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What’s your sleep hygiene like? 😴
Do you just want some good sleep already? !!!Chronic insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, or restless legs syndrome are some of the most common sleep disorders.💤 . Lets talk snoring. The big one! Good sleep habits like I have posted this week can help a lot. But sometimes you need treatments or further exploration into the cause. ✍ . Sleep apnea and snoring plague many. 45% of adults snore. Health risks like high blood pressure and obstruction of airways are a problem for smokers. And you and your partner will have disrupted sleep, causing fatigue, irritability and other negative health impacts.😖 . Age, being overweight, sinus problems, alcohol, smoking, medications and sleep posture can all affect snoring. Lifestyle changes can be a good remedy.☘ . 1. Lose weight 2. Exercise 3. Quit smoking 4. Avoid alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives 5. Skip large meals before bed 6. Practice good sleep hygiene 7. Clear nasal passages . When self-help isnt successful, talk to your doctor. Even if you have before. There are new advances that can help.😴 .
WHY IS SLEEP GOOD ANYWAY?💤 We know eating right🍓 and exercising are an important part of being healthy, but did you know that sleep makes up one third of our lifetime? ⌛ . Sleep is essential for best health. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep each night increases the likelihood of health problems like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and even the common cold. Sleep deprivation negatively affects our immune system. . Our brain function is compromised when we don't get enough sleep also. You make more mistakes when you are sleep-deprived. And your thinking and memory are off. So, it might be better to get some sleep rather than stay up all night studying if you want to do well on a test or project at work, etc. A tired brain does not learn as well as a rested brain.🌻 . The brain gets to do some mental housekeeping during sleep too. Restorative processes in the body and brain happen during sleep. Your body needs time for repair.🔅 . Are you motivated to try the sleep tips we have talked about so far this week? Give them a try. Sleep hopefully seems even more important now.✔ . Job performance, school, sex, marriage💘 and even athletic performance are better with good sleep, on top of all we have talked about.🏃‍♂️ . Check in tomorrow when we talk about reasons for sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome. Sweet dreams tonight.😴
This recipe is great for that bath you can take to relax and prepare for sleep.💤 A pre-sleep routine or a serious self-care day. All wonderful. Refreshing and relaxing at the same time. Unwind by adding essential oils to your bath.🥛 . This is for a small tub. 🛀 I add 1 Tbsp of borax for a little more detox too. Yes, you read it right. Borax is just Boron with some soap flakes. Boron is awesome for detox along with grapefruit essential oil and magnesium from Epsom salts.💮 . So help your sleep and help your body. You are the only you, and I want to feel great.🌷
How are you doing with my sleep hygiene tips this week? Are you sleeping better?🌸 . We talked about . 1)Avoiding caffeine, alcohol and nicotine before bedtime🍵 . 2)Establishing a sleep routine . 3)Getting some exercise early in the day🚶‍♀️ . 4)Letting the light in your environment or getting outside to get some light in order to cue your brain its daytime and set your natural sleep-wake cycle☀️ . 5)Creating a sleep-inducing environment-quiet, dark, and cool🔵 . 6)Eating light before bed and avoiding large meals and lots of fluid a few hours before bedtime🥛 . What are your best sleep hygiene tips?
We have been talking sleep this week. It's important to set our body's natural clock each day by getting outside. Light is a cue to our brains to start the day.☀️ When there's no light at the end of the day, your body will sense it's time to get ready to sleep. Our own little circadian rhythms. A beautiful thing. Take advantage of setting our body's time clocks naturally.🕚 . Just so happens sunlight does so many more amazing things for our body like producing vitamin D and improving mood, a natural antidepressant. 🌾 . Get some exercise while you are out, and you add even more positive factors for getting better sleep.😴 . Enjoy some sunlight today!
What's your sleep environment like? Sleeping in a cool,quiet, dark room can make all the difference for a good night's sleep.❄ Limiting the bedroom activity to sleep and sex, if possible, and avoiding TV and working in the bedroom can help to maintain the mental association of the bedroom with sleep.😴 Sleep hygiene means sweet dreams.💤 . Look for more tips this week to maximize your sleep and your health.❤
I'm having a talk about how to improve your sleep next Wednesday, July 26th at 6-7 pm @cambrianpharm. Tickets are sold out! Which means there is no more chairs available; however, if you don't mind standing, you are more than welcome to come and learn 😁 • #sleep #improve #rest #recover #melatonin #sleepyhygiene #meditation #yyc #naturopathicdoctor #maturopathicmedicine #calgary #moresleep #quality #wakeupenergized #bedtime #sleepytime #lovesleep #racingmind #cortisol #wiredandtired #adrenals #supportthebody #bluelight #whitelight #electronicfilters
Just to make ya'll feel even more awesome for getting in any sunny sun time! It's not all about the Vit D top up! 😉 Also FYI you can get these benefits from even short amounts of time, little and often 😎 . . . Reposting @maxlugavere
Hoping to feel as cosy as this guy looks tonight 😋 Gah so adorable!! 🐽😍 A good sleep last night felt like the best thing in the world after a horrendous one the night before (any new parents who go through sleep deprivation are hero's....2 of them and I'm a mess of a human 😂) Mr.Mavis is showing me how to relax, he's king of laziness!
Recovering from what I'm calling a traumatic nights sleep 😂 (or lack of rather) in the way I know best! 😋 Better sleep is something I've gradually made progress with and I'm realising how crazy transformative a good sleep regime can have on absolutely everything! Last night I was an odd case of being over tired, wired, and totes emosh with counting down way more hours than sleeping, so I'm also realising how much of a mess I am on very little sleep 😭😅 This morning majorly sucked so.... . . ✔Picked up coffee ✅Picked up greens juice and health shots (fella is also ill so assisting body in warding it of with ginger, garlic, lemon, turmeric, and ALL the leafy greens! ✔Went to gym ✅Lifted heavy(ish) things ✔Stretched it out ✅Relaxed and laughed... . Better now! But more tea required... 👍🍵
Sleep is so important, it allows our bodies to reset, recharge and regenerate from the day. To support your body in getting the best possible rest, its so important to practice sleep hygiene. These are things like: - Limiting day time naps. - No stimulants (like coffee) after 3pm. - Exercise daily. - Having a relaxing bedtime routine. - Additional info http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/docs/Info-sleep%20hygiene.pdf dōTERRA can be such a helpful tool in creating a relaxing bedtime ritual. Here are my favourite diffuser blends: 🌜Go to Sleep! 4drops Balance 4drops Lavender Peace 🌜Sweet Dreams 3drops Juniper Berry 5drops Lavender Peace 🌜Sleep Tight 2drops Cedarwood 2drops Vetiver 3drops Lavender 🌜Sleep In 4drops Lavender Peace 4drops Vetiver 🌜Sweet Slumber 3drops Lavender 2drops Cedarwood 2drops Wild Orange 1drop Ylang Ylang 🌜Goodnight 5drops Lavender 3drops Roman Chamomile 🌜Simply Sleep 6drops Lavender 2drops Marjoram 🌜Goodnight, Breathe Easy 4 drops Easy Air 4 drips Lavender - - - #sleep #sleepyhygiene #sleeptips #doterra #diffuserblends #dōTERRA
Five easy steps to achieving restful sleep. 1. Put your phone away! Find an appropriate time (about an hour and a half) before the time you go to sleep to have all screen time completed. A good trick is to place your phone in another room while getting ready for bed. 2. Stop all caffeinated drinks before noon. Our bodies naturally have a cortisol spike at mid day, but prepare to decrease for the rest of it. By adding caffeine into our systems after this, we can alter our cortisol levels. Try switching up your caffeine dose for water! You'd be surprised to see how much energy you can get by increasing your water intake! 3. Essential oils: this one is optional, but it really helps de stress and calm the body to help prepare for a restful sleep. If you have a humidifier, add some calming blends of oils into the air. Otherwise, you can dab lavender to your wrists or even the ends of your pillow. 4. Warming teas: before getting into bed, it's nice to warm the body and prepare its temperature regulation for a calming and relaxing nights sleep. Try a golden milk tea that's warm and anti inflammatory, or just a simple steeped chamomile tea to help you de stress! 5. Make a list of things you are grateful for or the things that happened in the day that made you HAPPY. Our lifestyles are designed to be quick, stressful and sometimes very uncomfortable. Do not use this time to make your to do list, save that for the morning! The more you think about the things you have to do, the more anxious you will become. Instead use this time to reflect, be grateful and set your mind at peace so that these thoughts carry into your sleep. Of course other practices are always beneficial to help prep for a goods night sleep, such as deep breathing, yoga and meditation. If these work for you, add them into your daily bedtime routine!#sleepyhygiene #relaxationmode #sleep #goodnight #gratitude #goodnightsleep
"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance." -Vonnegut Properly constructed warmups for the day of training, active recovery rest days, deload phases & taper weeks, mobility work after class, and solid nutrition paired with sound sleep hygiene are all as essential to the fitness of the athlete as the strength & conditioning training program itself. To deprioritize these factors or take them for granted is to increase risk of injury, burnout, performance plateus, and other outcomes that interfere with progress and sustainability. Train smart! #crossfit #sustainability #fitness #maintenance #activerecovery #restdays #mobility #nutrition #hydration #sleepyhygiene #vonnegut
Best part of my weekend was going to the #stayinn event from @casper. The setup in the middle of Adams Mill Road was neat, I felt like I was about to go into hyper sleep on a mission to mars. My official verdict is that their mattress is by far the best I've come across and hands down destroys dealer mattresses from the big manufacturers. I noticed a lot of friends are going into radical new workout programs and diets this summer, but no one ever talks about their sleep hygiene - the consistent sleep rituals and habits that make up a healthy amount of rest. Sleep has been my Achilles heal for years ever since I got pets and moved out of my family home, and with the startup life. This year I've been trying my best to reclaim its importance in my life and it's starting show. My anecdote for all my fellow weekend warriors is simple, when I play hard, I sleep well, when I sleep well, my body moves and feels better, when my body feels better, my relationships benefit and the community I'm a part of comes alive. Perhaps, let's think about investing in a proper mattress, bedsheets and pillow before your next car purchase. If you need help sorting through the industry, I highly recommend checking out "sleeplikethedead.com." Investing in one third of your life will be a great ROI. Go after it champs! • • • • • #goodmorningpost #fitness #wellness #nutrition #bodybuilding #spartantraining #spartanrace #sleepyhygiene #sleep #sleeplikethedead #review #precisionnutrition #weekendwarrior #bedtime #casper
Yet another helpful #sleeptip : Rise with the shine. Using your phone as an alarm is a dealbreaker with many sleep experts, who instead recommend gentler wake-up methods, like light or touch. Plus, by now you know (we hope!) that having your phone bedside is a bad idea. Natural sunlight is probably the best way to wake up and you’re likely to feel better rested and more alert when waking up with the sun. #getrestfulsleep #sleefacts #sleepyhygiene