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Why is being #thin so hard ? #thinspiraton
EN: BODY ~ Letter to my younger self: "Hey, I know you've been worrying about the size of your breasts and the fact that you're skinny lately. You will be called many names but each and every single one of them will make you stronger. People will, for example, tell you to "eat more because you're too skinny" and also that "you look like an iron table, you're so flat!" But you will always keep your head up. People will also call your hair "afro" or "kinky" and by then you'll wrongly think that these words mean "bad hair". But I promise you...you'll never have to worry about boys as you will naturally attract the ones who like your body type. It is that simple. All your insecurities regarding your body and your hair will vanish around your mid 20s. You'll realise that people were just projecting their own frustration and unhappiness onto you. It's all good baby girl, you're going to feel good about your body in a few years. You'll learn both self-esteem and self-love. You'll look after your body like you never had before. Trust the process. With love. Di" FR: CORPS ~ Lettre à la jeune fille que j'étais: "Coucou, je sais que tu t'inquiètes de la taille de tes seins et du fait que tu es maigre. Les gens te décrivent en utilisant des noms pas très flatteurs mais chacun de ces noms te rendra plus forte. Ils diront par exemple: "Il faut que tu manges plus, tu es trop maigre!" ou "Tu es plate comme une planche à pain!" Mais tu garderas toujours la tête haute. On décrira tes cheveux comme "afros" et "crépus" et tu auras déjà associé ces mots à "cheveux moins beaux" de façon erronée. Mais je te promets ceci...tu n'auras jamais à t'inquiéter des garçons car tu attireras naturellement ceux qui aiment les filles de ta corpulence. C'est aussi simple. Toutes tes insécurités disparaîtront dans ta vingtaine car tu réaliseras que les gens projetaient leurs propres frustration et tristesse sur toi. Tout va bien ma belle, tu vas aimer ton corps comme jamais dans quelques années. Tu apprendras l'amour propre et l'estime de soi. Tu t'occuperas de ton corps comme jamais tu ne l'as fait auparavant. Aie confiance. Avec amour. Di" #skinnygirl #skinnygirls #skinnybody #skinnygirlproblems
ABOUT PRESSURE BEING PERFECT. We all come in different sizes and colors. That’s the beauty of nature. But the pressure of social media standards can sometimes become quite heavy. I was in this trap during my teenager years. I was sometimes doing unbalanced restrictive diets just to fit some standards and not taking in consideration my health. My message is to respect your body and to treat it well by eating appropriate, balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, doing sport on regular basis and relaxing your mind time to time. Being healthy is the REAL beauty standard! . . . #dubainutrition #dubainutritionist #smartfoodchoices #instahealth #dietitian #plantpowered #healthylifestyle #uaehealthmovement #dubaihealth #vegandubai #womenshealth #perfectbody #healthywoman #dubaiwoman #uaewoman #skinnybody #modelbody #healthydieting #uzturaspeciālists #veselība #liekaissvars #loveyourbody #здоровьеикрасота #ппдневник #зож #alimentationequilibree #santé #femmeparfaite #stayhealthyandfit #womensempowerment
⏩ October 22 •Calories Today• 《Breakfast》 ~ 170 kcal * 《Lunch》 ~ 500 kcal * 《Dinner》 ~ 40 kcal * 《Snacks》 ~ 50 kcal * 《Exercice》 ~ 160 calories burned * •Total calories today• ~ 760 calories eaten🍴 ~ 160 calories burned🔥
disse e repito: se alguém vier me encher o saco por causa dessas fotos vai levar um murrão 👺 sim eu gostei delas grr
Here's a post I thought I would never make. Let alone smile. For once I'm actually happy for the way I look. It's took a while, yes I will have my low days. But I've never felt more in my own skin. People picked on me for being tall and skinny. Now that I'm older, and my body has changed, maybe not alot. But I've notice a change and I couldn't be happier. I want to thank my boyfriend @phex9 for loving me for the way I am, flaws and all. Thankyouu for making me feel beautiful and confident. #bodyconfidence #skinny #tall #bodypositivity #ginger #blondehighlights #jumper #bedroom #thinspiraton #thin #skinnybody #skinnybod #autumn
Sorry i didn't post yesteday lol i was at the hospital haha, i haven't work out in two days i feel soooo fcking fat like seriously😭 Anyways, how have you guys been doing? #thin #thinspo #skinnybody #skinnygirls #skinny #weightloss #weight #beautiful #beauty #waist #skinnywaist #pretty #thigap #perfect
I ate so fxcking much today😩 I'm going to try to restric more this week. Also this week is my brothers birthday so I'm sure that we'll have celebration and a LOT of unhealthy food😣 If I eat I'll purge😖
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