mammal.
#whpthankful for company and this rare occasion of owning the entire floor to ourselves 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
finally you can stop studying and go home, it's (almost) Thanksgiving 🦃
Wake up to new begginings. (Pic @chelseakauai )
Be Kind, Love More 💕 #graffitiart
Here’s a little secret... I’m just like you. I don’t want to accept that 9-5pm is always the answer. Like you, I believe there HAS to be more to this life than routine. There’s so much we want to do, even more than we want to see. I trust that our lives are meant to be more than “okay”. Okay is too comfortable, don’t you think? Like you, I want a life based on enthusiasm - to wake up each morning with a passion. I also know that my life is up to me. I hold the key. YOU hold the key. Stop telling yourself you don’t have the power to open the door. Start rewriting your story. Do something uncomfortable this week. Pay attention to your passions, they know the way. Lukewarm is no good. * Tag 3 friends who might need this message today! * PC @captainhoek_water
I’d rather be on a boat in the Mediterranean sipping on sangria right now 😫🙄 #tbt
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Koh Adang! Y’all so far, it’s been a crazy hectic week, but these views have made it so so worth it. This is my 4th Thanksgiving in Thailand and year after year they keep getting better and better. I’m so thankful for this crazy random life and the crazy adventures it’s brought me on. May it never ever cease or lose stride.
Brazilian @chasingwildgusts guessed correctly that our next series would be yellow shots! Here she is sending love around the globe from the post office in the smallest country on earth, Vatican City! ❤️ La Brasileña @chasingwildgusts acertó con el amarillo para el color de nuestra siguiente serie de fotos! Aquí la tenemos enviando cariño alrededor del globo desde esta oficina de correos en el país mas pequeño del mundo, El Vaticano! 💃🏽 Use #latinaslovetravel and tag us to be featured! 🇧🇷 #brazil
"Y'all be careful; it's not like South Carolina up there." -Mr. Walters So very thankful for all these sweet friends I've had since high school 🗽✨🦃 #friendsgiving
Last one from Ghent and the full story on the blog! Hopefully, I’ve convinced you to go visit for yourself. Somebody asked if we tried the Belgian waffle and I’m sorry to say we didn’t! We actually found a cute little Thai restaurant instead, haha. I seriously felt right at home in this city! I’ll definitely try harder to find the famous waffle next time, though. To all my Belgian friends, do you usually eat waffles on the reg or is it more of a tourist thing?? #travelbelgium #girlsthatwander #dametraveler #sidewalkerdaily #sheisnotlost #darlingescapes #gltlove #liketkit #myshopstyle #femmetravel #ootd #pursuepretty #ladiesgoneglobal #wearetravelgirls #thetravelwomen #travelinladies #travelblogger #theeverygirl
Time to wine down 🍷 #europebound ✈️
Why simply stay on the edge when you can jump off? 💦
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